solarshi, my mythbuntu machine somehow falls asleep after a while, and the HDMI signal for the tv seems to be gone, I cannot wake it up using my bluetooth keyboard, anyone got an idea how to fix this?17:41
solarsand how can I wake it up via ssh?17:41
solarsscreensaver is disabled17:41
enycsolars: if truly asleep, wake-on-lan might work, not ssh19:28
enycsolars: (though you could SSH into something else on the same subnet that can send the wake-on-lan packet...)19:28
enycsolars: does it wake up on local power button, or wake up on USB/PS/2 keyboards ?19:29
solarsI can ssh into it, so it's only the HDMI port that doesn't seem to send a signal19:31
Kwisherwhere's the option to run fe in a window instead of fullscreen?19:40
enycsolars: not familiar with tha partcularly, does the screen blank when doing anthing else not just the frontend?19:43
solarsI have no idea, I just noticed that my tv loses the signal after a while but the server is accessible..19:46
solarsI might try a usb keyboard19:46
enycsolars: so, narrow it down as much as possible19:57
enycsolars: does it do thoe same thing with a different screen connected?19:57
enycsolars: does it do the same thing with different program running?19:57
enycsolars: does it do the same thing when e.g. booted from mint 17.1 boot cd, instead of in mythbuntu install19:57
enycthen you start to narrow down where problem lies =)19:57
enyc(or at least, the incompatibility!)19:59
solarsyeah I'll try :)20:02
solarsthanks for the hints in the meantime20:02
B34NHow much storage do I need for a backend not including any media. I have a NUC with 8GB RAM that I am planning on using but currently has no HD. I have an 8GB SSD that I could use or I could take a 16GM from another device. Also, any issues installing from USB?21:44
Kwisherdepends on the recording content21:47
Kwisher1 hr of hd = 6gb21:48
Kwisherthe o/s only needs very little21:50
B34NKwisher: Thank you. All I'll have in it is the o/s as all data is stored on a FreeNAS. I'll use the NUC if I can't get a jail running Myth under FreeNAS.TY22:13
Kwisherwhat tuners you using?22:14
B34NKwisher: HDHR Prime with cable card. All content is copy freely22:38

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