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keeshmmm. I'm so used to doing security updates, I'm a bit rusty on doing -updates updates. :P18:26
keeslet's see what I get wrong! :)18:28
Laneykees: you need to target <release>, not <release>-updates18:31
keesLaney: with what part? I udated ubuntu-updates in the changelog and specified nothing in the dput.18:37
keeser, $release-updates18:38
keesbut I think I need to use $release-proposed, don't I?18:38
Laneyrelease is an alias to release-proposed these days. Either would work, but people usually leave off the -proposed18:38
keesah, okay. will do.18:39
keesLaney: can you discard those and I'll re-upload?18:40
Laneydon't think I have the power, I'm afraid18:41
keesoops. heh. okay, I'll have them ready18:41
keesinfinity: you around? :)18:41
infinitykees: Ish.19:07
infinitykees: What am I discarding?19:08
infinityOh, the spamassassin uploads to the wrong pocket?19:08
keesinfinity: yup, thanks!19:59
DalekSecLP 1360785 should be fixed by 0.3.11-0ubuntu720:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 1360785 in hexchat (Ubuntu) "HexChat does not integrate with the Ubuntu me-menu" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136078520:57

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