thumperTIL: version "2.0-_0" is a valid version number22:15
thumperI was looking for something that would compare less than any 2.0 release we'd make22:15
thumperand looking at the regexp, I found that this was valid22:15
thumperhopefully we'll never use a tag like that, but it is valid...22:15
thumper"2.0-00" is less than "2.0-_0"22:17
thumperdon't want to make juju/cmd depend on the version package...22:34
* thumper thinks22:34
thumperjuju/cmd already depends on juju/utils22:35
davecheneythumper: what properties of version.Version does command depend on22:46
davecheneyone way to break the dependncy22:46
davecheneyis define your own interface type in juju/cmd22:46
davecheneythat juju/juju/version just happens to implement22:46
davecheneymaybe allow new commands to be registered at init time22:46
davecheneyso juju/cmd/juju inserts a version command rather than inhereting one22:47
* davecheney waves hands at virtual white board22:47
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