k1lflashram: there is no sense in running old repos if they dont get security fixes00:00
theslow1flashram, don't use feistyfawn00:00
yvan_flashram: you are using an operating system that is largely guaranteed to be vulnerable00:00
flashramits on win8 in qemu00:00
flashramthe only way i get online with posix00:00
flashramwubi dont download firmware for wifi00:00
flashramso its qemu00:01
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k1lcome back if you run a ubuntu that is supported.00:01
squintyt   r   o   l   l00:01
flashramand i want to DISPLAY=ip:0.0;export DISPLAY;xterm &00:01
flashrambut when i add that to bashrc i get an endless loop00:01
flashramso what if statement should i use to run it once ?00:02
flashramin bashrc00:02
flashrambah geeks00:02
flashramp7zip -d gmp-6.0.0a.tar.lz : unknown suffix --ignored00:03
flashramsaid its feisty didnt i ?00:04
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YamakasYhas anyone some decent list which I can use for my mirror sources ?00:16
k1lcan you rephrase?00:16
YamakasYI get errors on my apt-get updates now that I miss stuff like universe and so on...00:17
YamakasYI'm trying to find some decent basic one00:17
k1lYamakasY: can you pastebin your "/etc/apt/sources.list" ?00:18
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YamakasYk1l: just a sec00:19
YamakasYk1l: http://pastebin.com/iaW8b88U00:21
k1lYamakasY: oh. did you do that?00:23
k1lYamakasY: that list is a pure mess. what ubuntu are you actually on?00:24
YamakasYk1l: 14.04 I think this one00:24
k1lYamakasY: "lsb_release -d" gives you what?00:24
YamakasYyes this one is upgraded to 14.0400:24
YamakasYbut I need 12.04 lts sources too00:25
k1lYamakasY: no. you dont need 12.04 sources00:26
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YamakasYI need to, I deploy 12.04 too00:26
YamakasYit's my mirror!00:26
k1lyou made a whole of mess there and you can be lucky that this system is still working00:26
YamakasYhow so ? the update does that00:26
YamakasYupgrade actually00:27
YamakasYit's an internal mirror00:27
bradscoolioWhat's the link to download the cinnamon flavor of 14.04?00:28
JavaJoshIt is impossible to install ubuntu on a toshiba satellite laptop, prove me wrong. i've spent over 6 hours trying00:28
YamakasYk1l: this is my mirrorlist00:28
YamakasY01:24 < k1l> YamakasY: that list is a pure mess. what ubuntu are you actually on?00:28
YamakasY01:24 < YamakasY> k1l: 14.04 I think this one00:28
YamakasY01:24 < k1l> YamakasY: "lsb_release -d" gives you what?00:28
unopasteYamakasY you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted00:28
bradscooliolsb_release -d00:29
YamakasYthat is my mirrorlist00:30
YamakasYand that needs to be extended I think00:30
bradscoolioWhat's the link to download the cinnamon flavor of 14.04?00:30
JavaJoshcan anyone explain this? "drm_kms_halper: panic occurred, switching back to text console" Everytime I try to install ubuntu, this happens00:30
Gl4di4t0rCan someone please tell me how to install the openvpn client?00:31
k1lYamakasY: iirc the system doesnt need to load all packages. its a seperated from the own updates stuff.00:32
bazhangGl4di4t0r, what version of MINT00:32
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Gl4di4t0rbazhang: 1700:33
bazhangGl4di4t0r, get help on the mint support chan00:33
bazhang!mintsupport | Gl4di4t0r00:33
ubottuGl4di4t0r: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:33
Gl4di4t0rbazhang: no one knows anything in #linuxmint-help00:36
bazhangbe patient then Gl4di4t0r this is ubuntu support only not MINT00:36
YamakasYk1l: as mirror ?00:36
squintyGl4di4t0r:  that is not true (after spending years there I know there are very knowledgeable rascals there)00:37
k1lYamakasY: apt-mirror does not relate to your sources.list00:37
Gl4di4t0rok I asked in here because I thought it was done that same way in both ubuntu and mint00:37
ArchZombieI have a question, where are the keyboard layouts for ubuntu 14.04 located? I know that there are some in the directory for XKB but it does not have all of the layouts in the selected input method option in that directory, I was wondering where the rest of them are located at.00:38
YamakasYk1l: no, but I need to extend my mirror.list, the other one is easy to fix00:38
k1lYamakasY: the sources.list is a mess. you are lucky that works at all.00:39
squintyGl4di4t0r:  mint uses a combination of it's own and ubuntu repo's; not everything is the same.  consult the proper os channel for the best results.  :)00:39
YamakasYk1l: it's a 12.04 upgrade00:39
YamakasYk1l: but the mirror.list, let is concentrate on that one00:40
k1lYamakasY: that doesnt matter. you have gone crazy and copied stuff into there etc.00:40
k1lYamakasY: take a look at that list. its quite obvious what is wrong there00:41
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Bashing-omArchZombie: What is the problem ? Some problems with keyboard layouts can be resolved by enabling the backport repository and updating the system .00:41
k1lYamakasY: all lines starting with a # are ignored.00:41
YamakasYk1l: no, I just followed the exammples00:41
YamakasYk1l: which one ? are you still on sources.list ?00:41
xptohello word00:41
ArchZombieI am trying to create a keyboard layout and wanted to start with one of the ones in the list as a base, but can't seem to find it.00:41
k1lYamakasY: on both lists.00:41
YamakasYk1l: 32 bits is commented on purpose00:41
ArchZombieI'm looking for the dvorak layout.00:42
YamakasYk1l: forget about the sources, it's a 14.04 upgrade because of some ldap stuff 12 doesn't have00:42
YamakasYcan fix that easy00:42
YamakasYk1l: 32 bits on the mirror is commented out, so ? it might be handy later on00:42
k1lYamakasY: so what is the issue at all?00:43
YamakasYk1l: on my local servers I miss too many resources, default Ubuntu install... so my mirror misses default stuff00:44
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ArchZombieNevermind, I seem to have found it, it looks like to crams more than one layout into the same file.00:44
deb64openvpnneedcan i get ubuntu help here?00:44
bazhangdeb64openvpnneed, for debian openvpn?00:45
bazhang#debian for that00:45
deb64openvpnneedi use openvpn on ubuntu and mint. i tryed now on debian but something does not work.00:46
deb64openvpnneedmaybe if someone know it, ubuntu is debian based00:46
bazhangso get support in the proper channel, which is #debian not here00:46
Bashing-omArchZombie: If additiional help is needed: see -> man xkeyboard-config <-. seems there are numerious files related to the keyboard layout.00:46
deb64openvpnneedi went there, they said people here could help, since noone there said to understand00:47
YamakasYyes because debian guys are behind :P00:47
bazhangdeb64openvpnneed, they never said that, keep it there00:47
YamakasYFAR! behind00:47
deb64openvpnneedthey said: "go to ##openvpn" - invite only channel00:47
k1ldeb64openvpnneed: then see if some other support ressources like mailinglists or forums can offer you better support. but this  channel is ubuntu only. thanks00:48
deb64openvpnneedthey said: "noone here knows openvpn, if someone knows maybe can help you" - after "noone here, trry #ubuntu00:48
bazhangdeb64openvpnneed, the channel is #openvpn , it's not invite only00:48
fredricCan someone help me with removing the copyblock on an external HDD?00:49
xptok1l: hi00:49
deb64openvpnneedomg... == #openvpn Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services       == ##openvpn Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited00:49
ArchZombieBashing-om, thank you00:49
fredricCan someone help me with removing the copyblock on an external HDD?00:50
k1lYamakasY: run apt-mirror to update the packages?00:52
Bashing-omArchZombie: np . enjoy.00:53
YamakasYk1l: no, I miss i386 on some servers it seems00:54
YamakasYcan be handy for some packages00:54
k1lYamakasY: ...00:54
YamakasYtaht seems to be my issue00:54
YamakasYadding those00:54
k1lYamakasY: what did i tell you ad the beginning? you commented the 32bits out00:54
YamakasYk1l: yes I know00:54
YamakasYmostly not needed00:55
YamakasYbut I thought I was having more issues00:55
YamakasYbut not it seems00:55
YamakasYkinda nice internal mirrir00:55
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YamakasYk1l: cleaning up time large farm00:57
YamakasYsome large00:57
YamakasYtight it up :)00:57
YamakasYok downloading 55GB, not that much00:59
YamakasYsleep well!00:59
bashebaEverybody must be getting updates at the same time01:01
Fletchieis the world round?01:07
Fletchieguys i want to know01:07
nomici believe it's flat01:07
nomiclooks flat01:07
fredricCan someone help me removing the copyblock on an external HDD?01:08
nomici think fredric  wants to mount an esternal drfive01:08
nomichave you managed to mount it -- is it visible as a volume01:09
fredricIt's visible yes.01:09
ArchZombieI have a question, I need to make a new layout on ubuntu for the keyboard, and I need to make some of the modifiers keys that would normally be letters, can Ubuntu do this?01:10
nomicif you can see the files, fredric - then you should be able to copy using sudo cp01:13
nomic"sudo cp"01:13
nomiccan you cd to the mounted volume and list the files01:13
fredricDo you mean if it's visible in the terminal? I haven't seen it there.01:14
kotelhello all i first time try to configure ssh and i have some trouble..i use a vm ubuntu server where i've installed ssh and i try to reach from my host computer (ubuntu desktop)so the problem is when i try to connect e.g ssh i use the root password as password and i get a deny...is there any default password or can i change the password from the config file?01:15
nomiccan you see the files on the drive01:15
fredricIn the terminal?01:16
fredricHow do I see the drive in the terminal?01:16
nomicyou obviously hafen't mount4ed the drive yet01:16
nomicim not sure it automounts with ubuntu .. is it a usb drive01:16
waressearcher2if I want to run programm at startup should I put it in .xsession ? the program is "xbindkey" and I want it to read my $HOME/.xbindkeysrc file so it should run with my user priveleges, not root01:17
somsipkotel: usually ssh as root is not enabled by default. Check in /etc/ssh/sshd_config01:17
fredricIt's visible in the folders file, so I think it's mounted.  It's an external HDD01:17
somsipkotel: and, there is no root password by default so if you've not added one, it isn't going to work like that. Login as a user and use sudo rather than using root01:18
koteli don't acctually want to login as root but as normal user...the point is that i don't know what password to use to connect to ssh..i've not changed anything in config file yet..01:20
somsipkotel: login with the password for that user. Eg: ssh myuser@ and then enter myuser's password on the remote machine01:21
nomicif its visible in the folders file, then it is mounted under "media" in your terminal, frederic01:21
nomicnot sure how to change permissions using the gui01:21
nomicyou are 1/2 way there fredric01:21
nomickeep asking people here01:21
nomicsay you can see the files in the desktop, and where and ask why you are unable to copy them01:22
kotelperfect..it connects....01:22
kotelthank you very much01:22
somsipkotel: np01:22
fredricOk. Does anyone know how to change permissions on a mounted external HDD drive, using the terminal?01:23
somsipxkubic19: so do you have a support question?01:23
JavaJoshno matter what I do, I cannot install ubuntu on a toshiba satellite. I've wasted over 8 hours of my day trying :(01:23
somsipfredric: what are the current permissions? Maybe better to fix how it's getting mounted...01:23
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daftykinsJavaJosh: how'd the memtest pan out?01:26
JavaJoshdaftykins: memtest ran fine :(01:26
JavaJoshdaftykins: trying ubuntu's current LTS, still, same problems01:27
daftykinsJavaJosh: as in completed one pass?01:27
daftykinser what were you trying before?01:27
JavaJoshdaftykins: yes, with 0 issues01:27
JavaJoshdaftykins: 14.1001:27
daftykinsah, yeah i'd stick to LTS all the time really01:27
JavaJoshdaftykins: same problems though01:27
daftykinsso you said last you got to desktop01:27
JavaJoshdaftykins: i think that ubuntu just is not compatible with a toshiba satellite laptop01:27
daftykinswhat else has happened since?01:28
JavaJoshdaftykins: never got to desktop01:28
JavaJoshdaftykins: can't get to installing options, it's always something01:28
daftykinshmm i have great doubts about that statement01:28
JavaJoshdaftykins: well brother, i wish you'd prove me wrong! lol01:28
JavaJoshdaftykins: i'm not sure what else to try01:28
JavaJoshdaftykins: i've had this BIOS configured every which way01:28
daftykinsdoes it have any updates available?01:29
JavaJoshdaftykins: i'll check, stand by01:29
daftykinsJavaJosh: what's the spec of this thing?01:31
JavaJoshdaftykins: standy by01:33
david_is it an AMD cpu?  My AMD HP was terrible with Ubuntu.01:33
JavaJoshdaftykins: http://www.cnet.com/products/toshiba-satellite-c855d-s5340-15-6-e1-1200-windows-8-4-gb-ram-320-gb-hdd/specs/01:34
daftykinsJavaJosh: you do at least get the boot menu of the drive reliably, yes?01:34
daftykinsi.e. language select and then boot choices01:35
JavaJoshdaftykins: yes01:35
daftykinsok yeah an AMD-E01:35
daftykinsJavaJosh: are you using nomodeset? i would01:35
JavaJoshdaftykins: tried, helped me get farther01:35
JavaJoshdaftykins: still, can't install :(01:35
daftykinswhat happens with nomodeset on? any BIOS updates?01:35
acovrigI have a virtualbox share (this is a linux VM on a mac) with this in my /etc/fstab on the linux: right /mnt/right vboxsf defaults,nobootwait 0 0 a ls -lah of /mnt/right/new shows root:root rwxr-xr-x, I need user 112:123 to be able to write to this folder, how do I do that?01:36
JavaJoshwith nomodeset i was getting to, well i can't remember the error now. no matter what i change i run into errors01:36
daftykinsacovrig: #vbox01:36
JavaJoshdaftykins: i might just give up man, it's not my laptop, this is the first time i've ever ran into something like this01:37
acovrigdaftykins, is it a vbox issue? it seems like a linux permissions issue...01:37
JavaJoshdaftykins: i thought this challenge was something i could learn from, but at what cost? over 8 hours of my personal time with error after error01:38
JavaJoshthe latest error is that damn "drm_kms_halper: panic occurred, switching back to text console"01:38
daftykinsJavaJosh: er, so no BIOS talk then?01:38
JavaJoshdaftykins: i'll see if there is an update, hang on01:39
JavaJoshdaftykins: there is an update, ,i'll try it01:39
JavaJoshdaftykins: uh, it's an exe file01:39
JavaJoshdaftykins: wtf do i do with this? this is linux lol01:40
daftykinsis it a windows binary or a DOS binary?01:40
JavaJoshdaftykins: i'm not sure, probably DOS, i never thought of that, i always associated exe with win01:40
daftykinsacovrig: oh i didn't read the whole thing, sorry. "sudo chown -R user:group /mnt/right/" and "sudo chmod -R g+w /mnt/right/"01:40
daftykinsJavaJosh: can you link me? also, do you have windows (any version) boot media?01:41
JavaJoshdaftykins: http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_bios.jsp?service=EU01:41
JavaJoshdaftykins: no windows boot media, i might... but i'm drunk and i think my win7 disk is buried somewhere01:42
thepheinexdo you get into the bios the same way with ubuntu as with windows?01:44
daftykinsthepheinex: the BIOS is completely separate to the OS01:45
daftykinsJavaJosh: 6.50 yeah?01:45
thepheinexok thats what i though01:45
daftykinsi couldn't work out what to put into short model01:45
JavaJoshdaftykins: its on 6.00 i think01:46
JavaJoshthe bios01:46
k2gremlinthepheinex, Yea whatever your normal bios key is... (del, F2... ETC) will get into the bios the same01:46
daftykinsJavaJosh: PSC...?01:46
daftykinsi put notebook -> satellite -> C series -> C855D -> but don't know what for the last one01:47
thepheinexi cant seem to get in the bios any01:47
we6jbo__I have a software question01:47
JavaJoshdaftykins: PSCBQU-00100501:47
JavaJoshwhich isn't an option O_O01:48
daftykinsJavaJosh: indeed, err did i get the numbers wrong somewhere 0o01:48
we6jbo__I want to distribute my program to Ubuntu users that don't know a lot about linux but I want to put my program on a PPA and then distribute an installer on a CD. Is there anyway to do that?01:48
thepheinexif the battary was put in the wrong way would that stop you from getting into the bios?01:49
daftykinsthepheinex: why are you asking such random questions 0o01:50
daftykinsthepheinex: they'd be more appropriate to ##hardware01:50
JavaJoshdaftykins: your help is awesome, but dinner is ready. i should be back later01:51
thepheinexwill im trying to get ubuntu to boot but01:51
thepheinexcant get there01:51
daftykinsJavaJosh: ok, it's bed time my time though :( i'd love to keep trying!01:51
JavaJoshdaftykins: perhaps, another day01:51
JavaJoshdaftykins: goodnight linux brethren01:52
daftykinsthepheinex: put the battery in the right way, + side facing up, disconnect the mains power and apply the CMOS reset jumper to wipe the settings... move it back, plug back in and fire up01:52
thepheinexlolol tryed tghat01:53
daftykinsthepheinex: is it POST'ing at all?01:53
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thepheinexi have put a new hard drive in with the only thing on it is ubuntu01:54
thepheinexit will from the live dis but thats all01:54
daftykinsthepheinex: sorry, it's not an ubuntu issue until you can actually get it to POST. :)01:54
daftykinsreduce it to the minimum hardware necessary to POST and see what's going on01:55
daftykinsi love hardware and challenges but it's off topic here sadly.01:55
thepheinexoh ok01:55
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JackelopeKingHello. Am i on the correct channel to ask for help with a problem involving ubuntu 14.10 specially unity failing to load after a kernel update today?02:01
JackelopeKingThank you.02:01
JackelopeKingAfter i let update manager update linux kerne02:02
JackelopeKingKernel* 3.16 unity fails to load02:02
daftykinsJackelopeKing: tried an older kernel?02:03
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JackelopeKingTried removing the most recent kernel without luck... Now loading to a blank desktop without unity and ctrl+alt+t doesn't bring up terminal02:03
daftykinsnasty, does a guest session work?02:03
JackelopeKingGuest session hangs in the same empty desktop02:04
daftykinsthat's not a good sign, have you run a dist-upgrade to check everything's happy?02:04
JackelopeKingRolled back to 3.16.0-23 with no luck02:04
JackelopeKingLet me try that daftykins02:04
JackelopeKingWhat is command for that? I don't work in command line often02:05
daftykinssudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:05
JackelopeKingRunning now02:06
JackelopeKingRan, no error, restarting02:07
daftykinsdidn't offer to install anything? well that's both good and bad02:07
JackelopeKingUpdated shotwell02:07
ufapt-get install gnome-shell02:07
ufto get gnome three02:07
daftykinsthat is not an answer, uf02:08
ufbest decision of my Ubuntu life02:08
daftykinsoh that's unrelated, ok.02:08
JackelopeKingcurrently on 3.16.0-2302:08
acovrigdaftykins, chown does nothing here... odly...02:09
daftykinsacovrig: depends how you're running it02:09
acovrigdaftykins, chown -R user:group /mnt/right/new; ls -lah /mnt/right/new shows root:root for everything...02:09
somsipacovrig: use sudo if they are currently root:root02:10
daftykinsyou did replace the user and group yes?02:10
acovrigdaftykins, yes02:10
daftykins^ and that02:10
acovrigsomsip, I can't really sudo a daemon that is configured to not run as root as a security thing02:10
JackelopeKingFor what it is worth the desktop shows no dash no unity sidebar but displays popup for myweatherapp with solid black around it as if a graphics driver is bout in use02:10
acovrigJackelopeKing, you using unity?02:11
daftykinsacovrig: you're dealing with the file system which does need root to be changed02:11
ufIs bash run as root02:11
acovrigdaftykins, yes, I did sudo chown02:11
daftykinsJackelopeKing: can you install pastebinit and run "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" ?02:11
JackelopeKingAcovrig: I normally use unity02:12
somsipacovrig: that chown needs sudo to work. How you do that within what you're trying to achieve is difficult to know without knowing what you're doing. If it's a problem with accessing an external drive being mounted, then setup your mount correctly rather than trying to chown after the event02:12
acovrigdaftykins, and if I used the -v flag it says it changed the permissions...02:12
ufAh, apparently not02:12
acovrigJackelopeKing, yea, that happened to me, unity simply died, I purged everything graphical and re-installed with no success, so I have switched to KDE for the moment...02:13
daftykinsacovrig: this share isn't on an NTFS drive is it?02:13
acovrigdaftykins, no, it's an ext3 or ext4 as a virtualbox share so I can use samba because the version of mac the host is running can't do samba properly, so I'm using an ubuntu vm to run samba and a few other things02:14
JackelopeKingacovrig: I'm hoping to avoid that but may have to02:14
acovrigdaftykins, I may eventually (if I get the time) install ubuntu directly on the Xserve02:15
daftykinsacovrig: wow that's horrible :D02:15
acovrigdaftykins, yea, the hardware is quite sad, it can't run windows 8 and windows server 2012 vms at the same time, CPU meter peaks and it freezes solid...02:16
daftykinsacovrig: you know about forcing OS X to SMB1 yeah? didn't solve issues i take it?02:17
daftykinsJackelopeKing: sooo... pastebin? :)02:20
acovrigdaftykins, yea, and if memory serves, when I was researching it, the version before and after what I'm running works, but I can't upgrade it because the next version is "unsupported"...02:20
acovrigdaftykins, it isn't important at all for this to be running mac, it just is because it's a hand-me-down and it can...02:21
daftykinswhat's it on? 10.?02:21
acovrigdaftykins, 10.7.502:22
daftykinsah ok02:22
acovrigdaftykins, I think the next version is "unsupported" because of some EFI thing, I tried some hackintosh stuff, but didn't get anywhere; I may get around to installing ubuntu on it sometime this week02:23
acovrigdaftykins, I'm guessing I can put an ubuntu install 'disk' on a USB flashdrive, boot from it and install Ubuntu like I would on any other system (hopefully)02:25
k2gremlinHey daftykins, remember when I was trying to get my SSH working with an IP on the server of .22?02:25
acovrigdaftykins, on a side note, is it possible for me to mkdir /mnt/new and use some random mount command to 'mount' a root:root directory as user:group, could I?02:27
daftykinsk2gremlin: don't think i was there for that one02:27
daftykinsacovrig: you don't mount an existing directory02:28
daftykinsmounting is for file systems on block devices02:29
acovrigyea, I was wondering if I could mount a dir with different permissions, but doubted it02:29
jr_Is there viagra for women?02:30
daftykinsacovrig: i'm about to call it a night i'm afraid as otherwise i'd ask more02:30
jr_Oh. wrong room02:30
acovriglol, OK; me too02:31
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nmatrix9Hello all Iam having some issues getting twin with Ubuntu Kylin02:44
nmatrix9*Twin view.02:44
daftykins"kylin" ?02:44
nmatrix9I have two monitors exactly the same brand I am using a Geforce 550 GTX ti with dual dvi ports but for one reason or another my xserver has my second monitor stuck at a resolution of 800x60002:45
somsipdaftykins: Chinese Ubuntu flavour02:45
daftykinsah, not supported in here then02:46
rwwit's an official flavor, so technically it is :\02:46
nmatrix9daftykins, sorry forget Kylin I mean Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  I copied and pasted : /02:46
somsipnmatrix9: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UtopicUnicorn/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuKylin?action=show&redirect=UtopicUnicorn%2FReleaseNotes%2FKylin#Support02:46
daftykinsofficial 0o02:46
rwwja, http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/flavours02:47
somsipnmatrix9: longer paste than expected. Maybe some links to kylin specific issues on here that might help02:47
rwwtop list is what's on-topic in #ubuntu02:47
somsip!flavors | rww (does it need updating?)02:47
ubotturww (does it need updating?): !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.02:47
nmatrix9rww: it was a mispaste Iam using Ubuntu Server 14.04.1 LTS English!02:48
rwwsomsip: it's technically correct as it is, but suggestions welcome (/msg ubottu !no, foo is <reply> bar)02:48
nmatrix9I am using the English version02:48
somsiprww: fair enough02:48
nmatrix9I have two monitors exactly the same brand I am using a Geforce 550 GTX ti with dual dvi ports but for one reason or another my xserver has my second monitor stuck at a resolution of 800x60002:49
daftykinsnmatrix9: nouveau driver or nvidia proprietary?02:49
nmatrix9For Ubuntu Server 14.04Trusty Tahr02:49
nmatrix9daftykins, nvidia proprietary I believe02:50
daftykinsah well, i have to go02:51
nmatrix9daftykins, The weird thing is that I just got off of 12.04 and it seems strange I should struggle with this issue02:51
nmatrix9It was easier to configure in 12.0402:51
daftykinsyou could've kept running 12.04 for another 2 years :)02:51
nmatrix9daftykins, true02:51
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nmatrix9Anyone have a extended desktop with Ubuntu, if so can I take a look at your xorg.conf file for reference?02:57
kermitin upgrading from 13 to 14, i get "Could not find /boot/grub/menu.lst file. Would you like /boot/grub/menu.lst generated for you? (y/N) " a lot.. should i be worried?03:02
daftykinsnot if you have backups!03:02
kojak_Yesterday, plugged in my TV on my 14.04LTS box with an HDMI Cable. It worked. Today Ubuntu is not recognizing the TV Display (Settins -> Displays). What can I do?03:02
kojak_TV says no signall..03:07
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hzumbru1I never even knew this existed03:12
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RustyShacklefordI installed f.lux on ubuntu 14.0403:44
RustyShacklefordbut it doesn't work. I see it's running in the taskbar03:44
RustyShacklefordbut the screen does not change color03:44
xanguaSo I just reinstalled Ubuntu and my swap partition doesn't seem to be recognized, this is my /etc/fstab http://pastebin.com/mtgcj0uS and fdisk -l  output http://pastebin.com/dg0E43GW , any suggestion in what tre trouble might be? thanks04:11
xanguaI just tried to format it with gparted and I can use it, but it doesn't mount when I restart04:12
somsipxangua: what's with the /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 line in fstab?04:13
xanguasomsip:  encrypted home04:14
xanguammm wait, why is swap mentioned there?04:15
somsipxangua: and you've reformatted it using whatever you need to reformat it to encrypt it and use it with your newly installed (and presumably encrypted) home?04:15
xanguaI alread had my home encrypted, I just reinstalled ubuntu 14.1004:16
somsipxangua: I don't knwo how home encryption works, so it might be fine, or it might the root of your problems04:16
gshmuhow to auto start iptables, and $ sudo /etc/init.d/iptables start can't using04:20
somsipgshmu: sudo service iptables start, I would think04:20
gshmuI'm don't want using ufw04:20
gshmusomsip: how to auto start it?04:21
somsipgshmu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo04:23
gshmusomsip: I'm watching it, thanks04:23
PinconeWhat's cracka-lackin04:32
PinconeAnybody here?04:32
somsipPincone: do you have a support question?04:33
travestyheylo; I've installed ubuntu 14.04, and all necessary plugins and am still unable to load xgenstudios.com/game.php?keyword=stickarena. I can verify that flash and java are both present and working. Can anyone tell me where I can find a log and/or diagonse this issue asap please? used to work in previous version of ubuntu I had installed; installed ubuntu studio 14.04, then installed ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu desktop & Unity greeter.04:39
travestyGood Song Caasey.04:40
cfhowletttravesty, stop04:42
travestyI'm serious with my question;04:42
travestywhy does no one understand I'm trying to get this resolved04:42
cfhowletttravesty, bump is not the way to get your question answered04:42
travesty***Was referring to the link Caasey Gave in the room, tyvm****04:43
reisiotravesty: tried with Chrome?04:43
travestyChrome isn't installed, I tried with Browser, and it didn't work either.04:43
reisiotravesty: tried with Chrome?04:44
travestyI have not.04:44
Seven_Six_Twotravesty, sun java or default openjre?04:45
reisiotravesty: how about now?04:45
travestysun java 762.04:45
travestyworking reisio04:45
reisiotravesty: http://www.xgenstudios.com/stickarena/dimensions.swf04:46
reisiothe site is just garbage04:46
travestyomg, thank you so much reisio.04:47
Seven_Six_Twodoesn't work for me either. silly site04:47
somsiptravesty: game is working fine here with FF and Chrome, using flashplugin-installer04:48
Seven_Six_Twooh I suppose I haven't installed flash...04:48
travestyflashplugin-installer is installed, but the swf ext does...04:48
reisioit has really broken JS04:48
travestyI'm curious why it wouldn't work on the site and will on the .ext site... ??04:48
reisioit has really broken JS04:49
shiftlesscan someone please tell me where to find all the ubuntu trusty packages, on an ftp site somewhere where I can just wget it all?04:53
cfhowlettshiftless, use .torrents and get the DVD04:53
travestyerm... ubuntu repo?04:53
shiftlessI don't want a DVD. I want a shitload of packages in one directory on my hard drive.04:53
shiftlessDownloaded directly from the server. The question is, WHAT server?04:54
shiftlessAll I can find is some piece of crap web interface junk04:54
slyrusSeven_Six_Two: thanks for the tip on the cable the other night. You were right!04:56
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, where are you?04:56
Seven_Six_Twoslyrus, awesome.04:56
shiftlesssoutheast US04:56
slyrusSeven_Six_Two: I have to admit, I was highly skeptical :)04:56
Seven_Six_Twoslyrus, was it the wrong cable, or interference?04:57
slyrushmm... good question. I just swapped out the cable and all was right with the world.04:57
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, ftp://ftp.gtlib.gatech.edu/pub/ubuntu-releases/04:58
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, is that southeast enough for you?04:58
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, oh sorry, that might be just images04:59
shiftlessthanks for that. I finally found the archive server04:59
shiftlessthis should do04:59
zykotick9shiftless: fyi, downloaded packages are stored in /var/cache/apt/archives/ just sayin'05:00
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, if I might, why do you want lots of packages?05:00
shiftlessI'm downloading files for a different computer on a different distro that has no internet access. and to be honest I'm sick and fucking tired of the entire "why save stuff? just download it the microsecond need it" mentality which has infected computing05:01
shiftlessI like having an archive hard drive that I can go straight to and grab whatever I need , that minute, even if there is no net05:01
shiftlessthanks for your help Seven05:01
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, aah I see. I was going to suggest apt-cacher, but that's only good for the same distro's packages05:02
shiftlessits Linux Mint. why they dont set up their own repository instead of parasiting off yours I have no clue05:02
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, I am using mint right now. It's because it's easier to have packages in one place when they're exactly the same, instead of duplicating the effort.05:03
shiftlessSure it is. Up until one day Ubuntu decides it's had enough of the distro it released a year ago, and decides to just delete the entire package repository one day, thus rendering one of my laptops completely useless since I can't update or install any packages05:05
shiftlessThe solution from the Mint guys? "just wipe and reinstall" my response: "fuck you"05:05
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, apt-cacher will work, since they're the same repo. I just mean it won't work for different package versions, etc. They don't delete the whole repo when support ends. It just changes location.05:06
shiftlessThat's good, so maybe I can just change the APT config and make it usable again. Still pisses me off though, because it's like nobody thinks beyond today when they are planning and designing this stuff. The mentality is, the internet and the contents will always be available, so there is no need to plan otherwise05:07
xanguagot my swap back :)05:08
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, it sounds like you need to be on LTS.05:08
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, and update but don't upgrade until next LTS05:08
shiftlessNo, I don't need to be on long term support. What I need is a distro that isn't built by morons. At this point no such thing exists. My distro was working fine one minute, then the next it's broken, and I'm told the solution is to reformat? to hell with that05:08
xanguathat attitude won't help05:09
shiftlessYour attitude definitely won't help05:09
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ [breezy .. oneiric]  main restricted universe multiverse05:11
shiftlessThanks seven, I'll update that config file05:11
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, change your /etc/sources.list to match that for all lines05:11
sacarlson1shiftless: there is no real reason you can't keep an old ubuntu system running forever if it has all you need already in it.  but you have to be responsible enuf to back it up to allow recovery in failures05:12
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, you can also mirror the entire repository, but it's very large.05:12
shiftlessI'm trying to find some kind of tool like wget which will download every file from 2014 only. wget doesn't do it05:12
sacarlson1shiftless: don't expect someone else to backup your computer for you05:12
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, why from 2014 only?05:13
sacarlson1shiftless: there are tools to setup your own apt mirror, is that what you want?05:14
shiftlesssacarlson, I don't expect anyone to back up my computer for me. I don't need anyone to backup my computer for me. What I expect is for people to not release a piece of shit that is going to fuck up my life when it stops working like it's supposed to, for no obvious reason, and with no support given whatsoever. In fact I simply got booted from the Linux Mint channel when I told them that the "solution" they were telling me (reformat and reinstall) was i05:15
sacarlson1shiftless: it only takes 50gb for the entire mirror set to have it local http://www.unixmen.com/setup-local-repository-ubuntu-14-0413-1013-04-server/05:16
shiftlessSeven: because it seems all the Ubuntu packages from different versions all inhabit the same pool, so I don't want to mirror all the other versions too05:16
shiftlessjust trusty05:16
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, debmirror will let you do that05:18
shiftlessYeah I saw that apt-mirror crap but I don't want to devote my entire life to mirroring some packages. Shouldn't have to be editing config files and search, just type a command and hit go. I just found that curl will do the job, with the -z option05:19
Seven_Six_Twoapt-mirror is not debmirror05:20
shiftlessThanks for the tip...looks like a good tool05:21
Seven_Six_Twoit's a bit of a setup, but you only do it once.05:22
sacarlson1shiftless: you really only had to modify ONE line in ONE file to make it work ha ha.  the other file was if you wanted to keep it updated at some regular basis that I assume you don't05:22
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:23
shiftlesssacarlson1, I just hate that everything these days is buried behind some unique interface that requires unique tools to use. In an ideal world everything would be on an ftp (or similar) server divided out into subdirectories so you could just grab what you need, no matter what OS or computer you happen to be on that moment05:24
sacarlson1shiftless: I like the way it is.  I don't even know were the ftp site is I just hit a box and it installs everything needed.  don't have to think about ftp05:26
sacarlson1shiftless: but you are always free to write another one that's better oh and it has to b FREE05:26
juuilHey niggas05:29
cfhowlettjuuil, stop immediately05:30
cfhowlett!guidelines | juuil05:30
ubottujuuil: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:30
shiftlesssrcarlson1: I got a better idea....I'm going to design a new programming language, OS, and computer system to run it on, that will make all of this current junk obsolete overnight. I'm really dissatisfied with the state of computing as a whole right now. We are in a dark ages.05:30
igoryonyahello, I have some sshfs file systems, configured in fstab, they don't always connect automatically after the system boots up and I have to do mount -a. Is there a way to fix that behaviour and make sure that they get connected every time.05:32
Seven_Six_Twoshiftless, it's more like the wild west. There's actual progress (Read: change) and learning. Are you studying computer engineering?05:34
sacarlson1igoryonya: seems I've seen this before since fstab actions run before network is stable.  so you would have to add a script change in ipup actions05:34
sacarlson1igoryonya: I can provide you more details of what to change if you like05:35
shiftlessWhat we are looking at right now is a leaning tower of Babel, composed of bullshit, which is now threatening to collapse onto people's homes and neighborhoods. That's why we have to bulldoze it and start it from scratch. Every one in a while you need a revolution05:37
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sacarlson1igoryonya: a cluge method would be just add a script to cron with @reboot , that also adds some long sleep 120 ; delay to hopefuly sure the net is up that would run sudo mount -a05:38
shiftlessI'm 31 years old. I remember as a kid being told that computers would make our lives easier. Somehow it didn't quite work out that way05:38
shiftlessStill waiting on that flying car too05:39
igoryonyasacarlson1, the first thing, I've thought about, was to add the script to cron that once a minute checks, if the devices were mounted, if not, check if network is connected, if it is, call mount -a. But I thought, that it's a crude method of a person that doesn't know how to do it better (I am talking about me) and would like to do it the right way. Do you mean, I need to do something in '/etc/network/if-up.d/'?05:44
sacarlson1igoryonya: yes that sounds like the place to try in if-up.d05:46
sacarlson1igoryonya: so any time the net went down and back up it would remount I guess if needed05:46
EriC^^igoryonya: you could use this to check if it's mounted if ( df | grep -qs <label of disk> ); then ..05:48
igoryonyasacarlson1, What I am wondering, since I've never put scripts there before, are they any special, or just a regular bash files, where I can just put mount -a inside?05:48
EriC^^or mount point instead of label of disk would be better05:49
EriC^^igoryonya: i think you have to run the script with root privileges05:50
sacarlson1igoryonya: I'm not sure I would have reserch to be sure but I think any bash script will work.  anything in that dir will be run when connected that's all you really have to know05:50
EriC^^you're all set i guess05:51
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mindless_chaosI have an interesting thing happening. The problem I am having is oppsite the usually issue05:56
mindless_chaosWhen I boot ubuntu, i get a blank screen05:56
mindless_chaosbut after I close the lid, and let it sleep, upon waking up I have video05:57
mindless_chaosUsually its the other way around, have video until you go into sleep...05:57
mindless_chaosAny one have any idea's05:57
Schnabeltiercheni would like to use ubuntu, but can´t get it working with my 2 different graficcards, which use a screen each...05:57
igoryonyaEriC^^ , for some reason, mounted sshfs disks, very rarely , but sometimes, do not show up in df commad, but show up in mount -l, but sometimes don't show in either, while I see that the files were actually mounted, since they show up in the mount dir. That's strange, but maybe, is there a way to detect the mounted network devices through some /proc/ file?05:57
reisioSchnabeltierchen: nvidia?05:58
Schnabeltierchen560 gtx ti :P05:58
reisioSchnabeltierchen: yes?05:58
igoryonyasacarlson1, ok, I will try to write something in if-up.d folder, thanks.05:58
mindless_chaosi dunno, its baffling05:58
Schnabeltierchenyes :P nvido geforce 560 gtx ti :P05:58
reisio'yes' works05:58
Schnabeltierchenand a intel hd :P05:59
Seven_Six_TwoSchnabeltierchen, is your nick slang for chickens or something?05:59
reisioSchnabeltierchen: you try nvidia's driver? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia05:59
mindless_chaosi don't have nvidia05:59
mindless_chaosi have ati radeon05:59
mindless_chaosHas some other stuff going on too, but I'll just hash that out as I go.06:00
Schnabeltierchen@reisio: Yes i tried the Binarydrivers... @Seven_Six_Two: Please forgive me my sluggish typing, i was eating and my fingers were greasy...06:00
reisiomindless_chaos: I want to say that's a common GNOME 3 issue06:00
reisiomindless_chaos: but it could also be just your graphics driver + power management06:00
sacarlson1igoryonya: cool tell me how it goes as I've seen others with the same problem that would like to know06:01
reisioSchnabeltierchen: how didn't they work?06:01
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mindless_chaosyeah, I guess I am just gonna have to trial and error06:01
Schnabeltierchenreisio: After installing, he screwed up the desktop dimensions of both desktops, one was streched over 1,5x screens, the other half was the second desktop, tiled and puzzled06:03
Schnabeltierchenreisio: After a reboot, he simply refused to work with the intel grafics06:03
Seven_Six_TwoSchnabeltierchen, if you use 2 different cards, I think you might need to run 2 x-servers06:04
reisioSchnabeltierchen: might try again and use nvidia-settings to reconfigure it06:04
SchnabeltierchenSeven_Six_Two: I also tried that, but my computer refused to use the Intel grafics anymore06:05
Schnabeltierchenreisio: I´ve done this, the second grafics (the Intel one) didn´t showed up. But the desktop rendered by the nvidia was slow, evewn typing in the terminal was a pain... It was working faster with the normal drivers.06:06
reisiommm, then it was probably the wrong nvidia driver06:07
reisioyou might also try, though, setting the nvidia option NVreg_EnableMSI=006:08
SchnabeltierchenMhm, i´ll do that after i slept. I´ll make a backup of my ssd with clonezilla via pxe and instal ubuntu again.06:10
Seven_Six_TwoSchnabeltierchen, in your bios, set nvidia as card #1.06:10
Seven_Six_TwoSchnabeltierchen, http://askubuntu.com/questions/142915/intel-graphic-chipset-and-nvidia-geforce-gtx56006:11
igoryonyasacarlson1, ok, I will, when I finish.06:15
mindless_chaosWell I installed the catlyst drivers06:22
mindless_chaosfirst reboot seems to be good. Booted up without blank06:22
mindless_chaosIll have to reboot a few and make sure its good06:23
mindless_chaosweird though, I wasn06:23
mindless_chaosi wasn't able to restart lightdm because when I tried it just crashed06:24
mindless_chaosbut seemed to boot fine06:24
mindless_chaosnow if I can figure out these other damn errors after updating....06:24
mindless_chaostime to refer to the logs....06:25
mindless_chaoscurious.. it's not opening previous reports...06:27
davejacobswhen i’m installing ubuntu as a 3rd OS on a 3rd SSD (after Arch and Windows), can I trust Ubuntu to know where to install itself?06:34
davejacobsor should i manually partition and setup encryption?06:34
mindless_chaoshere is a question for the masses... Installing postfix, in the middle of installing it, it askes to add a new user, however when I type a user name and hit enter it just returns to a new line and that's it06:36
davejacobs(this isn’t too easy to search in the docs, but I’ve done a little bit of research)06:36
mindless_chaosany idea's06:36
sacarlson1davejacobs: with 3 systems you might want to manualy point it.  it will look and ask you so if you like it's pick then maybe that will work too06:38
davejacobssacarlson1: are you saying that there’s a way to manually point to an SSD but have Ubuntu do the full installation w/o me partitioning?06:39
EriC^^mindless_chaos: press enter twice?06:41
Seven_Six_Twodavejacobs, do manual partitioning, unless the installer guesses what you want to do by default.06:41
mindless_chaoslol, pressed it a brazzilion times06:41
sacarlson1davejacobs: at install time it asks how you want to partition.  one option is other that provides you manual control of partition location and type06:41
EriC^^mindless_chaos: :D06:41
mindless_chaosno dice06:41
EriC^^mindless_chaos: restart the installation maybe06:41
EriC^^apt-get install --reinstall ...06:41
mindless_chaoshere's what I have to do..06:41
mindless_chaoskill the passwd06:42
davejacobsdo you know if there’s any way for me to tell which SSD it’s going to partition and install on if i take the non-manual route?06:42
mindless_chaosthen kill the apt-get06:42
mindless_chaosthen apt-get remove postfix06:42
davejacobs(sounds like i’ll prob go the manual route to not have to do lots of backup restores)06:42
mindless_chaosthen try again, and BOOSH06:42
mindless_chaossame wall06:42
EriC^^mindless_chaos: try feeding it a "/n" it sounds stupid but ..06:42
EriC^^actually it just sounds stupid06:42
mindless_chaoswhen? when it's *&$(*06:43
mindless_chaosill try06:43
davejacobssacarlson1, Seven_Six_Two ^06:43
mindless_chaosanything is woth a shot06:43
Seven_Six_Twodavejacobs, I don't think you can. If you want to be sure, do manual. If you take the risk, one of the options will definitely be to blow away one or all of your current operating systems.06:43
davejacobsokay gotcha06:43
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davejacobsi’ll go manual06:43
davejacobsthanks guys06:44
mindless_chaosI also tried feeding it a bunch of ctrl letters06:44
mindless_chaosand z kills it, but its hung in processes, however I had a thought..06:44
EriC^^mindless_chaos: ah, try to put a dot on the newline then press enter06:45
EriC^^mindless_chaos: like the smtp when you enter the data06:45
EriC^^"." and enter06:45
EriC^^maybe it expects a lot of users each on a newline06:45
sacarlsondavejacobs: I thought it points out before it does anything this is what it plans to do  with /dev/sda1.... type format of were it plans to put it.  if you just clear a partition it should pick that by default06:46
mindless_chaosI just got a big pile of junk.. let me look at this06:46
flexdI am having a weird nvidia/xrandr problem... I can use the machine just fine with a external monitor (extended), but when I try to disable the laptop screen and only use the external screen I get a xrandr error06:46
davejacobssacarlson: it feels like the button i was about to press was about to start the partition without confirming, but i could try :)06:47
mindless_chaoslet me remove and start fresh06:47
flexdCould not switch monitor configuration: could not set the configuration for CRTC 6406:47
mindless_chaosi don't understand why it is hung up at adding a user....06:48
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, do you have the external screen set as primary? how are you disabling the laptop screen?06:48
sacarlsondavejacobs: just keep a close eye on it.  I don't remember off hand were that last confirm is so you can test it in virtualbox to verify you know what it does first if there is much to risk06:49
mindless_chaosoooh ooooh, maybe...06:49
davejacobsgood idea, i’ll try that out06:49
mindless_chaosprocessing triggers.....06:49
flexdSeven_Six_Two: I am trying06:50
sacarlsonI never tried to setup a dual boot in virtualbox  any one ever try?06:51
mindless_chaosi dunno06:51
EriC^^sacarlson: lol :D06:51
mindless_chaosmaybe I just wait????06:51
flexdSeven_Six_Two: Mind you, that fails with just xrandr --output VGA1 --primary too06:51
mindless_chaosI waited when it seemd to be stuck, and something happend, so maybe I am being impatient, and its working, just not verbosly06:52
EriC^^mindless_chaos: if it's saying processing triggers then it's doing something06:52
EriC^^mindless_chaos: did the user and "." thing work?06:52
mindless_chaosit looks stuck again06:53
mindless_chaosit went back to the add new user..06:53
mindless_chaosI dunno06:53
EriC^^ok so you add a user then it does this and goes back to add new user?06:53
flexdSeven_Six_Two: Apparently the VGA port is connected to the intel card maybe :/06:54
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mindless_chaosdamn, its installed ill06:55
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Airwreckaacross the US06:55
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flexdGet out, idiot.06:55
Mr_SheeshThe stupid is strong in this one...06:55
AirwreckaIt is time to put the niggers back into the monkeycage06:56
* EriC^^ sets mode +q Airwrecka!*@*06:56
AirwreckaJoin #ferguson06:56
flexdIt's time to put the racist assholes away thanks.06:56
EriC^^Airwrecka: you can't talk you're banned ^^ look above06:56
mindless_chaosIm gonna try one more time clean. then I am gonna go to bed lol06:57
l2ksolkovIs it possible to disable the notifications that come up when my mouse/keyboard battery "dies"? I move out of range alot and the notifications are annoying.06:57
mindless_chaosProcessing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-16) ...06:58
mindless_chaosProcessing triggers for man-db ( ...06:58
mindless_chaosSetting up postfix (2.11.0-1) ...06:58
mindless_chaosAdd new user account to CHAOSBOX06:58
EriC^^mindless_chaos: try to purge it not only remove06:58
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, sorry afk. can you paste output of lspci -v06:58
mindless_chaosthat's where it stuck06:58
unopastemindless_chaos you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted06:58
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, in paste.ubuntu.com06:59
flexdSeven_Six_Two: give me a sec, it's a different machine :)06:59
mindless_chaosam i still muted?06:59
Ben64mindless_chaos: nope. remember if you're pasting more than 1 line, use a pastebin instead07:00
flexdmindless_chaos: you can tell by the modeset :)07:00
mindless_chaosyeah I saw, just checking07:00
flexdSeven_Six_Two: http://paste.ubuntu.com/924563507:00
=== jack is now known as Guest34786
flexdIntel Xeon E3-1200 AKA a i7 something07:01
* mindless_chaos is damn tired.07:01
mindless_chaosI give up for the evening. Thanks for putzing around on this with me eric.07:02
EriC^^ok, later07:02
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Seven_Six_Twoflexd, what ports does you video card have?07:04
flexdVGA out on the laptop07:05
XeusI have LDAP auth setup on my ubuntu server, I have password auth disabled for SSH, I have authorized_keys setup in the user's home directory, user is in LDAP, but user cannot login07:05
Xeusonly my local created account can login with ssh key07:05
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, oh that's interesting. you have a laptop with both onboard and external video, but one port?07:05
XeusAnyone experience this problem before?07:05
flexdSeven_Six_Two: yes07:06
flexdIf I connect it to a dock it has DVI+HDMI as well07:06
flexdBut that is not an option at the moment :)07:06
user1201getting this error  E: Can't find a source to download version '4.1.0-1' of 'phoenix:amd64'07:06
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, you need bumblebee07:07
XeusDoes anyone here use LDAP in their ubuntu, but use only SSH keys for SSH login? I'm having trouble logging into my server with LDAP users. My local users can login fine.07:08
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, not that that will necessarily help with your problem, but it's designed for optimus.07:08
flexdSeven_Six_Two: Yes, but the laptop has an issue with nvidia07:09
flexdIt's a wonder it is even booting07:09
sacarlsonXeus: I don't use ldap so not sure what effects that would have on ssh07:09
flexdnvidia+bios == memory corruption -> Disk corruption07:09
Xeussacarlson: thank you :)07:09
flexdI was however able to get it to boot by installing with nomodeset, and when the install completed I removed nomodeset from the grub config and installed the nvidia drivers, and now it seems to work07:10
flexdwith no corruption at the moment Ø-07:10
flexdSo no, I should really not need bumblebee.. :/ https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/bbswitch/issues/7807:11
m000gleIs there any way to make Unity's dash display All Applications by default, prior to displaying any results when search terms are entered.  This is essentially the same way Gnome Shell displays all apps when no search term is entered.07:11
flexdThe nvidia card is not connected to the VGA port, so it should not matter now.07:11
xanguam000gle: supet+a (applications)07:12
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, ok, so if the nv isn't connected to the port, then you're almost certainly referencing the wrong device in xrandr07:12
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project07:13
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, what's the output of  xrandr -q07:14
m000glexangua: This opens the Applications lens, including suggestions etc as well; but it still requires an extra click to view all installed applications.  I'm hoping to view all installed applications by default.07:14
xanguam000gle: you can disable to show both recent and suggested apps07:15
flexdSeven_Six_Two: The VGA port works, and I can have the two screens working at the same time07:15
flexdI just can't set the VGA/external to be primary.._07:15
xanguam000gle: you can do that with unity tweak tool07:16
m000glexangua: Excellent. Thank you!07:17
flexdSeven_Six_Two: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9245803/07:19
flexdThat is the output07:19
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, xrandr --output eDP1 --off07:24
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, without mentioning the other07:24
Seven_Six_Twoalthough it looks like it's failing because you're trying to force the vga port to be primary, not because you're trying to turn off the actual primary07:27
flexdSeven_Six_Two: same thing happens07:29
flexdor it did before anyway07:30
flexdbrb reboot07:30
flexdjust reinstalled intel drivers07:30
robert_so I'm looking at using snack/newt for a project of mine, and I'm having issues with figuring out how widgets like snack.Grid() work exactly.07:31
flexdSeven_Six_Two: argh, when I do that I lose all my system tray icons :/07:33
Seven_Six_Twothat's all that happens?07:34
flexdand also the monitor is not disabled07:34
flexdI just went to check (it's quite far from me)07:34
Seven_Six_Twoso the system tray icons on your external monitor disappear when you try that command, but there's no other change on either monitor? is there any output from the command?07:35
flexdNo output, tray icons disappear on both07:36
Seven_Six_Twonot that it matters, but what desktop?07:37
flexdi3wm, started via lightdm (ubuntu LTS standard login thing)07:37
flexdI am also running gnome-session-daemon and a bunch of other things, so it works pretty much the same as normal gnome, just with a proper tiling wm07:37
WyZeGuYhi usr13 ! :)07:38
* flexd senses spam07:38
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, can you check    xrandr --listproviders    and use the hex code for "id" which matches your onboard vid07:43
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, instead of eDP1 on the same xrandr command07:43
flexdxrandr --output 0x4a --off07:44
flexdwarning: output (null) not found; ignoring07:44
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, xrandr --output 0x4a --off07:44
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, xrandr --output Intel --off07:45
flexdnot found07:45
=== lipzus is now known as lipzus_
flexdBut as said, intel is what runs the VGA as well07:50
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, does your external turn off when you close the laptop lid?07:50
flexdThe laptop suspends when I close the lid.07:50
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, you can change that.07:50
flexdYes, but I like it this way, and changing it won't cure a graphics problem.07:50
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, if you don't suspend, you can make the laptop screen turn off, and iirc make the external stay on07:51
flexdand also, opening the laptop screen up again would probably re-enable the laptop screen, so there would be no point :/07:51
sekjun9878I think I have found a bug with preseeding07:52
Seven_Six_Twowhy do you need the screen off then?07:52
Seven_Six_Twosekjun9878, torrents?07:52
sekjun9878I mean preseeding as in, Installer ISO preconfiguration. This is on the official 14.04 server amd64 ISO, as verified by md5 hash. You can find the video of reproduction here: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=38CF7909FB5D5B47&id=38CF7909FB5D5B47%21163507:53
mehdi_hey guys when i run sudo apt-get updatte i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/9246205/  how can i fix it?07:53
sekjun9878(Video may not work, in which case you can download it. It's only 2MB)07:53
sekjun9878Essentially, the bug seems to be Ubuntu Installer being unable to read the preconfiguration file at /cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed....07:54
user1201getting this error  E: Can't find a source to download version '4.1.0-1' of 'phoenix:amd64'07:55
Ben64user1201: pastebin the full command and error07:56
flexdSeven_Six_Two: Because I can't see the screen07:56
flexdThe laptop is connected to a KVM, it is in another room07:56
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, why is closing the lid no good?07:56
flexdBecause A) Opening it up would turn the screen on again, which would still mean anyone near the laptop could read the things on the screen. and B) Using the lid to  turn off the monitor is no less going to make it fail.07:58
flexdIt still uses xrandr, so what is the difference between the lid-closing running the command or me doing it? absolutely nothing07:58
sekjun9878Please ping me when anyone technical checks out the bug07:58
flexdChanging how the command is invoked will not alter how the command is executed.07:58
Ben64sekjun9878: you haven't provided enough information to check anything08:01
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, The first point makes the second irrelevant, but if closing the lid actually turns off the screen, while any invocation of xrandr that you or I come up with fails, then I'm guessing it's the specific arguments needed. I don't profess to be an expert on xrandr. sorry I couldn't help more.08:01
sekjun9878Ben64: What other information do you need? I am happy to provide them - that's just the proof of reproduction08:02
user1201Ben64 and all : i have a custom debian package which is unreleased.it got installed but for some reasons i want to remove it but unable to remove it. should i locate and remove all files08:02
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, I hadn't actually thought about how it's actually turned off either...08:02
flexdSeven_Six_Two: My point is that closing the screen would not just magically turn off the screen..08:02
sekjun9878It might not be a bug for all I know, but that's happening and I can't find any other reasonable explanation for it happening except that it's a bugt08:03
Ben64user1201: well that is up to you then if it is not an ubuntu package08:03
Seven_Six_Twoflexd, no, fair enough. I hadn't considered it, but I thought maybe the bios managed the switch? I don't know.08:04
XeusDoes anyone here use LDAP in their ubuntu, but use only SSH keys for SSH login? I'm having trouble logging into my server with LDAP users. My local users can login fine.08:07
warkosignhi, I had no sound after upgrading to 14.10. tried every troubleshotting step I could find online - everything appears to be working, except I had no sound. No sound even when starting from 14.4 and 14.10 live cds. Any chance the live cds get some settings from the existing partitions ?08:19
=== napster is now known as Guest33287
warkosignI am running out of options, considering to install windows08:20
=== Guest33287 is now known as napster232
owen1i modified .Xmodmap and run xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap but my change doesn't apply (keycode 115 = Pointer_Button2 NoSymbol Pointer_Button2) how to troubleshoot this?08:22
warkosignthe only option I see is to disconnect the HDD with the existing ubuntu partition and try the live CD now. if then I have sound, it proves the lack of sound comes from the existing installation. However, even if it's true - how do I tell the live CD NOT to use a partition during its startup ?08:28
kyubotsuit won't08:29
kyubotsuthe point of the live CD is to boot a system in RAM. or so i think is the point08:30
bewarehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-listchanges/+bug/839378 <- what is the best way to get this fix applied on a 14.04 LTS system? (as in, i prefer to not have to compile my own packages)08:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 839378 in apt-listchanges (Ubuntu) "Regression: apt-listchanges always sends changelogs" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:30
fvs /join #108:31
warkosignkyubotsu:I suspect the live CD uses hardware settings of an existing ubuntu installation, otherwise I can't explain how live cd of 14.4 doesn't play sound on my system08:31
owen1why xmodmap -e "keycode 115 = Pointer_Button2" doesn't turn my 'End' key into middle click? 'End' still behaves as 'End'08:33
OerHeksbeware, is this old 11.04 bug still valid ?08:33
kyubotsuwarkosign: negative. the liveCD will use your hardware though.. it wont touch the HDD unless you mount it08:33
bewareyes, i think, because it happens on a 14.04 system, and it's still being discussed on 2014-0708:34
OerHeksbeware, i just wonder, this bug is regarding an old version, not 14.04.08:36
bewareit happens in 14.04.08:36
bewarei think the bug has simply been around for that long08:36
warkosignnow 14.4 live cd also have no audio ?08:37
warkosignkyubotsu:do you have another theory how I had sound in 14.4, no sound after upgrade to 14.10 and now 14.4 live cd also has no audio ?08:38
warkosignanother theory is that my sound card died just as I upgraded to 14.10. maybe as a result of the upgrade.08:40
kyubotsuwarkosign: not probable though08:40
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
warkosign"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth"08:41
kyubotsusometimes things break. even software. stranger things have happen08:42
warkosignI'm 100% ok with my existing installation being messed up somehow. I'm less ok with live cd not having audio as well08:43
kyubotsui bet you have already reinstall the system . i could suggest you re-download and burn a fresh copy and try again08:43
kyubotsuhas happened to me08:44
warkosignI downloaded and burned it, this is how I got live cds08:46
warkosignboth 14.4 and 14.10 have no audio08:46
warkosignI installed a fresh 14.10 on a separate partition, still no audio08:46
user1201i have a set of deb packages in a directory. some debs are already installed and i want to install those debs who are not installed. is there any command for this08:46
kyubotsuhow about sound settings? everything checks out there?08:46
brontosaurusrexuser1201: dpkg -i *.deb08:47
ash`user1201: man dpkg08:47
kyubotsulow volume, wrong output selected, etc?08:47
user1201brontosaurusrex: will it not install those already installed?08:48
brontosaurusrexuser1201: even if so, so what?08:48
warkosignkyubotsu: it shows the audio device I have, it's not muted, and when I play something it shows the visualization properly08:48
warkosignexcept I don't hear anything.08:48
kyubotsuthere is hope then08:49
kyubotsusystem is up-to-date?08:49
warkosignfully updated 14.1008:49
user1201brontosaurusrex: if there are large number then i want to exclude them08:50
brontosaurusrexuser1201: move them away then08:51
brontosaurusrexuser1201: or try what happens08:51
kyubotsuwarkosign: how about the sound test in audio settings, does it also seem to play out with  no sound?08:52
ash`user1201: using "man dpkg" contains the documentation that may help you08:52
warkosignkyubotsu: yep. aplay <file> as well.08:52
ash`user1201: For example dpkg --yet-to-unpack *may* be the flag you need; maybe just "dpkg *.deb" to test their status; i'd recommend looking there first.08:53
kyubotsuwarkosign: do you have a sound card or just the onboard audio?08:53
warkosignonboard audio08:54
kyubotsuwarkosign: and you're sure speakers are plugged in the correct socket?08:54
ash`user1201: then with that you could pipe any result via grep and output a list to a tmp file; use that to move installed deb packages and then use the command as suggested by brontosaurusrex.08:54
warkosignkyubotsu:they worked before the upgrade, so I assume they are. I did try every possible socket since. Also, when I mute/unmute there is a click, and when I set volume for microphone or line in for very high value in alsamixer I hear humming08:56
user1201ash`: sudo dpkg --yet-to-unpack *.deb08:56
user1201dpkg: error: --yet-to-unpack takes no arguments08:56
kyubotsuwarkosign: even the front ones for headphones?08:57
warkosigndid not try these, will try once I get home08:57
ash`user1201: probably because it's a global flag - then try "-I" or "--info"08:58
ash`i'd still just do what brontosaurusrex said: install them all anyway - since if it's installed it wont reinstall unless told to do so08:59
kyubotsuwarkosign: at least we have determined software is functional so it must be a hardware issue. whether it is a hardware failure is still to be proved08:59
kyubotsuunfortunately i don't know how else to test this. and purchasing a sound card for this purpose might be overkill , although not necessarily a bad thing09:01
warkosignkyubotsu:I don't mind paying, if I know it would solve the problem09:01
warkosignas you said it's very imporobable that the hardware broke just as I upgraded to 14.1009:02
warkosignwhether it's actual breaking or just cable unplugging09:02
bmxerkid503I have a question about installing ubuntu 14.04 lts on a brand new All in One Asus Desktop that has uefi.09:02
kyubotsuwarkosign: do you connect your monitor thru HDMI?09:04
bmxerkid503Everytime i boot up the usb after writing the iso to it, i select "try before installing" in the grub loader. it loads for 10 seconds or so, and then I get a text printout. The last few lines are: Kernel panic ..... then ..... Switching back to text console09:04
bmxerkid503and it stays there09:04
bmxerkid503how do i fix that?09:04
EriC^^bmxerkid503: what's the panic about?09:04
bmxerkid503Eric, it just says kernel panic09:04
EriC^^bmxerkid503: try nomodeset09:05
bmxerkid503maybe I should have taken a picture09:05
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:05
bmxerkid503how do i do that?09:05
EriC^^when you get grub, press e09:05
bmxerkid503okay. i will check it out09:05
bmxerkid503Thanks guys. Ill be back to let you know if that fixes it or not09:05
EriC^^then add "nomodeset" to the kernel line that starts with Linux vmlinuz....09:05
EriC^^and press ctrl+x or f10 to execute it09:05
bmxerkid503okay thank you09:06
Kodanexecute that shit, will ya?09:06
kyubotsui see. i don't think DVI routes sound but if it did maybe sound is now being sent to monitor speakers09:06
kyubotsujust thinking out loud ...09:06
Kodankyubotsu, thinkin' it out is my motto09:08
kipsterhiya niggers!09:08
Kodankipster, behave09:08
kipsterfree speech?09:08
Kodannot in here09:08
kipsteroh :(09:08
kyubotsuwarkosign: there is also a ##hardware channel you can check out ..09:10
warkosignkyubotsu:I saw that many people had sound problems related to HDMI, but it's not my case. Anyway, I checked - a USB sound controller is super cheap, so if I have no better idea I'll try to get one.09:10
warkosignkyubotsu:are they likely to understand ubuntu problems ?09:10
Kodanwarkosign, no.09:11
Kodanwarkosign; most of the people in there are windows lunatics.09:11
warkosignif nothing else works I'll have to switch to windows09:11
warkosignbut I'd like to avoid it,09:11
warkosignbtw, I work for microsoft :)09:11
Kodancool, what job?09:12
warkosignsoftware developer09:12
Kodanah very nice09:12
Kodando you get paid nicely?09:12
warkosignvery nicely09:12
kyubotsudon't do usb for sound, get a pci sound card instead09:12
Kodanwarkosign, how much per year?09:12
warkosignKyoshiro`:pci is 8 times more expensive, $6 vs $4309:13
warkosignI may try USB just to see if it solves the problem09:13
warkosign7 times, error in conversion currencies09:14
warkosignKodan: ~$110K09:15
Kodanwarkosign; sharing is caring, remember?09:15
White_CatKodan what if I dont care in general but still share?09:15
kipsterfuck you jew09:15
warkosignbut it's different to compare - different tax, bonus structure, social benefits09:15
Tm_Tkipster: seriously, you either behave or you're out09:16
bmxerkid503So i am back...09:16
EriC^^bmxerkid503: heya09:16
bmxerkid503I tried --nomodeset09:16
bmxerkid503this is what i get09:16
kipsterTim_T you're a real asshole. Give me your address, so I can come over and kick your ass09:16
EriC^^it's nomodeset, don't know if the -- matters, is it on the link?09:16
bmxerkid50319.103845] Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt09:17
bmxerkid50319.103872} drm_kms_helper: panic occured, switching back to text console09:18
SaphyelAny GTD that allow sync with Trello?09:18
bmxerkid503I have interrupt 19 off09:18
frechdachs69anyone who knows how to check for installed Qt5 plugins with Ubuntu 14.04?09:20
EriC^^bmxerkid503: try these stuff09:22
YamakasYwhay do I miss on my mirror comparing to the following 404's ? or is my sources on my servers just too large ? http://pastebin.com/kMPf6Khh09:23
bmxerkid503Eric^^: So how do I add all those commands? just new lines with -- ?09:24
EriC^^i don't think you need --09:24
EriC^^like quiet splash idle=poll09:24
EriC^^bmxerkid503: you can use ctrl+e to get to the end of the line i think09:25
bmxerkid503okay ill be back soon! thanks!09:25
EriC^^or the end key09:25
=== bigfatcat is now known as fatboy
bmxerkid503_back again. so after adding all those commands, I'm now at a black screen with a bash input.09:33
bmxerkid503_busybox v1.21.1 (Ubuntu 1:1.21.0-1ubuntu1) built in shell (ash) enter 'help' for a list of built in commands.09:34
bmxerkid503_(initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system09:34
imbackhahahahahasomeone please ban me? :)09:36
cfhowlettimbackhahahahaha, just leave09:36
bmxerkid503I don't get why I still can't boot ubuntu09:38
LeartSPSA: Italian apt-get mirror is down http://www.isup.me/it.archive.ubuntu.com09:42
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
frechdachs69which package do I have to install to get 'Qt5Gui_QGifPlugin.cmake' ?09:43
cfhowlettfrechdachs69, apt-cache show Qt5Gui        will tell all.09:47
frechdachs69cfhowlett: that just gives me 'libqt5gui5' - already installed on my machine and containing the cmake file09:49
frechdachs69cfhowlett: that just gives me 'libqt5gui5' - already installed on my machine and NOT containing the cmake file09:49
bmxerkid503_So i am having an issue with booting ubuntu 14.04 on my asus desktop aio which is brand new. I no longer want windows. I boot the usb after writing the iso to it. I get a kernel panic message ' kernel panic: not sycning switching back to text console'09:51
bmxerkid503_I have tried multiple boot flags09:51
bmxerkid503_like: nomodeset acpi=force irqpoll idel=poll pci=off09:52
bmxerkid503_and when i use them all, i get a console that shows up saying initramfs no medium found09:53
bmxerkid503_what do i do do to fix this?09:53
=== shroud is now known as Guest10996
danne_How are you guys?10:03
Kodanimmensely terrible10:04
=== Guest10996 is now known as shroud
ObrienDaveworse than terrible10:06
danne_which terminal type do you guys likes the most?10:09
danne_which terminal type do you guys likes the most?10:09
kyubotsusupport questions only. #ubuntu-offtopic for polls.. or not10:10
cfhowlett!poll | danne_, no polls please10:12
yearlinyirc forgotten password,how do?10:12
OerHeksyearliny, join #freenode to get help with lost passwords10:13
EriC^^bmxerkid503: sorry im back10:16
EriC^^bmxerkid503: did you md5sum the iso?10:16
bmxerkid503Yes. Its fine.redownloaded as well10:16
EriC^^bmxerkid503: did you try a different usb?10:17
bmxerkid503I'm trying to get 13.04 right now.10:17
AlexPortableHow can I prevent cpu lockup?10:17
EriC^^or an integrity check on the one you're using?10:17
bmxerkid503This USB I used previously for my laptop10:17
bmxerkid503Like yesterday.10:17
EriC^^bmxerkid503: get 12.04 LTS10:17
bmxerkid503Okay I'll download it.10:18
EriC^^bmxerkid503: then you ran upgrade to 14.04 LTS if you want10:18
bmxerkid503Will it keep the 12.04 kernel?10:18
bmxerkid503I'm reading that it may be the kernel10:18
EriC^^no, it'll upgrade everything10:18
LachezarHey all. Upgraded to 14.10 Xubuntu. Now when I drag-drop icons around my desktop the mouse cursor becomes a distorted variant of the icon that was dragged and does not rever back. Tried doing a screenshot, but it does not capture the mouse cursor.10:18
bmxerkid503So if it is the kernel...10:19
EriC^^bmxerkid503: ill brb10:19
Ben64bmxerkid503: turn off secureboot and enable legacy booting and try again10:19
bmxerkid503Commands for that?10:20
Ben64its in the bios somewhere10:20
bmxerkid503Secureboot is off10:20
bmxerkid503No option for legacy10:20
bmxerkid503Disabled interrupt capture 1910:20
Ben64are you in the bios right now10:21
bmxerkid503I will hop in. One second10:21
Ben64then how are you seeing that secureboot is off and no option for legacy10:21
bmxerkid503Cause I already adjusted the secure boot10:21
bmxerkid503As well as boot priorities10:22
bmxerkid503And I have been searching for this fix for a few hours.10:22
bmxerkid503Legacy was an option I tried finding.10:22
OerHeksmaybe fastboot is the issue?10:23
=== ysh is now known as Ysh
bmxerkid503Fastboot is disabled.10:23
=== Ysh is now known as Yangsh
bmxerkid503I'm saving my stuff right now. Then I'll boot into my bios.10:24
=== Yangsh is now known as Ysh\
=== Ysh\ is now known as Ysh
bmxerkid503In bios10:26
mattzillaHey guys, I'm trying to install from the live DVD, I'm getting an error. Any help?10:27
bmxerkid503Fastboot disabled. Interrupt capture 19 disabled. Secure boot is set to other OS. No option to disbale that. Boot priorities set to USB. No legacy toggle or override.10:28
OerHeksbmxerkid503, what machine exactly?10:29
bmxerkid503Asus 19.5 AiO Desktop Model: PT200110:29
nedalHi, please what s the difference between changing the value oh the mask using ' umask', modifying  it on '.bash_profile' and on ' /ect/profile' ??10:32
=== Shiftos_ is now known as Shiftos
geirhanedal: .bash_profile won't help you much if you use gui, but if you mean ~/.profile vs /etc/profile, then the difference is whether it applies only to your user or to all users that log in10:34
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
nedalgeirha_ then what for .bash_profile is used to ?10:37
nedalwhat's for*10:37
iptablenedal: ~/.bash_profile is used to set environment profile for the bash shell for a particular user10:42
iptablenedal: it is run every time you start bash as a particular user. Even if you use su to change to that user or just type in bash to start another bash shell.10:43
iptableor open a terminal window for that matter10:43
RodaI'm having issues updating my lubuntu software. Would anybody help?10:43
OerHeksRoda what issue do you have?10:45
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nedaliptable_ thanks, that was so helpful :)10:47
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bmxerkid503So I can boot Ubuntu 13.04 but not 14.0410:54
bmxerkid503It is a kernel issue. How do I update to 14.04 while keeping 13.04 kernel.10:54
Ben64bmxerkid503: you don't. 13.04 is not supported anymore10:55
Ben64bmxerkid503: you can use 14.04 or you can use 12.0410:55
OerHeksmaybe it is not a kernel issue, just a xorg issue?10:56
bmxerkid503So I'll grab 12.04. Can I keep 12.04 kernel?10:56
bmxerkid503What is xorg?10:56
bmxerkid503I have never heard of that.10:56
ubottuX.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf10:56
bmxerkid503Thank you. I'll give 1204 a shot and see about upgrading to 14 and keeping 12 kernel. If I run into any issues, I'll be back.10:57
bmxerkid503I appreciate all the help.10:58
Ben64you can't use 12.04's kernel on 14.0410:58
bmxerkid503Oh dang10:58
bmxerkid503Okay :(10:58
Ben64but 12.04 is still supported10:58
Ben64or give 14.10 a shot10:58
OerHekstry to boot 14.10 i guess, as last resort10:58
xubuntuhola penya10:59
bmxerkid503I'll grab 14.10 and see if it works. I'll be back in about 2010:59
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Guest17634pa k te vas mamanyema10:59
AlexPortablehow do i fix my touchpad? ubuntu 14.04. hardware i don't know. when I put my thumb on the touchpad for lmb and my finger to move the mouse, it doesn't moves the mouse10:59
AlexPortableAnyone knows a screenshot tool that randomly generates a name and uploads over SFTP?10:59
ikoniaAlexPortable: a shell script ?11:00
ubottuKanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si11:00
AlexPortableWell how can I trigger a shell script from a hotkey?11:00
ikoniaAlexPortable: keybindings11:01
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BadApehi, is there a "stable"ish release of gcc 4.9 ppa for 14.04?11:05
cfhowlettBadApe, ppa?  not supported here.11:06
BadApecfhowlett: just wondering if there was a way to get gcc 4.9, usually a ppa will do11:07
cfhowlettBadApe, sorry, IDK.  my version is
BadApecfhowlett: seems there is a ppa most people use11:08
OerHeks!info gcc utopic11:08
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.133ubuntu2)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.9.1-4ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 5 kB, installed size 42 kB11:08
OerHeksutopic has 4.9.111:08
BadApe!info gcc trusty11:08
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.124ubuntu6)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 41 kB11:08
BadApei want to stick with LTS11:08
OerHekswait for 16.04 lts then11:09
cfhowlettBadApe, agreed!11:09
ikoniaand yet you want to use the random PPA for your compiler ?11:09
BadApeOerHeks: sure i will ask the project to wait, haha11:09
BadApeikonia: better than nothing11:09
ikoniaBadApe: I don't think it is11:09
ikoniaBadApe: I think it's the opposite, you'd be better upgrading to a supported release - where there is at least some support / upstream11:10
OerHeksBadApe, the 'most trusted' ppa has no candidate for trusty > https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=trusty11:11
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BadApeOerHeks: seems like it11:13
bmxerkid503Booting Ubuntu 14.10 right now.11:14
bmxerkid50314.10 works....... No issues.11:15
bmxerkid503Booted from USB in less than 30 seconds.11:15
OerHeksbmxerkid503, good to hear11:15
bmxerkid503So.... Why doesn't LTS boot11:15
welovfreewhy when unseting a variable in a child shell, don't unset it in the parent shell?11:16
OerHeksMaybe an intel 4400 issue ..11:16
bmxerkid503I'm glad it now works as well, I thank you for trying to troubleshoot with me.11:16
OerHeksbmxerkid503, have fun11:16
bmxerkid503Oh I will! I'm away from dreaded windows 8.1 now.11:17
bmxerkid503Thank you guys. Take care.11:17
BadApeOerHeks: seems like you need the test ppa for g++ 4.911:17
welovfreehello guys11:17
welovfreewhen I type in terminal "whereis -b tar" it shows "/bin/tar" but for "whereis -b cd" it shows "cd:" why is that?11:21
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=== nsm2047 is now known as source47
javnutthis is going to sound crazy, because it is11:30
javnutI want to set up a server which waits for javascript to AJAX commands to it11:30
javnutand then I want those commands executed on my computer11:30
ubuntuser13unable to reset unity, unity restore to default automatically ?11:30
BadApejavnut: what?11:31
iptablejavnut: you want to receive commands on your webserver and execute them?11:31
iptablejavnut: do you know how ajax works?11:31
javnutiptable: yes11:31
javnutyes to both your questions11:31
BadApewhy do you want to do that?11:32
javnutI want certain windows to pop up when someone does a certain thing11:32
iptablejavnut: ajax is a javascript interface which essentially connects to your webserver with post variables. so essentially you want apache2 webserver with php, and you want php to execute whatever it get's in an ajax call POST parameter on the box.11:32
javnutwindows to pop up on my side I mean11:32
BadApejavnut: so you want to create some web services to execute commands11:32
iptablejavnut: so what is stopping a malicious person from rm -rf / ?11:32
javnutiptable: yup, but I don't know php11:32
javnutiptable: if statements11:33
BadApejavnut: what do you know?11:33
javnutBadApe: java, c#11:33
javnutsome c++11:33
BadApethen use java11:33
BadApewrite a simple cgi script11:33
BadApepost some commands and have them exec11:33
javnutI'm doing it in php11:33
iptablejavnut: or harvest the code from this: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/beginners-guide-to-ajax-development-with-php11:33
javnutbecause I can't11:33
BadApei can't wait to compromise your system11:33
BadApeok then do it in php11:34
BadApedoesn't matter what language11:34
iptablejavnut: but on the data you get from ajax in PHP, execute the exec() or system() instead. check php.net documentation for the exec commands and their parameters11:34
javnutBadApe: ok, this is going to get even crazier11:34
OerHeksiptable, without sudo that comand is useless11:34
BadApehe can execute the script as root11:34
iptableOerHeks: that depends on WHAT he wants to execute11:34
iptablebut yes11:34
BadApethat is a good idea11:35
BadApeby the way, don't do anything i just said11:35
javnutwhat if I want like a circular closed loop, only ajax calls from the same computer will reach the server11:35
BadApejavnut: do you know what ajax is?11:35
javnutBadApe: yes11:35
iptablejavnut: you could run as root. although a better option would be this: 1. user enters webpage and asks to do a predefined command. 2. php code writes this down to a text file. 3. a c/bash application runs and check what the command is and interprets it to a safe executable command and runs that instead.11:36
javnutiptable: way ahead of you on that11:36
iptablejavnut: so you want that only on local box, as in make the webserver listen on loopback interface only?11:36
javnutwell, not way ahead, but exactly there11:36
BadApejust make sure someone doesn't guess a way to escape and inject their own commands11:36
javnutiptable: yes11:36
iptablejavnut: just make apache2 webserver listen on only11:37
BadApeyou will have to sanitize the data11:37
javnutBadApe: well, they won't11:37
BadApeyou hope they won't11:37
javnutespecially since this is only going to be from the same computer11:37
BadApewhy do you need a webapp to do this?11:37
iptablejavnut: I do something similar to punch a hole in my firewalls from very restricted locations. I access a php page, php notes down my IP to a text file and a bash script opens iptables firewall for that IP.11:37
javnutI have a grease monkey file which does stuff11:37
javnutbut sometimes, it needs me to do stuff manually11:38
javnutand I need firefox to popup when I need to manually do stuff11:38
iptablejavnut: time to learn php then ;) check the link I sent you. it's a step by step for php and ajax.11:38
iptablejavnut: also, configuring apache2 to listen on localhost only is a breaze11:39
BadApesounds like the most horrible idea i've heard in here for ages11:39
iptableBadApe: no, it's classed as a not good idea, but not the worst of the week :P11:39
BadApeno? have you heard a worse one?11:39
javnutBadApe: well then what's a better solution?11:39
BadApejavnut: i don't really understand what your end goal is11:40
iptableBadApe: besides if you happen to be in a location where only ports 80 and 443 are allowed out and you normally run a webserver on those, how will you ssh? webserver-type-port-knocking ;)11:40
javnutfor my firefox window to popup so I can do the manual stuff that I can't do with javascript11:40
iptablejavnut: if it's only local and you have a script which will sanitise what php asks it to do (instead of raw commands, have a "i want you to do this" interface between them)11:41
iptablejavnut: then it's fine11:41
=== paulo is now known as paulovap
javnutiptable: I agree it's fine, but if there's a better solution11:41
javnutI'm all ears11:41
BadApei don't get what the problem is in the first place11:42
iptablejavnut: well, I don't know what the exact goal is, so can't say. How about an email notification? or a jabber message?11:42
javnutnope, it has to pop up11:42
iptablejavnut: a popping up jabber message then?11:42
javnutyeah, that's fine11:42
iptablejavnut: or run your own SIP server which will call your mobile phone :D11:43
javnutthat's worse, not better11:43
iptablejavnut: me and BadApe do not know what the actual goal is, so can't really advise on other ways to do that.11:43
iptablejavnut: run your own SIP serer which will call your phone and TELL YOU what you need to do manually. that's cool!11:43
javnutiptable: basically, I just need an alert for when my javascript file is at an impass11:43
BadApei've been trying to understand what he is doing, not the technical detail of what he thinks it needs to be11:43
BadApebut i am about done, my head is starting to hurt with the craziness11:44
iptablejavnut: we still cannot read minds. we don't know what javascript, what it's meant to do and how people interact with it.11:44
javnutBadApe: like I said, I inject web pages with a javascript which does stuff for me11:44
jorge_good morning11:44
javnutbut eventually, it asks me for a captcha11:44
ubuntuser13unity desktop behaves abnormally how to reset unity?11:44
iptablejavnut: "does stuff for me" and "inject web pages" is not descriptive.11:44
javnutit doesn't need to be11:44
iptablewell, I can't advise you if you are not specific, can I?11:45
BadApeiptable: i use magic11:45
javnutand inject web pages -- I just put javascript code into web pages11:45
iptablejavnut: are you building automation using javascript to query external website and make them do stuff?11:45
javnutiptable: yes11:45
BadApeare you trying to remotely control a website?11:45
BadApei wrote a crawler that processed pages before11:45
javnutuhhh.. don't you remotely control all websites?11:45
iptablejavnut: you do realise that they have captcha appear at some point because their T&Cs don't allow automation, and therefore you are braking their rules and the law?11:46
javnutiptable: yes11:46
iptablejavnut: well, I'm sorry for this, but we cannot help you break the law on this channel11:46
BadApei would say i interact with a website, i don't control it11:46
iptablewe only do legal stuff here11:46
iptableubuntuser13: what's behaves abnormally?11:47
javnutis it legal if no one cares?11:47
BadApei am sure the people who run the site care11:47
iptablejavnut: no, your question is: is it legal if no one noticed? No, it's illegal activities to go against T&Cs11:47
BadApethat is why they put the capture there to stop robots dos'ing them11:47
Ben64its not even within the scope of this channel11:47
javnutmaybe. I'd contact them, but that seems hard11:47
Ben64this channel is for ubuntu support only11:48
iptablejavnut: this conversation is over11:48
BadApemaybe they will provide you access to a web api so you don't need to manipulate their site11:48
javnutBen64 it was, I was trying to create an interface between ubuntu and the javascript11:48
iptableubuntuser13: what does "unity behvae abnormally" mean? what's it doing?11:48
Ben64javnut: really isn't on topic here. just because you do something in Ubuntu doesn't make it on topic for this channel11:48
AlexPortableSo I installed this nvidia driver, and set grub acpi=off. Now system won't show anything on screen. How do I fix this?11:49
javnutBen64 how so?11:49
BadApeiptable: i commend your patience!11:49
javnutif I'm trying to communicate with my desktop environment, that's pretty ubuntu11:50
ubuntuser13iptable: i trying to reset it but fails, i want to remove unity dash icons but unable to do that,also unable to reconfigure my mouse.in simple words, after login unity restored to default automatically.11:50
Ben64javnut: nope11:50
iptablejavnut: you were asking about php coding, not about ubuntu-related issues. you also admitted to intentionally breaking the law. that;s 2 reasons. enough11:50
iptableubuntuser13: if you create a new user account and login as that, does it work as expected for that new user?11:50
javnutI agree, but I was breaking the law ubuntu-specifically11:50
iptableBadApe: I used to be extremely active on #ubuntu and #linux until the last 2 months or so when I got distracted by work. I learnt my patience ;)11:51
ubuntuser13iptable: ok i will try11:51
iptablewhy thank you :)11:52
BadApeiptable: just scream hack the planet and run, i don't suppose anyone gets the reference any more11:53
iptablesadly not11:55
BadApea very bad 90's movie called hackers, worth a watch if you are into drinking and pizza11:55
LachezarIs there any way I can find out what ./configure parameters were used to create a specific package for Ubuntu?11:55
iptableBadApe: I seen it. was entertaining for what it was. Hackers 2 (Kevin Mitnick) one was more realistic but lest entertaining too :P11:56
iptableLachezar: apt-source to get source packages and ubuntu-specific modifications11:57
Lachezariptable: I'd like to rebuild a package from source WITHOUT the ubuntu-specific modifications, but I suspect there are specific parameters I need to give ./configure lik e--prefix and such.11:58
iptableLachezar: as I already said, download the source using apt-source and look at ubuntu-specific stuff. it will tell you how it was built and configured11:59
Lachezariptable: OK. Looking into it.11:59
Lachezariptable: For PPAs do I still use apt-source?12:02
basichashAnyone know how to enable webGL for ubuntu 14.04? Chrome, Intel i5, Intel 4000 Graphics12:02
iptableLachezar: if the source packages are there and you have the PPA for source, yes. if not, sorry, no go.12:03
iptablebasichash: install google-chrome and it's working12:04
ubuntuser13iptable: unity works fine in guest session.but in this session even i can't change wallpaper.12:04
Lachezariptable: Looking at the PPA contents can see *.dsc and *.debian.tar.gz and *.orig.tar.bz2. Is this a good indicator that the sources are available?12:04
iptablebasichash: also, for some cards you need to do this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/299345/how-to-enable-webgl-in-chrome-on-ubuntu12:04
iptableubuntuser13: can you change wallpaper in guest session?12:05
the_trickyhello, guys12:05
the_trickychanged my launcher's color with compizconfig12:05
iptableubuntuser13: looks like permissions issue. chown -R youruser:youruser /home/youruser12:05
iptableubuntuser13: replace youruser with your username12:05
basichashiptable: yeah had to change #ignore-gpu-blacklist, cheers12:06
ubuntuser13iptable: ok12:06
the_trickywhy doesn't it change automatically now when i change my wallpaper?12:06
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iptableLachezar: download, unzip, you will see12:06
the_trickyany ideas?12:06
=== Maras is now known as Marasgeon
iptablebasichash: no worries12:06
iptablethe_tricky: is it meant to change when you change wallpaper?12:07
the_trickyiptable: i think so, because it did before12:07
ubuntuser13iptable: yes it works, Thankyou so so much for help.12:08
iptablethe_tricky: check with a new user account. if problem persists, it's a global system issue. if not, it's a rpoblem with your user dconf/gconf settings12:08
MarasgeonHey guys, a friend of mine send me a txt file from windows which is default ANSI encoding and gedit can't recognize the characters, how can I read it?12:08
iptableubuntuser13: no worries12:08
the_trickyiptable: thanks, i will try that12:08
iptableMarasgeon: standard text file (txt)? dos2unix tool will do that12:08
Marasgeoniptable: yes, is that an app?12:09
iptableMarasgeon: yes. command-line utility12:09
iptableMarasgeon: sudo apt-get install dos2unix12:10
iptableMarasgeon: then run dos2unix /your/file/here12:10
Marasgeoniptable: so everytime i will have to convert the txt file?12:10
iptableMarasgeon: that will convert the file escape chars to unix format12:10
iptableMarasgeon: yes. Windows is incompatible with the rest of the world. Rest of world uses \n escape. Windows uses 2 characters, \r\n12:10
iptableMarasgeon: blame windows. they "reinvented" the wheel12:11
Marasgeoniptable: Many thanks!12:11
iptableno worries12:11
* iptable goes for lunch12:11
lapionis there anyone in here from the mactelsuportteam ?12:15
lapionor does anyone know where I can find them on irc ?12:15
* Lachezar glances a while at what is needed to build a package for Ubuntu. Then silently sobs and deletes the test VM.12:17
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SaphyelAnyone knows any GTD that allow sync with Trello?12:40
=== frechdachs69_ is now known as frechdachs69
philinuxHow can I clear this dpkg warning:- dpkg: warning: files list file for package 'acroread-bin' missing; assuming package has no files currently installed12:44
=== XeBlackWater is now known as zz_XeBlackWater
rt_91hi anyone help me with the following configuration of proxy directive in apache http://ur1.ca/iw70e12:50
OerHeksphilinux, what ubuntu version do you use? as acroread is removed some time ago12:52
philinuxOerHeks;~ I got it from adobe then unistalled it but dpkg spits out that warning12:53
OerHeksphilinux, see what 'adobereader' has left behind, possible adobereader-enu12:56
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Aer93how can I obtain the date with this format : November 1st, 201412:59
philinuxOerHeks;~ apt-cache policy says acroread not there. I've just done an apt-get purge and got this dpkg: warning: files list file for package 'acroread-bin' missing; assuming package has no files currently installed (Reading database ... 212132 files and directories currently installed.) Removing acroread-bin (9.5.5-1precise1) ...12:59
ikoniaAer93: man date12:59
Aer93I'm trying with date +%B-%d-%y12:59
philinuxOerHeks;~ looks like dpkg happy now12:59
Aer93but I dont get the 1st, 2nd,3rd12:59
Aer93just 1 2 312:59
dominikhello guys can u give me any piece of advice how to customize xubuntu 14.10 with Ubuntu Customization Kit? This is mine log : http://pastebin.com/g4J47tgn12:59
Aer93ikonia: I'm getting 1, 2, 3 not 1st, 2nd, 3rd13:00
Aer93ikonia: any idea?13:00
ikoniaAer93: date +%B\ %d\ %Y13:02
ikoniaAer93: worked fine for me13:02
ikoniaooh you want "st" or "rd" or "th"13:02
Aer93ikonia: yeeep :)13:03
ikoniaAer93: I'm not aware of any flag that will add the "st" or "rd" or "th" you'd have to write a script to do that base on the number13:03
Aer93ikonia: ok13:04
dominikHow can i create my own distro based on ubuntu? Any piece of advice?13:06
ikoniadominik: don't do it13:07
pnglDoes someone know how to set the keyboard layout on the home/login screen? Editing the system settings only changes it *after* login.13:12
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BluesKajHiyas all13:14
takuanhibernate used to work flawlessly here on 14.04, upon upgrading it now works from time to time13:25
takuanhas anything changed?13:25
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nusri installend xubuntu 14.04 desktop but it is slightly buggy and i want to remove it. all options to turn off prompt for password on return from blank screen are off but i get prompted for one each time i leave my pc13:32
nusrwhat could be the problem?13:32
somsipAer93: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2495459/formatting-the-date-in-unix-to-include-suffix-on-day-st-nd-rd-and-th13:33
EiriksHDDHi all, how do I erase a read only cd-rw?13:34
MasterPiecewhere is the ubottu and ubuntulog source codes ?13:36
somsip!bot | MasterPiece13:36
ubottuMasterPiece: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone13:36
OerHeksMasterPiece, not all scripts are opensource, but that url should give you enough info13:37
OerHeksEiriksHDD, same as a writable cd-rw13:39
MasterPieceOerHeks, somsip THanks, and where is ubuntulog source code?13:41
cbtisi wanna know more about xubuntu13:41
k1l_cbtis: what do you want to know?13:42
k1l_MasterPiece: its a supybot. did you look into the links mentioned?13:42
alanobie1cd-rw can be erase content and write again and again13:42
vishnuyranyone here using backbox 4.013:42
OerHeksMasterPiece, is logging not included ?13:42
cbtiswell i am new and i dont know much about how to use it13:43
k1l_vishnuyr: backbox is not supported here. please see on their webpage where their community is located13:43
Mandeep_Singhcbtis, don't worry you'll get it. :)13:44
MasterPiecek1l_, OerHeks , I can't find " logging bot " source code! and I think its differ from ubottu13:44
OerHeksMasterPiece, might be unique for freenode, sorry13:44
OerHekssure supybot has logging capabilitys13:44
Mandeep_Singhvishnuyr, no13:45
cbtishow can i download applications?13:45
MasterPieceOerHeks, Great, So the ubuntulog is powered by ubottu ?13:45
k1l_cbtis: use the software center13:45
cfhowlett!manual | cbtis,13:45
ubottucbtis,: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:45
huifuwhat the f13:45
cfhowletthuifu, stop it13:45
DJonesMasterPiece: From memory, I think the ubuntu logs are generated from an irssi instance using http://mg.pov.lt/irclog2html/13:46
cbtisthanks :) by the way where are you from ? :D13:46
alanobie1sorry  send wrong place13:46
cfhowlett!cn | huifu13:46
ubottuhuifu: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:46
OerHekscbtis, another good start http://docs.xubuntu.org/1410/13:46
somsipcbtis: this is a support channel. Please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic13:46
cbtis Oerheks: i will check it thanks13:47
alanobie1ubottu: 谢谢13:47
MasterPieceDJones, Thanks13:49
cbtiswhere are you guys from?13:49
cbtisit is nice to meet new people13:50
somsipcbtis: if you want to chat, do it in #ubuntu-offtopic13:50
MasterPieceHow can I deduct to my boss & task scheduler that the #ubuntu is using these bots and irclog2html packages?!13:50
cfhowlettcbtis, ask your #ubuntu suppot questions here.  chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic13:50
Zoonykque pex yoya13:51
k1l_!es | Zoonyk13:51
ubottuZoonyk: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:51
MasterPieceI can deduct from this URL https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots that what is the type of ubottu13:51
MasterPiecebut what is the Ref for ubuntulog ?13:52
cbtis_eso pa que o que13:52
Mandeep_SinghPlease anyone help me. Sometimes my wireless connection disconnects after a few minutes.13:52
cfhowlett!es | cbtis, this ishttp://www.pastebin.com/g4J47tgn. the ENGLISH channel.  Thank you13:52
MasterPieceMandeep_Singh, ask it in ask.ubuntu.com13:52
k1l_MasterPiece: that is not helpfull :/13:53
OerHeksMasterPiece, don't do that, this channel is for support.13:53
cbtis_is infinitum your wireles .?13:53
cfhowlett!wifi | Mandeep_Singh13:53
ubottuMandeep_Singh: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:53
OerHeksMasterPiece, you are answered about the log.13:53
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: please give more details like which ubuntu version, which wireless card, what errors?13:53
MasterPieceOerHeks, ok, thanks13:53
MasterPiecek1l_, thanks13:53
cbtis_kiss me ass bitches13:54
huifucome on13:54
alanobie1ubuntu offical web hard support list13:54
* cfhowlett thinks "Well, I saw that one coming ... "13:54
Mandeep_SinghMasterPiece, oke13:54
alanobie1get your wireless adapter type,t13:55
k1l_!hcl | alanobie113:55
ubottualanobie1: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:55
Ben64cfhowlett: indeed, when multiple people come from the same ip address and talk to each other, it never ends well13:55
Pinkamena_DWas moving a very large partition with gparted from one disk to another and forgot ubuntu was setup suspend after an hour. Turned it back on and it seems to be continueing ok, do you think there will be any issues?13:55
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: Please provide us information about your card, Ubuntu version and what is the error you are seeing?13:55
alanobie1Mandeep_Singh: i tell find13:55
nedalHi, I don t  know why but the video manager doesn t read videos !! it says install extra multimedia plugins  but  still  not working13:55
cfhowlettnedal, did you install the plugins???13:56
alanobie1tyr vlc?13:56
* _war10ck_ wonders why a user was asked to go to askubuntu site13:56
=== alanobie1 is now known as tyr1
tyr1for many question have answer in askubuntu site13:57
nedalcfhowlett_ yes I did, but there s an error message says ' Package dependencies cannot resolved'13:57
Mandeep_SinghI am using ubuntu 14.04. product: RT3290 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe13:57
Mandeep_Singh       vendor: Ralink corp.13:57
cfhowlettnedal, first thing: open a terminal: cat /etc/issue13:58
snadgeso for some reason my gnome flashback session now just has a search button, and all the rest of the notification panel items are missing.. eg, no clock, volume etc.. does anyone know how to reset the panel for gnome flashback?13:58
cfhowlettsnadge, gnome flashback?  what the deuce?13:58
snadgedefault unity session doesnt appear to have this proble13:58
nedalcfhowlett_ ok i did13:58
cfhowlettnedal, report or paste the outcome13:59
snadgeflashback is the old gnome 2 interface basically.. can use either metacity or compiz, pretty cool13:59
nedalUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l13:59
cfhowlettnedal, next: sudo apt-get update13:59
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: try running this command : lspci | awk '/net/ {print $1}' | xargs -i% lspci -ks %14:00
groegsnadge: try deleting the appropritate files in ~/.config and ~/.cache14:00
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: Tell me what is the result of your ethernet controller14:01
nedalok there is some precess running14:01
cfhowlettnedal, upon completion sudo apt-get install vlc14:02
nedalwell cfhowlett there is an other error message on the terminal screen14:02
cfhowlett!info vlc14:02
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0~pre2-4build1 (utopic), package size 1313 kB, installed size 4170 kB14:02
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, which command?14:02
cfhowlett!paste | nedal,14:02
ubottunedal,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:02
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: lspci | awk '/net/ {print $1}' | xargs -i% lspci -ks %14:02
Mandeep_Singh08:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 07)14:03
Mandeep_SinghSubsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 221114:03
Mandeep_SinghKernel driver in use: r816914:03
tyr1mybe vlc also prompt to install some media coding pack just install14:04
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: So your card is RTL8101E14:04
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: gimme some time to check14:04
cfhowlettnedal, your ppa's are acting up.  ignore:    sudo apt-get install vlc14:05
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, okey14:05
tyr1search RTL8101E linux driver14:05
cfhowlettnedal, test your video with vlc14:05
nedalcfhowlett_ cool, it's working14:06
cfhowlettnedal, happy2help14:07
nedalwould you mind if you explain to me what was wrong and how did you fixed it cfhowlett ?14:08
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: What is the output of this command? lsmod |grep r810114:09
cfhowlettnedal, your video drivers are not properly configured for your GPU.  vlc ships with its own set of drivers which generally work when others fail.14:09
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, nothing shows up14:11
nedalcfhowlett_  I see :D Thanks again14:11
cfhowlett!video | nedal, for the record, VLC may not work in all cases. you will want to suss out the issue at some point.14:12
ubottunedal, for the record, VLC may not work in all cases. you will want to suss out the issue at some point.: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:12
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: The problem is that the module for your wireless card is not loaded hence the connection drops14:14
nedalcfhowlett_ for recording i m using GTK UVC video viewer14:14
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: You need to download and build the module for your card, instructions can be found here : http://askubuntu.com/questions/470609/rtl8101e-rtl8102e-not-working-with-ubuntu-14-04-hp-g6114:15
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, btw I tried a solution on askubuntu and found a script and it's not disconnected for some time now14:15
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, trying14:15
samgoodyI would like to update the default python from v3.2 to v3.414:16
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: Okay, check if this one works out14:16
samgoodyI can install python3.4 alongside, but its not working for what I need14:17
somsipsamgoody: how have you installed it?14:17
samgoodyI need it to be the default.14:17
samgoodysudo apt-get python3.414:17
samgoodyWith the ppa that has all versions of python14:17
somsipsamgoody: so swap /usr/bin/python to point at python3.4 executable. Sounds a bit ugly though...14:18
samgoodythere is /usr/bin/python3 and /usr/bin/python3.414:18
samgoodyIf I replace the former with a symlink tot he latter, that should be enough14:19
somsipsamgoody: I'd expect important stuff that relies on 2.7 to break as a result. You could be making all manner of issues for yourself14:19
samgoodyNo, will leave python (which maps to python 2.x) alone14:19
samgoodyAm just updating python3 which maops to python 3.214:19
somsipsamgoody: you want python3 to default to 3.4? Just overwrite the link then14:19
samgoodyMeaning symlink to 3.4 in usr/bin?14:20
somsipsamgoody: /usr/bin/python3 should point to the same executable as /usr/bin/python3.4 (which I believe is probably a symlink too)14:21
samgoodyOh look, it is14:21
samgoodyThats great thanks14:21
_war10ck_Mandeep_Singh: Did it work?14:26
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, I tried a script while talking to you and now it's not been disconnected since approx. half an hour.14:28
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, should I try anymore?14:28
Mandeep_Singh_war10ck_, it's the first time I faced this problem.14:29
Mandeep_SinghHey guys, I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and when I try to copy large amount of files (in gb's) then Ubuntu's performance decreases and sometimes it freezes. Why is this happening? My friends faced that too.14:30
somsipMandeep_Singh: run top and check the iowait figure. Possibly down to HD performance or filesystem14:31
Quatrokingin the past all my programs would be neatly organized in folders (games, office, system tools, etc.)14:44
Quatrokinghow do I accomplish this while using Unity?14:45
EriC^^Quatroking: software center > accessories > classicmenu14:45
davidfetter_fbni'm running a couple of PostgreSQL clusters. how do i set one of them as the system-wide default?14:45
QuatrokingEriC^^, "ClassicMenu Indicator"?14:46
k1l_Quatroking: press super+a then see the menue on the right handside14:46
katastrof1I search a complet documentation to use dvd::rip14:47
katastrof1If someone can help me it will be so cool a pdf will be super14:48
AlexPortableHow can I start a graphical program from ubuntu server?14:48
k1l_AlexPortable: what program?14:48
AlexPortableI want to start XBMC, I installed it, but it says i need opengl ddriver14:48
k1l_AlexPortable: does this server got a monitor or other video output device?14:49
QuatrokingEriC^^, does this autostart with ubuntu or do I have to manually add it?14:49
k1l_AlexPortable: how did you install it?14:50
k1l_no, xbmc14:50
AlexPortableapt-get install xbmc14:50
AlexPortableI'm testing it in virtualbox now, because I can't get it to work on my main system14:50
katastrof1I'm using dvd::rip but I want to use it better. I didn't find an official documentation, can someone help me?14:51
AlexPortablek1l_: any clue?14:52
EriC^^Quatroking: no idea14:53
k1l_so this is a vbox?14:53
EriC^^Quatroking: check the dash > startup apps14:53
k1l_AlexPortable: installed the guest-additions?14:53
mribeirodantasUbuntu 10.04 LTS is still under support?14:53
OerHeksmribeirodantas, 10.04 server only14:54
k1l_mribeirodantas: only server installs14:54
mribeirodantasYes, server.14:54
mribeirodantasI mean, it is in a server. How do I know if it's the server version?14:54
k1l_mribeirodantas: but only to april next year14:54
QuatrokingEriC^^, cool, it added itself14:54
=== tcpman is now known as Guest76963
mribeirodantaslsb_release does not tell me that.14:55
DanMAbrahamis anyone here a bitcoin user?14:55
cfhowlettmribeirodantas, release notes tell you that14:55
k1l_mribeirodantas: only server related packages are maintained.14:55
AlexPortablek1l_: no, is that neccessary?14:55
k1l_AlexPortable: yes.14:55
mribeirodantask1l_, oh, that sucks. I want to set up a python project in this server 10.04.314:55
mribeirodantasWhat's the best option without compromising the entire server? (having to resinstall, and so on)14:55
=== KatnissEv is now known as KatnissEverdeen
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | mribeirodantas,14:56
ubottumribeirodantas,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:56
k1l_!ot | DanMAbraham14:56
ubottuDanMAbraham: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:56
cfhowlettmribeirodantas, but you might also ask #ubuntu-server14:56
LeartSwhat python version does 10.04 ships ?14:56
AlexPortablek1l_: after that reboot?14:56
mribeirodantasLeartS, I managed to install 3.3.1. The problem is pip with is 0. sometihng =/14:56
NeonGenwould this be the right place to ask a question about h.264 playback?14:56
NeonGenunder ubuntu14:57
PiciLeartS: 2.6.514:57
cfhowlettNeonGen, ask14:57
k1l_mribeirodantas: seems like you want to upgrade anyway14:57
AlexPortablehi NeonGen14:57
NeonGenwhenever I try to playback a video from youtube using minitube or VLC, it plays with too much brightness14:57
cfhowlettLeartS, 10.04 desktop is long since end-of-life14:57
k1l_AlexPortable: i mean the system inside the vbox since its the guest who needs the guest additions.14:57
AlexPortablek1l_: installed. and rebooted. what now?14:58
mribeirodantask1l_, I can't.14:58
k1l_AlexPortable: see if the error happens again14:58
LeartSmribeirodantas: why would you set up a python 3 project on a 10.04 server? that's a really strange combo14:58
AlexPortableyes it does14:59
AlexPortableError: unable to open display14:59
AlexPortablei think it's because it's in text mode (ctrl alt f1)14:59
mribeirodantasLeartS, The server is being used by several other projects14:59
mribeirodantasThey gave me space in it14:59
mribeirodantasI can't just do a fresh install. Several other projects are using it14:59
k1l_AlexPortable: look into the settings you did for that guest. choose wisely. error will be gone15:00
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest89407
NeonGenanyone know how to fix h.264 playback being way too bright under ubuntu?15:14
reisioNeonGen: via what player?15:14
NeonGenboth VLC and minitube15:14
reisioNeonGen: probably how your graphics driver is configured, but15:14
reisioNeonGen: VLC can play at any brightness/gamma you prefer15:15
reisioask #vlc about it15:15
reisiooh maybe they killed that channel, fools15:15
reisio#videolan in that case15:15
NeonGenit seems to be an issue with a codec both players share, when I play a h.264 video on youtube, both the flash and HTML5 player do fine15:16
NeonGenalbeit stuttering like hell15:16
NeonGenalso playing h.264 on the same box under windows, it plays fine regardless of the player15:18
reisioI'd still suspect the driver first15:18
reisiobut <shrug>15:18
NeonGenhmm in that case I have a problem, it's a very old pentium 4 machine15:19
NeonGenwith an even older VGA chip :P15:19
cfhowlettNeonGen, could be your GPU doesn't suppport h.26415:19
NeonGenhmm might it help if find a way to force VLC to use software acceleration?15:20
NeonGenmy main goal is to get 360p youtube video playback possible, I don't need HD quality h.264 playback15:21
KatnissEverdeeni need help!!15:23
* reisio hands KatnissEverdeen a bow15:23
=== jrizzo is now known as seme
cfhowlett!help | KatnissEverdeen15:24
ubottuKatnissEverdeen: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:24
KatnissEverdeenwell, i have an Dell Inspiron 8100 that is running xp right now.. I wont install Ubuntu.. What do i do?15:25
KatnissEverdeennot i..15:25
cfhowlett!lubuntu | KatnissEverdeen, use lubuntu15:25
ubottuKatnissEverdeen, use lubuntu: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:25
Bastihasenow guys i search users they have intresst to made an new net and link unrealircd servers .. PN to Bastihase :)15:27
HollyCowOSany questions?15:28
RoryHollyCowOS: Just idle and wait until someone asks a question you can help with15:30
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
jsNiftyI have a problem with a Broadcom BCM4313 802.11bgn [14e4:4727] (rev 01) wireless network card.  It can see all wireless networks and can connect to my network but cannot connect to the Internet15:32
AlexPortablek1l_: ah thansk15:34
DesujsNifty: can you ping your router?15:34
DesujsNifty: can you ping
jsNiftyYes and I have also tried pinging dns and that worked15:35
AlexPortablek1l_: enabled 3d support, still not working15:35
DesujsNifty: try as your dns server15:36
jsNiftyI have a dual boot system and I am connecting to the Internet now through Windows so do not have access to the Ubuntu system15:36
Desuasuming you get unresolved host errors15:36
Desuor is it timing out?15:36
jsNiftyUnresolved Host Errors15:36
Desuthen try as the dns server15:37
Desuand nuke your dns cache if you have one15:37
onlajsNifty: you are not using elisa or saunalahti internet from finland, as they have nationwide problems at the moment?15:37
onlaoh sry never mind15:38
jsNiftyNo I am in Ireland.  Desu what do you mean by nuke my dns cache15:38
BluesKajjsNifty, om 14.10?15:38
jsNiftyYes 14.1015:39
DesujsNifty: if you don't know then you probably don't have a cache15:39
BluesKajjsNifty, in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf place a # in front of dns=dnsmasq15:39
HollyCowOSI made my router fowarding DNS for my lan how cool is that?15:39
BluesKajit's a bug in 14.10 jsNifty15:39
reisioHollyCowOS: that is so cool15:41
jsNiftyThank you Desu and BluesKaj, I will try both solutions and let you know if problem fixed.15:41
HollyCowOSreisio: m/f?15:46
reisioHollyCowOS: awesome15:46
HollyCowOSso reisio are you male or female?15:47
HollyCowOSor something in between15:48
cfhowlettHollyCowOS, wrong channel, irrelevant and off-topic.  stop it.15:48
cfhowlett!guidelines | HollyCowOS15:48
ubottuHollyCowOS: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:48
HollyCowOSsexsist channel15:48
k1l_HollyCowOS: no. this channel is for solving technical ubuntu issues and not a dating channel. please stick to the guidelines to help user who come in here to solve their technical issues. thanks15:50
HollyCowOSbut reisio got feeling for me15:51
frowniHi there, i'm having screen tearing with my ATI card..what can i do :( ?15:51
frowniAlso while watching movies etc..15:51
bynariefrowni, do u have v-sync turned on?15:51
HollyCowOSenable vsinc15:51
frownihmm i don't know how to do that.15:51
frownilet me check15:51
bynarievertical sync is most likely the reason15:52
k1l_frowni: got the proper video driver enabled?15:52
HollyCowOSlol i started chating on debian thinking i was here and got muted15:52
frowniI'm using X.org.X server wrapper driver which seems recommended15:52
frownixserver-xorg-video-ati thingy15:53
k1l_frowni: which video card is it? and which driver exactly?15:53
bynariethats probably a good idea15:53
frowniIt's a ATI 695015:53
k1l_frowni: did you try the fglrx from ubuntu?15:53
frowninope didn't try it..let me try15:54
HollyCowOSyou need to enable vsinc to prevent tearing but you might get imput lag as side efect15:54
bynariefrowni, be careful... if you install wrong drivers you will have no video at all15:54
frowniThere is fglrx and fglrx-updates15:54
k1l_frowni: fglrx15:54
frowniin Additional Drivers section15:54
frownik trying now15:54
bynarieif it goes bad, do sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx*15:55
kim__is it possible to use openbox DE on ubuntu 14.04?15:55
k1l_kim__: yes15:55
daftykins!info openbox trusty15:55
ubottuopenbox (source: openbox): standards-compliant, fast, light-weight and extensible window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.2-6 (trusty), package size 250 kB, installed size 1426 kB15:56
daftykinsour survey says - yes15:56
frownibynarie, noted. thanx a lot15:56
HollyCowOSwill there be in the near future an usb dedicated version of ubuntu?15:56
nedalHi, I don t get the meaning and uses of alias even with an internet research, could someone help me in that ?15:56
kim__k1l_: hi k1l_, can you teach me how to do that? or direct me to a link that can teach me how to do that15:56
frownihere we go :P15:56
bynariefrowni, you will have to hit ctrl+alt f215:56
bynarieto get to term15:56
DesuHollyCowOS: define "usb dedicated version"15:57
frownibynarie, k. it's applying changes at the moment15:57
DesuHollyCowOS:  you can write the live iso to a usb stick just fine already15:57
bynariegood luck!15:57
HollyCowOSisnt it self explanatory?15:57
kim__!info openbox trusty15:57
ubottuopenbox (source: openbox): standards-compliant, fast, light-weight and extensible window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.2-6 (trusty), package size 250 kB, installed size 1426 kB15:57
k1l_kim__: install the package, choose it at login screen, then modify as needed15:57
kim__daftykins: i was talking about the openbox DE, not the window manager15:57
HollyCowOSi mean an usb stick ubuntu version15:57
bynariekim__, isnt that the same thing?15:58
HollyCowOSbuild exactlly just for that15:58
k1l_kim__: are you mixing with lxde?15:58
bynariefrowni, u still ther15:58
daftykinskim__: well, the presence of one is likely for the other15:59
HollyCowOSbynarie: hes there looking at a black screen15:59
nedalHi, I don t get the meaning and uses of alias even with an internet research, could someone help me in that ?15:59
frownibynarie, yea15:59
bynarieok good15:59
frownibynarie, nothing happened :P maybe i have to restart x15:59
kim__daftykins: okay, i'll try15:59
bynariejust reboot or something15:59
k1l_frowni: yes relogin15:59
bynariesee if it helps your tearing15:59
bynarieor do a service restart16:00
OerHeksnedal, see http://www.howtogeek.com/73768/how-to-use-aliases-to-customize-ubuntu-commands/16:00
HollyCowOShow do you do service restart?16:00
sneyI have a production 12.04 LTS server that is still displaying the HWE EOL message in the motd despite having the trusty kernel installed and running. how can I clear that?16:01
bynarieHollyCowOS, sudo service gdm restart16:01
bynarieor w/e the service is16:01
HollyCowOSthey6 have services in ubuntu ? i tought they called that deamons16:01
sneyhwe-support-status reports the HWE is supported until april 2017 so I'm sure I'm not still running the old one. but the warning stays and pollutes my screen every time I log in.16:02
sneyHollyCowOS: 2 words, same basic meaning16:02
dianne167hello.  i have xubuntu 14.04, and i am using cairo dock.  i like to use google chrome, with application specific windows for my gmail and facebook, and google docs.  i used to be able to use them and they would show up like their own application on the dock, to be minimized and maximized or whatever, with their own app specific icon...  for some reason right now, they are all just showing up as chrome windows, even if there16:02
dianne167 is an app shortcut for gmail on the dock, when i clock the gmail icon it opens up with a separate chrome icon on the dock16:02
dianne167i do not know when this started happening, but can someone point me to what settings or whatever have an effect on this?16:02
HollyCowOSWindows have servicesTM16:03
HollyCowOScan you use the same word on linux?16:03
bynariewell it is a service.... you use the service command16:04
sneyjust because windows used a term doesn't mean microsoft has it copyrighted/trademarked16:04
HollyCowOSnext thing theres going to be vhosts on linux too16:04
bynarieuh there is16:04
sneyin apache, anyway16:04
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:05
HollyCowOSi mean vhost.w3216:05
sneyseems I can just set /usr/lib/update-notifier/update-motd-hwe-eol -x and that stops the motd from updating itself. a little hacky but that's ok, I guess.16:07
bynariethanks to whoever gave that alias link... i never even knew of aliases16:10
OerHeksbynarie, have fun16:10
lancelot_ofhi there16:11
lancelot_ofapvlv is not in my "open with" options in nautilus, even if i try to "show other apps" it is not shown. How to add it as an optional application to read pdf ilfes?Please help16:12
lancelot_ofoh sorry, ubuntu 14.04.116:12
LeartSlancelot_of: I think only applications with a .desktop file get shown in "open with" menu16:12
lancelot_ofLeartS, thanks, so what can I do to add apvlv a .desktop file?16:13
sohail-ahmed I have connected my tablet with my system via usb but I could not see it neither in the browser nor in the /media. any help??16:14
LeartSlancelot_of: first, make sure it really doesn't have it. Do you see it in the dash (which also uses .desktop files)? If not you create it (it's just a text file) and put it in /usr/share/applications16:15
DulcinHi I have a PC with Ubuntu 13.04 but I was unable to update/upgrade, as I read because the product is EOL. I removed my sources.list in the process. I can't seem to recreate or find one online, can anyone tell me where I should look?16:15
LeartSyou'll find plenty of examples in /usr/share/applications16:15
LeartSAlso see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles16:15
k1l_Dulcin: you completly removed it?16:16
Dulcink1l_: yeah16:16
=== varun_ is now known as Guest75131
OerHeksk1l_, http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/ doesn't have it16:17
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring16:18
lancelot_ofLeartS, in /usr/share/applications there is already a apvlv.desktop file16:18
OerHeksDulcin, on this page is an example, skip the bottom 2 (medibuntu and google)16:19
bynarieLeartS, download ubuntu-tweak16:19
harushimoquestion for everyone. I'm getting the current nvidia drivers from nvidia website.  Would I have any problems if I upgrade to the current drivers?16:19
bynarieit has a gui way to do it16:19
OerHeks!eolupgrade | Dulcin you would need this url too, to upgrade16:19
ubottuDulcin you would need this url too, to upgrade: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:19
harushimothe version I'm running nvidia 304.123 but on the nvidia website is 304.4216:20
bynarieharushimo, i always use nvida drivers, but i make sure to set "nomodeset" on kernel options.. never had a problem16:20
DulcinOerHeks: Thanks, I'll check it out16:20
harushimohow do you make sure nomodset is on the kernel?16:20
k1l_Dulcin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9251968/16:20
harushimoI got nvidia drivers from apt-get but not the current one16:20
bynarieharushimo, sudo gedit /etc/default/grub16:21
k1l_harushimo: stop please get the infos sorted. is your driver from the website or from ubuntu?16:21
bynariedo thaty16:21
harushimoI'm using the current driver that ubuntu gave me16:22
stoogenmeyerHi can anyone PLEASE help.. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.10 on a new laptop with W8 preinstalled. I don't want dual boot, and I don't care about UEFI, legacy will do splendid. But whatever I try, I can't get the live usb to boot16:22
Dulcink1l_: thanks16:22
nedalHi, if I modify  a soft link file, does the original undergo the same modifications ? and what about a hard link ?16:22
bynarieharushimo, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"16:22
k1l_harushimo: so you want to upgrade now because the nvidia sites driver is newer?16:22
harushimoI am upgrading to the current minor version16:22
k1l_harushimo: you are aware that this gives you trouble?16:22
harushimothat is why I'm asking16:22
k1l_harushimo: like having to reinstall after every kernel uprade etc?16:22
harushimowhat is the trouble?16:22
bynarieharushimo, do NOT use the nvidia website driver16:23
k1l_i recommend you use the ubuntu driver.16:23
bynariei use the one from apt16:23
harushimoI'm not using the nvidia one16:23
bynarieharushimo, if you have added proper repos, sudo apt-get install nvidia-34616:24
harushimoanother question, I want to do an upgrade 14.04 LTS but its say I may get slower performance due to my graphics card16:24
harushimoI have 304.12316:24
k1l_harushimo: what ubunut are you on?16:24
harushimo12.04 LTS16:24
k1l_who says its getting slower?16:24
bynarieyea.. that doesnt make sense16:24
harushimoI got a message when I was doing the upgrade16:25
bynarieyea.. that doesnt make sense16:25
bynariesorry typo16:25
bynarieharushimo, what card u got?16:25
harushimothis is the exact error16:26
LeartSlancelot_of: according to this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/317392/how-to-add-a-custom-program-to-open-with-list-of-programs-in-xubuntu-13-04-ho the exec line of the .desktop file needs a %U16:26
harushimonvidia geforce GTX 660 ti16:26
k1l_harushimo: you use the unity2d ?16:27
stoogenmeyer Hi can anyone PLEASE help.. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.10 on a new laptop with W8 preinstalled. I don't want dual boot, and I don't care about UEFI, legacy will do splendid. But whatever I try, I can't get the live usb to boot16:27
harushimoi think so16:27
harushimoyeah I use unity2d16:27
bynariestoogenmeyer, i had same problem..... what video card do you have?16:27
k1l_harushimo: that is deprecated now. so that messages thinks you run unity2d because your videocard cant do 3d.16:27
k1l_harushimo: just ignore that16:27
stoogenmeyerbynarie: um how does it relate to a graphics card?16:28
stoogenmeyeri dont know actually16:28
bynarieit does16:28
harushimoI don't understand that either16:28
bynarieuefi doesnt matter16:28
harushimohow does that related to the graphics card16:28
harushimoare newer graphics card coming with 3d accelerations?16:28
k1l_harushimo: unity2d was just a fallback desktop for people having a video card not able to run 3d.16:28
bynariei installed ubuntu on my w8 preinstalled laptop16:28
bynarieturns out it was the video card causing the usb not to boot16:29
LeartSlancelot_of: I did opened /usr/share/applications/apvlv.desktop, added ' %f' to the exec line, launched sudo update-desktop-database and it worked16:29
harushimoif I do an upgrade, I really shouldn't see any performance difference16:29
stoogenmeyerbynarie: wow i would not expect that (-:16:29
k1l_harushimo: not the 3d like you see in the cinema. but the 3d like "better grafic on a pc monitor". like the 3d cube desktop etc16:29
LeartSlet me know if it does for you too16:29
bynarieits true16:29
k1l_harushimo: no, ignore that error16:29
harushimothank you16:29
harushimoI'll do the upgrade now16:29
bynariestoogenmeyer, make sure you have secureboot disabled and if u are running an nvidia card, set kernel options to nomodeset16:30
HollyCowOShow can i get my windowsxp vm to run on vmware?16:30
lancelot_ofLeartS, i copied that file in my .local/share/applications/, added %U at the end of Exec line and it worked16:30
lancelot_ofLeartS, thank you very much16:30
bynarieand just so you know, with uefi crap, every computer is different16:30
stoogenmeyerbynarie: would you believe me if i said that to get it to boot i had to use a different usb port?16:30
bynariethere really is no standard way to install16:30
stoogenmeyerbynarie: brand new computer..16:30
HollyCowOSit need something to do with slick to run some bios "hack"?16:30
modafinilI know systemd is coming as a default init in 15.04, but will it remain an option to use upstart(or whatever) instead relatively simply (I don't care about gnome if that changes the answer)?16:30
lancelot_ofthanks all for your support16:30
harushimoI started the upgrade16:30
harushimoI'll be  back on later16:30
bynariemaybe going from a 3.0 to usb 2.016:31
bynariejust try disabling secure boot16:31
bynarieset kernel to nomodeset16:31
LeartSlancelot_of: I think you didn't have to copy it to .local/share/applications that's the per-user equivalent of /usr/share/applications16:31
bynariei have a brand new laptop that had w8 preinstalled16:31
k1l_HollyCowOS: ask the windows support: ##windows16:31
bynariegot ubuntu on it after days of guess/check16:31
HollyCowOSi got banned there by mota16:31
HollyCowOScauyse i used the f word16:32
k1l_HollyCowOS: if you dont want to be banned here too start sticking to the guidelines asap16:32
bynarieu got banned for cussing thats lame16:32
HollyCowOSthats your opinion16:32
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:32
HollyCowOSthe lamest people are the ones that dont cuss16:33
stoogenmeyerbynarie: well its installing now.. got rid of w816:33
bynarieso its working for now?16:34
bynariethats goo16:34
stoogenmeyerbynarie: yea thanks anyway though16:34
bynariegood luck16:34
=== kim__ is now known as augustN
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
qqlapralinec'est ma premiere fois sur IRC ^16:45
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList16:45
qqlapralineokay I tought it was a french canal ^^16:46
LeartSqqlapraline: there is #ubuntu-fr16:46
qqlapralineI was saying that it was my first time on IRC16:46
qqlapralineOh I don't really mind16:47
qqlapralineI can speak english!!16:47
mindless_chaosis the eric from last night in the room16:47
LeartSI guess ubuntu sounds a little like french16:47
mindless_chaosI figured out the issue with the postfix install and it is funny16:47
EriC^^mindless_chaos: ?16:47
mindless_chaosokay so it was running a command called adduser as part of the installation right?16:48
mindless_chaosI forgot I wrote a script called adduser and put it in my /usr/local/bin16:48
peskaHello guys16:48
mindless_chaos to simplify adding users16:48
qqlapralineI only have ubuntu since Sunday, so I don't really know how it does waork :/16:48
mindless_chaosso every time it tried to run it's adduser, mine hijacked it16:48
LeartSmindless_chaos: wow, that was a bad idea! exactly for this reason :D16:48
EriC^^hehe :D16:49
mindless_chaosi was too tired last night i couldnt think16:49
mindless_chaosthis morning, i turn it on and u duh, immediatly I realized16:49
qqlapralineEveryone says that ubuntu is a good thing to learn C langage, but where do we use it?16:50
mindless_chaosafter smacking my self in the forehead I renamed it and SWOOSH, install fine16:50
peskaI had 12.04 installed on my Computer with Nvidia GPU, I took the HDD and put it in another laptop with Intel integrated Graphic card. Now the issue is that when i run a youtube video in Google Chrome the screen simply goes black and I can't do anything else but turn off the laptop. The computer isn't hanged as I can hear the background sound16:50
mindless_chaosHowever I did do a purge before so it was clean from the sttart16:50
MACscr-lappyhow do i verify my nic has vlan support?16:50
peskaWhat is going on here?16:50
peskaany ideas?16:51
mindless_chaosSo now the only thing I have is a bunch of errors on boot after I updated16:52
mindless_chaosHOWEVER... it may have something to do with my adduser script....16:52
k1l_peska: remove all nvidia packages?16:52
* mindless_chaos smacks forehead again16:52
k1l_peska: sudo apt-get purge nvidia*16:52
mindless_chaosI have to get food, brb16:52
peskak1l_, ok and then install the integrated graphics packages?16:53
* mindless_chaos is AFK16:53
k1l_peska: they work with the kernel. no need to install drivers16:53
qqlapralineDoes someone can help me?16:53
RustyShacklefordso I updated yesterday, the only update available was for ubuntu-base. Now I can't log in16:53
RustyShacklefordthis is 14.0416:54
k1l_RustyShackleford: cant login means?16:54
RustyShacklefordlogin menu shows up. I type in my password, login box disappears16:54
RustyShacklefordI'm left staring at the purple background of the login screen16:54
k1l_RustyShackleford: other user or guest account works?16:54
RustyShacklefordno idea, I guess I could try16:55
RustyShacklefordis the guest account set up automatically?16:55
k1l_not sure actually16:55
RustyShacklefordwell i'll try the guest account16:57
RustyShacklefordif that doesn't work, I'm stumped16:57
RustyShacklefordi'm a little bummed this happened to me with an LTS release16:57
Eyobמםמ ים בשפןאם16:57
RustyShacklefordI can't make it past the login screen with the guest account either17:03
RustyShacklefordI'm finding similar issues on google from several months ago17:04
k1l_RustyShackleford: what video driver is installed?17:05
RustyShacklefordbut this seems to be related to the update I installed yesterday17:05
RustyShacklefordk1l_: fgrlx17:05
k1l_from ubuntu or from amd website?17:05
k1l_(or some ppa)17:05
RustyShacklefordk1l_: ubuntu's repos17:06
LeartSk1l_: where did you read he updated the video driver?17:06
RustyShacklefordpretty sure I chose the stable driver17:06
LeartSRustyShackleford: what packages got updated yesterday?17:06
k1l_ok. something encrypted? like /home?17:07
hazrpganyone setup a localhost mailbox before? I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get a mail client to read them (although maybe I configured it wrong?) could someone help?17:07
k1l_LeartS: just checking typical issues17:07
RustyShacklefordLeartS: I updated using their gui tool that alerts you. It said ubuntu-base was being updated17:08
RustyShacklefordgoogle suggests my unity settings are fudged up17:08
k1l_RustyShackleford: does .Xauthority belong to user:user? or root:root?17:09
LeartSRustyShackleford: ubuntu base it's a "category" you should have a little triangle next to it and if you click on it you'll see the single packages getting updated17:09
LeartSthe same foes for security17:10
RustyShacklefordk1l_: which si correct? I'll have to reboot to check17:10
N3sh108hello! I have a question concerning using a USB stick with persistence for a small home server. How much would my USB pen wear off?17:10
N3sh108Is it a bad idea to do such a thing?17:11
reisioN3sh108: like any hardware, it will work just fine all the way up to the point when it doesn't17:12
usr13N3sh108: It goes by number of read/writes and it's in the 10s of thousands.  They last a pretty long time.17:12
reisiogiven that the average USB stick is a $10 investment, I wouldn't contemplate on it too long17:12
k1l_RustyShackleford: user:user (where user is your actuall user name)17:12
N3sh108I see17:12
N3sh108so, my idea of reviving my old laptop (which has no HD) and turn it into a small home server connected to a NAS, is not a dumb idea; right?17:13
arkjjhey guys. it seems my dns (or something) on a server i am playing with is somehow set up to try to append .com to all unresolved domains17:13
arkjjany idea where to change something / look for something?17:13
usr13arkjj: What nameserver are you using now?17:14
arkjji have set up google public dns as dns server btw17:14
arkjjyes, and
LeartSobviously it's thousand of writes *per block*, not in general, or it would last 10 minutes17:14
usr13arkjj: cat /etc/hosts  #See if you see anything odd there.17:14
N3sh108LeartS: yeah, of course :P17:15
usr13arkjj: Wait.  How are you apending .com to everything.  (Namservers don't do that.)17:15
N3sh108Thanks, then! Let's see how it will work :D  -> reisio, usr1317:15
LeartSso, generally, the larger the USB stick the longer its life cycle17:15
usr13LeartS: Not so sure about that....17:16
arkjjusr13: it's happing like this: if i f.example `ping abc` i see this: PING abc.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.17:16
arkjjusr13: also, if i `curl abc -I` then I see curl also thinks this is abc.com17:16
usr13arkjj: host example.com17:16
usr13arkjj: Like   host av.com17:16
LeartSusr13: why not? assuming a good controller that spreads the writes kinda uniformely17:17
peskak1l_, I purged Nvidia packages but still the screen crashes. BTW I don't have the same problem on Firefox17:17
arkjj`host abc` gives Host abc not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)17:17
arkjjusr13: and `host abc.com` gives me a host17:17
usr13arkjj: Try av.com17:17
usr13Oh ok17:18
usr13arkjj: Some servers do not return pings.17:18
LeartSusr13: i'm no expert btw, just stuff I've read here and there. e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wear_leveling17:18
usr13arkjj: (They block ping requests.)17:18
arkjjusr13: but the i can also do this: http://pastebin.com/xzXkr89M17:19
arkjjusr13: ...and this: http://pastebin.com/Es4ZwkiN17:21
arkjjwhich is the strangest of them if you ask me17:22
usr13USB Thumb Drive Lonevity, (read Longevity section at):17:23
reisiothey're really not worth the time spent reading about them17:23
usr13reisio: Thumb drives are very important to me.  I have a number of things a back-up to thumb drives.17:24
reisioif you spend an hour reading about them, you have wasted the time it takes to earn the cost of replacing one entirely17:25
reisiojust keep it in perspective17:25
usr13I remember how to do this now:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_flash_drive#Longevity17:25
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usr13reisio: It is a paragraph of 3 sentences, (takes about 10 seconds to read).17:26
reisioyou linked to something that takes three seconds to read? :p17:26
usr13reisio: Yes17:26
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usr13well about 10 seconds...17:27
=== Locke2002 is now known as Guest74615
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timvisherwhat's the apt package (or whatever that actually needs to be) to install the bash info manuals on 14.04?17:31
maletorIf I have a GPT with 2 partitions and I remove the first one and expand the second one into it's space, will I lose all data?17:32
reisiotimvisher: as in 'info bash'?17:32
usr13arkjj: Do you think you may have a nameserver problem?17:32
reisiotimvisher: ask apt-file about 'bash.info'17:32
usr13arkjj: pastebinit /etc/resolv.conf  #Send URL, well will look and see.17:32
usr13arkjj: It is usually best to use the nameserver suggested by your ISP.17:33
arkjjusr13: http://pastebin.com/uwjehuBq17:33
arkjjusr13: well, this is a cheap vps on digital ocean17:34
usr13arkjj: Set your router to your ISPs nameserver and have your PCs use your router's caching nameserver.17:34
timvisherreisio: ooo. what's apt-file? :)17:34
* mindless_chaos is back17:35
arkjjusr13: hm, well i dont really control the router on digital ocean :p17:35
reisiotimvisher: something you will apprecaite17:36
reisioand also appreciate17:36
reisioIIRC: sudo apt-get install apt-file; apt-file17:37
reisioand it'll tell you how to make it work17:37
usr13arkjj: Well, it is probably set to the nearest/fastest nameserver, and it probably has a caching nameserver you can use.  So try setting your PC's to use it's IP address as nameserver17:38
timvisherreisio: yep. i'm on it. :)17:38
reisiothen it's something like apt-file search bash.info17:38
usr13arkjj: But as long as the primary one does not fail, there will be very little difference.17:38
timvishernow that is neat :)17:38
usr13arkjj: For instance, when I ping from here I get ping times in the low 40's (ms).  When I ping, I get mid 40's (Not much difference17:39
reisiotimvisher: :)17:39
kyle_AustinAnyone know how to display a multiple page PDF in html?17:43
kyle_AustinAnytime I embed or use iframe it shows one page but is scrollable...17:44
reisiokyle_Austin: how do you mean?17:44
kyle_AustinI am trying to display the full 5 page pdf for printing17:44
kyle_Austinit only displays first page and is scrollable.  So when I print it only shows first page and not remaining 4 pages...17:45
kyle_AustinReisio, do you have experience with this??17:45
reisiokyle_Austin: how're you printing it?17:45
sacarlsonkyle_Austin: I think we have pdf viewers that must print dont we?17:45
MralexxxGuys help pleasr17:45
kyle_AustinWell I am mixing html code with iframes that display the pdf17:46
kyle_Austinthe iframes don't show full document...17:46
reisiokyle_Austin: you'll need to print from the PDF viewer's print feature17:46
reisionot the browser's17:46
MralexxxI installed ubuntu using wubi and now i am stuck on grub rescue mode17:46
usr13kyle_Austin: How are you accessing the pdf file?17:46
kyle_AustinThere is no way to print a full pdf along with some html?17:46
usr13kyle_Austin: xpdf?  acroread? firefox?17:47
mindless_chaosokay... guess he has more problems then just that lol17:47
usr13kyle_Austin: pdf documents and html documents are two different things.17:47
bumbar_i've connected phone to pc, how can i view files on phone?17:47
usr13kyle_Austin: Open the document with an on-board pdf viewer17:47
MralexxxYeah to rescue.. it says error unknown filesystem17:48
MralexxxCan i fix it somehow17:48
usr13kyle_Austin: (Printing from a browser is hit and miss)17:48
kyle_Austinusr13: You think this is not going to work?17:48
MralexxxI tried put windows 7 disc and try repair but it says wrong version17:49
usr13kyle_Austin: Why not?17:49
reisiokyle_Austin: print one, and print the other17:49
kyle_AustinI have tried making pdf an object, using iframe, embedding...  Nothing seems to work.17:49
mindless_chaosare you trying to fix ubuntu or windows?17:49
usr13kyle_Austin: You have made the pdf document yourself?17:49
usr13kyle_Austin: Not sure what you are saying.17:49
MralexxxCannot access any of them17:49
kyle_AustinI am building an application that requires a 'print option' that includes a ton of information, some of the info is being displayed in html while many pdf documents need to be included.17:50
usr13kyle_Austin: Can you send me the pdf file?17:50
user3hi guys, is there a sollution to save a whole website as an archive. This whole website should behave as a website when opened. I'm a former apple-thingy user where this was possible to save a website as .webarchive file.17:50
reisiouser3: httrack17:50
mindless_chaosdo it a few times.17:50
kyle_Austinusr13: any multi page pdf would work.17:50
theadminuser3: Use httrack, yup17:50
usr13kyle_Austin: Ok, well pdf documents are images.17:50
mindless_chaosThat will restore windows master boot record17:50
reisiousr13: -%M17:50
theadminuser3: It will not create a single file, but many files, you should still be able to browse it offline though17:50
MralexxxHow to boot to cmd ?17:50
kyle_Austinusr13: is there a way to display the WHOLE image and not just the first page.17:50
theadminuser3: Using any browser, infact17:51
reisiotheadmin: it can, with -%M17:51
reisionot that it matters17:51
usr13reisio: What?17:51
reisioa directory is just as good as a file :)17:51
reisiousr13: httrack with -%M option17:51
user3theadmin: reisio: thank you guys17:51
theadminreisio: Does that create an mht file then?17:51
sacarlsonkyle_Austin: many of my documents I just post in google drive are auto converted to view as an option17:51
reisiotheadmin: yeah17:51
MralexxxWin 717:51
user3sudo aptitude install httrack17:51
reisiouser3: probably17:51
theadminreisio: Funny, because I have no idea how to open those on Linux, heh17:51
mindless_chaosif you have a floppy drive you can always download a windows 98 boot disk from bootdisk.com and make light work of it17:51
mindless_chaosOkay hold on... I have to remember..17:51
user3reisio: wrong window :P17:52
reisiotheadmin: mmmmmmm, I know there's an extension for all the browsers17:52
reisio'mozilla archive format' is one, IIRC17:52
reisioit's probably just a ZIP of a dir, though17:52
usr13kyle_Austin: You would need to convert the mulit-page document into a single image.  You can do that with gimp.  And it would probably be best to just export to jpg17:52
reisioI would just use httrack as normal and have a dir17:52
kyle_Austinusr13: thank you I will try that17:52
MralexxxDont mind me my phone loses wifi every few min...17:52
reisiobut you could tar it up and use archivemount to read it as a file17:52
usr13reisio: Sorry, I don't know about httrack17:53
usr13reisio: Oh, httrack.com  I see.  Thank you.17:54
MralexxxI tried but wont work17:54
MralexxxSays my windows is different version17:54
mindless_chaosinstead of letting windows fix it, go into console17:54
reisiousr13: no no, use apt-get or aptitude17:54
reisiohttrack is in the 'universe' repo17:55
MralexxxOk ill try17:55
theadminIs the GUI version still broken?17:55
reisiofew times I've used it it's worked fine17:55
reisioas a GUI, though, vastly inferior :p17:55
reisiosome decent web browser extensions for it, too17:55
reisiospiderzilla, etc.17:55
MralexxxI dont have password17:56
mindless_chaosthen once you are in, run fdisk /mbr which will restore the windows master boot record17:56
AndChat|13169It wont delete any of my data ?17:57
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EriC^^mindless_chaos: are you sure?18:00
MralexxxNo command with name fdisk18:00
EriC^^run a live ubuntu usb and run fdisk /mbr ?18:01
MonkeyDustMralexxx  type   which fdisk18:01
MralexxxDoesnt work18:02
MralexxxCan i repair it from ubuntu ?18:02
n5667buona sera18:02
MonkeyDustMralexxx  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue18:02
EriC^^Mralexxx: i've never heard of repairing the windows boot loader from ubuntu!18:02
MralexxxI have dvd wih burned ubuntu so could use live18:02
EriC^^Mralexxx: there's bootrec /fixmbr and stuff18:02
MonkeyDustMralexxx  are you not in ubuntu right now?18:02
EriC^^( from a windows command prompt )18:03
MonkeyDustMralexxx  then why are you here?18:03
afflictoHello, my mom is running ubuntu 13.04 and she complains that when she wants to upload pictures on facebook. She can't see the pictures as thumbnails, only as a list. Is there a way to change this?18:03
MralexxxBootrec fix mbr worked18:03
MralexxxSuccessfully completed operation18:03
MonkeyDustafflicto  first upgrade to a supported release, then ask again18:04
EriC^^Mralexxx: are you in a windows command prompt?18:04
MralexxxWas in18:04
haydukkhello, if I'm currently running a live cd is there any way I can take out the cd and burn a new one without the OS crashing18:05
MralexxxThat doest work in cmd18:05
MonkeyDusthaydukk  no,but you can boot from a live usb stick and burn the cd from there18:05
mindless_chaosfdisk? doesn't work???18:05
EriC^^Mralexxx: cmd is windows18:06
MonkeyDustMralexxx  are you in windows now?18:06
MralexxxBootrec /fixmbr worked18:06
mindless_chaosoh, thats right, windows 718:06
MonkeyDustMralexxx  better ask in ##windows how windows works18:06
haydukkMonkeyDust: yeah I thought of that but I don't have any usb sticks right now. I thought I could maybe copy the os somewhere or something ? my pc is busted right now and live dvds are my only option18:06
mindless_chaoslol @ monkeydust18:06
MralexxxBut problem is in ubuntu not windows18:06
MonkeyDustMralexxx  you say that you are in windows18:07
mindless_chaosclean install ubuntu from ubuntu cd18:07
=== floown_ is now known as floown
EriC^^Mralexxx: what exactly is your problem?18:07
mindless_chaoshe is trying to get ubuntu working, and he could not get into anything but rescue in ubuntu18:07
mindless_chaosso we got him back into windows, because the grub as ill18:08
mindless_chaosso now he needs to clean install ubuntu18:08
daftykinsnot reinstall GRUB? :P18:08
mindless_chaosI forget what he said he used to installl18:08
EriC^^or use a different kernel?18:08
daftykinsplease don't say WUBI... anything but WUBI...18:08
EriC^^*drum roll*18:08
mindless_chaosmy feeling is.. he needs to just clean installl18:08
MralexxxYap wubi18:08
daftykinsoh my...18:09
* daftykins hides behind EriC^^ 18:09
EriC^^*dum* *dum* *dum*...18:09
MonkeyDustMralexxx  wubi is the worst invention since the atomic bomb18:09
daftykinsfriends don't let friends WUBI.18:09
MonkeyDustMralexxx  wubi means "will ultimatley be inefficient"18:09
mindless_chaosjust download from ubuntu and insall18:09
squinty.....mama don't allow no wubi'ing around here18:10
MralexxxIs it realy that big shiet ?18:11
mindless_chaosubuntu's native install console is so easy... Why would you even try to install through windows18:11
MralexxxCuz i cannot add windows to grub18:12
mindless_chaosubuntu will automatically add windows to grub18:12
solsTiCeMralexxx: try virtualbox18:12
daftykinsMralexxx: yeah, it's like the plague. do you have any data on your WUBI install that you want to keep?18:12
MralexxxI didnt even got on that wubi install just want to keep data on windows18:13
mindless_chaosI just understand, why you would even mess with wubi, ubuntu installer is cake. it is intuitive.18:14
MralexxxDidnt know it will add my windowd to grub loader18:14
mindless_chaosit adds any os installled to it's grub18:14
mindless_chaosso if you had windows, linux mint, and what the hell, msdos 6.22 installed, when you installed ubuntu it would add options for alll of them along with ubuntu18:15
MralexxxI used manjaro before and it is pain to add windows ppl couldnt help18:16
mindless_chaoshell you can run ubuntu off the cd without installing18:16
zteam_Hi guys!18:16
mindless_chaosyou got windows back correct?18:16
mindless_chaosif so, download ubuntu from the site18:17
mindless_chaoseither burn it on disk or install it to usb drive.18:17
MralexxxWhy would i when i have burned18:17
mindless_chaosthen boot from disk or usb18:17
MralexxxAnd i didnt got on windowy18:17
mindless_chaosoh, then boot from ubuntu disk and isntall18:17
* mindless_chaos smashes head into wall18:17
MralexxxI will th18:18
kelciorhello.. can anyone help me? i'm after fresh install of ubuntu 14.10 from usb drive, i have windows 7 as my main OS, homever upon boot i dont have selection of OS to boot18:18
mindless_chaoswhydo you keep moofing?18:18
MralexxxThrow this fucking phone into wall18:18
zteam_This is not really a Ubuntu-related question, but I'm cloning a damaged disc now with Gnu ddrescue, both drives gets pretty hot 42C and 46 C18:18
mindless_chaosoh... your on a phone???18:18
kelciori didnt touched windows partition when installing Ubuntu, and in gparted it says that the windows partition has /boot flag18:18
zteam_and I'm really not sure what do to about18:18
mindless_chaosonce you get into ubuntu18:18
cyric_666dai galera18:19
mindless_chaosor xchat if your lazy18:19
MralexxxInstalling ubuntu on computer without wubi18:19
cyric_666alguem do brasil ai????18:19
cyric_666alguem fala portugues ai???18:19
cyric_666so gringo18:19
zteam_because operating temperature on these device is 35 C according to the specs18:19
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:19
mindless_chaossnow is just pouring down here18:19
=== salmon is now known as Guest7036
mindless_chaosmust be on an iphone18:20
zteam_I first figured I could use a fan to blow on the disc while I'm cloning them, but on the hand I make some vibrations if I do18:20
MralexxxMe nope18:20
mindless_chaosflip phone? lol18:21
MralexxxAlready did but wifi breaks idk why18:21
* mindless_chaos is afk18:21
zteam_I could also let the disc rest a little bit but, then I be delaying the cloning process even further18:21
kelciorhello.. can anyone help me? i'm after fresh install of ubuntu 14.10 from usb drive, i have windows 7 as my main OS, homever upon boot i dont have selection of OS to boot18:21
kelciori didnt touched windows partition when installing Ubuntu, and in gparted it says that the windows partition has /boot flag18:22
zteam_(I have around 1,8 Terabyte left to clone)18:22
=== lipzus_ is now known as Antichrist42
timvishercan i get any terminal emulator to send M-RET to emacs when i press alt-enter?18:24
MralexxxBtw guys is ubuntu compatabile with new amd cards r xxx ?18:24
kelciorguys i want grub selection with OS, do i have to install GRUB on partition with ubuntu or with windows?18:25
FreeKillerFullwith ubuntu18:25
=== IotaSpencer is now known as Guest79829
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
dm7freekwhenever I type `chsh` I get "You may not change the shell for <username>." How do I change my shell?18:27
=== Guest79829 is now known as Crazy_Atheist
mindless_chaosI just had an issue with a radeon card, it boots but you may have to install catlyst software18:28
dm7freekIf I type `sudo chsh` it tries to change the root users shell, and when I tried `sudo -u <username> chsh` I get the same refusal message18:28
dm7freekI'm logged in via LDAP if tht is relevant...18:30
mindless_chaosif you instll ubuntu and boot to a blank screen, you have to install amd's driver and you will be fine18:31
mindless_chaosi had that issue18:31
reisiodm7freek: chsh18:31
mindless_chaosbut its not always an issue18:31
dm7freekreisio: whenever I type `chsh` I get "You may not change the shell for <username>."18:32
reisiodm7freek: what username?18:32
EriC^^dm7freek: login as the user and type chsh -s /path/to/shell18:32
dm7freekreisio: the name im currently logged in as18:32
reisiodm7freek: matches $(whoami) ?18:32
dm7freekreisio: yes18:33
EriC^^dm7freek: ^^18:33
dm7freekEriC^^: tried that too, same result18:33
reisiogood ole abuse of sudo18:33
MralexxxOk loading ubuntu18:33
reisiodm7freek: could try usermod -s i nstead18:33
MralexxxAnd black screen nice18:33
MralexxxOk its up yaY18:34
mindless_chaosis a good tute18:34
mindless_chaosjust hit ctrl F2 if you have blank screen and log in via term18:34
mindless_chaosand install cat18:34
MralexxxOk i am in and gonna go on it on irc whats .Mr18:35
MralexxxName of lrc program ?18:35
EriC^^dm7freek: type sudo chsh -s /path/to/shell <username>18:35
mindless_chaosyou want terminal based or gui18:35
dm7freekreisio: "usermod: user <username> does not exist in /etc/passwd"   <---must be an LDAP thing huh?18:35
mindless_chaosxchat is pretty simple gui18:35
reisiodm7freek: much more useful error :)18:36
mindless_chaosi like irssi for terminal18:36
mindless_chaossudo apt-get install irssi if you want18:36
dm7freekreisio: same result for sudo chsh too18:36
mindless_chaosim using xchat atm however18:37
sigmabetahi everyone. nautilus won't show me thumbnails for gifs. fresh install of 14.10. ~/.cache/thumbnails/fail/gnome-thumbnail-factory contains an entry for every gif I see in nautilus (confirmable if I clear the folder and refresh a folder containing a single gif)18:37
sigmabetaany thoughts on how i can fix this? even just a place to pass some sort of verbosity parameter18:37
mindless_chaosI would suggest installing catalyst from AMD if you feel ambitious.18:37
MralexxxOk but i dont see irssi anywhere18:38
rwpdm7freek, Also the new shell must exist in /etc/shells too.18:38
mindless_chaosopen a terminal and type sudo apt-get install irssi18:38
MralexxxYeah i installed18:38
mindless_chaosits a terminal based irc18:38
mindless_chaosopen term and type irssi18:38
MralexxxOh xD18:39
mindless_chaosthen connect irc.freenode.net18:39
mindless_chaosjoin #ubuntu18:39
AndChat|13169How i change name ?18:40
reisioAndChat|13169: /nick foo18:40
mindless_chaosthat you?18:41
OpenbotSo getting a powevr driver is a no go now18:42
mindless_chaosparis huh?18:42
MrAlexparis ?18:42
mindless_chaoswell thats where your connected too anyway lol18:42
=== Openbot is now known as Nokiabot_alt
geniiOpenbot: Isn't powervr the graphics chip on some ARM?18:43
mindless_chaoslinux novice?18:43
MrAlexinstalled about 10 linuxes but using for maybe 2-3 months18:43
mindless_chaosdownload "the linux phrasebook"18:43
mindless_chaosread it18:43
Nokiabot_altGenil ???????? Are you from space18:43
mindless_chaosit will give you an amazing kick start18:44
MrAlexcan send me link here for catalyst ?18:44
mindless_chaosgo to ati web site, download catalyst for linux18:44
MrAlexmindless_chaos how long are ya using linux ?18:45
mindless_chaosthen go there, the wget is wrong18:45
amirlo4Hi, Is it the right place to ask help about booting problems?18:45
mindless_chaosI started with AIX Unix back in 0118:45
mindless_chaoslinux shortly after18:45
timvisherwhat could cause `sort -R` to not work? as in i have a file that looks like this: https://gist.github.com/timvisher/0fa994db5c325bf28834 and while sort -R seems to work on any other content, this file is never randomized.18:45
MrAlexamirlo4 i guess so if you are having problems with ubuntu18:45
mindless_chaosjust for fun is another good read18:46
MrAlexhow i can scroll in this console ?18:46
MrAlexcannot see the link anymore xD18:47
qwerkushello. Could someone help me debug my desktop ? Ubuntu 14.10 with latest nvidia bin. Everything starts fine, but I don't have any panel/sidepanel. Desktop background visible though. How can I reconfigure unity ?18:47
mindless_chaosctrl +a18:47
mindless_chaosgoes into scroll mode18:47
mindless_chaosbut ignore the wget part because the link is old18:49
MrAlexok so i just follow this without wget ?18:49
mindless_chaosOh, and when you stop lightdm you will loose gui18:49
MrAlexand download using this link down ?18:49
mindless_chaosso make sure you have it writen down or something18:49
mindless_chaosno go to ati and download it from linux direct18:50
mindless_chaosthen you can unzip it with the instructions18:50
mindless_chaoson that page18:50
MrAlexunzip realy ? that easy wow18:50
mindless_chaosonce you are in the install, try to let it configure it for ubuntu, if it can't just install the straight up driver18:50
amirlo4I'm using ubuntu 14. the  /boot filled up in my laptop so I deleted some stuff from there according to a stackoverflow post (I don't have the url, but maybe I can find it). After deleting using 'apt-get purge -y' all kind of stuff from the //boot I realized that many other software been deleted. I didn't reboot my laptop since than, because I'm afraid I deleted the boot it self. How can I know it before rebooting the laptop? I used Boot-Repair to get this inf18:50
amirlo4o: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9249228/18:50
MrAlexmindless_chaos how do i scroll in irssi ?18:51
mindless_chaoseither ctrl a18:51
mindless_chaosor fn + shift and arrow keys18:51
=== goodin is now known as EiriksHDD
mindless_chaosif those dont work page up or down18:53
=== zzz_Ridley is now known as Ridley5
MrAlexnot working18:53
mindless_chaospage up or down?18:53
MrAlexoh yea18:53
MrAlexhuh i think i am using pretty old ubuntu18:54
MrAlexhmm yea18:54
mindless_chaosthats new18:55
MrAlexi tought its older18:55
mindless_chaos14.10 is latest i believe18:55
MrAlexbut i downloaded newer18:55
MrAlexi gues18:55
MrAlexwhat is monitor color profile ?18:56
wafflej0ckMrAlex: version numbers are last two digits of year followed by the number for the month and come out every 6 months18:56
wafflej0ckMrAlex: 14.04 is 2014 april18:56
wafflej0ckMrAlex: 14.10 is 2014 october18:56
MrAlexah then it is 14.0418:56
wafflej0ckMrAlex: to be sure you can run, lsb_release -a, in a terminal18:57
wafflej0ckMrAlex: it'll give you the full version info, believe monitor color profiles just allow you to adjust the values that are sent to the monitor to adjust for the monitors not being perfect18:58
MrAlex14.04.1 LTS18:58
wafflej0ckMrAlex: basically to get your blacks looking really black or reds looking the right hue etc. haven't really messed with it though myself (I do development but not a designer, this is more important for them)18:58
mindless_chaosdownlaod that book and read it18:58
=== Hobby_boy_m is now known as Hobby_boy
MrAlexmindless_chaos i unpacked it so i run .run now ?18:59
mindless_chaosdid you make it executable19:00
mindless_chaosand stop light dm?19:00
MrAlexmindless_chaos have no idea what are ya talking about xD19:01
mindless_chaosremember you are going to loose gui when you stop lightdm19:01
mindless_chaosare you following the tute on the webpage?19:01
MrAlexah yeah19:01
MrAlexill do now19:01
MrAlexok but will apps continue running ?19:02
MrAlexafter lightdm stop ?19:02
wafflej0ckMrAlex: no you're going to lose your graphical display19:02
mindless_chaosyou will have a black login screen19:02
MrAlexand is there anything like notepad on ubuntu19:02
MrAlexoh so i need to write to phone then19:02
wafflej0ckMrAlex: gedit I think is closest GUI one, nano/pico in the command line are probably easiset for beginners19:02
mindless_chaosyeah right click desktop just like in windows and new doc19:02
mindless_chaosafter you finish installing, you can try to restart lightdm, sudo service lightdm start19:03
MrAlexwhen i get to black login screen i login then write all the other comands ?19:03
mindless_chaosbut it may reboot ya19:03
MrAlexok so gotta write commmands in ma phone19:04
mindless_chaosdo you know how to do command line?19:04
MrAlexyeh its like on other linuxes i guess19:04
* mindless_chaos thinks this will be intersting19:04
MrAlexanyways it say every command here19:04
MrAlexi dont realy know commands19:04
wafflej0ckyou know ls, and chmod19:05
mindless_chaoswhen you login you will be in your home directory19:05
mindless_chaosso you will have to cd Dow*19:05
mindless_chaosdo get into download folder19:05
mindless_chaosthen cd fglrx19:05
MrAlexi know19:05
wafflej0ckMrAlex: if you can use cd, ls, and chmod you should be good19:05
MrAlexdont know for chmod but know for cd, ls19:05
mindless_chaosthen sudo ./amd-d*19:05
mindless_chaosTO RUN19:05
wafflej0ckMrAlex: chmod is to change the permissions on a file19:05
wafflej0ckMrAlex:  you use it like chmod a+x amd-d*, once you've navigated into that folder to mark the .run file executable19:06
mindless_chaostalk about knowing the  doggy paddle and jumping into the ocean with 5 foot swells19:06
mindless_chaosI think he already chmod, he ran the command on the page19:06
wafflej0ckah k19:06
MrAlexi didnt yet19:07
mindless_chaoshe just needs to get into the folder to run the command19:07
wafflej0ckMrAlex: you can do that in a terminal before you stop lightdm19:07
wafflej0ckMrAlex: when you ls -al, in the downloads directory the file should be green and you should see the x permission for all users (x = executable, w = write, r = read)19:07
mindless_chaosonce you stop lightdm, if you get stuck, just run irssi and come back here19:08
mindless_chaosthat's the nice thing about having a terminal irc client19:08
pltI am reading several web site and all the information they are giving to mount usb floopy that the devices either do not exist or the devices belong to the hd.19:08
pltWhat is the correct device name for the usb floppy because fd0 does not exist?19:08
frendaIs there any Ubuntu user group on Telegram/Viber/Line/WhatsApp?!19:08
mindless_chaoswhat do we think?19:09
wafflej0ckplt: run lsblk19:09
mindless_chaoswff, yo going to be on for a while?19:10
wafflej0ckwill be popping in and out19:10
pltNo floppy device list listed19:10
mindless_chaosI have to go for a bit but I want to find out how mralex madeout19:10
wafflej0ckmindless_chaos: yeah well let you know19:11
* mindless_chaos is afk19:11
wafflej0ckplt: when I have a flash drive plugged in I see a line like this from lsblk, should show you the mount point, sdc1   8:33   1   984M  0 part /media/shaun/Flash Drive19:11
we6jboI have a software dev question19:11
wafflej0ckplt: is this a USB floppy drive you're trying to hook up?19:12
=== Percy- is now known as percY-
we6jboI want to distribute a CD which will install my program from a PPA. Is there a way to do that?19:13
pltUbunto lib file missing?19:13
MrAlexok back19:13
pltUbuntu lib file missing?19:13
pltI do not understand the answer that you gave me?19:14
pltIs sdc1 used for the hd?19:15
bubbasaureswe6jbo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization19:15
pltThere is no /dev/sdc1 file.19:16
MrAlexok i guess i cannot use irssi while doing this19:17
MrAlexwish me luck19:17
we6jbobubbasaures But I don't want to install ubuntu for them, just my program through the CD that I will also have on a PPA19:17
bubbasaureswe6jbo, What CD?19:17
bubbasauresnever seen a cd on a ppa can we see yours we6jbo19:18
we6jboWhat I'm thinking is this. The user will install my CD into their computer. A popup or something will come up asking the user if they want to install my program from my PPA. If they say yes then they'll agree to the terms, enter their info and the program will download the PPA and install it for them. That way I can keep updating the program but they just need to install the CD once19:19
pltThis site is wrong https://rudd-o.com/linux-and-free-software/a-better-way-to-create-a-customized-ubuntu-live-usb-drive19:19
bubbasaureswe6jbo, Do you even have a ppa? is this a fantasy?19:19
we6jboI don't have a PPA yet but I'm going to get one and put my program on there19:20
bubbasaureswe6jbo, Okay than, be clear and give details, this is direct ubuntu support for actual problems.19:20
we6jboYeah so I don't know the best place to ask this question. I want to make a program that I'll put on a Ubuntu PPA. Then I'll distribute a CD to my customers who will then install the CD onto their Ubuntu computers and the CD will ask them if they want to install the PPA and the Ubuntu program that I wrote.19:22
ikoniaso what's the problem ?19:22
MralexxxUhh did stop lightdm and i cannot login or anyhing19:22
ikonia(seems a complex process)19:22
amirlo4I deleted using 'apt-get purge -y' all kind of stuff from the /boot because the capacity reached. But Other software been deleted.  I afraid that I deleted the boot it self. How can I know it before rebooting the laptop? I used Boot-Repair to get this info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9249228/19:22
ikoniaamirlo4: apt-get will not remove /boot19:23
donnieinsert the live CD and reinstall the boot loader19:23
daftykinsamirlo4: ls -al /boot | pastebinit19:23
wafflej0ckplt: phone call19:23
ikoniaamirlo4: looks fine, what's the issue ?19:25
daftykinsamirlo4: yeah you have one good kernel, "uname -r" ? (one liner so paste here)19:25
wafflej0ckplt: do you see the disk if you do, sudo fdisk -l19:25
amirlo4daftykins: 3.13.0-39-generic19:25
ppetrakiwe6jbo, well, that's all technically possible between creating a lp ppa and add-apt-repository. It's a simple matter of scripting.19:25
daftykinswe6jbo: so what's the actual question?19:25
daftykinsamirlo4: might be worth a good "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"19:26
we6jboIs there a script that will do that?19:27
ikoniawe6jbo: a script that will do what exactly ?19:27
wafflej0ckplt: this forum goes through most of the diagnostics you'd need to do http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=106668619:28
YamakasYsomeone using freeipa and sssd  for login ?19:28
ikoniaYamakasY: yes19:28
daftykinswe6jbo: write your own, if you're going to make people suffer from your own software :)19:28
reisiowe6jbo: pretty much just running gdebi on the .deb will do that19:29
YamakasYikonia: kewl! I use this already a long time but sometimes I need to reboot a server to get a possibility to login again to the server19:29
YamakasYikonia: have you seen this ?19:29
ikoniaYamakasY: no, mine works fine19:29
[|HuGO|]can help me please?19:30
EjTheoryhow do i unlock root so i an apt-get?19:31
bubbasauresEjTheory, sudo apt-get19:31
ikoniaEjTheory: you don't19:31
ikonia!sudo | bubbasaures19:31
ubottububbasaures: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:31
wafflej0ckplt: ah just took a look at the link you dropped, that's for setting up a USB Flash drive not a floppy drive based install, floppy disks can't store much19:31
ikoniabubbasaures: read those links before going any futher19:31
YamakasYikonia: it could be happening because of puppet, dunno19:32
EjTheoryi cant update19:32
bubbasauresikonia, Dude I have been a regular here for about 3 years I'm not a newbie, just different nicks.19:32
ikoniabubbasaures: sorry, it was meant to go to EjTheory19:32
EjTheorysays sudo apt-get -f to clear prob. but root is locked19:32
ikoniaEjTheory: use sudo, READ the links19:32
ikonia!sudo | EjTheory19:32
ubottuEjTheory: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:32
bubbasauresikonia, Sorry I try to keep low here.19:32
EjTheoryok ty!19:32
ikoniabubbasaures: my fault,19:32
OerHeksEjTheory, do you have terminal and softwarecenter open together?19:33
wafflej0ckMralexxx: how's it going?19:33
MralexxxGuys i am in catalyst installer and what to pick generate distribution specific driver package or install driver19:33
Mralexxxwafflej0ck no errors or anything for now just dont know what to pick19:34
wafflej0ckMralexxx: yeah I've used the nvidia open source drivers and the proprietary drivers, typically in recent installs I've just used the Additional Drivers GUI to activate them though instead of installing from the vendor directly19:34
Mralexxxwafflej0ock any idea what should i pick ?19:35
wafflej0ckMralexxx: would have to search around to see what the proper procedure is for 14.04 with the ATI proprietary drivers, not sure19:35
wafflej0ckMralexxx: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Catalyst-Linux-Installer-Notes.aspx19:36
MralexxxMeh going to install generate distro.. its recommended19:36
OerHeksi would use the ati driver from aditional driver menu, so you get updates and no issue with new kernels19:36
wafflej0ckyeah honestly if you're going with proprietary stuff you just have to rely on their support and whatever they provide since no one else can actually ever look at the source to see if there are actually problems19:36
[|HuGO|]I have a HP Sleekbook b-180la, and have a Dolby advanced audio, in ubuntu the sound is deficiently19:37
[|HuGO|]have solution?19:37
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
YamakasYanyone an idea why time on many servers is 5 min upfront ?19:38
YamakasYntp is installed19:39
=== Codebold is now known as Codebold_
thekeyDoes unattended-upgrades work on ubuntu 10.04? When I run `unattended-upgrades --dry-run --debug` I get no packages found even though nothing has been updated in a while19:40
MralexxxOk i started love the ubuntu19:41
=== lucid1 is now known as Awoken
thekeyIs it possible that it doesn't expand properly somehow? Because it says `Allowed origins are: ["['${distro_id}:${distro_codename}-security']"]` on Ubuntu 10.04, but it's expanded on Ubuntu 1419:41
MralexxxOk its done wigout errora19:41
wafflej0ckthekey: 10.04 server edition?19:42
thekeyUbuntu 10.04.3 LTS, I am not sure what server edition means19:42
daftykinsthekey: desktop is EOL19:43
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.19:43
daftykinsalso, 10.04.3 is old19:43
wafflej0ckyeah that's why I asked19:43
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)19:43
wafflej0ckthekey: that was released 2010, 4 years ago so if it's not LTS server edition it would no longer be receiving updates19:44
christian_pls help after updating my kernel my second harddisk is no lionger displayed19:44
YamakasYany one an idea ?19:44
wafflej0ckYamakasY: you try running ntpdate on the servers?19:44
christian_what is: [   20.425632] ACPI Warning: 0x0000000000000b00-0x0000000000000b07 SystemIO conflicts with Region \SOR1 1 (20131115/utaddress-251)19:45
thekeywafflej0ck: Is there a way to check if what I have is desktop or server edition?19:46
wafflej0ckthekey: well an obvious difference is the server edition has no GUI or desktop environment by default19:46
daftykinsthekey: here's what 10.04.4 server looks like - https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1082t851q7383v/lucidserver.JPG?dl=019:48
MrAlexok im in19:48
wafflej0ckMrAlex: all good?19:49
MrAlexwafflej0ck for now yeah19:49
christian_[    1.817180] ata5: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x1f0 ctl 0x3f6 bmdma 0xff00 irq 1419:49
christian_[    1.992609] ata5.00: failed to IDENTIFY (I/O error, err_mask=0x2)19:49
christian_[    7.275296] ata5.00: NODEV after polling detection19:49
wafflej0ckMrAlex: as OerHeks had mentioned previously, the disadvantage to doing what you just did is you will need to update the drivers manually or reinstall later if you upgrade the system19:50
daftykins!paste | christian_19:50
ubottuchristian_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:50
daftykinschristian_: are you just reading logs for fun or do you have an issue? :)19:50
christian_i have19:50
christian_my second harddisk is no l9onger displayed19:50
daftykinschristian_: oh yes i see your question above now. so it doesn't appear to be happily detecting an old PATA hard disk, have you tried powering off and reseating the connector?19:51
christian_when i use "autodetect" in bios it freezes19:51
wafflej0ckMrAlex: glad you were able to get it up and running though19:51
christian_how do i reseat the connector?19:51
MrAlexwafflej0ck realy better experience than on manjaro19:51
daftykinschristian_: ok, check your disk connections (reseat them at both ends - that means pull it out and plug it back in again firmly) then power on again19:52
Lunariodoes anybody know if it is possible with some tool on ubuntu (or linux in general) to convert a scanned page into text which can be edited?19:52
wafflej0ckMrAlex: yeah well using the Additional Drivers panel makes it even easier (at least with Nvidia stuff) but I haven't tried Manjaro, if I try Arch I'll probably go pure Arch instead just to get the experience19:52
daftykinsLunario: sounds like you want to look into some OCR software19:52
MrAlexwafflej0ck have any idea the grub loader doesn't even display anything just purple border around and then boots up ubuntu always19:52
Lunariodaftykins: never heard of that before, googling it... :) thx19:53
MrAlexwafflej0ck manjaro kde is reaaaaaaaly awesome looking and cool system but not for linux beginners19:53
wafflej0ckMrAlex: you can modify your Grub config to reduce the TIMEOUT to 0 and skip showing it by default if that's what you mean?19:53
YamakasYhas anyone an idea what can cause 404 errors on a internal mirror with apache when doing an apt-get update ? The paths are there but I cannot visit them with my browser too19:53
MrAlexwafflej0ck i want to put windows there19:53
thekey@wafflej0ck @daftykins thanks you both!19:53
daftykinsYamakasY: read the apache logs19:54
wafflej0ckMrAlex: if you're missing the loading screen check out "plymouth" this guys vid helped me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jIegOR6A0M19:54
wafflej0ckMrAlex: ah19:54
YamakasYdaftykins: did, index issue19:54
MrAlexwafflej0ck when i start computer it boots ubuntu but the grub loader doesn't show at all just some tiny purple lines at borders19:54
wafflej0ckMrAlex: hmm that's funky... not sure about that behavior19:55
daftykinsYamakasY: you're not providing anywhere near enough detail.19:55
YamakasYdaftykins:  AH01276: Cannot serve directory /var/www/ubuntu/dists/: No matching DirectoryIndex (index.html,index.cgi,index.pl,index.php,index.xhtml,index.htm) found, and server-generated directory index forbidden by Options directive19:55
daftykinsYamakasY: that's pretty obvious to me.19:56
daftykinsYamakasY: there's no index.html or similar inside that path and virtual directory listings are disallowed...19:56
YamakasYdaftykins: yes and no, should i turn on that you can look into it ?19:56
daftykinsYamakasY: it's telling you the issue as plain as day :)19:57
YamakasYdaftykins: yes but I didn't got much sleep and better have an error I can read late on than messing up :P19:57
daftykinsYamakasY: perhaps you should work on it another time.19:57
YamakasYdaftykins: no! stopping is for losers19:58
daftykinsthen go and fix it.19:58
YamakasYdaftykins: need to get myself together19:58
daftykinsis this your job? what do they pay you for?19:58
YamakasYdaftykins: it are my own servers and cleaning up 2,5 year dev :D19:59
MrAlexok found dude with same problem19:59
daftykinsMrAlex: GRUB doesn't show as default, that's not a problem - that's by design19:59
MrAlexrealy ?20:00
YamakasYdaftykins: this was something I saw, packages are always installed :)20:00
MrAlexok did update-grub20:00
MrAlexit set to non zero value grub hidden timeout20:00
daftykinsMrAlex: yes that's normal.20:00
YamakasYdaftykins: and I'm actually ill too atm :)20:00
minolushi everyone, i need support for an error, when i use pm to hibernate computer (shell) i see this error: pciehp 0000:00:01.0:pcie04: Device 0000:01:00.0 already exists at 0000:01:00, cannot hot-add20:01
minoluspciehp 0000:00:01.0:pcie04: Cannot add device at 0000:01:0020:01
daftykinsYamakasY: are you trying to get me to hold your hand with a sob story? :)20:01
MrAlexis quickly make app included on ubuntu ? i saw that on video20:02
daftykinsMrAlex: sorry that question doesn't even vaguely make sense in English20:02
MrAlexdaftykins xD20:02
MrAlexdaftykins i saw command quickly make name_of_app on some video20:03
daftykinscan't say i've heard of it personally20:03
minolusno one could help me?20:03
MrAlexoh ok i see now its app20:04
MrAlexbuild new apps quickly20:04
daftykinsMrAlex: btw there's #ubuntu-rs20:04
MrAlexrealy ?20:04
daftykinsno idea if anyone's there mind you ;)20:04
MrAlexhow do you know i am from serbia ?20:05
YamakasYand fixed20:05
MrAlexaddress when conencting ?20:05
daftykinsMrAlex: yep20:05
YamakasYdaftykins: yes, I want a hug an a gentle massage too!20:05
aesHey all. Is there any other way to get glow around window borders besides using emerald?20:05
YamakasYdaftykins: with happy end :P20:05
YamakasYonly stories with happy end20:06
daftykinsYamakasY: inappropriate. good luck with your issue, i have no desire to help you further.20:06
YamakasYdaftykins: ever heard of sarcasm ?20:06
YamakasYdaftykins: already fixed I said20:06
daftykinsyep, and it's off topic here.20:06
YamakasYcan be :) can happen :)20:06
daftykinsYamakasY: i couldn't tell, your English isn't too great.20:07
daftykinsbye now20:07
MrAlexwhat is this thingy when i press alt ?20:07
YamakasYdaftykins: who is the sad person here atm ? you arem no happyness at all!20:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:07
aesMrAlex: The HUD. Shows possible actions.20:07
k1lMrAlex: "HUD"20:08
minolusi don't found nothing that resolve this error, how can i do for that? pciehp 0000:00:01.0:pcie04: Device 0000:01:00.0 already exists at 0000:01:00, cannot hot-add20:12
minoluspciehp 0000:00:01.0:pcie04: Cannot add device at 0000:01:0020:12
moondoggyIs anyone having trouble with the latest security updates?20:13
k1lmoondoggy: the more specific the more better support :)20:14
moondoggyI'm getting: W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-security/main/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch20:14
k1ltry to run a "sudo apt-get update"20:14
minolusi have this error when hibernate my pc with PM utils20:15
moondoggyk1l: I ran update twice, but I keep getting the same thing.20:16
moondoggyCould it be the ubuntu server?20:16
k1lmoondoggy: or some old-new package list missmatch on your client20:17
k1lmoondoggy: i dont get a error, just tested it20:17
minolusit's on clear install of ubuntu, it's strange20:17
k1lmoondoggy: you could remove the older packges lists manually with "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf" and then run the apt-get update again20:18
OerHeksmoondoggy, see http://askubuntu.com/a/553766 remove lists and update again20:18
minolushow could i understand why i get that error?20:18
OerHeksk1l +120:18
moondoggyHmmm...  A 4th try fixed it.20:18
MrAlexok thanks so much guys i gotta see if windows is added to grub20:18
minolusno one helmp me? :(20:19
moondoggyOk, thanks.  Strange.20:19
EriC^^MrAlex: when you ran update-grub did it say windows found?20:20
OerHeksminolus, any server/service running? vsftp or torrent?20:21
kurt___hey, i have a supervisord process that source a file (a virtualenv), and after running `hostnamectl set-hostname`, that process in supervisor dies with a "can't find command 'source'"20:22
minolusno one that u mention, other server like multimedia think20:22
kurt___(i also did a restart, didn't fix.) any thoughts what might be going on?20:22
OerHeksminolus, that could point to hot-add error, else it can be an optimus/nvidia  issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223695420:24
minolusmy server work with a dvb-t usb so could be it the problem?20:25
minolusi don't have nvidia, so i exclude it20:25
OerHeksif that device points to 0000:01:00.0 then yes20:26
OerHeks" lspci | grep 01:00 " should tell you20:26
=== khisanth__ is now known as Khisanth
minolusin that case, how could don't get it? it's annoing error that every time it's hibernate add 2 line.....so i have soo many line at the end20:28
acollinsmy touchpad is ignoring clicks in the bottom left corner since upgrading to 14.1020:28
YamakasYis it good to have backports enabled ?20:28
=== unlike is now known as deb
acollinscan anyone point me in the right direction? synclient LBCornerButton=1 hasn't helped20:29
OerHeksminolus, best thing to do is filing a bugreport i guess20:30
quey_An error occurred while collecting items to be installed20:30
quey_session context was:(profile=PlatformProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).20:30
quey_No repository found containing: osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.draw2d,
quey_No repository found containing: osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.gef,
quey_how to install eclipse UML?20:31
minolusyeah i could do that. i hope was mine error and i can resolve it. But not seems to be so20:31
usr13!info eclipse | quey_20:31
ubottuquey_: eclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.1-5.1 (utopic), package size 15 kB, installed size 122 kB20:31
YamakasYmhh http://pastebin.com/Yc83vUKz20:32
=== sythe is now known as sythe-afk
=== cytom2k is now known as cytom3k
usr13quey_: apt-cache showpkg eclipse20:34
queyubottu I trying :D20:35
ubottuquey: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:35
=== Antichrist42 is now known as lipzus
YamakasYI wonder, do I need these repo's ?20:35
andreas_wait this the wrong channel20:36
andreas_disregard my no20:36
andreas_: >20:36
usr13quey_: sudo apt-get install eclipse20:36
usr13quey_: sudo apt-get -f install20:36
queyyou're so gennius20:36
usr13quey_: sudo apt-get update20:36
queyusr13 i dont think so20:36
=== roberto is now known as Guest84759
andreas_usr13, the eclipse in the normal repo is very old, I'd rather use the one on the eclipse website, or geany for that matter20:37
queyPackage operation failed ------ for Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE20:37
usr13andreas_: Oh ok.20:37
Guest84759il segreto20:37
k1lquey: what ubuntu are you on exactly?20:37
knoboAfter upgrading to 14.10 the computer is almost useless. Could I do dpkg --reconfigure-all with default configuration?20:37
andreas_I use geany for all of my dev. needs, and I absolutly love it. if you are a beginner I'd' recomend it. for large coop project I'd go eclipse20:37
bprompt!it | Guest8475920:38
ubottuGuest84759: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:38
spleencheeseneed some help with mythweb security please.  running 14.04.  i would like mythweb to NOT prompt me for a username and password when i connect to it when on my LAN but prompt me when i access it over the web.  i'm not sure what config file to edit, where to find it and what to ammend.  anyone able to help please?20:38
usr13quey: cat /etc/issue20:38
stangelandwhen i try to do: xauth add ZIEBEL-UPC158/unix:0  MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1  464c673113e0009ccaa75b6c108572f3 my system just hangs....why could that be?20:38
knoboMaybe I should reinstall the whole computer with 14.0420:38
daftykinsknobo: useless how?20:39
knobodaftykins: really slow.20:39
FleetflameI did an update this afternoon and my computer didn't shut down properly....upon reboot I was presented with GRUB giving me the option for Ubuntu, advanced options, or two entries for "memory test"20:39
usr13knobo: If you like 14.04 better, by all  means, install it.20:39
bubbasauresknobo, No really, you might just one issue by one, have us help you, if you have a separate home or make one do a reinstall.20:39
usr13knobo: Try xfce420:39
victoriahello. I am having an issue with my touchpad. It sporadically works and is mostly frustrating. It is a Dell Inspiron n7110 and I'm using Ubuntu 14.10. I suspect this is a hardware issue, as this laptop has been dropped several times (I only just got it to turn on again). If there is a way to test the touchpad to see if it is a hardware or software issue, please let me know! (Also, booted into Windows 7 and was having the same issu20:39
FleetflameShould I assume the memory test is what hung it up on shutdown?20:40
knoboI am running xfce520:40
knoboI am running xfce420:40
queyk1l : 14.04 LTS20:40
andreas_I am running unity ) :20:40
stangelandwhen i do: xhost + i get: No protocol specified xhost:  unable to open display ":0.0". Why on earth is that coming?20:40
queyusr13 : what you mean /20:40
daftykinsvictoria: reading your system logs may speak of it disconnecting20:40
usr13quey: cat /etc/issue #Tell us what it says.20:41
daftykinsvictoria: being cross-OS definitely sounds like it's the touchpad, is this system under warranty? pursue a fix from Dell20:41
usr13quey: Copy and paste it here.20:41
victoriadaftykins, ooooh nooo. It has been expired long time now...20:41
OerHeksstangeland, do you have the host and number ok? check with: xauth list20:41
usr13quey: (Because k1l asked what version of Ubuntu are you using.)  (Trying to help you answer.)20:42
YamakasYmhh same error as I have http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2220757.html20:42
queyAn error occurred while collecting items to be installed20:42
queysession context was:(profile=PlatformProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).20:42
queyNo repository found containing: osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.draw2d,
queyNo repository found containing: osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.gef,
knoboI'll try to figure out where to start debugging.20:42
victoriadaftykins, I just bought a new battery and ac adapter to get it running. Also had to jerry rig the ac adapter plug and update the bios so it will charge.20:42
k1lquey: please use a pastebin for more lines20:42
stangelandOerHeks, if i do xauth list the terminal just hangs, and then it gets a xauth:  timeout in locking authority file /home/bdi/.Xauthority20:42
usr13quey: Do *not* copy and paste *that* again, (we saw it earlier.20:43
daftykinsvictoria: looks like the whole top panel can be found on ebay for $14, you could swap it out20:43
Monitolishi everyone, i need support for error  pciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Cannot add device at 0000:01:0020:43
queywhat i need to do20:43
usr13quey: So what version of Ubuntu do you have installed?  (cat /etc/issue)20:43
queyExtensible Tool Platform and Java IDE it is installed but dont working again20:43
Monitolisi see the error in dmesg but how coul resolve problem? what generate it?20:43
quey14.04 LTS20:43
victoriayeah, I was hoping not to have to take that route. I'm a very frugal person20:44
usr13quey: Fully updated?20:44
daftykinsvictoria: you can't fix what's broken!20:44
queySystem or eclipse ?20:44
usr13Your turn, daftykins20:44
usr13(I must go now.)20:44
victoriadaftykins, are you talking about the entire dell company? 'Cause you're right...20:44
daftykinsusr13: quey? ok :)20:45
queyoh now20:45
k1lquey: that is a eclipse error: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6470802/what-to-do-about-eclipses-no-repository-found-containing-error-messages20:45
Monitolisno one help me?20:45
daftykinsvictoria: no, that would be a childish statement. i mean there's no point resisting a tiny cheap item to fix when it's that unreliable20:45
Monitolisi do't understand why when i try to hibernate using pm utils that make this error20:45
Monitolispciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Cannot add device at 0000:01:0020:45
daftykins!repeat | Monitolis20:46
ubottuMonitolis: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:46
queyk1l : so i try update system20:46
Monitolissorry for my repeat20:46
andreas_ya'll need to not use the eclipse from the repo20:47
queyk1l : but i dont lose any documents ?20:47
k1lquey: what?20:48
queywhen i update i dont lose any my documents, programs ...20:48
daftykinsyour backups take care of that worry, quey20:49
andreas_quey, the files you make with eclipse is not stored in eclipse, unless you hacked some stuff.20:49
k1lquey: what updates are you talking about?20:49
Monitolisthere is a way to understand waht cause the error on hibernate? how could i found the process?20:49
k1lquey: you mix all things here. you have a eclipse error. only eclipse.20:49
daftykinsMonitolis: if someone knew, they would have replied.20:50
k1lquey: eclipse cant find some stuff you put into eclipse. so eclipse needs to change something. ubuntu doesnt even touch that20:50
wafflej0ckMonitolis: did you do, lspci | grep 01:0020:50
=== l2ksolkov is now known as Guest83298
queybefore you wrritina abour system20:50
queycan update for synapthic menager ?20:51
k1lquey: you need to be clear. you talked about installing eclipse which made people think you wanted to install eclipse on ubuntu.20:51
Monitolisi do dmesg | grep pcie04 and result:20:51
Monitolispciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Cannot add device at 0000:01:0020:51
Monitolis[59762.536166] pciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Device 0000:01:00.0 already exists at 0000:01:00, cannot hot-add20:51
Monitolispciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Cannot add device at 0000:01:0020:51
Monitolis[59762.536166] pciehp 0000:00:1c.0:pcie04: Device 0000:01:00.0 already exists at 0000:01:00, cannot hot-add20:51
k1lquey: but the issue is inside eclipse. so you need to see the settings inside eclipse. like the link it showed you tells you to20:51
queyI want only install UML to eclipse20:52
Monitoliswaht's mean?20:52
wafflej0ckMonitolis: use pastebin for multiple lines you need to see what device is causing the problem20:52
daftykinsMonitolis: what did i warn you about repeating?20:52
john_doe_jrThe following find command finds the .app file but w/ out spaces..does anyone know why? find /Volumes -name *.app -maxdepth 2 -type d -print020:52
wafflej0ckMonitolis: if you won't run the commands we ask you won't get a solution20:52
k1lMonitolis: what device is that pci?20:52
wafflej0ckMonitolis: lspci lists pci devices20:52
Monitolisi run command, with lspci it select ethernet device20:53
wafflej0ckMonitolis: show us the actual line it spits out with the grep command or else put your lspci output in a paste somewhere like pastebin or paste.ubuntu.com20:54
Monitolisso the problem is the realtek ethernet device?20:58
=== Hobby_boy_m is now known as Hobby_boy
spleencheeseneed some help with mythweb security please.  running 14.04.  i would like mythweb to NOT prompt me for a username and password when i connect to it when on my LAN but prompt me when i access it over the web.  i'm not sure what config file to edit, where to find it and what to ammend.  anyone able to help please?20:59
k1lMonitolis: please pastebin whole lspci -v20:59
=== stayonth1hustle is now known as stayonthehustle
=== jack is now known as Guest98238
Monitolishere lspci -v http://paste.ubuntu.com/9255784/21:00
=== Guest74615 is now known as locke2002
k1lMonitolis: is this a netbook?21:01
Monitolissleencheese read this at end of the page https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Securing_MythWeb21:02
daftykinsspleencheese: is this of the mythtv ilk? tried contacting them?21:02
daftykinsthere you go.21:02
Monitolisyes it's a netbook, any difference from other pc?21:03
k1lMonitolis: which one?21:03
spleencheesedaftykins: thanks, i've tried there.  it's dead21:03
queyk1l : http://ctrlv.in/46629721:04
queyinstall all things?21:04
daftykinsspleencheese: ok, unfortunately that doesn't make it an OS support query.21:04
solsTiCehi. what do you thing of TLP for laptop power management on ubuntu ?21:04
spleencheesei understand.  thanks anyway.21:04
andreas_you need all that quey ?21:05
k1lquey: dont know if you need all that?21:05
andreas_the less things you ahve in your eclipse the faster it will be21:05
queynope i need uml but dont know what needed21:05
k1lquey: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8913400/how-to-install-uml-plugin-for-eclipse21:05
andreas_or just go with my original advice and live the Geany (in ubuntu repo) life21:05
k1lquey: read that answers and choose if one will work21:05
Monitolisit's a msi netbook, why?21:06
TermichCan anyone help in here?21:07
andreas_maybe if you ask your question : )21:07
Termichokay, so it can be seen21:08
TermichWhat's with 14.04 and switching minimize maximize and close to the right21:08
TermichTried dconf editor, doesn't seem to work21:08
k1lMonitolis: because resume issues depend heavily on the make and model of the laptop/netbook21:08
k1lTermich: doesnt work.21:08
andreas_what do you mean "what''s with", it works fine here21:08
andreas_does it not like work in 13?21:08
TermichIt does, not in 1421:08
k1lTermich: its hardcoded into unity and will not be changed because they work on unity 8 now.21:09
k1lTermich: yes, its hardcoded in the latest version21:09
TermichAww :(21:09
wafflej0ckcan't change it with unity-tweak-tool?21:09
andreas_you can always change to gnome or something like that, personally I prefer unity21:09
TermichNope, tried it21:09
k1lwafflej0ck: no21:09
wafflej0ckhmm lame, yeh I moved to Gnome after having an adventure in KDE21:09
andreas_I'm trying out i3 at the moment, a tiling manager and loving it. but I always go back to unity, even though it slightly annoys me :)21:10
Monitolisi still don't understand witch device make error, maybe the ethernet?21:10
k1lMonitolis: PCI bridge: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family PCI Express Port 121:11
daftykinsoh dear the NM1021:12
Monitolisuhm ok, i try to have some clue21:12
FleetflameDid anyone see my question, or is there no answer? :-]21:13
wafflej0ckFleetflame: the question wasn't really clear, what did you try, what occurred, what did you expect? what are the symptoms?21:15
g4vr0cheFleetflame, MemTest is used for finding bad RAM modules. You want to choose "Ubuntu" and continue21:15
Fleetflameg4vr0che: that's what I did, but I wonder if those other options came up because that's what the update was working on when the computer crashed?21:16
wafflej0ckFleetflame: those are just the defaults in the grub menu21:16
FleetflameI've never booted with GRUB before, I don't have another boot partition on this computer21:16
FleetflameUbuntu usually just boots by itself21:16
wafflej0ckFleetflame: if you just had one OS installed when grub is configured to just skip showing itself21:16
yottabitthis has been one annoying bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-pip/+bug/130699121:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1306991 in python-pip (Debian) "pip stops with ImportError for request-Modul" [Unknown,New]21:17
wafflej0ckFleetflame: it may be something in the installation process didn't run update-grub after changing things or was in a half done state of some sort21:17
FleetflameThat would make it default to giving the options?21:17
FleetflameOr does it come up like Windows does with "safe mode" options etc if it didn't shut down correctly?21:17
wafflej0ckFleetflame: well something left the Grub configuration with a timeout period set to show the screen which would show you those default options21:17
wafflej0ckFleetflame: I don't think it typically offers these on a bad shutdown but that could be the case21:18
wafflej0ckFleetflame: give another clean reboot to see21:18
FleetflameOK, I will do21:18
FleetflameI'll let you know21:18
wafflej0ckcool thx21:18
Monitolisi have read that if i set on boot pciehp force=0 could it work? i have to modprobe after?21:19
Fleetflamewafflej0ck: Came up like normal; thanks very much21:22
Fleetflame....and g4vr0che :-]21:22
wafflej0ckFleetflame: hmm okay good to know thank you21:22
goosfrabahi guys, im currently running win8.1 and im so sick of it, wanna go ubuntu full time. im studying sql server 2012 at the university atm so i cant go ubuntu now, but next class is ASP.NET, is ubuntu good for .NET development these days? both asp and c#21:22
Fuchsgoosfraba: you can do some of it with mono and tools like monodevelop, but it will be a lot less fun than with Visual Studio21:23
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: I don't think it's really great for any MS development to be honest, Visual Studio is a good tool but not made for Linux21:23
Fuchsgoosfraba: thus I'd at least keep a windows VM21:23
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: take some courses with Java, or Python, or any web language and you'll be in good shape in Ubuntu21:23
wafflej0ckor C or C++21:24
goosfrabaalready done with java, asp.net is the last programming course this year :P21:24
Fuchsgoosfraba: use Windows for that one21:24
goosfrabaok, im gonna trust you :)21:24
goosfrabahm maybe i just dualboot21:25
goosfrabagot a extern 1tb i could install ubuntu on i guess21:25
dinosaur_I'm trying to set up a network with two computers and the possibility to send mails between them. In exim configuration I chose an internet site in both the computers. Now, I'm able to send computers to local users, but when  I want to send them from one computer to another one, then it's what I got in logs:21:25
dinosaur_all relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts21:25
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: yeah personally I run Ubuntu Gnome edition with Windows in virtual box on an external drive21:26
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: for the times I need Creative Suite or other bits21:26
dinosaur_what should I do to be able to send mails from one machine to the second one?21:26
andreas_if you want to make web-apps look at PHP/JavaScript+jquery  + HTML/CSS goosfraba, it's what I'm learning now. I'm making apps I never thought I'd be able to make21:26
goosfrabawafflej0ck: how does that work out for you? never done anything virtual21:26
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: pretty darn well, no 3D support in the virtualbox really but I just use it for Photoshop mostly and it works fine for that21:26
goosfrabaandreas_: already done with JS/jQuery/HTML5/CSS aswell, only asp left :p21:27
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: 3D support works on my desktop with an nvidia card in VB actually too so depends on the host machine hardware to some degree, but it works pretty well21:27
dinosaur_Aha, I installed bind server on the second machine and configured the first machine to use the second machine name server. I checked that it's really the case.21:27
goosfrabawafflej0ck: sweet, maybe thats an alternative for me aswell21:27
andreas_but not the PHP! bt if you are done with JS+jQuery you can already make amazing things21:27
dinosaur_Still , I can't send mails from the first computer to the second one.21:27
goosfrabaandreas_: gotta be honest with you, i hate webdev but all those classes are included in the program im currently in :p21:28
goosfrabajava was the funniest class so far imo21:28
PhirePhlydinosaur_: What MTA are you using on both systems? Postfix?21:28
dinosaur_PhirePhly: exim21:28
goosfrabaand unfortunately we dont have any php class at my uni21:28
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: Ruby or Node or Python are probably more valuable skills, I do PHP dev and AngularJS mostly21:29
reisiogoosfraba: sounds fortunate to me21:29
PhirePhlydinosaur_: ah. I keep meaning to learn exim, but then remember how easy postfix is and install it21:29
reisiophp is awful21:29
wafflej0ckPHP with Eloquent ORM and Slim for routing is pretty easy to use honestly21:29
wafflej0ckbut there's lots of garbage written with PHP too21:29
goosfrabareisio: haha ok21:29
goosfrabaive done some python aswell, but when i switch to *nix i wanna learn bash21:30
PhirePhlydinosaur_: I'd expect that by default your MTA is only listening on the local interface. You probably need to tell it to listen on your Ethernet interface and accept mail for whatever domain you're trying to send at it21:31
andreas_PHP is more like a programming language then the rest, well ...I feel so21:32
goosfrabais there any website where i can see how much of the hardware in my ultrabook (asus zenbook ux32ln) that's supported by ubuntu?21:32
wafflej0ckgoosfraba: nice breakdown of general query stats using different web tech http://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/21:32
dinosaur_PhirePhly: no, no, I set up this properly - checked with telnet.21:33
wafflej0ckandreas_: I like that the C underlying the code is typically simple and really with some of these libraries I actually write very little PHP just for doing the auth parts and then most of it is handled by ORM/ActiveRecord provided by Eloquent21:33
PhirePhlydinosaur_: Does sending an email to a username@host1 from host2 work? Then it's just an MX DNS problem21:34
wafflej0ckalright sorry drifted way off topic21:34
goosfrabaany1 playing cs1.6 in ubuntu? :P works good?21:35
andreas_goosfraba, https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=350721:36
andreas_it is rated platinum, so it should run without problems21:36
goosfrabaandreas_: do you still have to go through wine? steam is supported in linux nowdays isnt it?21:36
justdaveI'm running Ubuntu 14.10 inside a VMWare Fusion VM, which has the "pass power status to vm" checkmarked in the config.  Ubuntu is still showing 100% battery and fully charged, even though I'm on battery power.  Anyone know how to fix?21:37
andreas_if it has been ported to linux you can steam it21:37
andreas_donno if it has21:37
goosfrabaok well, gonna check it out21:37
andreas_oh yeah it has come out21:37
justdaveThe power status does show up correctly in a Windows VM, so I'm guessing Ubuntu is missing a driver or something?  Used to work on an older Ubuntu version.21:37
goosfrabamy usb is ready now tho so im gonna install ubuntu on my extern drive, thanks for all your input fellas21:38
bynariehow can i set my default cpu governor so i dont have to change it every time i boot?21:38
dinosaur_PhirePhly: the problem's that it does not work21:42
PhirePhlydinosaur_: ...21:44
PhirePhlydinosaur_: What doesn't work?21:44
LinxCatcan anyone suggest a command line real time network monitoring tool for linux?21:44
PhirePhlyLinxCat: mtr?21:45
aryHi. I have a PCI snd card CMI8738. Ubuntu install alsa and pulseaudio has snd servers. Pulseaudio was keeping volume too low. So I remove it and let alsa has default. But after that, CMI8738 was not my default snd card and the volume control on the gnome panel was gone. How do I change CMI8738 to default and how i put colume control back on the superior panel?21:45
LinxCatPhirePhly: thats seem like it displays the traceroute only21:46
PhirePhlyLinxCat: as opposed to what?21:46
LinxCatPhire: what? i am looking for monitoring tool which can monitor a network interface in real time21:47
bynarieary, just reinstall the volume indicator21:47
PhirePhlyLinxCat: monitor what about it?21:47
LinxCatsource/target, port, etc etc21:47
PhirePhlyLinxCat: that makes a difference. ntop?21:48
arybynarie, already did that. Must logoff and login to see the changes?21:49
bynariei think so yea21:49
arybe back sun21:50
bynarieary, did it work21:52
arybynarie, it works fine mate. thanks. But now when i click on sound configurations it doesn't open the window to change the cards.21:53
bynariei dont know about that stuff21:53
bynariei just went through a big hassle21:54
bynariei basically purged and reinstalled21:54
aryok. Lets see if some one has a solutions21:54
mjaykhay ho21:58
MralexxxWhats up mjayk21:58
mjayknot alot you ?21:58
MralexxxStudying biology :p21:59
MralexxxHow long do you use ubuntu?22:00
mjayk7 or 8 yeasr now22:00
wafflej0ckLinxCat: in the terminal you can use tcpdump, for a GUI you can use wireshark (pretty sure you need to run as admin to select the interfaces to monitor)22:01
MralexxxMaybe few months xD22:01
MralexxxOk not using ubuntu few months i am using linux few month ubuntu few days but its mostly the same22:04
kSudo89I've diagnosed a Kernel problem. Kernel 3.16.0-26 contains a bug preventing login and creates black/blank screen. Kernel linux-image-3.18.0-*_amd64 solves the problem. Should I still bisect the kernel?22:05
MralexxxDo you have any idea does speak recognition exsists for linux ?22:05
reisioMralexxx: cmu sphinx22:06
MrAlexYReisio thanks22:07
solsTiCekSudo89: post maximum info in a bug report on launchpad. unless there is already one22:09
aryhow is the ubuntu package that put all things back to their default place?22:09
k1lary: there is none22:09
reisioary: things like what?22:10
aryk1l after i use this command on terminal a lot of thing is missing: sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio*22:10
k1lary: why did you remove pulseaudio22:11
aryreisio, things like sound configurations22:11
kSudo89The last time I had the same exact problem and resulted in a kernel bisection. What's different in this case is, unlike last time, the mainline kernel actually doesn't reproduce this bug and funny enough fixes a completely different unrelated bug as well.22:11
aryk1l because pulse audio was keeping my snd volume to low22:11
reisioary: user customization of configurations are basically all in ~/.foo directories, or ~/.config/foo22:11
aryreisio, I mean the GTK config interface man...22:12
k1lary: pulseaudio is the soundserver that runs all the sound stuff for desktops. removing that is a huge impact22:12
reisioary: irrelevant22:12
aryk1l, there is a fix?22:13
zteam_Is there anyone familiar with  GNU ddrescue here?22:13
aryreisio, I am a newbe mate, to me is very relevant. On that screen i could change my cards22:13
aryreisio, i have 2 snd cards22:14
reisiowhatever you're talking about that's changed is irrelevant22:14
reisiowhat I told you applies regardless22:14
k1lary: why would a newbie remove one big part of a system?22:14
k1lary: its like you took out just the whole roor from a car. and now wonder its all wobbely and colapses.22:15
aryk1l, because my sound was too low, and o read somewhere that alsa was better.22:15
k1lary: reinstall pulseaudio22:15
kSudo89I guess what I'm saying is if the mainline kernel doesn't reproduce the bug and theres no bug report about current bug should I just move along22:16
k1lary: that is just plain idiotic. alsa is even more desaster.22:16
aryk1l, i already did that22:16
queykil: all it's works thx22:16
=== joel is now known as Guest40704
aryk1l, sorry mate, but i doesn't knew. Just se a guy that sayd was better and I say why not to try?22:17
zteam_Ki, well pulseaudio was quite buggy for some time ago, I bet he readed an old aericle22:17
Guest40704Hello everyone. I'm new to Ubuntu. I created a swap partition but the system monitor is telling me that it's not being used. How do I set it up so that Ubuntu sees it?22:17
reisioGuest40704: /etc/fstab, & swapon22:17
reisioGuest40704: and possibly mkswap, depending22:18
aryk1l: i put the question here some time ago and noboddy knew how to help. So i try other stufs.22:18
k1lzteam_: yes. could be22:18
bynarieGuest40704, swapon -a22:18
k1lGuest40704: put it into fstab to be autoloaded22:19
aryk1l, like I said. I already reinstal pulse audio, but some things are missing22:19
k1lwhat is missing?22:19
zteam_k1l, yeah probably, I never uninstalled it myself, but it wasn't that extra-ordinary then I googled my pulseaudio issues before, but that was some versions ago indeed22:19
k1lary: reinstall "ubuntu-desktop" if you use the standard ubuntu desktop22:19
kSudo89Forget it I'll just abandon 3.16 kernel altogether.22:20
Guest40704k1l: How to I set it up to autoload?22:20
k1lGuest40704: put it into fstab22:20
Awendreinstall ubuntu/desktop! no!22:20
Guest40704k1l: I'm don't know how to do that22:21
bynariePM me22:21
Awendno panic22:21
aryk1l, that was the package i was talking about. Thanks. But my question still keeps.22:21
aryk1l, why my volume is too low?22:21
aryjus a sec I will reboot22:22
Awendscrivi italiano anche?22:22
k1lGuest40704: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/33697/how-do-i-add-a-swap-partition-after-system-installation  first answer22:22
k1l!it | Awend22:22
ubottuAwend: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:22
Paladinehey folks, I am trying to install the dnsmasq blocklist from http://pgl.yoyo.org but I am not sure where to put the conf file on ubuntu server 14.04.1 anyone got any clues?22:22
k1lary: then see if you can set the volume louder. or if there is a bios setting that reverts it22:22
Guest40704k1l: thank you22:22
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
john_doe_jrhow would you test to see if a dmg is installed as a package?22:23
Awend /join #ubuntu-it22:23
Keepitfreesup all sorry for the off topic question but am looking for irc channels for dj'ing and looping andy ideas22:23
bynarieGuest40704, check your pm22:23
aryk1l, it works! Thanks mate22:24
aryk1l, i will put my question here and hope you can help me22:25
owen1why ssh -i ~/.ssh/backup.pem ubuntu@<ip> works while scp random-file -i ~/.ssh/backup.pem ubuntu@<ip>: doesn't (i get permission denied)22:25
k1l!alis | Keepitfree22:25
ubottuKeepitfree: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:25
k1lKeepitfree: and for channels on #freenode please ask in #freenode or #ubuntu-offtopic next time22:25
aryk1l, I have an offboard PCI sound Card. The drivers works fine, except the volume is too low. To see a movie for example i need to put the volume at max on the amplifier. Why this happen and how did I fix it. I am pretty shure there is a driver config. I just don't know where. Do you need to know how is my sound card? The card is a CMI8738/CMI8768 with 4 channels. I have a receiver with 2 PA on the orange channel and a normal PC sound system on the green channe22:25
aryk1l, whe i was using alsa the volume was better.22:26
Guest40704bynarie: "pm"?22:27
bynarieprivate message... look on the left side of your irc client22:27
bynarieyou should see my name22:27
bynarieclick ity22:27
k1lary: dont know about that sound card. you may need to search for that22:27
aryk1l, I search, and u saw what happens. I remove pulse audio and got a problem!22:29
aryk1l, there is another way to put alsa has a default snd server?22:29
deemohi all...22:31
reisiohi you...22:31
deemoany solution to this pleae22:31
deemoPackage dependencies cannot be resolved22:32
mjaykwhat are you trying to isntall and how22:32
daftykins!paste | deemo Show us what you're doing22:32
ubottudeemo Show us what you're doing: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:32
deemokdenlive or any update22:32
daftykinswhich ubuntu version?22:33
k1lary: did you try to increase the volume on the pulseaudio settings?22:33
k1l!paste | deemo put alle the errors there22:33
ubottudeemo put alle the errors there: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:33
daftykinsonce was probably enough, k1l22:33
k1ldaftykins: maybe :) (i was caught in multitasking)22:34
aryk1l, how do I do that?22:34
daftykinsk1l: i'll let you off ;)22:34
k1lary: open the soundsettings?22:34
daftykinsdeemo: could be PPAs causing issues. tried a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ?22:35
deemowhat would that do daftykins22:35
k1lary: "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" in pastebin22:35
k1ldeemo:  "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d" in pastebin22:35
k1lary: sorry, that was not for you22:36
=== Anonymous_ is now known as Yordan89
zteam_is it normal that disc utility says Unknown partition type and contents unknown for a disc which isn't completly cloned right?22:36
daftykinsdeemo: upgrade all packages to the latest available22:36
deemothing is I am on Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04 and they dont have a 14.04 version yet so I wasnt sure if I UPGRADED IT WOULD REMAIN AS ubuntu Dream Studio22:36
daftykinsdeemo: ok well it doesn't upgrade distro, despite the confusing name22:36
zteam_I'm making the clone with ddrescue22:36
deemok1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9257120/22:37
aryhere it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9257122/22:37
zteam_Hello daftykins :-)22:37
k1ldeemo: ok, that is a new record of ppas22:37
zteam_Are u familair with ddrescue?22:37
deemoyeah... my bad22:37
daftykinszteam_: not me nope, what are you up to?22:38
deemoI reinstalled a few days ago and went online to do things that people suggest tp be done after installation, this got me into the number of ppa22:38
reisiozteam_: it's normal for backups made with dd to be a waste of time22:38
k1ldeemo: so i bet its some of thoose ppas that ruin the depencies22:38
deemoI shd tone it down but dont know which is which22:38
reisiozteam_: if you cloned a whole device and not just a single FS, then mount may well have no idea what FS you've given it22:39
reisioyou may in fact have given it many FSes22:39
aryk1l, dont know what i did, but the sound its fine now, i think it was when I reinstall pulseaudio sound backs to normal. How do I keep things this way forever, and how do I let my cmi8738 card has default?22:40
deemoI shd tone it down but dont know which is which22:40
zteam_reisio, well, this is n't regular dd I'm using ddrescue to rescue a partition from a damaged harddrive22:40
reisiozteam_: ah22:41
deemowhile hoping to solve the ppa issue somehow, something related is this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9257178/ k1l22:41
zteam_reisio, the cloned harddrive isn't finished yet, but so far it just shows up at as unknown content so far, and I no idea if this is normal or nor.... :-)22:42
reisiozteam_: shows up with?22:43
reisiokampiyo: hi22:43
zteam_daftykins, as I said i'm using ddrescue to recovery the contents of of my old harddrive22:43
reisiomindless_chaos: hi22:43
daftykinszteam_: bad sectors on it?22:44
k1ldeemo: apt-cache policy libsexy222:44
mindless_chaosDid MrAlex ever get his shit straight?22:44
k1l!language | mindless_chaos22:45
ubottumindless_chaos: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:45
reisionot sure having it straight is healthy22:45
neosisanihow can i make ubuntu ugly but only for one user?22:45
mindless_chaosoops.. I said $41t22:46
mindless_chaosDid MrAlex ever sort his stff out22:46
zteam_reisio, it shows up like this http://postimg.org/image/la3a9zayj/a17cc285/22:46
zteam_daftykins, yes, not my main drive just a USB-drive, but it nearly 2 TB big, so itäs alot to clone22:47
daftykinszteam_: perhaps clonezilla images would be wiser22:48
daftykinsmindless_chaos: we're not an answering service. ask them directly if you want to know.22:48
quemstruggling to get gigabit speed out of my HP microserver n54l...22:49
zteam_daftykins, well ddrescue, is meant to handle this nicely and I think it does22:49
quemwhich runs 14.0422:49
daftykinszteam_: yes but you're going to get all the blank space. waste of time :)22:50
mjaykzteam_: you trying to copy large amounts of data (sorry for butting in)22:50
neosisanihow can i make ubuntu ugly but only for one user? I want to disable transperancy and make it look like xfce (but installing xfce is not an option unfortunatly)22:51
deemok1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9257331/22:51
joshumaxI'm have the strangest problem with compiz and unity22:52
daftykinsneosisani: for a prank?22:52
=== sythe-afk is now known as sythe
zteam_daftykins, well, in a normal case with no bad sectors, I would agree, but I don't think clonezilla is designed with bad sectors in mind22:52
neosisanidaftykins, for old core 2 machine which i'll have to share with a mother while my laptop is not serviced22:52
joshumaxevery time I start compiz, the metacity decorator stops working and I can't use Ambience or anything like it, but every time I start metacity, unity disappears but the style is ok22:53
daftykinsneosisani: and why is installation of another DE not an option?22:53
zteam_daftykins, by the way, the drive is nearly full as well so.... :-)22:53
k1ldeemo: hmm22:53
daftykinszteam_: ah. why don't you just rsync around the bad sectors and spot the bad files?22:53
neosisanidaftykins, because that will install twice amount of packages for same use, which will in turn mess up default apps for everything, which will in turn make mom really upset because she got used to something22:53
deemoI just tried running the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade now22:53
k1ldeemo: that will not make you to 14.10. that will just install all upgrades22:54
daftykinsneosisani: not if you install just xfce properly and change your session, it won't touch hers.22:54
daftykinsneosisani: alternatively, run a persistent live session from USB if you really can't handle unity that much :)22:55
deemoyes thats fine... I want to wait for the dreamstudio 14.x version upgrade anyway22:55
Awendi don-t speak english22:55
Awenddevo aggiornare22:55
neosisanidaftykins, dude, i want to make gnome look dumb and work fast, not install little rat.22:55
daftykinsAwend: italian?22:55
pepinQUIT [oui]22:55
Awenddon-t work in my pc?22:55
k1l!it | Awend22:55
ubottuAwend: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:55
daftykinsneosisani: you don't make much sense.22:56
zteam_daftykins, because ddrescue, is much smarter than that, it focus on grabbing data from the good sectors first and then take the bad ones, wheras, dd would choose this pretty random and then risk to damaged the disc harder22:56
daftykinszteam_: i know how it works.22:57
zteam_daftykins, But that's not what I'm asking about, what I want to know if is would be normal in a regular dd case for example, to be viewable before the cloning is complet22:58
zteam_daftykins, you asked, I answered :-)22:58
k1ldeemo: if its done try to install xchat again. if it says package foo cant be installed try to install that and see what it says22:59
daftykinszteam_: no... i didn't ask22:59
joshumaxAnyone have any ideas on how to solve my question?22:59
we6jboI wrote a program in Java. Is there an easy way to package it and put it on a PPA?22:59
joshumax!ubottu Packaging23:00
zteam_daftykins,, you asked why I did choose ddrescue, before dd..... :)23:00
daftykinsjoshumax: version?23:00
daftykinszteam_: no i referred to rsync, nothing to do with dd.23:00
joshumaxdaftykins: trunk, I'll find the exact version though23:00
daftykinsjoshumax: "cat /etc/issue" or "lsb_release -a"23:01
deemoI went via software centre instead of terminal and it said ''The installation or removal of a software package failed.'' k1l23:01
k1ldeemo: software center doesnt help us23:01
zteam_daftykins, ahh okey, sorry then, there is an optin called sync with dd to, so I thought you were refering to that one :-)23:01
joshumaxdaftykins: That's a rather long story...you see, right now I'm using Arch23:01
k1lplease use apt-get so we can see the errors in a pastebin23:01
deemoit actually install xchat k1l23:02
daftykinsjoshumax: no, it's a number :) "xx.xx" typically.23:02
zteam_daftykins, Anyway, do you think this would be normal, http://postimg.org/image/la3a9zayj/a17cc285/23:02
joshumaxdaftykins: Arch is rolling release so we don't have a version number, and I'm using unity 7.3.1ish23:02
daftykinsjoshumax: so you're using ubuntu packages atop arch...23:03
zteam_daftykins, the commandline was sudo ddrescue --force -r3 /dev/sde /dev/sdc /home/zteam/logfile23:03
joshumaxdaftykins: No, I'm using unity atop arch, compiled from source23:03
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warhorsek1l,  here I am now on xchat client ... its deemo23:03
daftykinsjoshumax: ok good luck with that then. sorry, not ubuntu, not my idea of fun :)23:03
joshumaxer, rather, *ported* sources23:03
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joshumaxDarn, I was redirect from #arch to #ubuntu...23:04
joshumaxWhere to now, #ubuntu-unity?23:04
k1ljoshumax: well yes. i think the unity devs know better. we are focused on already build packages in here.23:05
s00pcanjoshumax: you mean #archlinux ?23:05
joshumaxs00pcan: Yeah.23:05
warhorsek1l,  i am here now23:05
k1lwarhorse: yes. so where is the issue now23:05
warhorsecant install kdenlive23:06
k1lwarhorse: "sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade&&sudo apt-get install kdenlive"23:07
warhorsek1l,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9257548/23:08
jxshxxSeems I've lost the icon to minimize all windows.  What's a boy to do? - 14.04 Gnome Classic23:09
ikoniayou've pointed apt-get at a website ?23:10
warhorsehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9257569/ k1l23:10
ikoniaand seem to have configured other odd urls23:10
warhorsedaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9257569/23:10
joel__I have a 3 partitions, swap, boot (os and apps) and third where I want to keep all my data files. How do I move my "Home" folder to the third partition so if I want to reinstall Ubuntu/upgrade all my data stays safe?23:10
k1lwarhorse: i think that is due to your massive ppas and the dream-studio unofficial spinoff you use.23:10
k1lwarhorse: better to see the dreamstudio support if the know that23:11
Bashing-omjoel__: See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving .23:13
warhorsek1l,  they are as good as non existent... I have contemplated leaving the distro but just havent got an alternative besides Ubuntustudio23:15
joel__Bashing-om: Thank you23:15
warhorsethanks for the time ... I hope I figure something out of reinstall if I have to k1l23:15
k1lwarhorse: we cant help you since we dont know what is important for their stuff to work.23:15
Bashing-omjoel__: :) here to help .23:16
warhorseyes I understand k1l  thanks... I gotta let you carry on helping others now. Cheers23:16
jrolland-ubuntuI have barely any systems settings after upgrading to 14.10; how do I reinstall the control panels?23:19
reconmasterhey guys, where in the file system does ubuntu 14.04 mount the network drives like samba?23:21
k1lreconmaster: mounted how?23:22
reconmasterk1l: just through the mount network drive interface in the file manager23:23
daftykinsreconmaster: mount one then type "mount" to see :>23:23
reconmasterok i think it is the gvfsd-fuse entry23:24
reconmasterthanks daftykins23:24
k1lreconmaster: see in /media/<user>/23:24
jrolland-ubuntuIs there a way I can reinstall some of the control panels?23:31
k1ljrolland-ubuntu: is your user missing some groups?23:31
k1lor did you remove some packages?23:31
jrolland-ubuntuk1l: how do I check?23:32
k1ltype groups in terminal23:32
jrolland-ubuntuk1l: jrolland adm lp dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare debian-tor23:32
k1lsudo is missing? what ubuntu are you on?23:33
jrolland-ubuntuOh, no: 14.04 - sorry23:34
k1ljrolland-ubuntu: is this your system?23:34
k1lare you the only user? or are there more accounts?23:34
jrolland-ubuntuI'm the only user23:34
jrolland-ubuntuI am a sudo user (I just checked)23:35
k1lsudo usermod -aG sudo jrolland23:35
jrolland-ubuntusudo su worked23:35
Ben64you shouldn't be using sudo su23:36
k1lsince 12.04 its sudo group instead of admin. maybe the new settings rely on that group now23:36
jrolland-ubuntuI'm still not seeing sudo in groups after running your commansd :(23:36
k1ltry relogin23:36
jrolland-ubuntuk1l: I'm in the sudo group now, but still no control panels :(23:40
k1lsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop23:41
jrolland-ubuntuThanks; trying23:41
mr_snowf1akehey guys, i'm on an old old machine running Ubuntu 10.10. Are the software repositories for this version no longer around? I'm getting lots of errors that look like this: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/o/octave3.2/octave3.2-common_3.2.4-6ubuntu1_all.deb  404  Not Found23:42
mr_snowf1ake 23:42
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ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.23:43
k1lmr_snowf1ake: you are very very very outdated. since you need to upgrade to 11.04 then to 11.10 then to 12.04 i suggest you make  a clean reinstall with a supportde release23:43
bubbasauresmr_snowf1ake, Thought it said on the message eol23:44
k1lmr_snowf1ake: you system got heavy security issues and they will not be fixed. so upgrade (or better reinstall) asap23:44
mr_snowf1akebubbasaures: i know it's very old and outdated. i'm just stuck with this machine for a few days, and i don't want to deal with that. i figure that means that it is in fact the case that some of the repositories no longer exist?23:44
bubbasauresmr_snowf1ake, In the archives yes, not the regular repos.23:45
mr_snowf1akek1l: i know. i wasn't asking about whether i should be upgrading or not. i know i shouldn't be running a machine with software this old.23:45
mr_snowf1akebubbasaures: okay, so that means if i change around the links i should be able to get it to work?23:45
Guest73621What is this place? interesting23:45
mr_snowf1akeGuest73621: this is IRC. #ubuntu@freenode. First time using IRC I take it?23:46
k1l!topic | Guest7362123:46
ubottuGuest73621: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic23:46
bubbasauresmr_snowf1ake, What is your definition of work, in general eol is past support here.23:46
Ben64mr_snowf1ake: you'd be better off running a 14.04 or 14.10 livecd for a couple days than a release that hasn't been updated in over 2 years23:46
mr_snowf1akeBen64: actually, that might be a good idea23:46
jrolland-ubuntuk1l: That did it; thanks so much :)23:47
k1ljrolland-ubuntu: np23:47
mr_snowf1akethis machine only has 512mb ram though... i imagine a livecd (especially a modern one) won't be running very smoothly...23:47
Guest73621mr_snowflake: Ah ok. Yes Indeed. Still fairly new to linux as well heheh23:47
mr_snowf1akeGuest73621: cool :) welcome to the crowd :D23:47
Guest73621mrsnowflake: Thank you very much x). Proud to be a linuxer haha23:48
mr_snowf1akeGuest73621: excellent :)23:48
Guest73621I'll see you all around I'm gonna hit the road. ^^23:48
mr_snowf1aketake care23:49
mr_snowf1akeumm... any recommendations for distros for an old antiquated machine? maybe lubuntu is the way to go?23:49
k1lmr_snowf1ake: yes lubuntu is intended for old and slow machines23:49
mr_snowf1akeor actually since this machine probably won't be upgraded like ever again, i should go with straight debian23:49
mr_snowf1akek1l: how does the latest release of debian do with old and slow machines?23:50
k1lmr_snowf1ake: i dont know if dabian offers a iso for older machines23:50
k1lyou can ask in #debian23:51
mr_snowf1akei guess i should23:51
mr_snowf1akethanks for the help guys23:51

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