ochosipdawg: how well that'll work depends on your graphics card/driver mostly00:19
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Krotosis there anyway for me to manually add ldt16 to xubuntu 14.04.1?00:30
Krotosand bust00:35
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pdawgmy hardware is good tho01:20
pdawgi am running a 770m01:20
aynrand420how do i make it so that my screen never turns off, i have altered the setting in the settings mannager but it doesn't work01:28
David-Aaynrand420: have you checked the settings for power management or for screen saver?01:33
nomiccommands :  xset q01:35
nomicwill show that your screensaver is active01:35
nomicxset s off   <- turns screensaver off01:35
nomicput in these commands "xset s off"         "xset s noblank"         "xset s 0 0"01:36
nomicscreen blanking is no longer controleable .. since they made this "light locker" thign01:36
nomicthe x screen saver is not controlleable01:36
nomicuse those commands in the bash shell to control your screen saver01:37
nomicxset q01:37
nomicshows you the status of your screen saver01:37
nomicthis is a known problem01:37
nomicit is impossible for some users, to turn off screen saver using the gui01:37
nomiccan ønly be done using "xset"#01:37
nomicway I described01:37
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aynrand420thank you noic04:27
aynrand420i fell asleep04:27
aynrand420but will apply this fix04:27
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xubuntu70wHello all, Can anyone please help with 14.04 and sharing drives to windows XP ? Samba does not seem to work, and the net is no help...11:40
xubuntu70wI really like xubuntu 14.04, but, I give up, the simple things, networks, deleting files w/o being treated like a child... done with... nice.. but....11:54
dr_bobxubuntu70w: why does Samba not seem to work?11:54
dr_bobApparently it wasn't important.11:55
koegsdr_bob: dont mind, last time he also did not give any details :D12:13
* dr_bob does not mind.12:13
* dr_bob just takes notice.12:14
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pnglDoes someone know how to set the keyboard layout on the home/login screen? Editing the system settings only changes it *after* login. I use Xubuntu 14.10.13:12
GridCube!locale | pngl13:21
ubottupngl: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/13:21
Luyinpngl's question is being answered in #xfce13:26
xubuntu20wHi there ?    Anyone home ?14:06
cfhowlett!ask | xubuntu20w,14:06
ubottuxubuntu20w,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:06
xubuntu20w?** Was that an automatic response ? **?14:08
cfhowlettxubuntu20w, you've been here 5 minutes and you haven't asked your question yet ...14:09
xubuntu20wOK, no one there then... I REALLY like you're work on Xubuntu... BLOODLY great.. NICE work !!14:10
xubuntu20wBut... If someone could please tell me how, to share a Xubuntu HDD on the wifi to the window dose  net ?14:11
GridCube!samba | xubuntu20w14:12
ubottuxubuntu20w: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html14:12
xubuntu20wThanks, But tried that... What am I doing wrong ?14:13
xubuntu20wFollowed the guide14:13
xubuntu20wBut I still get promission errors from Win ?14:14
xubuntu20wI Even nuked Xubuntu and tried ubuntu...   Like this 14.04, but how can I share HDD ?14:15
blarmeypenguinhang on, how?14:16
blarmeypenguincan someone please introduce me to the different parts of my desktop environment here?14:18
blarmeypenguinxubuntu20w: it's called a samba share14:20
blarmeypenguin(I think, bcos I missed your question)14:20
GridCubewell, theres not much to do if you don't have patience14:22
GridCubeblarmeypenguin: what do you need to know?14:22
cfhowlettblarmeypenguin, #xfce for questions www.xfce.org www.xubuntu.org       for more in-depth discussion14:23
blarmeypenguinI'd like to know what gtk it is (and where my themes should go) and then where my xfce4 themes should go14:23
blarmeypenguinI'd like to have them all linked to a folder in /home too14:24
xubuntu20w2 Week, tring to get Xubuntu to share HDD's with the WinXp net..   any idea ?? the net nor any one here does ?14:24
blarmeypenguinyeah you install/setup samba14:25
blarmeypenguinlook at some examples online14:25
cfhowlettxubuntu20w, thought you were switching to windows?14:26
blarmeypenguinand then point xp to your samba 'address'14:26
xubuntu20wOK, cool... Thay works, but the promission  are the problem..14:26
blarmeypenguinarr well that's a very important linux lesson to learn right there14:28
GridCubexubuntu20w: there are plenty of tutorials for samba online, maybe some on your particular language that will help14:28
GridCubewe can not know what is going wrong with your setup14:28
GridCubeyou could try to connect to your other computers using gigolo14:28
xubuntu20wOK, Sorry for before, I have been thru all that I can find on-line, There must be some trick, that I do not see, I'm in IT and I do not get it ?14:30
GridCubexubuntu20w: windows and linux are not always friends14:30
GridCubeyou just need to figure out, my bet is something in windows is preventing you to connect properly14:31
blarmeypenguinhttp://www.maketecheasier.com/manage-remote-filesystems-with-gigolo/ oh wow that looks simple14:31
blarmeypenguinxubuntu20w: how do you do it with just windows?14:32
xubuntu20wOK, I pass, anyone involved in XUbuntu14.04,   GREAT stuff, really, sweet...   sorry, just the networks that I can not wotk out... Keep it up, and thanks.14:34
onrhow do you remove applications from *registry*14:38
onri want to remove a particular application from main menu, destkop, "open with" menu, etc.14:39
blarmeypenguinsudo apt-get remove "it"14:39
onrit's not something downloaded via apt-get14:40
GridCubewell, you can edit the mime types your application recognizes onr14:41
onrok i think i found it14:41
onrApplication Finder > pick the app > right click > revert14:41
onrand it says "This will permanently remove the custom desktop file from your home directory."14:41
blarmeypenguinI'd like to know what gtk it is (and where my themes should go) and then where my xfce4 themes should go14:42
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI14:42
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager -> Appearance (tabs Style, Icons) and/or Settings Manager -> Window Manager (tab Style). Starting with Xubuntu 13.10, you can control some of your theme colors from Settings Manager -> Theme Configuration.14:43
blarmeypenguindo I want to go out and get gtk2 themes or gtk3 themes?14:48
khan12I'm using dvd::rip but I want to use it better. I didn't find an official documentation, can someone help me? At least, redirect me somewhere else..14:55
flexiondotorgAre any of the Xubuntu team I chatted with on IRC at UOS about Ubuntu MATE in here?15:01
blarmeypenguinoh what? I lost all contact with videohelp and doom915:05
dianne167hello.  i have xubuntu 14.04, and i am using cairo dock.  i like to use google chrome, with application specific windows for my gmail and facebook, and google docs.  i used to be able to use them and they would show up like their own application on the dock, to be minimized and maximized or whatever, with their own app specific icon...  for some reason right now, they are all just showing up as chrome windows, even if ther15:23
dianne167e is an app shortcut for gmail on the dock, when i clock the gmail icon it opens up with a separate chrome icon on the dock15:23
dianne167i do not know when this started happening, but can someone point me to what settings or whatever have an effect on this?15:24
frowniHi there, i'm having screen tearing while using xubuntu with my ATI card..what can i do :( ?15:49
frowniAlso while watching movies15:49
sohail-ahmedI have connected my tablet with my system via usb but I could not see it neither in the browser nor in the /media. any help??16:13
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xubuntu24wWhen chromium is not included, why is it coming updates for chromium ?21:10
deshipuchromium is included21:15
deshipu!info chromium21:15
ubottuPackage chromium does not exist in utopic21:15
deshipumaybe I have a ppa21:15
xubuntu24wI meen chromium web browser, but xubuntu use firefox.21:17
geniiDo you have a screenshot of this ?21:17
xubuntu24wno, but sometimes it is updates for chromium.21:18
Unit193deshipu: chromium-browser.21:18
Unit193xubuntu24w: Perhaps because you installed it, or a lib from it?21:18
Unit193I believe you can view details of package updates from Update Manager, but I don't use it.21:21
xubuntu24wWhen it comes updates it sometimes coming files for chromium too.21:22
krytarikxubuntu24w: dpkg -l | grep 'chromium'21:24

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