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jstremI'm having a problem with a new install. grub keeps failing. I'm installing via usb drive.04:34
PrezidentWhat error messag?04:34
jstremgive me a bit and I'll give details. I'm trying the install again. it has a few minutes to go.04:35
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jstremerror message: unable to install grub in /dev/sda . executing failed. fatal error.05:01
sheptardI hate how ubuntu assumes you want the boot loader installed on SDA05:02
jstremskip it and do a manual install... I'm guessing is the work around?05:02
christinasalisbuI have a couple “maybe” quick questions, it is more Minecraft specific. So we keep getting this error Authentication servers are down. But authentication servers Aren’t down, so I feel like it is a problem with our firewall or if anyone knows something else that would be great!05:06
jstremsounds like a port forwarding/minecraft/router issue rather than a ubuntu issue?05:09
jstremyeah. new install and dodge grub. .. bad idea. I get nothing but a blank screen on boot. time to burn a dvd and forget usb.05:10
christinasalisbuIt sounds more like a Firewall issue is there a way to uninstall  I tried something like sfw disable or something like that.05:14
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jstremfixed. forget usb install. what a mess.05:46
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hadifarnoudhow can I give non root users access to run a command that needs sudo? I want to give www-data user access to nginx command07:02
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rajviHi Guys. Could anyone tell me what's the most common, easiest & safest practice to add startup scripts?17:28
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hxmcan i change a partition type with fdisk?19:06
Patrickdkthough, the partition type normally doesn't mean anything and is rarely used19:07
hxmis a logic partition with linux format but i want swap19:07
hxmah found it, "t"19:09
Patrickdkassuming your using old partitions, and not gpt19:11
hxmyes, old partitions19:11
hxmi saw the warning19:11
Finetundrahas anyone here managed to install ubuntu server on an IBM xSeries 225 type 8647?19:51
bekksFinetundra: Which issue exactly do you have, installing Ubuntu on a IBM xSeries 225 type 8647? :)19:58
Finetundrabekks, primarily its getting the blasted thing past GRUB. past that nothing much that effects useability too badly20:00
bekksWhats the issue at that point?20:00
Finetundrai get a message saying that the resolution cannot be displayed and then it just sits there with that message20:01
Patrickdkbut who is saying that?20:02
Finetundrawhat do you mean who?20:02
FinetundraPatrickdk, the graphics card i believe20:04
Patrickdkno, graphics cards don't print errors20:05
Patrickdksounds like you have a crap monitor20:05
Patrickdkand your system knows it can do better so it did20:05
Patrickdkif you can see grub, then grub isn't the problem20:06
Patrickdksomething else is using a high video res20:06
FinetundraPatrickdk, the graphics card has 8mb of vram. the monitors i use work perfectly fine with signal coming off of any other machine20:06
Patrickdkyes, but what does any of that have to do with this issue?20:06
Patrickdkdid you tell the other systems to use the same video res that this system is using?20:07
Patrickdkif you did, the same issue would exist20:07
Finetundraso what are you getting at?20:08
PatrickdkI already told you20:08
Patrickdkwhat part of it didn't you understand?20:08
Finetundrayes, but booting to grub is the only thing that causes this. what you suggested leaves me a tad confused20:09
Patrickdkcan you see or not see the grub menu?20:09
Finetundracan't see it at all.20:10
Patrickdkeven if you use the shift key?20:10
Finetundrausually. i got past ti with that once but never again20:11
Finetundrait displays fine with everything but grub20:12
Patrickdkso your looking at doing soemthing like this20:12
Patrickdkdepending on exactly what video card your using20:13
Finetundrai think so20:14
qmanFinetundra: have you trued the nomodeset option?20:34
Finetundraqman, whats that?20:37
qmanit turns off kernel mode setting20:38
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qmanFinetundra: there should be an F key option to use it from the live disc, but if you don't see it, just hit to enter parameters manually and add nomodeset to the end of the kernel boot line20:39
Patrickdkqman, but nomodeset is a kernel option, not grub20:48
Patrickdkit would have no impact on grub20:48
Patrickdkand the kernel loads after grub20:49
qmangrub's visibility is irrelevant as long as it's working afterward20:50
qmanespecially for the installer20:50
Patrickdkbut he only said he had an issue with grub20:50
Patrickdkthough, the video the kernel uses afterwards, is completely independent20:50
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JustEnkihi, is anyone here familiar with socat?21:21
grendal_primethis is sort of off topic...but ummm i need some project management software for something kinda odd.21:23
grendal_primelike for a hydro electric company.21:23
kevindfI'm currently running a Teamspeak server & OpenVPN server on my Ubuntu server that's running on a "old" PC, I'm planning to run a LAMP server also in order to host a Teamspeak web interface. If i'm correct installing and hosting a LAMP server just for this web interface without traffic won't take much of my hardware resources if i'm correct?21:23
grendal_primecan anyone recomend something?21:23
grendal_primescreen sharing is pretty proc intensive21:24
grendal_primewhen you say old pc...what is the specs on it?21:25
grendal_primeand teamspeak server?  i though with teamspeak you sent your stream to their servers...therefore reducing the bandwidth required on your uplink.21:26
kevindfAMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+ with 1048GB RAM21:27
Finetundrakevindf, you sure about that being GB?21:28
Finetundranot mb21:29
kevindfIt's just about hardware resources, I've got enough network capacity21:29
kevindfYes sorry, that's a typo :)21:29
hxmhow to quick format with makefs.ext3?21:30
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