pleia2nice work everyone, copying over summaries now03:39
josepleia2: did we get to add wxl's post about the mailman/launchpad script?03:41
pleia2jose: no, go in loco?03:42
josepleia2: yeah03:42
joselemme get the link03:42
pleia2jose: can you write a summary real quick in the google doc while I do other wiki things?03:43
pleia2thanks :)03:43
joseall set03:45
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue39403:51
pleia2sending off to summary writers now03:51
pleia2err, editors!03:51
* pleia2 goes back to offline things now03:56
Unit193Looking good.04:15
pleia2Unit193: thanks!05:42
wxlomg is it too late to add something to the news?!!?!17:42
wxlif it's not too late, pleia2, you should mention hacksummit.org. it just started but it's a free online dev conference.17:42
pleia2wxl: if there's an article about it and it's linux or open source-focused, we can link it under "Other Articles of Interest"17:50
pleia2there are too many hack events, conferences, etc to link to in every issue though17:50
wxlpleia2: ok i got a couple links for it cross referencing open source and/or linux18:05
wxlhere comes18:05
pleia2cool, that one works for me :)18:05
wxlthat one's interesting18:05
wxli think that as a virtual conference the uos folks stand to get something from it18:05
* pleia2 nods18:06
pleia2I'll go with the 2nd link18:06
wxli'm sitting in a room with over 3000 people18:06
wxllast one had over 600018:06
wxlthis talks a bit about its charity focus http://www.programmableweb.com/news/hack.summit-conference-tackles-inequality-tech/2014/11/2618:06
wxlit's a charity for coding nonprofits18:06
wxlincluding women who code18:06
wxlblack girls code18:06
wxlladies learning code18:07
pleia2yeah, I heard about it through both those orgs18:07
pleia2just... work :)18:07
wxletc etc18:07
wxlpick one if you want and i'll write a summary18:07
wxlor include them all and i can summarize18:07
pleia2it's just a bullet-pointed item18:07
wxlworks for me18:07
pleia2not Ubuntu-specific enough to be a full thing :\18:07
pleia2anyway, it's in now18:07
pleia2thanks \o/18:08
wxlokie dokie18:08
wxlthank you :)18:09
wxli'm happy to have helped with the newsletter18:09
wxlew this guy is using windows18:10
pleia2I'm happy you did too! less work for me :)18:10
wxlwell you can count on me on into the future18:11
pleia2wonderful, thanks :)18:11
wxlmaybe i can work on getting some lubuntu stuff in there18:11
pleia2we pull stuff that lands on planet.ubuntu.com, but sometimes the 3rd party articles on flavors are missed18:12
pleia2anyway, back to the work I'm actually paid for, I'll publish in a few hours18:12
wxlsee ya18:12
wxlpleia2: oh man i should have looked. my blog is about crossrefercing Mailman subscriber lists and Launchpad memberships, not Launchpad mailing lists21:04
pleia2wxl: whoops, you can correct on the wiki and I can fix on forums at least21:05
wxlpleia2: ok21:05
wxli'm going to add my name in there too ;)21:05
pleia2wxl: for LoCo news we don't add the name, just for Planet21:07
pleia2(even if LoCo news was on planet too)21:07
wxlpleia2: oops fixing21:08
pleia2thanks, updated for forum post too21:09
pleia2Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 394 for the week November 24 - 30, 2014 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue39421:25
josethanks, pleia2! :)21:27
pleia2sure thing21:27
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