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Tug_Hi, I'm trying to bootstrap a manual env but it fails to configure Juju machine agent19:39
Tug_this is the output I get: http://pastebin.com/tZ2sQErt19:39
Tug_any idea ?19:39
Tug_juju 1.20.13-trusty-amd6419:41
Tug_destination is a trusty vm as well19:42
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Tug_now I have bootstraped the env but running juju status fails22:05
Tug_2014-11-30 20:50:41 DEBUG juju.state.api apiclient.go:248 error dialing "wss://juju:17070/", will retry: websocket.Dial wss://juju:17070/: dial tcp 130.211.X.X:17070: connection refused22:05
thumperthat url looks wrong22:18
thumperTug_: bootstrapped what type of environment... with what config?22:18
Tug_thumper, manual env with very simple config22:19
Tug_bootstrap-host: juju22:19
Tug_the rest is default22:19
thumperis the "juju" host the same as the machine you are running on?22:20
thumperor a different one?22:20
Tug_a different one22:20
Tug_actually I just tried something interesting22:20
thumperis it actually running?22:21
Tug_I installed juju-core on the machine agent22:21
Tug_and set up the same config and it worked22:21
thumperit shouldn't need that22:21
thumperso something looks wrong22:21
Tug_it looks like the port is closed maybe ?22:22
thumpercan you uninstall juju-core and look again?22:22
Tug_on my machine ?22:22
thumperyou can ssh to the machine and look in /etc/init to see if the jobs are registered22:22
thumperno, the fact that it failed before, then you installed juju-core on the other machine then it worked22:22
thumpercould be a missing dependency22:22
thumperwhat version ?22:22
Tug_I mean it worked when I run juju status from the machine agent22:23
Tug_not from my machine22:23
thumperperhaps it is just a problem resolving 'juju' ?22:24
Tug_I still get "connection refused" from my machine22:24
Tug_yeah that's what I was thinking22:25
thumperyou can try this...22:25
Tug_but it does resolve to 130.211.X.X22:25
thumperit is a hack mind22:25
Tug_which is correct22:25
Tug_and then the port is open22:25
Tug_I think22:25
thumperwell if it works on that machine, but not from your client22:26
thumperI'd double check that the port is open22:26
thumpercan you telnet to it?22:26
Tug_telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused22:26
thumpercheck your settings :-)22:27
Tug_yeah it must be that :)22:27
Tug_but sadly it's all set22:27
Tug_(it's just a network config on google compute engine)22:28
* thumper shrugs22:29
Tug_at least I excluded juju from the cause :)22:39
thumperyeah, there is that22:40
Tug_or it could be... here is what I have with netstat22:47
Tug_tcp6       0      0 :::17070                :::*                    LISTEN      17596/jujud22:48
Tug_maybe juju does not forward ipv4 connections22:48
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Tug_fyi, it was a bug in google cloud (for real) removing the rule and recreating it did the trick :)22:58

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