bduk1More almal05:39
Symmetriawhy do technical meetings always have to start with a bunch of speeches that are nothing more than political cocksucking 05:57
Symmetriaseriously, its a case of "zomg we're so wonderful, and we'll suck the cocks of every politician in 100 mile radius just to make sure they think so as well"06:00
SymmetriaIm like, they are just people, the same as all of us, DO something and I will respect you for it, but I aint gonna respect someone just for a position06:01
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, i don't enjoy environments like that either06:02
ThatGraemeGuyi've only has 1 job at a big corporate and I wasn't even there for a year before I packed it in06:03
Symmetriaheh this isn't a corporate, Im at an afrinic meeting06:04
Symmetriaopening ceremony06:04
SymmetriaI find the political crap so disingenuous though06:04
ThatGraemeGuysame thing06:04
ThatGraemeGuycorporates have the same political crap, but it isn't unique to them06:05
Symmetriaheh, nah, the corporate political crap is there, but it aint half as bad :) well, it aint in any corporate I'd ever work for and I work for some pretty large ones06:06
Kilosmorning all of ya06:57
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy Squirm nuvolari inetpro 06:57
* Kilos running off my pc-repair stick06:58
Kilosstill need to find the booklet i wrote06:59
Kiloshi bduk1 06:59
Kilosse dankie vir mazal06:59
Squirmhey Kilos07:04
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 07:14
inetprogood mornings07:18
* Kilos waves07:18
TinuvaMacmorning Kilos07:20
Kilosdubbeltjies tyd alweer inetpro 07:21
* Kilos goes back to harddrive07:23
Kilosme came again back07:34
KilosMaaz: coffee on07:34
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:35
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:38
KilosMaaz: gracias07:39
MaazKilos: ¬°de nada!07:40
Kiloshi gremble 11:11
grembleHow are you today Kilos?11:11
Kilosim ok ty lad and you?11:11
Kilostrying to find my booklet11:12
Kiloslost in 47500 files with numbers and no names11:12
grembleThat sounds unfortunate11:15
grembleI have to drive to town to go pick up my sister's boyfriend11:15
Kiloslol i also mailed it somewhere but that was in 12.04 time so very many mails to sort through11:15
Kiloswhat a twit11:15
Kilosgo safe11:16
ThatGraemeGuyanyone made an payments using paypal lately?11:31
Kilosyou back now gremble 12:55
grembleYes. My internet is just being wonky12:57
Kiloshow good are you at editing books13:00
Kiloshaha i used libreoffice writer and dunno how to make everything be under the last one13:01
somaunnhi Kilos14:36
Kiloshi somaunn 14:36
Kilosi just woke up14:37
ThatGraemeGuylazy bones :P14:37
Kilosold bones14:37
grembleKilos: I apologise, this connection is really terrible. Why did you ask whether I was any good with editing books?15:19
Kilosi  wrote one small booklett and it isnt all on one side15:20
Kilospages are staggered15:21
Kilosso you have to keep moving left and right15:21
grembleOh. I have never messed with layout before. Only language editing15:21
Kilosthis was 2 years ago and the fly did some sorting now i am lost. read lots of lireoffice writer stuff at the time, now its all gone15:23
KilosFetched 90,9 MB in 2min 1s (748 kB/s)   15:36
Kilosmy net working lekker15:36
somaunnhi guys15:54
Kiloswhats news somaunn 15:54
somaunngood Kilos15:54
Kilosthats good15:54
somaunnwish i could get some advices15:54
Kilosoh i found a site where you can download free linux books15:55
Kilosone was redhat or fedora15:55
Kilosill try find it just now15:55
somaunni want to organize in-house hackfest or hack parties but still I odn't how they are organized15:55
Kilosdidnt i leave a message with maaz for you?15:55
somaunnKilos: i receved it, Maaz did deliver it to me 15:56
Kilosfor starters you make sure you got good internet then you invite geeks15:56
Kilosah good15:56
Kilosthen you get each one to bring something different to eat and drink15:57
somaunnKilos: please let me summarize it 15:58
Kiloslol im just guessing man15:59
somaunn1- Good Internet link15:59
somaunn2- Every person to come with soft drink15:59
somaunn3- invite Geeks15:59
somaunnam I right15:59
Kilosalso you can contact some before hand to see what theyd like to do then you add what you want to do16:00
Kiloswhat do you want to hack?16:01
somaunnKilos: nice question and that is the first Point ... I though Hackfest was like parties where we come learn then apply learned or acquired tekniks 16:02
Kilosi thought it was for hacking apps that dont work16:03
gremblePretty sure that both those are valid definitions16:03
somaunnThink that's also a point to consider16:04
grembleYou'd probably have to decide what it is that you want to do16:04
Kilosbut your main aim is first to get a group together to get to know each other and share ideas16:04
Kilosjust have a geeknick for starters16:05
somaunnfirst i want it to be a moment where we come and share knowledges by presenting already prepared topics (html5, linux, cli, etc...)16:05
Kilosmail them and see who is having the most problems with what then build from there16:08
somaunnKilos: nice ideas16:09
somaunni was also thinking of starting from the begining "Linux: The Basics"16:09
Kilosor go with the lpi stuff16:10
KilosMaaz: lpi manuals16:10
MaazKilos: Huh?16:10
KilosMaaz: lpi manual16:10
Kilosjust about everything is in there16:11
somaunnWell received Kilos16:11
Kilosgremble: give advice man16:14
Kiloson the above stuff16:14
grembleSeems like you guys are sorting it out quite nicely16:15
grembleChoosing a topic depends on your audience16:15
Kilosive never had a geek party16:15
grembleI generally don't play well with people, so I don't attend such things either16:15
somaunngremble: a lot of things needs to be done in this area of the globe16:16
Kilosdepending on the others is where you start16:17
Kilosif the are all IT pros then you might need to skip basics16:17
Kilosbut if there are noobs too then split the group and do basics with the noobs16:18
somaunnwish we could start with "Linux: The Basics" then progressively move to others such as Cisco, html5, php, WiFi, Network troubleshooting etc...16:19
Kilosand if someone asks what is sudo then pull your hair out16:19
somaunnwill focused on noobs then only invite geeks to present topics and animate workshops16:20
Kilosthe trick is knowing your audience16:20
Kilosits good to help noobs and get a couple of pros to help you teach them and it should grow on its own16:21
somaunnyeah Kilos now you got it right bro16:22
Kilosoh ya in that link i sent you there is a variety of linux books, from beginners to admin16:22
somaunnalso thinking we can do Ubuntu party sometime16:27
Kiloswhat i like about ubuntu is that mostly everything just works16:29
Kilosso not much fixing needed16:29
somaunnYeah Kilos but if things works like that then we won't feel any difference with Win16:30
Kilosubuntu has grown in leaps and bounds since 8.1016:30
Kilosdo you prefer fixing things?16:31
somaunnyeah sometime, it gives me a better view of the system and I feel like flying 16:32
somaunnlike in 24 "the serie"16:32
Kilosif you like playing install tinycorelinux and work your way through that16:33
Kilosor run it from ram16:33
somaunnKilos: lol16:34
somaunnVbox will be the medium16:34
somaunncan't sacrifice an hdd to do tests16:34
Kilosya virtual is good16:35
Kilosyou can even install on a flash drive16:35
Kilosi have a running fully upgraded 12.04.5 running on a 16g stick16:36
Kilosideal tool for booting from and fixing other systems16:36
somaunnhave to move for hours ... coming back soon16:38
Kiloshi SilverCode_ 16:45
Kilosyou been very quiet16:45
Kilosoh you here twice16:46
=== gremble is now known as Bandersnatch
=== Bandersnatch is now known as gremble
Kilosi go eat17:00
Kilosfirst time ive seen this  -  apt-file update needed17:24
Kilosohi superfly inetpro 17:29
Kiloshi nlsthzn 17:36
nlsthznhello uncle Kilos :)17:39
nlsthznany word from kbmonkey ?17:42
Kilosnope will mail him now or catch him on pidgin somewhere17:43
Kilosmailed him17:46
Kilosnow we wait17:46
nlsthznOK :)17:46
Kilosstorm coming, power could go17:59
nlsthzneskom could also go at any moment ;)18:00
Kilosdit reen nou lekker18:29
KilosMaaz: seen bushtech18:29
MaazKilos: bushtech was last seen 4 days, 5 hours, 30 minutes and 12 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2014-11-22 04:59:30 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2014-11-22 21:07:02 PST18:29
Kilosanother holiday maker18:29
magespawngood evening18:42
Kiloshi my magespawn 18:42
magespawndid i miss anything after i dropped out last night?18:43
Kilosnot much i think18:44
magespawngood i will check the minutes when i have a second18:45
magespawnor a minute18:45
magespawngood night all20:08

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