ahoneybunhello all05:34
akiva-thinkpadahayzen_, hey06:17
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, o/ haha06:17
akiva-thinkpaddarn autocomplete06:17
ahayzen_akiva-thinkpad, ikr06:17
danielbehello. I would like to create a docker container for the cordova ubuntu touch platform. I'm stuck however:09:44
danielbe1) apparently creating a click application needs proviledged mode, which is a little bit suboptimal.09:45
danielbe2) "cordova build ubuntu" tries to run the following command "sudo click chroot -aarmhf -f ubuntu-sdk-14.04 create" and fails with "E: Failed to change to directory ‘/data/fakeapp’: No such file or directory" .09:47
danielbeThis directory however exists. I wanted to ask if someone could give me a hint.09:47
viejotrenHello, I'm walking my first steps with ubuntu sdk, I have a question, in QtCreator where I can local manifest.json?23:44
viejotrennevermind, it's in front of me23:47
viejotrenany useful resource for scopes?23:51

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