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wolfhearthow do Install the 32bit development libs in ubuntu 15.04 please ?10:19
elfynot sure I'm afraid10:22
MikaelaI think that multiarch is the key, but I am not sure either10:27
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:25
elfyhi BluesKaj14:06
* Mikaela is somewhat scared of replying to anything here because of !offtopic14:06
elfywell I'd not not say hi :)14:07
elfydon't really know why I bother with this channel tbh - rarely anyone wanting to do much with xubuntu in here :)14:08
Mikaelanothing is wrong with that channel either of course, but when I am being over-sensitive and emotional everything hurts14:08
elfyI don't like the -ooftopic channel14:09
BluesKajhey elfy14:09
Mikaelamy situation is just difficult and when those words are used14:09
BluesKajthe ubuntu offtopic chat is full of juveys :P14:10
elfyyea - but ops in here just want the channel to be on-topic14:10
BluesKajand juvenile behaviour14:11
elfycue dying channel14:11
BluesKajI hang out in the kubuntu-offtopic chat , fewer ppl , but much more adult14:12
elfy<- xubuntu-offtopic14:12
Mikaelahmm, am I even on any offtopic channel14:12
elfyno idea :)14:12
Mikaelaoh, I am. #ubuntu-fi-offtopic #weechat-offtopic and #hexchat-offtopic14:13
Mikaelamy whois should tell most of chanells unless they are marked as +s14:13
WhoKnows_625hi, is there some package to provide qt4 support in a qt5 environment? for compiling propurses, something quivalent to libkf5kdelibs4support517:20
penguin42do you need that, or do you just install libqt4-dev?17:21
penguin42or are you explicitly after KDE support?17:21
WhoKnows_625I have just clone a repo and trying to get a first glance at the code17:21
WhoKnows_625it compiles ok in my kde4 machine but not in kd517:22
penguin42yeh not sure17:22
WhoKnows_625the error I get is that the variable QT_QT_INCLUDE_DIR has not found17:22
WhoKnows_625but I have conpiled kf5 examples correctly17:22

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