Noskcajbluesabre, Could you please upload the new weather-plugin release? The bzr branch is broken and it seems pointless to make a debdiff and upload bug for it04:01
Logan_hi Noskcaj 04:01
Noskcajhey Logan_ 04:02
bluesabrehey Noskcaj04:02
bluesabrehiya Logan_04:02
Noskcajhey bluesabre 04:02
Logan_hey bluesabre :)04:02
bluesabresure, can do, will do04:02
Unit193Howdy Logan_.04:02
Logan_hi Unit193 04:02
NoskcajHave i missed anything these last few days?04:02
bluesabrehey Unit19304:02
Unit193Hello bluesabre.04:03
bluesabreok, I think we finished the greetings, anybody else lurking?04:03
* Unit193 couldn't help it. :D04:03
bluesabreUnit193: is unstable also in freeze?04:07
Unit193bluesabre: You don't freeze unstable exactly.  It's still a stage for testing, but you still need the ack.  Also generally new stuff doesn't get pushed in, as you block your staging area, and generally are only looking for bugs to fix at this point.04:08
bluesabreok, just checking since Corsac usually has xfce things updated super quickly in unstable04:09
Unit193Right, that'd explain it.04:09
bluesabrek, thanks04:09
Unit193< Corsac> no new upstream for now || < Corsac> that also mean in case we need to fix something in testing we have to use testing-proposed-updates, which is painful04:10
bluesabregood to know04:11
bluesabrell pay more attention to xfce releases now :)04:11
Unit193If you weren't so busy at $dayjob, I'd bother you about something else in your packageset. :P04:12
bluesabrego ahead and ping about anything that needs to be uploaded in the packageset... I can usually find time to package existing things04:13
Unit1931357217 seems stalled.06:04
bluesabreUnit193: poke13:23
bluesabreI think that frequently the "NOCONFIGURE=1 xdg-autogen" has been removed from several packages, was this because of some libtool breakage?  Couldn't build the weather plugin in vivid until I did that13:25
bluesabresee bottom of http://paste.ubuntu.com/9314489/ for reference13:27
bluesabreor, was that likely added because of the patches we had?13:28
bluesabreah, yup13:29
bluesabre  * debian/rules: run xdt-autogen and clean up afterwards due to the libm build13:29
bluesabre    fix.13:29
bluesabrenvm, go back to sleep13:29
jjfrv8elfy, I must have botched something with my local branch. Made your change and tried to re-push and it said branches had diverged.14:28
jjfrv8I re-pulled, did a "bzr merge" and other things but they didn't help. How about if I delete the original MP and resubmit?14:28
elfyjjfrv8: okey doke14:33
elfyjjfrv8: thanks :) 14:48
elfyall done now 14:49
jjfrv8great. thank YOU.14:49
jjfrv8ochosi, sorry to bug you again... Can you check my sample powerman screenshot on the wiki? It's much larger than the desktop version that was uploaded earlier.15:09
jjfrv8I don't know if there's anything to be done about that. You can't resize the dialog and if you scale the image in gimp, it doesn't look so hot.15:10
jjfrv8ochosi, next question... do you need to do anything to get other connected devices to show up in powerman? I've plugged in every gadget I have and none of them appears.15:12
bluesabreNoskcaj: uploaded the weather plugin to vivid15:34
ochosijjfrv8: i'll take a look at the screenshot15:46
ochosiin terms of devices, it depends on which ones are supported by upower15:46
ochosie.g ipods are supported15:46
ochosiand some wireless mice show up too15:46
ochosiin fact this should be even better in vivid, because upower0.99 has better devices support from what i read15:47
ochosie.g. via bluetooth15:47
jjfrv8hmmm, I'm not an Apple guy so I guess I'm out of luck there. :)15:48
ochosino problem, i can help out with those screenshots15:49
ochosiand bluesabre also had a wireless mouse iirc15:49
ochosialso, the size of your screenshot (it's the second one, right?) is totally fine15:50
ochositheoretically we could do two versions of the preferences page, one for desktops one for laptops15:50
ochosibut i dunno, might be overkill15:50
ochosibluesabre: when you wanna take another look at panel-switch, lemme know. your mockup was nice, but i'd really try to start out barebone. the more functions we add, the more bugreports and feature requests we get.15:51
jjfrv8ok, that's good on the screenshot. I'll proceed just with laptop instructions and we can change our minds later, if need be.15:52
jjfrv8ochosi, fwiw, on vivid I tried a Microsoft wireless mouse, a Canon camera, a Sandisk MP3 playe15:52
jjfrv8oh wait, not finished typing :)15:52
ochosiactually, the laptop version is more important anyway15:53
ochosiand it shows all options15:53
ochosithere are no desktop-specific options15:53
ochosihm, i think logitec mice work15:53
jjfrv8and a samsung bluetooth cellphone and none of them worked.15:53
ochosicamera doesn't show up, cause it usually doesn't charge via usb15:53
jjfrv8oh and a kindle15:53
ochosiyeah, nothing we can do about that in the powerman15:53
ochosiit's all up to upower15:53
ochosidid you try with upower0.99 on vivid? i think that update came in fairly recently15:54
ochosimaybe the xfpm package hasn't been updated for upower0.9915:55
ochosiNoskcaj: ^ ?15:55
bluesabreochosi: xfpm is updated for upower0.99 in vivid17:36
bluesabreochosi: yes, will start barebone on panel switch17:36
bluesabrenot sure if I will get it today, we're doing a lot of running around17:37
Unit193bluesabre: Well, re-poke I guess, or not. :P17:38
bluesabreUnit193: yes, please re-poke17:38
bluesabremy memory fails me :)17:39
Unit193Alright, so does the question you had still stand, or did you solve it?17:39
bluesabreI solved it17:41
bluesabreit was about the weather plugin, worked my way backwards to figure everything out17:41
bluesabregotta run now, bbabl17:43
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
Noskcajbluesabre, ty18:48
Unit193bluesabre: Other reasons are to update config.(sub,guess) and other files for new archs.19:42
Unit193https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xchat-indicator/0.3.11-0ubuntu7 heh.20:53
jjfrv8ochosi, at your leisure can you take a look at Preferences and see if I'm even in the ballpark?21:49

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