RAOFdesrt: Hey, how would you like your client logging integration?00:41
RAOF(As in: how would you like messages from libmirclient to be presented to you)00:42
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alan_galf__: it isn't urgent, but as no-one "owns" USC could you please review this at a convenient point? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/unity-system-compositor/migrate-to-mir-Server-API/+merge/24056610:29
alf__alan_g: sure10:33
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mlankhorstwhat do I need for setting up lightdm correctly to run unity8 on a normal ubuntu install?11:13
alan_gmlankhorst: http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/using_mir_on_pc.html (I hope it is up to date - I've not used if for ages)11:17
mlankhorsti don't think it is11:18
alan_gWhat happens?11:21
alan_gmzanetti: IIRC you've used unity8 desktop recently. ^^11:22
mlankhorstI've installed unity8-desktop-session-mir, but it fails to spawn a native mir session11:23
* mzanetti reads11:23
mzanettimlankhorst: hmm... that should work. I didn't do anything special.11:24
mzanettimlankhorst: try to first log in into a unity7 session, then logout again and relogin to the unity8 session11:24
mzanettithat seems to improve chances of a successful start11:24
mzanettiit is still a bit flaky11:24
mzanettimlankhorst: I've heard of people with nvidia cards having issues. I'm using an Intel one11:25
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desrtRAOF: 'just use the journal'?14:22
desrtRAOF: otherwise i guess a callback is fine14:22
mlankhorstbtw does the unity8 session run fullscreen on mir?14:22
greybackmlankhorst: yes it does14:25
mlankhorstso if I create a Xmir window there, it will be hidden by the u8 session?14:25
greybackyes, if that mir client is connecting to unity-system-compositor. But if you connect it to unity8 (MIR_SOCKET=$SDG_RUNTIME_DIR/mir_socket) it should appear in unity814:30
greybackyou'll need to append "--desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/some-desktop-file.desktop" to the process, else it won't be accepted14:30
greybackas unity8 is strict, and requires either upstart to launch the app, or else that command line arg appended to the command14:31
mlankhorstwould that explain the broken pipe? :P14:35
mlankhorstwhere can I find that in the source :p14:41
greybackthat policy is defined in lp:qtmir:/src/modules/Unity/Application/application_manager.cpp:ApplicationManager::authorizeSession14:46
seb128is it possible to start a demo mir server somewhere while keeping the an xorg/unity7 session running?14:53
seb128I tried to "sudo mir_demo_server_shell --vt 1" and switch to vt1 but I couldn't come back (or there is a bug with my i965 which bugged the machine)14:54
greybackseb128: that used to work, lemme try14:55
seb128greyback, thanks14:56
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greybackseb128: yep worked here15:00
greybackseb128: ctrl+alt+backspace quits the mir server15:01
greybackas it tends to ignore Crtl+C in the console that started it15:01
seb128greyback, thanks15:02
seb128greyback, can you ctrl-alt-f1 ctrl-alt-f7 to switch between mir and unity7?15:02
greybackseb128: yes15:02
seb128greyback, k, thanks for that and for the email ;-)15:06
greybackseb128: thought it might be handy15:06
seb128it is indeed :-)15:07
greybackseb128: while I've got you, somehow unity7 isn't showing up as an option in my lightdm Greeter. Only unity8 is there. ubuntu-desktop is installed. Any ideas?15:07
seb128greyback, install ubuntu-session15:07
desrtseb128: getting the server working is another issue...15:07
desrtseb128: you need to change ownership of the socket and symlink it to the correct location in your user's xdg_runtime_dir (or set env variables to work around)15:08
greybackseb128: it is installed15:08
seb128greyback, weird then, is "unity" installed?15:09
greybackyep, it is15:09
greybackI'm a tad confused15:09
greybackbut it's not end of world, it's my unity8 desktop machine anyway15:09
seb128do you have anything useful in /var/log/lightdm/ ?15:09
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seb128desrt, do you know if there is a wikipage or something about the socket thing?15:10
mlankhorstthat the greeter doesn't use mir makes things hard for me. :P15:10
desrtseb128: no.  i don't.15:10
desrtseb128: unfortunately this is sort of something that everyone has to discover for themseelves....15:10
desrtseb128: also: you need to run the server as root15:10
seb128desrt, the email I crossed had those instructions15:11
* desrt has burned half an hour or so figuring these things out, twice (after having forgot the first round)15:11
seb128sudo mir_demo_server_shell --vt 115:11
seb128sudo env XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000 MIR_SOCKET=/tmp/mir_socket15:11
desrtoh.  nice.15:11
seb128the second command is missing the <command>15:11
desrtthat's a strange combination of environment variables :)15:11
seb128but you are saying that's not going to be enough?15:11
desrtyou need to change ownership of the socket if you wnat to connect as a normal user15:11
seb128I'm fine running the command under sudo15:12
seb128but thanks for the hint15:12
* desrt has had a couple of outstanding requests to improve the situation here...15:12
desrtseb128: 'don't gtk as root' ;)15:12
seb128desrt, on a test laptop EDONTCARE ;-)15:12
* greyback has todo item to write up this stuff, sorry hasn't got it done15:13
seb128that would be useful15:13
seb128http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/ doesn't have a lot of useful user informations15:13
mlankhorstit seems to be hard to run your own unity8 currently..15:14
mlankhorstat least when not going through lightdm15:14
* desrt is reminded that he has been meaning to file some bugs, and does so: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1398038 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/139803915:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398038 in Mir "need nested mir (in X) server" [Undecided,New]15:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398039 in Mir "test servers should have commandline options for socket owner, location" [Undecided,New]15:18
greybackseb128: extremely messy, but here's the biggest of my notes on unity8/mir http://pad.ubuntu.com/using-mir15:22
seb128greyback, thanks15:28
* alan_g finds mir doesn't build today15:29
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kdubalan_g|tea, what's not building15:34
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seb128https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/318a0132ff5aca50838dfffb9bdbe88d1edebf01 is showing on e.u.c for vivid16:22
seb128hitting abrt in mir_connection_create_surface()16:23
alan_gkdub: it turns out to be vivid migration detritus16:23
seb128(just pointing it, dunno if you guys watch e.u.c)16:23
alan_gseb128: not sure where that report originates, but a test called "createing_surface_on_garbage_connection_is_fatal_Test" forking a process that aborts doesn't seem like anything to worry about16:47
racarrNew rev for mir-event-2.0 :)17:04
seb128alan_g, right, it's still generating some noise on the error tracker so would be good to fix/disable17:09
alan_gseb128: I've not looked closely, but we have a number of tests whose purpose is to ensure an abort occurs when required. Are you suggesting that we shouldn't test those scenarios?17:12
seb128alan_g, hum, no, I just wonder if we could do something to avoid getting e.u.c reports for them17:12
seb128that's kind of low importance though, so feel free to ignore me ;-)17:13
alan_gIf you can suggest a way to do that in Mir I can follow it up. Otherwise...17:13
seb128good point17:14
seb128I'm going to investigate if that's possible, thanks ;-)17:15
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kdubcamako, was thinking about how you mentioned that you were looking through the platform code in trying to not tear down the display system on compositor start/stop18:28
kdubI can point to what android is doing there if that helps18:29
kdubbut it seems to mostly be something the server is doing18:29
kduband perhaps some improvement has to be done to the mesa platform too18:29
camakokdub, thanks. I looked at Android side, and am now looking at the Mesa side which is more involved.18:59
kdubcamako, yeah, the android side its easy to keep the display around... iirc, the mesa side has some complication with VT's18:59
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racarrcamako: Thanks for your comments on event-2.0 will get back toyou right after lunch19:03
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RAOFdesrt: Oh, I was wrong about how much done eventloop fds is; it's much closer to finished than I thought :)22:32

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