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KaleidoscopeHey, can anyone here help me with jack and guitarix07:00
KaleidoscopeI can't get any audio output with guitarix07:01
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Velhohello friends! I'm running Ubuntu Studio in VirtualBox, but the screen size is too low. How to change the resolution inside UbuntuStudio?12:42
cfhowlettvelho "guest additions"          read the virtualbox help for that topic12:43
Velhocfhowlett, thanks!12:44
cfhowlettVelho, happy2help12:44
Velhocfhowlett, I'm also happy to be helped, lol :D have a great day!12:45
StarFishCathttp://tinychat.com/minxface producing lives14:29
jorgenhello can somebody help me,can't login to my ubuntustudio install anymore18:28

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