cloudy_nzI had no idea this channel existed08:32
lotuspsychjecloudy_nz: :08:32
lotuspsychjethis is to chitchat about ubuntu08:32
lotuspsychjeand nice to avoid crowdy offtopic08:33
cloudy_nzTo Ubuntu, or not to Ubuntu, that is the question...08:33
lotuspsychjeto ubuntu of course08:33
cloudy_nzIt's sad how people mock it as noobuntu08:34
lotuspsychjekeep on windows?08:35
cloudy_nzNo, usually it's arch Linux snobs08:35
lotuspsychjewell ubuntu is the most popular Os08:36
cloudy_nzIs it? Thought it was mint for linux08:37
lotuspsychjeno, ubuntu has the most users08:37

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