pittiLaney: yup, glib is now in; I'm still looking at the hanging udisks2, I can't reproduce that locally05:30
pittiah, now I can actually, with the latest kernel/image06:20
larsugood morning!06:24
pittihey larsu!06:24
larsupitti: happy Monday! Wie geht's?06:25
pittilarsu: gut, danke! wir hatten ein schoenes WE in Dresden. und dir?06:25
larsupitti: schön! Mir auch. Viel Familie dieses WE06:28
larsuund kaaaaaaalt06:28
ochosilarsu: in .at ists auch nicht viel besser (temperaturmäßig), falls dich das tröstet ;)06:34
larsuochosi: ein bisschen :)06:35
didrocksgood morning07:02
pittibonjour didrocks, c,a va ?07:03
pittioops -- where is my compose key??07:03
larsulut didrocks!07:03
didrockspitti: ça va bien, et toi ?07:03
didrockshey larsu :)07:03
pittididrocks: je vais bien aussi, merci ! nous avons eu un bon week-end a` Dresden07:04
didrockspitti: pas trop court ?07:04
pittididrocks: toujours :)07:04
didrockshéhé ;)07:04
pittididrocks: mais pendant les vacances Noe:l nous allons avoir beaucoup de temps07:05
didrockscertes !07:05
didrocksnous, on a joué à des jeux de société vendredi soir dans une ONG07:06
didrocksnous sommes allés à un concert de musique classique samedi soir07:06
didrockset j'ai terminé mass effect 3 hier :)07:06
pitti:-P c'est grand ! -- qu'est-ce que c'est "ONG" ?07:07
didrockspitti: NPO07:07
pittinon-profit organization ?07:07
didrocksright ;)07:07
didrockslike a local group of people, you need to be a member to play in the local07:08
didrockspitti: should I ping back on my systemd patch on upstream ML?07:15
didrocksmaybe CCing Lennart07:15
pittididrocks: perhaps try on IRC around noon/afternoon first?07:15
didrockspitti: ok, will do then07:16
pittididrocks: but sure, CC'ing him might help too, I don't know07:16
didrockswill try IRC first07:16
willcookemorning all08:53
larsumorning willcooke!08:57
darkxsthey larsu08:57
larsuhi darkxst08:57
darkxstany progress on gtk?08:57
didrockshey willcooke08:58
darkxsthey didrocks08:58
larsudarkxst: progress for getting it in?08:58
seb128good morning desktopers08:58
darkxstlarsu, well yes of course ;)08:59
darkxsthi seb12808:59
larsudarkxst: the theme should be good enough for a first upload, but there are a few other minor issues with 3.1408:59
larsuso ya, progress, but not done yet09:00
seb128the icons one is a bit annoying09:00
larsunext on my list :)09:00
darkxstseb128,  yes there are new icons09:01
seb128I don't speak about new or old icons09:01
darkxstwhat do you speak of then?09:01
seb128but thinks like indicators having wrongly scaled icons09:01
seb128or gvim in nautilus' context menu09:01
didrocksevening darkxst ;)09:03
darkxstseb128, perhaps a theme issue, I'09:06
darkxstI've not seen anything like that09:06
seb128no, not a theme issue, Debian has the same issue09:07
ricotzhello to all of you09:07
seb128with updated themes and using the upstream one09:07
seb128hey ricotz09:07
ricotzis there a plan/decision about splitting adwaita-icons-theme like it is done with gnome-icons-theme?09:07
darkxsthey ricotz09:08
ricotzseb128, hi, did darkxst mentioned this to you?09:08
seb128ricotz, he probably mentioned it before, no plan/decision that I know about09:08
darkxstI mentioned it a while back, never got an answer though09:08
seb128I guess whoever is interested in that new package needs to do the work09:08
seb128or I don't see an incensitive from changing from g-i-t as we have it atm09:08
darkxstseb128, we would be happy to keep the new package synced from debian09:09
darkxstbut there are new icons needed for 3.14 that would need to be copied into g-i-t09:09
seb128well, as long as it's not installed and nothing in Unity depends on it09:09
ricotzseb128, did the ubuntu icon theme gained the needed bits?09:09
seb128what needed bits?09:10
seb128did anyone made a list/open a bug?09:10
ricotzlike e.g. the arrows for combo-boxes09:10
seb128no idea what you are talking about09:10
darkxstubuntu icon theme falls-back to gnome for like a 100icons09:10
seb128yeah, that's not going to change09:11
ricotzdarkxst, keeping it in sync would be nice of course09:11
darkxstseb128,  have you not noticed missing icons in testing 3.14?09:11
ricotzi see, so it seems reasonable to switch depending on adwaita-icon-theme for 3.1409:11
seb128darkxst, no, but I didn't test much09:11
seb128ricotz, we are not switching anything to a-i-t until it gets the same split as g-i-t if that's the one supperseeding g-i-t09:12
ricotzseb128, this is what i am asking, and gnome3 ppa contains a splitted packages09:13
ricotzand yeah a-i-t is the replacement for g-i-t09:13
seb128do you have a sponsoring request with the changes?09:13
ricotzno, since as you said there is plan to pursue this while weirdly no problems occur with g-i-t and gtk 3.14 regarding missing icons09:14
seb128no, I said I've no clue what issues you are talking about09:15
ricotzi mean "no plan"09:15
seb128but that if there is nothing buggy there is no need to change09:15
seb128if the gtk update is buggy we need to update the icon theme of course09:15
ricotzyeah, this is weird since things like arrows should not show up09:15
seb128and we need to do it in a way that doesn't regress what we have09:15
seb128what arrows?09:16
ricotzlarsu, hi, did you not run into such issues ^09:16
ricotzseb128, the e.g. tiny "down-arrow" on combo-boxes!09:17
darkxstseb128, the list arrows in things like dconf editror09:17
ricotzanyhow, i need to go, bbl09:18
larsuricotz: what issues? Arrows in list views having the wrong icons? (yes)09:18
ricotzlarsu, if they are wrong or missing it is related to the icon-theme09:19
larsuricotz: not sure what the issue is. Probably missing, yes09:19
darkxstlarsu,  there are a number of icons definately missing from g-i-t!09:21
larsuI know. Not sure what your point is...09:21
* Sweet5hark .oO( life isnt fair )09:31
darkxstlarsu, the point is either need to split a-i-t or copy the missing icons across to g-i-t09:32
LaneyI copied a couple of icons from a-i-d to <mumble> (humanity?) a while ago09:38
Laneypan-something ones09:39
seb128hey Laney09:40
Laneyhi ;-)09:40
Laneyjust sneaking through, nothing to see here09:40
Laneyhow's it going?09:42
darkxstLaney, I'm all for the copying thing, I would prefer to keep a-i-t in sync with debian09:43
seb128Laney, good, you? had a good w.e?09:43
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
Laneydarkxst: alternatively we could not care about the size (~10mb) :-)09:46
Laneyseb128: yeah was good, put all of our things in a van and drove them somewhere else and then removed them all09:46
seb128Laney, I don't want to go that path (stop carring about adding 10mb packages to the iso)09:47
seb128Laney, oh, right, moving ... you are not working this week?09:48
seb128what are you doing here?09:48
darkxstseb128, stop complaing, upstream was just a rename, you wouldnt add anything to the iso09:48
seb128darkxst, ?09:48
seb128darkxst, I'm not complaining09:48
* larsu waves to Laney09:49
seb128darkxst, I'm just saying that we are not going to add another 10mb to the iso09:49
darkxstseb128, and we need to know if you want to split a-i-t or stick with g-i-t09:50
seb128darkxst, I don't care either way, either we copy the missing icons over or we split a-i-t and transition to that09:51
seb128up to who does the work I guess09:51
seb128it probably makes more sense to split a-i-t09:51
willcookemlankhorst, hey!  I'm going to try and get your Xmir work running today. I might be bothering you with questions :)09:52
darkxstseb128, except g-i-t contains a (manual?) list of missing icons09:52
seb128darkxst, can't we transition that list to a-i-t?09:53
mlankhorstwillcooke: ok :P09:54
darkxstseb128, sure, but you still need to work out the missing icons either way09:56
willcookemlankhorst, first question - how do I find out what version of Mir I'm running?  I'm using the desktop next image09:56
mlankhorstapt-cache policy libmirserver.*; look for the installed one09:57
willcookeok, I'm on 0.8, so that's job #109:59
mlankhorstthe archive has the correct versions09:59
* willcooke upgrades10:00
willcookemlankhorst, and then I use your PPA from LP?  https://launchpad.net/~mlankhorst/+archive/ubuntu/ppa10:00
willcookecool, thanks mlankhorst10:00
mlankhorstinstall mir-demos after updating10:00
mlankhorstafter that and installing xserver-xorg-xmir from the ppa switch to vt1 with ctrl alt f1, log in and: sudo stop lightdm; sudo mir_demo_server_shell & sudo Xmir & .. wait a few seconds then run COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE=ubuntu compiz10:02
willcookemlankhorst, is compiz being used here as a benchmark, as a way of poking all the bits of XMir/Mir to find gaps?10:04
mlankhorstsort of, but in reality it should just spawn a full ubuntu desktop10:05
willcookedpkg: cycle found while processing triggers:10:05
willcooke chain of packages whose triggers are or may be responsible:10:05
willcooke  ureadahead -> ureadahead10:05
willcooke packages' pending triggers which are or may be unresolvable:10:05
willcooke  dbus: /etc/dbus-1/system.d10:05
willcooke  ureadahead: /etc/init.d: /etc/init10:05
willcookedpkg: error processing package dbus (--configure):10:05
willcooke triggers looping, abandoned10:06
willcookedpkg: ../../src/packages.c:226: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.10:06
willcookeE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg exited unexpectedly10:06
mlankhorstremove ureadahead I guess ?10:06
willcookemeh - fixed10:06
willcookedid dpkg --configure -a10:06
Laneywhat were you doing?10:07
willcookeLaney, apt-get upgrade on my desktop next machine10:07
Laneyvivid to vivid?10:07
Laneywhat version of ureadahead?10:07
Laneyapt-cache policy ureadahead10:07
Laneyseb128: (splitting is probably reasonable I guess)10:07
willcooke  Installed: 0.100.0-1610:08
willcooke  Candidate: 0.100.0-1710:08
willcooke  Version table:10:08
willcooke     0.100.0-17 010:08
willcooke        500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ vivid/main amd64 Packages10:08
willcooke *** 0.100.0-16 010:08
willcooke        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status10:08
Laneyyeah I thought so10:08
Laneyhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ureadahead/0.100.0-17 ;-)10:08
Laneyalthough we may need to SRU that too, I think10:09
mlankhorstwon't that break everyone who has ureadahead installed? :p10:09
mlankhorstif they upgrade10:09
mlankhorstironically to fix that bug :P10:10
willcookeif they have the "broken" version installed, then in order to install the fixed version, dpkg will bail out first10:10
willcooke(after doing a --configure -a and re-runnng upgrade it's all ok)10:11
LaneyIt doesn't happen on every upgrade10:12
LaneyI think we should SRU it though because there's a decent chance release upgrade paths will invoke the old trigger10:12
Laneymaybe someone could look at that this week (/me nominates the bug)10:13
Laneyotherwise I'll look at it next10:13
Laneyspeaking of which, got to go buy a coffee table, laters10:13
Laneyseb128: I think splitting and migrating to a-i-t is probably the way to go btw10:14
Laneysorry darkxst if we can't keep it in sync, you know it pains me too :'(10:14
seb128Laney, +110:14
willcookecya Laney10:14
seb128Laney, have fun, see you later10:14
darkxstLaney, for the sake of a few icons, and a list that still needs to be maintained? seems just as easy to copy them over10:18
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didrocksseb128: if you run nautilus <dir> from the terminal, do you have it appearing behind it?11:13
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
seb128didrocks, yes12:45
willcookeballs.  Run out of space on my machine12:50
willcookepopey, did you buy a new SDD for your Thinkpad?12:53
popeynot recently12:54
popeycreative have one on offer right now12:54
* willcooke googles12:54
willcookethanks popey12:54
popeyi have two in mine12:54
willcookeblimes - thats cheap12:55
popeyif you want lots of space you could put an mSATA SSA in (I have a 240GB one of those in) and some spinning rust12:55
popeythen you get the best of both worlds12:55
willcookeI think 240GB will be enough for now (I hope)12:55
popeyyeah, i have 2x240 in mine12:55
popeystill run low12:55
popey<- hoarder12:55
willcookeis one of those an mSATA?12:56
willcookeyou just said it was, :/12:56
willcookehm - it says that disk isnt compatible with my X22012:58
* willcooke remembers something about 7mm drives not fitting12:59
willcookeno, 7mm drives should fit fine13:00
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
didrockswillcooke: those are the ones which fits: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-830-Series-MZ-7PC256N-Internal/dp/B005T3GPXY13:08
willcooke500 USD ?!?!?!?!?!?13:08
didrockswillcooke: I just picked the one I bought 2 years ago (but it was way cheaper at the time :p)13:09
didrockswillcooke: at least, you can have the correct size now13:09
willcookethx didrocks13:09
didrocksI remember having spent some times as well on the size to ensure it's fitting the x220 :)13:10
* didrocks goes for a run13:11
pittididrocks: hah, j'ai vu la premie`re episode de Doctor Who :)13:49
pittiou -- le docteur qui :)13:49
Trevinhoricotz: hi, why mir support in xorg edgers mesa is disabled? It doesn't look to fail here (patch and compilation)...13:53
=== eliasps_ is now known as eliasps
ricotzTrevinho, hi, historical reason to avoind maintaining this patch13:54
Trevinhoricotz: isn't it quite stable now?13:54
ricotzTrevinho, not sure, i am not very fond about mir13:55
ricotzwill try to enable it again next time13:56
desrtLaney: you (temporarily?) assigned a bug to me... was that a mistake?14:21
larsudesrt: morning :)14:24
desrtgood morning14:24
larsuremember your PrimaryConnectionType thing? Looks like it's not being used14:25
desrtya.  someone closed my bug on the dash as 'opinion'14:26
didrockspitti: oh? from the new series I guess, did you like it?14:26
desrtas in, it's only my opinion that doing 400 dbus calls and a bunch of signal subscriptsions to bring up an entire network manager tree worth of devices and monitor it in order to determine a single boolean value is overkill14:27
pittididrocks: yes, and yes I did :)14:27
larsudesrt: bug #1386109 ?14:27
ubot5bug 1386109 in network-manager (Ubuntu RTM) "[TOPBLOCKER] com.ubuntu.connectivity1.NetworkingStatus.Status is always online" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138610914:27
didrockspitti: sweet! You will see, it's getting better and better (especially after the 6th episod)14:27
larsudesrt: there's a new thing called com.ubuntu.connectivity1...14:27
desrtfwiw, i think the property added to NM is wrong14:27
larsusupplied by indicator-network14:27
desrti don't know if the connectivity thing is right14:27
desrtbut they're not using that either :(14:28
larsuand according to that bug, it always tells apps its online14:28
larsudesrt: why?14:28
desrtthey're treating the issue as strictly a qt bug14:28
desrtie: fix the race/deadlock in qt and the problem is 'solved'14:28
desrtfine by me.... *shrug*14:28
desrtfwiw, though, i think my patch in NM is bogus14:29
desrti should maybe discuss that with dcbw14:29
desrti found out something really neat the other day: android sends a field in its dhcp reply to people who tether: ANDROID_METERED14:29
larsuif you fix the deadlock in qt, you still have the dash talking to nm directly14:29
larsurendering all of indicator-network pointless14:29
desrtie: treating a "802-11-wireless" or whatever device type as being "not on 3g" is a bad heuristic14:30
desrtsince we have more information -- we're just not using it14:30
larsudesrt: that is _seriously_ nice. `apt-get update` ran in the background and used my monthly data allowence the other day14:31
desrti'm gonna file the upstream NM bug now, in fact14:31
* desrt noticed that field in debugging output of NM the other day while hacking bluetooth stuff14:31
larsuwhat kind of property do you propose?14:31
desrtIsMetered? 14:32
larsunot every 3g connection is metered...14:32
desrtwell that's android's problem14:32
desrti don't know why my phone sends ANDROID_METERED14:32
larsubut ya, that's a much better heuristic than is-wifi?14:33
desrtmaybe there is a switch somewhere to control that14:33
desrtsince i have an unlimited plan...14:33
larsuit's definitely very cool14:33
desrt(although, strictly speaking it is metered.... they slow me down after 10GB of usage)14:33
desrtso probably i still prefer that it doesn't do updates...14:33
larsudesrt: there's a setting for warning you once you cross some treshold14:33
ubot5Gnome bug 740982 in general "Do something with 'ANDROID_METERED' dhcp field" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]14:40
desrti heard some crackrock about building a list of known wifi mac addresses of phones in order to deal with this problem14:40
desrtthis is clearly going to be a better approach....14:40
larsuwouldn't that be kind of a big list.......14:40
cyphermoxseb128: hey15:08
desrtcyphermox: remember that primaryconnectiontype property?  starting to have second thoughts there....15:09
desrtand apparently nobody in ubuntu will use it anyway...15:09
desrti just filed #740982 upstream -- let's see how that goes.... but maybe it's worth dropping that patch in ubuntu15:10
seb128cyphermox, hey15:10
cyphermoxseb128: can I subscribe desktop team (or desktop-bugs?) to the new build-depends from NM?  it's libteam, libndp, and jansson for their MIRs15:12
seb128cyphermox, desktop-bugs yes15:13
cyphermoxseb128: ack15:13
seb128that's the team we use for packages bugs15:13
cyphermoxseems I don't have that kind of access15:14
seb128cyphermox, done it for you15:15
cyphermoxseb128: thanks15:15
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seb128dpm, pitti, hey, vivid translations are open/active, who can/should enable the langpack cron job?16:32
dpmseb128, I generally ping wgrant to enable the exports, and then pitti sets up the langpacks16:35
seb128dpm, let me ping wgrant then ;-)16:36
seb128dpm, or do you know where to check if those are already enabled?16:37
didrocksseb128: do you know what is used nowdays for mime types association, I don't see mimeapps.list anymore16:44
seb128didrocks, you mean?16:45
didrocksseb128: IIRC in the past (but didn't check since 2010), mime types association were defined in a mimeapps.list file16:45
didrocks(which was compiled from the available apps)16:46
seb128didrocks, /usr/share/applications/defaults;list16:46
seb128if you mean our default list16:46
seb128or do you mean user ones?16:46
didrocksoh right, that one16:46
didrocksthanks seb128 :)16:46
seb128didrocks, user config is ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list though16:47
seb128those are changes over the defaults16:47
didrocksseb128: yeah, hence the confusion :)16:47
seb128with added/removed sections16:47
seb128dpm, I guess it's on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+language-packs ?16:48
dpmseb128, sorry, I was otp. Yeah. Generally I keep the schedule here and I file an RT to get the exports going: https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule16:51
seb128dpm, thanks, I pinged wgrant on #ubuntu-devel, I can file a rt if you want/that's preferred though16:52
dpmseb128, if pinging works, that works well for me16:53
seb128let's see what he replies16:53
dpmI guess we cannot drop any released off the schedule, so we should probably do the exports on the Friday16:54
dpmor actually on the Tuesday and move the utopic ones around16:55
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pittidpm: making a note, I'll build them tomorrow17:40
dpmpitti, yeah, let's sync up to see if we can get the exports on the schedule first18:08
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* willcooke_ -> EOD.18:20
Laneydesrt: I assigned that to the canonical-desktop-team, you probably got mailed through that19:32
desrtlaunchpad writes bad email :)19:32
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popeyseb128: would you say bug 1298297 is assigned to the right place?20:37
ubot5bug 1298297 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Shutting lid on laptop locks the computer, even though action is set to none" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129829720:37
popeyor is it in fact unity as ali1234 suggests?20:37
ali1234it's both really20:37
ali1234i mean they both want to lock the screen20:38
ali1234you;re presumably disabling the unity lock screen but the lightdm one is still there, and you no longer have a control panel for it20:38
ali1234we had this exact same problem in xubuntu with lightdm + light-locker20:38
seb128popey, ali1234, is that still an issue? it's likely unity-settings-daemon and a bug like that was fixed on friday21:06
ali1234no idea, i use xubuntu...21:06
seb128well, by default logind/systemd suspend on lid close21:08
seb128then it's up to something to set an inhibitor21:08
seb128in unity/gnome it's unity/gnome-settings-daemon21:08
seb128not sure in xubuntu21:08
seb128then the locking is up to e.g unity/gnome-screensaver21:09
ali1234yes in xubuntu we had to add a patch to inhibit logind21:09
larsuadd a patch to what?21:09
ali1234to light-locker21:09
ali1234bug 130373621:10
ubot5bug 1303736 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Black screen after wakeup from suspending by closing the laptop lid" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130373621:10
ali1234actually i think it was patched in xfce4-power-manager21:10
ochosiyup, it was xfpm21:12
popeyseb128: fixed already? yay!21:14
seb128popey, well, feel free to test/confirm if the fix works21:18
larsuseb128: any known bugs about mouse input events not being sent to apps?21:28
* larsu is just seeing that...21:28
larsuanything in the shell works (launcher, dash, panel), but not in the windows itself. window management doesn't work either21:29
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seb128larsu, not that I know no22:04
=== sarnold_ is now known as sarnold
WhiteIntelHello can anyone tel mel a remote desktop solution that is working out of the box with user session handling, good performance, easy to install?23:25
RAOFWhiteIntel: AFAIK, ‘Desktop Sharing Preferences’ is installed by default, works, and is reasonable.23:43
RAOFWhiteIntel: Together with ‘Remote desktop viewer’ (aka vinagre)23:43

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