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roadmrzyga: hey, could you please remind me how to get the effective run order for a given whitelist? I'd like to see the actual order plainbox will use after reordering and dependencies and stuff16:34
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designateddoes MAAS account for multiple bonded NICs before handing a machine off for juju charm deployment?20:33
roaksoaxdesignated: not yet20:34
roaksoaxdesignated: it is in the roadmap20:34
designatedroaksoax: is it possible to deploy a node using MAAS and manually configure the logical network interface consisting of multiple bonded, physical, NICs and referencing that logical interface in the juju charms?20:36
designatedit seems to me, not supporting bonded NICs would severely limit the use of MAAS/juju for a production ready openstack deployment.  is there an ETA for bonded NIC support?20:37
roaksoaxdesignated: it is20:46
roaksoaxdesignated: 6 months20:46
roaksoaxdesignated: you can do late commands20:46
designatedroaksoax: so i can just have a interfaces file that is configured the way I want my NICs bonded and use a late command to download that file before passing to juju?20:47
roaksoaxdesignated: pretty much20:48
roaksoaxdesignated: or you can do that on the charm20:48
designatedroaksoax: thank you20:48
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