frecelI have a couple of questions about the lubuntu-daily ppa02:32
wxlsuch as frecel ?02:33
frecelare the lxqt components there going through any modifications or is it just pure lxqt?02:33
wxlfrecel: i'm not sure i understand what you mean02:47
ianorlinthere is a metapackge for lxqr02:47
frecelI know about the metapackage02:47
ianorlinand you can start from mini iso for pure lxqt02:47
ianorlinbut just know you have to install software-properties-common to be able to install ppas02:48
wxlso are you asking if there's a difference from upstream frecel ?02:48
ianorlinI got stuck on that part a little02:48
frecelI'm just wondering if installing from that metapackage will give me anything different than if I were to compile from source from github02:48
frecelwxl: yes02:48
ianorlinit takes maybe 2 days changes to get into the ppa after it is on github but not much02:49
wxlfrecel: well mayhap, mayhap not. there WILL be artwork components for sure that aren't on github02:49
ianorlinyeah you will get lubuntu icon stuff that is specific02:49
frecelthat's what I needed to know02:50
wxlfrecel: long story short, if you compile yourself, it will be harder to maintain and you won't get much different. there are developers both upstream and downstream working on it02:50
frecelwxl: I actually want to start contributing to lxqt so I wan't my version to be upstream02:50
wxlfrecel: well the way ubuntu usually works is it develops on launchpad and push patches upstream, so upstream is not necessarily more up to date. it depends, though.02:51
frecelI talked to agaida and he said he developes on arch02:52
wxlfrecel: if you dig into the code it looks like most of the branches are imports of the upstream git02:55
wxlfrecel: and then the ppa is autobuilt02:56
wxlfrecel: but lxqt definitely doesn't have our artwork and default settings02:56
ianorlinyeah some openbox configs are different but easy enough to change those02:56
wxlfrecel: thiss may be useful, the seed for the metapackage03:00
wxloops forgot the link https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/lxde/lxqt-metapackage/view/head:/debian/control03:00
wxlqlubuntu-default-session is probably an important one to have03:01
wxlmaybe lubuntu-extra-sessions too03:01
frecelwxl: I think what I'll do is import lxqt code to launchpad in my own branch take the build recipie from the lubuntu ppa and that will solve my problem03:02
wxlwhat IS your problem?03:02
wxlall the theme stuff (line 73-78) you won't have either03:02
frecelMy problem is that I want a daily build of the git repo and no one makes it avaliable03:03
ianorlinit is pretty easy to clone03:03
ianorlinand build03:03
wxlfrecel: what i'm kind of telling you is launchpad automatically imports HEAD of git and autobuilds it03:03
wxllet's test this theory03:04
frecelbut then if I update won't my  configs change to lubuntu configs?03:05
wxlversus https://code.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/lxde/lxpanel03:05
frecelit's kind of a pain when we are talking about daily updates03:05
wxllooks like it's pointing at master03:05
wxllook at the git commit http://git.lxde.org/gitweb/?p=lxde/lxpanel.git;a=commit;h=64d2d703b5e86e57d7218835e9dacee4cb3bd6a703:06
wxlversus the one on launchpad https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/lxde/lxpanel/revision/168103:06
wxllook at the revision ID there and/or the commit message03:06
wxlsame same03:07
wxlnow let's look at the ppa03:07
wxlthe ppa may be behind a bit https://launchpadlibrarian.net/191499813/lxpanel_0.
wxlyes 1679 not 168103:08
wxlthe recipie is built daily03:09
frecelok I get your point03:09
frecelIt probably would be better if I was doing this sober03:10
wxlwell i don't have exact timing for you in any case03:10
wxlbut it looks like it could be 24-48 hours behind03:10
wxlit looks like the imports happen every 7 hours or so03:11
wxlso that's pretty fresh03:11
wxlyou could just grab the debs and it would save you compilation time03:11
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AscavasaionMorning.   How do I mute/unmute headphones etc in Lubuntu?  I plug headphones in but I cannot find the settings for mute/unmute/volume.09:30
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AscavasaionHow do I mute/unmote/adjust volume of microphone in Lubuntu please?14:44
mk2soldierHi guys, I'm currently using Firefox in combination with Lubuntu, however I'm experiencing a problem: How can I change the scroll bars? The ones currently used for this theme are similar to OS X and it is very difficult for me to select them "blindly" because there is a small gap between the bar and the rightmost margin of the screen that prevents me from selecting them without slowly moving the mouse cursor. How can I change th15:46
mk2soldierI'm referring to the default Lubuntu theme15:47
Cihanhi lubuntu fans17:08
Cihanshould i use lubuntu17:08
ianorlinif you want to and it suits your needs17:09
mk2soldierHi guys, I would like to know how can I modify the scroll bars on gtk themes. I'm currently using Lubuntu 14.04 with the default theme and it is frustrating because I can't click the scroll bars "blindly", I think there is a small gap between the border of the scroll bar and the edge of the screen. How can I modify this behavior?18:57
mk2soldierIf I, for example, select another theme (Clearlooks, Crux, etc..) the issue is not present. I can click right on the edge of the scroll bar/screen and I can select the bar without the minimum error margin.18:57
mk2soldierThank you very much!18:57
holsteinmk2soldier: i would just look for a theme that supports that, and looks like what you are going for.. have you tried any?19:33
holsteinmaybe one from http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=14667419:33
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mk2soldierholstein: Thank you for the advice holstein but I prefer to continue to use that theme.20:21

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