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tewardwgrant: has there been any font size changes in the UI for the Overview, Code, Bugs, etc. buttons on pages?17:35
tewardseems to me the font size was reduced (where it is in relation to everything else makes it seem dwarfed and a little more tricky to work with, in my opinion)17:36
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wgrantteward: It hasn't changed at all, just moved. It was always pretty tricky to work with, and I'm very open to suggestions for improving it.20:12
tewardwgrant: +2pt font size on the 'tab bar' is my opinion, i'm just too lazy to write my own userscript to do that XD20:14
tewardi miss the breadcrumb trail too, but i'm glad the bug numbers are back20:14
wgrantThe breadcrumb trail still exists when the rest of the page doesn't duplicate its information.20:14
tewardalthough the font size for that could do with a small increase too20:14
tewardtrue, but on bugs in the ubuntu namespace, they're effectively gone, AFAICT20:14
tewardwhich is fine, i'm happy to snag the bug number from the URL, but meh.20:14
wgrantThe bug number is back now, though.20:15
tewardas i said20:15
tewardgrrrr, my VPN is misbehaving, give me 2 minutes to switch to a non-VPN'd connection20:15
wgranthttps://dogfood.paddev.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bugs is still running the old code for comparison, by the way.20:15
wgrantCompare vs https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bugs20:15
dobeyeh, the "tabs" seem fine to me20:15
tewarddobey: that's just a minor one, i'm harping on the ease-of-readability now of the bug numbers20:16
tewardsmaller and not bold, makes it a little tricky to read on standard res without zooming, at least on this screen20:16
* teward shrugs20:16
dobeyand i'm on a 185 PPI screen, and zoomed out one level :P20:17
wgrantAh true, it used to be bold.20:17
dobeythe problem with the bug number display on the bug page for that bug, is that it's quite low contrast20:17
tewardwgrant: and AFAICT maybe a point or two bigger20:17
dobeyas it's gray on white20:17
tewarddobey: true, that's another issue20:17
wgrantI only stuck the bug number in there because there was no other way to do it without styling changes.20:17
tewardbold or bkacl would be a little better.20:17
tewardand apparently i need to beat my keyboard into submission again20:18
dobeyat least darker grey would help20:18
wgrantIt should soon be a number next to the summary, like it is in bug listings today, but that requires some minor fixes to the inline title editor.20:18
dobeyoh, that would be beetter, yeah20:18
tewardmy only last complaint on a bugs page is aesthetics - if you keep 'reported by' that font size looks dwarfed next to the 'person' image next to the name...20:19
tewardmight just be because of the size of that image, but...20:19
dobeymy main issue with the current bug # line is the contrast20:19
tewardagreed with dobey, a size increase or a contrast increase (darker gray or black) would fix that20:19
wgrantThe current bug number line is the easiest thing that I could do to fix the regression from hiding the breadcrumbs :)20:19
wgrantIt's very much a this-week solution.20:19
wgrantThanks for the feedback.20:19
tewardyou're welcome, sorry if i'm harping on the nittygritty tiny things...20:20
dobeyif it's going away in favor of bug # in the summary line, i'm fine with that20:20
* teward has a horrible penchant for doing that20:20
tewardagreed with dobey20:20
wgrantNittygritty annoying usability issues are the worst.20:20
dobeyas the rest of the info is duplicated in the expansion20:20
tewardlast question: what's the plan for the "reported by"?  Where will that go whne that line disappears20:20
tewardor is it staying?20:20
dobeyteward: click the arrow next to the project name to expand it20:21
dobeyteward: it's already there :)20:21
dobeyalong with confirmed date even20:21
tewardthat's... fine, but those of us who use at-a-glance looking have to hunt for it now.20:21
tewardgranted, I've started pulling bug data for me to work on via the api, so...20:22
tewardall the data exists in that method :P20:22
dobeywhich you have to do anyway, if the bug has multiple projects/packages20:22
dobeyif you even care about that data20:22
tewardi pull the 'submitted by' in the automated reports that get generated of things in the nginx package on my radar.  the API is a useful tool :)20:22
tewardthanks to you all for the assistance with all that by the way20:23
dobeyi mostly only use it to know who to yell at for filing crappy bug reports :)20:23
wgrantNo real plans for the "Reported by" line at the moment. Trying to make the header sane so far.20:37
wgrantBut any feedback you have, I'd be glad to hear.20:38
tewardthere's probably bound to be more as changes come20:38
wgrantStarting with making https://dogfood.paddev.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bugs not say the package and distro four times in the header each.20:38
dobeywell, if you don't know where you're searching for in that entry box, you can't say we didn't try to tell you20:41
ScottKwgrant: On that page, I almost always want to sort by date most recently changed and it's annoying I can't.20:54
wgrantScottK: You can sort by the shown columns, and select which columns to show, and date_last_updated is shown by default. I suspect you've selected not to show that column in the past.20:58
wgrantClick the gear in the top left of the table to enable it.20:58
wgrant(you still can't change the default sort, though)20:58
ScottKRight.  It's missing from the default.20:58
ScottKI know how to manage it, but it's annoying.20:59
wgrantScottK: Oh, I thought it was in the default. Hm.21:09
ScottKDon't think so.  I'm on a ~new system where I've never been to dogfood before and I don't see it.21:09
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