rick_h_man, the bookie traffic lately is kind of nuts00:22
cmaloneyI think it's because GSoC is heating up again00:30
rick_h_well what's cool is people using it00:31
rick_h_had people with bugs running their own, someone wants AD support, another person doing the irc bot thing00:31
cmaloneyHooking up with AD, eh? That might be a fun one00:40
cmaloneyHave played a bit with LDAP but not enough where I'd want to see if I could get it working with generic AD00:40
cmaloneyBut you can bet your bippy if we ever need a bookmarking app for work I'll be providing patches. :)00:41
rick_h_well I'd let velruse deal with it00:44
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tony-smlrSMLR E140 (11/30/2014) -Going Live Soon- Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1oj-K0wxSo - Audio: http://live.smlr.us:8000/streaming12:45
cmaloneyGood morning14:58
cmaloneyI wish I could get it through some wanker's thick skull (who happens to share my name) that he doesn't own "craigmaloney@gmail.com"22:19
cmaloneyApparently he signed up for an EA account22:19
rick_h_heh, time to buy some games?22:31
cmaloneyYeah, no kidding22:32
cmaloneyAnd I love that the email they sent to me is from an unmonitored account so sending mail back to them is futile.22:32
cmaloneyJust turned on two-factor auth though22:33
rick_h_and the office cleanup for the long weekend is complete https://flic.kr/p/pY3gx7 phew23:13
rick_h_and what a crappy shot :)23:13
cmaloneyDamn, that's one clean office23:14
rick_h_so much crap thrown out23:14
rick_h_one nice long open spot for the new desk to go into23:14
cmaloneyNice. :)23:14

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