ObnoxiousEriC^^: Meh, apparently that did not work. :/00:00
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EriC^^Obnoxious: did you reboot after installing them?00:01
ObnoxiousYes. Thrice, actually, because I wanted to make sure00:01
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ObnoxiousI am getting a lot of these Nov 29 13:32:45 pomgetslinux kernel: [   42.408317] nouveau E[   PFIFO][0000:01:00.0] SCHED_ERROR [ UNK06 ]00:05
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Obnoxiouskernel: [ 1658.555259] nouveau E[   PFIFO][0000:01:00.0] write fault at 0x0000219000 [PDE] from BAR1/HOST_CPU_NB on channel 0x007fd5f000 [unknown]00:07
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Obnoxiouskernel: [ 1658.555259] nouveau E[   PFIFO][0000:01:00.0] write fault at 0x0000219000 [PDE] from BAR1/HOST_CPU_NB on channel 0x007fd5f000 [unknown]00:07
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* Obnoxious gets pastebin00:07
daftykinsObnoxious: thank you :P00:08
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ObnoxiousHm, does anyone know what this means: wpa_supplicant[1646]: nl80211: send_and_recv->nl_recvmsgs failed: -3300:15
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ObnoxiousI know it's not relevent to my earlier issue, but it might be relevent to my shitty wifi issues(?)00:16
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Cryp0sisObnoxious: heres the link that explains the error and the fix http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222445000:29
owen1how to install pip on 14.10?00:31
owen1how to find what package do i need in order to have pip?00:32
dasjoeowen1: try python-pip00:32
owen1dasjoe: thanks! is there a command i can run that tells me where to get pip from?00:34
owen1or a command that tells me what tools are coming with python-pip?00:34
owen1i tried aptitude show python-pip and also apt-cache show python-pip00:35
owen1Cryp0sis: looks like 'sudo python get-pip.py'00:36
owen1that was not smart (:00:38
owen1i don't have get-pip.yp (;00:38
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dasjoeowen1: I check http://packages.ubuntu.com ;)00:38
dasjoeowen1: "apt-file search pip" would've given the same answer, though00:38
dasjoeowen1: http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/all/python-pip/filelist00:41
SchrodingersScatdasjoe: that actually didn't work for me.00:44
lapionDoes anyone else get xhci aborts when reading or writing in block sizes of 16MiB to and external usb3 device ?00:46
Klapohello guys00:47
Klapocan someone tell me, why ubuntu 14.04 us not respecting /etc/fstab /proc hidepid=2?00:48
HappyNewYear13which channel do you guys use in your Wifi?00:48
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lapionHappyNewYear13, if your country permits it and all your devices accept it I would use 13..00:49
HappyNewYear13lapion, why not 27 instead?00:50
icloudhi does anyone know of a virtual fish tank software? i got a spare 42 inch tv and a spare computer, want to turn it into a fish tank, prefer to be able to virtually feed the fishes, but if not its ok00:51
lapionHappyNewYear13, in the 2.4Ghz band I'd use 13..00:51
KlapoHappyNewYear13: eee.. weird question00:51
Klapocheck which are used, and choose most free channe00:52
HappyNewYear13icloud, that's so cute. it never occured to me to do that. i love fishes00:52
HappyNewYear13Klapo, did that and chose 5. but my wifi disconnects. i was on 3 not i am on 5. waiting for the disconnection now...00:52
Klapochannel doesn't matter when it comes to disconnects00:53
Klaposomething else is broken00:53
Klapomaybe your ap or drivers00:53
HappyNewYear13Klapo, online documentation talked about setting your country00:53
HappyNewYear13Klapo, i was trying the easiest solutions first00:53
albertanyone know about how long check disk will take on a 500 gig drive?00:53
Klapowell country is for limiting power00:54
Klapo+ sometims you can use one more channel00:54
HappyNewYear13i see00:54
HappyNewYear13Klapo, i also read about putting wifi power off. mine is off already00:54
dasjoealbert: depends on the check you run and your disk's throughput00:54
Klapowait what?00:54
HappyNewYear13power management00:55
Klapooh, thats good00:55
HappyNewYear13what does it mean anyways Klapo ?00:55
Klapoalso disable power management for PCI Experss too00:55
Klapowell, idk.. but got some problems when it was on on my lenovo00:56
bubbasauresalbert, a windows chkdsk?00:56
albertdasjoe, under disk i ran smart data and self test00:56
Klaposo I disabled it too.00:56
HappyNewYear13Klapo, lenovo! this is the one i have now. it's new00:56
Klapoalso some chips are working bad when 5GHz is enabled, so check this too00:56
albertbubbasaures, no ubuntu00:56
Klapowifi chip?00:56
bubbasauresalbert, you mean a fsck?00:56
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albertbubbasaures, under disks i ran SMART data and self test00:57
HappyNewYear13Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter00:57
bubbasauresalbert, Cool, just trying to get the context00:57
dasjoealbert: right, a long smart self test usually takes a few hours, the short tests only some minutes00:57
Klapohmm... idk00:57
HappyNewYear13"also disable power management for PCI Experss too" where do i do that?00:57
KlapoHappyNewYear13: google for same issues with wifi chip name00:58
Klapoin power manag..00:58
albertbubbasaures, no problem this thing been on for an hour and still says 90%00:58
KlapoI have to go, bb and gl!00:58
HappyNewYear13Klapo, bye00:58
albertdasjoe, i chose short00:58
lapionalbert, depends on what check disk program you are using and what options you added00:58
bubbasauresalbert, Heh, well should finish is my guess. ;)00:58
albertlapion, didnt do anything but hit start00:58
lapionDoes anyone else get xhci aborts when reading or writing in block sizes in excess of  8MiB to and external usb3 device ?00:59
albertalready at 113 bad sectors00:59
lapionwindows or ubuntu ?00:59
bubbasaureslapion, I think it's the smart gui in disks00:59
arvutlapion: gentoo01:00
arvutlapion: dare to think outside the box01:00
albertwell this is boring waiting argg01:00
lapionarvut, if someone says chkdsk I automatically think chkdsk.exe it's specific a name01:00
arvutalbert: abort and delete hdd now. buy new and reinstall01:00
albertanyone have anything fun to do on ubuntu untill this check disk finishes01:00
albertarvut, send me one01:01
arvutlapion: why would it need the .exe extension for you to know what kind of file it is? if its binary and executable then that should be enough01:02
lapionalbert, you need to use a tool like badblocks to find you bad sectors and than use advanced options of hdparm to rewrite the bad sectors so the drive can reassign reserve sectors01:02
albertlapion, is that using the commands i tried earlier that i had no clue if it was doing anything in the command prompt ?01:03
arvutlapion: there are various ways to execute instructions, not just the .exe way of things. its not the .exe-way or the highway01:03
dasjoelapion: that's not true, a smart self test will remap bad sectors01:03
lapionarvut, in linux and unix environments we tend to talk about fsck or badblock checks. and with apparent noobs we need to verify such things ...01:04
odishey guys i am new here i need to ask smth01:05
odishow i stop the check disk at startup OS=ubuntu 14.0401:05
lapionsmart doesn't allways work correctly, in my experience a manual relocation is usually the best option.01:05
albertnoobs ? i ran sudo badblocks -v /dev/sda101:05
albertdidnt know if it was actually doing anything01:05
lapionnot all hdd manufacturers allow relocation after certain smart values have been reached01:06
odismy hdds have many bad sectors01:06
lapionalbert, use badblocks -vv and try using a blocksize of 51201:07
albertsudo badblocks -vv /dev/sda1 ?01:07
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lapionsometimes if you set badblocks to use 1 block at a time and blocks sizes that are the same as sector sizes and overwrite the disk with zeroes autoreallocation does it's job and you wind up with a disk with no badblocks01:09
albertlapion, how do i implament the 51201:09
lapionhowever be certain badblocks have not reached thier maximum and enable bablock reallocation with hdparm01:09
lapionalbert si the man01:09
lapioncheck the manual. man badblocks01:10
albertlapion,  uh who da man01:10
lapionunix default manual pages are da man01:11
lapionapparently not you01:11
arvutvery epic01:11
arvutso is this shoutcast01:11
albertlapion, well the -vv gave me atleast visual in command prompt01:11
lapionalbert, to learn we all read somewhere how and what to do.01:12
lapionalbert, most unix/linux knowledge comes form reading da man01:12
albertlapion, thats why i am here lol. where to read i have no clue01:13
lapionjust type: man badblocks01:13
alberto well im going to buy a new one01:13
lapionalbert, on the command prompt01:13
alberttakes to longb01:13
lapionalbert, the best ides ever for people with hdds with badblocks01:13
albertlapion, i just installed it, it was working fine for a week01:14
lotuspsychjegood morning to all01:15
reisiohard to imagine utilizing badblocks being a more worthwhile use of your time than obtaining a replacement hard disk01:15
reisiolotuspsychje: mornin'01:15
reisioeven though it's evening! :p01:15
lotuspsychjeis there a solution to connect to garmin connect with ubuntu, to update garmin device?01:15
albertwell its late and i had hard time booting up and i just installed a week ago and dont even know anything to do on here yet01:16
lotuspsychjeive tryed garmin-plugin but it did not connect01:16
albertback when i first used linux i was gaming quake 2 lolo01:17
daftykinslotuspsychje: like, firmware? seriously doubt it01:19
lotuspsychjedaftykins: no, its to update maps for garmin device to latest01:20
lotuspsychjedaftykins: ubuntu recognizes the device as media, but cant connect to that garmin/connect website01:21
daftykinslotuspsychje: yeah even less likely01:21
lapionalbert, is the data on the disk redundant?01:21
lapionalbert, I mean do you have backups or can you simply erase the data ?01:22
albertlapion, there is nothing on here01:22
lapionalbert, so then use the write mode of badblocks with a block size of 51201:23
albertlapion, trying to figure out how to add that command01:23
lapionalbert, have you tried to type man badblocks on the commandprompt ?01:24
lapionalbert,  literally "man badblocks"01:24
albertyes but its been a long time since ive ran a linux distro01:25
lotuspsychjeyou can try testdisk also01:25
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | albert01:25
ubottualbert: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3 (utopic), package size 314 kB, installed size 1269 kB01:25
lapionlotuspsychje, he is not trying to recover data he's trying to refurbish a hdd with badblocks01:25
lotuspsychjelapion: testdisk is to test the disk also, photorec for the data recovery01:26
albertlapion, not trying to refurbish i just dont want issues when i boot up01:26
lapionlotuspsychje, no testdisc is not to test the disk it is to find partition information01:26
lotuspsychjealbert: what kind of issues do you have?01:26
lapionalbert, to not have issues you need a drive that's errorfree..01:27
lapionlotuspsychje, he has badblocks01:27
albertlotuspsychje, wouldnt let me boot into gui01:27
albertsudo badblocks -vv -b 512 /dev/sda1 > bad-blocks-result is that correct ?01:28
lotuspsychjealbert: what kind of error do you have01:29
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lapionalbert, if the drive can be zeroed just do the following: badblocks -vvwb 512 /dev/sda1 -o bad-block-results01:29
lapionalbert, you have to be sure that sda1 is the disk you need to check and is erasabel01:30
albertlapion, lol ok duh01:30
lapionalbert, all data of sda1 will be fully erased01:30
PrezidentIs there any program so i can see facebook status in terminal?01:32
lapionhowever to assure you have no problems with all other areas of the disc you should do the same with the whole disc and use sda in stead of sda1 afterwards all partitions and all their data will be gone and you'll have to re-init the partition table with fdisk or gdisk if you prefer uefi usage of the drive01:33
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lotuspsychjePrezident: didnt test myself, but you could try links201:34
lotuspsychjePrezident: and a more advanced way here: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/08/use-facebook-from-command-line-with.html01:35
azhumveelooking for help running GUI verison of this - https://github.com/mikar/blockify  -  please please :D01:37
OerHekscan i play facebook games in terminal too?01:37
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: i doubt it, as they need flash things probably01:38
lapionlotuspsychje, there is a fbdev webbrowser that uses directfb in stead of xwindows01:39
Prezidentlinks2 was pretty well, with -g it sucks then i can use firefox or luakit or any other browser on same thing01:39
Prezidentbut in terminal its nothing different then lynx for example.01:39
rypervencheOerHeks: Sure, it's called a browser :P01:40
lotuspsychjelapion: you have a packagename for OerHeks ?01:40
lotuspsychjerypervenche: :p01:41
nathanashi there.I have a stupid question01:41
lotuspsychjenathanas: no questions are stupid mate01:42
nathanasshould my server be set to my countrys local time01:42
kyle__There are no stupid quiestions, just stupid people01:42
nathanasor to the country that is physical thye server connected?01:42
nathanasit serves users that mostly are in my country01:42
kyle__nathanas: Yes and no.  The actual hardware clock on the system should be set to GMT, but the locale should be set, and that should display it in local time.01:43
nathanasi am talking about hte locale01:43
wafflej0ck_yup if you're storing dates/times just use UNIX time and GMT/UTC/Zulu to store times01:43
nathanasin my local time right?01:43
wafflej0ck_your local time for the locale should make reading logs based on the time easier01:43
nathanasand for the ntp configuration of the server should i do the same?01:44
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)01:44
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nathanasTimezones and Network Time Protocol Synchronization01:44
kyle__The time non-local users see should be in the locale for where the server is I think.  But this is a really neuanced question you're asking :)01:44
wafflej0ck_nathanas: ntp should only be adjusting the UTC time I believe01:44
kyle__nathanas: For NTP to work right, I beleive the hardware clock NEEDS to be set GMT.01:45
nathanasI am asking two questions really01:45
kyle__NTP doesn't care what the locale time setting is at all .01:45
wafflej0ck_nathanas: the locale timezone setting should be adjusting the UTC/GMT/Zulu time but if you have a locale timezone set then it should adjust for display purposes appropraitely01:45
nathanasthe locale of the server should be set in my country?01:45
kyle__wafflej0ck_: Is it still called zulu anywhere?  Just curious.01:45
kyle__nathanas: Yes.01:46
wafflej0ck_nathanas: yeah for ease of translating times and looking at logs compared to your local time that should make it easier01:46
wafflej0ck_kyle__: I did some USAF work they call it Zulu01:46
nathanasi am looking at this article01:46
wafflej0ck_kyle__: and timezones were a huge problem01:46
wafflej0ck_kyle__: according to the military everything is supposed to be stored in Zulu time but unfortunately that was not the case01:47
kyle__wafflej0ck_: I can only imagine.  ugh.  It's bad enough with users just in the US through the UK....01:47
kyle__wafflej0ck_: I thought some OSes and linux distros only stored in GMT...01:48
wafflej0ck_yeah we were aggregating data from multiple systems and sometimes they were Zulu/UTC/GMT and sometimes they were stored in local time (in the database)01:48
wafflej0ck_made for a great nightmare01:48
kyle__plan9 I think....01:48
nathanasWhen you find the region/timezone setting that is correct for your server, set it by typing:01:48
nathanassudo timedatectl set-timezone region/timezone01:48
nathanasi am trying centos01:48
kyle__And the sysadmins wept, and the auditors laughed at their pain.01:48
nathanasbut i use to connect to this room01:48
Huliohi guys01:49
Huliois ubuntu already have sftp server installed?01:50
Huliobasically i want to be able to do sftp01:50
wafflej0ck_Hulio: no you can use vsftp but it's not super easy to configure and it's not really super secure from what I understand01:50
wafflej0ck_Hulio: scp tends to be a lot easier and secure01:50
Hulioi thought ubuntu is built in?01:50
Hulioi remember i did awhile ago01:51
wafflej0ck_Hulio: vsftp is in the repos but not installed by default I'm pretty sure01:51
kyle__Hulio: there is an sftp server built into openssh, so if you're using the openssh server (the default in ubuntu), it supports sftp.01:51
nimbioticsUsing ubuntu 14.01:51
nathanasI cant resolve the issue here01:51
nathanasI need to achieve time & NTP sync01:52
Hulioi thought install opens ?01:52
Hulioopen ssh01:52
lotuspsychje!ftp | Hulio01:52
ubottuHulio: FTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd01:52
kyle__Hulio: Although, there is a known bug in it (still), where the transfer rate is much lower than with scp.01:52
nathanasbut timezone should be set in servers zone01:52
nathanasbecause i think services are going to check the time with systems nearby01:52
Huliolotuspsychje, no third party please...ithought i used to do install open ssh thing01:52
Huliowhy would i need third party software?01:53
nathanasso if I set my servers to my local (users zone)01:53
nathanasthen i willhave correvt time but i won't know if ntp & timezone sync works01:53
lotuspsychjeHulio: see the !ftpd trigger01:53
nathanaswhat do you think is best?01:53
nathanasi know i am asking something silly01:53
daftykinsHulio: you're talking about SFTP as in the SSH variety, sure - just install openssh-server then your client can hit port 22.01:53
wafflej0ck_Hulio: it isn't third party software it's still coming from the Ubuntu repos where the rest of your packages for the OS came from just some packages are installed by default since everyone uses them and others aren't01:53
nathanasbut i need to know every single setting I am changing in my distro01:54
Hulioi see01:54
nimbioticsUsing ubuntu 14.04, I had a USB headset that stopped working, apparently because battery got damaged. But now I do now have audio at all. I pasted the results of the "ALSA Information Script" to http://paste.ubuntu.com/9307668/, but I can't understand whats in there. Is there a way to reinstall all audio system from scratch? If so: How? TIA!01:54
lotuspsychje!sound | nimbiotics01:54
ubottunimbiotics: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:54
nimbioticslotuspsychje: checking ... Thanks!01:56
wafflej0ck_Hulio: personally I setup vsftp but didn't like the limitations imposed by it and found it difficult to configure, since I wanted continuous integration and deployment I ended up just setting up Jenkins on my server to watch for changes to the git repo, pull them, build, and deploy so it all just happens on the server via a git commit/push as the trigger to build/deploy.... it's definitely some setup but Jenkins is pretty nice and01:56
wafflej0ck_glad to have it now, no messing with FTP/scp directly01:56
wafflej0ck_for opening the server to others who won't be working with Git though I still understand the need01:57
Hulioi dont understand01:57
daftykinsi think this lot are talking about ftps01:57
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daftykinswithout quite knowing it01:58
Hulioi use to never do or use the vssftp thing01:58
Hulioall i do is opens01:58
Hulioopen ssh01:58
daftykinsyeah, so install openssh-server and job done01:58
lotuspsychjeHulio: whats your end goal exactly?01:58
lotuspsychjeHulio: you want file transfers from where to where?01:59
nathanasso i am asking again02:00
nathanasi need to setup ntp synchronization to my server02:00
nathanasso i need to set the timezone02:01
nathanasthe server is in another zone than the user is02:01
nathanaswhat should i choose? local user timezone or server timezone?02:01
dasjoenathanas: ntp doesn't care about timezones02:02
nathanasdoes ntp synchronization checks and compares time by delivering packages to the servers near your server"?02:02
daftykinsi don't see how time is hugely relevant02:04
dasjoeIt can do that, yes. But that doesn't matter, as it's syncing using UTC, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Time_Protocol02:04
kyle__nathanas: Is ntp not running?  Or is it running, and you don't think it's getting time?02:05
wafflej0ck_nathanas: you can configure what servers ntpd is using I don't believe it will automatically choose the nearest server, but the drift should be minimal using ntpd02:05
kyle__run the command, 'ntpq -p', and you'll see the current status of the ntp system.02:05
wafflej0ck_nathanas: you can use date, or date -u (for utc) to see the current setting without the -u it will use your locale to adjust the time shown (internally it is still the UTC time)02:05
isthisreallifeim trying to create bootable usb using winusb02:06
isthisreallifeand i get this error:02:06
wafflej0ck_nathanas: UNIX Time is seconds since Jan 1st 1970 UTC and is how the system sees the time really02:06
isthisreallifehow to fix it?02:06
wafflej0ck_nathanas: on 32 bit systems it will run out of seconds in Jan 203802:07
wafflej0ck_fun fact02:07
nathanasi know about ntp02:07
nathanasi have used it in arduino invoronment02:07
nathanasand i got seconds so i could make calculations to get the current time02:08
l0rdn1xwafflej0ck_, rofl are you serious post some links02:08
kyle__wafflej0ck_: Fun fact, nothing existed before Jan 1st of 1970.02:08
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: you could try a clean erase with gparted first maybe, then retry winusb02:10
isthisreallifeyou mean format to ntfs using gparted?02:11
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: another nice package is multisystem02:11
isthisreallifeit didnt help02:11
serapathi tried to upgrade my kernel to 3.17.4 and it gives me a coupe of error messages that look similar to this one: ERROR: sil: invalid metadata checksum in area 2 on /dev/dm-102:12
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: never had such error on winusb myself, not sure what it means02:12
serapathwhat does that mean?02:13
serapathi tried the update, because my virtualbox doesnt work and a forum suggested a kernel update02:13
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: what kind of usb stick are you trying?02:13
serapathon #linux they told me i should ask here, because this message is not supposed to show up and they said it might have something to do with ubuntu specific stuff02:13
lotuspsychje!kernel | serapath02:14
ubottuserapath: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)02:14
serapathlotuspsychje: what does that mean? i used kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ stuff02:14
serapathwas that wrong?02:15
daftykinsserapath: bad parity check on a RAID volume from a silicon image SATA controller by the sounds of it02:15
serapathi think i did the same last time and it worked when i upgraded to 3.17.002:15
daftykinsif things are working you shouldn't change kernel.02:15
daftykinsmuch less use the mainline ones02:15
serapathdaftykins: what does that mean? hmm... which shold i use? i only did it because the forum suggested to me that a kernel update would fix my issues with virtualbox02:16
daftykinsserapath: are you not aware whether you're using a RAID volume or not?02:16
serapathdaftykins: so things are not working and to load an image with virtualbox is currently really important to me, because i urgently need some data stored on one02:16
daftykinsone step at a time, if you please.02:17
serapathdaftykins: i do not thing so. i have only one hard drive in my laptop and just installed linux mint with default settings02:17
serapathits an 250gb ssd hard drive02:17
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:17
daftykinssorry, we don't support Mint in here.02:17
serapathok thx02:17
azhumveerephrasing my question..   can someone tell me what type of install this would be in linux so i can research how to do it myself?   tarball?  https://github.com/mikar/blockify02:18
daftykinsazhumvee: no, it's got the instructions right there - installing from git.02:19
sondahi i am on virtual lubuntu02:19
serapathcould someone tell me if that error message is something important at all? everything seems kind of to work, but i'm afraid of restarting my computer now02:19
lotuspsychje!git | azhumvee02:19
ubottuazhumvee: git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)02:19
daftykinsserapath: i already said what it was02:19
wafflej0ck_azhumvee: no a "tarball" is typically a file with a tar.gz extension, tar is "tape archive" gz is "gzipped"02:19
isthisreallifelotuspsychje i have 16gb verbatim usb drive02:19
sondacan any one help me recover a corruped sd card02:19
isthisreallifeis that what you meant?02:19
sondawindows didn't help02:20
wafflej0ck_azhumvee: have you used Git?02:20
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: this is a stick?02:20
daftykinssonda: i think we spoke about this earlier today, how far did you get with seeing the card in diskmgmt.msc or diskpart ?02:20
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | sonda02:20
ubottusonda: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3 (utopic), package size 314 kB, installed size 1269 kB02:20
azhumveewafflej0ck_:  no but i installed it.. and cloned what i want to my system..  now i have a variety of .py files that wont open.. tried python whatever.py02:20
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: maybe check your syslogs for errors on that stick?02:20
sondawindows channel didn't help me02:20
serapathdaftykins: thx, could you phrase it more not technical? is my hard drive broken?02:20
lotuspsychjesonda: sudo photorec your sdcard02:21
wafflej0ck_azhumvee: also this is using pip which is a a program for getting python dependencies and installing a program (basically packages for python https://wiki.python.org/moin/CheeseShopTutorial) but just follow the instruction in the README after you cloned the git repo02:21
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: you have another stick you could try?02:21
daftykinsserapath: so, less technical. can you share a "dmesg | pastebinit" ?02:21
sondajust hold on02:22
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: try also that multisystem package, and drag your win iso to it02:22
Hilikuswhen i do "find . -iname init" i get results like /foo/init, /bar/init, this/that/init.  how can i make it so that only this/that/init is found?? i tried grepping but for some reason it doesn't work02:22
azhumveewafflej0ck_:  thx ill give it another stab02:22
wafflej0ck_azhumvee: yeah pretty sure you can sudo apt-get install pip02:22
wafflej0ck_azhumvee: but only used it a few times myself02:22
isthisreallifeill try multisystem02:22
daftykinssonda: right but you didn't answer my suggestions.02:22
wafflej0ck_azhumvee: so you know at your own risk yada yada yada02:22
azhumveewafflej0ck_:  nod - thanks02:23
lotuspsychjeisthisreallife: i only tested ubuntu iso's, not sure win will work (didnt test myself)02:23
Vivekananda_y510hey everyone . Can I encrypt the bios itself ?02:23
=== Romtam- is now known as ^R
serapathdaftykins: btw, thx02:24
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: probably not but most BIOSes provide an option for password lock from changes02:24
Vivekananda_y510wafflej0ck_, I need a definitive answer02:24
lotuspsychjeVivekananda_y510: maybe the ##hardware guys can provide more info on that02:24
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: the BIOS is on a CMOS chip typically so it's not on the HD to be encrypted02:24
Vivekananda_y510okay on the hardware guys then02:24
introomhow can I see my mutt settings?02:25
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: you would need to check the CMOS chip manufacturer specs to see if it does any encryption on the chip02:25
introomlike, I'd like to see the "send_charset"02:25
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: never heard of it but it might exist02:25
Vivekananda_y510wafflej0ck_, okay but I am just talking about generally available commercial encryption software02:25
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: right that stuff doesn't work on the CMOS/firmware chips and stuff on the board it only works for data on the HDD02:26
sondawhich one daftykins02:26
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: so that's not gonna do it02:26
daftykinsserapath: where did you see the previously mentioned error?02:26
daftykinssonda: both, did diskmgmt.msc show up the card? did diskpart?02:26
sondai think i forgot your suggestions02:26
=== josh is now known as Guest2745
sondaeven diskpart says no media02:26
daftykinssonda: so you haven't tried them at all and yet come back in here? bit cheeky02:26
daftykinsyour disk is toast then02:27
serapathduring the "in progress output" after i issued the command: sudo -s dpkg -i linux-headers-3.17.4*.deb linux-image-3.17.4*.deb02:27
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: you can pull the HDD out and still get to the BIOS (and the encryption software lives on the HDD) you see the problem here?02:27
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: typically the password locking is good enough02:27
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: someone would have to extract the CMOS chip from the board and read the data off of it02:27
daftykinsserapath: hmm maybe irrelevant. anyway you're using Mint so you'll need to go chat to those fine people on the other network02:27
sondahow can it get corrupt..i have done no physical damage02:27
sondaonly i tried parttioning it in android phone02:28
lotuspsychjesonda: check your syslogs or dmesg, sd might be dead as daftykins suggested02:28
sondaand TWRP messed it up02:28
daftykinslotuspsychje: worst part is lubuntu is a VM, not even the host OS =|02:28
lotuspsychjesonda: and try testdisk and gparted, if it doesnt show there its dead02:29
pepperbiffenVM is a gift to the ppl02:29
lotuspsychjesonda: could be a problem with the sdcard controller aswell, so check your logs02:29
daftykinssonda: plug it in so "dmesg | tail" shows it appear again, then try a "sudo parted -l | pastebinit" after that.02:30
wafflej0ck_Vivekananda_y510: there are hardware encryption solutions impelmented in some devices like encrypted USB drives but I've never heard of an encrypted CMOS (I don't doubt this is something at the high end of the government but it's not consumer grade or even commercial grade stuff it's gotta be custom made I imagine)02:30
daftykinsVivekananda_y510: off topic, go chat to ##hardware02:31
timvisher-xubuntis there a way to disbale light locker when flash is full screen in chrome?02:31
serapath_the linux mint help channel doesnt seem very frequented.02:31
pepperbiffenrubberducky from nsa02:31
serapath_maybe just one question: do you think i can restart my computer without a not properly installed kernel will trip me over02:31
serapath_can i undo and switch back to the old kernel? (3.17.0)  or maybe it did not yet switch to 3.17.4 because the process stopped with an error message?02:31
daftykinsserapath_: sorry, no support for Mint. at all.02:31
serapath_thx anyway02:31
daftykinsyou did join their network yes?02:31
daftykinstheir channel - it's not here on freenode02:32
SonikkuAmerica!mint | serapath_02:32
ubottuserapath_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:32
daftykinssonda: waiting for the other one02:32
lotuspsychjeserapath_: you could make your life easy and install ubuntu 14.0402:32
daftykinssonda: and "sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit"02:33
serapath_i think i might do that next time, but currently it doesnt help me. but thx... is there another channel? because the suggested channel above is pretty empty02:33
lotuspsychjesonda: you sure your sdcard is not locked right?02:33
daftykinsserapath_: i think you joined the channel on freenode instead of on the *other* server.02:33
serapath_oh ok. i see02:33
lotuspsychjeserapath_: only takes 30min to install ubuntu will help alot!02:34
* daftykins facepalms02:34
serapath_oh oops, sry for that02:34
serapath_lotuspsychje: can i install it just over mint with no problem?02:34
lotuspsychje!cookie | daftykins here some force02:34
ubottudaftykins here some force: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:34
serapath_i  mean, so that i wont lose my data02:34
pepperbiffenuse VM as you should regard this as a potent enemy infection02:35
lotuspsychjeserapath_: its reccomended you install ubuntu fresh02:35
wafflej0ck_serapath_: always make a backup02:35
sondahow do i know if its locked02:35
serapath_i'll try that maybe tomorrow02:35
daftykinssonda: yep no sdb showing up, she's dead, jim.02:35
m4db0yXD i just solved black rock screen problem by completely ad-hoc method lock and immediately enter tty mode02:35
daftykinssonda: assuming your cardreader even functions in VMs02:35
lotuspsychjesonda: check the little slide on sdcard itself02:35
daftykinslotuspsychje: i hope these have alcohol in02:35
lotuspsychje!yay | m4db0y02:36
ubottum4db0y: Glad you made it! :-)02:36
lotuspsychjedaftykins: :p02:36
pepperbiffenalcohol is a must to get this done!02:36
sondashall i put a different sdcard and see02:36
daftykinspepperbiffen: please keep your comments to yourself, either ask a support question or go chat in #ubuntu-offtopic . you are helping nobody.02:37
lotuspsychjesonda: be creative and test yes02:37
pepperbiffendip in 60% alcohol first, then let it dry for 3-4 years ;)02:37
pepperbiffenill behave02:38
daftykinspepperbiffen: leave.02:38
PrezidentIs there any webbrowser in terminal what handled java?02:40
PrezidentI dont want gui02:40
l0rdn1xPrezident, I don't think so....02:41
PrezidentPretty boring, if they could fix that we didnt need gui..02:41
lotuspsychjePrezident: links2 is nice, but dont think it handles java02:41
Prezidentlink2, luakit etc are really awesome ... but would be better if they could in termina, wich they are able to. But without images.02:41
Prezidentlotuspsychje: sure, but then you need gui to browse pics02:42
lotuspsychjePrezident: your on a server?02:42
Prezidentno, desktop02:42
Prezidentbut wanna remove gnome, just need a great browswer to make my needs filled. but seems like there is no goood options yet02:42
PrezidentSo has to live with crap gui02:42
lotuspsychjePrezident: so your trapped in a GUI enviroment :p02:43
wafflej0ck_Prezident: you can certainly get a more minimal GUI that supports browsers02:43
l0rdn1xPrezident, try openbox02:43
wafflej0ck_Prezident: personnaly like Gnome but different strokes for different folks, perhaps Awesome or TWM or something would be nice02:43
PrezidentWell i could live without gui with my bots for ircs, bitlbee for weechat etc, just need something for facebook02:44
Prezidentfbcmd not are good enough, so there must be a workaround for webbrowsing..02:44
Prezidentfacebook chat = bitlbee.. facebook status = ??02:45
lotuspsychjelapion had a suggestion about a browser earlier..not sure if he's here still02:45
timvisher-xubuntshould this patch be in 14.04 or do i need to do something special to install it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-utils/+bug/130974402:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1309744 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU] Light Locker blanks the screen when playing video" [Medium,Fix released]02:46
lotuspsychjePrezident: there are some Fb packages that can check messages in software centre, but they are GUI also02:46
Prezidentlotuspsychje: what did he type, i cant scroll that much02:46
lotuspsychje!logs | Prezident02:47
ubottuPrezident: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.02:47
lotuspsychjePrezident: as l0rdn1x and wafflej0ck_ suggested you can try minimal window managers and use terminal and simple browser from there02:48
lotuspsychjePrezident: as you dont want all the *bling02:49
Prezidentyeh, thats what i am doing now.02:49
Prezidentguess i has to live with it until there will be a nice feature..02:50
sondahey if i put another sd card it shows up as /dev/sdb102:50
lotuspsychjePrezident: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might also know another browser?02:50
sondaso its confirmed that the old sd card is dead02:50
sondaor any way to recover02:51
wafflej0ck_sonda: did someone already have you use, lsblk02:51
lotuspsychjesonda: not possible to recover media you can see02:51
daftykinssonda: bin it.02:51
daftykinssonda: i'd like at this point to point out i came to this conclusion earlier today. smug mode engaged.02:51
sondai couldn't get you daftykins .. smug mode??02:52
lotuspsychjesonda: did you have the sd card data on another media once?02:52
daftykinssonda: don't worry, pleased with being right :>02:52
sondai haven't used lsblk wafflej0ck_02:53
sondasome posts i saw they tell use dd to create new device02:53
sondai am scared to do it02:53
lotuspsychjesonda: on wich media did you have the sdcard data on?02:53
Prezidentlotuspsychje: will ask, im idle there, thanks!02:54
sondano i don't have backup02:54
wafflej0ck_sonda: lsblk should list block devices including any mount points it won't really modify anything02:54
sondaand i am not interested in recovering data02:54
sondai just want to format it02:55
wafflej0ck_sonda: dd is used to copy block by block from one device to another that's where you can destroy things02:55
wafflej0ck_sonda: if lsblk doesn't see the device though I'm pretty sure nothing else will let you partition and format it02:55
lotuspsychjesonda: thats the end of the story then :p02:55
sondaits not allowing to format also02:56
sondawhats the command just lsblk?02:56
daftykinsfellow users, the card is dead - please allow us to get on with the grieving process and mourn briefly02:56
wafflej0ck_sonda: lspci (for pci devices) lsusb (for usb devices) lsblk (for block devices) ls for file listings02:57
lotuspsychjelets carry on02:57
wafflej0ck_yup seems like it02:57
sondalsblk doesn't list it02:58
sondacan i not create from dd using if=/dev/zero?02:59
Ben64if it doesn't show up in lsblk, it's dead02:59
wafflej0ck_sonda: nope no where to point it to02:59
wafflej0ck_sonda: it's dead02:59
lotuspsychjesonda: plz stop asking support for a dead sd02:59
Ben64sonda: if it wasn't stuck in your computer it'd be pushing up daisies, it is an  ex-SD, it has ceased to be03:00
sondaok thank you all03:01
wafflej0ck_oh yeah lsmod and lshw I left out of the list... are there others I should know about? ways to list things about the system03:01
malgorathbesides surfing and email, what do you guys use *nix for? I'm looking for something to do with myself03:02
wafflej0ck_malgorath: web development is mostly what I do03:03
wafflej0ck_malgorath: you could explore Blender too it's fun for learning 3D modelling if you're into visual art stuff (it does a lot more too)03:03
malgorathwafflej0ck_: Thats pretty much the way of the future huh?03:03
wafflej0ck_malgorath: it seems so03:03
malgorathwafflej0ck_: I have the artistic skill of a stone03:03
wafflej0ck_malgorath: but there are "bridges" for GTK and Qt to and things to be run in the browser03:03
lotuspsychjemalgorath: you can use ubuntu for any interest03:04
daftykinsBen64: XD03:04
sondawhich ubuntu is good for personal use03:05
pavimobhow do i install docker apps ?03:05
lotuspsychjepavimob: conky or docky are nice03:05
wafflej0ck_lotuspsychje: think they mean Docker.io not docks03:06
lotuspsychjesonda: define personal use03:06
lotuspsychjeoh right03:06
wafflej0ck_lotuspsychje: unfortunately I don't know about docker apps really03:06
lotuspsychjeme neither03:06
lotuspsychjesonda: you can use ubuntu server for personal use also..so all versions from topic are for personal use03:07
lotuspsychjesonda: finding best version for you, is up to your own needs03:08
sondaits better to install separately than via virtual box right?03:08
lotuspsychjesonda: if you want a daily use of ubuntu, you can install03:09
lotuspsychjesonda: what is it you want exactly?03:09
sondai mean is there a difference in using it via virtualbox or separate03:10
sondai want to learn linux03:10
wafflej0ck_sonda: for learning VBox is fine03:10
wafflej0ck_sonda: performance wise it will be better as a native/dual boot or by itself install03:10
sondai want to be like one of you :)03:10
lotuspsychjesonda: you cant, you are yourself :p03:10
=== crypto is now known as Guest2108
lotuspsychjesonda: best way is to experiment your own way03:11
wafflej0ck_sonda: eh I just "dog-fooded" it, just use it as my every day driver and learn more that way, and lurking the chat here03:11
pgnomemy release info shows no new release - but my xserver version is still at 1.15 ??!?03:11
pgnomecan anyone help?03:11
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
timvisher-xubuntboth light-locker and xscreensaver don't seem to be deactivated03:11
pgnomeI upgraded the nvidia driver - it didn't go smooth...probably because of that?03:11
pgnomeI have 346.16 now03:12
wafflej0ck_sonda: started off with Ubuntu in VBox though too and eventually went dual boot then switched to Windows in a VBox and Ubuntu as the base system (so just slowly switched over, over time)03:12
pgnomebut, I am not sure how to upgrade xserver ver....03:12
Guest2108So how do I change my nick on here?03:12
lotuspsychjeGuest2108: type /nick nickhere03:12
Ben64Guest2108: /nick newnick      ....... if you have other questions about IRC, ask them in #freenode03:12
daftykinspgnome: you don't03:12
pgnomebut, it is should be at 1.16?03:13
sondawafflej0ck_, so ubuntu is powerful03:13
Guest2108Well I tried that command and nothing, so I'll go figure it out. Thanks though!03:13
daftykinspgnome: "cat /etc/issue"03:13
sondaperformance wise windows sucks right?03:14
wafflej0ck_sonda: yeah it's a nice distribution especially for those relatively new to Linux, pretty large community and lots of solutions on Ubuntu forms, the trick is to always look with your version number included so you get new/relevant information, performance wise Linux tends to be better than Windows but it is in part about what you install and how you configure the system03:14
wafflej0ck_sonda: typically windows loads lots of extra stuff to deal with common cases for users (or things like superfetch that index data in the background for the search) that can be resource intensive03:15
=== Guest2108 is now known as newname
pgnomecat /etc/issue03:15
pgnomeUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l03:15
=== newname is now known as _crypto_
daftykinsso yeah, nothing newer if that's a proper install.03:15
sondacan i install ubuntu on a 8gb card03:16
daftykinsOSs don't belong on SD cards03:16
sondaand boot it from there whenever i want to03:16
wafflej0ck_sonda: the Flash drive or SD card installs are fine for some basics but you can't really install much cause you'll eat up that storage pretty quick, that said if a computer boots off of USB it gives you a way to have some basic tools anywhere03:17
suneei am having problem runing code:bloocks what should i do ?03:19
wafflej0ck_sonda: I have a 128GB SSD drive and find myself strapped for space sometimes but it's mostly Android Developer Tools (10.6 GB) then a couple Steam games (6.5GB) and my /var/www for web dev stuff is pretty big due to node modules so that's around 6GB too03:19
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
wafflej0ck_it's actually not too bad right now I'm using 60GB03:20
wafflej0ck_but I do have to watch it if I'm transferring/editing videos and things like that03:21
wafflej0ck_and keep the games to a minimum on here :)03:21
sondawhats is LTS?03:22
wafflej0ck_SSDs have gotten relatively cheap though so I may upgrade it soon (and move this SSD into my desktop since using a HDD for the OS has now become unbearable)03:22
wafflej0ck_sonda: long term support03:23
wafflej0ck_sonda: !lts03:23
wafflej0ck_!lts | sonda03:23
ubottusonda: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)03:23
wafflej0ck_sonda: if you google Ubunt LTS they have a nice chart to show you when they will shut down the repos and stop releasing security updates03:23
Prezident!lts | prezi03:23
ubottuprezi: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)03:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:24
wafflej0ck_Prezident: you can PM ubottu as well to keep the chat cleaner if you aren't directing it at someone03:24
PrezidentSorry, willd o.03:25
Prezidentwill do03:25
pgnome14.10 was released...why won't my system upgrade to it?03:25
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:25
daftykinspgnome: must be running the wrong thing03:25
wafflej0ck_pgnome: it isn't an LTS release I don't think it asks unless you check a box to upgrade regardless03:25
sondaqt is for gui development right?03:26
wafflej0ck_pgnome: or manually trigger it03:26
wafflej0ck_sonda: yeah it's for making GUIs that are cross platform compatible03:26
wafflej0ck_sonda: uses C++03:26
wafflej0ck_sonda: er is a C++ library rather03:26
wafflej0ck_sonda: think it uses some JSON syntax for the layout as well but I'm only vaguely familiar with it, would like to dig in more one of these days03:26
pgnome$ sudo do-release-upgrade03:28
pgnomeChecking for a new Ubuntu release03:28
pgnomeNo new release found03:28
daftykinsyes, stil not running it right03:28
daftykinspgnome: read the above first link.03:29
Prezidentsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get safe-upgrade ALT dist-upgrade03:29
wafflej0ck_pgnome: why exactly are you upgrading too? you may want to reconsider since 14.04 is LTS03:29
daftykinsi also agree with wafflej0ck_ here, upgrading to 14.10 is a bad idea.03:30
wafflej0ck_pgnome: unless you are doing some testing or need something in 14.10 you'll be forced to upgrade earlier by moving up to 14.1003:30
PrezidentI agree to.. 3 vs 0:)03:30
PrezidentThis sudo apt-get safe-upgrade solve your problem pgnome ?03:31
pgnomeI didn't do it yet03:31
pgnomeI'm just reading your msgs :)03:31
pgnomethanks, Prez03:31
daftykinspgnome: in future follow links given03:31
pgnomewhat links?03:32
Prezidenthttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UtopicUpgrades <- 2mins ago.03:32
pgnomeokay, just making sure03:32
Sith_Lordi ran into some libpcap issues on 14.10. only god know how many other issues lurk in the darkness03:32
daftykinspgnome: and earlier, the upgrade ones where i typed !upgrade03:32
pgnomeI usually just re-install03:33
PrezidentSith_Lord: explain your problem i will help you.03:33
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:33
Prezidentelse i recommend #ubuntu-offtopic for OT!03:33
pgnomemy nvidia driver was upgraded... will I run into probs with the older xorg version?03:34
PrezidentDoubt that pgnome03:34
wafflej0ck_pgnome: yeah typically everyone is looking at supporting LTS versions more then the .10 versions in particular03:34
pgnomehope not :(03:34
PrezidentThe only way to find out is to try out, be sure you are using backups, but thats common sense.03:34
Sith_Lordwell i installed the pf_ring package which comes with a copy of tcpdump-4.1.1. whan compiled with pf_ring, sniffing an interface with tcpdump crashes the system. UBRUPTLY. no logs03:34
pgnomewafflej0ck_, ok03:35
wafflej0ck_pgnome: using the Additional Hardware panel instead of installing yourself helps too to keep it easier to change back if things go wrong03:35
PrezidentHey Tinkerlad, whats on your mind? :)03:35
Sith_Lordi am currently unable to get this to function on 14.1003:35
Sith_Lordonly thing i can think of is the libpcap version between 14.01 and 14.10 jumpoed from 1.5 to 1.603:35
Sith_Lord14.04* to 14.1003:36
wafflej0ck_Sith_Lord: anything meaningful from dmesg ?03:36
TinkerladIm just joining in, just starting to look at ubuntu..... Have a fair bit of experience with linux but never used a ubuntu based system before..03:36
wafflej0ck_Sith_Lord: you may also want to try #ubuntu-devel I believe (someone correct me here if I'm wrong)03:36
Sith_Lordwafflej0ck_: the crsh was so immediate that there was no logs03:36
PrezidentIf you wanna chat about ubuntu in general we got a channel for that - #ubuntu-offtopic - See ya there Tinkerlad03:37
TinkerladAhh ok. Sure :)03:37
PrezidentIf you get any problems you are welcome to ask in here.. Hope you enjoy your new distro.03:37
Sith_Lordin the end after a quite a few hours of tinkering, i just blew away the rackspace instance and went back to 14.0403:38
Sith_Lordi thought about playing with downgrading just the libpcap but it has many dependancies. im not good enough to modify that much system functionality. downgrading OS was easier once i discovered how much may be entailed in just downgrading the libpcap version03:39
he1s3nbergis it possible to downgrade ubuntu 14.10 to 14.04 lts /03:39
Almishello guys this not working sed -i '/s/;cgi.fix_pathinfo=1/0cgi.fix_pathinfo=0/g' /etc/php5/fpm/php.ini it gives me this error sed: -e expression #1, char 4: unknown command: `;' I tried escape chars using \03:39
bubbasaureshe1s3nberg, No, do you have a separate home?03:40
loki__Almis, just go and change it by hands.03:40
Almisloki_ i make a shell script to not repeat this process03:41
Sith_Lordwafflej0ck_: i check that channel and see what they have to say. thanks :)03:41
he1s3nbergbubbasaures, no. im facing problems while shutting down the system. it wont shut down. taking a lot of time . also lots of hanging problems too. the system is uptodate. but still having stability problems.03:41
=== hunter is now known as Guest86032
he1s3nbergbubbasaures, also the brightness gets boosted to max after a screen wake up everytime.03:42
bubbasaureshe1s3nberg, The issues would ve best one by one to the channel, I asked about home as it makes reinstalls easier for some.03:42
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
wafflej0ck_Sith_Lord: actually tried looking that's not right but there is an ubuntu programmers chat (maybe it's named that)03:43
he1s3nbergbubbasaures, by home what you meant  ?03:43
Guest86032Tengo un problema para instalar proFtpd03:43
mozzarellaguys help03:43
wafflej0ck_Sith_Lord: might be able to get more direct help on debugging the problem there though03:43
daftykinsmozzarella: what's wrong cheese?03:44
Prezidentbubbasaures: of course its possible downgrade, wtf?03:44
mozzarellait seems like totem doesn't modify the access time of the videos I watch, why is this?03:44
Prezidenthe1s3nberg: here you go: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DowngradeHowto03:44
daftykinsPrezident: no it isn't, notice the "unsupported" and "candidate for deletion" and references to hardy03:44
daftykinsPrezident: please stop giving poor advice.03:44
Guest86032XS bye03:44
PrezidentRead the howto please daftykins03:45
PrezidentDoing the downgrade03:45
PrezidentIf you're ready to continue, we're going to continue:03:45
PrezidentFirst, we need to update APT's information: sudo apt-get update03:45
daftykinsPrezident: read the top of the page, unsupported. candidate for deletion. are you perhaps illiterate?03:45
PrezidentNext, we'll downgrade: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:45
PrezidentI did it myself, works fine.03:45
PrezidentBut dont let go OT now, please.03:45
bubbasaureshe1s3nberg, home is the file system you have direct access to without passwords I.E. that is root.03:46
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.03:46
he1s3nbergbubbasaures, i need to enter the password for getting root.03:47
coc0nutanyone here_03:47
Almisthis not working sed -i '/s/;cgi.fix_pathinfo=1/0cgi.fix_pathinfo=0/g' /etc/php5/fpm/php.ini it gives me this error sed: -e expression #1, char 4: unknown command: `;' I tried escape chars using \03:47
Prezidenthttp://askubuntu.com/questions/49869/how-to-roll-back-ubuntu-to-a-previous-version < daftykins - never tell me give poor advices again, there is tons of ways.03:47
Logan_coc0nut: yes, just ask your question, and someone will help you03:47
Prezidentit gets easier with livecd, but possible without even.03:47
bubbasaureshe1s3nberg, Right and we are in deep left field, having to explain what home is.03:47
coc0nutbecause im using remote desktop03:47
kevin__sup coc0nut?03:47
daftykinsPrezident: there are things that are supported and things that aren't, downgrading isn't. therefore it's bad advice. don't take it personally, it's not not advisable.03:48
coc0nutand it hasnt the keyboard language i want, it has us and i want norwegian03:48
daftykins*just not03:48
Logan_Prezident: daftykins is completely correct in that downgrading is unsupported; it may work sometimes, but you're bound to run into issues due to configuration changes, etc.03:48
Logan_I wouldn't recommend it to people in this channel, as it is, as I said, unsupported03:48
PrezidentSure he is, but its still possible.03:48
Logan_I never said it wasn't possible03:48
he1s3nbergbubbasaures, what u think might the problem is ? is it the new version ? or any other way to solve the mentioned problems ? the downgrading process seems to complex for me.03:48
Logan_I'm just telling you not to give people bad advice03:49
Prezidenthe asked if it was possible, not if there is a support way to do that.03:49
daftykinsnow you're arguing semantics03:49
Logan_let's not get into semantics here03:49
PrezidentAlright, i stop.03:49
he1s3nberghey guys, cut it loose.03:49
Logan_he1s3nberg: do you have a question?03:49
he1s3nbergLogan_, yes,i do and i asked it.03:50
Logan_alright, let's leave it there then :)03:50
coc0nutanywone else is troubled with different keyboard language when remote desktoping from windows to ubuntu_03:50
coc0nutim using ubuntu mate03:50
he1s3nbergLogan_, yeah. any solutions ? my system is getting too unstable.03:50
bubbasaureshe1s3nberg, You can't expect an answer to vaguely described whole set of hard to tell if related and spread across multiple posts. That is not how it works here is all, no I have no idea, I had just wondered about home and andwering your question.03:50
Prezidenthe1s3nberg: check my urls and you find your answer, be careful and be sure you doing backups.03:50
kevin__I have a question...how do I downgrade to an older version of Ubuntu?03:50
Logan_kevin__: don't troll please03:51
kevin__I have a real question...03:51
Logan_hard to believe, but go ahead03:51
kevin__I'm running 10.04 (old PowerBook)03:52
bubbasauresand the ignore is set03:52
mindless_chaoshow much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood03:52
Logan_kevin__: are you running it for a server?03:52
kevin__Just a laptop03:52
Logan_10.04 is no longer supported for the desktop03:52
PrezidentSo whats your question kevin__ ?03:52
Logan_my apologies03:52
kevin__Just want to know if there's a way to mod the power indicator to show bat power %03:53
coc0nuthaving a issue with cant find out how to change keyboardlayout in remote desktop from windows to ubuntu03:54
coc0nutranger81 nice nick >p03:54
he1s3nbergalso having one issue too. my networking gets disabled frequently. even if i restart using stop and start service, still no change.03:54
Prezidentwlan or cable he1s3nberg ?03:54
PrezidentHad same problem in previous release?03:55
he1s3nbergPrezident, no.03:55
Prezidentusing WPA/WPA2?03:56
kevin__Since 10.04 is EOS, does anyone have a recommendation for a distro that'll support the PowerPC and still run reasonably fast?03:56
daftykinswow powerpc, seriously?03:57
mindless_chaoshum.. 32 or 6403:57
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ03:57
he1s3nbergPrezident, the entire networking gets disabled. i mean its unavailable for other wlan also.03:57
mindless_chaosPowerpc is bad ass03:57
PrezidentThere is tons of problems he1s3nberg, whats your output on iwconfig wlan*?03:57
mindless_chaosI have a g403:57
mindless_chaosdual cpu03:57
Prezidentpowermanagent is OFF?03:57
mindless_chaosfast as hell with linux03:57
kevin__G4 here too03:57
mindless_chaosused to run slackintosh03:57
mindless_chaoswas super fast03:58
Prezidenthe1s3nberg: try  sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off03:58
he1s3nbergPrezident, you mean to turn off power management  ?03:58
mindless_chaosI have to get is back up and running. I am just going to put the most recent version of slackware03:58
kevin__MorphOS runs like a scalded cat on the PPC but it costs $15003:58
Prezidenttry it.03:58
mindless_chaosthen update kernel03:59
he1s3nbergPrezident, if it is, it already off in the iwconfig03:59
Prezidentbut check with iwconfig wlan0 if its off already?03:59
PrezidentAlright, then we sorted out first thing.03:59
Logan_kevin__: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/trusty/release/lubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-powerpc.iso03:59
he1s3nbergPrezident, yeah. its already off.03:59
Logan_kevin__: no guarantees when it comes to performance, though03:59
Prezident That is caused by laptops excessive efforts to save power.03:59
Stomp_Good night everyone04:00
kevin__Does 14.04.1 have "the desktop"?04:00
Stomp_Partition question,04:00
Prezidentkevin__: part please or join #ubuntu-offtopic.04:00
Logan_kevin__: that ISO has the Lubuntu (LXDE) desktop04:00
Stomp_Does anyone know how to expand the size of my windows parition through Ubuntu?04:00
PrezidentObvious you are a troll, seriouslyu.04:00
he1s3nbergPrezident, Yeah , i do think so. but before a couple of days i installed some package naming laptop power saving tools. i think it might caused the problems. and i removed it,04:00
daftykinsStomp_: use Windows to resize NTFS04:01
PrezidentHow often do you your conection drop?04:01
Prezidentevery 30MIN, lower/higher?04:01
he1s3nbergPrezident, sometimes. i think the problem occurs when the system is kept idle for some time.04:01
PrezidentIm sure its power managment04:01
kevin__Thanks Logan!04:01
PrezidentSo if you are active it :never: drop connection?04:02
Logan_kevin__: you got it :)04:02
Prezidenthe1s3nberg: try touch /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/wireless04:03
he1s3nbergPrezident, the thing is , if i try to on the powermanagement, it wont turn on too. i tried it using powertop at early times when my laptop battery was getting drained too fast04:03
daftykinsStomp_: Windows is better at resizing Windows disks04:03
mindless_chaoslike, its a light night okay?04:04
PrezidentGreat he dropped finally.04:04
Stomp_would it affect the ubuntu partition, I've already unallocated some space04:04
Stomp_but how can I make sure widnows will take it04:04
he1s3nbergPrezident, in addition to that problem ,im havng shutting down or restart problems too. the running programs wont get stopped.04:05
Prezidenthe1s3nberg: you can make a bash script wich will turn it off permanent.04:05
Prezident/sbin/iwconfig eth1 power off04:05
he1s3nbergPrezident, ok i will give a try on that one.  do you have any idea what is causing the shutdown issue ?04:06
PrezidentAll this issues came after the upgrade?04:06
wafflej0ck_Stomp_: if the free space is unallocated by any partition and is next to the windows partition it shouldn't have a problem resizing into the unallocated region, you could also just setup the partition and use NTFS on it to have a space that is "shared" between windows and Linux for media or whatever04:07
he1s3nbergPrezident, not suddenly. the problems got showing off mainly after installing a cinnamon package, which i purged right after it.04:07
bubbasauresStomp_, The space right next to the windows partition needs to be unallocated is all.04:08
Stomp_On the partition map I have the sawp space for Ubuntu, then my actual Ubuntu partition, then the space I unallocated, and last the windows partition04:08
daftykinsoh you mean you want to move it back, yeah good luck with that04:09
daftykinsi'd backup, delete and recreate04:09
Stomp_It is not letting me combine them, it says that my current windows parition size is both the max and min allowed04:09
bubbasauresStomp_, You can't move the front of a windows install is all, it's brick04:09
Prezidenthe1s3nberg: you got powermanagement-interface installed?04:09
daftykinsStomp_: yeah not gonna work04:09
he1s3nbergPrezident, i dont know. how to check that ?04:09
Prezidenttry purge it by apt-get purge powermanagement-interface04:10
Prezidentits not installed as default, wanna see if you got the packet installed.04:10
Stomp_I formated the unallocated spaced to ntfs but still it seems incompatible with the windows part04:10
Prezidentif it is, press N04:10
he1s3nbergPrezident, it was not installed. tried the command.04:10
PrezidentAlright, one thing more to remove from "checking" list..04:11
daftykinsStomp_: yeah that's not possible04:11
he1s3nbergPrezident, HMM ??04:11
PrezidentIm trying find what your package have installed for ya04:12
he1s3nbergPrezident, ok. what should i do next ?04:12
Prezidentsince all this problems popped up from nowhere when you installed the package you purged04:12
* Prezident thinking :)04:12
he1s3nbergPrezident, :)04:12
Stomp_what ya suggest? I don't want to delete the windows side, quite the opposite, I need to keep it and expand it04:12
he1s3nbergPrezident, the thing is , i dont have any idea from where it popped up. so i began thinking backwards, what all changes i made recently. and that was like i told u exact.04:13
Prezidentdid you create the file in /etc/pm/sleep.d/wireless?04:15
he1s3nbergPrezident, no.04:16
Prezidenttouch /etc/pm/sleep.d/wireless04:16
wafflej0ck_Stomp_: did you go into disk management on the windows side to check if the new partition had a drive letter assigned/04:16
Prezidentdid you create the bash script even?04:16
PrezidentFollow me now.04:16
Prezidentcd cd /etc/pm/power.d04:17
Stomp_I am on widnoes now04:17
Stomp_letter was D04:17
Prezidentsudo gedit/nano/vi wifi_pwr_off04:17
Prezidentput the bash script i wrote before ^04:17
Stomp_but I just de-formated the space once again04:17
Prezident /sbin/iwconfig wlan0 power off04:17
Prezidentsudo chmod +x wifi_pwr_off04:18
PrezidentIm sorry, this need a restart.04:18
PrezidentMaybe its worth it.04:18
he1s3nbergPrezident, let me take a screenshot on the commands then.  :-)04:18
PrezidentCome back and let me know if problem is solved with WIFI! I guess it will.04:18
bubbasauresStomp_, Really you should be in ##windows for this.04:18
he1s3nbergPrezident, ok. hope so. thank you . :)04:19
Stomp_I am on windows now04:19
Prezidentyw, i belive it will solve your wifi problem atleast.. What was next problem, laptop gets in sleep mode aswell?04:19
daftykinsStomp_: got an external hard disk?04:19
bubbasaures##windows channel04:19
he1s3nbergPrezident, no. the system wont shut down or restart .04:19
daftykinsStomp_: look up clonezilla, backup the partition to an image file on the external, delete the partition, create the new one - restore.04:20
PrezidentWhat was the problem, my mind was had fully attention for the wlan issue :)04:20
bubbasauresthat should work04:20
he1s3nbergPrezident, the issue is, even if we shutdown or restart, there is no change occuring. sometimes the screen goes blank for a long time, but wont shut down.04:20
PrezidentBut it seems something in your upgrade have been broken since you got so many issues, you got error message while you are using desktop aswell?04:21
he1s3nbergPrezident, there is an error report showing if i restart using the power button.04:21
ReScOhey, how can i run a bash script when there's a notification?04:22
he1s3nbergPrezident, the upgrade was done at the time it released itself, but this issues started showing off very recently, say a 2-3 days back04:22
bubbasauresStomp_, Clonezilla likes to see the same partition to reinstall, I would just copy and use that partition rewritten ntfs and resized.04:22
ReScOand i have a dual GPU in this laptop, intel/nvidia, how can i enable enhanced graphics on my nvidia gpu?04:22
Prezidentnano /etc/default/grub he1s3nberg04:23
he1s3nbergPrezident, what does it do actually  ?04:23
PrezidentFind: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=what_it_stays_here?04:23
Prezidentopening a text file only04:23
PrezidentShould say: ="quiet splash"04:24
Prezidenttry add04:24
he1s3nbergit says "quiet splash"04:24
Prezident"quiet splash acpi=force"04:24
PrezidentSave! and then do update-grub04:24
Prezidentproblem should be solved :)04:24
he1s3nberghow to save ?04:25
Prezidentused nano?04:25
Prezidentthen y > enter04:25
Prezidentor ctrl + x then enter04:25
Prezidentthen y i belive :)04:25
Prezidentyou see when you do ctrl+x04:26
ReScOPrezident: ctrl + x, y, enter04:26
he1s3nberghow to update04:26
Prezidentya, try now he1s3nberg problem must have been solved, im 99% sure this was the issue.04:26
he1s3nbergPrezident, i did update-grub04:27
PrezidentAnd if you did the script it old you, both problem is solved.. I am sure.04:27
mozzarellait seems like totem doesn't modify the access time of the videos I watch, why is this?04:27
PrezidentOki, great, check next time you reboot alls should be fine. No more blank screen.04:27
he1s3nbergPrezident, did every steps you told me.let me try rebooting04:27
PrezidentGood luck, please come back and tell me the result..04:28
he1s3nbergPrezident, lemme have a look. thank you :)04:28
he1s3nbergok. i will be back.04:28
Free99hey all, I'm trying to compile a kernel for my system using "make localmodconfig", everything works except for decrypting my encrypted root drive. Any hints?04:28
PrezidentThank you ReScO btw, not like i got everything in my head! ;)04:29
jstremwhat's the server room?04:33
PrezidentHels3nberg should be back now if he succeed remove the black screen, its 5mins04:33
Prezident#ubuntu-server jstrem04:33
flukethoughthow can i prevent memory leaks in ubuntu 14 server04:36
Free99flukethought, you'll need to provide more detail. What application? Or is it system-wide perhaps? Basically, how do you know there's a memleak?04:37
flukethoughtit's minecraft is the only thing i have running04:38
Free99so it's running on... openjdk or something right? Sorry I don't know a lot about minecraft04:39
flukethoughtsystem is a proliant server ml110 g604:39
flukethoughtjdk headless04:39
Free99well... how do you know there's a leak? System eventually starts saying it's out of memory?04:40
flukethoughtlooking at the logs04:40
flukethoughti see that a memory leak is detected before it has a kernal panic04:40
Free99if you can get some of the logs on pastebin I might be able to uncover something04:41
Free99make sure whatever you're pasting doesn't have sensitive info in it though04:41
=== rwp_ is now known as rwp
Free99p.s. can someone help me with my kernel issue?04:42
lickalottanyone here use sabnzbd?04:43
flukethoughtthere u go i took the last bit of the log04:43
lickalottI've been using it for a little while, just ported over from kwooty.  For the first time tonight i had to auto-repair a file and sab said it couldn't find a par2 binary.  I've been using multipar but I've been running it through wine.  Any options?04:44
Free99flukethought, Lets start with the basics, you have a minecraft install from ubuntu repos or somewhere else?04:45
flukethoughtlol else04:46
flukethoughtit's a custom forge setup04:46
Free99sheesh man I had to help one of my friend's kids set up forge, minecraft is crazy to setup on windows04:47
jp82191It's not that hard.04:47
Free99well, what mods you got?04:47
jp82191Pretty easy to get going.04:48
jp82191If you're into Pokémon you can play that pixelmon mod, pretty fun IMO04:48
Free99jp82191, you're right... I do sysadmin for a living, guess I was kind of surprised the process wasn't more straightforward for kids and such04:49
jp82191Ah, gotcha04:49
Free99flukethought, so your server was working well until recently?04:49
jp82191Yeah, it's kinda complicated for those who are just starting.04:49
=== l2ksolkov is now known as ^L2
flukethoughtover the past 30 days04:50
flukethoughtcan't get it to run longer then a day04:50
flukethoughtbefore memory leak04:50
=== ^L2 is now known as l2ksolkov
Free99flukethought, these guys are suggesting stuff is not getting handled properly by certain mods: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/server-support/1877325-ftb-server-memory-leak-anyone04:51
Free99granted that's FTB not forge, but..04:51
flukethoughtftb is forge04:52
Free99Oh. Lol. Well, anyway if you don't want to disable modes, you can try enforcing a memory limit on the jdk system so the app is not allowed to take more memory than you specify04:53
Free99might crash the server app, but not the system.04:53
Free99it's called limits, /etc/security/limits.conf04:54
Free99man limits.conf04:54
flukethoughtpoint me to a guide04:56
Free99flukethought, http://blog.mattandanne.org/2011/12/minecraft-server-setup-debian-squeeze.html?view=classic04:58
Free99you may want to learn how to edit the init script so that it will restart the minecraft server process automatically if it dies04:58
Free99flukethought, I'm hitting it. I hope this is enough info to help you out05:00
flukethoughtno that perfect05:00
flukethoughtdude u rock05:00
flukethoughtsleep well05:00
Free99thanks man, and have fun05:01
Free99p.s. thanks everyone for the kernel compilation advice :P05:01
ridetheklinehi guys i need help with my steelseries keyboard05:03
ridetheklinei have a problem with my color changing keyboard05:04
ridetheklineit changes colors in windows but it doesn't in ubuntu :(05:04
=== zz_Scorilo is now known as XeBlackWater
=== XeBlackWater is now known as Guest80846
Prezident1, fuck windows,05:05
Prezident2, what keyboard?05:06
Prezidentsorry saw it up there05:06
Prezidentno idea on this 105:06
ridetheklinePrezident: steelseries keyboard it's on my msi laptop05:06
hikenboot_hi, i am rsyncing between a ubuntu 14.04 system and a kubuntu 14.04 system for / but keeping the /boot that belongs with the kubuntu system. am i likely to run into problems?05:10
hikenboot_bbl to see responses..thanks in advance05:12
ridetheklinehikenboot_: you shouldn't05:15
bunburyhas anyone used Live Voyager Distro ?05:16
astralisscreen flickers :/ ubuntu mate 14.10, ive tried installing compiz and now nvidia package, nothing helped, i use nvidia geforce 315 512 MB05:16
ridetheklinewhat is the original linux kernel?05:18
astralishello, how do i get rid of the flickering?05:22
=== l2ksolkov is now known as ^l2
=== ^l2 is now known as Guest75142
rypervenchehikenboot_: You'll probably run into issues with configuration files, if you plan on syncing your /home05:41
rypervenchehikenboot_: What are you trying to accomplish?05:41
=== Guest75142 is now known as l2ksolkov
nagerstI am amazed that steam works in lucid. huh, who would have thunk it?05:42
Raahello all ^_^05:55
Raai was here a few days ago with a question, and it never really got answered so i figured i'd ask again05:55
Raahas anyone had a hard time installing skype?05:56
bubbasaures!skype | Raa05:56
ubottuRaa: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga05:56
bubbasaureswiki might help05:57
Raadid ask how to do it?05:57
Raai asked if you had a hard time with it!05:57
Raathis was the responce i got last time, still didn't answer my question05:57
bubbasauresyou get what you pay for05:58
Raaso bubbasaures, you installed skype?05:58
bubbasauresRaa, Yes awhile back, it's in the ubuntu repos, in the canonical partners.06:01
=== seme is now known as Guest97312
Raacanonical partners?06:01
bubbasauresRaa, Yes, look in the software & updates gui 2nd tab other software, ake sure it on.06:02
zero_coderhello, anyone played minecraft in ubuntu?06:04
cfhowlettzero_coder, are you counting users?  No?  then skip the survey and ask your real question.06:06
Raadid you mean in the software canter?06:07
zero_codercfhowlett, when i am trying to open it with java jre it shows i have to accept the EULA license agreement06:07
cfhowlettzero_coder, correct ...06:08
zero_codercfhowlett, now what to do?06:08
bubbasauresRaa, you can in the software center hit edit-software sources to get to the same gui.06:08
cfhowlettzero_coder, accept the EULA?06:09
zero_codercfhowlett, yep thats what it shows06:10
cfhowlettzero_coder, paste up a screenshot06:10
zero_codercfhowlett, You need to agree to the EULA in order to run the server. Go to eula.txt for more info.06:10
zero_coderthat the exact one06:10
cfhowlettzero_coder, screenshot please06:11
zero_codercfhowlett, http://i.imgur.com/aKWPsph.png06:12
cfhowlettzero_coder, sorry to say: great firewall is not letting me see imgur today.  please use http://imgchili.net/06:13
Raastill not finding it in the software center. the only place i've found it was on the skype official site. and when i try to install it, it doesn't recognize that it was installed. it puts an icon in the menu but that icon does, literally nothing. and even after the software center finishes the install the button still says install it's really starting to frustrate me06:14
bubbasauresRaa, If you would just read the wiki which tells you how to install and advises you to use the ubuntu repos version06:14
bubbasauresRaa, You are running a supported release right?06:15
Raayeah i'm running a supported release06:16
Raathis is the only program i've had a problem with06:16
bubbasauresRaa, Cool, just follow the wiki, notice the command that has the partners repo,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype06:17
Raai think your previous advise worked for me, it just took time for it to bring it all up ^_^ we'll see06:18
Raayep it's certainly worked a lot better! it at least recognizes that it's installed06:19
Raait's still being a little difficult, :/ i'll try restarting. i'll let you know if i get it to work. either way you've been very helpful and i appreciate it ^_^ thank you06:22
bubbasauresno problem06:22
sondai have 11GB free in C drive and 38GB free in D drive.. can i install ubuntu06:22
bubbasauressonda, Not in a ntfs06:22
sondahow to go about?06:23
bubbasauressonda, Are you on the computer with the live ready to install?06:24
sondai have not yet downloaded06:24
sondai was thinking with so much less space how to go about06:25
bubbasauressonda, We only really deal with actual issues, some things you have to research, plenty of space. Ubuntu installed is about 6 gigs, download it boot it and come back for help.06:26
bubbasauressonda, Like some things, easier to learn while doing it, hard to remember every intricate detail till really learned.06:30
venui just dual booted ubuntu alongside win8.1. wen i start it, i get the running on low graphics error. i tried ctrl+alt+f1 and sudo apt-get install fglrx.  but i am getting package not found. pls help06:36
bubbasaures!fglrx | venu06:37
ubottuvenu: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto06:37
bubbasauresvenu, Do you know how to check the sources.list to see what repos are open?06:39
venuno. i am totally new to ubuntu. but i did learn a great deal since yesterday's error06:40
bubbasauresvenu, fglrx are 3rd party drivers, you should address the exact graphic hardware you have and see if help here can get you the open source drivers running.06:42
venui have raedon hd 7660G + 8600M dual graphics06:43
venui dont think there is a open source driver06:43
venuubottu, i tried the link u just mentioned. my desktop is not loading. how should i go to system->administration->hardware drivers?06:46
ubottuvenu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:46
venuis it possible to download the driver or whatever is required to a pen drive using windows and later install the package from terminal of ubuntu?06:48
cfhowlettvenu, if you get the .deb file, yes06:48
venuwhere can i get the .deb file?06:49
cfhowlettvenu, "radeon hd 7660G+ linux driver"  search for it, of course06:50
venui am new to ubuntu. can u tell me how to install the package from a pen drive?06:51
=== sins-_m is now known as sins-
bubbasauresvenu, why the pen drive?06:56
KaleidoscopeHey, can anyone help with qjackctl and guitarix?07:03
cfhowlettKaleidoscope, as ubuntustudio is silent, best to ask #opensourcemusicians07:04
sondawhich are the services that can be safely stopped.. which we don't use07:05
zefsideword up?07:05
KaleidoscopeAlright, I'll try there, thanks07:05
KaleidoscopeEh, that room is just as dead...07:07
cfhowlettKaleidoscope, see the ubuntustudio forums then ...07:07
KaleidoscopeChecked there, nothing posted worked.07:07
CosmicSpirit anyone know why this weird two notification comes? http://pasteboard.co/253FviGe.png07:08
KaleidoscopeCosmicSpirit, those are vlc notifications, go into vlc settings and disable them there if you don't want em.07:09
CosmicSpiritbut i was just getting just 1 notfication now its two thats what bothering me. any suggestions for that?07:11
KaleidoscopeTry disabling and re-enabling them07:12
=== kriskrop1 is now known as kriskropd
ReScOhttp://www.linux.com/community/forums/drivers/nvidia-graphic-cards-850m-on-asus-n750jk-with-ubuntu-1410/20236 i'm having the same issue, dual gpu intel/nvidia gtx 850m, how can i enable usage of the 850m?07:15
ReScOi'm running on 14.1007:15
KaleidoscopeReScO, you try the nvidia driver from the repository?07:16
CosmicSpirit<Kaleidoscope> weird though not getting any notification now07:16
xofamoreanyone have any problem with recent kernels in 14.04 lts?07:16
xofamorekeeps freezing for me.07:16
xofamoreusing older kernel works fine and does not freeze. just curious whether anyone else had the same issue.07:17
KaleidoscopeCosmicSpirit, and they're enabled?07:17
zefsidei had a problem with compiz and 14.0407:17
CosmicSpirityeah <Kaleidoscope>07:18
zefsidehad to add some manual bash delays for it not to crash07:18
KaleidoscopeCosmicSpirit, you restart VLC?07:18
ReScOKaleidoscope: black screen or no desktop07:18
CosmicSpiritnow problem solved <Kaleidoscope> just did it two times now working fine,07:18
ReScOit's a ASUS N750JK07:18
CosmicSpiritthanks <Kaleidoscope>07:19
xofamoreftr, not using compiz.07:19
KaleidoscopeCosmicSpirit, np, glad I could help07:19
KaleidoscopeReScO, which driver did you try?07:19
zefsidebet its your disolay driver07:20
thecastfirefox 64 bits version stable is for ubuntu ?07:22
KaleidoscopeFreenode really needs to start auto banning idlers, nick list gets so cluttered.07:22
=== jack is now known as Guest8363
dinosaur_Anybody succeded in compiling generic exim4 on Ubuntu 12.04?07:35
KaleidoscopeDinosaur, channel is dead, you try the forums?07:37
thecastthe last version for ubuntu is stable?07:42
cloudgeekI can't connect any other wifi expect the company wi-fi, I don't know how I connect my home wifi ??07:42
cloudgeekIt is ubuntu 14.04, Hp pro book.07:43
KaleidoscopeCloudgeek, does it list your wifi at all?07:44
cloudgeekKaleidoscope: yes it did07:44
thecastcloudgeek only must press the button of wifi very easy07:44
cloudgeekI press the button , but it shows it is connecting but it's doesn't connect07:45
KaleidoscopeWhich connection manager do you use, cloudgeek?07:46
fedora_newbI just gave my ubuntu vm an extra space on the hdd through gparted but I am still getting the "This computer has only 390 MB disk space remaining." Not sure why07:47
hadifarnoudhow do I remove a group from a user? I have a user called 'deploy' and it's member of 'deploy' and 'www-data'. everytime I do 'git pull' owner of modified files become deploy:deploy07:48
hadifarnoudif I remove 'deploy' user from 'deploy' group, the owner of files would be deploy:www-data, right?07:48
thecastcloudgeek  withh the mouse click over the icon of network in the bar and choise wifi , very easy also07:49
fedora_newbNot sure what or how to increase the size of whatever is running out of space after givingthe partition more gigs of it07:50
thecastcloudgeek all right??07:51
DracoFlametailjoin #ubuntu-offtopic07:54
DracoFlametailFail o.o07:54
thecastwhat is the last version stable of kernel of ubuntu?07:56
xofamorethecast, 3.13.0-4007:57
thecastxofammmmore and this kernel iss compatible with android os??07:58
fedora_newbAnyone able to tell me what I need to do after giving more space to the partition on how to utilize it? After adding more gigs to the partition, ubuntu still complaining about running out of space07:59
=== Mike_____ is now known as Mike__
Seveasfedora_newb: how did you add space to the partition?07:59
fedora_newbSeveas, I am running ubuntu on virtualbox and booted through livecd and used gparted to increase the size of the partition08:00
Seveasdo you use LVM on top of the partitions?08:00
Seveasor just filesystems?08:00
fedora_newbNot sure?08:00
fedora_newbI know the partition I increased used ext408:01
Seveasfedora_newb: pastebin the output of this command please: sudo fdisk -l && mount08:01
thecastbluestack work fine with wine in the last version of ubuntu???08:01
fedora_newbpastebin.com/zX5R1utf Seveas08:02
Seveasok, raw partitions only, so you'll only need to grow the filesystem: sudo resize2fs /dev/sda108:04
Seveasthecast: it has a rating of 'garbage' on the winw appdb, so I doubt it.08:05
Seveasthecast: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1371708:05
fedora_newbSeveas says "The filesystem is already 2780672 blocks long. Nothing to do!"08:05
xofamorethecast, android is linux. not the other way around.08:06
fedora_newbCheck like my home directory, right clicking properties, says 562 MB free08:06
fedora_newbShould be more than that?08:06
fedora_newbI just added like 3-4 gigs08:06
fedora_newbto the partition08:07
lesshastecan anyone play the video at http://www.gardenbridgetrust.org/index.html ?  I have flash installed but I see "Major bummer" as the error message08:07
Seveasfedora_newb: did you reboot after growing the partition?08:07
fedora_newbYea, as I was on livecd to do it08:07
fedora_newb@ Seveas08:07
lesshasteor http://vimeo.com/channels/staffpicks/11268757508:07
lesshastehmm.. does vimeo just not work with linux?08:07
KaleidoscopeLesshaste, yeah, I can view it fine08:08
dtsso for whatever reason, plex media server on the center costs money...08:08
Kaleidoscopelesshaste, are sites like youtube working for you?08:08
ubuntuser13i created wifi hotspot for sharing mobile broadband with android tab. tab connected to hotspot.but unable to access internet on tab.why?08:08
=== ken is now known as Guest21115
lesshasteKaleidoscope,  youtube works fine08:08
Seveasfedora_newb: heh, I think you grew the wrong partition :) You now have a 10gb root partition and 4gb of swap08:09
KaleidoscopeDoes vimeos site work, not the videos, but just the site itself?08:09
fedora_newbSeveas, it was the only two that showed up/08:09
fedora_newbon gparted08:09
lotuspsychjelesshaste: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?08:10
Seveasfedora_newb: I'd suggest shrinking your swap partition and adding that to your root partition.08:10
lesshasteKaleidoscope,  right.. the site works, I just can't play the videos08:10
fedora_newbSeveas, how much swap do I need?08:10
Seveasno more than 1gb08:11
fedora_newbHave 8 gigs of ram for the vm08:11
fedora_newbkk, Thanks Seveas for the help08:11
Kaleidoscopelesshaste, have you tried any other flash sites?08:11
fedora_newbWill play with it more :)08:11
lesshasteKaleidoscope,  I don't know any :)08:11
KaleidoscopeNewgrounds is one08:12
KaleidoscopeTry a random movie or game from there.08:12
lesshastelotuspsychje,  just installed that, thanks08:14
lotuspsychjelesshaste: does it work now?08:14
lesshasteKaleidoscope,  they work!08:15
KaleidoscopeCool, thank lotus08:15
=== OrvilleWright is now known as PhilleasFogg
lesshastelotuspsychje,  no :(08:19
lotuspsychjelesshaste: is this firefox?08:19
lotuspsychjelesshaste: you getting a black screen on video or an error?08:19
lesshastelotuspsychje,  ok it works not08:20
lesshastelotuspsychje,  the problem was flashblock it seems. Doesn't play nice with vimeo08:20
lesshastelotuspsychje, thanks for your help!08:20
KaleidoscopeIt's always the addons. Lol08:21
fedora_newbSeveas, looks like gparting did the trick, shrinking the swap08:21
fedora_newbThanks again!08:21
=== PhilleasFogg is now known as PierreAronnax
lesshasteKaleidoscope, :) How does any use the web without flashblock08:23
=== PierreAronnax is now known as Orville
KaleidoscopeObviously, you just gotta watch it for problems like that :P08:24
lesshasteKaleidoscope,  http://www.circuidipity.com/flashblock.html :)08:24
lesshasteI see a lot of web pages like that08:24
KaleidoscopeHulu does the same thing, generally I just avoid sites that do that.08:26
SeveasI don't even have flash installed.08:26
lesshasteyou mean you avoid sites that break flashblock?08:26
lesshasteSeveas, do you  have sound installed? :)08:27
Seveaslesshaste: listening to music on youtube as we speak :) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxY9qkfZMI8)08:27
lesshasteSeveas,  I didn't even know you could play youtube on linux without flash!08:27
KaleidoscopeYoutube switched from flash to html5, huge improvement08:27
=== Orville is now known as orville
Seveashell, even youporn does html5, so no reason whatsoever to keep flash :P08:28
lesshastedoes anyone know how youp**p pays for itself?08:28
lesshasteit must cost millions to run08:29
lotuspsychjelets keep this channel free for ubuntu support guyes08:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:29
lesshastelotuspsychje,  good point!08:29
Seveaslotuspsychje: there's no support question going on :)08:29
lesshasteSeveas,  I think in some sense this is an official channel of ubuntu08:29
lesshastebut I am not sure in what sense :)08:29
Seveassmell, probably :)08:30
lotuspsychjewe have such nice discuss channel also, nobody ever use...08:30
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.08:30
Seveasheh, #ubuntu-discuss. I remember that failed attempt :)08:30
Seveas-offtopic is fine for youporn chat08:30
KaleidoscopeOfftopic seems quiet at the moment, I'm on irc to talk, not idle :P08:31
cloudy_nzAmericans are asleep08:32
KaleidoscopeAm not, I'm American08:34
green-big-froggood morning08:34
green-big-frogi am having problems launching programms out of my browser08:34
green-big-frogif i have for example mumble://[some stuff] chromium pops up a window, which says that chromium wants to start an external program. but as external programm its always xdg-open08:34
green-big-froghow can i fix this?08:34
Seveasgreen-big-frog: why would you? xdg-open is supposed to do the right thing08:35
green-big-frogSeveas: but nothing happens08:36
green-big-frogit just does nothing08:36
fedora_newbUsing ubuntu 14.04 on virtualbox and it seems a bit sluggish when it shouldn't be. The virtual box has 8 gigs of ram, 4 processors with 90% execution cap, 3D is enabled, disabled some gui settings on ubuntu but still seems sluggish, anyone have any tips on why this may be?08:38
green-big-frogno ideas?08:41
ubottumartina_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:42
green-big-frogstuff like this work out of the terminal: xdg-open http://www.heise.de08:43
=== OnkV is now known as Haudegen
=== Haudegen is now known as Guest8468
KaleidoscopeSomeone asked for warez?08:44
lotuspsychjefedora_newb: maybe try xubuntu-desktop, see if its less sluggish08:44
green-big-frogthis is what i get trying to launch out of terminal:08:44
green-big-frogxdg-open mumble://ny.raidcomm.com:64738/?version=1.2.408:44
green-big-froggvfs-open: mumble://ny.raidcomm.com:64738/?version=1.2.4: error opening location: The specified location is not supported08:44
=== Guest8468 is now known as Haudegen
green-big-frogno one?08:47
lotuspsychjegreen-big-frog: you sure that mumble is a support type?08:53
Seveasgreen-big-frog: is mumble installed?08:54
=== derk0pf is now known as derk0pf|NA
lotuspsychjexdg-open supports file, ftp, http08:54
lotuspsychje       and https URLs.08:54
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
=== derk0pf is now known as derk0pf|NA
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
lotuspsychjeman xdg-open08:54
Seveaslotuspsychje: that's only for its 'generic' implementation, under gnome it delegates to gvfs-open08:58
Seveasand gvfs-open can be made to support any url scheme, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/179628/how-can-i-open-irc-links-in-pidgin-from-chromium for example08:59
QuantumQweefayy wudd up everybody.....does anyone here have experience installing ubuntu on mactel??08:59
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=== Guest80846 is now known as XeBlackWater
green-big-froglotuspsychje: what do you mean?09:24
green-big-frogSeveas: yes09:24
green-big-frogi was afk... sr09:24
=== green-big-frog is now known as frog|OFF
AscavasaionMorning.   How do I mute/unmute headphones etc in Lubuntu?  I plug headphones in but I cannot find the settings for mute/unmute/volume.09:30
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=== shabius is now known as shabius_
dtsis there any reason why unity wont let me move around windows?09:48
KaleidoscopeAscavasaion, do you have the volume icon in the status bar?09:49
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Guest31960bom dia10:05
Guest31960bom dia10:06
Guest31960ninguem fala10:07
fribhow can i verify that ubuntu is running trim in 14.04 lts?10:19
=== MichaelC1 is now known as MichaelC
Patinafrib: ps ax|grep trim10:32
qendrimhow are you10:33
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
fribPatina, it's a cron job not running all th etime10:33
qendrimwhose that10:33
fribor at least it's supposed to be but i don't see it in crontab10:33
cfhowlettqendrim, this is a support channel - not chit chat/socializing.10:34
qendrimi know you10:34
bazhang!ot | qendrim10:34
ubottuqendrim: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:34
bazhang /join #ubuntu-offtopic qendrim10:35
qendrimwhy bo to sleep10:35
bazhangqendrim, do you have an actual ubuntu support question10:36
qendrimi dont know you10:37
cfhowlettqendrim, please leave this channel.  chat somewhere else.10:37
bazhangqendrim, this is NOT the chat channel, please stop10:37
qendrimare you crazy10:38
* cfhowlett does a magic trick = adds qendtrim to /ignore10:38
derrzzaaCan anyone recommend a decent cheap USB sound card compatible with 14.04?10:39
cfhowlett!hcl | derrzzaa,10:39
ubottuderrzzaa,: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:39
cfhowlettderrzzaa, happy2help10:40
=== adriens331 is now known as adriens33
znc-bazhang did you kick qendrim?10:42
=== frog|OFF is now known as green-big-frog
MagicSpudhello I was wondering whether ubuntu has something alike to what PlayStation has for sessions...that is pipe music which changes with desktop wallpaper10:44
=== Joshua^Dunamis_i is now known as Joshua^Dunamis
grek_hi i instal vagrant ubuntu on ubuntu :) to develop setup nfs but have10:48
grek_stdin: is not a tty10:48
grek_mount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported10:48
grek_any idea?10:49
grek_i found somethink to i should add localhost but have this10:50
InfamiaHello guys.10:55
znc-hmm hey10:55
InfamiaI have a problem, my mysql-server start with my OS can i change that ?10:56
cfhowletthades777, passed11:03
MrokiiHello. Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm not sure. I'm currently using 4 GB RAM with my Ubuntu System and thinking about extending it to 8 or 16 GB. Can Ubuntu handle that and if so, is such an upgrade worth the money? I have a bit of an older motherboard and only can use DDR2 RAM 1200/1066/800/667 MHz.11:03
cfhowlett!test | hades77711:03
ubottuhades777: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )11:03
hades777i'm sorry dude...11:03
cfhowlettMrokii, ubuntu can handle 4+ gb of ram with the 64 bit version.  whether or not it's worth upgrading an old box ?  only your hairdresser knows for fure.11:03
cfhowlett!lubuntu | Mrokii, generally more ram = good, but before you go that way, try lubuntu/xubuntu.  lubuntu is optimized for legacy and low specification machines11:04
ubottuMrokii, generally more ram = good, but before you go that way, try lubuntu/xubuntu.  lubuntu is optimized for legacy and low specification machines: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.11:04
jozefkW: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/InRelease11:04
jozefkW: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/Release.gpg  Cannot initiate the connection to archive.canonical.com:80 (2001:67c:1360:8c01::16). - connect (101: Network is unreachable) [IP: 2001:67c:1360:8c01::16 80]11:04
jozefkhow to fix that?11:05
cfhowlettjozefk, paste.  fpaste.org              please11:05
Novice201yHello. What's the name of package for Users Accounts app?11:05
jozefkit's only 2 lines11:05
Mrokiicfhowlett: Okay, I'll take a look at these, thanks. Though I've tried some of them in the past and missed some of graphical "gimmicks" that compiz provides.11:06
cfhowlettMrokii, understandable.  but that's more of a graphics card issue than raw memory ..11:06
hades777how to install and run Bluegriffon ??11:07
Mrokiicfhowlett: Yeah, but I was mainly asking about the upgrade as I'm often running out of memory (at least I see the swapping-task slowing down my system quite often when looking at the tasks with the top-command.11:08
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
=== derk0pf is now known as derk0pf|NA
cfhowletthades777, no need for such language.  also, a violation of community guidlines11:14
cfhowlett!guidelines | hades77711:14
ubottuhades777: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines11:14
adam___what command to restart the xserver/login server?11:15
adam___like a cli command, since I'm stuck in cli atm...11:16
adam___login service rather11:16
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
artisanIndiaI am running web server with ubuntu 12.04 LTS whenever I login to shell I see a message 14.04 is available to upgrade, if I upgrade will that affect my web server files etc ?11:20
cfhowlettartisanIndia, "shouldn't" but you might want to ask the experts in #ubuntu-server about this.  12.04 is supported for 5 years = you don't HAVE TO upgrade.11:21
artisanIndiain 2017 I will consider upgrading11:21
artisanIndiak thanks cfhowlett11:22
cfhowlettartisanIndia, happy2help11:22
artisanIndiaVodafone ! :P11:22
=== XeBlackWater is now known as zz_XeBlackWater
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
Nathan__Hdw do you make a ne directory11:23
artisanIndiamkdir directory_name11:24
Nathan__what does cd /etc do11:24
artisanIndiait will navigate to /etc directory11:24
cfhowlettNathan__, man cd11:24
Nathan__what does cd / do11:25
cfhowlettNathan__, run this command.  man cd11:25
Loshki!manual | Nathan__11:26
ubottuNathan__: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:26
CarsonGood evening/morning everyone.11:29
mountaingoatdoes ubuntu store truetype fonts in /usr/share/fonts/TTF or /usr/share/fonts/truetype normally ?11:33
mountaingoatlooks like /usr/share/fonts/truetype11:34
=== Jactive|OFF is now known as Jactive
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
ubnewI am having problem install an onboard ati driver , anyone have any info on ppa for ati driver ? http://pastebin.com/kRVQnNp111:48
bittyx-desktopHi. I'm having this exact problem when trying to boot from a flash drive on a ThinkPad W520 laptop: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1326216 - with kernel 3.13.0-37-generic. I'm attempting to boot Linux Mint 17.1, but this problem doesn't seem to be related to the distribution (as evidenced by the Ubuntu bug report). Anyone has any ideas what to do? Also, if there is a more appropriate channel for this question, sorry for b11:48
bittyx-desktopeing off-topic, and please point me in the right direction. Thank you!11:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1326216 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel panic (kernel 3.13.0-27-generic) on ASUS UX31A" [High,Invalid]11:48
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:49
bittyx-desktopThe latest comment on that bug report says that 3.13.0-29 is fine, but since I'm using a later version, either the bug has reappeared or it wasn't really fixed.11:49
bittyx-desktopcfhowlett: I linked an Ubuntu bug report.11:49
bittyx-desktopI know Mint isn't supported here, but I thought I wasn't completely off-topic, since it also happens with Ubuntu. But sorry again if that isn't the case.11:50
p0wn3dHak5 did a video for creating usb installs and booting11:50
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, not to worry but11:50
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, "status = invalid"?  what the heck does that mean?11:51
bittyx-desktopcfhowlett: It means the second last poster said that the bug was fixed in an update - it was present in 3.13.0-27, but not in 3.13.0-29. However, I have 3.13.0-37, so either the bug has reappeared, or it hasn't really been fixed in the first place.11:52
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, this report is from June .. have you updated Kernel since then?11:52
bittyx-desktopcfhowlett: Nope, I just downloaded a fresh install. Is there a better place where I can report this kind of thing, since, as mentioned, it doesn't seem to be specific to Ubuntu?11:52
bittyx-desktopOhh, just found ##kernel - I'll try there.11:53
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, 14.04.1 is the current ubuntu version ... confirm.11:53
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
bittyx-desktopWhich kernel does 14.04.1 use?11:54
bittyx-desktopIe. which kernel does it ship with by default?11:54
EriC^^currently 3.13.0-4011:54
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, IDK.  I'm on ubuntustudio so ... different11:54
EriC^^bittyx-desktop: ship by default i dont know11:54
bittyx-desktopEriC^^: Okay, thanks.11:55
EriC^^i think it's about 30 or something11:55
EriC^^for 14.04.111:55
Ahadhello guys, i am having trouble with the clock display on my menu screen11:57
Ahadany idea how to fix it?11:57
EriC^^bittyx-desktop: try boot it with certain kernel options, maybe it'll boot then update the kernel once it's installed11:57
EriC^^bittyx-desktop: what's the kernel panic about anyways11:57
Nathan__how do you create multiple users all at once11:58
bittyx-desktopEriC^^: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1326216 this exact output11:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1326216 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel panic (kernel 3.13.0-27-generic) on ASUS UX31A" [High,Invalid]11:58
cfhowlettAhad, fix the question.  "trouble with the clock" tells us NOTHING11:58
bittyx-desktopEriC^^: (Well, except for the kernel version and the memory addresses)11:58
Ahadcfhowlett: clock is not being displayed on the menu bar11:58
kilbithhello folks, someone there has already encountered an issue in installing the drivers for the printer Epson XP-215 ?  they don't works whether for the generic ones or the proprietary ones on Ubuntu 14.04...11:59
EriC^^Nathan__: multiple users maybe for i in user1 user1; do sudo useradd -m $i; done11:59
ubnewhow to check which ati chipset is legacy ? any list of it ?11:59
kilbiththis channel is so flooded that it's often impossible to be listened ._.12:02
Ahadcould anyone help regarding how to display clock on the menu ??12:02
cfhowlettubnew, by date?12:02
EriC^^Ahad: unity?12:02
ubnewcfhowlett : http://pastebin.com/kRVQnNp112:02
AhadEriC^^: yes12:03
cfhowlettubnew, sorry.  great firewall of china says I can't look at that ...12:03
cfhowlettfpaste.org         instead12:03
EriC^^Ahad: try /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-datetime/indicator-datetime-service12:04
ubnewcfhowlett : ok http://fpaste.org/155276/41734904/  ,I can't find any driver for this build in ati chipset12:04
cfhowlettubnew, I can see it --- wait 112:04
turtledinghello, how do i set $XDG_CONFIG_HOME? ="$HOME/.config/" cant be found12:05
AhadEriC^^: thanks alot :D12:05
EriC^^Ahad: no problem12:05
cfhowlettubnew, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver12:06
ubnewcfhowlett : still which driver I should install ? Catalyst <= 9.3?12:08
EriC^^turtleding: XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config"12:08
turtledingEriC^^: thanks :312:09
cfhowlettubnew, fglrx if I'm understanding the wiki correctly.  your card is listed as fully supported ...12:10
fraytormentathank you!12:10
ubnewcfhowlett : Can I follow this guide ? http://www.ubuntulinuxguide.com/install-ubuntu-ati-drivers-fglrx/ ?12:10
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ubnewcfhowlett : Using ubuhnt 12.0412:10
cfhowlettubnew, I can't see it, but probably yes.12:11
turtledingEriC^^: echo $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is still empty - because of autocompletion cant find xdg_config_home, do i need to install it manually?12:13
EriC^^turtleding: it should find it12:16
EriC^^turtleding: are you typing $xdg or $XDG ?12:16
EriC^^echo $XD<tab> ?12:16
ubnewcfhowlett : http://fpaste.org/155277/73497981/12:16
cfhowlettubnew, seems legit ...12:17
EriC^^turtleding: are you trying it in a new shell?12:17
ubnewcfhowlett : you are under frewall ?12:18
turtledingEriC^^: dont know what exactly you mean12:18
cfhowlettubnew, I'm in China ... GREAT Firewall12:18
EriC^^turtleding: like you are typing XDG...="$HOME"12:18
EriC^^turtleding: then in the same shell you are trying echo $XD ?12:18
sondai am planning to use 20 GB of D drive for ubuntu. It should be more than sufficient right12:19
ubnewcfhowlett : oh , does this work too ? http://www.impdf.com/dl.asp?dlfile=temp\out_20141130-041508.jpg12:19
EriC^^or you're starting another shell or typing "bash" in the same shell?12:19
cfhowlettsonda, for the OS only, yes.  for your /hom and data ???12:19
darknessthekiddI don't know if this counts as a tech issue. But I am trying to find some way (Hopfully easy) to maybe use a local server of some sort like the program Synergy does to share my sound between multiple PC's to one PC. All of which are running Ubuntu, one Ubutunu 14.04 LTS the other two Ubuntu 14.10112:19
sondafor os 8G is sufficient right12:19
turtledingi did just $XDG_<tab>="$HOME/.config", nothing more12:19
darknessthekiddThe one I want to share it to has 14.1012:20
cfhowlettubnew, right.  go for it.12:20
EriC^^turtleding: oh, no leading $12:20
EriC^^turtleding: just XDG_="$HOME.."12:20
ubnewcfhowlett : Thanks :)12:20
darknessthekiddAnyone know of a way to do that??\12:20
EriC^^turtleding: use export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config" if you want it available to subproceses12:21
cfhowlettsonda, out of the box/plain vanilla ubuntu is *about* 8GB12:21
turtledingEriC^^: sry, my failure.  i meant without $ at the beginning12:21
EriC^^turtleding: oh ok, no idea12:21
EriC^^try export i guess12:21
sondathe complete installation of 14.04 is how much12:21
darknessthekiddI feel like no one saw my massive message. xD12:21
EriC^^sonda: 6.4G12:22
sondathen keeping 20GB for ubuntu is enough I guess12:22
turtledingEriC^^: export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config" => echo XDG_CONFIG_HOME => XDG_CONFIG_HOME12:22
EriC^^turtleding: when you echo, you have to use the leading $12:23
EriC^^echo $XDG_CONFIG_HOME12:23
EriC^^$ means variable12:23
turtledingEriC^^: ah, now it recognized it. thanks a lot12:24
sondaI have 50 GB free in D drive out of which 30GB I want to keep for windows12:24
EriC^^no problem12:24
sondawhat do you say eric?12:26
EriC^^sounds good12:27
grekthere is on ubuntu some pdf reader like ebook reader with moemory last read page ?12:32
greklike ebookdroid on android12:33
aisycan anybody tell why this error occur12:33
aisyFatal: open /vmlinuz: No such file or directory12:33
cfhowlettgrek, there are lots of pdf readers.  search the software center12:33
EriC^^grek: there's one that comes by default12:35
EriC^^grek: Document viewer12:35
bazhang!info okular | grek12:35
ubottugrek: okular (source: okular): universal document viewer. In component universe, is extra. Version 4:4.14.1-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 1311 kB, installed size 4262 kB12:35
aisyno one is here for help??12:38
cfhowlett!patience } aisy,12:38
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:38
cfhowlett!patience | aisy,12:38
ubottuaisy,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:38
grekubottu thnaks12:39
InfamiaHey, i have a quick question, some program start with my OS can i change that ?12:40
EriC^^Infamia: open the dash > startup apps12:41
Infamiaim using ubuntu as a VPS, so i can use only CLI12:41
EriC^^Infamia: ~/.config/autostart12:43
Infamiai'm gonna check this, thanks man :)12:44
EriC^^no problem :)12:44
InfamiaHmm, there is a output: "No such file or directory"12:47
EriC^^Infamia: this is for one user btw12:48
EriC^^you need it system wide?12:48
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest70675
EriC^^Infamia: ok try /usr/share/autostart12:49
EriC^^not sure it works, give it a shot12:50
EriC^^you need to put a .desktop file12:50
EriC^^looks like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9314127/12:51
EriC^^Infamia: wait, sorry12:51
EriC^^you're not using a gui right12:51
EriC^^Infamia: does what you need to run need privileges?12:52
Infamiayes i run this with sudo command12:53
checkobHi, i installed ubuntu minimal but forget to execute the final step after the bootloader which was something like "finalize installation" - can someone tell me what happens in this step so I could try to manually redo12:53
EriC^^Infamia: ok, you can add it to /etc/rc.local before the exit 012:53
EriC^^no need for sudo, it will run as root12:53
InfamiaThis text, from ubuntu pastebin ?12:54
EriC^^nevermind the text12:54
EriC^^add your command in rc.local12:54
Infamiaok i will try12:55
InfamiaThanks again man ;) it works12:57
EriC^^no problem :)12:58
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[[EgUaR]]Buenos dias13:09
[[EgUaR]]Hay algun canal de ayuda?13:09
cfhowlett!es [[EgUaR]]13:09
cfhowlett!es | [[EgUaR]]13:10
ubottu[[EgUaR]]: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:10
[[EgUaR]]muchas gracias13:11
cfhowlettpavka, ask your support question13:15
mehdip2007how can i reinstall my ubuntu desktop?13:16
mehdip2007i also don't have  any toolbar on my apps13:17
cfhowlettmehdip2007, get the ubuntu .iso.  use startupdiskcreator to make a bootable ubuntu USB.  boot the USB.  install ubuntu.13:17
mehdip2007cfhowlett, i dont want to remove everything i got on my PC13:17
cfhowlettmehdip2007> how can i reinstall my ubuntu desktop?13:18
mehdip2007is the package name13:18
cfhowlettmehdip2007, don't format your /home partition - which you will backup anyway13:18
cfhowlettmehdip2007, sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop13:18
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:25
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=== soee__ is now known as soee
cfhowlett!cn | Guest5662313:30
ubottuGuest56623: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:30
compdocI feel the same way about ubuntu sometimes13:30
Guest56623join #ubuntu-cn13:31
compdocuse the /13:31
mehdip2007hey guys i just change GRUB_GFXMODE resolution and then i restart now my graphic isnt the same as it used to be for example my theme is faenza but it loading ambiance13:32
mehdip2007there is no menu title too13:32
mehdip2007my fonts are messup13:33
hikenboot_I will ask this question a second time (someone might have answered but my scrollback lines rolled off screen last night. I have taken a ubuntu 14.04 VM on hyper-v with LVM partitions that are 300GB and am now trying to transfer the root partition to a kubuntu 14.04 install (removal of kubuntu / rm -rf * ) and then trying to rsync the ubuntu 14.04 install to the kubuntu install13:34
hikenboot_what switches should i use with rsync to insure that the install is completely transfered I have to worry about hard links devices soft links and everything else that I am not aware of13:35
m4db0ySorry we can't speak chinese13:35
cfhowlett!cn | ryt_,13:35
ubotturyt_,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:35
ryt_I can speak a little English13:36
compdocme too13:36
ryt_have Chinese?13:36
cfhowlett!kylin | ryt_13:37
ubotturyt_: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin13:37
cfhowlettryt_, go to the chinese language channel13:37
hikenboot_oh also have to worry about time stamps and permissions13:38
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=== Jactive is now known as Jactive|OFF
b0n7sany one here having problems with 14.04 and using sudo followed with partial command and tab to auto complete13:48
cfhowlettb0n7s, "anyone ...." .... restate the question.  literal answer to your question is "yes" or "no".  does that actually help you?13:49
cfhowlettdetails matter13:50
b0n7sif I am a non root user with a partial command and press tab it auto completes fine but then I have to go back and elevate that command with sudo. If i start the command with sudo followed with the partial command and tab it fails to auto complete. if I sudo su and then try the process it works fine. I hope that makes more sense13:53
b0n7sthis was working fine with 12.04 up until I did the upgrade a few days ago13:55
SkyriderIf I were to install ubuntu on my VPS, which version should I get?14:00
Skyrider10.10 or 14.0414:00
jaapio_Skyrider: 14.04 because it's the latest lts version14:02
SkyriderSaw that, but latest doesn't always mean the greaters ;)14:02
SkyriderBut thanks.14:02
rikiciaoo a tutti14:03
ubotturiki: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:03
jaapio_Skyrider: in lst versions only stable software is added. So it should have all security patches for all packages you install14:04
jaapio_so it is the safest option14:04
Skyrider^_^ good to know.14:04
SkyriderMoving from Debian to Ubuntu, heh14:04
jaapio_debian does the same thing, with its packages in the stable branch14:05
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albert_anyone know of any free FPS shooter games14:11
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
lapionsystemd will not reboot if ctrl-alt-reboot is pressed in recovery mode.14:13
morsnowskilapion, where is that reboot button and does it look like?14:14
OerHeksalbert_,  try softwarecenter? lots of them, teeworld, nexuiz openarena14:15
mjaykteeworld is a good one :)14:15
lapionsystemd will not reboot if ctrl-alt-del is pressed in recovery mode.14:16
lapionand kernel 3.16 has a severe bug that disconnects usb3 devices connected to usb 3 ports when writing data in greater than 8MiB increments14:18
albert_OerHeks, thanks14:20
hexafluorideif I have my home partition separate,14:22
hexafluoridethere's no personal info on /, right?14:22
trijntjehexafluoride: that depends what you mean by personal info14:23
hexafluoridenot "info that would infringe my privacy"14:23
hexafluoride"info that I would create during normal system operation"14:24
hexafluorideso basically, info that I won't be sad about losing14:24
trijntjehexafluoride: no, all your presonal files and settings would be on  your home partition. The only thing I can think of right now is the list of installed programs, those are on / and not in your /home14:25
hexafluoridealright, thanks14:26
moshpithey everyone14:26
nope_lubuntu wired internet running slow. wont load webpages. tried changing the dns and it didnt work. any advice?14:30
sennnlongene progect is good idea14:30
OerHeksnope_, try reset your router?14:31
BluesKajnope_, try sudo dhclient eth014:32
nope_it said rtnetlink answers: file exists14:34
nope_havent tried resetting my router. but ill try that soon14:35
sennnis there any linux distro only use LLVM??14:35
OerHekssennn, you haven't found the packages in ubuntu?14:37
sennnOerHeks, i mean compile linux kernel with only LLVM14:39
spleencheesehi all.  im trying to browse my mythbuntu box (14.04.01 new install) from my windows7 machine which appears in the network, but prompts me to enter my "network password" which i do not have and did not set.  any suggestions?  i can browse my windows machine from the myth machine no problem.  is something wrong with samba?14:41
AscavasaionHow do I mute/unmote/adjust volume of microphone in Lubuntu please?14:44
nope_i reset the router. it didnt work. any other advice for slow lubuntu internet?14:44
tehcerealwhy does ubuntu change my keyboard layout every time i reboot14:45
tehcerealunder tex entry i only have my keyboar layout but it changes every time to us14:46
xamxamHi, I am facing this problem related to persian fonts in my browser, They are not correctly displayed as it used to be in windows.14:47
xamxamI have installed most of the available persian fonts which did solve this issue on some websites, but on facebook, this problem persists.14:49
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rootgenieAnyone here using geany?14:56
SCHAAP137not me14:56
Varanasinope..not me.. sry14:57
SCHAAP137it's an email program right? what advantages are there to using geany, compared to let's say, thunderbird?14:57
Varanasinope geany is an IDE...14:57
SCHAAP137ah, oh yeah, i forgot for a moment, sry14:58
xamxamWhat are the advantages of using an email program? i never used one.14:58
vegombreianyone here using lubuntu?14:58
SCHAAP137not me, ubuntu-gnome here14:58
w3rd_hey guys,, i downloaded some software via software center in 'precise' it seems to say its searching and applying changes,,, never completes... how is one able to repair this so that it completes the task successfully,,, i have another system with 14.04, and the install routine for the same software completes ... should i reinstall?15:01
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loraThe msmtp on my ubuntu 14.04 throws an error, the same settings on my CentOS 7 machine do not: "GNU SASL: GSSAPI error in client while negotiating security context in gss_init_sec_context() in SASL library.  This is most likely due insufficient credentials or malicious interactions." How can I get to the core of this issue?15:08
=== Shaun_ is now known as Shaun
AscavasaionHow do I mute/unmote/adjust volume of microphone in Lubuntu please?15:09
loraThis is my testing command: echo 'some text' | msmtp --account awesome@emai.com testsmtp@mailinator.com15:10
loraAscavasaion: tried commandline: alsamixer15:10
loraAscavasaion: F5, I think, shows all devices.15:11
loraOn my msmtp issue, I couldn't find gsasl on my machine and I am installing it right now.15:13
loraso, it's gsasl (1.8.0-2ubuntu2)15:13
loraI still get: msmtp: GNU SASL: GSSAPI error in client while negotiating security context in gss_init_sec_context() in SASL library.15:14
Ascavasaionlora: Thank you... got it.  you rock!15:15
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isthisreallifeim trying to install windows 7 and i get this message "windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."15:23
isthisreallifehow to fix it?15:23
EriC^^isthisreallife: is ubuntu on it too?15:23
=== albert_ is now known as iamreallife
isthisreallifeubuntu is installed on other partition15:24
isthisreallifei split partition using gparted15:25
EriC^^isthisreallife: ok, so are you using uefi?15:26
EriC^^do you have a fat32 partition called EFI?15:26
isthisreallifei dont even know what uefi is15:26
EriC^^ok, do you have a fat32 partition?15:27
OerHekswin7 should be able to handle uefi, no?15:27
isthisreallifeits win7 64bit15:27
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isthisreallifei created bootable usb drive using winusb15:27
isthisreallifewait let me show you all partitions i have15:27
EriC^^yes win7 and win8 support uefi15:28
ubnewCame back installing amd driver with "no supported adapters detected" terminal15:28
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EriC^^isthisreallife: if you're booting using legacy and you have a gpt partition table it's going to complain about it15:28
EriC^^isthisreallife: i guess that's the case15:28
EriC^^check if you have a bios-boot partition15:29
isthisreallifei want to install windows 7 on 59GB partition15:29
EriC^^ok, looks like you have efi15:30
iamreallifeanyone know a thing about nvidia drivers?15:30
iamreallifewhen i use the tested ones my screen wont fit on monitor15:31
iamreallifethe untetsed works fine but i tried to play openarena it runs very bad15:32
isthisreallifeEriC^^ so how can i fix my problem15:32
isthisreallifei really need win 7 :<15:32
EriC^^isthisreallife: i'm googling15:32
isthisreallifeokay thank you:)))))15:33
EriC^^isthisreallife: is ubuntu a fresh install?15:33
isthisreallifeubuntu version 14.0415:33
SkyriderWhat exactly are "minimal" templates?15:33
SkyriderI see this in the installation options for Ubuntu on my VPS.15:34
EriC^^isthisreallife: are you using it right now?15:36
EriC^^isthisreallife: maybe make sure win7 cd is booting in uefi mode?15:36
iamreallifeis there anyway to find what model graphics card i have without removing it?15:39
isthisreallifehow to do it?15:40
EriC^^isthisreallife: check the bios15:41
EriC^^how are you installing win7?15:41
isthisreallifei have bootable usb drive15:41
isthisreallifeokay brb15:42
iamreallifewhy do i have to use the non open source nvidia driver?15:45
albert_I cant play any games arg. when i go full screen game goes black and i have to shut system down15:54
albert_any ideas?15:54
rootHI there15:55
=== root is now known as Guest61502
ubnewfglrxinfo giving me an error http://fpaste.org/155305/36297814/15:56
loraalbert_: be more precise about "any" games and your steps until screen goes black. Read ./configure --with-libgsasl --with-gnome-keyring15:57
lora./configure --with-libgsasl --with-gnome-keyring15:57
loraalbert_ read: http://ubottu.com/y/gl15:57
albert_lora openarena for one15:57
cfhowlettalbert, graphics settings?  drivers?15:58
albert_cfhowlett, i think driver but not sure15:58
cfhowlettalbert, amd?15:59
albert_lora, that command gives me no such file or directory15:59
albert_cfhowlett, nvidia15:59
cfhowlett!nvidia | albert15:59
ubottualbert: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:59
albert_ok well i know what card i have now16:01
albert_how do i accuire correct driver16:02
cfhowlettalbert, best: from nvidia.  next best: opensource drivers16:02
albert_cfhowlett, thanks are they hard to install?16:03
albert_i dont seem to see the driver on nvidia16:07
foenixHey all, i'm having issues with my batter on my thinkpad. When I switch to battery power, the computer shuts down immediately, as is no battery is attached16:12
foenixi'm running 14.04 with the latest updates16:12
albert_well i think i have the driver how do install it?16:13
foenixanother thing is that the discharge accuracy has dropped to 016:14
Guest61502foenix> does this happens only in ubuntu ?16:14
=== ibuprofen_ is now known as morsnowski
albert_how do install this ?NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.29.run16:15
foenixGuest61502: I only boot ubuntu on this machine16:15
EriC^^albert_: type ./NVIDIA-Linux<tab>16:15
foenixGuest61502: I had no issues yesterday morning16:15
albert_EriC^^,  nothing happens16:16
foenixis there anything I can run to recalibrate the battery?16:16
EriC^^albert_: try sudo ./NVIDIA-Linux<tab>16:17
albert_EriC^^, still nothing wont even fill the rest of NVIDIA file in i even cd to d/l folder16:18
foenixI have installed tlp to check things out16:18
EriC^^albert_: you should get the full name ./NVIDIA-Linux...16:18
EriC^^albert_: press tab a couple times and it will list the possible completions16:19
foenixwhen I set the battery to discharge, the computer died16:19
EriC^^type more letters to get the one you want16:19
albert_EriC^^, only thing that auto fills is networkmanager16:19
simonorHello chaps. Sorry to be weird. Just testing a 'doze 8 tablet.16:19
JackelopeKingHello. I am trying to get help troubleshooting an Ethernet connection problem.16:20
EriC^^albert_: try typing the whole thing out16:20
EriC^^albert_: you have to be in the directory btw16:20
albert_EriC^^,  im in that directory and there only 2 files16:20
okkangalis there any turkish channel here16:20
EriC^^albert_: what are the files?16:20
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.16:21
albert_EriC^^, the NVIDIA driver and urbanterror.tar.gz16:21
foenixi'm going to try to go to battery power again16:21
EriC^^albert_: ok, type sudo ./N<tab>16:22
albert_EriC^^, nothing16:22
simonorBtw, been disappointed on 14.10 by caffeine TV crashes. Seems to be NVIDIA issue. Recommend sticking with 14.04 for media centres.16:22
EriC^^albert_: are you pressing tab?16:22
albert_EriC^^,  of course16:23
EriC^^type this echo sudo ./N*16:23
albert_i typed it out and says command not found16:23
derrzzaatrying to get myself up to date with configuring network sharing permissions etc on my home server. Anyone recommend a resource for learning this stuff?16:23
EriC^^what does it say?16:23
derrzzaaMy googling hasn't yelided much16:24
EriC^^albert_: are you using a capital N ?16:24
derrzzaavia cli, not the gui16:24
ubnewcfhowlett : fglrxinfo giving me an error http://fpaste.org/155305/36297814/16:24
albert_EriC^^, yes16:24
albert_EriC^^, command not found16:24
EriC^^albert_: ok what does echo sudo ./N16:24
EriC^^echo command not found?16:24
EriC^^echo sudo ./N*16:25
albert_EriC^^, echo sudo ./N completes the file name16:25
albert_when i tab16:25
cfhowlettEriC^^, I don't have enough experience to advise you further on this issue.  stay in channel.  lots of smart people.  someone will know.16:25
EriC^^albert_: if it completes the filename, type sudo ./N*16:26
=== toto is now known as Guest26703
cfhowlettEriC^^, verify that command, thouught ...16:26
EriC^^albert_: it only completes that one file right?16:26
albert_EriC^^,  yes16:26
EriC^^cfhowlett: i just did ^^^ thus the echo16:26
EriC^^albert_: ok run sudo ./N*16:26
JackelopeKingHello. I am looking for help trying to fix my ethernet connection on a machine running Ubuntu 14.10. Ethernet was working fine until last week, now it attempts to connect endlessly and cannot establish a connection. Thus far I've swapped out the ethernet card to a TP-Link TG-3269 and replaced the cable with no luck.16:27
albert_Ecommand not found16:27
albert_EriC^^,  command not found sudo ./N*16:27
EriC^^albert_: ok maybe the script isn't working?16:27
EriC^^albert_: if you type which sudo what do you get?16:28
marco_I think that's the problem too albert_16:28
EriC^^albert_: which sudo16:28
cfhowlett!it | paolo_,16:28
ubottupaolo_,: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:28
albert_EriC^^, any way to apt-get my graphics driver?16:28
EriC^^!find neauvou16:28
paolo_hi boy16:28
ubottuPackage/file neauvou does not exist in utopic16:28
EriC^^!find nouvea16:28
ubottuFound: libdrm-nouveau2, libdrm-nouveau2-dbg, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau-dbg, nouveau-firmware16:28
albert_EriC^^, what do you mean which sudo16:29
EriC^^!find nouveau16:29
EriC^^albert_: type which sudo16:29
albert_EriC^^, usr/bin/sudo16:29
albert_EriC^^, which is hashed (/usr/bin/which)16:30
albert_sudo is hashed (/usr/bin/sudo)16:30
EriC^^albert_: try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau16:30
EriC^^albert_: i guess, i'm not sure16:30
EriC^^albert_: which nvidia card do you have?16:31
cfhowlettpaolo_, non.  >>>> /join #ubuntu-it   <<<<16:31
EriC^^albert_: type lspci | grep VGA16:31
albert_EriC^^, geforce 6200 le16:31
EriC^^albert_: ok try to install that16:32
EriC^^albert_: which driver are you using right now?16:32
albert_EriC^^, Im using a legacy driver in additional drivers16:33
EriC^^albert_: ok go to additional drivers, and select another driver16:33
albert_EriC^^, when i try that i cant fit screen on monitor any more16:33
albert_EriC^^, this is only driver i found that will give the most options in settings16:34
gmg85The volume icon is missing from my ubuntu 14.04 panel...what is in its place is some sort of default place holder type icon16:35
gmg85how do i get the original icon back?16:35
EriC^^albert_: ok, maybe we can get the nvidia driver to work16:35
EriC^^albert_: can you paste the commands you are running16:35
EriC^^cd to the dir, ls -l , then type sudo ./NVIDIA-Linux.......16:36
EriC^^paste it in paste.ubuntu.com16:36
EriC^^gmg85: try /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-sound/indicator-sound-service16:37
gmg85EriC^^, the indicator is there...everything is fine except for the icon...that's what is missing16:39
EriC^^gmg85: try setsid unity16:40
gmg85there's some sort of placeholder/default icon i16:40
albert_EriC^^, i posted16:40
EriC^^albert_: ok16:40
EriC^^albert_: link? :D16:40
gmg85EriC^^, thanks man...it worked!!!!!16:40
nshSorry, command-not-found has crashed! -- https://0bin.zertrin.org/paste/bc7710599c0f99e0c3f1f5727252bd94cf966a32#E4goJCIxtzvbnTmQjfsXYmjD5biUyN/gxxvWYNjoEt8=16:40
EriC^^gmg85: great!16:41
cfhowlett!info eog16:41
ubottueog (source: eog): Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program. In component main, is optional. Version 3.12.2-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 643 kB, installed size 2868 kB16:41
cfhowlett!info eog trusty16:41
ubottueog (source: eog): Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program. In component main, is optional. Version 3.10.2-0ubuntu5 (trusty), package size 608 kB, installed size 2720 kB16:41
nsh(this is a crouton chroot over chromeos, which might complicate things, but never had this issue before)16:42
josePHPagodaHello everyone!16:43
josePHPagodaI've got a game that's done in SDL that supports mouse, but does not support touch screen16:43
josePHPagodaI have a touch screen monitor16:43
josePHPagodais there a way that I can have the touchscreen actually simulate mouse clicks?16:43
josePHPagodawhen I tap it?16:43
EriC^^albert_: what's the link?16:43
albert_EriC^^, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9316927/16:43
nshfigured it out,  it's because i was doing: curl -sH "User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0" -L "http://graph.facebook.com/musalbas/picture?type=large" | eog -16:44
EriC^^albert_: ok, you have to use "./" after sudo16:44
nshso the STDIN was still piped when command-not-found kicked in16:44
nshthat should probably be checked16:45
EriC^^albert_: sudo ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.29.run16:45
EriC^^albert_: the "./" is very important16:45
albert_sudo: ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.29.run: command not found16:46
EriC^^albert_: ok type chmod a+x NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.29.run16:46
albert_EriC^^, ok16:47
EriC^^try the sudo command16:47
albert_EriC^^, a step closer16:48
albert_EriC^^, it failed but started16:48
EriC^^what did it say?16:48
albert_EriC^^, i appear to be runnbing an x server please exit x server16:48
EriC^^albert_: no problem!16:49
EriC^^albert_: sudo service lightdm stop16:49
EriC^^type that16:49
EriC^^are you16:49
EriC^^using the pc16:49
unopasteEriC^^ you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:49
nshunopaste (owner) lrn2NOTICE16:49
albert_EriC^^, yes im on a pc16:49
EriC^^are you using the same pc?16:50
zcsereiHello! I'm running 14.10 and after a while my keyboard just turns off without any notice. If I restart the given program, the keyboard is working again. What should I do? This often ends up very annoying.16:54
dinosaur_Let's say I want to compile apache2 exactly as it is compiled in Ubuntu for apache2-mpm-event. How do I do that?16:54
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
albert_EriC^^, im back lol that didnt got to well16:56
EriC^^albert_: yeah i tried to warn you in pm as well16:56
EriC^^albert_: no problem :D16:56
EriC^^albert_: do you have another pc you can talk from?16:56
albert_EriC^^, well it killed my gui i got to terminal and ran the sudo ./N command and it failed because /lib / blah blah was not configured ?16:57
EriC^^albert_: hmm16:57
EriC^^type sudo apt-get install irssi16:57
EriC^^then press ctrl+alt+f1, you can switch back to the gui with alt+f716:57
EriC^^type irssi in the terminal, then type /server irc.freenode.net 800116:58
EriC^^then /join #ubuntu16:58
albert_EriC^^, ok i think i used to do this in gentoo16:59
albert__EriC^^: ??17:00
EriC^^ok great17:01
EriC^^now you can use alt+ctrl+f2 to get a different terminal17:01
=== ian is now known as Guest70102
EriC^^albert__: kill the gui17:02
EriC^^and run the script17:03
EriC^^install pastebinit17:03
EriC^^sudo apt-get install pastebinit17:03
albert__EriC^^: im here17:03
EriC^^then run sudo ./NVIDIA.... > ~/NVIDIA.log 2>&117:04
EriC^^then pastebinit ~/NVIDIA.log17:04
albert__EriC^^: hold on how do i get terminal up17:04
hikenboothi I have used gparted to shrink a lvm volume in an extended partition. It worked fine. I have rebooted into the ubuntu live cd after this operation and am attempting to resize the extended partition that contains the shrunk lvm volume. gparted doesnt give me the option to shrink it..how do i shrink it17:04
EriC^^albert__: use ctrl+alt+f1-f6 for terminals, alt+f7 for the gui17:05
EriC^^albert__: put irssi on a terminal, and go to the gui and run sudo service lightdm stop17:05
EriC^^albert__: pastebinit uploads stuff to paste.ubuntu.com and gives you the link17:05
albert__EriC^^: i got the same running an x server eroor17:08
EriC^^albert__: did you stop lightdm?17:08
EriC^^alt+f7 should be blank17:09
Silencedis anyone using irssi ?17:09
cfhowlettSilenced, are you taking a poll?17:09
albert__EriC^^: i typed stop lightdm17:09
ruukasuI had a cron job that was working for a while, and suddenly stopped working. cron is running as root17:10
EriC^^albert__: type sudo service lightdm stop17:10
Silencednope . got a doubt17:10
EriC^^albert__: ok i guess it worked :D17:10
Silencedcfhowlett: i got a doubt with that buddy17:10
EriC^^albert__: type sudo apt-get install pastebinit17:11
albert__EriC^^: i did that17:11
cfhowlettSilenced, literal answer to your question is "yes.  some people use irssi."17:11
=== Jactive is now known as Zaphkiel_Dalet
EriC^^cd to the dir and type sudo ./NVIDIA.... > ~/NVIDIA.log 2>&117:11
belgianguyI can't empty my recycle bin; and using sudo rm -rf on the contents of the Thrash folder also just hangs there17:11
Silencedcfhowlett: do u ?17:11
albert__EriC^^: did that17:11
EriC^^albert__: that will redirect the output and error to ~/NVIDIA.log17:11
ubnewcfhowlett : fglrxinfo giving me an error http://fpaste.org/155305/36297814/17:11
EriC^^ok type pastebinit ~/NVIDIA.log17:11
cfhowlettSilenced, you don't really need to know what each individual user runs.17:12
=== Goofy is now known as Guest61903
belgianguyand if I use the GUI, it just keeps on adding up the counter, and it's just 3 folders17:12
belgianguyso I don'tr get it17:12
vegombreihi im using lubuntu, recently installed when i watch movies my audio sync is off how do i fix this? or am i missing somekinda codec?17:12
Silencedcfhowlett: Do u use irssi ?17:12
cfhowlettubnew, I don't have enough amd experience to advise any further.  ask again.  someone in channel will know.17:12
albert__EriC^^: on so how do i send that info to you17:13
cfhowlettSilenced, personal information and none of your concern.17:13
EriC^^albert__: pastebinit should give a link17:13
EriC^^type it here17:13
cfhowlettvegombrei, sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras       will get codecs17:13
EriC^^albert__: you can check the log by typing less ~/NVIDIA.log17:14
Silencedcfhowlett: U better then mind ur business17:14
ubnewcfhowlett : no , you are already good enough :)17:14
albert__EriC^^: i typed pastebinit in terminal now it apears stuck how do i kill that command17:14
EriC^^albert__: press ctrl+c17:14
EriC^^albert__: it sometimes takes a while17:15
cfhowlettuber, did glxinfo give you any feedback?17:15
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:16
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EriC^^albert__: try less ~/NVIDIA.log17:16
albert__EriC^^: im trying17:17
Lurchymorning everyone17:17
LurchyIf I wanted to create a production environment locally....would I have issues mirroring it to my domain site?17:18
albert__EriC^^: wow terminal went crazy17:18
belgianguyLurchy: you can use Puppet or Chef17:18
=== zhanna is now known as Guest76123
EriC^^albert__: what do you mean?17:18
belgianguyto make server environments match exactly (if I understand it right)17:18
Lurchyyou know..create a local system dedicated to testing my moodle script..with a sql database17:19
vegombreicfhowlett: it worked great videos not lagging anymore thanks17:19
albert__EriC^^: it said no such file or directory17:19
cfhowlettvegombrei, happy2help17:19
Lurchyand be able to mirror it up on my hosting provider......17:19
EriC^^albert__: ok, try the sudo command17:19
Lurchyhonestly....My website is cluttered and overall...extremely slow17:19
EriC^^cd to the dir and type sudo ./NVIDIA....17:20
=== _morsnowski is now known as morsnowski_
LurchyIm trying to figure out how to make it work better...I keep getting a database error when I have a whole class of mine use my site17:20
EriC^^without the > ~/NVIDIA.log ..17:20
belgianguyLurchy: Isn't that more hw related than software? Check your logs for the error and see what it says?17:21
albert__EriC^^: i think i got it but now im stuck in terminal with END17:21
EriC^^albert__: press q17:21
=== morsnowski_ is now known as morsnowski
belgianguyLurchy: but you can install a server on your local system and then test it with your localhost17:21
albert__EriC^^: ok17:21
albert__EriC^^: now how do i get that info to pastebin17:21
EriC^^albert__: pastebinit ~/NVIDIA.log17:22
=== PhiRez is now known as Ankoran
Sonderbladewhat version of linux did ubuntu 14.04 originally ship with?17:23
albert__EriC^^: think this is it pgv20BXq17:23
Lurchybelgianguy: thats what I am trying to figure out....I keep getting a database timeout error when I have 30+ uers on my site (a typical class I teach)  I cant get any help from Tech support....I am frustrated and want to reinstall...create a local instance at the house...then mirror it to my website17:23
EriC^^Sonderblade: check the manifest17:23
SonderbladeEriC^^: where is that?17:23
belgianguyLurchy: maybe best take this to #ubuntu-offtopic, there we can talk about it if you like17:24
belgianguyas this is the main Ubuntu support channel17:24
EriC^^albert__: it says the paste doesn't exist17:24
rajviHi Guys. Could anyone tell me what's the most common, easiest & safest practice to add startup scripts?17:25
albert__EriC^^: when nvidia install fails it says log is in /var/log/Nvidia-installer.log17:25
cfhowlettrajvi, sounds like a #ubuntu-server question17:25
EriC^^albert__: ok, try pastebinit /var/log/Nvidia-installer.log17:25
rajviNot really. I need to know how to add scripts . Eg: Tomcat Startup script17:26
albert__EriC^^: 7gF3zwrS17:27
daftykinsrajvi: apache tomcat, more server talk, yep server channel.17:27
albert__why is it so hard to get something to work argg i havent even goto my wireless network card yet17:27
rajviAlright alright :)  Good Bye Guys17:27
ODotWhats the best way to remotely access my vps desktop17:28
ODoti noticed vnc has a password limit seems very insecure17:28
EriC^^albert__: it says the paste doesn't exist17:28
belgianguyODot: SSH?17:28
ODoti need gui17:28
cfhowlettalbert, make another paste         fpaste.org17:28
EriC^^albert__: it's http://paste.ubuntu.com/7gF3zwrS17:28
albert__EriC^^: why does it give me an adres then17:28
EriC^^cfhowlett: he has no gui right now17:29
albert__EriC^^: no17:29
cfhowlettEriC^^, ahhh, OK17:29
EriC^^nvidia needs it to be killed for the script to run17:29
EriC^^albert__: there's another pastebin but it's hell17:29
albert__EriC^^: www.pastebin.com/7gF3zwrS17:29
EriC^^albert__: cat /var/log/Nvidia-installer.log | curl -F 'f:1=<-' http://ix.io17:29
EriC^^it worked :D17:30
albert__EriC^^: great lol17:30
EriC^^albert__: i think you need to install the kernel headers17:31
EriC^^albert__: type uname -r17:31
albert__Zerant: says generic17:32
albert__EriC^^: oops says generic17:32
EriC^^what does it say before that?17:32
ODotis there any other way to access to gui desktop than vnc?17:33
albert__EriC^^: 3.13.0-41-generic17:33
EriC^^41 are you sure?17:33
EriC^^albert__: you have 14.04.1 right?17:33
albert__EriC^^: yes17:33
albert__EriC^^: 3.13.0-41-generic17:34
EriC^^!info linux-image-generic17:34
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB17:34
EriC^^!info linux-image-generic trusty17:34
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB17:34
ubnewcfhowlett : sorry I didn't saw your reply ,  http://fpaste.org/155325/68889141/17:34
EriC^^albert__: did you custom install it or something?17:34
EriC^^albert__: 14.04 is at -4017:35
Isaacs__#join pinguy17:35
cfhowlettubnew, is there any chance you could just ... oh, I don't know ... upgrade the gpu to a more modern version?  :)17:35
albert__EriC^^: im lost17:36
helpmehi there17:36
albert__EriC^^: no its zorin normal  install17:37
helpmei was here yesterday and I still cannot connect to internet. I am now using another computer17:37
=== helpme is now known as Guest37162
Guest37162http://paste.ubuntu.com/9317621/ << these are the results for lspci and lshw -C network17:37
Guest37162audio doesnt work either,cannot some applications dont work, cannot save any edited document or file17:38
ubnewcfhowlett : 8.960 is old ? http://fpaste.org/155326/36907514/17:38
EriC^^albert__: sorry im back was getting some snacks17:38
Guest37162this is on a xubuntu 14.10 64 bits17:38
albert__EriC^^: luck you..17:38
cfhowlettubnew, unless I've confused you with someone else (possible), isn't this a 2006 gpu?17:39
EriC^^albert__: lol17:39
albert__EriC^^: how do install kernel things it was asking for17:39
EriC^^albert__: ill wait for you to get some :P17:39
albert__EriC^^: just did17:39
ubnewcfhowlett : It's an integrated or build in GPU X120017:39
EriC^^albert__: well, i don't know much about zorin17:40
EriC^^albert__: the kernel headers in the ubuntu repos are for -4017:40
cfhowlettubnew, right - legacy stufff.17:40
albert__EriC^^: its the same as i heard17:40
EriC^^albert__: you could install the -40 kernel and headers17:40
cfhowlettubnew, just a thought ...17:40
albert__EriC^^: how ?17:40
EriC^^albert__: it's based on it i guess, but it's different17:40
EriC^^albert__: type sudo apt-get install linux-image-3.13.0-40-generic17:41
EriC^^and sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-40-generic17:41
albert__EriC^^: but i have 41 correct ?17:41
EriC^^albert__: then sudo reboot, and hold shift to get grub17:41
EriC^^albert__: yeah, you can boot into it from grub17:42
=== Guest37162 is now known as hhelp
belgianguymy recycl bin dialog states it's 'preparing to remove 4.2365.852 files' and that counter keeps increasing17:43
belgianguywhat can I do to repair the recycle bin?17:43
ubnewcfhowlett : yep , guess it's a legacy ,  I just though it will install well , no luck. Have to upgrade somehow but on this old pc , even I upgraded I may not run fully. Any suggestion whether to get a nvidia or ati without a 6pin extra  power ?17:43
albert__EriC^^: said those packages where no longer requires17:44
EriC^^albert__: are they installed now?17:44
cfhowlettubnew, nvidia seems to be much more linux-friendly than amd.  If you live in the USA --- Fry's Electronics is the place!17:44
EriC^^type dpkg -l | grep linux-image.*4017:45
albert__EriC^^: i dont know it just didnt d/l anything17:45
albert__seems to say i have the newest17:45
Paddy_NIThis might sound a little lazy but... I'm downstairs away from my PC and I am connected to it via juicessh. Now is there any simple way of determining whether or not my PC is connected to a VPN or not?17:46
EriC^^albert__: try the dpkg command and see if it shows up17:46
Paddy_NIEventually I would like to be able to connect/disconnect the VPN using command-line17:46
albert__EriC^^: it shows in red17:47
turtledinghello, whats the recommend way to permenent export enviroment variables _when using zsh_? .xsession & .xsessionrc doesnt work17:48
bekksalbert__: The color is irrelevant, basically.17:48
ubnewcfhowlett : nah , not at USA , I just worry nvidia giving much headache installing driver on ubuntu .17:48
EriC^^albert__: ok, try dpkg -l | grep linux-headers.*4017:48
EriC^^turtleding: maybe add them to ~/.profile17:48
turtledingEriC^^: this works also with zsh?17:49
albert__EriC^^: says there at 40 also17:49
EriC^^albert__: ok great17:49
EriC^^sudo reboot and hold shift and select the -40 kernel17:49
EriC^^turtleding: no idea17:50
turtledingEriC^^: anyway, i will try it^^17:50
T-Sourcemakeris there a good linux scanner which I can buy?17:50
T-SourcemakerI bought the Canon LIDE 210 yesterday, but it's a crappy quality17:51
ubnewcfhowlett : either way thanks for the help :) got to go , cya17:51
bekksT-Sourcemaker: Because...?17:51
T-Sourcemakerbekks: for document scanning17:51
cfhowlettubnew, happy2try  best of luck17:51
bekksT-Sourcemaker: And why is it "bad quality"?17:51
EriC^^turtleding: do you want it system-wide?17:52
ubnewcfhowlett : thanks :) sleep early :)17:52
OerHeksT-Sourcemaker, any Hp or Epson work great OOTB17:52
EriC^^turtleding: seems that zsh uses /etc/profile then uses ~/.zprofile17:52
T-Sourcemakerbekks: there are many customer reviews on amazon... telling the same17:52
albert_EriC^^, ok i booted under 4017:52
iwan2dualbootHi. I am wanting to dual boot my Android Pendo Pad, with ubuntu. Any help will be much appreciated.17:52
EriC^^albert_: ok, sudo service lightdm stop17:52
T-Sourcemakerbekks: on every scan... there are gray lines...17:53
EriC^^then cd to the dir and sudo ./NVIDIA...17:53
cfhowlett!touch | iwan2dualboot17:53
ubottuiwan2dualboot: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:53
turtledingEriC^^: oh, i had forgotten to read zsh manpage sry.. I would prefer system wide17:53
EriC^^turtleding: add it to /etc/profile17:53
iwan2dualbootcfhowlett: Box says pendo pad 7.17:54
albert__EriC^^: sudo ?17:55
turtledingEriC^^: thx again^^17:55
iwan2dualbootubottu:  Will go check the link. thanks.17:55
ubottuiwan2dualboot: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:55
EriC^^albert__: kill lightdm first17:55
albert__EriC^^: i cant see anythinng now17:56
albert_EriC^^, i cant see anythinng now17:56
EriC^^albert_: ?17:56
albert__EriC^^: graphics didnt kill right i guess17:56
albert_EriC^^, graphics didnt kill right i guess17:56
albert_EriC^^, graphics didnt kill right i guess17:56
DJonesalbert_: Can you remove one of your clones17:56
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest80572
iwan2dualbootaahhh, ok. seems in need ubuntu touch. thanks again.17:58
albert_EriC^^: that was crazy17:59
EriC^^what happened?18:00
albert_EriC^^: i typed sudo lightdm stop and its light graphics card was still wanting to work18:01
albert_had to reboot18:01
EriC^^that's not the right command18:02
EriC^^albert_: sudo service lightdm stop18:02
=== Guest97312 is now known as seme
albert__EriC^^: sudo lightdm ?18:04
albert__have to right down lol18:04
=== jordan_ is now known as l2ksolkov
EriC^^albert: ill brb18:09
GeoIs there a way using apt-get or dpkg to determine where files were installed?18:10
trismGeo: dpkg -L package_name;18:10
albert_EriC^^: ok i got it i loged in via terminal so i dont lose commands when i had you in gui18:11
EriC^^albert: ok18:11
EriC^^albert_: try sudo service lightdm stop18:11
albert_EriC^^: great18:12
Geotrism, thanks. Running that, it looks like dpkg doesnt know about stuff installed via apt-get. So, revised question- how can i figure out where something was installed via apt-get? :)18:12
albert_EriC^^: ok done18:13
trismGeo: no, that will work for every installed package, if you wanted to query other things available but not installed, install apt-file and use: apt-file list package_name18:13
Geodpkg -L tcl-dev said no such package18:14
Geobut it is installed and accessible by apt-get18:14
Geowhat would I be doing wrong?18:14
trismGeo: what is: apt-cache policy tcl-dev;18:14
albert_EriC^^: it says something about kernel not being configured18:14
GeoI dont' want to say.18:15
OerHeks!rootirc | root_18:16
ubotturoot_: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.18:16
albert_I lost my help :(18:17
root_ubottu : Do you mean i can get hacked ?18:17
ubotturoot_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:17
HappyNewYear13any quic command to know the last time i logged in?18:18
bekksroot_: There is just no reason for using root for IRC.18:18
bekksHappyNewYear13: "last".18:18
OerHeksuptime can tell18:18
EriC^^albert_: did you boot into -40?18:18
albert_EriC^^: yes18:18
EriC^^albert_: type uname -r18:18
root_bekks ; I am using the irssi to connect18:18
cfhowlettroot_, you should never use root as a regular state.18:19
bekksroot_: Dont use root.18:19
albert_EriC^^: says something like kernel has not been configured >18:19
HappyNewYear13any quic command to know time i turned on my ubuntu pc?18:19
albert_EriC^^: 40 generic18:19
EriC^^albert_: does it say for which kernel?18:19
albert_EriC^^: 4018:19
HappyNewYear13bekks, oh last is  good one18:20
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, wouldn't that be the same?18:20
root_ok am leaving18:20
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, "last" is good18:20
albert_EriC^^: source files in lib/modules not configured ?18:21
EriC^^albert_: ok18:21
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, i like uptime too. thank u18:21
cloudgeekHow I can pass command line username and password for automated installtion of pertino cleint , Ubuntu:14.0418:22
albert_EriC^^: any idea what that means ?18:23
bekkscloudgeek: That depends on the pertino client - whatever it is, does it have its own support community?18:24
OerHekscloudgeek, not, i guess. that is why linux is safe.18:24
cloudgeekbekks: it doesn't have18:25
cloudgeekbekks: I know how to for Mysql but I don't how do for it, After apt-get install pertino-client , it ask me for username and password18:25
bekkscloudgeek: So whats that "pertino client" ar all?18:25
cloudgeekthan I need to enter manually18:25
EriC^^albert_: maybe it can't find the headers, no idea18:25
bekks*at all18:25
cloudgeekbekks: https://support.pertino.com/hc/en-us/articles/201116845-Pertino-Linux-installation-and-configuration-guide18:26
EriC^^albert_: try find /lib/modules -name "version.h"18:26
cloudgeekbekks:I don't want to go with chef, I am using Docker for it.18:26
bekkscloudgeek: It has its own support resources: https://support.pertino.com/hc/en-us18:26
DJ_Unibobhmmm, this is an odd issue/appcrash.  "nvidia-331 331.89-0ubuntu5: nvidia-331 kernel module failed to build"  Looking on launchpad for a resolution.  Any ideas on what might cause it, other than perhaps a broken pipe?18:27
=== Stu|[A] is now known as Stu|
albert__anyone know how to install nvidia drivers ?18:30
DJ_UnibobYou would need to use the "Additional Drivers" program, since they are proprietary (sp?)18:31
albert__DJ_Unibob, they dont work properly18:31
cloudgeekbekks: okay18:31
DJ_UnibobHave you tried all the listed drivers?  I had to use the one listed as "tested" with mine.18:32
albert__DJ_Unibob, yes i  have i tried to d/l driver from nvidia but cant get it installed18:32
DJ_UnibobThough I did just have a crash related to it, but my system still appears to be stable.18:33
grekin ubuntu exist equivalent sudo nfsd checkexports ? i have same error https://github.com/puphpet/puphpet/issues/24018:33
DJ_Unibobhmmm, well, outside of that program, I'm not sure what to do.  I've only recently got back to linux after a few year hiatus, so I'm more or less learning all over again.18:33
albert__DJ_Unibob, i have one that runs ok but when i try and play agame at full screen system crashes18:33
greki have installed nfs but nfsd unknown command18:34
greki have error - sudo nfsd checkexports18:34
DJ_UnibobI'm sure someone here will be of more help albert__18:34
OerHeksalbert what do you expect of that nvidia 6200 ?18:35
EriC^^albert__: what's the latest kernel available?18:35
OerHeksit is old, not all 3d stuff will work flawlessly18:35
albert__EriC^^, 4118:35
EriC^^type apt-cache search linux-image18:35
EriC^^albert__: do you see 41 there?18:36
albert__im running 40 to be safe18:36
albert__EriC^^, this is to hard guess ill go back to stupid windows18:36
EriC^^albert__: is it there?18:36
EriC^^albert__: it's easy hold on18:36
EriC^^albert__: is -41 there?18:37
albert__EriC^^, is it where ?18:37
EriC^^in apt-cache search linux-image18:37
albert__EriC^^, there are alot form 30 to 4118:38
EriC^^use shift+pageup to scroll18:38
EriC^^ok, great18:38
EriC^^so you have 41 in the repos18:38
DJ_UnibobActually, I just noticed I'm still running 331.89 and don't see any updates, I'm going to have to see why nothing new is showing up.18:38
EriC^^type sudo apt-get install linux-generic18:38
EriC^^albert__: it should install the headers of 4118:39
EriC^^or whatever is the latest kernel18:39
albert__EriC^^, Unpacking linux-generic (
albert__a lot of that happened18:39
EriC^^ok, great18:39
EriC^^when it's done18:40
albert__EriC^^, only took a sec18:40
EriC^^try to boot into the new kernel18:40
EriC^^maybe it'll work since the headers are installed18:40
albert__EriC^^, brb18:40
OerHeksso all this effort to get more options in nvidia settings with that old nvidia 6200 card? ... in zorin :-D18:42
EriC^^that's ike saying football is all this effort is to put a ball with some air in it in a net18:43
Vladimiriis it possible to install ubuntu on a usb drive and have the whole system on it, and whener I want I can just boot it up on pretty much any computer?18:44
EriC^^( missing the point )18:44
albert_EriC^^, im back18:44
EriC^^albert_: ok, sudo service lightdm stop18:44
albert_EriC^^: ok killed gui18:45
EriC^^try to run the sudo command18:46
EriC^^if it doesn't work i have an idea18:46
albert_EriC^^: same thing about kernel18:46
EriC^^albert_: ok, no problem18:46
EriC^^try cd /lib/modules18:47
albert_EriC^^: says most likley /lib files in kernel not configred18:47
EriC^^then cd 3.13.0-41-generic18:47
DrManhattanHow do I enable antialiasing on the desktop cube?18:48
albert_EriC^^: ok im there18:48
EriC^^ok cd build/include/linux18:48
ReScOhttp://www.linux.com/community/forums/drivers/nvidia-graphic-cards-850m-on-asus-n750jk-with-ubuntu-1410/20236 i'm having the same issue, dual gpu intel/nvidia gtx 850m, how can i enable usage of the 850m?18:48
bekksReScO: BY using the Optimus-enabled driver, nvidia-prime18:49
ReScObekks: didn't work18:49
albert_EriC^^: no file or  directory18:49
bekksReScO: Why not?18:49
ReScOonly getting a login screen, after logging in, blank screen, no unity18:49
EriC^^albert_: this is odd, i just tried to install the headers and i don't have a version.h file18:50
albert_EriC^^: thats what mine says18:50
DrManhattanHow do I enable antialiasing on the desktop cube?18:50
DrManhattanintel onboard graphics18:51
bekksReScO: What do the logs say?18:51
ReScObekks: no screen found18:52
albert_Well guess i just cant play any games :(18:52
=== goethe is now known as Goethe2
EriC^^albert_: i found something on google18:52
albert_EriC^^: LIke >18:53
EriC^^albert_: it looks like the driver doesn't support the kernel18:53
EriC^^if you start the gui check it out im reading18:53
EriC^^sudo service lightdm restart18:53
albert_EriC^^: ok18:53
EriC^^when you start the gui ill paste it18:54
albert__EriC^^, so im screwed i take it18:54
EriC^^albert__: no i think you need to download a different driver from nvidia or there seems to be a patch or something for newer kernels18:55
P1RATEZDrManhattan: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=65975 and http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=136664 indicates it increases cpu load18:56
DrManhattanP1RATEZ, I don't care if it increases CPU load, I just want it to look better18:56
DrManhattanno point in having a CPU and not using it18:56
ReScObekks: i've had to reinstall ubuntu twice already because of these driver issues...18:57
c0ffee_I happened to mess up some files in /etc/X11/app-defaults/ is there a way to rewrite them from clean distro, etc ?18:57
=== j3m4dux is now known as jemadux
albert__EriC^^, thats the error i was getting18:58
albert__EriC^^, how do install the patch19:02
EriC^^albert__: im searching for a different driver19:03
ReScOi'm having a lot of issues here, i want to be able to use my stronger GPU for WoW19:05
albert__EriC^^, patch failed in the same way any how19:05
EriC^^albert__: the patch is for an older nvidia i think19:06
albert__EriC^^, my nvidia is old lol19:06
EriC^^albert__: you need a patch for 260.19.2919:06
EriC^^or to change the nvidia driver to one that has a patch19:07
albert__i found that one on nvidia website19:08
EriC^^albert_: try this http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/5145319:10
EriC^^albert_: this seems newer http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/5982719:11
EriC^^albert__: did you get my links?19:12
ReScOStupid fucking dual gpu19:12
EriC^^ReScO: try to disable the other one in the bios19:12
ReScOAsus N750JK19:13
EriC^^hi de33319:13
ReScOIntel Haswell + Nvidia GTX 850M19:13
de333how r u?19:13
EriC^^de333: great, you?19:13
de333not bad19:14
albert__EriC^^, no19:14
EriC^^albert__: http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/5982719:14
EriC^^try that driver19:14
albert__EriC^^, i got where you said i need at patched driver19:14
de333just got ableton running on hackintosh, so quite happy19:15
albert__EriC^^, think im on a 32 bit system19:15
EriC^^ReScO: do you have an nvidia control panel?19:15
de333off usb19:15
ReScOEriC^^: no...?19:15
EriC^^ReScO: type nvidia<tab>19:16
ReScOalbert__: run uname -a19:16
ReScOEriC^^: only nvidia-detector19:16
DrManhattanok How do I enable antialiasing with intel onboard graphics19:17
albert__14 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux19:17
albert__thats what i got19:17
albert__EriC^^, that the right one ?19:17
EriC^^hold on19:17
=== de333 is now known as jess44
EriC^^albert__: use this http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/5982619:19
albert__EriC^^, thanks hope it owrks19:19
ReScOEriC^^: http://i.imgur.com/nVamqzz.png19:20
DrManhattananyone? Bueller? Bueller? How do I enable Antialiasing on intel onboard graphics?19:21
EriC^^ReScO: try to type nvidia in the dash19:21
ReScOEriC^^: only nvidia-detect19:22
EriC^^ah, i think you have to install it19:22
ReScOno shit19:22
EriC^^not sure19:22
ReScObut if i install nvidia-prime, i can't login19:22
EriC^^!find nvidia19:22
ubottuFound: nvidia-prime, nvidia-settings, nvidia-settings-304, nvidia-settings-304-updates, nvidia-settings-310, nvidia-settings-310-updates, nvidia-settings-313-updates, nvidia-settings-319, nvidia-settings-319-updates, nvidia-settings-experimental-304 (and 55 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all19:22
ReScOi see the greeter, i enter my password, but alas no desktop whatsoever19:22
EriC^^maybe it's nvidia-settings?19:22
EriC^^try sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings19:23
jess44is there an off topic channel here?19:23
* ReScO uses the low orbit facepalm cannon19:23
bubbasauresjess44, #ubuntu-offtopic19:23
EriC^^ReScO: you mean you're not using the nvidia driver?19:23
* DrManhattan bursts into tears19:23
DrManhattanHow do I enable Antialiasing on intel onboard graphics?19:23
ReScODrManhattan: compizconfig19:23
amjamHi all. Does anyone here have wifi working on a Dell Inspiron laptop?19:24
ReScOEriC^^: No, i'm not, it breaks my system19:24
EriC^^ReScO: oh ok19:24
ReScOamjam: lspci | grep -i wlan19:24
ReScOwhat's the output?19:24
DrManhattanReScO, I can't find it in the settings manager19:24
ReScODrManhattan: did you install it?19:24
amjamReScO: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)19:25
DrManhattanReScO, yes, along with the extras package19:25
ReScOpress the windows key or super, then type compiz19:25
ReScO!find firmware-b43-installer19:27
ubottuFound: firmware-b43-installer19:27
DrManhattanReScO, I have the compizconfig settings manager open already, I just can't find where AA is enabled19:27
ReScOamjam: you need firmware-b43-installer19:27
amjamReScO: is that something that can be installed prior or during installation?19:27
ReScOrun "sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer19:27
amjamI haven't yet installed ubuntu yet, the .iso is downloading right now, though and i'm about to put it on a USB Key.19:27
ReScOamjam: post install19:27
amjamReScO: got it.19:28
amjamthanks bud.19:28
ReScOamjam: if it doesn't work, send me a PM19:28
EriC^^amjam: it should be in the additional drivers, installed by itself19:28
derrzzaaAre there are cool third party disk usage utils out there?19:28
ReScODrManhattan: i'll look into it, gimme a sec19:28
derrzzaadu -h isn't all that19:28
amjamEriC^^: sorry, what do you mean by "installed by itself"? Like, as an add-on during installation or something post-installation?19:28
ReScOamjam: in the packages on the disc, iirc19:28
EriC^^amjam: it's found on the liveusb, when you finish the installation go to the dash and type drivers19:29
EriC^^amjam: it should be there, and already selected i think19:29
DrManhattanReScO, thank you. I will name my firstborn son ReScO if you can get this solved for me19:29
ReScODrManhattan: ATI or Nvidia?19:30
DrManhattanReScO, intel onboard19:30
ReScOApparently, you need to force it through their respective settings pane- oh.19:30
ReScOYou know that that onboard GPU can't handle any AA whatsoever?19:31
DrManhattanyeah I can't find the settings pane/manager for intel19:31
DrManhattannvidia it's easy19:31
DrManhattanReScO, I would like to try and see what happens19:31
ReScODrManhattan: well, either your system runs so slow that you need to reboot into a basic shell, or you try to work through the slowness and attempt to open a terminal, but that's my guess.19:32
albert_EriC^^: Its installing whoo19:32
windowripperanonymous OS tools for ubuntu....point made not a ?19:32
DrManhattanReScO, I'll chance it - how do I enable it?19:32
EriC^^albert_: cool!19:32
albert_EriC^^: thanks you have a chance to help with wireless card ?19:32
EriC^^what's up?19:33
albert_EriC^^: i used the only driver in additional drivers and it didnt work19:34
ReScODrManhattan: i think / bet that there's no AA support on the onboard intel GPU, and compiz doesn't do that itself19:34
albert_EriC^^: nvidia failed to build kernel19:34
ReScOSo, you're pretty much out of luck as far as i know19:34
ReScOalbert_: what's in the logs?19:34
DrManhattanReScO, ok thank you19:35
EriC^^albert_: same error about not finding the /lib/modules... ?19:35
albert_EriC^^: no it installed but now my scrren is huge19:35
albert_EriC^^: said couldnt build error during install19:36
albert_EriC^^: going to reboot19:36
Finetundrahello everybody. what would one do if you had a graphics card that cannot support GRUB's default resolution?19:37
ReScOJTHRDGSEF: prepare to be hacked.19:38
amjamReScO / EriC^^: I just booted into the liveUSB environment but I still don't see how I can get online via wifi.19:38
ReScOamjam: do you have access to LAN?19:38
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang19:38
amjamAll the Network Settings show is "Wired" and "Network Proxy"19:38
phunyguygosh darnit19:38
phunyguytab complete fail19:38
amjamReScO: unforutnately I don't right now.19:39
ReScOamjam: can you use your mobile to connect to the internet?19:39
IdleOnelol phunyguy19:39
IdleOneyou kicked a staffer19:39
phunyguyI /msg and apologized19:40
amjamReScO: i'm not sure how you mean.19:40
phunyguydidnt see them /part, so I tab completed without thinking19:40
phunyguytoo late by the time I realized.19:40
albertEriC^^: i think its trying to use a crt monitor19:40
ReScOamjam: Thether19:40
EriC^^albert: try the nvidia-settings19:40
albertEriC^^: i cant do anything now in gui mode screen it huge and cant see anything but center of the screeb19:41
=== XeBlackWater is now known as VorVZakone
EriC^^albert: ok in a terminal type xrandr19:41
albertEriC^^: cant open disply19:42
EriC^^albert: try export DISPLAY=:019:43
EriC^^then xrandr19:43
=== VorVZakone is now known as zz_VorVZakone
albertEriC^^: cant open display :019:44
albertEriC^^: you know im in terminal not gui19:45
EriC^^albert: yeah19:45
EriC^^hold on19:45
EriC^^albert: try DISPLAY=:0.0 xrandr -s 800x60019:46
=== player is now known as Guest15076
Guest15076hello i have laptop used run xp but no longer supported. the laptop has 1.73ghz cel and 1 gig ram. what would u recomend? thank u19:47
EriC^^albert: did you get my last msg about xrandr -s 800x600 ?19:47
rypervencheGuest15076: You can definitely run Linux on it, you might want a more lightweight Desktop Environment though, maybe Xubuntu.19:48
albertEriC^^: cant open display19:48
EriC^^try to go to the gui19:48
EriC^^press ctrl+alt+t19:48
daftykinsGuest15076: life will be painful regardless, however19:48
EriC^^and type xrandr -s 800x60019:48
albertcould not apply stored confige for monitors19:49
EriC^^albert: i think you need some xorg.config stuff19:49
SkyriderI just installed ubuntu, and damn.... :-\19:49
Guest15076i have xp alongside ubuntu but when i updated ubuntu the page went blank could only just login and wallpaper be blank only mouse icon19:50
Skyrideruses twice memory usage from my previous debian.19:50
amjamReScO: I ended up being able to connect via cat5.19:50
albertEriC^^: think ill just give up how do i restore old driver ?19:50
ReScOamjam: nice :)19:50
mohsen-rashidiIs openjdk 8 available for ubuntu 14.10?19:50
k1l_mohsen-rashidi: yes19:50
Goethe2Guest15076, i have ubuntu 14.04 and it currently takes 1,7 GB ram in use. I have firefox, chrome, irc and transmission running.19:51
mohsen-rashidiWhat's the package name?19:51
=== arjunramaswami22 is now known as Mellkor
EriC^^albert: if you still feel like giving it a shot there's this site that has some stuff http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/install-nvidia-geforce-driver-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04-using-ppa/19:51
k1l_!info openjdk-8-jdk19:51
ubottuopenjdk-8-jdk (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK). In component universe, is optional. Version 8u40~b09-1 (utopic), package size 8364 kB, installed size 38640 kB19:51
albertEriC^^: i cant use gui now :(19:51
albertEriC^^: how can i restore it19:51
EriC^^albert: 1 sec19:52
k1l_mohsen-rashidi: try the search of your favourit package tool or packages.ubuntu.com19:52
mohsen-rashidiThank you19:52
Guest15076and can someone explain this when in live mode i get my 1024x768 res but when installed only 640x48019:52
k1l_Guest15076: install a proper driver?19:53
Guest15076tried addiontal driver nothing, but lappy 7yr old19:54
bekksGuest15076: Which driver did you try?19:54
Guest15076whatever what was on the ubuntu version19:55
k1l_Guest15076: what video card is it then?19:55
EriC^^albert: try mv ~/.config/monitors.xml ~/.config/monitors.xml.backup19:55
bekksGuest15076: Can you name the driver please? Is it nouveau, nvidia, fglxr, radeon or whatever?19:55
Guest15076the graphics card is a sis19:55
EriC^^albert: then sudo service lightdm restart19:55
k1l_Guest15076: :/  well, i dont have had success with that cards. good luck then19:56
bekksGuest15076: Oh my. Good luck with that.19:56
Guest15076the graphics card is a sis. its on motherboard, yeh ive heard its a pain19:57
Guest15076on unbuntu live mode i get the 1024x768 res when installed i dont19:58
Guest15076i had mint 16 running on it 1024 res i updated to mint 17 and lost it back to 640x48019:59
Patrick032986hello I was wondering if it was possible to put ubuntu on my phone I have a LG Optimus Fuel?19:59
OerHeksSiS was always a nasty videocard, bad supported :-(19:59
lain_Guest15076: what is your problem with SIS gpu?19:59
k1l_Patrick032986: you want the desktop or the ubuntu-touch?20:00
=== lain_ is now known as atlas-hive
bekksGuest15076: So you are using Mint currentlx?20:00
albertEriC^^: no luck cant even right click on screen20:00
k1l_!touch | Patrick032986 see this special channel20:00
ubottuPatrick032986 see this special channel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:00
EriC^^albert: xrandr still doesn't work?20:01
EriC^^albert: maybe you need to reboot20:01
Guest15076xp remains on it still, had mint 17 lost my res got rid back to ubuntu, then updated and back to low res20:01
Guest15076if that makes sense20:01
albertsize 800x600 not found20:01
EriC^^albert: try only xrandr20:02
bekksGuest15076: So are you using Ubuntu or Mint, currently?20:02
albertEriC^^: says i can only do 680x40020:02
unopastepepe__ you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted20:02
Guest15076ubuntu its installed but after login page goes blank, so im in live unbuntu mode20:02
EriC^^albert: maximum is 640?20:03
albertEriC^^: yes20:03
EriC^^or it's the only one listed?20:03
albertEriC^^: only one listed20:03
EriC^^what does it say to the right?20:03
atlas-hiveGuest15076: further explain. so you lost you resolution on mint so you went back to Ubuntu and sudo update (or upgrade?) and lost your resolution again?20:03
EriC^^albert: which resolution do you use usually?20:04
albertEriC^^: 73.0*20:04
atlas-hiveGuest15076: what kind of hardware are you using or model pc/lappy?20:04
nedalHi, I need help in a very basic and simple C program with gcc. could somebody help please20:04
albertEriC^^: 1920x something i think20:04
Guest15076173 ghx celeron 1 gig ram20:05
EriC^^ok try gtf 1920 1080 6020:05
EriC^^albert: then take what's written in the term and copy it to xrandr --newmode "1920x1080" 172.80  1920 2040 2248 2576  1080 1081 1084 1118  -HSync +Vsync20:05
atlas-hiveGuest15076: holy shit thats so old school shit lol20:05
trismnedal: what is the problem?20:05
albertEriC^^: ok ?20:06
Guest15076its 7r old lappy mate20:06
albertEriC^^:  a bunch of numbers20:06
atlas-hiveGuest15076: so im assuming that when you fresh install, everything works right? just when you update or upgrade is soes to shit and your resolution goes away right?20:06
EriC^^albert: type the gtf command, and then copy what it gives you so you end up with xrandr --newmode "19..." <gtf stuff here>20:06
k1l_atlas-hive: no need for all that "shit" in here.20:06
Guest15076yes atlas spot on20:06
atlas-hivek1l_: sorry20:07
atlas-hiveGuest15076: are you just sudo updating?20:07
FinetundraGuest15076, perhaps try a lighter distro than base ubuntu?20:07
nedalI want to do a table with aleatory  numbers but it doesn t work... I know that I have a problem in my program but don t know where20:07
atlas-hiveGuest15076: you can try #!20:07
atlas-hiveGuest15076: thats a pretty nice light weight distro20:08
Guest15076in this live mode i get the res20:08
amjamHi all. How do I install firmware-b43-installer?20:08
amjamit's a driver I need for my wifi card.20:08
albertEriC^^: failed to parse as a new mode20:08
OerHeks!bcm | amjam check this page20:09
ubottuamjam check this page: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:09
Guest15076so im guesing 1 gig ram not good for ubuntu20:09
trismnedal: you may want to ask in ##c20:09
atlas-hiveGuest15076: so your hardware works obviously, maybe updating is using a newer package that is not agreeing with you hardware. do you know your exact gpu name/model?20:10
nedaltrism how to join it ?20:10
atlas-hiveGuest15076: well which ubuntu are you using?20:10
=== Sauvin is now known as EisenHerz
Goethe2Guest15076, did you try lubuntu?20:10
Guest15076intel celeron 173ghz20:10
bekksGuest15076: Live mode uses the same amount of RAM ;)20:11
trismnedal: /join ##c20:11
EriC^^albert: nvidia-settings doesn't work at all?20:11
nedaltrism thanks20:11
Guest15076inter celeron 1.73ghz 1 gig ram,20:11
albertEriC^^: at 640x480 but i cant do anything cant see anything on the sides20:12
atlas-hiveGuest15076: so intergrated gpu from celeron proc?20:12
Guest15076u lost me bit atlas but if u asking graphics card is on motheboard20:12
albertEriC^^: failed to parse 1920x1080_60.0 as a mode specification20:13
atlas-hiveGuest15076: so your gpu is intergraded into the motherboard right? its not a add on card?20:13
Guest15076yeah on motherboard grahpics card,20:13
atlas-hiveGuest15076: what motherboard are you using?20:14
Guest15076aint got a glue atlas20:14
Saleemhow to give allow access to disk partition to other users in ubuntu 12.0420:15
EriC^^albert: maybe try to press alt+f7 after launching nvidia-settings20:15
EriC^^albert: you can move the window around, alt+f8 to resize it20:15
EriC^^albert: you might be able to set the resolution20:15
atlas-hiveGuest15076: well if you can your model motherboard, you can find out the actual model of the gpu and research which driver you need to find20:15
knockknockI imagine that this may be the wrong channel for this discussion, but does anyone know if it possible to access freenode via tor, I have tried setting up for ages20:16
knockknockI feel stukc20:16
nisstyreknockknock: you need SASL20:16
nisstyrealso #freenode is the right channel20:16
k1l_knockknock: see #freenode for help with freenode20:16
knockknockhow do I set up SASL whilst going through tor?20:16
Saleemhow to allow users to add folder in disk partitions in ubuntu 12.0420:16
Guest15076interl celron 5301.73 ghz20:16
bekksGuest15076: Thats the CPU, not the motherboard :)20:17
daftykins5 terahertz would be nice20:17
Saleemcan anyone answer this issue20:18
Guest15076whats the requirements for ubuntu20:18
EriC^^albert: try sudo nvidia-xconfig --mode=1280x102420:18
atlas-hiveGuest15076: thats just the speed of the proc. model number please20:19
bekkssamthewildone: Wrong network.20:19
samthewildonebekks, its in repos20:20
cloudgeekubuntu 12.04, I using expect script for command line arugment for installtion of package, it is not working , http://paste.ubuntu.com/9319599/20:20
FinetundraSaleem, in my experience i believe the correct course would be to open the user and groups list , go to advanced options and add the privileges there. thats my best guess20:20
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=== Jen is now known as Jen8
ei3Hey all.20:21
=== Unibob is now known as DJ_Unibob
FinetundraGuest15076, again, i suggest you go with something lighter like lubuntu or xubuntu. however i will provide a link to a system requirements page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements20:22
Guest15076https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements on that page near top says 700 proceser 512 ram20:22
Guest15076thanks for link. at the top of that page says 700 processer 512 ram20:23
xanguaGuest15076: yes, minimum, not recommended20:24
John_John_i have xubuntu and i really cant chabge the default web broweser to google chrome!!!!20:24
Guest15076yeah min so thought 1 gig ram 1.73 thingy be ok20:24
daftykinsGuest15076: anything single core is absolutely terrible today20:25
Guest15076yeah its single core20:25
xanguaGuest15076: and a dual core processor, if you go for unity desktop20:25
paul__Good evening boys and girls20:25
paul__I'm having an issue on Xubuntu, I wonder if someone can help?20:26
paul__Here is the issue:20:26
John_John_me too lol20:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1267749 in curlftpfs (Ubuntu) "curlftps became very slow after upgrade to 13.10." [Undecided,Confirmed]20:26
EriC^^John_John_: chrome > settings > default browser on the bottom20:26
John_John_i did that20:26
John_John_no good20:27
Guest15076Ubuntu Desktop Edition      700 MHz processor (about Intel Celeron or better)     512 MiB RAM (system memory) . so my lappy dont meet them sorry to be a div20:27
John_John_every time i open it asks to make default20:27
FinetundraGuest15076, like xangua said those are not the recommended only the minimum. i have myself tried something similar to what you are. i found that xubuntu worked better for an older machine like yours20:27
DJonespaul__: 13.10 isn't a supported release anymore, you are aware of that?20:27
paul__Ah yes, well I'm not actually on 13.1020:27
EriC^^John_John_: say yes and always make it default20:27
John_John_i go to preffered apps and select it and after restart is unselected again20:27
paul__But that seems to be the same issue20:27
DJonespaul__: ok, fair enough20:28
paul__I'm on the latest Xubuntu, but I think it's the same problem.20:28
paul__It seems to be a problem with libcurl-gnutls20:28
paul__Does anyone know how I can downgrade that package?20:28
Guest15076it run mint 16 ok and resoultion was ok and then 16  was out date to 17 and then went to pieces. lost res everything went massive20:28
FinetundraGuest15076, but there is also lubuntu and probably many more lightweight distros that will probably work better for you than base ubuntu20:28
paul__I've tried: sudo apt-get install libcurl3-gnutls=7.29.020:29
EriC^^albert: try sudo nvidia-xconfig --mode=1280x102420:29
paul__Xubuntu is very lightweight20:29
Guest15076xubuntu is it lightweight coz its got nothing like libreoffice and stuff mint 16 had it all run ok till 17 came out20:30
=== aron is now known as Guest64346
paul__No, it's leightweight because it uses the KDE desktop20:31
albertEriC^^: unable to locate x config file. new file writtin to /etc/x1120:31
EriC^^albert: great20:31
EriC^^albert: try to reboot20:31
paul__But Xubuntu uses XFCE which is even more lightweight20:32
albertEriC^^: i just rebooted20:32
useringsKDE is light?20:32
paul__Compared to Unity ;)20:32
EriC^^albert: after running the nvidia-xconfig ?20:32
albertok brb20:32
John_John_can i install another desktop alongside xubuntu ?20:33
Guest15076aplolgizes ro everyone just new to linux and finding my way20:33
EriC^^John_John_: yes20:33
paul__Yes you can install loads of desktops20:33
paul__at the command line type20:33
paul__sudo apt-get install xfce4-desktop20:33
paul__And then logout20:33
John_John_is there any good non buggy stable desktop for 14.04 around ?20:33
paul__Then on the login screen find the option to select XFCE20:34
Goethe2John_John_: gnome shell?20:34
John_John_i dont know you tell me20:34
Guest15076theres 2 xubuntu20:34
John_John_i prefer gnome s20:34
beltorakhi all; is there a way (by creating a custom package or hook or some exotic hack) that I can replace a package file with one of my own whenever there's an update? I want to replace /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kscreenlocker_greet with a shell script that runs xscreensaver20:34
John_John_i have xubuntu now20:35
paul__xubuntu is awesome20:35
Guest15076how you liking xubuntu john john20:35
Goethe2John_John_, : currently trying unity, but i think i will switch back to gnome3. Gnome3  i really like how it changes my workflow. More able to concentrate at the job at hand.20:35
John_John_i have xubuntu now and i like it20:36
John_John_but this bug annoys me20:36
John_John_i want to make default browser chrome20:36
John_John_an di cant20:36
atlas-hive /join programming20:36
Guest15076can i download linux xbuntu and use a program to get it onto usb dongle20:37
tombtccan I change my ubuntu 14.04 to xubuntu without loosing any data?20:38
FinetundraGuest15076, yes. you'll probably like UNetbootin. and you probably want the 32bit(i386) xubuntu20:38
daftykinsGuest15076: yes, what OS are you on now?20:38
tombtcor is that just a xfce install?20:38
daftykinsi second the choice of 32-bit20:38
k1l_tombtc: intsall the xubuntu-desktop package20:38
paul__If you want xubuntu on a USB key you might as well look at Puppy Linux20:39
Guest15076ubuntu live mode coz ubuntu normal wont boot past login screen20:39
tombtck1l_:  thanks20:39
k1l_Guest15076: i suggest Lubuntu for old and slow hardware20:39
tombtcxubuntu=xfce, Lubuntu=?20:40
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.20:40
tombtcany with fluxbox?20:40
Guest15076think i chuck the lappy out the window and get new one,  but my pc is ok20:40
paul__You can install any of these desktops and switch between them20:40
paul__You do'nt have to insall everything20:40
albertEriC^^: no luck :(20:40
EriC^^John_John_: check the workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/90266120:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 902661 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "Chromium unsets preferred webbrowser" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:41
Guest15076got u netbootin says need application to open it20:42
EriC^^albert: you could uninstall the driver20:43
dinoHello guys20:43
EriC^^albert: and try the other driver from that ppa website20:43
=== dino is now known as Guest70568
Guest70568if i installed ubuntu next to the windows, how do i get data from the windows ?20:43
albertEriC^^: how do i uninstall it been trying20:43
EriC^^albert: it's still using the 640 resolution?20:43
Guest15076what application do i need to open unetbootin20:43
EriC^^albert: sudo ./NVIDIA-.... --uninstall20:44
albertEriC^^: i have no choice20:44
daftykinsGuest15076: if you're on ubuntu now, just use 'dd' to put the ISO onto a flash drive. it's simple.20:44
Guest15076whats dd20:44
albertEriC^^: Now is old one back20:45
albertEriC^^: its uninstalled20:45
EriC^^albert: maybe we should have uninstalled the old one?20:45
Guest15076where find a dump20:45
k1l_Guest15076: use "usb disk creator"20:45
albertEriC^^: makes some sence20:45
k1l_Guest15076: or see this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59551/how-to-burn-a-iso-to-a-usb-device20:46
daftykinsGuest15076: a program. open a terminal with your flash drive plugged in, run "sudo fdisk -l" to locate what /dev/sdX name of your flash drive - then run "sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=2M"20:46
albertEriC^^: now if i reboot i have no driver ?20:46
daftykinsugh the inaccurate use of 'burn' within a flash drive context, how irritatingly amateurish20:46
EriC^^albert: type sudo lshw -C video | grep driver20:46
Guest15076i can do it on windows 7, but lost on here20:46
k1l_Guest15076: on ubuntu?20:47
albertEriC^^: bunch of i/o errors20:47
Guest15076on ubuntu live mode now yeah20:48
John_John_EriC^^,  thanks :)))20:48
k1l_Guest15076: you cant make a new live system on the usb you are just using20:48
John_John_i solved it :)20:48
John_John_what font do you use for development ?20:49
EriC^^John_John_: great! :)20:49
John_John_thanks again :)20:49
daftykinsGuest15076: well i did try to ask what your host OS is for making up this flash drive but you didn't respond... so which is it?20:49
EriC^^albert: try dpkg -l | grep nvidia20:49
Guest15076want to download xubuntu while in ubuntu live mode20:49
daftykinsGuest15076: no that's not wise20:49
k1l_Guest15076: i still suggest lubuntu for your old machine20:50
albertEriC^^: ok20:50
John_John_any fonts that have good quality in xubuntu ? like consolas or monaco ?20:50
albertEriC^^: shows a driver and settings from ubuntu i believw20:50
bubbasauresJohn_John_, All these desktops have the same repo access tons of fonts20:51
EriC^^John_John_: no idea20:51
EriC^^albert: does the nvidia driver show up?20:51
EriC^^with a "ii" at the start?20:51
albertEriC^^: yes20:52
EriC^^albert: try sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*20:52
nathan_how do you create a text file called nathans file? it needs to have a space between nathans and file20:53
albertEriC^^: its removing DKMS modules20:53
EriC^^nathan_: touch nathans\ file20:53
albertEriC^^: all done20:54
EriC^^albert: ok20:54
Guest15076if i upgraded my ram to say 2gig would it run ubuntu20:54
Guest15076but with a sis graphics card my res still be poor20:54
EriC^^albert: we can try the xorg-edgers ppa20:54
albertEriC^^: sure lets try i guess20:55
daftykinsGuest15076: honestly i would throw that thing away. life is too short.20:55
EriC^^type sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa20:55
Guest15076the sis thing yeah not the best20:55
Guest15076does ubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu need security20:57
k1l_Guest15076: sis was never supported that well when it was new. and its not getting better since most of that hardware is "old" now and not used that much anymore. with some intel, nvidia cards you would have more luck now20:57
daftykinsGuest15076: no the whole thing is terrible. SiS graphics is the worst, yes20:57
k1l_Guest15076: lubuntu is made for old and slow hardware. give it a try20:57
Guest15076my pc got nvidia in it20:57
albertEriC^^: ok thats done20:58
plasmasnakei'm having some pretty annoying issues with my dual-monitor setup, trying to get ubuntu to treat my right-hand side screen as the primary... Xorg always sets the botton left corner of the left-hand screen to position 0x0, and it causes all sorts of annoyances like Ubuntu always putting the desktop icons on my left screen. the most i've been able to achieve is to get the unity panel to appear on my right20:58
EriC^^ok, type sudo apt-get update20:58
Guest15076does these ubuntu, xbuntu, lubuntu need security20:58
k1l_Guest15076: rephrase please20:58
plasmasnakedoes anybody know how i would go about submitting a bug report for that? Xorg doesn't seem to accept negative offsets (to allow me to set the corner of the right-hand screen to 0x0), so i'm not sure which ubuntu package i would report the bug for (lightdm? ubuntu-desktop?)20:59
albertEriC^^: done20:59
Guest15076do these ubuntu, xbuntu, lubuntu need security like anti virus and firewall programs20:59
EriC^^ok type sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings20:59
k1l_Guest15076: no. not like windows.21:00
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:00
Guest15076thank u, what bout firewalls21:00
k1l_Guest15076: dont need that. its more important what programs you run.21:01
Guest15076dont run wine21:01
albertEriC^^: it failed21:01
EriC^^albert: what'd it say?21:01
bittyx-desktopIf I want to put Ubuntu on a USB drive (for installation purposes), which filesystem should the drive use? FAT32?21:02
k1l_bittyx-desktop: that doesnt matter21:02
Guest15076thanks to everyone21:03
albertEriC^^: something about wine and some packages have  not been created21:03
kokutHello, anyone knows if there is a way to use an ipod as a flash drive?21:03
k1l_bittyx-desktop: you need to "burn" it onto a usb. that will erase the filesystem anyway21:03
EriC^^albert: try sudo apt-get -f install21:03
daftykinskokut: for just the odd file, or?21:03
daftykinswhich model?21:03
k1l_albert: please pastebin the errors21:03
Guest15076trying figure out how to get it to usb now21:03
kokutdaftykins: i need to find a way to trick another device into "thinking" it is a USB flash drive21:04
daftykinskokut: what? why?21:04
kokutdaftykins: ipod nano 6th gen21:04
bittyx-desktopk1l_: Ah, okay, thanks.21:04
kokutdaftykins: its something to plug to an old TV it only accepts USB flash drives and i dont have a flash drive but i do have an old ipod21:04
albertEriC^^: it said  0 upgraded 26 not updated21:05
daftykinskokut: would it not have been easier to plug it in and find out, than ask? :)21:05
Guest15076cant i open u netbootin in live mode21:05
kokutdaftykins: what you mean21:05
k1l_Guest15076: you dont need unetbootin21:05
EriC^^albert: try sudo apt-get upgrade21:05
daftykinsGuest15076: for the third and final time, what is your host OS? don't use a live session21:05
k1l_Guest15076: do you have a 2nd usb drive?21:05
alberti typed pastebin again how do kill it21:05
Guest15076xp and ubuntu21:06
k1l_albert: ctrl+c21:06
Guest15076ok ok daft21:06
k1l_<k1l_> Guest15076: do you have a 2nd usb drive?21:06
daftykinsGuest15076: so download the ISO onto windows and use universal USB installer from pendrivelinux.com21:06
k1l_!paste | albert21:06
ubottualbert: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:06
Guest15076yeah 2nd drive but to small for linux download21:06
k1l_Guest15076: how small?21:07
EriC^^how small?21:07
albertEriC^^: ok looks like updating some video stuff21:07
EriC^^sounds good21:07
Guest150761 gig pen drive got ages ago21:07
EriC^^that's plenty21:07
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
bekks1G is more than enough for an Ubuntu ISO.21:07
nathan_how do i create a file name with a space in between them21:08
EriC^^nathan_: you just asked :D21:08
agent_whiteDONT :D21:08
k1l_nathan_: we already answered that21:08
daftykinsnathan_: that was a bad idea the other day when you asked and a bad idea now21:08
Guest15076xbuntu 14.04 or 1021:08
EriC^^nathan_: touch file\ name , or touch "file name"21:08
bubbasauresheh, vivid daily is 1.2 gigs21:08
agent_whiteDon't be _that guy_ who puts spaced in file names.21:08
albertEriC^^: ok thats done bunch of video stuff21:08
EriC^^albert: ok, try to install the nvidia-current again21:09
kokutIs there a way to use ipod nano as USB flash drive?21:09
daftykinskokut: just plug it in and find out :P21:09
daftykinsor google for whether that model supports USB mass storage mode21:09
albertEriC^^: said could not install possble unstable package21:10
albertand other reaseons21:10
k1l_albert: put it into pastebin21:10
albertk1l_: how ?21:10
k1l_albert: mark all text, copy it, open the webpage paste.ubuntu.com paste it in there and send it. show the new link here21:10
Guest15076what link is it for xbuntu got a torrent and mirror site21:11
albertk1l_: im in terminal cant copy pastetr21:11
daftykinsGuest15076: links are on their website.21:11
albertk1l_: whats the command line21:12
daftykinscommand | pastebinit21:12
k1l_use pastebinit then21:12
Guest15076im on the mirror downlod xbuntu but saying 2 types21:13
EriC^^albert: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current | pastebinit21:13
Guest15076http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/trusty/release/.  is that just repeated twice21:15
JustEnkiis this a place where I would ask about socat?21:15
kokutHello, is there a way to make an ipod act exactly as an USB flash drive? I need another device to recognize it as such but it's not working (it works with a normal usb flash drive tho)21:15
k1l_albert: "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list"21:15
Ilhamithe most lightweight DE for Ubuntu?21:16
bekkskokut: No, there isnt.21:16
daftykinskokut: i already told you, either look it up for USB mass storage support or plug it in to check.21:16
Ilhamixfce ?21:16
Guest15076its ok ok worked it out21:16
Ilhamior KDE?21:16
NegativeFlareIlhami: LXDE21:16
k1l_!lubuntu | Ilhami21:16
IlhamiLXDE ok21:16
ubottuIlhami: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.21:16
Ilhamisudo apt-get install lxde?21:16
NegativeFlareIlhami: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop21:17
Ilhamiok and should I remove unity ? or will it just overwrite?21:17
NegativeFlareDon't remove anything until after you get into lxde21:17
JustEnkiis asking about socat too general a linux question for this channel?21:17
Ilhami NegativeFlare aaah now I remember.. :) sorry21:18
IlhamiI dont have to remove it21:18
JustEnkiI'm running ubuntu which is why I came here21:18
daftykinsJustEnki: never heard of it but better to find a channel for whatever context that's in, or a channel for it itself if one exists21:18
IdleOneJustEnki: you can try, might also try #ubuntu-server. My guess is ##linux will have more people familiar with socat21:19
albertEriC^^: any ideas?21:20
JustEnkiokay thanks21:20
EriC^^did you try the nvidia-331?21:20
albertEriC^^: how? i cant goto web21:20
EriC^^sudo apt-get install nvidia-33121:21
Ilhamiyou sure that's the right one?21:22
Ilhamibe careful I'd say.21:22
albertEriC^^: you never mentioned that one21:22
Ilhamithat driver21:22
EriC^^Ilhami: ?21:22
albertIlhami: ?21:23
Ilhamithat package... is the correct one for him?21:23
EriC^^beats me21:23
EriC^^lol :D21:23
Ilhamidrivers are pretty critical. jus' saying :D21:23
EriC^^Ilhami: why are you spooking us out?21:23
albertEriC^^: ouch21:23
EriC^^albert: i've no idea when it comes to nvidia drivers :D21:23
EriC^^i saw that nvidia-current was 30421:23
EriC^^and the one from nvidia.com you tried earlier is older than it21:24
albertEriC^^: if we could get back the way it was would be good21:24
EriC^^i think the 331 is the latest21:24
EriC^^and it should support your card21:24
EriC^^hold on21:24
albertEriC^^: or i will just reinstall lol21:25
Ilhamiwhat is your graphics card?21:25
albertIlhami: geforce 6200 le21:26
Ilhamialbert, do you know nvidia has a website with all drivers for your graphics card ?21:27
albertIlhami: duh non of them worked21:27
Ilhamidid you try this?21:27
albertEriC^^: its done looked like it worked21:28
albertshould i reboot21:28
Ilhamialways reboot after driver update or install21:28
Ilhamisudo apt-get autoremove --purge unity unity-common unity-services unity-lens-\* unity-scope-\* unity-webapps-\* gnome-control-center-unity hud libunity-core-6\* libunity-misc4 libunity-webapps\* appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt\* overlay-scrollbar\* activity-log-manager-control-center firefox-globalmenu thunderbird-globalmenu libufe-xidgetter0 xul-ext-unity xul-ext-webaccounts webaccounts-extension-common xul-ext-websites-integration21:31
Ilhamignome-control-center gnome-session21:31
IlhamiI will use this to remove Unity, ok?21:31
NegativeFlareIlhami: hm?21:33
IlhamiI did it :D21:33
NegativeFlareohhh ok21:33
Ilhamiits running21:33
kolossenHow do i check if I have blueooth?21:33
Ilhamikolossen, you could check your laptop specs :D21:33
Ilhamibut there are probably commands for it as well21:34
k1l_kolossen: "lspci" and see if its there21:34
Ilhamisudo lspci21:34
Ilhamitry this21:34
k1l_Ilhami: stop21:35
Ilhamistop what?21:35
k1l_Ilhami: dont tell users to use sudo where its not needed at all.21:35
Ilhamiwill it kill him?21:35
k1l_Ilhami: you spoil the whole idea of sudo if you tell users to use it all the time. yes that will get the users into trouble21:36
Ilhamikolossen, you could also try "dmesg | grep Blue"21:37
kokutHello, is there a way to make an ipod act exactly as an USB flash drive? I need another device to recognize it as such but it's not working (it works with a normal usb flash drive tho)21:40
kolossenhcitool scan21:40
kolossenDevice is not available: No such device21:40
kolossenIlhami, that worked, a lot of bt stuff show up21:41
bubbasaureskokut, All you can do is wipe it and or format it to what the tv will recognize if your lucky, and not sure how ubuntu is related.21:42
kokutbubbasaures: bc im in ubuntu and i dont know how to do what you just said?21:42
bubbasaureskokut, That's good neither do we really, that's an apple device, and your in way left field, buy a usb there cheap.21:43
bubbasauresI would try ##linux if you're registered with freenode21:44
kokutbubbasaures: why would i buy a usb if i could find a use for this ipods?21:44
kokutbubbasaures: also i dont want to spend any money21:44
bubbasauresThat's a straw man argument err and really makes no sense. The question is what is your time worth, seems the money generated in time rather than trying to chase a whim is more logical.21:46
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB kokut try this21:46
kokutbubbasaures: yea i know the question is very technical and i would probably have to write some drivers myself but its fun and it could aslo be very useful for some people21:48
kokutbubbasaures: so far i know it only works with regular USB flash drives21:49
bubbasaureskokut, Sure, try the link, It is not as if I want you to fail. ;)21:49
bazhanghttp://www.wikihow.com/Use-an-iPod-As-a-Flash-Drive kokut21:50
kolossencany someone help me with bluetooth21:51
kolossenhow do i turn it on/off21:51
kolossenhow can i scan for devices?21:51
kokutbazhang: that is very interesting, gotta try that on itunes, gonna boot into windows, brb :D21:52
k1l_kolossen: which ubuntu are you on?21:52
gerced@kolossen g21:52
bubbasauresbazhang, heh, in the ipods menu.21:52
k1l_kolossen: please show the output of "rfkill list" in a apstebin21:52
kolossenk1l: how do i check my ubuntu? i think 14.0421:53
k1l_kolossen: "lsb_release -d"21:53
linuxdhow to log in root account?21:54
k1l_linuxd: why would you need that?21:54
VanceXlinuxd: Use sudo21:54
linuxdi'm tired from having to input password21:55
kolossenk1l_, 14.04.1 LTS21:55
k1l_kolossen: unity?21:55
Ilhamilinuxed then go into root21:55
kolossenk1l_, not sure. just downloaded the most obvious dowbnload from the homepage.21:55
k1l_linuxd: you can start a root-shell with sudo -i21:55
kolossen(linux noob as you have guessed already)21:56
k1l_kolossen: is there a starter bar at the left?21:56
linuxdk1l_: ok,thanx21:56
k1l_kolossen: http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ  see this to say which desktop yours is21:57
=== Zaphkiel_Dalet is now known as Zaphkiel_Dalet|O
DaghdhaWhat is this Ubuntu One accountbullshit? I can't install free software without clicking a 'Buy' button and joing ubuntu one cult?22:01
k1l_Daghdha: with that attitude i dont think it motivates others to help you22:02
OerHeksDaghdha, LoLz, how would you 'buy' without?22:02
ubottuThe Ubuntu One file and music service is being discontinued. The service will be unavailable starting 1 June 2014, and content available until 31 July, 2014. For more, see #ubuntuone22:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:03
bazhangDaghdha, it's dead, lose the attitude22:03
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:03
bazhangread above22:03
OerHeksyou would still need it to buy a subscription/software, bazhang22:03
kolossenk1l_, Unity then.22:03
DaghdhaI have to login with an aubuntu one account for Ubuntu SOftware Center22:04
DaghdhaTrying to install Plex22:04
k1l_kolossen: so you see a bluetooth symbol in the system tray?22:04
Bleezy209Erik^^ it's Albert so didn't work bud22:04
k1l_Daghdha: if plex did choose to not maintaine a package in the usual repos but just with the software center , so what is the issue?22:05
kolossenk1l_, system tray? you mean upper right corner? i dont see it anyhow22:05
DaghdhaThe issue is i have to register a ubuntu one account to install something from the ubuntu software center22:05
ikoniaubuntu one is dead22:06
=== Ragnarok is now known as luckybunny
k1l_kolossen: hmm, so is there some issue in dmesg?22:06
=== luckybunny is now known as Ragnarok
ikoniaso log a bug against that software package22:06
k1l_ubuntu one is not dead. just some services from ubuntu one are off. like the filesync22:06
kolossenk1l_, ^22:07
k1l_Daghdha: again: talk to the maintainer if he did only make the package support softwarecenter if you dont like that. but just flaming in here will not help anyway22:07
DaghdhaBut ikonia i get a ;login of create account' when i try to install plex22:07
=== Stu| is now known as Stu|[A]
ikoniaDaghdha: plex does not come from ubuntu22:07
DaghdhaSO you are saying the package is in ubuntu one?22:07
ikoniaDaghdha: no, I'm saying plex is not provided by ubuntu22:07
ikoniaDaghdha: so that package is not coming from ubuntu - it's coming from a 3rd party repo22:08
DaghdhaThe promt says: Ybuntu software center -> login with Ubuntu one22:08
kolossenthis has to be done:22:08
kolossensudo apt-get install bluez python-gobject python-dbus22:08
k1l_Daghdha: listen: plex did only allow to provide a package through software center (maybe the want to have money later on or for a pro-app). so stop making a drama now!22:08
ikoniahang on, am I thinking of plesk22:08
ikoniaahh the plex package is from plex22:08
Daghdhaplex is a media server22:08
ikoniait's not ubuntu22:08
ikoniaso basically it's been added as a repo so you can see it in software center22:09
ikoniayou'll need to log a bug to plex22:09
k1l_Daghdha: and yes: you need an account to install some software there. so do it or stop flaming22:09
kolossenk1l_, http://lpaste.net/11538822:09
ikoniaDaghdha: there are notes of others coplaining on the plex forum, it's the plex team not removing this22:09
DaghdhaOkay, but i did find plex in Ubuntu Software Center. Does that mean not all software in there is going trough ubuntu?22:09
kolossendmesg|tail shows some errors22:09
ikoniaDaghdha: no, software center is just a package manager to display your repos22:09
ikoniaDaghdha: you can add any repos you want22:09
k1l_kolossen: dmesg tail is about sdb, which is a usb device?22:10
DaghdhaDamn, i thought it was secure stuff from ubuntu only :(22:10
kolossenk1l_, i don have much idea here. can't i just get the status of the bluetooth easily?22:11
black_fridQtall trolls join #vy and lets have some fun! all trolls join #vy and lets have some fun! all trolls join #vy and lets have some fun!vtlleeqdi iinbpxfla gtvsz uqinit22:11
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* reisio yawns22:11
black_fridQtall trolls join #vy and lets have some fun! all trolls join #vy and lets have some fun! all trolls join #vy and lets have some fun!if22:11
unopasteblack_fridQt you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:11
ikoniasorry for the slow response22:11
k1l_kolossen: hmm. bluetooth looks good. are you sure you dont have the bluetooth symbol in systray? it looks like ">B"22:11
DaghdhaWell, someone is having fun.22:11
reisioikonia: I forgive you22:11
kolossensystray==where volume, time etc?22:12
kolossenno there is no >B22:12
wpdI'm having some trouble with my apt-get sources... starting with "Err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com trusty/main armhf Packages"22:14
aohsxall trolls join #vy and lets have some fun! all trolls join #vy and lets have some fun! all trolls join #vy and lets have some fun!yaxuxtbwuz ijjykmel22:14
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unopasteaohsx you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted22:14
Daghdhaok thanks for link in IM :D i will install tomorrow. Sorry for being a dick, i though all SOftware Center stuff now required ubuntu one accounts.22:14
wpdbut "grep -r armhf /etc/apt returns nothing.22:14
DaghdhaWell, seems you have your work cut out for you today. Trolls be flooding. Good day.22:15
Bleezy209Erik^^ hi22:16
k1l_wpd: are you on arm hardware?22:16
=== tcpman is now known as Guest61746
wpdk1l_: Sorry, I fell off of IRC... I am on x86_64, but recently installed (or had installed on my behalf) armhf cross development tools.22:19
Bleezy209Do i have to reinstall os to get graphics to work?22:19
=== jumi_ is now known as jumijc
OerHeksBleezy209, sure, reinstall zorin22:23
OerHeksanyway that nvidia 6200 is not going to perform well in games, too old.22:24
wpdI'll ask again later... I have to go now.22:24
Bleezy209OreHeks in downloading ububtu22:26
kolossenk1l_, so maybe bluetooth is wokring but just not turned on, how do I turn it on?22:28
Bleezy209OreHeks on open arena22:29
owen1I 'Override software rendering list' and 'Enable WebGL' in chrome://flags but http://get.webgl.org say I don't have WebGL support. I also tried running chrome with --disable-gpu-watchdog but it doesn't help. Firefox runs WebGL just fine. I have the same issue with chromium-browser package (39.0.2171.65 Ubuntu 14.10) and also with chrome (39.0.2171.71). Any ideas?22:39
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
malinusHello. when I launch the ubuntu installer. The installer itself never starts up. I can see some of the icons (volume, power etc.) and the background, but nothing else. It's 14.10. Any ideas?22:41
daftykinsmalinus: how far does 'Try' get?22:41
malinusdaftykins: "Try"?22:41
malinusoh try22:41
malinuslet me check22:41
daftykinsmalinus: any quirks we should know about the specification of this system? or the spec at all for that matter :>22:42
malinusdaftykins: "try" seems to work just fine.22:42
daftykinsexcellent, give the installer a shot from there22:43
malinusdaftykins: thanks. (stupid of not even thinking about that, doh)22:43
daftykinswell you'd be forgiven for thinking 'install' should work just the same, if not easier from lower overhead22:44
daftykinsso that's a quirky one indeed22:44
malinusdaftykins: I'm installing using the integrated graphics, since the free nvidia drivers that come with the live/installer ubuntu don't support my chipset (maxwell - gtx 750ti, black screen). No idea if it has something to do with that?22:45
AirbanderHi guys how install driver or printer22:46
daftykinsmalinus: yeah likely nouveau would choke on that card. not from the intel though, nah. you could probably have just booted with nomodeset, no?22:46
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:46
malinusdaftykins: nope. that should work, however it doesn't.22:48
l0rdn1xYou guys wanna know something really funny,  I have no sound problems with my computer absolutely none, every sound application on Ubuntu 14.04 works without any problems,  well then theres this proprietary junk called Skype, and the sound does not work with it at all...lol22:48
daftykinsl0rdn1x: 10.04 .deb?22:49
daftykinsmalinus: ah well, reverting to onboard was a good move :)22:49
daftykins(on-die technically)22:49
=== soee_ is now known as soee
malinusdaftykins: would you suggest that I use the drivers provided by the repository of 14.10, or get them driectly from nvidia?22:50
l0rdn1xdaftykins, its the one from the repo im assuming universal since I didn't add a ppa for it.  Skype version
daftykinsmalinus: i don't think your card is supported by any repo ones, so it would either be a manual download or xorg-edgers PPA22:51
daftykinsl0rdn1x: default ubuntu repos? not aware of there being one22:51
malinusokay, thanks22:52
malinusdaftykins: if I knew this card would be such a pain with linux, I would never have bought it :(. hehe22:52
l0rdn1xdaftykins, yeah I had to check-mark the universal repo in the package manager.22:52
daftykinsmalinus: i wouldn't worry, with time it'll change22:52
daftykinsl0rdn1x: ah, well likely that thing is ancient and shouldn't be bothered with22:53
l0rdn1xdaftykins, where can I get this working .deb ?22:53
daftykinsoh i have no idea about whether it's working :)22:53
l0rdn1xah ok22:53
malinusyeah, it's just that the chipset does so weired on-hardware authorization of drivers or some similar woodo.22:53
daftykinsjust skype.com22:53
ikoniamalinus: that seems unlikley22:53
l0rdn1xI don't really use skype, but I have one friend that only uses skype I'm sure you know how that goes lol22:53
daftykins!amd | ikonia22:54
daftykinsyou didn't create it yet22:54
malinusikonia: I read it on the nouveau mailing list I think. That's why it still isn't supported, while much newer cards already are.22:55
ikoniadaftykins: I've not had chance22:55
daftykinsmalinus: did it happen to have any talk of 9xx cards too? i've not seen anyone on here try to run one yet but it's an even newer maxwell of course22:55
malinusnope sorry, I just stumbled on it while investigating. didn't even read it in details, not that it would have help me ;P.22:57
daftykinsno problem. running the install right now?22:57
owen1my HDMI monitor show 'cable not connected' even after i see it in xrandr and type 'xrandr --auto'. any idea?22:58
daftykinsbooting with it connected, or plugging it in after?22:58
=== sins-_m is now known as sins-
daftykinsowen1: ?23:03
kolossenhow can i just see if bluetooth is enabled or not?23:03
Langri-Shahey everyone! has anyone tried the systemd-services package on pre-Utopic releases?23:03
luminoushi! if I am using ubuntu 12.04 with the linux-image-generic-lts-trusty kernel, do I need to install the linux-generic-lts-raring kernel to use docker, as noted in http://docs.docker.com/installation/ubuntulinux/#ubuntu-precise-1204-lts-64-bit ?23:04
daftykinsi can't think why given the raring kernel is EOL23:06
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
=== sjefskoder is now known as Guest83722
owen1daftykins: i tried both ways23:09
daftykinsowen1: and what did the Xorg log look like each time?23:10
kolossenhow can USB hubs have a price difference of 100 $ ?23:13
daftykinsthey're all horrible, horrible devices that should be left behind in the early 2000s23:15
daftykinsit's a tax on you for buying one :P23:15
nedalHi, I want to join #c channel but they say I need to be identified with the services, how can I do this ?23:16
kolossenhcitool does not give me any devices but my android is on23:16
=== dgek is now known as dddd
AirbanderHI guys i have canon LBP-6020 Printer and i cant find a driver for it any way to help me and thanks23:17
xubuntu_hello everyone like say thanks for earlier23:18
=== notos is now known as marl|
daftykinsnedal: join #freenode and ask how to register23:18
Airbanderhow install my printer on ubuntu plz23:18
=== Werd_ is now known as werd
kolossenwill USB hubs work with ubuntu even if theyb just officially support windows?23:19
owen1daftykins: i didn't know Xorg should look different. i'll save it next time it works!23:19
daftykinsowen1: what, so it works sometimes and not others?23:20
nedaldaftykins_ ok thanks23:20
owen1daftykins: yup. it worked twice in the last week23:20
daftykinsowen1: graphics hardware? driver?23:20
Airbanderhow join xubuntu ?23:21
owen1daftykins: lspci -> VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0b)  how to find what driver i use?23:22
daftykinsowen1: pretty likely intel ;)23:23
user1hi everyone on xubuntu install do u tick download updates while install and 3rd party software23:23
owen1daftykins: btw, there is no xorg file on ubuntu anymore23:23
OerHeksAirbander, what does openprinting.org say about  canon LBP-6020 ? it isn't even listed23:23
owen1(i am on 14.10)23:23
daftykinsuser1: depends if you want to update during the installation, or install third party software.23:23
k1l_user1: yes23:23
cynicallemonuser1: if you want to23:23
daftykinsowen1: you're thinking of the wrong one. /var/log/Xorg.0.log is a log created when X runs.23:23
user1ok cool just thought may slow it down23:24
Meneer_Puffyuser1: yes! It saves time actually23:24
Airbanderoerheks there is no way to add it :`23:24
daftykinsowen1: xorg.conf != log ;)23:24
Meneer_Puffythe initial install will be a bit slower23:24
Meneer_Puffybut you wont have to manually install any updates later23:24
daftykinsthough bear in mind updates during install breaks things for some :P23:24
=== rigor789 is now known as rigor789|away
Meneer_Puffyyou can just walk away during the install, have a cup of tea and return to a freshly installed system23:25
Meneer_Puffydaftykins: I've had systems with automatic upgrades break. But never had any problems with downloading updates during instalation23:25
owen1daftykins: interesting! so how can i compare 2 states of this log? it's not a static file23:25
daftykinsowen1: copy it to ~ when it doesn't work and when it does.23:26
OerHeksAirbander, i see that yours is not included, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CanonCaptDrv19023:26
owen1daftykins: ok. i'll do that and report back. thanks!23:26
user1ok thank u23:26
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
Airbanderthanks dude for help23:26
abstrakthowdy folks23:27
user1i had install open now its disapeared where to23:27
abstraktuser1, install for what?23:27
daftykinsuser1: alt+tab23:27
Cervolany knows what theme is that screenshoot?23:27
daftykinsabstrakt: got a question?23:27
Airbanderguys any one can help me to install my printer plz ? canon LPB-602023:28
abstraktdaftykins, I do, yes23:28
AirbanderAND THANKS23:28
abstraktwhat's the maximum/largest (within reason, how do define "reason" I don't exactly know) likely size that a root partition would take up23:28
luminousdaftykins: thanks, sounds like docker ought to update the docs23:28
daftykinsAirbander: keep repeating and using caps and you'll be ignored.23:28
=== rigor789 is now known as rigor789|away
ikoniaAirbander: you'll do better if you just ask for help without the silly NEEEEEEED HELP and typing in caps23:28
KazaiiAnyone here using Thinkpad Yoga? Or perhaps Yoga 3 Pro?23:29
abstraktlike if I installed all the software from the officially sanctioned repos from ubuntu (not necessarily from 3rd party PPAs)23:29
ikoniaAirbander: just explain your problem clearly and calmly23:29
ikoniaAirbander: if someone can help, they will23:29
daftykinsabstrakt: but that's unlikely.23:29
abstrakti.e. where will I strike a good balance between leaving a lot of headroom on /23:29
abstraktand not wasting space23:29
Langri-ShaCervol: looks like it's just a concept, not an actual theme http://thetechnotoast.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-Flat-UI-Concept-44528138123:29
abstraktin terms of partition sizing23:29
Airbanderthey saw that when i asked they didnt nice23:29
daftykinsKazaii: doubt it. thinking of buying one?23:29
KazaiiIndeed. I had a quick hands on with the Thinkpad Yoga. It felt great.23:29
ikoniaAirbander: no-one has not been nice to you23:30
ikoniaAirbander: if they can help, they will23:30
Airbanderikonia :D23:30
Airbanderi didnt say that23:30
abstraktlike is 50G too much for a root partition?23:30
daftykinsKazaii: the Yoga 3 Pro seems to have some design issues which cause it to thermally throttle the new intel broadwell chip, wouldn't recommend buying one until they fix it23:30
abstraktis 10G too little?23:30
Bashing-omabstrakt: An abstract question, mine: /dev/sda1       4.7G  1.8G  2.8G  39% / ; Works well for MY use case .23:30
daftykinsabstrakt: 20-40GB might be a happy medium for a desktop23:30
Kazaiidaftykins: Thanks! Good to know. :)23:31
abstraktBashing-om, er, which partitions are which sizes on that?23:31
xanguaabstrakt: 50 is ok, I have 2023:31
abstraktall I see is 3 different gig sizes23:31
Bashing-omabstrakt: That is my '/' partition .23:31
daftykinsabstrakt: size, used, free (or size, free, used) :P23:31
abstraktah, ok23:31
abstraktBashing-om, that seems a bit small, is that a server?23:32
Airbanderok guys have a good day23:32
abstraktvirtualbox seems to recommend approx a 12G entire disk size when installing a linux based virtual machine23:32
abstraktit was either 12 or 15 I think23:32
ikoniaabstrakt: it's not a blank and white question23:32
ikoniaabstrakt: it really depends on your needs and how you like to work,23:32
ikoniait's personal to each person/their setup23:32
ikoniaapply thought behind it, and you'll be fine23:32
Bashing-omabstrakt: It is an extension of what was a server ..Like I advise, works well for my use case .. How you use your system will be the dtermining factor of how larrgw to make '/' .23:33
daftykinsbut of course it's a moot query because you can always backup and change things ;)23:33
luminouswhat 'version' is 'trusty' ?23:33
daftykinsluminous: 14.0423:33
abstraktdaftykins, can, but that takes considerable time, so I'd like to get it right this time around23:33
luminousdaftykins: so if I have trusty lts kernel on 12.04, I have the kernel from 14.04 on 12.04?23:33
abstraktI'm mostly desktop oriented23:33
abstraktworkstation, that is23:34
daftykinsluminous: yes you are running the trusty HWE (hardware enablement stack)23:34
ubottuOn August 7, 2014, Ubuntu 12.04.5 will deliver the kernel and graphics stack from 14.04. At that time, security updates and bug fixes for older hardware enablement stacks will cease. Users of older hardware enablement stacks are encouraged to update to the 12.04.5 hardware enablement stack or upgrade to 14.04. Please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/1204_HWE_EOL for further details.23:34
daftykinsabstrakt: then plan well.23:34
abstraktI would prefer to have headroom for lots of software install if need be, is there any way to get a calculated size for how much space a given set of packages will take up?23:34
luminousit's like a half-migration to 14.04, interesting23:34
daftykinsno it's not forced at all23:34
daftykinsyou can also be on 3.2.x with precise (12.04)23:35
bittyx-desktopSo, I've been using Linux Mint for a couple of years now, with the main reason being Cinnamon. However, it has never occurred to me that I could use Cinnamon with Ubuntu, so after a bit of Googling, it seems that this is pretty easy to accomplish. In fact, it can be installed with a one-liner. Has anyone done this, and does everything work correctly?23:35
abstraktI know pretty much what I'll have on there, I think the biggest space hogs are really the DEs like GNOME/KDE/Unity etc23:35
ikoniaa.) LTS HWE is not forced b.) it's not a migration at all23:35
bittyx-desktopI'm having some random issues with Mint and I can't bother to research them anymore, so I'd like to switch to Ubuntu.23:35
wpd_Hi, sorry for the repeat, but I had to step away for a while...23:35
wpd_I'm having some trouble with my apt-get sources... starting with "Err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com trusty/main armhf Packages", but "grep -r armhf /etc/apt returns nothing.23:35
abstraktcan't think of any other specific package that is likely to take up tons of space23:35
bittyx-desktopMy main worry is - will Cinnamon work okay with Ubuntu.23:35
abstraktaside from the postgres db but that'll go in /var anyway23:35
ikoniabittyx-desktop: depends where you get it from23:35
luminouseither way, trusty is making docker install instructions not make any sense23:36
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Cinnamon is in the 14.10 repos try the whole OS and decide for yourself.23:36
bittyx-desktopikonia: So there's nothing like an official Cinnamon build for Ubuntu?23:36
ikonialuminous: no it's not23:36
ikonialuminous: trusty has no impact on dockers instructions23:36
luminousikonia: how are you supposed to install dockeer? http://docs.docker.com/installation/ubuntulinux/#ubuntu-precise-1204-lts-64-bit23:36
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: If I switch, it's gonna be to 14.04 because LTS.23:36
luminousikonia: I'm trying to say that these instruction ^^ make less sense when you see trusty in 12.0423:36
daftykinsluminous: i don't see how you got so stuck.23:37
ikonialuminous: those documents are actually FOR the HWE you are using23:37
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: Can I still use Cinnamon with 14.04?23:37
abstraktso, does anyone know how to see what the total size of e.g. the base install is?23:37
luminouscall me stupid, but I'm not connecting the dots here23:37
Bashing-ombittyx-desktop: Cinnamon desktop is available in 14.10's repository, If it did not work well with the majority of configuations; it would neot be there.23:37
abstraktand or ideally find a calculated size by listing what packages you want?23:37
ikoniaabstrakt: 2GB23:37
luminoussorry, please enlighten me23:37
daftykinsabstrakt: are you talking about a default one, or that silly idea of installing every package? :P23:37
ikoniaabstrakt: but that is not usable as a disk size23:37
malinusdaftykins:(I guess you might want to hear some feedback from the "maxwell installation"). After installing the non-free nvidia drivers from their website, everything just works. Before installing the drivers I was actually able to boot by giving grub the "text" and "nomodeset" settings, no idea why it didn't work with the install.23:37
abstraktdaftykins, not the idea of every package23:37
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Yes from a ppa, however we don't technically support ppa's here they are 3rd party23:38
daftykinsmalinus: excellent! glad it worked out :)23:38
bittyx-desktopBashing-om: Sorry, I don't really know much about the release processes of various distros and DEs, though what you say sounds reasonable.23:38
abstraktdaftykins, the idea of listing out the packages I will probably use and finding out what the total disk size of them would be23:38
ikonialuminous: it actually says what to do if you are using the HWE and says "refer to note 5 under each version"23:38
daftykinsabstrakt: wow, just pick a size and install the damn thing :P23:38
luminousikonia: ok, that would make more sense to me if I understood what HWE meant, and you do, so that makes sense23:38
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: So if I want Ubuntu+Cinnamon, I either have to go for a non-LTS release, or a non-supported combination?23:38
abstraktdaftykins, why, is that an unreasonable option?23:39
abstraktseems reasonable to me23:39
luminousabstrakt: use lvm so the question doesn't matter23:39
abstraktif it doesn't exist then that's fine23:39
daftykinsabstrakt: sounds like an utter waste of time to me yep :)23:39
Bashing-ombittyx-desktop: Keep in mind, 3rd party software is NOT supported here; but there is a PPA to install Cinnamon on 14.04 .23:39
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Until another longterm and cinnamon is in it's repos yes.23:39
abstraktdaftykins, that's not really a "reason why" but, that's fine23:39
bittyx-desktopBashing-om: Understood, bubbasaures already mentioned that.23:39
abstraktsounds like this doesn't really exist23:39
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures, Bashing-om: Thank you both.23:40
abstraktthere's gotta be a package db I could query though, right?23:40
luminousikonia: so yea, that still doesn't tell me what to do23:40
daftykinsabstrakt: seriously, a base install is <3GB, so why not just do 15GB+ and get on with life?23:40
daftykinsabstrakt: are you somehow limited with disk space? help us out with understanding here :)23:40
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Mate is in 14.04 however, just info.23:40
luminousikonia: as a user who wants to install docker on ubuntu 12.04, seeing trusty in apt-get upgrade prior to starting this, I am confused seeing the docs only focus on raring23:41
daftykinsin fact there's a whole MATE ediion of ubuntu now!23:41
luminousor packages with raring in it23:41
abstraktdaftykins, aight, well I guess that assuages some of my curiosity knowing a base install is less than 3G23:41
ikonialuminous: luminous it's not confusing, you are on raring23:41
ikonialuminous: there is no confusion on that at all23:41
luminousI'm confused about how to install docker correctly so it works23:41
luminouswhy is that not clear?23:42
abstraktI don't suppose there's a full 15G worth of other software that I would install, so I suppose 20G should be a reasonable size23:42
ikonialuminous: it is clear23:42
daftykinsabstrakt: yep, unless you're into development of some kind.23:42
abstraktwell, I am23:42
abstraktbut again, databases would go on /var anyway23:42
luminousabstrakt: make /home or other partitions huge23:42
k1lluminous: lsb_release -d #gives you what?23:42
ikoniadevelopment is not databases23:42
abstraktluminous, yeah I intend to make /home as large as possible23:43
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: I've never tried it, but looking at the screenshots, it does look awfully similar to how I setup Cinnamon, ie. an application taskbar (with a workspace switcher widget) on the bottom, and a launcher+bunch of widgets on top. Any ideas on how customizable it is?23:43
luminousk1l: 12.04.5 LTS23:43
daftykinsluminous: "uname -r"23:43
abstrakthence I was wondering how to calculate a reasonable minimum size for a root partition23:43
ikoniait's 12.04 with the LTW HWE23:43
ikoniaI thought thi shad been established23:43
luminousdaftykins: 3.13.0-39-generic23:43
bittyx-desktopSorry if my questions seem trivial, I've never really researched this stuff too much.23:43
daftykinsso did i, yet you guys are spinning it out for a ways23:43
k1lluminous: you can install backported kernels with the hardware enablement stack23:43
daftykinsluminous: follow the trusty instructions, job done?23:43
k1lluminous: so where is the actual issue?23:44
Bashing-omabstrakt: As you know I do separate partitions, my '/var/ : /dev/sda8       4.7G  874M  3.6G  20% /var ; again, works well for my use case.23:44
luminousk1l: i'm trying to focus on docker, not kernels23:44
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Not really, never used it longterm, must be fairly tweak-able,23:44
ikoniahe's installed 12.04.5 - which comes with HWE kernel by default23:44
ikoniait even says it in the documentation that he's been linked to23:44
k1lluminous: so where is the issue?23:44
wpd_Any idea why my x86_64 machine is trying to find armhf packages when I run "apt-get update"?23:44
ikoniahence why I'm not sure why there is confusion, this is all clearly detailed in the documentation that the install is referencing23:44
wpd_Where should I look?  I don't see anything in /etc/apt.23:44
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: Cool, thanks, I'll look into it. It might just do the trick!23:45
daftykinswpd_: nope, what've you done to it? :P /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/23:45
daftykinswpd_: pastebin an apt-get update23:45
ikoniawpd_: please run "sudo apt-get update" and pastebin the output please.23:45
Bashing-omwpd_: @ places to look; -> cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list , tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* <- .23:46
luminousk1l: knowing what exactly to do to install docker on this host. daftykins is saying I am to follow the docker instructions for trusty.. http://docs.docker.com/installation/ubuntulinux/#ubuntu-trusty-1404-lts-64-bit23:46
OerHekswpd_, you said while ago you had installed some arm development stuff ?23:46
ikonialuminous: the docker instructions tell you what to do, and link you to the HWE docs that explain how your HWE system is configured/it's requirements23:46
kolossenCan USB hubs for windows be sued without problems for ubuntu?23:46
wpd_Actually, it was installed on my behalf by some sort of automated installation script.  I wasn't happy.23:46
ikoniakolossen: it really depends on if they have a propritary chipset in23:47
ikoniakolossen: normally you can use them without issue23:47
daftykinswpd_: please follow the instructions 3 of us have given.23:48
jadedspadesWhenever I run OpenSpades, it produces the error: "Failed to dlload 'libopenal.so':/usr/local/games//libopenal.so: cannot read file daya: is a directory"- anyone understand it? (I have libopenal1 installed, too.)23:48
wpd_Hi all, thanks for the tips.  pastebin is at http://pastebin.com/1vHg6i8N23:49
luminousikonia thanks23:49
ikoniajadedspades: you've installed a game from an external resource that expects the library libopenal.so to exist in /usr/local/games - it does not exist so is having an error23:49
jadedspadesShould I ln the location of libopenal.so to where it expects it to be?23:50
daftykinswpd_: install "pastebinit" then run "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list" and "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ | pastebinit"23:50
ikoniawpd_: 16.Hit http://packages.ros.org trusty/main armhf Packages23:50
k1lluminous: follow the regular 12.04 howto but skip the kernel upgrade things since you already have that done23:50
ikoniawpd_: there you go23:50
owen1daftykins: cable not connected: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9321945 works: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9321946. Here is what I remember doing: I switched to unity (normaly I am on i3), turned off the monitor (cable still connected), run 'xrandr --output HDMI2 --auto --above eDP1', turned on the monitor, and it works.23:50
ikoniawpd_: also a ppa too 24.Hit http://ppa.launchpad.net trusty/main armhf Packages23:50
wpd_ikonia: Where is that ppa specified?  I can't find it in /etc/apt/*23:51
ikonia/etc/apt/* is not a directory23:51
ikoniait will either be in your sources.list or the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory23:51
wpd_ikonia: I agree, but "grep -r armhf /etc/apt" doesn't show it.23:52
ikoniawpd_: don't grep23:52
ikoniawpd_: look in the files23:52
teaearlgraycoldIs there a command I can use to reboot into a specific grub entry?23:53
ikoniateaearlgraycold: change the "default" value23:54
teaearlgraycoldikonia, I guess that could work. Was hoping for an in-persistent solution though23:55
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
wpd_ikonia: ok, I'm looking in the files and seeing various references to ppa.launchpad.net.  Which one is pulling in the armhf stuff?  How could I tell?23:55
wpd_daftykins: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/9322063/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/9322064/23:58
daftykinswpd_: the ros... stuff. you're going to want to look up the proper commands for removing a PPA though23:59

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