goetheCan somebody set the importance of this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus-share/+bug/128729613:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1287296 in nautilus-share (Ubuntu) "Folder sharing stuck when installing services" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:11
* penguin42 looks13:17
goethethank you13:18
goethewhat program language do i need to learn to fix bugs like that?13:19
penguin42ah that depends where the bug actually is13:20
penguin42I suspect nautilus is C, but whether that bug is actually in a package install script or something or who knows13:21
penguin42so the real challenge of fixing a bug like that is to find the problem13:21
penguin42goethe: I'd go and try and figure out what is producing the window that's stuck - is it really nautilus or some other program that's started out; xwininfo and xlsclients might help you figure that out13:24
goethethanks, will try, brb13:29
goethepenguin42, this is what i have now: http://imgur.com/B6K3U6e13:42
penguin42goethe: Hmm, not that useful since it says 'window has no name'13:48
penguin42goethe: You could try xlsclients before and after that window appears13:48
brainwashI guess you are looking for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/trusty/nautilus-share/trusty/view/head:/src/nautilus-share.c#L58613:53
penguin42well, it looks like that runs apturl - so is it actually apturl that's blocked?13:55
penguin42yeh, I think that window is coming from AptUrl13:56
penguin42if I do that on 14.10 here I get an AptUrl dialog that looks similar to that (although not quite the same)13:56
brainwashright, some debugging is needed here :D13:56
penguin42goethe: Can you run the command     apturl  apt:libpam-smbpass13:56
goetheit says the package is already installed14:04
goethegoing to try without it installed14:04
goethewithout it installed i get a functional popup, asking me to install libpam-smbpass14:10
penguin42hmm, does the popup look exactly like the broken one?14:16
goetheyes, exactly the same, compared again to be sure14:20
penguin42ok, hmm so do we change that bug to be against apturl then?14:20
penguin42goethe: Can you just confirm the detail of the bug - is it the same window but it's greyed out and it doesn't let you click anything?14:22
brainwashbug 130046614:22
ubot5bug 1300466 in apturl (Ubuntu) "second installation request unusable" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130046614:22
penguin42oh yes that is the same14:24
goetheleft one is with the apt url14:25
penguin42brainwash: I've duped that to 128729614:26

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