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eliaspsHi, just a quick question, is it possible to join multiple channels with a single IRC command? Like /join #channel1 & #channel2 etc.12:04
MooDooeliasps: what's your client?12:08
eliaspsMooDoo it's Xchat12:08
eliaspsI can set up user commands to join each channel I want, but I need to set up a single one to join all the 6-7 of the channels that I join regularly. It's not urgent, but if it's possible it'd be useful.12:09
MooDootake a look at that12:09
eliaspsMooDoo thank you very much! If it works, you saved the day! :P12:10
eliaspsAnd you did! It works perfectly! Thanks again!12:11
MooDooyou're welcome12:11
Mikaela/join #channel1,#channel2,#etc should work on all clients and even /quote16:17
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VM_isoIs anyone there?22:14
k1l_some are22:14
VM_isoI had a question about a couple packages that Ubuntu currently uses and why they made certain decisions. could you answer them?22:16
k1l_VM_iso: this is the international irc operators channel not a ubuntu technical support channel.  you can ask #ubuntu22:17
VM_isoI was debating between which channel was more appropriate. Thanks22:18
k1l_maybe its better to ask the maintainer themselves. so file a bug on launchpad.net to that package.22:19
Unit193Which packages anywho?22:20
Unit193VM_iso: Did you try to look at the changelog?  apt-get changelog $package  or  /usr/share/doc/$package/changelog.gz22:20
tewardlooks like they timed out22:25
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