knomepleia2, you near a printer now and have five minutes or so?00:00
ochosiali1234: btw, panel-switch just saved the day once again ;)00:04
knomeor anybody else have a printer and 5 mins? :)00:05
* slickymaster have the time but not the printer00:06
knomethen you are useless :)00:07
* slickymaster is unmotivated, again :(00:07
* sidi-valencia pets slickymaster00:10
sidi-valenciathere, there00:10
* slickymaster thanks sidi-valencia 00:10
slickymasterlol, I wonder how come the XPL hasn't yet put a end in all this pointless chats'00:12
ochosiluckily i have better things to do than play irc-police at 1am00:13
Unit193slickymaster: Shush!00:14
* slickymaster hides00:15
sidi-valenciabrainwash, it's got nothing to do with you00:15
brainwashit? I don't understand without any backlog00:17
knomebrainwash, that was the joke.00:17
sidi-valenciaslickymaster hiding00:17
sidi-valencianot your fault00:17
sidi-valenciaalso, what knome did before00:17
sidi-valenciadon't blame yourself, really00:18
slickymastertbh it was Unit193's fault, brainwash 00:18
sidi-valenciayeah i reckon00:19
* sidi-valencia shuts up.00:19
knomeso anybody has a printer? :P00:21
slickymasterwhat a team knome 00:22
knomeyeah, way to go!00:22
Unit193knome: For?00:22
knomeUnit193, flyer printout test00:22
sidi-valenciaknome, let me take a night bus to uni for you00:23
knomesidi-valencia, haha00:23
brainwashknome: the fix for bug 1310264 will be backported to trusty, but I thought that we cannot allow such a change after final release00:26
ubottubug 1310264 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu Trusty) "Can't search/find items in the Settings Manager" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131026400:26
brainwashaltering the UI I mean00:26
knomecan always if there's paperwork done and sru team approves00:26
brainwashoh ok, I'm glad that some user cared about it and made it possible00:27
knomethat's good00:29
jjfrv8knome, still want a printer?00:31
knomejjfrv8, yep!00:32
slickymasterhey jjfrv8 00:32
jjfrv8howdy, slickymaster 00:32
knomejjfrv8, please pastebin me your 'lpoptions -l'00:32
jjfrv8lpoptions -l00:32
skellatThough I do have cups-pdf as my default00:33
knomeskellat, you can do lpoptions -d DEVICE -l00:33
knomeok, jjfrv8 Unit193 and skellat, next thing:00:34
sidi-valenciaknome, Xub only or should i try to ssh to uni?00:34
knomeif you don't know your printers machine name, check it with 'lpstat -a'00:34
knomesidi-valencia, any unix system does, but you'll have to be able to look at the printed stuf00:34
knome*stuff too00:34
sidi-valenciaah nvm00:34
knomeyeah :)00:34
skellatknome: For my actual printer -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/9241350/00:35
knomeskellat, interesting, you have .FB modes, Unit193 doesn't00:35
knomeso once you know the printer name00:35
knomegrab a file from there00:35
knomenaturally, pick the one that matches your paper size00:36
knomeafter that, run:00:36
knomelp -d [device-name] -o fit-to-page -P 1 [filename]00:36
knomethen, the hardest part of this excersize:00:37
knomefold the flyer in three.00:37
knomeafter you've folded it, see if the pages look like they align with the folds00:37
knomespecifically, see if the "page" on the right hand side has a big right margin, or the "page" that is on the left hand side has a big left margin00:38
knomeideally, all the "pages" should align to the middle of each fold00:38
knomeand i'm here for questions :)00:39
* skellat goes to find somebody else in the house to try folding this **correctly**00:39
sidi-valenciacan i dump feedback that comes to mind on content? and if so can i be told more about the targets?00:40
knomeif you can fold it even nearly as it should, it should be obvious if the alignment is ok00:40
knomesidi-valencia, i facepalm very hard at you, but you can send feedback on the content to me00:41
sidi-valenciaknome, <300:41
sidi-valenciaknome, i find it funny to advertise a settings manager, im wondering, what would people find "cool" to do on a computer and among the cool features which do you guys provide? w/ *buntu you surely have a number of nice and exclusive assets00:42
skellatknome: Big right margin on both print attempts00:42
knomeskellat, ok, let's try this:00:42
sidi-valenciabut well you speak about terminals so i guess it's targeted to linuxians :-)00:42
knomein the lp command, after the other option, add: -o Media=Letter.FB00:43
knomejjfrv8, you need assistance? :)00:44
skellatknome: And that version looks correct and folds correctly00:44
knomei'm still interested of more results..00:44
knomebut it is weird that the printer requires the .FB mode even if we're not REALLY printing so close to the edges that it'd need it00:46
jjfrv8knome, http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/flyer46.php00:47
knomehuh. yeah, that's off00:47
knomejjfrv8, did you have .FB modes in lpoptions -l ?00:48
knomeif you do, please try with one00:48
knomethat should fix the alignment00:48
jjfrv8not sure. I got a "unable to open PPD file for printername" when I ran that command00:48
knomewith just the -l option?00:49
knomemaybe you need to specify the printer device name00:49
knomewhat does 'lpstat -a' give you?00:49
jjfrv8"printername accepting requests"00:50
knomeok, weird00:50
knomejust try and see what happens if you add -o Media=Letter.FB00:51
jjfrv8to which command?00:51
knometo the lp command00:51
jjfrv8keep the -o fit-to-page as well?00:52
knomethat option is weird, because to me it tells that it should resize the content, but it actually preserves the original size here... go figure :)00:53
knomebut that's how it worked for me00:53
jjfrv8that spread things out. let me re-fold00:54
knomeooh :)00:54
knomeUnit193, you still around?00:54
Unit193There's a chance.00:56
knomethen try that print00:57
knomeyou can try to cheat and add .FB even if it's not listed as supported00:57
jjfrv8knome, result of second try: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/flyer213.php00:58
knomelooks much more like it should00:59
knomedo the pages generally appear as aligned for you?00:59
knomei guess i'll investigate next what i'd need to do in order to support non-.FB modes..00:59
Unit193Looks a bit off center, but meh.01:01
knomeUnit193, try adding the .FB option01:03
knomejjfrv8, still around and want to try one more thing?01:38
knomelet me upload a file first01:38
knomegrab the "cropbox" one01:39
knomethen try printing without the .FB argument01:39
jjfrv8just a sec01:40
jjfrv8printed but let me grab my implements again01:42
jjfrv8left and right margins look better but folds are worse, eh: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/flyer310.php01:48
knomethat might still be the right route01:49
knomethanks again01:49
knomei should be able to get a hold of a printer tomorrow and now i know what to play around with01:49
knometoo bad it isn't a given that any printer can print "over" the media size01:50
jjfrv8k, good luck.01:51
knomewe'll get this out before the end of the year!01:51
Unit193bluesabre: And, read the patch pilot report, https://code.launchpad.net/~brunonova/ubuntu/trusty/xubuntu-default-settings/lp1310264/+merge/238935 (FWIW, there's another xubu mention: https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/vivid/xfce4-xkb-plugin/lp-733563/+merge/239668)01:54
Unit193Full report: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2014-November/038543.html01:54
knomenighty! -->02:15
pleia2knome: sorry, will have some time on wednesday02:44
Unit193pleia2: Howdy.  Were you looking into epub?02:46
pleia2Unit193: nope02:47
Unit193Ah, OK.02:47
pleia2knome said he had a work item about it02:47
Unit193Yep, "Briefly investigate possibilities to export DocBook to other formats"02:48
knomepleia2, that's okay :D11:12
bluesabreUnit193: got it. Will get to the xkb-plugin tonight.  It's been hectic.11:38
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ochosii think as soon as intelligent hiding of the panel is fixed/released and we ship it, we could reconsider re-adding the bottom panel to xubuntu's layout17:01
ochosi(we could also put it to the left side)17:01
brainwashochosi: and switch back to the classic app menu? :)17:16
brainwashwhiskermenu was the reason to get rid of the bottom panel17:18
brainwashthe main reason17:19
GridCubei still use a panel as a launcher for basic apps17:19
GridCubebut having whiskers made xubuntu more accesible to my family that doesnt understand much of computers, having a menu where you type what you want and it searchs that app for you you its very useful17:20
ochosibrainwash: i don't think it's necessarily an either-or and i like to test different setups before the lts17:21
ochosii remember there were some users who really liked the bottom panel and wanted it back after we removed it17:22
brainwashthis reminds me that we should not have removed the bottom panel, only hide/deactivate it, so the user can easily enable it again17:24
brainwasha preconfigured bottom panel is a good idea17:26
ochosihow would you go about hiding/deactivating it?17:28
ochosithe best thing would be to simply have a UI for panel-switch and to ship it with a few presets17:29
brainwashI think you can hide panel-1 and so on17:29
brainwashmaybe it's a hidden switch -> settings editor17:30
brainwashI cannot test it right now17:30
elfywhy have 2 panels? wherever they are (- which is obviously a moot point to me)17:31
brainwashthe bottom panel could be optional17:32
brainwashhidden by default, so the user can re-enable it easily17:32
elfyif we've got a couple of cycles to play - why not play with position first17:32
brainwashisn't there only one sane position?17:33
elfypersonally I've no particular axe to grind here - as the panel is never what I want anyway :)17:33
elfybrainwash: apparently not :D17:33
brainwashI like the idea of having an optional preconfigured panel17:34
elfyso do I - I'll choose the options :)17:35
brainwashsadly the panel cannot keep track of running programs, so it's not that useful17:35
brainwashlike all the other dock apps17:35
elfymine show's what I've got running 17:36
brainwashbut the old bottom panel does not, it has only some normal app launchers17:36
elfyold is old and gone - why even bring it up? 17:37
elfysurely we're talking about the future 17:37
brainwashthe next LTS release17:38
elfymissing my point :)17:38
brainwashand it's just some random thought17:38
elfywhat I'm saying is - not much point in talking about what the old one did, making assumption that a replacement would be exactly the same17:41
jjfrv8ochosi, quick question on powerman: is there any actual difference on a laptop among the blanking, sleeping and switching off settings of the display?19:39
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elfyhi habhatti :)21:28
habhattihey elfy, installed vivid today :)21:29
elfy\o/ 21:30
elfynice :)21:30
Unit193habhatti: Howdy.  So I missed it, where'd you come from? :D21:31
habhattiUnit193: Hey. I'm from Pakistan.21:33
Unit193Ah, sidi's survey.21:34
slickymasterhey guys21:38
elfyhi slickymaster 21:39
elfybluesabre: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2014-November/010488.html21:40
habhattihey slickymaster 21:41
elfyI replied - but not sure where they should report that :)21:41
slickymasterhabhatti o/21:41
slickymasterthat's a strange one elfy :P21:42
elfyslickymaster: yea - not really a whisker bug - as it's doing exactly what it should :)21:43
elfyprior to all settings be visible in whisker it wasn't an issue of course21:43
slickymasterlet's blame knome on this one elfy 21:44
elfyha ha ha21:44
slickymasterit was him who started all with bug 131026421:44
ubottubug 1310264 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu Trusty) "Can't search/find items in the Settings Manager" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131026421:44
elfyyep - which I +1'd :)21:46
slickymasterbooooo elfy 21:47
elfywell it was a bug that affected me :p21:48
* Unit193 doesn't use whisker. :D21:51
slickymasterthb, I like it Unit193 21:52
Unit193You're permitted to. :P21:53
Unit193bluesabre: FWIW, Ubuntu is looking into hexchat-indicator now, but not sure it's worth much.21:55
elfysaw that conversation in bits21:56
ochosijjfrv8: yeah, blanking only puts a black layer on the screen, so the display is still switched on. suspend/sleep means it'll wake up more quickly then when it's really switched off. the time/difference depends on the hardware though23:40
jjfrv8ochosi, thanks. so is it true for laptops as for desktops that some hardware might not support switching off?23:58
ochosiafaik there is no good data on what hardware supports what exactly23:58
ochosie.g. the distinction between sleep and suspend in DPMS is not very transparent23:59
ochosisupposedly there's a wakeup-time difference between standby and suspend as well23:59
ochosibut yeah...23:59

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