dholbachgood morning08:10
popeydholbach: fetching data for ubuntu-uk@lists.ubuntu.com ... nothing in queue12:07
popeygot the password reset and added to my listadmin12:08
dholbachpopey, was it up at 24967429674296 before that?12:08
dholbachah, brilliant :)12:08
popey146 ☻12:08
dholbachnot too bad then :)12:09
silverliongood morning everybody ;)12:24
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cjohnstondholbach: UOS is going to be every 6 months now?15:52
dholbachcjohnston, that's how I understood the discussion at UOS15:52
cjohnstondholbach: I wasn't a part of it, so I'll trust that its accurate.. I just hadn't heard it yet15:53
dholbachoops, wrong button15:53
dholbachright... that should probably get into an announcement once the dates are agreed on15:54
cjohnstondholbach: probably should request uos.ubuntu.com and do some work on uds.ubuntu.com to s/d/o15:54
dholbachyes, I think I sent an RT for that - or at least mentioned it in a discussion with the webteam15:55
dholbachall rightie... I'll call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:04
philipballewIf I am buying  laptop. Is a thinkpad usually always going to be a good bet, or am I better off with something else?19:15
popeygenerally yes, thinkpads are good for support, so are dell19:21
philipballewi have always had dells,but I see a lot of thinkpads, so I figure they are a safe bet. Also for support as breaking things is a hobby of mine...19:23
philipballewbut I am not afraid of a dell again i guess.19:23
popeythe downside of thinkpads is that many of the new models have insane keyboards19:26
pleia2yeah, makes switching between a thinkpad and... anything else brain explode19:26
pleia2my hp elitebooks are nice, have the 9470m for work and bought the 850 G1 personally (blah blah disclaimer, you know my employer)19:29
popeyjcastro: tell philipballew how awesome the thinkpad keyboards are19:32
philipballewI currently use my dell because it has a pointing stick :)19:32
pleia2jcastro: where is the tilde/backtick again? ;)19:32
philipballewor whatever slang people use for that term19:32
pleia2so much rage19:32
popeyyeah, thats what keeps me on thinkpads19:32
pleia2pfft, me elitebooks have them19:33
pleia2I don't really care for them though19:34
philipballewI am going to avoid a macbook though as that would make me a "hipster wannabee"19:35
pleia2they're also very expensive for what you get19:35
philipballewunless you need to use osx19:36
jcastrosquiggly keys19:36
jcastroI call them squiggly19:36
jcastrobut yes, thinkpad keyboards are the immaculate input device19:37
jcastrowell, some of them anyway19:37
* philipballew currently uses a dell latitude.19:37
pleia2my favorite thing about the new thinkpads is they figured out the right way to put the logo on the top (not upside down) and the glowing red light19:38
popeyhave they figured that the battery light needs to face you, and not the person opposite?19:38
popeynever figured that out19:38
jcastrothe new thinkpad kb and touchpads are some of the worst devices ever made19:39
jcastrothey're pretty horrible19:39
jcastrothough lenovo says they're getting rid of them19:39
popeygoing back to the "Thinkpad Classic" keyboard?19:39
pleia2that's good19:39
* philipballew might take his chances and get one19:40
philipballewits been 8 years with Dell19:40
philipballewCant people get used to any keyboard?19:41
pleia2not me, I'm old and set in my ways19:42
pleia2grump grump19:42
philipballewGet off my lawn!19:42
mhall119popey: you have a battery indicator facing you19:43
philipballewyep, probably gonna try out the T series.19:43
philipballewBeing a  linux foundation member gives me a discount!19:47
popeymhall119: nope, the battery light only faces outwards19:47
popeyno, the one in the gui on my ubuntu laptop doesn't count19:48
popeybecause if my display is off (power saved) it makes _no_ sense to wake it up (eating more battery) just to check the battery life19:48
popeyhttp://socialsanta.co/user/ubuntu  tsk tsk19:49
popeybet that was jono19:49
mhall119popey: obviously that site doesn't know that 'systemd' is profanity19:50
philipballewpopey, we can up that19:50
jonopopey, :-)19:51
mhall119http://socialsanta.co/user/mhall119 not sure if I'm nice, or just don't use twitter enough19:52
popeydont look at mine ⍨19:53
jonoit turns out I am 11% nice20:33
elfyit turns out it's a good job I don't do any of that social stuff ...20:38
elfyevening jono et al20:38
jonohowdy elfy :-)20:38
skellatGood afternoon jono20:43
jonohey skellat ! :-)20:43
czajkowskiGreetings from Mountain View20:53
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mhall119czajkowski: you should work for a company headquartered in central Florida21:35
czajkowskiI dont think I could work for Disney :p21:36
mhall119there's one or two other companies around here, I think21:37
pleia2czajkowski: thanks for bringing rain, we haven't had any!21:38
pleia2I kind of miss rain :)21:39
czajkowskiit's not raining back home21:57
czajkowskiand so far at least it's been mild out here21:57
pleia2yeah, today is nice21:58
silverliongood evening ladies ;)21:59

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