Isotop7i dont get any ota updates since 25th of november...im on ubuntu 14.09 rtm...i wondered if they switched the main channel?00:12
Big_Is anyone aware of a way to sync the Contacts app with a .vcf file? I've tried evolutionsync, but it's returning errors. I'm running R140 on a Mako device.03:47
ahoneybunI now have 4G on my N4 with Ubuntu Touch btw06:20
scott__This may be a noob question, has anyone tried to port the LG G2?07:30
scott__It has a lot of the same as hammerhead?07:30
scott__No answer?07:35
scott__An easier question. I need the new phablet-dev-bootstrap -c command for the latest on CM07:40
scott__It has been a while since I played with it07:40
scott__I remember salvetti put up another branch beyond cm-10.107:44
AndroUsernick scott_07:53
scott__Thanks...I see it's vis a ppa08:11
Isotop7im using channel 14.09 rtm proposed...i dont get any ota updates since 24th of november...is there a possibility that the main channel was switched to vervet and is namen differently?08:21
nhainesThis has not happened yet.08:39
nhainesActually, it can't happen.08:40
nhainesNot for a couple of months, anyway.08:40
danielbehello. I would like to create a docker container for the ubuntu touch cordova platform.10:03
danielbeHowever, when executing "sudo click chroot -aarmhf -f ubuntu-sdk-14.04 create" I got the error "E: Failed to change to directory ‘/data/fakeapp’: No such file or directory". That directory however exists.10:05
danielbeSo I wanted to ask if someone knows about click and cordova and could give me a hint on what to do.10:05
iwan2dualbootHi. I am wanting to dual boot my pendo pad 7 with ubuntu. Can anyone tell me if this has/or can be done?18:10
Patrick032986hel,lo guys I was wondering if its possible to put ubuntu on my phone I have a LG Optimus Feul phone?20:01
popey!devices | Patrick03298620:02
ubot5Patrick032986: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices20:02
Patrick032986mines not listed I don't know if thats a yes or no sorry I am new to about installing ubuntu on a phone20:04
popeyPatrick032986: it's a no, until someone does a port20:17
pngoI'm having problems to save crontab file.  Permissions problems. is it possible to create crontab as phablet?21:57
pngook looks like root can not create cron jobs as well...):22:00
pngoSorry, now it looks that nano has a bug, can not save file22:21
cwaynepngo: it can if you phablet-shell instead of adb shell22:31
cwayneelse use vi22:31
pngocwayne, ok. thxs22:32

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