daftykinsowen1: do you see how the log files differ on line 129 in the second?00:00
daftykinsowen1: i don't really follow your description of the events, but if it's playing up in i3 and not unity, i don't know what to say. i have practically zero experience with desktop use00:01
wpd_The ROS stuff has been around for a while, and I haven't had any problems with it.  This has just shown up since Installed some development tools from NVIDIA.  But I can't figure out what that installer did to me.00:01
mongooseIs anyone in here familiar with LilyPond?00:01
daftykinswpd_: grep each of those leading files for 'arm' (i.e. the .list )00:02
wpd_daftykins: None of them list arm.00:03
wpd_That's why I'm so confused :-)00:03
daftykinswpd_: nice... so this funky script you said you ran... what was it?00:03
Bashing-omwpd_: A side note, not a good thing to mix release repo's ; " gstreamer-developers-ppa-precise.list " might see if 'gsteamer' offers support for trusty .00:03
wpd_It was an installer from Nvidia for their embedded arm development board.00:03
Finetundraso, ubuntu doesn't see a whole Gigabyte of my ram. why?00:04
wpd_Hence the reason I blame them. :-)00:04
daftykinscheck said script to see what it did, then00:04
daftykinsFinetundra: explain.00:04
Finetundradaftykins, i have 4 1024mb sticks of ram installed. ubuntu is only using 300:05
k1lFinetundra: "free -m " in a pastebin please00:05
k1lFinetundra: and a "uname -a"00:05
daftykinsFinetundra: heh, sure you just don't have 32-bit on ;)00:05
daftykins*don't just00:05
owen1daftykins: interesting. saving the log is going to help me troubleshoot this. thanks!00:07
kolossenhcitool -i dev Invalid device: No such device00:07
daftykinsowen1: ^_^ np00:07
kolossenwhat does that mean?00:07
daftykinskolossen: lol, 'dev' is meant to be replaced with knowing your device name.00:08
kolossenthat my own bluetooth is not working00:08
Finetundrahere is the first: http://pastebin.com/jHDM2pCH       and the second: http://pastebin.com/y97iMZu900:08
daftykinskolossen: man hcitool00:08
kolossenis it supposed to my my odnw?00:08
daftykinsFinetundra: 32-bit kernel, no 4GB RAM for you, i think00:08
owen1I 'Override software rendering list' and 'Enable WebGL' in chrome://flags but http://get.webgl.org say I don't have WebGL support. I also tried running chrome with --disable-gpu-watchdog but it doesn't help. Firefox runs WebGL just fine. I have the same issue with chromium-browser package (39.0.2171.65 Ubuntu 14.10) and also with chrome (39.0.2171.71). Any ideas?00:08
Finetundradaftykins, could you explain?00:09
daftykinsFinetundra: you're running a 32-bit kernel. you need to be running 64-bit.00:09
Finetundrawell shit00:10
daftykinsnone of the language here thanks00:10
Finetundradaftykins, well that more or less explains it00:11
VanceXFinetundra: 32 bit will run a little leaner on your system anyways.00:11
Elimin8erWhats the best backup program to use to backup to external storage, Full system and home directory ?00:11
k1lFinetundra: 3.11?00:12
Finetundrak1l, what?00:12
user1need help with few things00:12
daftykinsFinetundra: yeah a "cat /etc/issue" would be nice00:12
EiriksHDDhello, can someone help me, my ubuntu desktop has frozen, but I still have the capability to do some things, can someone give me some sort of kill command to force the thing to reset?00:12
k1lFinetundra: what ubuntu is that? is that a saucy install?00:12
Finetundrak1l, yes00:12
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy00:12
daftykinsFinetundra: you shouldn't be using that.00:13
k1lFinetundra: that is vulnerable since its end of life. you need to upgrade00:13
user1on install of xbuntu i had error failed to install applications but to do it manually? what have i missed00:13
viejotrenHi, I need to copy all the content of an specific Directory from Ubuntu Box to Ubuntu Box, the source Box is in text mode, the amount of data is 2 GB, this process is possible using just cp command or should I use another command?00:13
Finetundrawell, last time i upgraded to 14.04 it broke alot of things00:14
Stmeter_root@server8:~# mysql -v00:14
Stmeter_ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)00:14
Stmeter_Any ideas?00:14
k1lFinetundra: upgrade are automated tested. so if you dont have lots of 3rd party stuff they will work just fine00:14
Finetundrak1l, define lots00:15
daftykinsviejotren: well you cant to copy remotely right? you can tar the folder then scp it00:15
Bashing-omEiriksHDD: Gracefull shutdown: try: alt+ZSysRg+ r+s+e+i+u+b .00:15
k1lFinetundra: there is no option to not upgrade00:15
Finetundrak1l, understood00:16
k1lFinetundra: either you install a LTS and stay there for 5 years or you have to upgrade all 6 months.00:16
daftykinsStmeter_: messing about as root isn't wise. is the daemon running? perhaps it isn't00:17
k1lFinetundra: and if you cant overview what 3rd party stuff you got installed :/00:17
user1why did i get failed to install applications on xbuntu and try them manually00:17
Finetundrak1l, what do you mean?00:17
Stmeter_daftykins: Just trying to debug. I'm aware of the risks of root. Once I run "service mysql start" it stays up and then crashes.00:17
EiriksHDDwhat is ZSysRg?00:17
daftykinsStmeter_: logs time then00:17
daftykinsuser1: i wasn't watching over your shoulder during install, you'll need to either reboot and see the message again or ignore it. likely it's just talking about language packs00:18
viejotrendaftykins: I don't have enough free space to tar the entire directory, is there any other way?00:18
Bashing-omEiriksHDD: Sorry; typo - should be the SysRq key .00:18
EiriksHDDso like windows key?00:18
daftykinsviejotren: yeah, recursively scp the directory.00:18
user1on install said bout formatting the parition bit and just clicked continue00:18
k1lFinetundra: if you have that much 3rd party stuff that you dont know how much it is and what it does you should prbably try a clean install on 14.0400:19
kolossenhcitool scan00:19
kolossenDevice is not available: No such device00:19
Bashing-omEiriksHDD: No, many times that key is also the print screen key .00:19
daftykinsviejotren: "scp -r /path/to/folder user@host:/where/i/want/it/"00:19
kolossenis hcitool saying my bluetooth is not working?00:19
wpd_Any other suggestions for where to look for the source of these armhf PPA's?00:19
viejotrendaftykins: i'll try it right now, thanks a lot00:19
EiriksHDDthank you for that bit Bashing-om00:19
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Bashing-omEiriksHDD: Sorry forcausing the confusion. hold the alt and SysRq keys and slowly type rseiub .00:20
Finetundrak1l, thats not what i was questioning, i was just confused by your statement00:21
kolossenhciconfig ^ is my bluetooth address 0?00:21
daftykinsFinetundra: so to summarise, backup, install 64-bit 14.04 or 12.04.5 and happy times will be had00:21
iggymydoghi! im running an older version of ubuntu on a dell laptop and i cant get the wifi to work00:21
Finetundradaftykins, except that my processor is 32bit00:22
iggymydogcan someone help me get my wifi to work?00:22
daftykinsFinetundra: model?00:22
daftykinsiggymydog: older as in...?00:22
Stmeter_daftykins: May I PM the mysql error?00:22
Finetundradaftykins, Dell Dimension 470000:22
daftykinsStmeter_: no00:22
daftykinsFinetundra: that's not a processor model00:22
iggymydogdaftykins 13. something00:23
daftykinsiggymydog: sorry, EOL releases aren't supported here00:23
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:23
daftykinsiggymydog: clean install a supported release then we can assist00:23
iggymydogdaftykins elo00:23
Stmeter_daftykins: Here is a pastebin to my /var/log/mysql/error.log http://pastebin.com/gbBEVhsZ It continues this error every minute or so.00:23
daftykinsiggymydog: show some damn patience00:23
iggymydogdaftykins dam sorry.....00:23
iggymydogdaftykins its late and ive had alot of coffie00:24
Finetundradaftykins, sorry, thought you meant my machine. processor is a Intel Pentium 400:24
daftykinsStmeter_: i don't know anything about it really, beyond logging in and a few commands :P find a channel00:24
Stmeter_thanks for trying00:24
daftykinsFinetundra: hmm you could try popping on a PAE kernel then. but i won't help you any further with an EOL release, sorry. you're not safe.00:24
iggymydog@daftykins my ubuntu isnt a touch screan?00:25
daftykinsiggymydog: i'm going to walk away from my computer now, if you want to upgrade to a supported release in the meantime perhaps we can talk further.00:25
iggymydogdaftykins: please explain00:26
iggymydogdaftykins: im willing to do anything to get this dam comoputer to work00:26
Finetundradaftykins, ok, ok. i'm running the update. what's a PAE kernel and how is it different than what i already have00:26
daftykinsiggymydog: i don't understand how i can be any clearer than "upgrade to a supported release" - only 12.04.5, 14.04 and 14.10 are supported right now.00:26
iggymydogdaftykins: first off how to i find out my version00:26
VanceXiggymydog: Why then are you running such an old release?00:26
daftykinsiggymydog: you just told me 13.x, did you forget already?00:27
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info00:27
daftykinsFinetundra: ^00:27
bubbasauresiggymydog, run 'lsb_release -a" for version without the '00:27
daftykinsFinetundra: as i say, can't help you until you upgrade to a supported release.00:27
iggymydogVanceX: because i just got back from afganastan and i havnt touched the computer scense00:27
Finetundradaftykins,i'm running the update.00:27
daftykinsFinetundra: 'the update' ?00:28
iggymydogVanceX: its been a while scense ive delt with linux and ive forgotten most the commands and what not and after 2 hours looking through forums of crap and fixxes ive had enough and came here expecting the problem should be rather simple00:28
Finetundradaftykins, upgrade. sorry00:28
iggymydogVanceX: can you try to offer me some sort of help?00:29
k1ldaftykins: after the upgrade is done make sure to have "linux-generic" installed.00:29
bubbasauresiggymydog, Lets get you to a supported release 14.04 has 5 years support.00:29
k1lFinetundra:  after the upgrade is done make sure to have "linux-generic" installed.00:29
k1ldaftykins: tabfail :)00:29
Finetundrak1l, how would i check that?00:29
Bashing-omiggymydog: It is simple, we need to know that you are on a current release, or get you upgraded . ^^ lsb_release -a will tell .00:30
VanceXiggymydog: Understood and I empathize yet, to must understand for questions to be answered here... You must be running something more current. You need to upgrade or do a fresh install.00:30
k1lFinetundra: install it with apt-get install00:30
iggymydogbubbasaures: thank you!!!!00:30
Finetundrak1l, gotcha00:30
iggymydogBashing-om kk hold on00:30
bubbasauresiggymydog, Can you tell us what this shows in the terminal  lsb_release -a00:31
iggymydogBashing-om: im running 13.0400:31
Bashing-omiggymydog: UnGood ! .. long path to get you current, best bet is to do a clean fresh install of 14.04 .00:32
bpromptiggymydog:    ....  still the wifi should work00:32
iggymydogBashing-om: thats going to take for ever to download....00:32
iggymydogBashing-om: there must be a nother way00:32
bpromptiggymydog:  but can't hurt getting 14.04 lts00:32
bubbasauresiggymydog, Thanks, theoretically you can go to 13.10 than 14.04, however it takes time, or do a fresh install, what seems best for you? The update does have it's perils back up anything you need as alwyas.00:33
iggymydognw tool came up with status dissconnected00:33
Finetundraiggymydog, even with the torrent download?00:33
bpromptiggymydog:    are you on dialup?   wondering on the download speed00:33
iggymydogevin the torrent00:33
iggymydogyes dial up00:33
bpromptI see00:33
iggymydogBashing-om: i would like to go to 3.10 then 14.what ever lts00:34
Bashing-omiggymydog: There is another way ( it's linux, there is always other ways), but the band width and time is great ! EOL from 13.04 -> 13.10 -> 14.0400:34
iggymydogbprompt: slow as hell i think 90 something kps00:34
Bashing-om!eol | iggymydog00:34
ubottuiggymydog: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:34
bpromptiggymydog:    hmm a 56.6 modem gives only about 5-7 kbs   btw00:35
daftykinsiggymydog: best get started :)00:35
iggymydogBashing-om: thats why i love linux theres always a nother way00:35
daftykins5KB/sec - capital notation is important.00:35
iggymydogi dont have a 56 k modem00:35
bpromptiggymydog:    so you're on a dsl one?00:35
iggymydogoh wait.... nvm i am on dsl lol im steeling my nebors i didnt evin relize00:36
daftykinsthere are laws against that in some countries00:36
iggymydogwoops sorry guys00:36
bpromptiggymydog:     well the 14.04 is about 1gbs.... just do it when the neighbors are asleep =)00:36
iggymydogmy neibor wouldnt care lol00:36
daftykinsif they knew.00:37
iggymydogi could call him right now and tell him00:37
SchrodingersScattell them this delightful story over a cup of tea00:37
daftykinsperhaps whilst you wait for said download00:37
iggymydoghe wouldnt care a bit00:37
iggymydogwe grew up together00:37
bpromptiggymydog:     on a dsl modem.. about 90kbs you said....  so  that'd be about 4hrs I'd think00:38
daftykinsok not that i'm loving this life story, but this is a support channel. please tell us all about your neighbour in #ubuntu-offtopic but this place is for assistance only00:38
daftykinsiggymydog: you know what to do, so get to it :)00:38
kolossenOMG how hard should it be to get bluetooth working. I understand NOTHING after 1 hour of research00:38
kolossen1. how do I check that my own bluetooth is actually working properly?00:39
iggymydogdaftykins: welll...cant there be a nother way00:39
daftykinsiggymydog: no. download 14.04. install it.00:39
iggymydogdaftykins: some sort of terminal sourcery or command line black magic00:39
iggymydogdaftykins: ok :(00:39
daftykinsbackup first of course00:39
daftykinsif you only have one machine00:40
bpromptiggymydog:    just make sure you get a say... download client and link, that supports "download resume", in case you need to reconnect and such, so you can just pick up where you left off00:40
iggymydogubuntu has forsaken me!00:40
iggymydogi have u torrent im good00:40
iggymydogwhats the official torrent link? so i dont get a virus?00:40
Bashing-omiggymydog: There is no "quicker" way . Save your personal files, download the 14.04 .iso, burn and install.\00:40
bpromptiggymydog:    well. on a 90kbs connection... I'd think it wouldn't take more than 5hrs00:40
bpromptsince is 1gb for the 14.04 lts00:41
iggymydoglink anyone? and thanks for your help everyone (that wasnt sarcasm) geese...it still sounds like sarcasm....00:41
Bashing-omiggymydog: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads .00:42
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kolossenisnt hcitool dev supposed to display your PC's bluetooth?00:56
nagerstIt is so nice to be running lucid again. Gnome2 really shines. and with xorg1.7 and with kernel 3.11 it really shines.00:58
acmeraptorso who wants a challenge?00:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:59
Finetundraacmeraptor, perhaps01:00
daftykinsnagerst: i'm going to guess you're fishing to be told you're unsupported.01:00
daftykins!eol | nagerst01:00
ubottunagerst: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:00
acmeraptorwell.. let's make sure I'm in the right room for this.. I want to send scans from my printer to a wdtvhub that is essentially a nas device01:01
Finetundrawell, i'm no good for that01:01
acmeraptorthe wd hub uses some linux variant.. this being ubuntu.. probably not the right place01:01
k1lacmeraptor: ##linux for general linux support01:02
acmeraptorthanks kll, i'll hop over there and see if something is possible.  i wish hp support was available on irc lol01:03
kolossenNoone here knows bluetooth?01:04
Finetundrakolossen, as far as i know it should show up somewhere in the ui by default. unless of course you don't have bluetooth. what model machine do you have?01:06
kolossenFinetundra, i had bluetooth on this comp when running windows01:07
kolossenthen i installed ubuntu instead01:07
kolossenbut no bluetooth from what i can see01:07
kolossendo i have to mount it or something?01:07
macqidrivers should create a /dev for it01:07
acmeraptorapoligies. tried to join ##linux but got a message that i couldn't send a message to the channel.  couldnt join #linux either as it was invite only01:08
somsip!register | acmeraptor01:08
ubottuacmeraptor: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:08
Finetundrawell, for me it was just there in a tray icon. probably either is disabled or doesn't have a driver to it01:08
acmeraptor!register | acmeraptor01:09
ubottuacmeraptor, please see my private message01:09
acmeraptori see it. thank you @ubottu01:09
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dominic1134why did ubuntu switch to rsyslog? in my opinion rsyslog is total crap, not well documented, and bugged01:12
cidaWhere can I get the link for all of ubuntu's drivers? I have a second computer that can't get use wifi or ethernet. I know how to fix it, but I just can't find the drivers  page :I01:14
daftykinsdominic1134: you're welcome to ask that in #ubuntu-offtopic where discussion of such things is welcome, this is support.01:18
dominic1134daftykins, thanks01:19
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user1hello i tried xbuntu in live mode and had 1024x768 res now ive installed it everythings massive01:35
Finetundrauser1, check your drivers?01:35
user1ok how01:36
mybox1776Anyone know why I cannot join #centos from here? I found it in the list but I cannot seem t join - does nothing01:36
daftykinsmybox1776: probably reg only, go ask in #freenode01:36
geniimybox1776: Might need to register your username first01:36
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:36
mybox1776Ok thanks!01:36
user1ive just had a new version notification appear do i install it01:36
* genii feeds daftykins a fresh batch of cookies01:37
Finetundrauser1, go to settings -> hardware-> additional drivers01:37
daftykinsi dream of genii's cookies :D01:37
Finetundrauser1, probably a good idea01:37
Bashing-omuser1: " new version notification " consider carefully, is this version 14.04 -> 14.10 ? .. as 14.04 is LTS .01:39
daftykinsuser1: if you mean it's offering 14.10 if you installed 14.04, no - don't do it01:39
user1just look at additional drivers empty box01:39
ahmer_What is the difference between Ubuntu and Xubuntu?01:39
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daftykinsone has unity, one has xfce01:39
user1oh its doing something now01:40
Finetundrauser1, like what?01:41
user1said new version ok it01:41
Finetundrawhat version?01:41
daftykinsbad move.01:42
Finetundrano dont ok it01:42
user1i did see 14.04 trusty tayr and 14.1001:42
daftykinsi would abort that upgrade, user1 .01:43
ReScOhttp://www.linux.com/community/forums/drivers/nvidia-graphic-cards-850m-on-asus-n750jk-with-ubuntu-1410/20236 i'm having the same issue, dual gpu intel/nvidia gtx 850m, how can i enable usage of the 850m?01:44
user1whats up with the updates then01:45
daftykinsuser1: you're currently on an LTS release, (long term support). 14.10 is not LTS, thus inferior01:45
daftykinsblindly upgrading release is not a way to solve problems01:45
FinetundraReSc0, have you tried setting you primary graphics in the nvidia control panel01:45
daftykinsFinetundra: it's a job for nvidia-prime, that's an optimus setup.01:46
user1support for 3 yr version01:46
daftykins5 years01:46
ReScOdaftykins: nvidia-prime doesn't work out of the box01:46
daftykinsReScO: i know, you have to set it up.01:46
ReScOwhen i install it, i get the login screen but after that, nothing01:47
user1so how do i know whats a lts update or the short version01:47
ReScOhad to reinstall twice01:47
daftykinsReScO: also, likely no ubuntu included driver supports the 850m yet - so you probably have to use a newer one.01:47
Finetundrauser1, you just have to check the ubuntu releases to see what is and isn't01:47
ReScOdaftykins: do you have a proper tutorial i can follow?01:47
daftykinsuser1: sorry i don't understand that.01:47
daftykinsReScO: no01:47
ReScOdaftykins: he means how he can find out if he's on LTS or not01:48
user1yeah when u recieive a update notification01:48
ReScOyou don't01:48
daftykinsReScO: no, doesn't make much sense since user1 just installed01:49
daftykinspretty sure you would know what version you just installed01:49
Finetundrauser1, if its just a update for general stuff then it will say update. if it is to a newer release it will say upgrade01:49
Finetundraleast i think thats what you're asking01:50
user1is there a update for 14.04 lts01:50
ReScOsorry, really having some trouble with this 850m01:50
daftykinsReScO: yeah, probably too soon to use it under Linux or something. have a look what driver first added support for it.01:51
pistdovwalking dead - midseason finale in 10min01:51
geniipistdov: Please quit spamming channels with that.01:51
ReScOdaftykins: the nvidia driver supports it01:51
ReScObut it has a dual gpu setup (this laptop)01:52
daftykinsReScO: there are multiple versions. you don't understand01:52
ReScOdaftykins: i figured that out already. :P01:52
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colifatohi all ..01:53
daftykinsReScO: right, so i'm not sure that ubuntu packaged drivers support that model.01:53
ReScOcan i build them myself?01:53
daftykinsyou don't 'build' drivers.01:53
user1where can u find drivers for res01:53
ReScOdaftykins: so i'm stuck with my CPU's GPU?01:54
colifatoi have a problem with ubuntu server and fail2ban.. who can help me?  --- tengo un problema con ubuntu server y fail2ban .. quien podria ayudarme?01:54
ReScOcolifato: what's the problem?01:54
colifato4 example: Nov 30 22:40:43 server1 postfix/smtpd[5373]: message repeated 10 times: [ warning: 115-64-243-173.static.tpgi.com.au[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure]01:55
HerroWorlds does grep by default search hidden dir01:55
daftykinscolifato: #ubuntu-server01:55
colifatook thanxs01:55
ReScOstupid new laptop :P01:55
somsipcolifato: check your SMTP login details in your default F2B action, check your SMTP server is running correctly01:56
colifatosomsip: the server is running... smtp no problems.. fail2ban don't ban01:57
somsipcolifato: the action script can't complete because SMTP is failing, so fix that problem01:57
colifatosomsip do u say that i need to see mail.log ?01:59
bleezyhow is everyone ?01:59
Finetundrahow do you change the splash screen?01:59
user1how do i find out what that update did and what version im on02:00
somsipcolifato: the actions F2B takes are defined in /etc/fail2ban/actions.d In your jail.local you will define which action you want to use. If that action sends an email whenever a ban is set, and that email cannot be sent because the SMTP auth details are not correctly set in the action, it may cause problems. Check your SMTP auth details in your actions02:00
Finetundrauser1, open a terminal and do sudo apt-get install sysinfo02:00
user1thank u02:00
Finetundrauser1, should tell you all you need to know02:00
bleezyhow do i make my graphincs card stop wigging out02:01
somsipcolifato: also check in /var/log/fail2ban.log for anything that might be reveal\ling02:01
Finetundrauser1, i'm here should you need help with that02:02
user1ive typed it its gone straight over my head02:02
bleezyFinetundra, know anything about graphics cards02:02
Finetundrauser1, have you opened it?02:02
colifatofail2ban.log is quiet, died..02:03
Finetundrableezy, not too much, but i'll try02:03
user1loads of numbers and stuff02:03
Finetundrauser1, is the program open, yes or no?02:03
bleezyFinetundra, thanks but no thanks02:03
user1yeah mate02:03
bleezyI need real help02:03
tracyoneHow to enable FIPS compliance for wifi connect in ubuntu 14.0402:04
Finetundrauser1, click on system02:04
bleezyanyone avaliable for a little help ?02:04
Finetundrauser1, what you're looking for is release02:04
somsipcolifato: so what's your real problem? No bans, or no emails?02:05
user1what version ive got coz it updated and everyone went no02:05
user1is it 14.04 or 14.1002:05
colifatono bans02:05
Finetundrauser1, should be 14.0402:05
user1trying to find version where is it02:06
bleezywhy are there so many people and no much help ?02:06
somsip!ask | bleezy02:06
ubottubleezy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:06
Finetundrauser1, give me a screenshot of the system section of sysinfo02:06
colifatoban ssh, ban apache, but not sasl02:06
bleezymy bad02:07
somsipcolifato: so there are bans. If you're going to be vague, it'll be painful to help you. If you clearly state your problem, we may get it sorted quickly. Where did you get the sasl filter from?02:07
bleezypatience lol been here 2 days02:07
ulkeshuser1: if you run cat /etc/lsb-release in a terminal you'll see what version you currently have installed (assuming this is what you're requesting)02:07
somsipbleezy: so you should know that we need details, not just requests for help.02:07
amjamThanks for your help earlier guys, my girlfriend is currently using Ubuntu on her Dell Inspiron laptop now. :)02:08
bleezysomsip, well you up for the task02:08
bleezysomsip, ive posted all kind of stuff on here02:08
somsipbleezy: i don't know as you still haven't given details02:08
Finetundraulkesh, thats what he's needing. completely forgot about that line02:08
user1yeah thats it02:08
Finetundrauser1, so whats the number?02:08
bleezysomeara, i have a geforce 6200 le . non of the drivers in additional driver work correctly. i was trying to update driver02:09
Finetundrauser1, ok, you're good02:09
ulkeshuser1: you're up to date for the current LTS release then02:10
user1ok thank u02:10
colifatosomsip : http://tny.cz/dbdb7fb502:10
Finetundrano if you'll excuse me i'll be finishing my update02:10
user1next how can i get the res02:10
colifatothese is mi sasl.conf02:10
ulkeshuser1: the "res"?  what specifically are you looking for?  easiest method of updating is:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade (it will then show you all the packages the package manager sees needing updates)02:11
bleezysomsip,  i have a geforce 6200 le . none of the drivers in additional driver work correctly. i was trying to update driver02:11
somsipcolifato: where did you get this? Does it work with fail2ban-regex (to test it)? Is it right for the version of F2B you are using as the format changed recently02:11
somsipbleezy: I use standard drivers with my nvidia and have never had a problem. I don't have any troubleshooting experience, so you need someone else to help you02:12
user1i run it in live mode got 1024x768 and installed xubuntu now 800x600 and everythings massive02:12
colifatonow i copy the regex02:12
bleezyuser1, i had that problem but worse02:12
user1no its 640x480 now02:12
ulkeshuser1: most likely you're simply needing the proper graphics driver...what video card do you have?02:12
LanDihey guys, I want to buy a GeForce GTX 750... there is one with a nice price here... but it's just 1GB.... will it be a problem ?02:13
bleezyuser1, good luck ive been trying for 2 days solid02:13
user1ok here the hard part sis02:13
somsipLanDi: what will you use it for? Heavy demand games or just desktop use?02:13
colifatothis is the regex02:13
bleezyi got stuck at 640x480 could do a thing02:13
user1i run xbuntu in live mode got good res 1024x768 and now installed 640x48002:14
LanDisomsip: both, I love games but not very heavy ones02:14
bleezyuser its a driver issue02:14
somsipcolifato: and is your jail for sasl set up correctly?02:14
Bashing-omuser1: Is your graphics chip set "SIS" ? There are known problems with that chip set.02:14
HerroWorldswtf i rthink someone is trying to hack my server?!?!02:14
=== samfty_ is now known as samfty
somsipLanDi: you may need to be directed by the min spec of the games you want to play then02:15
Finetundrauser1, you aren't on a vm by chance are you?02:15
ulkeshuser1: it's possible the live cd had some kernel options or other drivers running that helped and upon install those did not get loaded...what video card do you have?  you can see all your hardware using the command lspci02:15
LanDisomsip: ok02:15
user1a what finetundra02:15
Finetundravirtual machine, user102:15
HerroWorldswhat does this do?!02:15
user1nah fine02:15
HerroWorldsand how do i tell if it broke something02:15
Finetundrajust making sure02:16
user1vid card sis, worked great on live mode02:16
colifatosomsip: these is that i don't know :D02:16
bleezyi have a nvidia card still suck02:16
somsipHerroWorlds: someone is trying to get a page on your site. If you have an external IP this will happen. Bots will hit admin pages and possible backdoors looking for a vulnerability02:17
somsipcolifato: paste it02:17
HerroWorldssomsip: it is not a website though, it is a server script02:17
somsipHerroWorlds: you just pasteed an HTTP request.02:18
HerroWorldsso that command was searching for all http pages on my site?02:18
somsipHerroWorlds: no, it's trying to GET /manager/html02:18
bbryanthey, I've got a problem switching to chromium as my default browser... chromium thinks it's my default browser, but external links are still launching into firefox02:18
ulkeshuser1: potentially this may help (assuming it's the right site for the chipset)...I see an xorg driver (though I hope it's not out of date for your version of X):  http://w3.sis.com/download/download_step2.php?id=155961&country=USA&Image791.x=60&Image791.y=1502:18
HerroWorldswhich should not exist because the directory does not exist on my server?02:18
bbryantwhy would that happen?02:18
user1i went back to xp earlier and res was super vga 1600x120002:19
bleezyNvidia driver install anyone have a clue ?02:19
bbryantbleezy: yea, i'm sure many people are experienced with that02:19
bbryantcan you flesh out a more detailed question?02:19
somsipHerroWorlds: if it doesn't exist, then the request will get nothing back. Maybe a 404 error if an HTTP server is running on that port02:19
ulkeshuser1: it's certainly a driver issue and i'm not familiar with that chipset enough to be of further help (my apologies)... i hope that link helps02:19
colifatothis is my jail.conf02:19
HerroWorldssomsip: its a custom protocol02:19
bleezybbryant, how do update my driver02:20
Bashing-omuser1: Do: sudo lshw -C display l if it is " product: 771/671 PCIE VGA Display Adapter ", then you are looking at installing Lubuntu and making up a Xorg.conf file.  ( unity = 3D amd that card does not support 3D ).02:20
bbryantbleezy: first, why do you want to do that?f02:20
colifatothis my sasl.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9323521/02:20
bubbasauresbbryant, The settings app, details-default02:20
somsipcolifato: you have a filter decalred, and a failregex. IIRC the failregex will override the filter. So you may want to remove that02:20
user1ok bash ill look give us a min not the quickest02:21
colifatowhere i need remove? in the jail.conf ?02:21
bbryantbubbasaures: you're awesome, thank you02:21
=== BUSY2 is now known as BUSY
ulkeshuser1: that's true, what Bashing-om says, it could also be an xorg conf issue (where you would potentially have to define the various resolutions/etc)02:21
bbryantI'll stick around to answer smoe questions to pay it forward02:21
somsipHerroWorlds: This is way off topic for this channel. It's not clear what your actual problem is, so I'm not sure i can comment more02:21
bleezybbryant, i cant play a game and more important screen goes crazy when switching windows and alot more02:21
somsipcolifato: in jail.local, under the [sasl] section, remove the failregex02:21
HerroWorldssomsip: sorry it was just something that popped up on my ubuntu server, i was not suure where else to ask02:22
colifatorestart fail2ban ... ok02:23
colifatonow? regex?02:23
user1im on xbuntu02:24
somsipcolifato: check if it works02:25
colifatohow? waiting?02:25
somsipcolifato: trigger a ban02:25
Bashing-omuser1: OK for xubuntu, what specific 'SIS' card (from lshw output) are you running ?02:26
somsipcolifato: by taking action that causes the entry matched by the regex to be added to the log02:26
bleezyE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?02:27
somsipbleezy: use sudo02:27
colifatobleezy: use sudo02:27
user1771/671 PCIE VGA Display Adapter       vendor: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS02:27
bleezyi did02:27
colifatosomsip: i dont know how these ips try to enter to my server02:28
bleezysudo apt-get install nvidia-current?02:28
colifatoi wait one :D02:28
zykotick9bleezy: do you have synatic/software center/updater open?02:28
bleezyzykotick9, yes02:29
zykotick9bleezy: close them.  then try apt-get again.02:29
Finetundraso daftykins, what were you saying about a PAE kernel?02:29
bleezyzykotick9, thanks02:29
daftykinsFinetundra: that i won't support your EOL release (:02:29
Finetundrai just finished the blasted upgrade! do you need proof?02:30
bleezywhy are my screens taking so long to move hard to explain in context02:30
bleezythey move like im on an 16 meg pc02:30
colifatosomsip: Nov 30 23:29:11 server1 postfix/smtpd[6828]: warning: unknown[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure Nov 30 23:29:18 server1 postfix/smtpd[6828]: message repeated 10 times: [ warning: unknown[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure]02:31
colifatoagain and no ban02:31
Bashing-omuser1: See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2167879&highlight=sis ; to make up a possible Xorg.conf file.02:31
somsipcolifato: does it match the regex? Copy the log, delete everything but that one line, run it through fail2ban-regex02:32
Finetundradaftykins, i've upgraded02:32
daftykinsFinetundra: so what's "uname -a" now?02:32
daftykinsFinetundra: drop that attitude or i will ignore you.02:32
Finetundradaftykins, Linux james-Dimension-4700 3.13.0-40-generic #69-Ubuntu SMP Thu Nov 13 17:56:26 UTC 2014 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux02:33
colifatosomsip: but in wich file i see the log? mail.log ?02:33
daftykinsFinetundra: and how does 'free -m' look?02:33
bleezyguess have to go back to crappy windows atleast i works02:34
Finetundradaftykins, about the same :                total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached02:35
FinetundraMem:          3028        946       2081         13         79        52902:35
Finetundra-/+ buffers/cache:        337       269002:35
FinetundraSwap:         3068          0       306802:35
user1sudo cp xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf just typed that and nothing02:35
daftykinsbleezy: possibly, your PC is rubbish. with that attitude, yes, go back to Windows02:35
user1no such file02:35
bleezydaftykins, lol alienware02:35
daftykinsFinetundra: you should know better than to paste here.02:35
Bashing-omuser1: The file does not exist by default. You must make it up ( with the correct parameters ) .02:36
Finetundradaftykins, http://pastebin.com/QnRWw2tZ02:36
user1thanks bashing but u lost me aint got a clue02:37
somsipcolifato: you tell me - you just pasted it02:37
daftykinsFinetundra: try installing linux-generic-pae and booting into it.02:37
Finetundrauser1, i think he' trying to say that you need to create a proper file there manually02:37
Bashing-omuser1: Read the link I gave, and we take this matter back up . This may be a lenghtly process .02:37
user1i have been reading it but dont really follow it to u be easy i suppose02:38
Finetundradaftykins, how do i go about booting into it?02:38
Finetundradaftykins, do i just reboot?02:39
Bashing-omuser1: Not a big problem. For the background see: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2215422 , as to why your SIS card does not work .02:40
daftykinsFinetundra: are you not familiar with dealing with kernels?02:40
Finetundradaftykins, this would be the first time02:40
daftykinsFinetundra: watch what installs, then you can hold left shift at boot time to get the GRUB menu and pick another kernel to be sure02:40
bbryantso I'm having troubel with things opening in firefox even though the setting in settings->details->defaults says chromium02:40
bbryantany idea why that would be the case?02:40
bbryantI'm lost02:41
bbryantI started this process by going to chrome's settings and setting it as the default browser02:41
daftykinsbbryant: logged out and in again since?02:41
bbryantjust restarted02:41
bbryantfor good measure02:41
daftykinswell that's all i've got.02:42
bbryantlet's see what happens when I get rid of firefox02:42
bbryantI don't want it anyway02:42
zykotick9bbryant: from a terminal try "sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser" and confirm it's set to chromium, then do "sudo update-alternatives --config gnome-www-browser" and verify that is also set to chromium.  /me isn't a fan of chromium, and less a fan of chrome.  best of luck.02:43
bbryantthere we go02:44
bbryantok, I can try taht02:44
bbryantbut uninstalling firefox seemd to fix it02:44
basil1xThere's always Rekonq. ;)02:44
daftykinsbbryant: not fix, avoid.02:44
basil1xor PaleMoon, or Midori02:45
bbryantzykotick9: I'll keep that approach in mind02:45
bbryantfor whenever I install another browser02:45
bbryantand have the problem again02:45
zykotick9bbryant: ahhh, if you used apt-get to uninstall firefox, you may be in for problems down the road!  it probably breaks gnome/unity/whatever metapackages...02:45
user1thanks read it still dont understand it02:45
bbryantok then time to reinstall!02:45
Finetundradaftykins, doesn't show the new kernel02:45
daftykinsFinetundra: what did the installation put on?02:46
Finetundradaftykins, said that it put this one on:
bbryantzykotick9: ok, so I reinstalled it and verified that update-alternatives is correct for both x-www... and gnome-www...02:47
bbryantI think I should be set now02:47
allenhey folks, can i build a Ubuntu on a flashdrive using persistence and have it install everything i have installed on the stick as well?02:47
daftykinsFinetundra: ls -al / boot in a pastebin please02:47
daftykinsFinetundra: "ls -al /boot"02:48
bbryantany other complications with me removing firefox to worry about?02:48
bbryantI reinstalled it with this to be careful "sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox firefox-locale-en unity-scope-firefoxbookmarks xul-ext-webaccounts"02:48
Finetundradaftykins, http://pastebin.com/impfVrnd02:49
daftykinsFinetundra: Tux damn it, what did i say about pastes earlier?02:51
daftykinsoops i was scrolled up, ignore that02:51
daftykinswondered why i had such deja vu 0o02:52
daftykinsFinetundra: why is there evidence of an EFI install there?02:52
Finetundradaftykins, no clue.02:53
* daftykins blinks02:53
Finetundradaftykins, in fact if i understand what EFI is, i don't even own a machine with EFI02:54
Bashing-omuser1: All they are saying is that you will have to make up an appropriate '/etc/X11/Xorg.conf' ( there is another alternative that might work easier I am hunting for it mow ) .02:54
daftykinsFinetundra: that's my point :)02:54
user1thanks alot bashing02:55
daftykinsFinetundra: can i see a "cat /proc/cpuinfo"02:55
Finetundradaftykins, http://pastebin.com/yBtK0DzB02:56
mjuszczakWhen my nsswitch.conf has "sudoers: files sss", it doesn't work with sss, but when I switch to "sudoers: sss files", it works fine.  Any ideas?02:59
daftykinsFinetundra: check out - http://askubuntu.com/questions/272873/what-is-the-maximum-amount-of-ram-that-ubuntu-32-bit-supports02:59
Finetundradaftykins, so what am i looking to get from there?03:02
daftykinsi was hoping you'd gain an understanding of the situation03:02
daftykinsFinetundra: if you could make up boot media with 14.04.1 32-bit and boot it to compare free -m, that'd be very handy.03:03
=== knightshade2 is now known as knightshade
Bashing-omuser1: Finally found it . see: http://askubuntu.com/questions/455888/low-resolution-on-lubuntu-14-04-sis ; See if that solution will work for you .03:13
daftykinsremoving the sis driver would've done the same thing03:14
daftykins!info sis trusty03:14
ubottuPackage sis does not exist in trusty03:14
daftykins!find sis trusty03:14
ubottuFound: libqtassistantclient-dev, libqtassistantclient4, libtest-synopsis-perl, xserver-xorg-video-sis, xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-quantal, xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-raring, xserver-xorg-video-sis-lts-saucy, xserver-xorg-video-sisusb, xserver-xorg-video-sisusb-lts-quantal, xserver-xorg-video-sisusb-lts-raring (and 117 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=sis&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all03:14
daftykinsyip one o' them03:14
user1download a vesadriver how i install it03:15
daftykinsuser1: this isn't Windows, you don't download and install drivers in the same way03:16
user1windows is bit easier03:17
daftykinsyou wouldn't have a hope with SiS on Windows :)03:17
daftykinsthat's some mighty ancient hardware right there03:17
Bashing-omuser1: I am only aware of the 2 solutions I have provided .03:19
user1ok bashing thanks for your help i appreciate it03:20
lagboxanyone know of a memory leak in xorg in 14.10 ?03:21
user1erm how do i create a file03:21
user1i have to create this /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/use-vesa.conf03:22
Bashing-omuser1: NP, get comfortable here with the terminal and making up files. As you have questions, ask .03:22
k2gremlinmkfile ?03:22
k2gremlinOk so somehow my server isnt working right anymore.... it can ping out to the world but it can ping a PC on my own LAN. What gives?03:23
daftykinsk2gremlin: i think you typo'd a logic word in there somewhere :)03:23
k2gremlindaftykins, correct lol! It can ping out to world but CAN'T ping LAN lol03:24
k2gremlinmore specifically just 1 PC it cant ping.. narrowing it down03:24
k2gremlinbut it can't ping the PC I am using right now. So I know this PC has connectivity lol03:24
daftykinsare you sure it responds to ping?03:25
Bashing-omuser1: do: touch /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/use-vesa.conf l then open the file in the text editor , copy and paste what the link provides for content , save the file, reboot to see the effect. ( make sure /etc/X11/Xorg.conf does not exist as they will conflict ) .03:25
k2gremlinThey are on the same network.03:25
daftykinswhat about pinging the router...03:25
k2gremlinYes FROM this PC to the server I can ping. but from the server back to this PC it can't ping03:25
k2gremlinbut server can ping other devices on the LAN and has reachability to the web03:26
zykotick9k2gremlin: and are you running a firewall on "this PC"?03:26
k2gremlinYes but ICMP is allowed lol03:26
k2gremlinand it "was" working earlier today/yesterday03:26
k2gremlingoing to reboot "this PC" daftykins03:26
user1cant find that usr shar x 11 xorg conf thing in there03:27
k2gremlinIm back, lets try this again03:28
k2gremlinSame crap. I just SSH'ed into the server... but the server still can't ping this PC and refuses to mount a cifs mount as well03:29
Finetundradaftykins, this is from the live boot: http://pastebin.com/eR8dms6s03:29
Bashing-omuser1: OK, -> sudo apt-get install pastebinit , ls -al /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d | pastebinit , results in a provided URL, pass that URL back here to the channel . Will show us the contents of that directory .03:29
user1upto the xorg.conf file there when i look into it no se vesa conf 1 thing03:30
daftykinsFinetundra: still typing from there, or back on your install now?03:31
Finetundrastill there03:31
k2gremlinim going to shoot this thing lol03:31
w23rdstDon't shoot it.03:32
daftykinsFinetundra: i think it's game over then, your hardware is just too old... it's already running with a PAE kernel and reports fine, it just doesn't seem to echo in free -m.03:32
Bashing-omuser1: Then you have not "touched" it .. can also make a new rile in the file manager and "save" it with the correct path (/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d) and name (use-vesa.conf) . Whichever means you prefer to use .03:32
w23rdstHi daftykins.03:32
k2gremlinw23rdst, Im botting up a test ubuntu server VM to see if it can ping this pc03:32
k2gremlinWelcome NegativeFlare03:32
daftykinsFinetundra: assuming your BIOS reports 4GB but the free -m doesn't - i don't know what to suggest.03:32
daftykinsw23rdst: er, do i know you?03:32
w23rdstdaftykins, no. This is my 1st time.03:33
daftykinsah ok. if you're here for a question, ask away03:33
Finetundradaftykins, the bios does report 4gb and the max cap is 4gb. this is not normal i'm assuming03:33
daftykinsFinetundra: thing is, i know where i could get a system of that age for free and... i don't even care :) they're that old and rubbish. i'd sooner bury it than use it :)03:34
w23rdstdaftykins, this is my 1st time on IRC.03:34
user1i give up its to hard03:35
daftykinsw23rdst: ok, well this is a support channel for ubuntu questions only. #ubuntu-offtopic is where you can join for chat03:35
daftykinsuser1: i have an alternative approach if you'd like.03:35
w23rdstHow do I join that channel?03:35
user1lol chuck the laptop03:35
Finetundradaftykins, well, in that case, i think i'll just put up with it. may as well03:35
user1get new one03:36
daftykinsuser1: but i warn you, even if you got your screen resolution working, you're using a dinosaur03:36
daftykinsw23rdst: type "/join #ubuntu-offtopic"03:36
user1i have my pc most stuff03:36
daftykinsk2gremlin: all i see is a lot of "lol" this and "lol" that.03:37
w23rdstDo you know of any programming channels daftykins?03:37
daftykins!alis | w23rdst03:37
ubottuw23rdst: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:37
k2gremlindaftykins, I am able to ping now. Just need to fix the cifs mount03:37
daftykinsk2gremlin: ok. that's easy03:38
Bashing-omuser1: Faint heart never won fair operating system .03:38
w23rdstYou are great, daftykins.03:38
w23rdstthanks dude.03:38
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:39
daftykinsthat's not how you do it.03:39
daftykinsread the message.03:39
k2gremlindaftykins, Ok second mount I uderstand why its not working ;) It's a truecrypt mount thats used to hide crap from kids :)03:40
daftykinsoh truecrypt, the no-longer-safe encryption prog03:41
k2gremlinPretty much... lol03:41
k2gremlinSecure enough for a 10 and 11 year old03:41
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:41
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:42
user1very hard on here03:42
w23rdstAgree. I can't figure out how to use !alis03:43
k2gremlindaftykins, Is there any sufficent replacement for encrypting like Truecrypt did?03:43
daftykinsw23rdst: type "/join #freenode" and go ask them please.03:43
somsipw23rdst:  Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:43
w23rdst-alis- Returning maximum of 60 channel names matching '#program'03:44
w23rdst-alis- #Program                                             103:44
w23rdst-alis- End of output03:44
user1been trying create that vesa file for ages03:44
w23rdstThis is strange.03:44
daftykinsw23rdst: please go and ask in #freenode for more.03:45
w23rdsthow do I join #freenode?03:45
daftykinsuser1: alright so what've you done?03:46
daftykinsw23rdst: i already told you.03:46
w23rdst!join #freenode03:46
w23rdstI forgot.03:46
daftykinsread up03:46
rick_Hi all, I am wondering why the status of /sys/class/net/eth0/carrier not reflect the status quickly after ifconfig eth0 up03:46
user1im trying to do what bashing linked me03:46
rick_it takes about two second to get correct result.03:46
user1i have to create this file /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/use-vesa.con03:46
Bashing-omuser1: I failed to instruct you properly, try : sudo touch /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/use-vesa.conf , must have the elevated privileges of 'sudo' .03:46
w23rdstI am in #freenode.03:48
guztiAhh finally I find this GREAT channel again03:48
w23rdstwhat do you mean, guzti?03:49
user1thanks bashing its put it there03:49
user1now says add  content03:49
guztiw23rdst: some while ago I had BIG problems with my ubuntu server machine and "someone", I unfortunately don't remember the nick helped me get it fixed in under 20 minutes.03:50
daftykinsguzti: sooo, what've you broken today? :)03:50
w23rdstIt was probably me, guzti.03:50
guztiWell! As incredible as it is.. nothing :D03:50
w23rdstI kind of remember your name.03:50
daftykinsah, so you're not here for a support question then.03:50
Bashing-omuser1: Making progress . copy and past into the file, from text editor, the contents of the askubuntu link , save the file . check that Xorg.conf does not exist, save '/use-vesa.con' file, reboot .03:51
guztiWell, I was really going to ask you for your opinion on hardware for making my second server.. In finding the fest "fitting to gether" hardware... there I go BLANK03:51
daftykinsguzti: /join ##hardware03:52
guztiAnd not that I haven't read thousands of pages about it..03:52
user1thats what i trying to do03:52
daftykinsuser1: *we* don't need that link :)03:52
w23rdstdaftykins, can I add you to my friend list?03:54
guztiTThank's for the redirection daftykins!03:54
w23rdstguzti, daftykins is a great guy.03:54
guzti'You're both such sweet little guys!03:55
w23rdstYou are a good friend, daftykins.03:55
w23rdstdaftykins, are you still here, dude?03:58
user1why have i got massive x thru root03:59
guzti[03:58am] <guzti> Ok. I'm just going to do as requested in topic: I really need advice about whe whole harware set for a powerful homeserver (running Ubuntu server). I have read probably 1500-2000 pages of recommendations for the various of diferent servers and I probably have some knowledge to do something on my own while deciding the harware.. but I simply don't trust too well in what I,04:00
guztimyself, believe would be best.04:00
guzti[03:58am] [N] Cannot send to channel04:00
guzti[03:58am] [N] Cannot send to channel04:00
Bashing-omuser1: I do not understand that last, rephrase please, You have rebooted, and the resolution is very large ?04:00
guztiwhat's up with thaaat :o Was I getting it wrong how I should ask the question or where?04:01
user1not rebooted yet04:01
kandinsk1problem installing icedtea on utopic ^^04:01
=== PacificaPlays is now known as VivaVervet
daftykinsguzti: this channel isn't support for other channels. was this #hardware or ##hardware ?04:02
hescoBuilding an NFSv4 server, when I went to add an entry to /etc/exports, I found that it was a directory, when I was expecting a file.  Can anyone please provide a pointer to documentation on how I ought to adapt the usual config to account for this difference?04:02
guzti[04:03am] [N] #hardware Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited04:03
guztiThis is my LUCKY day! I got to celebrate by fetching a ice cold beer from the fridge04:04
daftykinsguzti: yeah, you used one #. it's _##hardware_04:04
guztiNo, I was there04:04
guztiGAH am I getting crazy, losing my mind... or some portion of both04:05
daftykinsguzti: yeah you need to register.04:05
guztifreenode uses too many features like this! IRCnet is so plain and simple04:06
guztiIt of course has to be for stupid people me being there04:06
guztilike me*04:06
daftykins!ot | guzti04:07
ubottuguzti: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:07
=== VivaVervet is now known as PacificaPlays
guztiAhh.. Thanks again... Well at IRCnet one will not help you but rather make fun of you04:07
guztiProbably a BIG minus04:08
daftykinsguzti: i'm getting close to doing that too. please stop rambling04:09
=== PacificaPlays is now known as xanaduftw
=== xanaduftw is now known as PacificaPlays
guztirambling? I'm not following, but I shall leave before you do that.. I rather want to remember your helpfulness!04:10
=== Shangril is now known as Shangri-l
MM[TexasTech]Are you here?04:21
w23rdstYou are a good friend, daftykins.04:22
w23rdstTravis just left.04:22
MM[TexasTech]you know travis?04:23
=== Guest54757 is now known as suidigol
w23rdstYes, I know him.04:24
w23rdstHe was just in here.04:24
ses1984how would i go about looking up which versions of proprietary graphics card drivers are (kind of) supported by ubuntu04:26
ses1984for example i have a couple spare graphics cards that could go into a system and the choice of which to use depends on which version of the graphics drivers ubuntu will install by default through the gui04:27
daftykins!nvidia | ses198404:27
ubottuses1984: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:27
daftykinsthere's a link there which will tell you what packages are on 14.0404:28
basil1xMatrox were the best.  Are they still around?04:29
daftykinsnot in 10+ years04:29
daftykinssorry, 12 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrox_Parhelia04:29
daftykinsthat was the last thing i remember them making04:30
daftykinsno, the only thing they ever did was multihead output04:30
daftykinsbeyond that they weren't even a horse in the race04:30
basil1xSeems they're still around: http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/graphics_cards/c-series/04:32
daftykinsyou'd probably find them doing kit for people that deal with stocks and shares and all that - they always seem to have tonnes of screens04:33
basil1xLikely.  I did like them when I had Win98, though.04:34
=== seme is now known as Guest12421
bbryantI'm having trouble getting netflix to work on a new installation of 14.04 with chromium as the browser04:38
bbryantany ideas?04:38
bbryantnetflix gives me error code M7357-100304:39
ses1984i think only google chrome is supported, not chromium04:39
bbryantI can't find chrome in the repos04:39
bbryantI looked04:39
ses1984it's not in there, have to download it from google04:39
Ben64add the google repository, it is not difficult04:40
daftykinsbbryant: yep, binary blob DRM used, non-chromium i think.04:40
bbryantok thanks04:40
bbryantyea, I found it04:40
bbryantnetflix works now04:44
bbryantthanks again04:44
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aperture_Question: I've successfully sent a command to /dev/ttyUSB0 using screen on ubuntu, but how can I echo to that?04:51
aperture_I tried echo e "#0 P750 \n" > /dev/ttyUSB0 , but it was ignored...04:51
aperture_*echo -e04:51
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:53
daftykinslotuspsychje: \o welcome back04:54
lotuspsychjedaftykins: tnx04:54
josePHPagodaanyone know how to make my touchscreen in ubuntu 14.04 send actual mouse click events?04:54
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: what kind of device do you have?04:55
josePHPagodait works just fine, but some of my older games dont get a mouseclick event04:55
josePHPagodait's a fairly new lenovo all in one04:55
josePHPagodait's built into the a72004:55
BorysHi. Which software I should use on remote vps to broadcast rtp audio over internet from my local pc to few mobile devices on android/ios? I need it for my Fire Departament. I know that I can do it with Unreal Media server, but its windows-only.04:56
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: maybe its game itself, instead of the touch recognizing04:56
josePHPagodait is04:56
josePHPagodawhich is why I was hoping there was a way that it could be configured to just send mouse click events04:56
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: wich game is this?04:56
josePHPagodaany game using sdl04:57
noideaHow can I change the permissions of all directories within a directory and separately change permissions on all files within the same directory?04:57
aperture_oh, fixed. Was using "\n" instead of "\r" for carriage return. :/04:57
josePHPagodaincluding one I am writing04:57
josePHPagodaso it's not old games per se04:57
josePHPagodabut most of my games I play are old04:57
josePHPagodabecause I'm old04:57
* josePHPagoda feels nostalgic now :P04:57
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: well im not sure there's a package for that, but maybe the #ubuntu-touch guys know a way?04:57
josePHPagodai didn't know that channel existed04:58
daftykinsBorys: looked into subsonic.org ?04:58
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: well thats for the touch version of ubuntu04:58
BorysNo, I will now04:58
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: not really your case but they might be able to help04:58
josePHPagodai hope they can :)04:58
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: also search apt-cache search touch , some packages show up05:00
bbryantBorys: is RTP audio a part of a SIP call ?05:00
daftykinsbbryant: they both end in protocol, which means they're entirely different things05:01
josePHPagodalotuspsychje: i looked through most of those, nothing really useful unfortunately05:01
lotuspsychjejosePHPagoda: bummer :p05:01
Borysbbryant: no, I have a radio transceiver plug into line in on my local, and I need to broadcast it for mobile devices. Now I use icecast/darkice but I need something in real time, or about 2s delay, now I get 5-10s delay with icecast05:02
bbryantdaftykins: they are, but SIP is just a signaling protocol which transmits the audio/video of a call through RTP05:02
bbryantthey are related05:02
bbryantand knowing which would help me to recommend different software05:03
daftykinsbbryant: that's true i guess anything can be a session really.05:03
daftykinsBorys: are you trying to make some cheap alternative to having radios for a fire brigade crew? :P05:03
BorysSo I think about rtp but I dont know which software I can use for it. I think I can encode audio from line in with ffmpeg, and transmit it to vps with high UL bandwith, and connect from mobile to vps to hear my transceiver05:03
Borysexatly :)05:04
bbryantthose things really need to be reliable05:04
bbryantdo you think something you hack together will be?05:04
daftykinsfirst thing to go in an emergency: mobile phone reception05:04
bbryantno kidding05:04
bbryantrule 1 of war is go for the communications05:05
basil1xLast thing:  the 50-year-old Motorola pole speaker.05:05
bbryantso yea, I don't think this is a good idea05:06
BorysSo how can I do it?05:06
daftykinsyou can't involve mobile phone data connections and communication hacks with emergency services05:07
daftykinsthat's just... quite frankly immoral05:07
bbryantyea, I refuse to help you do something like that05:07
BorysBut it amateur fire departament05:07
bbryantreal fires though05:08
Borysand I cant get everywhere my radio transceiver05:08
daftykinsBorys: what's in place right now?05:08
daftykinssurely the radio stays at the HQ05:08
Borysyup, but when fire comes, I get sms that I have to go to HQ05:09
bbryantand I assume you pick up a radio there05:09
bbryantso what do you do now05:09
BorysWe have two FD - amateur and professional05:09
BorysIm amateur, so when proffessional need backup, they send us sms and run siren so I come to my ameteur HQ05:10
Borysdress up and go05:10
BorysI can listen to radio in HQ, or get it to home05:10
bbryantwhy aren't you given radios?05:11
bbryantI assume the professinoals have them05:11
daftykinsi guess that's where the amateur part comes in05:11
daftykinsmore volunteering05:11
Boryssorry, my english is little poor05:11
bbryantyour english seems fine05:11
bbryantI didn't notice a problem05:12
Borysso with broadcasting radio by net, I can listen to my channel and know what going up before professionals run up siren05:12
BorysSo when I hear that something is going up in my area I can go to my HQ and be ready when siren run05:13
BorysSo I can save some much time05:13
daftykinsi think that would be jumping the gun on the decision of the professionals to involve your crew05:14
Borysanyway, I do it now with icecast and its working, one think I want its less delay05:15
Borysso, could you help me with this, guys?05:15
bbryantok, so why do you think you can reduce delay with a new solution?05:16
bbryantwhat is being done inefficiently now, in your mind?05:16
Borysbuffer of client - mobile device I think, but I think that when I use rtp instead icecast I can get near real-time audio05:18
yesyesdoes anyone know how i can turn my fn lock of on my macbook ubuntu mutnatn05:21
=== zz_VorVZakone is now known as XeBlackWater
cyphaseanyone know why i'd be getting the error "Unhandled error message: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)" when trying to connect to an sftp server in nautilus on 14.04?05:23
BorysI think I can use ffmpeg to encode audio and push it to vps with rtsp, but what I should install on vps with ubuntu to broadcast it for mobile?05:27
basil1xffmpeg has disappeared, or haven't you noticed?05:27
daftykinsbasil1x: that's a very unfriendly way to word something.05:27
basil1xSorry.  it was a very shocking thing to find out, I can tell you.05:28
=== rayston is now known as Rayston
michaelgamblehow do i get an external ext4 drive to boot mount instead05:30
michaelgambleright now i get an error when i try to do it in ubuntus ui app disks05:31
Borysbasil1x: whatover, vlc also can encode it and push to vps, question still is "what software use on vps to receive rt stream and broadcast as mp3/ogg, so I can listen it on android/ios mobile"05:31
basil1xIDJC, probably.05:32
basil1xThough I've never attempted that.05:32
daftykinsmichaelgamble: "boot mount" ?05:34
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
tkeslerCould use some help with my laptop screen flickering.   can't find a solution05:56
michaelgambleive run into the same issue05:58
michaelgamblethe screen is flickering entirely? or your mouse is05:58
tkeslerwhole screen05:58
michaelgambleah ok, didnt have that problem05:59
tkesleronly when xorg starts tho05:59
tkeslerif i bail into recovery it doesn't flicker05:59
jot_kaurjoin ##parsers06:02
tkeslerthis is frustrating06:03
yesyesit seems my macbook is on fn lock how do i stop that06:06
aeon-ltdtkesler: have you tried switching gpu drivers?06:07
tkeslernot sure exactly how to change it06:08
yesyessoftware and update06:09
yesyesand go into drivers06:09
aeon-ltdtkesler: uninstalling, then installing different or downgaded vers.06:09
tkeslerno additional drivers available06:10
aeon-ltdtkesler: intel?06:10
=== PacificaPlays is now known as PacIsAFK
=== PacIsAFK is now known as PacificaPlays
aeon-ltdtkesler: the problem could be Xorg, when did this occur?06:12
tkesleraeon-ltd: for a while now.  i've upgraded to 14.10 and a new kernel.  same issue06:17
IronYdear #ubuntu, do you have google inbox invites06:19
heath_this brings me back06:23
thesadpandaHow many people usually use this program?06:24
heath_first time me06:24
cadmium_what program? :)06:24
aeon-ltdtkesler: are you using unity or compiz? not using 3d rendering might help06:24
murlidhari want to fresh install my distro and want to back my terminal preferences ? how do i do that ?06:24
cadmium_is there a way to resize /boot while using the computeR?06:24
heath_whait what do you mean06:25
murlidhari mean how to backup the terminal preferences ?06:25
heath_off load your terminal app on to a thumbstick06:25
murlidharheath_: me ?06:26
murlidharwell how to do i do that ?06:26
tkesleraeon-ltd: unity06:26
aeon-ltdmurlidhar: it could be stored in dot folders, also .bashrc and .Xdefaults06:26
heath_make a copy of your terminal06:27
tkesleraeon-ltd: worked fine if slow.  but newer kernels...06:27
murlidhar aeon-ltd all the terminal preferences like profiles and stuff are backedup in .bashrc ? i guess not.06:27
aeon-ltdtkesler: if you have another DE or WM installed you could log out and try them see if it helps06:28
aeon-ltdmurlidhar: look in dot folders or in /etc/ if they're global preferences06:28
murlidharaeon-ltd: not global preferences . i just want the user settings backed up.06:29
dharmitmurlidhar: ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-terminal/ (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=793500)06:30
aeon-ltdmurlidhar: h06:30
aeon-ltd^dot folders like i said, third time dude06:31
murlidharaeon-ltd: ah okies. u meant the hidden folders ?06:31
murlidhari was confused. thanks06:31
aeon-ltddot = .06:31
murlidharya now i get it . silly me. lol06:32
murlidharty dharmit06:32
tkesleraeon-ltd: i'll try thanks...gotta go...night!06:32
=== TheBurgerKing_ is now known as TheBurgerKing
murlidharcan anyone confirm if unity dodge window feature is working in the 14.10 ?06:44
murlidhari won't be able to upgrade if it doesn't support the dodge feature.06:44
=== D is now known as Guest10007
murlidharis there any other way where i can hide unity launcher only when an app is maximised ?06:55
bbryantok, so I've got another problem06:57
bbryantthe google-chrome-stable launcher doesn't work06:57
bbryantand I don't know why06:57
bbryantI can launch it from the terminal just fine06:57
bbryantI haven't used ubuntu in a year and it seems worse off now than it ever has been before07:01
=== atlas-hive is now known as union-hive
=== RoozbehShafiee__ is now known as RoozbehShafiee
miandonmenmianI have in my echo $PATH --> /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin   however, my bins on /usr/bin are not found. How can i fix my env ?07:16
bbryantmiandonmenmian: type "which your_binary"07:17
bbryantdoes it show up?07:17
bbryantit might be a permissions problem07:17
bbryantdo your binaries have +x ?07:17
=== XeBlackWater is now known as zz_XeBlackWater
SexbotAny sex apps for ubuntu ?07:32
bbryantwhat would you call a sex app?07:33
klewthere's one called blue waffle something, ask google for it07:33
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct07:33
bbryantoh yea, that one is fun07:33
bbryantlove me some blue waffle07:33
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv07:34
SexbotOk ok07:35
miandonmenmianbbryant: which shows my app, ls -all shows something interesting lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            19 Oct 14 13:33 which -> /bin/busybox.nosuid07:37
miandonmenmianthat is the ->07:37
miandonmenmianis that a link ?07:37
bbryantmiandonmenmian: one second07:37
bbryantsymbolic or hard link07:38
bbryantprobably symbolic07:38
bbryantso if which shows your app07:38
bbryantthen it's detected inyour path07:38
bbryantthe only other problem could be that it doesn't have the executable flag set on the binary itself07:38
bbryantcheck taht07:38
miandonmenmian-sh: /bin/myapp: not found07:38
miandonmenmianpath i guess is right07:38
miandonmenmianls -all is showing lrwxrwxrwx07:39
bbryantdidn't you say it was in /usr/bin07:39
bbryantwhy are you trying /bin ?07:39
miandonmenmianisnt that the executable flag?07:39
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
bbryantyou seemed ot be looking at a symbolic link there07:39
bbryantwhich isn't relevant at all07:39
Ilhamimouse doesnt work on Ubuntu VM07:40
Ilhamiit doesnt display at all07:40
miandonmenmianbbryant: I'm not trying bin, /usr/bin is added on path, i dont know why is trying /bin07:41
bbryantmiandonmenmian: I'll be right back, I have to run an errand real which\07:41
bbryantgive me 10-15min07:41
bbryantand if someone else hasn't solved your problem by then07:41
bbryanti'll be back to help07:41
bbryantI assure you this is something that can be solved pretty quickly07:41
bbryantso don't fret07:41
Ilhamibbryant, also solve mine :D07:41
Ben64miandonmenmian: what issue do you have07:42
ahmadJust got problem install Ubuntu desktop via USB drive07:43
ahmadIt's say errno 5 input/output error07:43
miandonmenmianBen64: seems like bash is trying to run my app from another folder in my PATH, and is stuck there07:43
ahmadAnyone can help me?07:43
miandonmenmianwondering if is a link problem, but its linking to the right one07:43
=== vick is now known as Guest80897
Ben64miandonmenmian: what is the output of "ls -l /path/to/your/app"07:44
Ben64ahmad: sounds like a bad disk or usb or something along those lines07:45
=== Guest80897 is now known as victorek
ikoniaor the usb bus is resetting its self a lot07:45
miandonmenmianlrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root             7 Oct 14 13:32 /usr/bin/myapp -> myapp-c07:45
kotauhey anyone have a link to wget java 7 or 8?07:45
ikoniamiandonmenmian: you'll find it's linked against the wrong libraries07:46
ikonia(or missing libraries)07:46
ikoniamiandonmenmian: why don't you give us the real example rather than "myapp"07:46
Ben64kotau: java is in the ubuntu repositories, if you'd like to use oracle java, you won't find much support for that here07:46
kotauhaving trouble getting to the download on my terminal server.07:46
miandonmenmianikonia: the app itself is not a big deal. Was working fine an hour ago just before i played with PATH.07:49
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
ikoniamiandonmenmian: the app is a big deal so we know what it expects, how it expects07:49
miandonmenmianafter rebooting, no permanent PATH is set, the env seems to be messed up07:49
ikoniamiandonmenmian: if its not a big deal - why don't you give us the real example and we can work it through07:49
ahmadBen64: thanks, will try with another USB or cd07:50
bbryantmiandonmenmian: yea, if you want the path to be modified each time your shell starts you have to manually make that happen07:52
bbryantmodifying the variable in one session does not modify it for others07:52
miandonmenmianbbryant: what i was trying to do, is to add a /bin folder on my /home partition and add it to my PATH, not installing modules there, i know this is not good, just trying to get it this way07:53
miandonmenmiantried this: export PATH=/home/usr/bin:/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:/opt/usr/bin:/opt/usr/sbin07:54
miandonmenmianon my /etc/profile07:54
miandonmenmianbut did not work well07:54
ikoniaso that will never work07:54
ikoniaas your missing out the key system paths07:54
miandonmenmianwhat are the key system paths?07:54
miandonmenmian export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=   ?07:54
bbryantdon't do it that way at all07:54
bbryanttry this07:54
ikoniamiandonmenmian: no07:54
ikoniamiandonmenmian: this is why I'm asking for exact inforamtion07:54
ikoniarather than made up examples07:54
bbryantexport PATH=/home/usr/bin:$PATH07:54
ikoniabbryant: that won't work07:55
ikoniahis path is messed up07:55
zykotick9miandonmenmian: fyi, if you create ~/bin and log out and back in, by default (perhaps you've changed something?) it'll be in your PATH07:55
ikoniaso it will just append a messed up path07:55
bbryantoh right07:55
bbryanthe fucked it up07:55
bbryantyou're right07:55
ikoniabbryant: tone down the language07:55
bbryantbut if he had done that from the beginning....07:55
ikoniathere is no need for it07:55
bbryantsorry, this is how I always talk on irc07:55
ikoniabbryant: please don't talk like that in this channel07:55
bbryantyou don't have to repeat yourself07:55
mdogeyes, there maybe kids here07:55
ikoniamiandonmenmian: log out and back in - then do as bbryant suggested with PATH=/home/user/bin:$PATH07:56
ikoniamiandonmenmian: you'll probably find that works fine07:56
Ben64if ~/bin exists it is automagically added to PATH07:56
ikoniamiandonmenmian: with reference to variables like ld_library_path, we'll need to know the apps07:56
miandonmenmianecho $PATH gives this /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin07:57
ikoniaBen64: is that default in the ubuntu profile ?07:57
ikonialearn something new every day07:57
ikoniamiandonmenmian: you're running ubuntu right ?07:57
bbryantoh that's cool Ben6407:57
bbryanti've always had to add that myself07:57
bbryantwell, I also use ~/src/bin07:57
bbryant~/src being all my development work07:57
Ben64~/.profile:    # set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists   \n   if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then  \n PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"07:58
miandonmenmianwhat is the ld_library_path for?07:58
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv07:58
ikoniavery cool07:58
ikoniamiandonmenmian: you're running ubuntu ?07:58
miandonmenmianikonia: yes, but much has changed on my ubuntu haha07:58
ikoniamiandonmenmian: what has changed ?07:58
bbryantikonia: could you kindly point me to where the written rule is on language here?07:58
miandonmenmiannot sure anymore07:58
ikonia!guidelines > bbryant07:59
ubottubbryant, please see my private message07:59
bbryantthank you07:59
ikoniamiandonmenmian: you know it's changed, but you don't know if it's changed ?07:59
ikoniamiandonmenmian: I suggest logging out / back in (maybe a reboot) and just seeing if ~/bin is part of your path by default07:59
miandonmenmianikonia: just wondering. #reset would not be same as log out?08:00
bbryantikonia: the only reference I've found is when someone disagrees with an op not to use cursing08:00
bbryantI can't find a section relevant to me using it the way I did08:00
miandonmenmiani did rebooted several times, just to make sure, after changing PATH variables08:00
ikoniabbryant: just don't use bad langauge please.08:01
bbryantI'm just trying to be well read on the issue08:01
bbryantis this a request for me to follow the rules or just a personal request?08:01
ikoniaright, so read the links and apply common sense08:01
ikoniabbryant: if you want to discuss it more please join #ubuntu-ops channel08:01
bbryantmiandonmenmian: are you still having issues?08:05
miandonmenmianwell, thanks a bunch. I'm getting a much better idea now08:05
miandonmenmianim still curious how ld_library_path works08:05
miandonmenmiani thought the binaries would be already linked, so not sure why need a library path08:05
ikoniamiandonmenmian: you shouldn't need to worry about it08:05
ikoniabut some minor things you do - hence why I keep asking you for specific real life problem, rather than made up examples08:06
miandonmenmianikonia, i'm having issues with a couple of them, for instance vim08:09
miandonmenmianvi is found well, vim was not. now seems to be fixed08:09
miandonmenmianhowever, there is a problem with the link for one of the binary copies, just trying to figure out whats the problem08:10
bbryantok, how are you modifying the path right now?08:10
bbryantcould you show me that line of code?08:10
miandonmenmian-sh: /bin/vim: not found, which vim: /usr/bin/vim08:11
miandonmenmianhowever, if i do ./usr/bin/vim  no problem08:11
bbryantmiandonmenmian: again, please show me how you're modifying path now please08:11
miandonmenmianEriC^^: this is the most confusing part08:12
miandonmenmianbbryant: not modified now. afaik. but i did tried with your suggestion, and works quite nice for other apps08:12
bbryantshow me the content of $PATH08:12
EriC^^miandonmenmian: type echo $SHELL08:12
miandonmenmianecho $SHELL /bin/sh08:13
EriC^^sh doesn't use ~/.profile i think08:13
EriC^^miandonmenmian: why are you using sh?08:13
miandonmenmian$PATH -sh: /home/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin: not found08:14
EriC^^chsh -s /bin/bash08:14
miandonmenmianhome path still added :P08:14
EriC^^that will change it to bash08:14
bbryantassuming bash is installed08:15
ubottupippo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:16
miandonmenmianim getting bash08:16
Ben64if you have ubuntu, you already have bash08:16
Ben64if you don't have ubuntu, you shouldn't be asking support questions here08:16
miandonmenmianhad bash08:17
PoNutsHow to send a command to muiltiple linux servers (bash)08:21
cfhowlettPoNuts, ask in ##linux08:22
PoNutsDarn.. I'm trying to loggin get my nick OK:ed there.. ;)08:22
SeveasPoNuts: salt, pconsole, taktuk, capistrano...08:24
PoNutsThx. I investigate..08:24
miandonmenmianwell, nightmare is fixed with bash.. again thanks a bunch08:26
ash`PoNuts: you can use ssh?  For example: ssh user@server 'command' - see man ssh for an example.08:28
PlukHello, I am having some difficulty logging into Ubuntu after upgrading from Ubuntu 12 to Ubuntu 14, on a UEFI system. Is anyone here willing and able to help me? I have my pastecode from Boot Repair, it shows a lot of errors.08:29
ash`If you need it to run in the background, one way is to press CTRL + Z which will suspend the process and then run "bg" a command - this will run it in the background :)08:29
ash`PoNuts: ^08:29
PoNutsBut ssh is to connect to one server.. Seveas did good search and I found the pssh which seeams to do the task txh08:29
PoNutsI guess (need to do more RTFM) that it connect to a list of your servers and run the commands similtanously like checking uptime08:30
ash`PoNuts: mmk. if it solves your problem - i would create a shell script but you know what problem you are solving :)08:31
SeveasPoNuts: pssh works too, but if you frequently need to run things on many machines, you really should look at salt.08:31
PoNutsThx ash nice08:31
PoNutsIll do08:31
PlukHas anyone else here had experience with trying to log in to Ubuntu and getting "Failed to start session" instead of logging in?08:33
ikoniaPluk: what is the session it's referencing08:34
Pluk@ikonia: I am unsure what you mean, I am trying to log into my account after booting into Ubuntu, and I get the message "Failed to start session". If I mistype my password it says "Incorrect Password" so I know it's not a password problem.08:35
PlukI did accidentally remove python (sudo apt-get remove python) before upgrading, and I've read since that that causes really, really bad things in Ubuntu08:36
ikoniaPluk yes, that will cause a lot of problems08:37
White_Catmaybe it will mayeb it wont08:37
ikoniaPluk: are you trying to login to the gui environment08:37
Pluk@ikonia: Yes, to the gui. When I try tty, it asks for my username and password. I have no idea what my username is though, and I have tried pretty much every username I have ever used anywhere.08:38
ikoniaPluk: go to the command line, and re-install python/check the X start up logs08:39
EriC^Pluk: hold shift while the pc boots08:40
ikoniaPluk: you must know your username - as you are telling me you are trying to login and it's giving you the failed to start session08:40
ikoniaPluk: so if you are logging in and getting that error - you known your username08:40
EriC^press e over the ubuntu entry, add init=/bin/bash to the end of the kernel line ( Linux vmlinuz... )08:40
PlukHow do I go to the command line without logging in? I only know how to use the terminal, but ctrl+shift+t doesn't work. Eric, is that what shift does while booting?08:41
EriC^Pluk: ikonia is right, your username is the one showing in lightdm if that's what you're using08:42
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
PlukI will try starting with bash, and then re-installing python from there. I'll report back when I know more, thanks for your help so far! :D08:43
EriC^hold on08:43
EriC^what do you mean starting with bash?08:43
PlukOh, I missed some08:43
Plukyes alright08:43
EriC^the init=/bin/bash ?08:43
PlukUh, I mean adding init=/bin/bash to the boot entry08:44
EriC^if you do that, press ctrl+x to execute it, or f1008:44
EriC^when you get a root prompt you need to remount rw08:44
ikoniayou don't need all that08:44
ikoniajust use the recovery shell08:44
ikoniano need to change the init08:44
EriC^so type mount -o remount,rw /08:44
ikoniaor just boot and interupt the X startup08:44
PlukAlso, when I try to login to Ubuntu, it only asks for a password, not a username. For my username is just shows my full name with spaces and special symbols etc, which proved not to be a username I can use in tty08:45
EriC^ikonia: the recovery shell asks for the password, but what do you mean by interrupting X?08:45
ikoniathe recovery shell won't ask for a password unless you've set the root password08:45
PlukI'm sorry, but I'm uncertain by what you mean with either recovery shell or interrupting X08:46
EriC^ikonia: it asks here, although i've not08:46
EriC^i put my user's pass and it gives me a prompt08:46
PlukI think I know my root password though08:46
PlukShall I try in recovery mode using shift, first?08:47
PlukAlright, I'll be back after I've tried that. Thanks!08:47
EriC^if it says something like read only, press on enable networking08:47
EriC^it will remount as rw08:47
tracyonehow to view a yuv file in ubuntu 14.0408:53
CupOfCocoaHey guys, I am trying to change a value/line in a config file with sed. Unfortunately the value I want to set includes a08:56
PepeSal en la guía de tu ciudad. Visita tuinfomobile.com, lo mejor para tu negocio.08:57
cfhowlett!es | Pepe,08:57
ubottuPepe,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.08:57
CupOfCocoaHey guys, I am trying to change a value/line in a config file with sed. Unfortunately the value I want to set includes a ' character and sed complains that this is invalid syntax. This is the current command I have: sed -ri "s/#(run_command) .*$/\1 = 'blah'/" config.conf Any ideas how to do this?08:58
EriC^CupOfCocoa: escape it with \08:58
CupOfCocoaEriC^: Tried that, still the same error08:59
EriC^CupOfCocoa: use @08:59
EriC^sed -i 's@bla@'08:59
EriC^sed -i 's@bla@blaaa@'08:59
CupOfCocoaInteresting so replace ' by @?08:59
=== typ_ is now known as typ
EriC^that works if you're using a variable to replace stuff08:59
EriC^like 's@$var1@$var2@'09:00
=== tcpman is now known as Guest33413
EriC^( whivh has chars which need escaping)09:00
EriC^CupOfCocoa: no, replace the "/" of sed with "@"09:00
EriC^CupOfCocoa: it will work without using variables, but if you have variables it's handy09:01
JBudzNixhi gang09:02
JBudzNixhow is everyone?09:02
CupOfCocoaEriC^: Mhm okay so I tired sed -ri "s@#(run_command) .*$@\1 = 'blah'@" config.conf but now I get "unterminated s command" error :/09:04
clumsy_botAre there any other methods of creating a LiveUSB without resorting to dd?09:09
cfhowlettclumsy_bot, startup-disk-creator or unetbootin09:09
owen1I 'Override software rendering list' and 'Enable WebGL' in chrome://flags but http://get.webgl.org say I don't have WebGL support. I also tried running chrome with --disable-gpu-watchdog but it doesn't help. Firefox runs WebGL just fine. I have the same issue with chromium-browser package (39.0.2171.65 Ubuntu 14.10) and also with chrome (39.0.2171.71). Any ideas?09:10
clumsy_botcfhowlett: What about manual partitioning methods?09:10
cfhowlettclumsy_bot, limited but you can set some persistence memory aside with startup'09:10
clumsy_botcfhowlett: I was thinking of setting up a LiveUSB with the additional space still usable for storage.09:11
cfhowlettclumsy_bot, which is exactly what persistence does09:11
clumsy_botcfhowlett: Usable outside/independent of the live environment?09:12
cfhowlettclumsy_bot, yep.09:12
cfhowlettclumsy_bot, you can even use it within the live environment09:12
clumsy_botcfhowlett: Ah I see. I'll check it out then.09:13
cfhowlett!persistence | clumsy_bot09:13
ubottuclumsy_bot: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence09:13
clumsy_botcfhowlett: Thank you.09:13
cfhowlettclumsy_bot, happy2help09:13
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Guest3183I need to know something about beaglebone black09:18
Guest3183is there someone who can help me09:18
CupOfCocoaEriC^: Posted on stackoverflow now: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27225097/change-value-in-config-file-that-contains-with-sed09:18
b10si have troubles with keyboard enter: so slow showing chars on display after i press keys09:20
b10sand sometimes some as loses09:20
cfhowlettGuest3183, pretty sure you'll find more targetted support at http://beagleboard.org/Community/Forums/09:20
JBudzNixanyone around for a quick chat about linux on netbooks? (in particular playing youtube videis)09:27
Guest3183cfhowlett, I have asked about this there but nobody have answered my question. This is a more diverse community. I was hoping to get my answer here.09:28
hateball!ask | JBudzNix09:29
ubottuJBudzNix: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:29
cfhowlettGuest3183, I see a lot of raspberrry discussion but I had to look up "beagleboard" ...09:30
EriC^CupOfCocoa: you have to use 2 like 's@something@somethingelse@'09:30
JBudzNixi am currently running linuxlite on my netbook. i have previously ran windows 7.  I have found that almost regardless of OS that youtube videos struggle on netbook.09:31
JBudzNixis there any lightweight distributions that excel in particular with youtube?09:31
cfhowlettJBudzNix, course not.  distro = distro with different apps and looks.  what MIGHT be different are the default codecs.  you DID install restricted extras ... right?09:35
=== adellam_ is now known as adellam
JBudzNixi will say no because i  dont recall seeing that during install.09:36
cfhowlettJBudzNix, netbook?  they still make those?  anyway, netbook typically means low ram and low-end gpu = limited media performance09:37
JBudzNixindeed. what i find strange though is that i can run HD videos fine within VLC (avi, mkv, etc)09:37
cfhowlettJBudzNix, suggest you install lubuntu and lubuntu-restricted-extras.  Linuxlite is not an ubuntu distro and is not supported here.09:37
JBudzNixyet, flash videos struggle immensely09:37
=== okb is now known as Beamboom
JBudzNixlinuxlite is ubuntu based09:39
cfhowlett!flavors | JBudzNix,09:39
ubottuJBudzNix,: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.09:39
cfhowlettJBudzNix, these are supported.  if not on this list, not supported.09:39
JBudzNixokay sure. i understand the point you are making. however, im just merely looking for a bit of insight into some other lightweight options that might give me a bit better flash performance.09:40
JBudzNixyou feel as though lubuntu might give me a bit better resource allowance?09:41
cfhowlettJBudzNix, lubuntu is optimized for legacy and low-specification hardware so ... netbook?09:42
JBudzNixyep. i understand that. however, ive seen that there is at least 20 distributions that are lightweight and 'tailored' to older systems / netbooks.09:43
cfhowlettJBudzNix, then you have a choice to make.09:43
EriC^JBudzNix: give lubuntu a shot09:43
JBudzNixjust fielding some suggestions. i have no confusion over the limited capacity of the netbook.09:44
JBudzNixhi eric.09:44
wafflej0ck_JBudzNix: yeah regardless of the actual distro you choose that's really just choosing a set of packages and repositories to pull from and LXDE and XFCE are some of the graphically less intensive desktop environments09:44
JBudzNixright, thanks wafflej0ck_.09:45
JBudzNixthank you for your help cfhowlett09:49
cfhowlettJBudzNix, happy2help09:49
mdogeroot         1  0.0  0.0 173536  4904 ?        Ss   07:26   0:02  /usr/lib/systemd/systemd09:52
PlukHey Eric and Ikonia, thanks for helping me earlier! I'm now working with a fully functional version of Trusty-Tahr09:53
EriC^Pluk: great! :)09:53
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bosnjakhi all10:23
bosnjakhow do I configure vino to accept VNC connections automatically?10:23
=== gian is now known as Guest94836
Guest3183cfhowlett, I have asked about this there but nobody have answered my question. This is a more diverse community. I was hoping to get my answer here.10:43
=== tral is now known as c1
b100show can i see lasy updates for distr and look at chagelogs?10:46
EriC^b100s: less /var/log/apt/history.log10:49
=== Arab_Girl_ is now known as [Arab]
michele993how to view the source code of a program?10:49
b100sonly last one?10:49
b100swhat about last 10?10:50
michele993i write in terminale sudo apt-get source NAMEOFPROGRAM10:50
EriC^michele993: sudo apt-get source <package>10:50
michele993but i can't see?10:50
michele993hi eric ^^10:50
EriC^michele993: it'll download it to your home dir10:50
EriC^hi michele99310:50
cousteauHi, is moonlight available in repositories?  I don't seem to find it10:51
michele993what is a simple program to view?10:51
EriC^gedit i guess10:51
michele993i try10:51
cousteauonly for Lucid.  Was it removed for some reason?  (maybe I should ask this in ubuntu.devel)10:52
cfhowlett!info moonlight10:52
ubottuPackage moonlight does not exist in utopic10:52
michele993it's in phyton?10:52
metaspikeb100s, have a look at /var/log/dpkg.log for installation history10:52
EriC^b100s: you can use less /var/log/apt/history.log.1.gz etc.10:52
metaspikeand that10:53
cousteauwhat's the channel for package maintenance?10:53
b100sis there way to discard last, say, 10 updates?10:53
EriC^b100s: get the name of the packages and purge them i guess10:54
metaspikeor install the old versions directly from /var/cache/apt/archives10:54
michele993is in c++ O.O?10:56
metaspikeinfact if you go there, sort by date, you should see what's been installed recently... sort by name to get various versions, its a temporary cache though, so yeah...10:56
b100sthx, so long way to get old version10:57
metaspikeyou can just double click the .deb files in there to install them i think.10:58
EriC^^b100s: this will remove the last 1010:59
EriC^^cat dpkg.log.1 | awk '/status installed/ {print $5}' | tail -n10 |xargs sudo apt-get purge10:59
EriC^^b100s: you might want to run it without the | xargs sudo ... to see what they are first11:00
cfhowlettwhat command to list installed packages sorted by install date?  dpkg ... something IIRC11:00
metaspiken1 EriC^^11:00
EriC^^b100s: it's dpkg.log , not dpkg.log.111:00
b100sEriC^^, thx a lot11:00
EriC^^no problem11:01
metaspiketry not to uninstall grub or something heh...11:02
Kyoshiro`hey, I heard ubuntu decided to follow debian on systemd but it was a bit forced by "upstream" change to systemd, is it true ? are projects like devuan an alternative ?11:02
=== havingFun is now known as xrosnight
ikoniaKyoshiro`: ubuntu will move to systemd within the next few releases,11:03
Kyoshiro`ok ^^11:03
metaspikeubuntu is derived from debian, so it's pretty much unavoidable11:05
Kyoshiro`yeah it's understandable, but since there are projects "forking" debian to remove systemd maybe it could be a way to avoid it :)11:05
ikoniaKyoshiro`: none of that is anything to do with ubuntu though11:06
blackyboyhow can i setup a nfs server with firewall, trying from morning onwards still not get success11:06
ikoniaubuntu pulls from debian11:06
cfhowlett!server | blackyboy,11:06
ubottublackyboy,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server11:06
blackyboycfhowlett: i'm trying in ubuntu server only11:07
ikoniablackyboy: what's the actual problem11:07
vltHello. It’s 2014 – so what package do I want to use for basic video editing? I have several different sources (1280p/720p h.264, DV ...), want to create (sub)titles and edit audio levels. Any idea?11:07
cfhowlettblackyboy, thus my suggestion to ask the server channel but see ikonia ...11:07
cfhowlettvlt, so many options ... openshot is a decent starting point11:08
seriousscandinavvlt: I have used openshot for editing video. Don't do it a lot, but it seems to work.11:08
cfhowlettvlt, for subtitles, install subtitle editor11:08
blackyboyikonia: i have iptables and nfs can't mount while the iptables running , if i flush i can get the nfs share by running showmount -e xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx11:08
vltcfhowlett: Thank you :-)11:08
el3Hello, I got an apple core storage partition I cannot boot on. So I try the ubuntu live usb, and see if I can mount it and backup the files. Any here got experience with this?11:08
vltseriousscandinav: You too.11:09
ikoniablackyboy: so iptables is blocking traffic then11:09
ikoniablackyboy: document what ports/protocols nfs needs, then map it to your iptables rules11:09
cfhowlettvlt, happy to help.  make it easy: sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-video and see #ubuntustudio11:09
ikoniablackyboy: you'll soon find the conflict11:09
blackyboyikonia: yes... And  while i dont want to use the nfs default ports11:09
ikoniablackyboy: ok, so you know the ports you need then11:09
ikoniablackyboy: so you should be able to find the conflict11:10
ikoniablackyboy: I suspect you've failed to configure NFS / associated services to use different ports11:10
ikoniablackyboy: so they will probably still be running on the default ports11:10
ikoniachanging the NFS ports is not something that is recommended.11:10
ikoniaI see no value in doing that11:10
blackyboyyes currently by default it use 111 and 204911:10
metaspikeel3, you probably need hfs packages, then mount -t hfs /dev/sdx /mnt/meh11:10
metaspikebut im guessing.11:11
b100sEriC^^,  looks like i cant distinguish packages installed by hand from packages came with updates11:11
bbryantNeed help?11:12
metaspikeel3, gparted should tell you what the partition type is11:12
hxmhello, how can i fix this? W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-security/multiverse/binary-armel/Packages  404 Not Found [IP: 80]11:13
el3metaspike, Gparted shows warning only11:13
hxmlooks like my proccessor is missing11:13
blackyboyWere is ikonia11:13
metaspikeel3, even when you choose a disk?11:13
bbryantHxm, sudo apt-get update11:13
hxmusing apt-get update is when i get that error11:14
hxmmy sources.list is this deb http://ubuntu.mirrors.ovh.net/ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty main restricted universe11:14
el3metaspike, sry filesystem unknown. the recovery partition is hfs+11:14
bbryantUhh ok, I'll be back to apc after this cigarette11:14
bbryantI can help more then11:14
blackyboyikonia: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?DocLang=en&docId=mmr_kc-0110637&docLocale=en_US  i have followed this documentation to change the default port to some other port.11:14
ikoniablackyboy: why are you changing the default ports ?11:15
EriC^^b100s: ok, i'd recommend cat /var/log/apt/history.log11:16
blackyboyikonia: by default it will change the random ports11:16
el3metaspike, but it should also be hfs11:16
EriC^^b100s: it will mention the command run and the installed packages, use zcat /var/log/apt/history.log.1.gz if history.log is empty11:16
ikoniablackyboy: thats only portmapper11:16
ikoniaand that will feed into a port range11:16
blackyboyoh i see11:17
ikoniablackyboy: I don't get what you are actually having as a problem11:17
ikoniablackyboy: you have configured nfs to use specific ports11:17
ikoniaconfigure those tcp/udp ports on your firewall11:17
ikoniaif it doesn't work - look for conflicts11:17
blackyboyThen if i use to add the 111 from my nfs server its possible to access from client ?11:17
=== James is now known as Guest50291
ikoniablackyboy: is this an internal network ?11:18
ikoniaor on the internet ?11:18
blackyboyMy boss ask me not to use UDP11:18
blackyboynope its internet11:18
ikoniathen you shouldn't be using NFS11:18
ikoniait's that simple11:18
Guest50291Ubuntu  14.04 not able boot after restoring resolver state , please help how I can fix it .11:18
ikoniaGuest50291: restoring resolver state ?11:19
blackyboyikonia: actually now i have 7 VPS server, and i want to write 3 servers file to one of the file server that my requirement11:19
ikoniablackyboy: that doesn't change what I said11:19
ikoniayou're free to ignore advice11:19
blackyboyikonia: fine thanks for spending your precious time...11:20
ikoniablackyboy: if they are VPS, use an internal network that doesn't go over the internet11:20
ikoniathen you don't need to firewall NFS11:20
ikoniaand you can have a stable connection11:20
blackyboyikonia: good idea, How can i setup that internal network between different IPs of my all 7 VPS11:22
ikoniablackyboy: depends on the hypervisor11:22
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blackyboyikonia: oh no its shared host, not a dedicated11:23
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ikoniablackyboy: again, that doesn't change what I said11:23
ikoniablackyboy: to setup networks between hosts, it depends on the hypervisor11:23
ikoniabetween guests I should say11:23
blackyboyok let me try11:23
Guest96637Gnu boot is not loading resolving the state , I am using webirc using iPhone so it exits any time .. Sorry Ubuntu 14.1011:24
ikoniagnu boot ?11:24
ikoniawhat is gnu boot ?11:24
bbryant1ok, who was it that had a question about a 404 error with apt-get upgrade?11:25
Guest96637Boot loading.. My login screen is not coming .. It is halting in boot process11:25
ikoniaGuest96637: what point in the boot process does it halt at ?11:25
Guest96637Restoring resolver state ...11:26
ikoniaGuest96637: I've never seen that warning before, is this grub ?11:27
bbryant1Guest96637: did you just upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 ?11:27
bbryant1hi m4g0g11:28
Guest96637No . When Ubuntu starts there are 5 dots that change color to show process on main screen.. I just press esc and it shows the background. Like starting MySQL server ok .. Then it doesn't proceed further restoring resolver state11:29
bbryant1Guest96637: did you just upgrade frmo 12.04 to 14.04?11:30
m4g0gI have ubuntu livecd and I need to customize it. One of the customization point - enable dhcp as default connection method. I write in /etc/network/interfaces lines for dhcp connection for eth0, build new livecd and on livecd run this file rewrites with lo lines and I can't connecto to network by default. Can you help me? I am not ubuntu user11:30
ikoniam4g0g ubuntu CD has dhcp enabled by default11:30
ikoniam4g0g: you don't use the interfaces11:31
Guest96637I ungraded a month ago.. In evening it's power off .. Didn't work I think I will try in early after some sleep and but also it is not working11:31
ikoniayou use network maanger11:31
bbryant1Guest96637: ok, so the ubuntu forums has a post about this problem11:31
bbryant1it appears the following my fix it: sudo su -c "dpkg --configure -a && shutdown -r now"11:31
bbryant1try that and get back to me11:31
m4g0gikonia: my ubuntu doesn't use it by default. (11:32
bbryant1source: http://askubuntu.com/questions/478205/upgraded-12-04-to-14-04-splash-gets-stuck-at-restoring-resolver-state11:32
ikoniam4g0g then you are not using ubuntu11:32
ikoniam4g0g: the ubuntu cd has it by default11:32
bbryant1which version of the ubuntu cd?11:32
ikoniathey all have it by default11:32
Guest96637Can please pass the link I using my phone for irc .. Don't have anything else to access internet11:32
bbryant1if it's 6.04 or something, that could be your problem11:32
ikoniam4g0g: thats not ubuntu11:32
ikoniam4g0g: thats not supported here11:32
bbryant1Guest96637: I gave you the command and the link to where I got the idea from11:32
bbryant1what else do you want?11:33
m4g0guname -a show that this is ubuntu11:33
ikoniam4g0g: it's not ubuntu11:33
ikoniam4g0g: it has it's own support resources/projects11:33
rpackI was checking Ubuntu Cloud's page and I can read "the first 10 machines are free". Does this refer to physical machines, VMs or what exactly is the limitation?11:35
bbryant1virtual machines I'm certainm11:35
Guest96637It works I have broken package I fix using Avanced options now it is working thanks11:37
bbryant1ok have a good one11:37
rpackFair enough, thanks... now will try to find a pricing list11:38
RavisankarI am new to Xubuntu11:38
bbryant1what up Ravisankar11:38
bbryant1how can we help you today?11:38
RavisankarI just installed Xubuntu along with Windows XP11:38
bbryant1one of those is a lot better than the other11:38
bbryant1i'll let you decide which11:39
Ravisankarit seems by mistake I chose wrong drive for boot loader partition11:39
cfhowlettbbryant, no we'll let YOU decide.  your box, your choice.  don't be lazy.  use it and see for yourself.11:39
bbryant1cfhowlett: that's ...what I just said?11:40
bbryant1so I completely agree11:40
Ravisankari read the ubutu question11:40
Ravisankarbut it is not helping me11:40
Ravisankarhow to change the boot loader11:40
bbryant1uh, are you using 8.10 ?11:40
Ravisankarlatest LTS11:40
Ravisankar14.04 i think11:41
bbryant1that's what you want to look into11:41
bbryant1that'll allow you to toggle the bootable flag for individual partitions11:41
bbryant1and you can change it to the one that's applicable to your setup11:41
ikoniathe bootable flag does nothing11:41
bbryant1he said that was his problem11:41
bbryant1maybe I'm confused11:41
Ravisankarcould you explain it lit bit elaborate11:41
ikoniabbryant1: I didn't see him say that11:42
ikoniabbryant1: he said he'd installed it to the wrong partition11:42
bbryant1right, maybe I'm confused11:42
bbryant1well then11:42
ikoniawrong drive sorry11:42
Ravisankari installed the OS in hda711:42
Ravisankarand i chose boot loader partion as hda711:42
ikoniaraviede: there is no such disk as hd711:42
ikoniahda device names have not been used in a LONG time11:42
Ravisankarmy system is 10 year old11:43
ikoniaRavisankar: what is the EXACT operating system version11:43
bbryant1he said 14.0411:43
ikoniabbryant1: let him answer please11:43
bbryant1he already did11:43
Ravisankaryes Xubuntu 14.04 LTS11:43
bbryant1but ok11:43
ikoniaRavisankar: then it is not a 10 year old OS11:44
bbryant1he said his computer was 10 years old11:44
ikoniaRavisankar: ubuntu 14.04 will not use device identifiers as hd711:44
bbryant1not his os11:44
ikoniabbryant1: stop11:44
Ravisankari said my machine11:44
ikoniaRavisankar: and it is your OS that controls the device names11:44
ikoniaRavisankar: so there should not be a device called hda711:44
hojgaardI am trying to get preseed to work without overwriting my /etc/network/interfaces.. Does anyone know how i can copy from late_command which is chrooted into /target to outside the chroot. I want to copy /target/etc/network/interfaces to /etc/network/interfaces..11:44
Ravisankargrub> setup (hd0)  Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... no  Checking if "/grub/stage1" exists... no  Error 15: File not found  grub> find /vmlinuz  (hd0,7)  grub> setup (hd0)  Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... no  Checking if "/grub/stage1" exists... no  Error 15: File not found  grub> find /sbin/init  (hd0,7)  grub>11:45
ikoniaRavisankar: those instructions are not for 14.0411:45
ikoniaRavisankar: where are you getting those instructions from ?11:45
Ravisankaroh ok11:45
Ravisankarfrom that website11:46
bbryant1the instructions are for 8.1011:46
bbryant1I can link you to what he linked earlier11:46
ikoniathey are for the wrong OS11:46
Ravisankarok, can you guide me for the correct one11:46
ikonia!Grub2 | Ravisankar11:46
ubottuRavisankar: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:46
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mohsen-rashidiis it possible to install openjdk 8 in ubuntu 13.10/11:49
ikonia13.10 is dead, so not from any ubuntu repo11:49
bbryant1what happened to 13.10? (haven't kept up with ubuntu for over a year, which is a big reason for me hanging around)11:50
ikoniaits EOL11:50
ikoniajust expired, nothing more11:50
bbryant1oh alright11:50
bbryant11 year til EOL for non-LTS?11:51
mohsen-rashidiikonia: i know it`s dead and don`t want it for own use.11:51
k1l_bbryant1: if you dont want to upgrade all 6 months stick with the LTS version. which is 12.04 or 14.0411:51
seriousscandinavNon-LTS releases have 9 month support.11:51
k1l_bbryant1: no. 9 months11:51
bbryant1yea, I always go with LTS for that reason11:51
bbryant1got 14.04 right now11:51
mohsen-rashidiit should be installed manually?11:51
k1l_mohsen-rashidi: we dont support running eol releases. so you are on your own there if you think its clever to run 13.1011:51
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RoryI need a recommendation for a simple, lightweight, preferabely GTK-based (so not VLC) player for an online radio stream. The most important feature is that I should receive a notify-osd notification upon track stage12:02
olegon-ruhello... excuse me, but how to completely replace suspend by hibernate? I need to hibernate netbook after period of inactivity12:02
Rorydeadbeef and aqualung are nice, but they can't do the notification thing12:03
metaspikeim using audacious at the moment...12:03
olegon-ru/etc/systemd/logind.conf IdleAction=hibernate12:03
olegon-runot work :( Computer hibernate at critical charge level12:03
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Rorymetaspike: Perfect! Close to tray, simple and GTK based, nice interface.12:08
chrisss123456hey guys, i have a simple issue with workspaces: i'd like to make alt-gr + arrow keys the shortcut, but ubuntu doesnt recognize the alt-gr key... can anyone help?12:08
chrisss123456just so there's some info, if i run xev in terminal and press alt-gr i get this: KeyRelease event, serial 37, synthetic NO, window 0x5200001,12:12
chrisss123456    root 0x9e, subw 0x0, time 8325248, (371,-153), root:(1395,361),12:12
chrisss123456    state 0x90, keycode 108 (keysym 0xfe03, ISO_Level3_Shift), same_screen YES,12:12
chrisss123456    XKeysymToKeycode returns keycode: 9212:12
chrisss123456    XLookupString gives 0 bytes:12:12
chrisss123456    XFilterEvent returns: False12:12
unopastechrisss123456 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted12:12
ubnewDoes anyone know how to change the brightness on ubuntu 12.04 at Xorg ?12:13
chrisss123456anyone here?12:14
fidel_chrisss123456: there is always someone online in this channel - so yes ;)12:14
chrisss123456fidel_: well thats good :P can you help me out a little? i feel like its a really simple issue12:15
fidel_!ask | chrisss12345612:16
ubottuchrisss123456: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:16
chrisss123456fidel_: i shall wait then, and rephrase: i have a simple issue with workspaces: i'd like to make alt-gr + arrow keys the shortcut, but ubuntu doesnt recognize the alt-gr key. i ran xev to see the input from the keyboard for the key and i get this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9329670/12:18
ubnewAnyone have experience on Ati driver configuration ?12:20
ubnewhttp://fpaste.org/155449/35823141/ my error log12:21
mikulDoes anyone have deb files or ppa for clownfish for skype?  there website seams to be down and i kinda need it12:21
bbryant1how do I increase my number of screens?12:25
bazhangbbryant1, did you mean workspaces?12:27
seriousscandinavbbryant1: do you mean virtual desktops or physical screens?12:27
bbryant1I do12:27
bbryant1I couldn't remember the word12:27
bbryant1my bad12:27
bazhangbbryant1, using unity, gnome-shell or what12:27
bbryant1standard install of 14.0412:27
bbryant1whatever is default12:27
bbryant1is what I have12:27
bbryant1isntalled it yesterday12:27
bazhangthats unity12:27
seriousscandinavIf you use Unity i would reccomend you download unity tweak and use that.12:28
bazhang!info unity-tweak-tool12:28
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 325 kB, installed size 2550 kB12:28
seriousscandinavUnity tweak allows you to change your number of workspaces.12:28
bbryant1seriousscandinav: and now I have 4 workspaces12:29
bbryant1thank you12:29
seriousscandinavbbryant: Awesome! I love virtual workspaces.12:29
bbryant1I do too12:31
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marzI'm trying to add a custom .service to systemd, However, I'm getting a code=exited, status=1/FAILURE, where can I look up the flags that I can use with ExecStart? like -D and -c12:38
masterkorpHow do i tell start-stop-daemon to create a fork of the process ?12:40
masterkorp-b ?12:40
bbryant1so quick question, where in the settings is the setting for dimming the screen12:41
bbryant1and at waht interval12:42
bbryant1does that make sense?12:42
seriousscandinavYou can dim the screen in the brightness and lock settings.12:42
bbryant1sorry, stupid question12:43
seriousscandinavthere are no stupid questions12:43
marzHas anyone tried adding service in systemd?12:47
solsTiCeI don't thin ubuntu use systemd yet12:49
seriousscandinavCurrent versions of Ubuntu uses Upstart, but systemd is coming.12:49
marzseriousscandinav: are you familar with systemd anyhow?12:50
seriousscandinavNo, i am not. I think visiting the IRC-channel of a distro using it would give you more of a chance to get to know it.12:51
solsTiCebut I wonder why is there a systemd package instlled anyway ?12:52
ikoniasolsTiCe: it needs the minimal stuff for udev12:52
AjkarosolsTiCe: it needs the minimal stuff for udev12:52
ikoniaAjkaro: ?12:52
k1l_because some parts of systemd were used anyway.12:52
AjkaroAjkaro: ?12:52
Ajkarobecause some parts of systemd were used anyway.12:52
solsTiCewe have a parrot ?12:53
mdogewe have a parrot ?12:53
seriousscandinavhi super12:55
superWhat does the blinking led on CPU box  indicate ??12:55
ubnewAnyone have experience on Ati driver configuration ?12:56
ubnewhttp://fpaste.org/155449/35823141/ my error log12:56
superseriousscandinav, does this indicate a RAM usage or CPU usage??12:56
seriousscandinavsuper: I'm not sure what you are refering to, is it a hardware thing?12:57
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superseriousscandinav :Yes12:57
seriousscandinavI think a blinking light on a desktop generally means that the CPU is working on something.12:58
solsTiCethe hdd you mean12:58
bazhangtry ##hardware super12:58
superseriousscandinav :There is a led above power indicator.Which blinks continuosly when some script is processed in my browser causing the system to hang12:59
sacarlsonI can't seem to get any sound out of ZynAddSubFX synth that goes to jackd.  jackd seems to be working as I can hear vlc play music to it.  ZynAddSubFX looks to be running ok when I hit a key it shows displaying output but just no sound is hurd13:00
superI dont know if it indicates a HDD usage or RAM or Processor13:00
seriousscandinavsuper: I would go with bazhangs suggestion.13:00
solsTiCeon all pc box it's generally hdd activty13:00
supersolsTiCe : Hmm..There is a led above power indicator.Which blinks continuosly when some script is processed in my browser causing the system to hang13:01
superbazhang :thanks...for suggestion13:02
sacarlsonopps never mind,  I just had the connect line from ZynAddSubFX to system audio output in jackd in the wrong location.  most apps connect them self so I just failed to check13:05
Osenpaihi guys, is possible to restore original permissions on / ?13:05
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superHey anyone can give me a hardware prob channel?? other than ##hardware.Its not working.13:07
metaspikesuper, you will need to look up manufacture supplied troubleshooting codes.13:08
metaspikeit could mean bad ram, cpu, mobo...13:08
Osenpaimetaspike, Can I to try this? http://hyperlogos.org/page/Restoring-Permissions-Debian-System13:08
khussein78I did latest updates on ubuntu 14.04 and after restarting my PC, when I type my login nothing appear, unity is not working,13:08
mahem1_I know, off topic, but would anyone know of a way to preview an ova file _without_ actually virtualization? (vbox, etc)13:09
mahem1_^ Like just to see settings and filesystem structures and stuff.13:09
supermetaspike :My PC components are 5 yr old except HDD.Is their any software to point the exact component?13:11
metaspikeOsenpai, that will reinstall all the packages. better to reinstall13:11
metaspikethe OS13:11
OsenpaiI can't reinstall OS at this moment :(13:11
metaspikesuper, does it boot?13:11
khussein78when do unity --replace , it stuck at compiz (core) starting plugin : session13:12
khussein78any ideas13:12
metaspikeOsenpai, well you can try it, report back if it works I guess...13:12
EriC^^khussein78: unity --replace is deprecated i think13:12
supermetaspike :Its all fine except it hangs sometime.Like when copying.Especially when scripts are working on Webpages.13:12
Osenpaimetaspike, Okay, I will try here, thanks for the help13:12
EriC^^khussein78: are you trying to reset unity?13:12
khussein78EriC^^,  yes13:13
EriC^^khussein78: type setsid unity13:13
khussein78EriC^^,  I tried many options reinstalling unity13:13
EriC^^khussein78: what's the problem?13:13
khussein78EriC^^,  after installing latest updates unity not working, no desktop after enter username and password13:14
metaspikesuper, hangs? you could memtest, badblocks, smartctl, hddtemp, lm-sensor your way to the issue13:14
supermetaspike :these are terminal commands??13:14
supermetaspike :I am guessing its a HDD issue?hddtempwould do it?13:15
metaspikesuper, yep. i'm assuming hardware fault... run from a live cd and if it still hangs, probably is.13:15
EriC^^khussein78: did you try the guest account?13:15
khussein78EriC^^,  yes same problem13:16
supermetaspike : nice idea..will run from live CD..thanx13:16
EriC^^khussein78: di you try an earlier kernel?13:16
khussein78EriC^^,  yes also same problem13:16
metaspikesuper, these tools test various hardware components, memtest = ram, badblocks = hdd sectors, smartctl = hdd physical checks, lm-sensors, thermal readings..13:16
supermetaspike,any command for processor test13:17
BluesKaj_'Morning folks13:17
supermetaspike ,  any command for processor test13:18
superBluesKaj_ : Its night in Asia.13:18
metaspikesuper, lm-senors will give you cpu temp, you can trash it with an infinite loop 'while [[ true ]] do; do : ; done;' and see how high the temp gets13:19
metaspikesorry, while true ; do : ; done13:19
BluesKaj_super, well it's morning in Canada13:19
metaspikeprobably a better way to stress test cpu.. i dunno.13:20
supermetaspike : Hey i am new to xubuntu,where should i type those commands?Terminal?13:20
metaspikesuper, put this into terminal 'sudo apt-get install gsmartcontrol & sudo gsmartcontrol'13:24
SCHAAP137make it a double &13:24
metaspike'sudo apt-get install gsmartcontrol && sudo gsmartcontrol'13:24
SCHAAP137this will install the application, and afterwards start it using sudo13:24
metaspikememtest you run from the first boot menu, that's another good an easy one for hw diagnosis13:25
acmeraptorwarning. memtest can take forever to finish :)13:26
Ben64memtest never finishes13:27
supermetaspike : I did that ,the 2 min and 5 min .It showed no errors.13:27
metaspikei managed to isolate a dodgy ram stick with memtest, took ages though, yeh13:27
metaspikegsmartcontrol, pick a disk and look for warning flags (red)...13:28
metaspikeaccurately detected my windows thrashed disk has a mechanical fault, can't complain.13:29
metaspikepulled it out and put it into le' bin13:30
acmeraptordisc platters are effective bird deterrents.  just ask my grandma, recycle bro! :p13:30
superI am doing the conveyance test.5 min version.13:31
metaspikeapparently the magnets are pretty cool if you get enough of them :)13:31
metaspikei dunno... i just want to push a button that runs all these diags for me and says, ' there's the problem! ' ... one day13:33
acmeraptordude i have 20 or so drive magnets i have collected over my *extended years.  they make for great refrigerator pinups13:33
acmeraptoroh that jazz wont happen until yer in the 23'rd century star trek universe. and even then you'd have to run a level 1 diagnostic13:35
superHey all no errors in results of conveyance test.13:35
acmeraptorlevel 3 won't cut it.13:35
metaspikeit should say ' diagnosis complete, all systems nominal ' in a sexy female voice too.13:35
acmeraptornice! @super13:35
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acmeraptorrory, you've changed dude!13:36
superacmeraptor :But in error logs its showing "ATA Error Count: 5"13:37
metaspikesuper, did you try the gsmart line i gave you earlier?13:37
supermetaspike :no..ok trying13:38
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acmeraptor@super my experience is super limited. i came here for help but just haven't asked yet.13:39
tewardacmeraptor: then ask?13:40
acmeraptori don't know if it's even possible @teward13:40
supermetaspike :i used "sudo gsmartcontrol"13:41
acmeraptori have a printer that can share files via wifi. but i want to put them on a nas drive13:41
acmeraptorthe nas being a western digital tv hub13:41
metaspikesuper, now click on your disk13:42
supermetaspike :I did that and performed the conveyance test13:42
tewardacmeraptor: the WD TV device isn't really a NAS on its own...13:42
tewardacmeraptor: it streams from other storage units, really13:43
metaspikesuper, go to the attributes tab13:43
rickardo1Which is the easisest way to setup up a simple vpn service on my ubuntu 14.04 server. I want all of my client computer web traffic passed through this connection.13:43
metaspikeraw value of seek error rate... spin up retry count, should be zero.13:44
supermetaspike :Then??13:44
acmeraptori know it's not truly a nas. but i'm curious if it can act as one.  for my purposes so far it's working great13:44
metaspikeare they?13:44
MrElendigrickardo1: openvpn13:44
tewardacmeraptor: it may store the information then in its own media library, but that's its own issue.  i think you'll need a more general support medium than the Ubuntu chat to discuss fixing a non-Ubuntu device to act as a NAS if even possible13:44
tewardacmeraptor: your issue is not actually Ubuntu, in the sense that you want to hook a printer to a NAS and neither are Ubuntu... you'll need either special forums or a different IRC channel, maybe a hardware discussion/support channel13:45
superthe failed section shows "never" for each entity13:45
supermetaspike :the failed section shows "never" for each entity13:45
acmeraptori suspected that @teward. it's early i'm just having fun here right now13:46
Ben64acmeraptor: this channel is for ubuntu support only though13:46
superBut in type column it shows "pre-failure" in 3 entities and in rest "too old"13:46
tewardacmeraptor: well, lets keep the channel open for support, socialization outside of support can be in #ubuntu-offtopic :)13:46
acmeraptori'd probably need some developer that works for wd.  haha. as if i can get that for free13:47
teward!offtopic > acmeraptor13:47
ubottuacmeraptor, please see my private message13:47
acmeraptori know13:47
super metaspike :But in type column it shows "pre-failure" in 3 entities and in rest "too old"13:47
metaspikesuper, is anything red13:47
supermetaspike :No13:47
metaspikedoes the error log tab have anything in it13:47
supermetaspike :yes it shows "ATA Error Count: 5 (Note: Usually only the last five errors are stored.)"13:47
metaspikebut no errors.13:48
Ben64super: does anything show up when you do "dmesg | grep error"13:48
supermetaspike : 5 errors with type "uncorrectable error data"13:49
superBen64 :just checking13:49
superI have saved the log ,where do i upload for you to see13:50
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:51
superConveyance test :http://paste.ubuntu.com/9330699/13:53
metaspikebut fyi, uncorrectable error in data is the same message i got with my failure disk, so im guessing your disk is dying13:53
metaspikeis that why it froze? dunno. should you get your data off? yes.13:53
acmeraptormaybe knoppix is in order?  copy everything off a dying drive before it is lost?13:53
metaspikeif the data's important, yeah... i was looking at ddrescue-gui b4, i wonder if it's friendly enough; worth a shot. recovery can just be a tedium without something that's made for it.13:55
ubnewAnyone have experience on Ati driver configuration ? http://fpaste.org/155449/35823141/ my error log13:55
supermetaspike :I have no imp data on it.But plz if you can reconfirm by seeing my logs13:55
metaspikesuper, will do, finally temperatures: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto13:57
metaspikeactually, that looks dated. just try 'sudo sensors'13:57
supermetaspike :means it's fine?13:58
Ben64super: does anything show up when you do "dmesg | grep error"13:59
superBen64 :yes13:59
Ben64I/O error?13:59
super[   11.872767] EXT4-fs (dm-0): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro14:00
super[   15.500025] hda-intel 0000:00:14.2: Codec #0 probe error; disabling it...14:00
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superThese two lines14:00
Ben64thats not good14:00
Ben64bad disk or bad cable or bad controller or ...14:00
superBen64 :sure?14:00
Ben64one of those probably14:01
metaspikesuper, errors 2 and 3 from smart show a failure to identify, the rest are DMA read/write failures.14:01
Ben64or bad sectors14:01
supermetaspike :so what do you conclude14:02
metaspikeshe's gona blow14:03
supermetaspike :ha ha really14:03
metaspikeit's also running pretty hot14:05
metaspikemaybe it's just cold here, but my hdd is at 28, yours is 4014:05
supermetaspike :it makes noise14:06
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
metaspikeanyway. get your dataoff man! google ddrescue-gui or learn how to use it by cmdline... you might have issues with otherthings14:06
metaspikeno wait, data's not importnant.14:07
supermetaspike : I have no imp data..its in warranty..14:07
supermetaspike :whats imp then??14:07
supermetaspike : going for a replace14:08
metaspikeyeah, show them the hard facts if they give you grief!14:08
supermetaspike : i will ..Bro its a WD red one..rugged one..and now its dying :((..hardly 6 months14:10
=== zz_XeBlackWater is now known as XeBlackWater
supermetaspike : sorry its WD Black,1TB..site says "Maximum performance for power computing."..LOL14:13
metaspikesuper, you can try 'badblocks -nvs /dev/sda' (im guessing /dev/sda?) for a sector check as well if you like.14:13
supermetaspike ok14:13
metaspikei'm little disspointed, we never got to lm-sensors! oh well :)14:13
supermetaspike :can we do that.Means neccesary now?14:15
metaspikeit's up to you? cpu, gpu temps are the last thing you want to know about hardware wise, but i gtg...14:15
supermetaspike : oK..thanx14:16
=== martin_ is now known as martinst
safireI don't have an ip address associated with my lo interface14:21
safireany idea how to fix htis?14:21
nbuonannosafire: do you have it defined in /etc/network/interfaces?14:21
ubuntoXloveris there a gnome-meta-package that removes all gnome stuff ?14:22
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu14:22
ubuntoXloverubottu: is ther !gnome as well ?14:23
ubottuubuntoXlover: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:23
safireI have auto lo and ges and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instru14:23
safiresorry, auto lo and iface lo inet loopback14:24
nbuonannoOdd. So you don't have any other network configuration software that might be messing with it?14:25
safireI do, I have bind9 installed. I followed this guide for setting up zimbra http://elijahpaul.co.uk/installing-zimbra-7-0-zcs-on-ubuntu-10-04-lts-using-amazon-aws/14:26
bosnjakwhat is actually a display :0, or :1, etc? What does that actually mean? Are those like virtual desktop's? Is this on the X level, or? Are they running on tty's? What do I google to find out more?14:27
OerHekssafire, that is old, zimbra is @ 8.514:27
davividalhi. I just installed 14.10 + gnome 3. Now, when I use pgadmin, when I tap <tab> to change fields, it ignores. When I type too fast, some keys are being ignored. What should I do?14:27
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=== SonikkuAmerica2 is now known as SonikkuAmerica
nbuonannodavividal: To offer the quick-and-silly answer first, have you tried switching out keyboards?14:29
compdocbosnjak, you talking about vnc? those are ports14:29
safireOerHeks: it's not like there are instructions for 8.5 zimbra on aws14:29
nbuonannosafire: That guide only appears to cover DNS-related configuration, but doesn't touch the actual interface config.14:30
bosnjakcompdoc: not sure what you mean. I am talking about VNC, and i get that display=1 is port 5091 and display=2 is port 5092, but I'm not sure what that means on the server side? Does vncserver create a separate virtual desktops? and how? is this supported by X, or?14:31
ubnewhow to change brightness on ubuntu ?14:31
nbuonannoCould you humor me, and pastebin a SANITISED version (if possible) of your /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/hosts?14:31
EriC^^ubnew: ubuntu, unity?14:31
nbuonanno(don't do it if you don't trust it)14:32
compdocbosnjak, 0 means port 5900, which is usually the console's display. 1 means port 5901, which is a seperate desktop, and doesnt require that someone be logged onto the console14:32
a_random_dudeMy location: Bhubaneshwar, India14:33
coolstarI noticed a bug in the installers of multiple Ubuntu based distros (xubuntu, ubuntu, even linux mint)14:35
cfhowlett!bug | coolstar,14:35
ubottucoolstar,: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:35
coolstarif you have a USB installation disc for one distro and a recovery partition on the disk for another, it boots the 1st distro halfway and loads the GUI for the latter distro which results in a broken live environment14:35
ikoniacoolstar:what ar eyou on about it14:36
ikoniawhat "latter" distro14:36
ikoniathe livecd/usb just boots from itself14:36
coolstarikonia: I created a live usb for xubuntu but I had a recovery partition for kubuntu14:36
=== AnimeWeedLord420 is now known as RainbowFactory
ikoniarecovery partition ???14:37
coolstarI dd'd the contents of the iso to a partition on the disk14:37
ikoniacoolstar: the usb will not boot that14:37
ikoniathe usb will boot itself - nothing more14:37
coolstarit booted itself but for some reason loaded kde14:37
coolstarwhen the usb was for xubuntu14:37
ikoniathat seems unlikley14:37
ikoniait must have not booted from the usb14:37
ikoniaas the usb will only read from the squash FS14:38
ikoniait can't read anything else14:38
RainbowFactoryIs there even the smallest possibility the flash drive could be haunted?14:38
coolstarikonia: I think it loaded the squashfs from the disk because I selected the USB from the bios14:38
ikoniacoolstar: there is no squashFS on the disk14:38
ikoniacoolstar: hence why it can't read it14:38
RainbowFactorycoolstar: If it couldn't boot from the USB you selected it will probably skip to the next bootable device. At least my motherboard does14:38
cfhowlettcoolstar, how to test?  go to bios and disable HDD.  then boot.14:39
davividalnbuonanno: it was working before.14:39
davividalnbuonanno: it is working on all other apps other than pgadmin.14:40
bosnjakcompdoc: this is what i don't understand: "a separate desktop"? What kind of desktops are those? I guess this is something embedded in X or something?14:45
nbuonannodavividal: So it's a fresh install of 14.10, and you installed gnome 3 on top of it?14:45
davividalnbuonanno: yes.14:45
compdoca virtual desktop thats created by vncserver14:45
davividalnbuonanno: I had a 12.04 install that I upgraded to 14.10 and it was 'working'.14:46
nbuonannoDo you have another window manager to run it in, e.g. Unity?14:46
davividalnbuonanno: I still have unity14:46
bosnjakcompdoc: i see, but how? Is this something like xvfb does? And why does it do that, can't it just use the regular xfce desktop?14:47
nbuonannoI guess try running it from a Unity session, and see if it functions properly.14:47
davividalnbuonanno: good point. I'll try. thanks14:48
bosnjakcompdoc: and also, if someone logs on to that machine phisically, will he see the same desktop as me from vnc client?14:48
compdocbosnjak, the regular xfce desktop, as you call it, is known as the console. its the desktop you get when you sit in front of the PC. you can share that desktop, and ubuntu uses Vino (or used to) to allow you to do that. With vncserver, several ppl can connect, and each has their own desktop. All depends on how you want to do it14:50
bosnjakcompdoc: so there is no way to use tightvnc to connect to the "console" display? Could I try setting the display to :0 in config file? Would that work?14:52
compdocbosnjak, I think you can, however, to connect to port 5900, you have to be logged into the console already. I cant share the desktop unless its logged in14:53
bosnjaki see14:53
gp5stis there a way to get expect to pull a password from the gnome-keyring?14:53
shpxwhat's the point of close sourcing drivers? Can't everything be reverse engineered anyway?14:57
ikoniashpx: that is nothing to do with this channel/ubuntu15:00
shpxfair enough15:00
ikoniano problem15:00
shaanhey guys does anyone else get any errorrs, when doing apt-get update15:01
ikoniashaan: just tell us your errors15:01
ikoniawhat others get doesn't matter15:01
shaantemporary failer resolving15:02
shaani even added google's dns server to /etc/resolve.conf15:02
ikoniawhy ???15:02
shaanbut still same bs15:02
ikoniatone down the language15:02
ikoniathere is no need to swear at me15:02
shaanits new install of vps from, Hosthatch15:02
ikoniashaan: show me the output of of "uname -a" please15:02
itdjjhi, I've some problem with apt updates, when trying to execute "apt-get update" I get an error: "E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead." - "W:Failed to fetch http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/universe/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch". Any idea how that could happen? I've no clue how to fix it.15:02
fog_proxyshaan: what's your ubuntu version?15:03
shaanikonia: first, i didn't swear, secondly, im saying that the server is BS. - has nothing to do with you.15:03
ikoniashaan: yes it does15:03
ikoniashaan: please show me the output of "uname -a"15:03
shaanLinux localhost.localdomsin 3.13.0-24-generic #4-ubuntu SMP Fri May 2 23:3015:03
ikoniaso it looks like a full / standard install15:04
shaanlol i guess it probably has something to do with the time :P15:04
ikoniamaybe, but doubtful15:04
ikoniashaan: what is the name of the host it's trying to resolve and failing15:04
shaananything and everything, i just tried to run a ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com15:05
shaangave me same issue15:05
shaanfog_proxy: 14.0415:05
ikoniashaan: so basically your resolver is totally not working15:05
ikoniashaan: is this a desktop install ?15:05
shaanikonia: no, server vps from hosthatch15:05
ikoniais the install a desktop install or a server install (I appreciate it's a VPS)15:06
shaanits a Server install, AFAIK15:06
ikoniashaan: can you check if it's using dnsmasq or not15:06
ikoniais the server using dhcp ?15:06
shaanikonia: i do not beleive so.15:07
ikoniacan you please check15:07
shaanikonia: how?15:07
ikonialook at the network config15:07
fog_proxyshaan: first make sure the network works,then check dns resolving with 'ping adomainname'15:09
shaanfog_proxy: okay15:10
fog_proxyshaan: I don't think it's apt-get's issue15:10
sl-mI am attempting to do something out of my technical spectrum. I15:11
sl-mI'm trying to run Mac binaries on ubuntu15:11
ikoniaping does not test hostname resolution15:11
shaanfog_proxy: i dont think it is a apt-get issue either, i beleive its network issue too.15:11
shaanbecause i cant even ssh into the darn machine only oob vnc works15:11
sl-mI downloaded Darling and all of this requirements(I think). Now I have no idea on how to use this software etc15:12
sl-mChecked the readme, and its just a glob of technical stuff I can't understand.15:12
OerHekssl-m, you are trying to run mac software on linux ? never seen that.15:14
sl-mYes. I want to play the 1995 simcity game. I could download the windows version and Wine it up but I figured it would be easier with mac version because mac is built off of some common software15:15
HappyNewYear13so, any windows 8 user can tell me: is it as fast as ubuntu? or will ubuntu ever be faster than any windows OS?15:16
EriC^^HappyNewYear13: i think ubuntu is faster15:16
OerHekssl-m, there is no some sort of wine/for/mac AFAIK15:16
sl-mDarling is pretty close, but I cant figure out how to install it15:16
HappyNewYear13EriC^^, debian users think it uses too much memory (compared to debian)15:17
sl-mIts basically the wine for mac binaries15:17
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, ubuntu is faster, in updates, without antivirus needed ..15:17
ikoniasl-m: it's not the same thing15:17
EriC^^sl-m: sim city was sick... those hurricane stuff used to get me every time15:17
HappyNewYear13EriC^^, never used windows 815:17
ikoniasl-m: use the windows version with wine15:17
ikoniasl-m: but be prepared for problems15:17
sl-mits a 1995 game, dont think it will be too much of an issue15:17
ikoniawhy ?15:17
ikoniawhat does the age of it have to do with it ?15:17
sl-mits a very simple 80mB game15:18
ikoniaso ?15:18
sl-mITs not call of duth15:18
ikoniathat does mean the emulation layer can deal with it15:18
ubnewAnyone have experience on Ati driver configuration ? I am having error on ati driver http://fpaste.org/155449/35823141/15:18
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, yeah. i find it super fast. just wanted to know about the windows 8 user experience15:18
EriC^^HappyNewYear13: i think ubuntu is faster and causes the cpu to have lower temps too15:18
HappyNewYear13EriC^^, OerHeks reading the wikipedia on Linux it said the fastest computers on planet Earth run Linux15:19
OerHeksHappyNewYear13,  now go find a windows8 user on the fastest computers on this planet15:20
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, didn't get the joke. what do you mean?15:20
ubnewEriC^^ : nope , at ubuntu 12.04 classic15:21
EriC^^i think he means you can't infer anything from that15:21
EriC^^anyways in my experience i think ubuntu is faster and better15:21
HappyNewYear13or there's no windows 8 running fast15:22
HappyNewYear13i just love ubuntu. i needed more RAM from 12.10 though. i had too little. 2.5Gb did the trick15:22
sl-mWhat are you talking about? Are you saying a version of ubuntu has something to do with your RAM?15:23
sl-mnvm i read that wrong15:23
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, my pc has never seen windows, so i cannot compare in speed, but generally any pc runs faster with a SSD15:24
malgorathDoes ubuntu's normal term only support 8 colors now?15:24
OerHeksand gives more fun15:24
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, i don't use windows anymore. i have vista on another dual boot laptop, sharing ubuntu too, for the ISP technicians who come to my house and say: I need windows15:25
OerHeksmalgorath, when i open terminal > edit profile, i see 16 colours standard15:25
malgorathIf a 'tech' came to my hows and said I needed windows to run the internet at home, i'd ask for a new tech15:26
IceBot3000It's not their fault other Operating Systems lag behind in network support15:26
HappyNewYear13malgorath, i know. because they only use a webbrowser to test their stuff15:26
malgorathOerHeks: can you run tput colors in term and see, I'm only getting 8 colors, no background options anymore... its really wierd.15:27
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
HappyNewYear13ISP technicians could think oh your OS sould be the problem, gimme windows instead15:27
OerHeksi gave away the UPC guy a lesson howto do his job with any linux.15:27
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, i could do that too. but to avoid the hassle i boot to windows15:28
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, they feel bad if you start teaching them stuff15:28
streulmaHi! Psensor says my temp1 is 128°C, it's shuffling between 50 and then it says 128 and rapidly back to 50.15:29
shaanhey guys i had a quick question how can i write a double line comand to end of a file?, i cant seem to comprehend how i will do it using tee..15:29
shaansu unknown -c /home/unknown/darkcoind15:29
malgorathshaan echo "command1\ncommand2"15:29
shaanso what seperate it via \?15:30
malgorath\n as in my example15:30
streulmaI think sensor management is not good!15:30
EriC^^shaan: \n is for newline15:30
shaanahh no space after \n?15:30
EriC^^wait isn't it /n15:31
* shaan is confued15:31
malgorathshaan: try my example15:32
malgorathshaan: echo "command1\ncommand2" > test.sh15:32
fog_proxyshaan: i think '\' is enough15:32
HappyNewYear13but if i showed an ISP an apple computer, he wouldn't complain. i bet. linux is marginal.15:32
shaanfog_proxy:  http://pastebin.com/muGzq65B15:32
malgorathomg stop giving bad advice folks, its \n for new line.15:32
HappyNewYear13an ISP technician*15:32
EriC^^sorry, it's \n15:33
IceBot3000Easier to support a Mac, they're consistent. A technician could look at a dozen Linux computers and everyone could have a different UI and configuration15:33
EriC^^shaan: you need to give it the -e so it interprets backslash escapes15:33
shaanmalgorath: tried echo "command1\ncommand2" > test.sh , that didn't work15:33
=== some1_ is now known as kryptospecht
EriC^^shaan: echo -e "command1\ncommand2"15:34
HappyNewYear13IceBot3000, you are right15:34
malgorathlol echo -e is correct, sorry I have an alias already setup for it15:34
HappyNewYear13never owned a mac. they are so expensive.15:34
HappyNewYear13are they worthy?15:35
HappyNewYear13i'm also an android cellphone tye of person15:35
malgorathI have 4 macs, mini, pro tower, macbook pro ret, mac book air.15:35
shaanEriC^^: thanks that worked, now one last thing instead of getting it to display on screen too, can i silence it so it just dumps the output straight into a file?15:35
HappyNewYear13malgorath, you geek15:35
ravigehlotWhat is the difference between "apt-get upgrade" and "apt-get dist-upgrade"?15:35
malgorathHappyNewYear13: I have a pc laptop and desktop also that run ubuntu15:36
metaspikeHappyNewYear13, the ISP guy wouldn't complain, unless it was going into the infrastructure, which is almost certainly running linux.15:36
EriC^^shaan: echo shouldn't dump to the screen15:36
malgorathshaan: echo -e "command1\ncommand2" >> file.sh15:36
streulmanevermind, solved15:36
EriC^^shaan: btw i think it would be better to use the append >> or | tee -a15:37
EriC^^it's kind of messy to use "command\ncommand"15:37
HappyNewYear13metaspike, my ISP technicians only connect to a firefox browser to test the router, speed. never to the network settings; i have all figured out15:37
superHii i trying to send my msg to ##hardware channel but " Cannot send to channel" appears15:37
ravigehlotman apt-get answered my question!15:37
shaanEriC^^: i am using teee - a15:38
metaspikemetaspike, sounds more like helpdesk support than an actual technician (engineer)15:38
shaanEriC^^: i was just to stop echo from dumping it on screen15:38
metaspikewhy did i say metaspike. ugh. HappyNewYear13 !15:38
HappyNewYear13metaspike, because you love him15:38
HappyNewYear13metaspike, what? sorry15:39
HappyNewYear13erase and rewind15:39
supermetaspike :hii again.I tried live CD and again JS was causing problem but there was not much noise this time!!15:40
EriC^^shaan: tee is dumping it15:40
metaspikeI can't erase my mistakes, not here...15:40
EriC^^echo "command" | tee -a > /dev/null 2>&115:40
EriC^^shaan: that will mute the output and standard error15:41
metaspikesuper, the live cd doesn't need the harddrive to work, so yeah. :)15:41
supermetaspike :but why again the same problem "Warning Unresponsive script" problem??15:43
metaspikewhat are you trying to do?15:46
wadieI edited rc.local to execute two xrandr commands at startup,but they're not being executed :\15:47
superIn LIVE mode,when i open FB a JS causes "Warning Unresponsive script"problem asking me terminate it every time??15:48
bbryantSuper, out of swap possibly15:50
Baakohi guys i am loot in as root and i want to copy a file to another user documents folder. so i have done cp -i /myfile /bin/home/baako/Documents15:50
bbryantMy first guess15:50
Baakobut i keep gerring cp cannot create regular file15:50
bbryantDo you have write postings15:51
metaspikesuper, ctrl+shift+k  in firefox15:51
bbryantWrite permissions to the target dir?15:51
azyhey i'm using 'top' and pgdn is giving me 'invalid command'... help me pls :(15:51
superbbryant :there was msg regarding swap when i booted from HDD .It vanished.Cant read.15:51
bbryantSuper, probably related15:51
metaspikethe console will give you javascript issues, also check your clock is right, still doesnt work, try a different browser, chromium (or chrome) or opera or something15:51
Baakowhat can i do?15:52
fog_proxyBaako: i think your path is wrong. should be :/home/baako/15:53
bbryantDo you have write permissions to the target directory?15:53
metaspikeultimately, facebook web interface like other javascript apps, have nothing to do with #ubuntu or #linux, and there's nothing we can do about them...15:53
supermetaspike :clock is right.sudo command to install chrome??15:53
wadieI edited rc.local to execute two xrandr commands at startup,but they're not being executed :\15:53
metaspikesudo apt-get install chrome   i guess15:53
bbryantMeta, this i think is because of swap15:53
Baakobbryant i am login in as root in the terminal15:53
Baakoisnt root like the boss user?15:53
bbryantBaako, give me a minute to get to apc...ok?15:54
bbryantI'll highlight you in a minute15:54
Baakofog_proxy root@ubuntu:/# cp -i /myfile /bin/home/baako/Documents15:54
metaspikeroot can do anything.15:55
bbryantAnd the error is what again15:55
Baakofog_proxy thanks15:55
=== RainbowFactory is now known as Rory
azyhey i'm using 'top' and pgdn is giving me 'invalid command'... help me pls :(16:00
Baakocp -b what does "-b" stand for?16:01
fog_proxyBaako: use 'man cp'16:02
IceBot3000Baako: backup16:02
IceBot3000(or read the manual)16:02
wadieI edited rc.local to execute two xrandr commands at startup,but they're not being executed :\16:07
m1dnight_guys, i'm trying to make a simple tar file of my system16:08
m1dnight_if I incluse /dev/ folder, does that backup all my harddrives twice?16:08
fog_proxym1dnight_: i don't think so16:09
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=== marcin is now known as Guest9121
ubnewHow to create an Xorg on  /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?16:20
EriC^^ubnew: are you using nvidia?16:21
=== arges` is now known as arges
ubnewEriC^^ : Ati build in graphic card16:25
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
nabnhi. my ubuntu lost its display manager after a recent software update. i can access the shell. Wifi wont startup. can't even connect to the internet via ethernet to redownload gnome. any help please?16:28
akishi all. my xubuntu 14.04.01 system stopped responding during internet browsing using firefox, because of a script and i shut it down unplugging the power. when i rebooted i got: an “attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'” error. i managed to boot the system and i tried another restart and i got the same error. i finally gave: sudo update-grub and sudo grub-install  /dev/sda. Now it works as usually. I am just wondering if i did the r16:29
akisight thing giving these command or do i have to do any think more. any advise plz?16:29
David1965I have been looking for a way to divide 4096 bit numbers but cannot make it work can multiply 4096 bit numbers though but when I tried to deconvolve it throw out one result then refused to do any more don't know what I did wrong16:30
David1965akis why not try a new USB based keyboard as there might be a fault with your keyboard16:32
aethersishi, does anyone have experience with Back in Time/16:33
compdocaethersis, I use it16:34
aethersiscompdoc I noticed that every time it takes a snapshot, it takes a full snapshot instead of adding only the files that changed16:34
aethersisis there some way to make it copy only the files that changed?16:34
compdocaethersis, hmm, I never noticed. Sorry, but I dont know16:34
akisDavid1965: why do you think that the error came because of my onboard keybord (actually its a laptop)? i never had any problem with the keyboard and after i gave the commands everything works again perfectlly.16:35
aethersisit's 400mb every 5 minutes if there are any changes even in 1 single file. I guess that's not how it's supposed to work16:35
David1965why not zip up all of your files that you have created and write them to DVD then you never have to worry16:35
desperate_joeubuntu 14.04 on HP pavillion laptop: my keyboard input changes without anything from azerty into qwerty16:36
David1965laptops can stop responding because it goes into low power mode i.e going to sleep mode16:36
David1965weird could your laptop have got one of these rare Linux Viruses16:37
ubnewHow to create an Xorg on  /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?16:38
bbryantwhat ubnew ?16:38
EriC^^David1965: i've heard of those, i think one upon a time a monkey was allowed to use a pc with linux and the rest is history..16:38
nabnhi. my ubuntu lost its display manager after a recent software update. i can access the shell. Wifi wont startup. can't even connect to the internet via ethernet to redownload gnome. any help please?16:38
chrisss123456hey guys, my alt-gr key isnt recognized and i havent been able to find out how to make it work. can anyone help out? the xev output when pressing it is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9329670/16:38
David1965if you can get ESET Antivirus packages to install and run properly you might not have to worry about virsues again.16:39
bbryantexcept for the antivirus16:39
David1965nabn could you not format the hard-drive  and reinstall your Distro of choice16:41
cfhowlettnabn, reboot, try and older kernel16:41
David1965must go now hope you get your machine sorted soon.16:41
somanI'm under Xubuntu x86. How can I download 9not install) deb packages for x64 Java 1.7?16:42
nabndavid1965 i have all my files, all my work there. so that'd be pretty harsh of an option16:42
OerHekssoman,  find them on launchpad and click them/download them manually16:42
desperate_joeanyone: ubuntu 14.04 on HP laptop: sometimes my keyboard changes from azerty into qwerty without warnign, only thig that helps is reboot16:43
nabncfhowlett it was working fine. if i could just connect to the internet, i am hopefull that other problems would be fixed16:43
desperate_joeother problem: software updater: "requires installation of untrusted packages"16:44
cfhowlettnabn, "was working ..." WAS.  it'll take , what?   a whole minute to reboot and test an old kernel?16:44
OerHekssoman err only openjdk are there, for oracle you need to visit their site16:44
somanOerHeks: I think it's good. is it what I need https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-7 ?16:44
aethersisdoes anyone know a good linux backup utility, that'd backup everytime a change is detected and copy only the files that changed ?16:44
aethersisback in time does that however it copies EVERYTHING instead just the files that changed16:45
somanOerHeks: I hope that those packages don't need dependencies16:45
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning16:45
OerHeks!offline | soman this might get those dependencies you need too16:46
ubottusoman this might get those dependencies you need too: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD16:46
nabncfhowlett: tbh, i dont know how to fall back to older kernel. I dont even know how to get to grub on this machine. ubuntu came preinstalled, and grub menu doesnt show up16:47
daftykinsnabn: hold left shift just as the OS is about to boot from disk16:47
Delta-UserAnyone tryd setting up ftp for virtual hosts on apache?16:47
daftykinsapache has nothing to do with ftp, afaiui16:48
nabndaftykins: thanks. can you also help me out on using the older kernel?16:48
daftykinsnabn: it'll be pretty obvious once the menu comes up16:48
nabndaftykins: okay16:48
Delta-UserI want non local accounts be able to connect on ftp to have full acces inside that folder16:49
Delta-Userwhich would be located in the /var/www/website_116:49
Delta-Userand website_2 and so on16:49
desperate_joehello any suggestions with 2 problems? software updater: requires installation of untrusted packages and my azerty keyboard changes into qwerty and only helps to reboot laptop16:49
ubnewbbryant : I can't find any Xorg conf on /etc/X11/ directory16:51
bbryantubnew: so what is in that directory16:51
bbryantmind pastebining the result?16:51
bbryantdo you have the pastebinit installed?16:52
bbryantit really helps with thsi16:52
nabndaftykins: rebooted to older kernel, eth0 still doesn't connect to internet. ping fails.16:52
zykotick9ubnew: xorg.conf is 1) not there by default 2) typically not required these days.  also, using a snippet in xorg.conf.d is preferred.16:52
nabndaftykins: also, what was wlan0 now appears as virbr016:52
daftykinsnabn: run "sudo dhclient eth0" and see if you get an IP16:54
nabndaftykins: "initscript smbd, action "reload" failed"16:54
daftykinsthat was the output from running dhclient?16:55
nabndaftykins: yes16:55
daftykinswow you've really done a number on your system16:55
daftykinsso, no IP i take it? :P16:55
daftykinsnabn: what version is this? (or was this)16:55
nabndaftykins: it does get an ip. but it looks weird. on eth0 , my router should be 192.168.1.something16:56
ubnewbbryant :  file or folder without xorg http://fpaste.org/155529/52987141/16:56
nabndaftykins: kernel version? 3.13.0-37 64bit16:56
daftykinsnabn: well no, ubuntu... but i can tell from that that it's trusty now16:57
daftykinsnabn: what does "ping" get?16:57
cfhowlettdaftykins, I've got a bad feeling about this = peek at the source list16:57
ubnewzykotick9 : I had install ati driver but it doesn't work on "aticonfig --initial" , I end up not able to config anything like screen size , brightness and etc16:57
nabndaftykins: does get replies.16:57
zykotick9ubnew: ahhh, ati.  well best of luck.  (sorry i can't/won't help with ati issues)16:58
daftykinsnabn: seems like you're online then! try some package management "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:58
ubnewzykotick9 : any reason ? does it have driver problem ? sorry I am new to ubuntu16:59
daftykins!ati | ubnew16:59
ubottuubnew: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:59
owen1I 'Override software rendering list' and 'Enable WebGL' in chrome://flags but http://get.webgl.org say I don't have WebGL support. I also tried running chrome with --disable-gpu-watchdog but it doesn't help. Firefox runs WebGL just fine. I have the same issue with chromium-browser package (39.0.2171.65 Ubuntu 14.10) and also with chrome (39.0.2171.71). Any ideas?16:59
tompskuHi, I have week try to find solution why cups/drivers stop wokring after lates updates. I just got error "The PPD version (5.2.10-pre2) is not compatible with Gutenprint 5.2.9."16:59
zykotick9ubnew: it's for personal reasons really.  ati has no "free" 3d drivers, and IMO (only) has had poor (or non-existant) gnu/linux support for ever...  good luck.17:00
cfhowlettubnew, new card, man ...nvidia or intel17:01
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ubnewzykotick9 : Guess I am out of luck , I follow the guide http://www.ubuntulinuxguide.com/install-ubuntu-ati-drivers-fglrx/ but I can't get it work. Should get a nvidia graphic card17:02
nabndaftykins: thanks. i'll see if it does the trick.17:02
zykotick9ubnew: sorry, i have no idea.  i haven't used ati on gnu/linux for 9-10 YEARS, so have no idea...17:03
=== tcpman is now known as Guest49119
ash`I have a task this weekend coming to get an AMD card working >.>17:03
ubnewzykotick9 : what are you using then ?17:03
daftykinsinstall fglrx package from repos, maybe fglrx with updates, done.17:03
ash`although that doesn't help now, I will at least post my findings somewhere17:03
daftykinsash`: i think there's enough online already17:04
zykotick9ubnew: for most of the time, i've used nvidia.  now i use intel.17:04
sadHallo !17:04
ash`daftykins: true, but i've not found a working solution yet17:04
ubnewbbryant : Nope I dont have pastebinit install , now I just installed17:04
ash`I've had to resert to the on board graphix17:05
daftykinsash`: but it's not the weekend! how can you have started? :)17:05
ash`and removed the sapphire card for now17:05
ash`i did say it doesn't help now17:05
ash`but i will post my findings somewhere17:05
ubnewbbryant : does intel have graphic card ? or integrated ?17:05
daftykinsash`: what model is it? wasn't it as simple as installing fglrx updates via addtional hardware?17:06
zykotick9ubnew: i've never seen an intel card, only integrated...17:06
sadis a dutch people on board ?17:06
ash`I have an R7 24017:06
ash`and nope i tried fglrx17:06
daftykins!nl | sad17:07
ubottusad: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl17:07
ash`my problem though was i couldn't install ubuntu on the machine and instead of changing the mode in bios i used teh VGA cable instead and one monitor17:07
sadDank Je wel !17:07
ubnewzykotick9 : oh , the only need for me is to turn down the brightness on the monitor .17:07
ubnewzykotick9 : anyway thanks for the help :) need to get a new card for now17:08
zykotick9ubnew: good luck!17:08
bittyx-desktopI need some help figuring out how to partition my hard drive for a fresh 14.04.01 install. I have 2 primary partitions for Windows (I'm dual-booting) at the beginning of the hard drive - the System Reserved one, and the actual Windows partition. I'd usually create another ext4 primary partition (mount point "/") just after the actual Win partition, and an extended one with two logical partitions - an 8GB swap partition at the end of the HDD (I17:09
bittyx-desktop have 8GB of RAM), and everything in-between is "/home". My question is, basically, is this an okay setup? Is there something better I could do?17:09
bittyx-desktopFor example, what's the advantage of having a separate partition for "/boot"?17:10
nbuonannobittyx-desktop: I assume one of the Windows partitions is your "main" OS on the system?17:10
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, little to none ... when you install, IF ubuntu needs a /boot, it will create it.17:10
bittyx-desktopOr should I just install the boot loader to /dev/sda (instead of, say, /dev/sdaY).17:10
bittyx-desktopnbuonanno: Well, I don't really use Windows much for anything except for online banking - because my bank has a horrible online system where I have to recompile Java so that I could use it on Linuxes.17:11
bittyx-desktopnbuonanno: But I need it available, so...17:11
bittyx-desktopnbuonanno: And I do web dev, so from time to time I might need Windows to test stuff out in Internet Explorer, so I can't really not-have-it.17:12
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop,  you can dual boot or, perhaps better, install virtualbox to windows, install lubuntu or xubuntu to the virtualbox box.17:12
nbuonannoSo the install-Ubuntu-through-Windows is probably not a viable option for you, then.17:12
bittyx-desktop(I know there are other solutions, but this one usually works).17:12
bittyx-desktopHm I've never tried installing from Windows.17:12
bittyx-desktopI've been using Linux Mint for a couple of years now, but I'm sorta fed up, and wanna switch back to Ubuntu (which I was using before).17:12
bittyx-desktopcfhowlett: You mean run Ubuntu from a virtualbox within Windows? Nah, if I was doing that, I'd rather run *Windows* from a VM.17:13
nbuonannoAh! Here it is: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide17:13
k1l_wubi :/17:13
bittyx-desktopWindows is my secondary system on all the machines where I use it.17:13
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, not sure your banking needs would be met with a virtual windows17:14
k1l_wubi is not a lasting solution. better make a real install on native partitions17:14
nbuonannok1l_: Not a fan? I've only used it a time or two myself.17:14
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, your partition plan looks sound17:14
bittyx-desktopnbuonanno: Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. What's the advantage opposed to just installing from a live CD?17:14
daftykinsnbuonanno: don't ever, ever advise WUBI please. it is an abomination17:14
cfhowlettk1l_, please don't advise wubi use.  it's dead.  it's unsupported.  it WILL break machines.17:14
k1l_nbuonanno: we have tons of users coming here with wubi issues. either ubuntu or windows or both are corrupted and dont boot. and we cant repair that.17:14
daftykinsbittyx-desktop: ignore that idea entirely, it's utterly horrible17:14
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, None it is not supported.17:14
nbuonannoUnderstood. So it's a deprecated solution, or it just never worked?17:14
daftykinswhen it worked, it was hell17:15
k1l_nbuonanno: its more of a testing setup. if you want ubuntu make room for partitions and install it there17:15
bittyx-desktopcfhowlett: Yeah, who knows about that. I'm not saying that recompiling Java would be hard, I just feel, from a dev's point of view, that asking your users to do that means that there's something wrong with what you're developing. It would be like a web-dev asking users to compile a custom build of Firefox or something.17:15
bittyx-desktopSo I'd just rather stick with Windows since it seems to be supported out-of-the-box.17:16
cfhowlettbittyx-desktop, noted.  do to the dual then!17:16
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nbuonannoGotcha. I'll strike it from memory, then. bittyx-desktop: Ignore that :). That partition scheme makes sense, though I'm not certain enough on how you should set up the boot loader.17:16
bittyx-desktopOkay, thanks for the advice everybody! I just bought a new laptop and can't wait to run Ubuntu again.17:16
jpentlandWhat's the simplest way to convert an H.264 video file to 800x480 from the command line? I don't really mind if it's cropped or scaled.17:16
daftykinsbittyx-desktop: your partitioning setup sounded fine, though 8GB swap is a bit overkill. you only need it to match your system RAM if you want to hibernate/sleep etc17:16
bittyx-desktopdaftykins: I usually sleep on my desktop instead of shutting down, and since this is a laptop, it's rarely gonna be shut down anyway.17:17
tompskuAny help with cups: "The PPD version (5.2.10-pre2) is not compatible with Gutenprint 5.2.9." I got this aftre last updates.17:18
daftykinsbittyx-desktop: if it's new, are you sure it's not installed as EFI? may be best to share a pastebin of "sudo parted -l" from inside the livecd to be sure, though as you said 2 partitions already it probably isn't17:18
bittyx-desktopdaftykins: I don't know what EFI is. Hold on a sec...17:18
daftykinsbittyx-desktop: i have to run for now but i'm sure someone else can confirm/deny17:19
bittyx-desktopdaftykins: Cool, thanks either way!17:19
bittyx-desktopI'm gonna go and find out what EFI is and how it affects me.17:19
sadis er een Nederlander aan bord ?17:20
bubbasauressad, english?17:20
k1l_!nl | sad17:20
ubottusad: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl17:20
sadYes . Please can you help me with download new version of Firefox ?17:21
bubbasauressad, The latest is in the ubuntu repos.17:21
sadI use LXlE 14.0417:22
anonymousi'm italian but i speak english17:22
sadI am Dutch and I speak English too !17:22
cfhowlettsad, lxle is not supported here.  it's not ubuntu distro. sorry17:22
sadAll right . Thanks !17:23
bittyx-desktopSo, daftykins was asking if I have EFI - I have no idea what that is, but the output of the command they told me to run was http://pastebin.com/PQ5HtLdE17:23
bubbasauressad, This is ubuntu only support is all you will need to find their support is all.17:23
bittyx-desktopHow does this affect me?17:23
anonymousdutch? are you from Germany?17:23
compdocIm american and I speak English too17:23
cfhowlett!fefi | bittyx-desktop17:23
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:23
anonymousi don't know the word ''dutch''17:24
cfhowlettanonymous, ask your UBUNTU support questions17:24
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, You do not have efi or with windows UEFI, that is a msdos set up.17:24
cfhowlettanonymous, this is ubuntu support.  ask your ubuntu support questions17:25
bittyx-desktopOh, I think I do have UEFI - in my BIOS I can choose whether I want to use "UEFI only", "Legacy only", or both - and if both, the boot order - I have "both" selected and "Legacy first". Is this okay or should I change something?17:25
anonymousah sorry i thinked this is a simple chat17:26
NigeySanyone here know if i can apaches vhost configs somewhere other than site-available and sites-enabled? it seems a2ensite is debian specific ? ...17:26
anonymousi'm sorry17:26
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, The hard drive info you showed us, shows a msdos on it is all, Sounds like you have a computer that's been modified was it new?17:26
EriC^^bittyx-desktop: if you choose uefi then you can't boot windows anymore17:26
EriC^^bittyx-desktop: you'd need to convert the partition table to gpt anyways and use an efi partition17:27
EriC^^bittyx-desktop: i think the easiest thing to do is install ubuntu in legacy mode with windows17:27
solsTiCehi. When i run electrum, and choose "create wallet" and choose next it loops over and over and then crash with error " no seed found"17:28
bittyx-desktopFWIW, the laptop is a ThinkPad W520, and it's a used one, if that means anything to anyone. The hard disk is a 240GB SSD, but I've installed Windows myself (had to resize the partition, as it was previously taking up the whole HDD).17:28
bubbasaures!find electrum17:28
ubottuFound: electrum, python-electrum17:28
bittyx-desktopSo if I have UEFI boot set to both (UEFI and legacy), but I have "legacy first" selected in the boot order, I should be fine?17:29
EriC^^bittyx-desktop: i think if you boot the live usb/cd in legacy mode and install you'll be fine17:30
bittyx-desktopEriC^^: Awesome, thank you (I'm now in the live CD booted with my current settings).17:30
bittyx-desktopYou people are great!17:30
EriC^^no problem17:31
getoohey can you guys help me out .. i have a macbook pro and after a clean install of ubuntu  i am trying to reinstall mac osx back on it to give it to my sister .. but i cant install macosx back on it for some reason17:34
getooi am thinking i might have to remove mbr17:34
bubbasauresgetoo, There is an apple channel17:34
getooalso it needs some kinda partition17:34
getoobubbasaures: i know17:34
getoobut i need to work at it from ubuntu side first17:35
bubbasauresgetoo, What you want is not our issue is all.17:35
getoogot it17:35
Noreengood luck getoo17:35
Noreenhi! i need to know i need to know if it's possible to install drivers without internet. can i download them from this computer (which has internet) and then put them on my computer (which doesn't)?17:35
bubbasauresgetoo, Nothing ubuntu can do will make this easier is all. ;)17:35
getooif i'll get any kinda help its from here as you guys understand how this worksd17:36
getooapple nerds dont understand :)17:36
Xegetoo: if you DD the first 50 MB of the drive it will go into internet recovery needed mode17:36
Noreenmaybe tell them you have no OS on your apple, they don't need to know why17:36
cfhowlettNoreen, not the recommended method but possibly.  what drivers?17:36
Noreena driver for the wireless17:36
cfhowlettNoreen, what is your chipset?17:36
NoreenBroadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 01)17:36
cfhowlettNoreen, perfect.  go to pm and I'll get you sorted17:37
Noreenawesome thank you!17:37
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD17:37
coolstar-chromebis there a way I can set proxy settings in xfce?17:37
getooXe: do u think if i remove mbr and create a HFS patition should be enough for me to reinstall the darn thing17:38
Xegetoo: OSX doesn't use MBR17:39
getooi know17:39
getoobut in order to use its own17:39
Xegetoo: run dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4m count=25617:39
getoodoes it need room17:39
Xeas root17:39
Xethen reboot17:39
Xeit will be like "oh shit I can't boot"17:39
Xethen it will go into network recovery mode17:39
Xeor you can use OSX boot media17:40
Xeit's the most weird recovery method you'll likely ever see17:40
getoobs=4m invalid number17:41
shumangetoo: you should check what a command does before you type it in17:42
Rileyhey guys i need help setting up adb i installed android tools adb but whenever i type in adb devices nothing comes up17:42
getooshuman: k17:42
Rileyive already tried adb kill server17:42
cfhowlettRiley, #android17:43
Rileywell this is an ubuntu issue17:44
Rileynot android17:44
cfhowlettRiley, actually it is an android issue.  if you don't have your android set, you'll get exactly the outcome you describe.  go to #android for help17:44
Rileythat didnt even make sense17:45
Rileyadb is not working on ubuntu not android17:45
Rileythere for i need help with ubuntu17:45
djskittlesRiley, perhaps try the same command as root - I suspect the device access from adb will require elevated privs17:46
cfhowlettRiley, no devices read because you need to set your android to debug mode.  no debugged device connected - no adb.17:46
Rileyyea well im soft bricked right now so i can use my phone at all and im trying to get adb setup so i can unbrick it17:46
cfhowlettRiley, dude.  seriously.  go to android.17:47
Rileycfhowlett, seriously dont be a douch17:47
cfhowlettRiley, I know what you're doing wrong , but it's NOT an ubuntu issue.  #android will tell you more17:47
cfhowlettand welcome to the /ignore list17:47
Rileyno they cant because they dont use ubuntu17:48
Rileythey would tell me to come here17:48
ubuntu-studiomay i ask guys What phablet is the best?17:48
malgorathI just recently installed ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop.  It runs great until I put the lid down and it suspends.  Then when I open it back up, I have to power if off and back on just to get it to respond, the graphics comes up and the login windows is there but there is nothing I can do with the keyboard/mouse or trackpad.  Its completely locked, I've tried alt+f1 ctrl+alt+f2 nothing.  Is there anything that can prevent t17:49
malgorathhis? or a way i can tell it when the lid closes just power off17:49
DJonesubuntu-studio: Its a fat tablet/phone17:49
DJonesubuntu-studio: Probably anything over 7 inches17:49
bubbasauresubuntu-studio, Best is a subjective.17:49
coolstar-chromebanyone know how I can use a proxy autoconfig with ubuntu?17:49
coolstar-chromebI'm using Xubuntu 14.0417:49
cfhowlettubuntu-studio, "best" is subjective ... personally, I prefer nexus but any of the devices in the google play store should work.  for recommendations, see reddit.com/r/android   or reddit.com/r/nexus17:50
arthur_afariasAs a client? Network Manager can do it to you.17:50
DJonesRiley: It might be worth joining #ubuntu-touch to ask, they've probably got more experience in using the android management apps under ubuntu17:51
ubuntu-studioNo i am looking phablet for my pocket size and what is top phablet?17:51
piranahOK I have googled till my eyes hurt. Trying boot Ubuntu Live cd on Dell Vostro 3560. Error on boot drm_kms_helper panic and kernel panic not synced17:51
cfhowlettubuntu-studio, pretty much not an ubuntu issue.  go to #nexus or #android17:51
ubuntu-studioi am looking phablet for my pocket size and what is top phablet?17:52
piranahI suspect the issue may be caused by the dual video cards built in intel and ATI17:52
ReedysethGuys do you know any PHP IRC Channel ?17:52
piranahanyone have any ideas ?17:52
cfhowlettubuntu-studio, this is off-topic.  ask #android17:52
piranahI have tried ubuntu 12.04 as well as the latest version both have the same boot issue17:53
zgorbyo_hi all17:53
cfhowlettpiranah, you can try nomodeset to default to low level VGA.  after installation, you'll need to figure out the graphics17:53
ReedysethGuys do you know any PHP IRC Channel ?17:54
piranahcfhowlett: I think i tried that from the f6 boot options. But cant rem for sure. I will give that a try thanks17:54
DJonesubuntu-studio: Best tablet isn't something the ubuntu channel can answer, you need to ask the android channels or general hardware channels17:54
bittyx-desktopYay, Ubuntu 14.04.01 up and running! Thanks again everyone for your advice!17:54
piranahbbiab testing suggested solution.17:55
ubuntu-studioi am looking phablet for my pocket size and what is top phablet?17:55
DJonesubuntu-studio: No, we don't know17:56
popeyubuntu-studio: please don't keep repeating the same question17:56
cfhowlettubuntu-studio, stop asking here.  not an ubuntu issue.17:56
zgorbyo_in my ubuntu 1410, recently installed, i cant find the options for shutdown and restart, i can only choose between  lock and quit session17:56
ubuntu-studioOK and where i need to go?17:56
daftykinsubuntu-studio: to a phone shop17:57
DJonesubuntu-studio: Google or the android channels, or the ##hardware channels, all of which you've been told already17:57
VanceXubuntu-studio: You've been told several times.17:57
ubuntu-studio<DJones> thanks17:57
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code18:01
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ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator18:04
cfhowlettNoreen, sent you the image via PM ...18:07
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JRBerrios45Hello Chat Room18:09
=== Mish|Bad is now known as Mish_
JRBerrios45Apairantly   i'm  to Early ..LOL .. diferent time zone, i am in Puerto Rico it is 2:15 pm Here.18:13
xangua!ask | JRBerrios4518:14
ubottuJRBerrios45: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:14
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:14
John_John_what is the most popular c++ compiler in linux ?18:15
jwashhi everyone, i'm using the /multimon switch with freerdp. how do i get a connection bar at the top so i can get back to my Ubuntu desktop?18:15
EriC^^John_John_: you mean IDE?18:16
John_John_i mean the full stack :)18:18
daftykinsJohn_John_: ##linux might be more relevant18:18
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code18:19
Rory!code | John_John_18:20
ubottuJohn_John_: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator18:20
jwashgeany ftw18:20
DJonesJohn_John_: Thats a pretty impossible question to answer, it comes down to personal preferences, you might be better asking in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux you might get more approproate answers than here as its not a speficic ubuntu support issue18:21
piranahwell still fail cant boot ubuntu live kernel panic not synced. and drm_kms_helper panic. Tried with f6 options nomodeset and that also failed18:21
John_John_thanks anyways guys18:22
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John_John_at least can you tell me the most featured ide with debugging support under kde ?18:22
piranahTested Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 downloading 15.04 daily build now to see if there is a chance that well work18:22
bubbasaurespiranah, Did you check any iso's md5sum?18:23
willbradleyanyone else experienced random .bash_history corruption? this seems to happen monthly for me and it's concerning18:23
cfhowlettJohn_John_, ask #kubuntu or #kde18:23
cfhowlettNoreen, see them?18:24
piranahbubbasaures: no i dont think I did. I did run the test cd though from boot menu on both tested distro's18:24
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins18:24
piranahalso the cd's work fine on other systems. They just seem to hate my laptop18:25
bubbasaurespiranah, A sum check is better, how are you using the iso's on a dvd or usb and how are you loading it to this media?18:25
OerHekspiranah, what laptop exactly?18:25
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cfhowlettpiranah, always md5sum.  takes a minute.  saves a ton of aggravation18:25
piranahDell Vostro 3560 i7 with 8 gb of ram and a 250 GB ssd18:26
piranahbubbasaures: burnt ISO to DVD and booted as such. Also tested with legacy boot from bios18:26
OerHekspiranah, any chance win8 on it, with fastboot?18:26
bubbasaurespiranah, Burned as slow as possible, you seem to be aware of uefi18:27
piranahWin 8 is loaded18:27
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OerHeksmake sure fastboot is disabled and try again.18:27
bubbasauresyeah seems it's more getting the hardware right for boot18:28
piranahOerHeks: Thanks well check that. bubbasaures yes indeed :) Thanks18:28
piranahAnd yes fast boot was enable. I have turned it off well reboot and test. Thanks again18:29
bubbasaurespiranah, Make sure W8 is off not in the hibernate for it's fast boot.18:30
piranahOK still fail even with fast boot disabled18:38
piranahscreen shot of the error18:38
tootheI noticed that when I have key-based authentication, I'm not shown what packages I need to update.18:39
toothehow do I get prompted for that, despite using key-based authentication?18:39
piranahstarting to think I will never see ubuntu loaded on this laptop18:41
toothepiranah: what's wrong?18:41
tootheoh, a kernel panic...eeke18:41
toothewhat kernel version are you using? 32 or 64?18:42
tootheand, do you have any hardware plugged in?18:42
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bubbasaurespiranah, You turned the fast boot off, is windows still in it's fast boot hibernate? Not sure that is the issue but windows has to be truly off.18:43
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VanceX^ As in, unplug and remove battery... Then reinstall.18:44
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piranahbubbasaures: naa i did a full shut down18:49
piranahtoothe: 6418:49
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piranahVanceX: I have not pulled the battery however full shutdown power off and re try booting the live cd same issue18:50
piranahI spose I could pull the bat but I dont think that well make much difference lol18:50
daftykinswhat same issue?18:51
VanceXpiranah: Worth a try, I should think:)18:51
* daftykins looks up18:51
piranahkernel panic not synced see screen shot posted above for full details18:51
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daftykinspiranah: ah yes, sure your download wasn't corrupted? sure your media created ok?18:52
piranahYes media and ISO are good tested with 2 versions 12.04 and 14.0418:52
piranahAlso media boots on alt systems with no issues18:53
daftykinspiranah: any BIOS updates available for the system?18:53
VanceXpiranah: What about other iso's working on that lappy?18:53
piranahDid that as well today just to see if the bios update would solve no change18:53
jasnoHowdy!  Trying to make a custom minimal live cd using live-boot.  When I run "lb build" it fails: "W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-security/Release  Unable to find expected entry 'contrib/source/Sources' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)"  Any ideas?  Thx18:53
piranahVanceX: as mentioned I tested with with 12.04 and 14.0418:54
piranahsame error18:54
piranahalso tested with nomodeset in case it was video related18:55
daftykinspiranah: nothing online about your model of system? did i read right earlier that you're using DVDs?18:55
daftykinspiranah: note my use of two question marks, expecting two answers :)18:55
piranahdaftykins: nothing on google etc. System is a Dell Vostro 3560 8GB of Ram 250 GB SSD dual graphics18:55
raystried some google-fu, but haven't found any docs on installing ubuntu on a mac mini (late 2014 model) is it the same as the 2012 models? (did wifi change between these two?) anyone know?18:56
daftykinspiranah: dual graphics as in...? nvidia optimus?18:56
bubbasaurespiranah, I saw crashes in the 3.7 kernel associated with the ac adapter is all.18:56
christian__hello i want to move files from my old encrypted home folder to my new one. problem is when i mount it to /tmp/ the files are "read-only" . how can i move them?18:56
piranahIntel and ATI switchable18:56
daftykinspiranah: no settings in BIOS/EFI to change between i take it?18:57
daftykinsscreens of every setup page would be useful18:57
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piranahdaftykins: nope no options other then legacy boot which I have also done18:58
piranahI can screen shot each page of the BIOS if you like.18:58
christian__*bump* hello i want to move files from my old encrypted home folder to my new one. problem is when i mount it to /tmp/ the files are "read-only" . how can i move them?18:58
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cfhowlettchristian__, sudo cp foo.deb18:59
christian__cfhowlett i would like to *move* the files instead19:01
cfhowlettchristian__, sudo mv       ?19:01
jasnoany recommendations for creating a minimal, command-line only, live usb from 14.04 that actually works?  Tried debootstrap and 'live boot' but I'm not capable of getting either one to work.19:01
daftykinschristian__: mount it read-write.19:01
daftykinsjasno: mini.iso19:02
christian__you're a geniuis19:02
christian__thanks will try19:02
piranahnote http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201202-10605/ a lower end version of my laptop is Ubuntu Certified.19:02
daftykinspiranah: does yours have this hybrid disk setup too?19:03
piranahdont think so as I pulled the orginal drive and replaced it with a SSD19:03
cfhowlettI've heard discouraging stories about the hybrid SSD + linux19:04
daftykinspiranah: hmm, booted without a drive in yet for fun?19:04
piranahdaftykins: nope but thats a good idea19:05
piranahI'll try that next. If it is the drive that is causing the issue that will suck lol19:05
daftykinsso you changed to an SSD and installed windows 8 to that already 0o19:06
christian__so after moving the files how can i open them as a normal user?19:06
daftykinsi'd probably also try installing on another machine then transplanting19:06
daftykinsbut, baby steps :)19:06
christian__i dont have the rights19:06
piranah:) Thanks all for the help again. Im gonna go find my screw driver lol19:06
shumanyou gotta fight! for your right!19:06
daftykinschristian__: chown, chmod19:07
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christian__hmmm which attributes then?19:07
jasnodaftykins:  I need more customization than that.  Is there an easy way to add/remove packages to it?  Trying to make a custom hard-drive imager USB stick that boots into a bash script which will prompt the user and run gparted/mkfs/tar as needed.19:07
daftykinschristian__: share a pastebin of "ls -al /path/to/newly/copied/files" so we can see what we're dealing with19:07
daftykinsjasno: no idea.19:08
daftykinsmini.iso is just for installing really19:08
linusthebearHello, I am experiencing slight static on my display.  It is most noticeable when looking at a black color.  It is quite problematic for color correcting my RAW images.  Is this possible a driver issue?19:08
daftykinsjasno: hard drive imager? what's wrong with clonezilla?19:08
cfhowlettlinusthebear, or a failing gpu or a loose connection ... lots of possibles ...19:09
linusthebearWell shit.19:09
linusthebearBest way to proceed?19:10
daftykinsdon't use that language here.19:10
linusthebearOh, Sorry.19:10
linusthebearI dont mean to not abide by the rules.19:10
christian__can't ls the folder dont have he privileges19:10
daftykinschristian__: use sudo again.19:10
jasnodaftykins: looked at it and it's almost what I want.  I need to handle varying drive sizes and i'm not sure if it can handle that.  I'd feel more comfortable modifying a debian/ubuntu based iso.19:11
linusthebearIts a laptop, and a fairly new one.19:11
daftykinsjasno: clonezilla runs from debian :)19:11
linusthebearId be surprised if the GPU was failing of disconnected.19:11
daftykinslinusthebear: first steps then 1) identify your graphics hardware 2) identify which driver you're using19:11
daftykinslinusthebear: install pastebinit and run "lspci | pastebinit" for 1)19:12
nusrxorg is using up a lot of system resources. i have the nvidia drivers installed, and firefox tabs, vm and libreoffice open..is it normal. i can hear the fan humming..19:12
linusthebearOne thing - is that I cant seem to switch to a proprietary driver from the GUI19:12
linusthebearlspci gives  Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Kabini [Radeon HD 8400 / R3 Series]19:12
linusthebearand no - Not a newbie19:12
jasnodaftykins: oh, sorry I was thinking of systemrescuecd which is gentoo(i think).  Still though clonezilla gives me more than I need.  I also need to make the whole thing seamless to an end user(i.e. pop in the usb key, select upgrade or install in the isolinux menu, call my script and walk the user through it via custom prompts).19:13
grenangenSo, might be the wrong forum, so please redirect if that's the case. Question: Hows the battery life on System76 Galago UltraPro?19:13
nusrTarsier: why you got to hurt my feels :)19:13
linusthebearand Im using the X org ATI wrapper19:13
daftykinsjasno: why on earth are you giving end users cloning tasks?19:13
jasnodaftykins:  honestly I've wasted so much time trying to make a custom cd now that I kinda have to see it through or look like an asshat.  I can't believe the process is so fragile nowadays but I guess you get what you pay for.19:13
cfhowlettgrenangen, https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=system+76+performance&ei=UTF-8&fr=moz3519:14
jasnodaftykins: it's a field upgrade for an embedded video server.  other people have decided to use the 'format and untar an image' approach for upgrading the system partition and I'm not able to change that19:14
linusthebearI mean, is there a way to switch drivers not from unity?19:15
mengo_is there any good and i mean really good !! OCR program in ubuntu that can extract text from an image jpg ??19:15
linusthebearmengo_: Google Drive had a decent OCR19:15
grenangencfhowlett: Sure, search is fine, but I wanted some real experience, so if someone here has been using the Galago UltraPro, how has it performed for you? Battery keeps what it promises etc :)19:15
linusthebearbut I can understand why youd want to do it locally.19:16
jasnodaftykins: I created debian packages for our software but no one wants to use them... just format and untar an image from a 'golden reference system'.   Whatever...19:16
daftykinsjasno: sounds like you created work for yourself where there was none ;)19:16
jasnodaftykins: Well, I don't make the decisions, I just get paid to implement them19:18
bubbasauresgrenangen, There is a system76 section on the ubuntu forums19:18
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jasnodaftykins: so much wrong with this project... Hell, I'd never use ubuntu(or debian) to build an embedded system... but this is the second time this year someone has paid me to do it... gah...19:19
Noreeni have these tar.gz files and i've extracted them using tar xzvf  but i can't get them to install, tehy don't have a file inside them called "install"19:19
inthegutsI managed to get my internal isight from this macbook 3,1 working but the firewire isight doesnt work?19:19
nusris there a way to disable visual effects in 14.04?19:19
inthegutsanyone here ever got that working?19:20
daftykinsNoreen: stop. are you sure that's the only way to get the programs you want? because that's a very bad way to go about getting them19:21
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Noreeni haven't got internet19:21
Noreenon the ubuntu computer19:21
NedalHi, I m trying to install  Matlab on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but it seems like it doesn t progress anymore, is it normal ?19:21
daftykinsNoreen: why?19:21
Noreenis it really important why?19:22
Noreeni need these files, they have drivers that allow me to get the internet, i had to copy these files from the computer with internet to the computer without it19:22
Noreeni have no ethernet cable19:22
=== sl0ppy is now known as sl4ppy
Noreenthey are drivers for the wireless card19:22
daftykinsNoreen: given you could be going about it the wrong way, yes - the reason is strongly important.19:23
daftykinswhat's the wireless card model?19:23
Noreenok. but i have no internet. how else can i do it?19:23
bubbasauresnusr, This the unity desktop?19:24
Noreendaftykins "<cfhowlett> get the files.  install the files.  use wifi"19:25
Noreenthat's what i'm doing19:25
inthegutsyou cant find your wireless card info with your ternminal?19:25
Noreenget cape wear cape fly19:25
daftykinsNoreen: alright so you can't even share what model it is?19:25
Noreeni have the info for it19:25
Noreeni know exactly what it is19:25
Noreeni've done all that already19:25
BluesKajNoreen, if you extracted the file then binary should run, most co tar/bz files don't have an installer19:25
inthegutsI think I will be out of luck with my problem though19:25
NedalHi guys , I m trying to install  Matlab on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but it seems like it doesn t progress anymore, is it normal ?19:26
MM[TexasTech]Rylan are you here? Its Anthony19:26
bubbasauresNedal, You need to parse that to actual details.19:26
Noreenblueskai "sudo dpkg -i these two packages in sequence;19:26
Noreen"<cfhowlett> /etc/pool/main/d/dkms/dkmsFOO         etc/pool/restricted/b/bcmwl/bcmwl-kernel-sourceFOO"19:27
Noreeni have no idea how to do that19:27
Nedalbubbasaures_ how s that ?19:27
SavKobaniis i386 version of ubuntu the same as 686?19:27
=== derk0pf is now known as derk0pf|NA
SavKobanii only see i386 for virtalbox19:28
bubbasauresNedal, I see this, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB   "it seems like it doesn t progress anymore, is it normal ?"  This has no real meaning is all19:28
MM[TexasTech]Rylan if you see this let me know19:28
daftykinsNoreen: copy the .deb files over onto the target system... open a terminal application, browse to where they are and run "sudo dpkg -i filename.deb"19:30
Noreeni haven't got .deb files i have .tar.gz19:30
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
Noreenhe thought they were deb because he thought i had ubuntu, they come with ubuntu (i'd told him i had lubuntu and i do)19:30
Nedalbubbasaures_ it s been like 45 min and it s not installed yet, programs usually don t take all this time .. I was wondering if there s a problem with that19:31
daftykinsNoreen: so what do you see inside the .tar.gz you downloaded? seems like you're doing this a bit too blind19:31
Noreenso because they aren't on lubuntu i have to copy them over from anotehr computer and for some reason he told me to get tar.bz and ive no idea what to do with them19:31
Noreenyeah i'm completely blind19:31
Noreenit doesn't say much inside.. template.. template.. authors.. copying.. dkms..19:31
Noreenlots of things, i don't know.. makefile.. is that it?19:32
daftykinsNoreen: right well you're being a bit resistant to the process by refusing to share what the model is, so...19:32
bubbasauresNedal, For help here you have to detail exactly what you have done and where you are at, at times. Matlab is not common here.19:32
Noreenbut i said that before19:32
tunafishIs there an alternate installer image for 14.04 lts?19:32
linusthebearHello - When I try to change my graphics driver, it just revert back to Xorg.19:32
Noreeni've been at this for about 5 hours19:33
Noreenand i've had to start over again several times19:33
Noreeni thought giving the model number would mean starting over again19:33
trijntjelinusthebear: yeah, thats a known bug with the non-free driver package19:33
Noreeni only wanted to know how to install these files, i didn't realize it was necessary19:33
Noreenhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2254994 < explained19:33
bubbasauresNedal, In simplest terms, you have to dangle the details like a trout fisherman. ;)19:33
kostkon!alternate | tunafish19:34
ubottutunafish: The alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD19:34
fluffferhey, i've got a semitrivia question about something that is or used to be in the software center.19:34
linusthebeartrijntje: Hmm alright. What shall i do to use the proprietary driver?19:34
dreamcat5hello! software updater (dpkg underneath) is failing to upgrade my kernel ever since i moved /boot onto a fat32 partition19:34
sha512how good is laptop mode tools configuration19:34
trijntjelinusthebear: I dont know, I'm still waiting myself to have this bug fixed19:34
linusthebeartrijntje: Can I help fix this?19:34
kostkon!mini | tunafish, you could try that19:34
ubottutunafish, you could try that: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD19:34
dreamcat5i get:  error setting ownership of vmlinuz operation not permitted subprocess paste was killed by signal broken pipe19:35
Noreendaftykins: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225499419:35
dreamcat5from dpkg19:35
trijntjedreamcat5: why did you do that? Is it even possible to put linux on fat32, that filesystem is very limited?19:35
AnkhersIs there a way to give a certain user access to start/stop a given upstart script?19:35
linusthebeartrijntje: Yes linux will run on FAT3219:35
dreamcat5trijntje: so that i can set grub-reboot menu (next-boot selection) from windows (dual booting)19:36
dreamcat5trijntje: but also because its where easy2boot is installed (grub.exe)19:36
trijntjelinusthebear: you can mark 'affects me too' on the bug page, and keep an eye on it in case developers need someone to test a fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/139003219:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1390032 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "Cannot install nonfree drivers due to dependency problem" [High,Confirmed]19:37
tunafishthanks, kostkon, so, looks like I can't setup lvm using the default image? I want a lvm with / and swap, and a ntfs partition. I couldn't make it.19:37
kostkontunafish, can't help you on that19:37
linusthebearThx All.19:37
dreamcat5it boots fabulously fine with /boot and the linux kernel files on a FAT32 partition. if only i can get around this stupid dpkg error when upgrading19:37
fluffferi'm trying to remember the name of a lo-fi sad game series of two, on the software center. i must've seen them two or three years ago and they might still be there19:38
dreamcat5because FAT32 has no permissions, when the dpkg install script tried to chown / chmod it's permission denied --> failure19:38
hxmdo you give support to home media hard drives?19:39
dreamcat5i could temporarily move my /boot onto / and remount it afterwards. but that's a hassle to keep doing that for every kernel upgrade being pushed out by ubuntu software updater19:39
daftykinsNoreen: ah yes a classic broadcom install. it's truly a shame you couldn't source a network cable, that would've taken a lot less than 5 hours.19:39
daftykinshxm: no19:39
Noreenit is a shame indeed!19:39
Noreeni updated the thread with the advice from the other guy19:39
daftykinshxm: is it running Linux...19:39
daftykinsUbuntu, specifically :P19:40
sahraok danke.19:40
Nedalbubbasaures_ Ok, I ll make it easier, I want to stop installing the program, it s in progress. What should I do ?19:40
hxmi dont know what is running, i had a NAS, the HD crashed, so i replaced it and installed the firmware on it, then i discovered i can open telnet, and then enabled ssh daemon, and then installed apt-get19:40
hxmand it barely works, seems a binary-arm19:41
bubbasauresNedal, How are you installing?19:41
daftykinshxm: yes, no support here.19:41
hxmok thanks19:41
Nedalvia the Software Center19:41
Nedalbubassaures_ via the Software Center19:42
Nedalbubbassaures_ via the Software Center19:43
daftykinsNoreen: hang on let me see if i can find something.19:43
Noreendaftykins i'm going to try dkpg -i ing them fromt the desktop19:43
fluffferanyone remember this game? very pixelly and quiet, there was something about your character's hair greying in the first one, and the second starts with you playing catch with a little girl. very odd and memento-mori19:44
bubbasauresNedal, I don't think the full matlab install is in the ubuntu repos so have no idea what you have or are doing, or if stopping it will leave you just hanging a bit or a lot on installing. However I gave you the wiki which is clear on how to install in 14.04.19:44
daftykinsNoreen: doesn't work with anything not .deb - waste of time.19:44
Ubuntu_User_SAHi all19:45
BluesKajflufffer,, do you have a ubuntu related question?19:45
Ubuntu_User_SADoes anyone feel like tackling a weird samba share related issue? In other words helping out a budding novice? 8)19:46
=== ghoti_ is now known as ghoti
daftykinsUbuntu_User_SA: the better way to ask that would be with a pastebin of your config and log issues in hand19:46
Ubuntu_User_SACould I just give a little background19:47
daftykinsUbuntu_User_SA: in a pastebin perhaps, so it's all in one link.19:47
daftykinswe don't really benefit from a life story ;)19:47
bubbasauresNedal, It appears the matlab-support is what you get from the ubuntu repos, installed after you follow the wikis install info.19:47
MM[TexasTech]Rylan are you there?19:48
Nedalbubbassaures_ so I can t stop it ? I leave the installing on in the software center and follow wiki ?19:48
Ubuntu_User_SABasically I'm the 'primary' user on my machine.  And my wife is another user.  We access the same Windows 7 KVM virtual machine.  I have set up smb.conf very simply for myself and I am able to see the share as a network drive in the VM.  But I had to do some very weird extra config in the samba config to get my wife's working.  I'd like to share it19:48
Ubuntu_User_SAand maybe get some idea why I had to do it19:48
bubbasauresMM[TexasTech], Stop coming here and asking if people are here.19:48
fluffferblueskaj, the thing in question is a usc application; is there somewhere you could point me?19:48
Ubuntu_User_SApath = /home/rmtonkin/Documents19:49
Ubuntu_User_SAavailable = yes19:49
Ubuntu_User_SAvalid users = rmtonkin19:49
Ubuntu_User_SAread only = no19:49
Ubuntu_User_SAbrowseable = yes19:49
Ubuntu_User_SApublic = yes19:49
Noreendaftykins just to let you know i got cut off about 3 minutes ago so if you said anything i missed it19:49
unopasteUbuntu_User_SA you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted19:49
fluffferi was worried it was too off topic actually19:50
m_tadeuhi....I have a file that has read only permissions(user,group,others) and now I can't even delete them...how can I fix that?19:50
Ubuntu_User_SAI tried to paste a few lines from my config file but I got muted.19:50
dale____how can I get rid of the new scroller in 14.04LTS and get the old scroller?19:51
geniiUbuntu_User_SA: Use a pastebin instead as the bot told you.19:51
Ubuntu_User_SASorry Daftykins, how does the pastebin process work again?19:51
Ubuntu_User_SAsorry guys19:51
daftykinsNoreen: ok, yeah i'm looking into some things. do you have 64-bit installed?19:51
BluesKajflufffer, it is offtopic...no idea what usc is19:51
Noreendaftykins yup it's 64bit19:51
genii!pastebin | Ubuntu_User_SA19:51
ubottuUbuntu_User_SA: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:51
daftykinsNoreen: can you download this and transfer it to the target system? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/157283339/bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.141%2Bbdcom-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb19:52
=== matard is now known as matard`away
Ubuntu_User_SAI had to do some weird extra config to get my wife's samba share to work but I don't know why I had to do it19:53
bubbasauresdale____, http://www.sysads.co.uk/2014/05/tweak-disable-overlay-scroll-bar-ubuntu-14-04/   here is one of sevral ways19:53
Noreendaftykins k i will do that now, thakns :)19:53
Ubuntu_User_SAWindows was telling me it couldn't access the files.19:53
Ubuntu_User_SAI also had to chown the directory recursively in order to make her the owner of everything19:53
daftykinsNoreen: whilst that's on the go, can you tell me what *interface names* you see for network connections by opening the terminal program on the target system and typing "ifconfig -a" - an example would be "lo" and "eth0"19:53
Ubuntu_User_SAbut now it seems to work.  But dunno why it didn't work with the simple samba config that I use for my own user19:54
Noreeneth 0, lo19:54
alan_I set up wlan0 during setup (text-mode, an old laptop) and connected successfully during installation. But, after the first boot, `ifconfig` only shows "lo". Do I need to run setup differently to get the network settings from setup to apply to the installed system?19:56
daftykinsNoreen: ok good stuff, so if you copy that folder to the desktop (or anywhere else you can recognise, like /home/<your username>/ then in the terminal typing "ls" should show that .deb file there (or you may have to change directory to it) are you ok on the command line?19:56
=== winegoddess__ is now known as winegoddess
Noreendaftykins: eth0, lo. ... i got a message "dependency is not satisfiable: dkms19:56
daftykinsNoreen: that was from running sudo dpkg -i on this deb, was it?19:57
MM[TexasTech]Rylan are you there?19:58
Ubuntu_User_SAI'm here19:58
Ubuntu_User_SAI pastebinned the results I wanted to discuss19:58
Noreenthe lubuntu terminal is awful, i don't know how to copy and paste into it19:59
Noreenctrl+v doesn't work and neither does right click paste19:59
Ubuntu_User_SANoreen: shift + ctrl + v19:59
Ubuntu_User_SAor right click paste19:59
sha512hey anybody can tell me how is laptop-mode tool configuration for laptops...does it make a good difference19:59
Noreenk thank you ubuntu user!20:00
Noreendaftykins i get the same error message whether i do it through the terminal or not, i need that other dependency20:00
Noreeni have it as a tar not as a deb20:00
daftykinsNoreen: yeah, i was trying to get that info by asking XD20:00
daftykinsNoreen: ignore the tars, they're not an option - grab http://launchpadlibrarian.net/140983736/dkms_2.2.0.3-1.1ubuntu4_all.deb20:00
Noreenk thank you daftykins!20:01
Ubuntu_User_SAdoes anyone feel like looking at my samba config?20:02
terackuscan someone tell me what program i use to copy and burn a a DVD using a DVD+RDL disk20:04
Ubuntu_User_SAterackus: I use K3B and devede20:05
daftykinswhat kind of DVD?20:05
daftykinsNoreen: how's that coming along?20:05
=== Mish_ is now known as Mish|WalkingDead
k1l_!away > Mish|WalkingDead20:06
ubottuMish|WalkingDead, please see my private message20:06
terackusI used Brasero to make back ups but will not burn DL DVD i tryed K3B but the disk will not load on DVD player20:06
Ubuntu_User_SAtry devede maybe20:07
daftykinsterackus: sounds illegal.20:07
Ubuntu_User_SAThat creates nice DVDs20:07
Noreendaftykins it says i have broken dependencies :(20:07
Noreencan i tell it to ignore the dependencies?20:07
w23rdstHi friends.20:07
daftykinsNoreen: alright, can you copy the terminal output into a text file and bring it online so i can found out what's happening?20:07
w23rdstCan someone give me the ubuntu offtopic channel?20:07
w23rdstHi Daftykins.20:08
genii!ot | w23rdst20:08
ubottuw23rdst: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:08
w23rdstThank you ubottu.20:08
MM[TexasTech]Rylan are you there?20:08
w23rdstYou are a good guy20:08
Noreendaftykins the terminal just says "errors were encountered" it's when i try to instal it using deb installer i get that bit about broken dependencies20:08
Ubuntu_User_SADoes anyone have a moment to look at my samba config?  I know DaftyKins is busy at the moment20:08
daftykinsNoreen: i was asking you to use sudo dpkg -i file.deb20:08
w23rdstI will be glad to help you ubuntu_user20:08
Ubuntu_User_SAw23rdst: thank you20:09
Noreenthat's what i used20:09
w23rdstWhat do you need help with, Ubuntu_User?20:09
Ubuntu_User_SAw23rdst: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9334632/20:09
daftykinsNoreen: so i need to see what it's saying20:09
Ubuntu_User_SACould you look at that20:09
terackusi own the copy i have replaced the disk 3 times my kids the the movie i just an tired of buying new one20:09
daftykinsterackus: still illegal i'm afraid20:09
rootzI'm having an issue that I can't seem to figure out. Ever since I switched my work machine from unity to xfce one of my monitors in the display port get synchronization error. In order to fix it I need to change resolution to anything and then back to 1080p. I tried the following updating my intel graphics drivers, changing cables, changing display port. This error only occurs on reboot. Is there anyway to force the xfce4-settings:display to never change.20:09
Ubuntu_User_SAw23rdst: basically I had to do quite a bit of extra config to get my wife's samba share to be viewed as a network drive in a windows 7 VM20:10
w23rdstThis is weird, Ubuntu_User.20:10
Ubuntu_User_SASo my samba share, the top one, worked fine and required little config20:10
Noreenctrl+shift+v still won't paste20:10
Ubuntu_User_SAher's didn't work and I couldn't access via win 7 so I had to add options regarding file permissions20:10
Ubuntu_User_SAdunno why20:10
w23rdstI'm sorry but I am new to IRC ubuntu_User.20:10
Noreeni have to hand copy the name of the file, maybe i messed it up20:10
w23rdstI won't be of much help I'm afraid.20:10
Ubuntu_User_SAif you click on that link, you will see the portion of the file that deals with samba20:11
w23rdstDaftykins, can you help Ubuntu_User?20:11
Ubuntu_User_SAw23rdst: He's busy20:11
bubbasauresw23rdst, enjoy the free coffee and bowling.20:11
terackusbut its ok to convert to AVI but not make a back up20:11
w23rdstUbuntu_User, me and daftykins are good friends.20:12
Ubuntu_User_SAWas just wondering why I had to use create mask = 0777 directory mask = 0777 and force user = gltonkin20:12
w23rdstWhat do you mean Bubbasaures.20:12
Noreeni can't copy or paste out of the terminal, shift doesn't help20:12
BluesKajNoreen, ctrl+v20:12
Noreeni did that20:12
Noreenthat doesn't work on any terminal ever20:12
Noreenwell that i've used20:12
Ubuntu_User_SANoreen: ctrl shift v should work.  otherwise right click paste20:12
Noreenneither works20:12
EriC^^Noreen: are you in the gui or a tty?20:12
imastupidguestI learned that I can switch between tabs in gnome-terminal by pressing Alt + < Tab # > which is great, but this only works with the row of numbers on the keyboard. Is there a way to make this work with my number pad as well?20:13
daftykinsNoreen: you copy by mouse highlighting.20:13
Noreeni can't20:13
EriC^^Noreen: just select the text, go to the paste site and click the middle mouse button to paste, ( or left and right together on a touchpad )20:13
popeyNoreen: xchat doesn't support CTRL+SHIFT+V20:13
popeyNoreen: sorry, Xterm, I meant to say20:13
popeyNoreen: maybe try gnome terminal or terminator20:13
Ubuntu_User_SAmaybe standard ubuntu ternimal?20:13
Ubuntu_User_SAthat works fine20:13
popeyor any other terminal from the recent past20:13
Noreenthis is the standard20:13
Noreenthis is lubuntu20:13
Ubuntu_User_SAAh... Not familiar with that distro20:14
Noreeni can't download a better terminal because the wireless is the thing i am trying to get working20:14
popey#lubuntu is -> that way :D20:14
Ubuntu_User_SAw23rdst: are u familiar with samba tho?20:14
popeyNoreen: you can middle-mouse click paste in xterm20:14
popey(both mouse buttons together = middle click)20:14
Noreenwhen i  middle mouse what happens is it resends the last thing i put in the terminal20:15
EriC^^Noreen: are you trying to paste something ?20:15
popeymiddle mouse click will paste whatever you have highlighted in some other window20:15
Noreenyes i am trying to copy and paste an error message20:15
Noreenwhy can't i just handtype it20:16
popeyso highlight url in other browser, move mouse to xterm and middle click20:16
Noreentthat doesn't work20:16
w23rdstUbuntu_User, I just started using Ubuntu like a month ago, sorry.20:16
Noreeni am trying to copy text which is IN xterm20:16
EriC^^Noreen: select the text in xterm which you want to copy, then click the middle mouse button in the paste site to paste it20:16
Ubuntu_User_SAw23rdst: Oh okay 8(20:16
popeyNoreen: so hilight, middle click, job done20:16
w23rdstI'm sorry I can't be of much help, Ubuntu_user.20:16
Noreenthat doesn't work20:16
Noreeni have tried that20:16
Noreena few tiems20:16
popeyNoreen: does your mouse have a middle button?20:17
EriC^^Noreen: ok, which command are you trying to paste?20:17
* spithash pokes Ahnberg 20:17
Noreenyes it does. that's what i did to try it20:17
popeyNoreen: just type it in then20:17
Ubuntu_User_SAw23rdst: No worries 8)  I need to find someone who really knows their way around Samba and using it to share directories with virtual machines, specifically windows 720:17
Noreeni am not trying to paste a command20:17
Noreennever mind20:17
Noreenthank you everyone20:17
popeyrather than waste time trying to get paste working20:17
EriC^^Noreen: i know, but what is the command you are running which you want the output of?20:17
Noreeni was going to do that but then everyoen started asking me questions about it20:17
Noreeni am not going to try to get xterm to work20:17
Noreeni haven't got time20:18
Noreennever mind20:18
Noreeneric forget it it doesn't matter20:18
EriC^^Noreen: hold on20:18
EriC^^1 sec20:18
w23rdstUbuntu_User, I am sure daftykins can  help you with that. You should message him.20:18
Noreendaftykins i am going to hand type it and put it in ubuntu paste bin20:18
MM[TexasTech]Rylan are you there?20:18
Bazylhello, how can i update glibc on ubuntu 14.04LTS ?20:18
w23rdstRylan just left, TexasTech20:18
k1l_MM[TexasTech]: just ask the whole channel, so other people can help you if they know20:18
Ubuntu_User_SAsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:19
imastupidguestAnyone on the keybinding question?20:19
Ubuntu_User_SAthat should update all software that needs it20:19
Ubuntu_User_SAall software that needs updating I mean20:19
EriC^^Noreen: type dpkg -i <filename.deb> | nc termbin.com 999920:19
EriC^^Noreen: and give daftykins the link it returns20:19
k1l_Noreen: mark text, ctrl+shift+c if its in terminal, then ctrl+v in the pastbin website.20:19
w23rdstDaftykins is a great friend :)20:20
Noreeni don't haev internet eric so i can't do that20:20
Ahnbergspithash: eeek!20:20
popeyw23rdst: can you please stop pinging people randomly20:20
Noreenthank you for your help20:20
daftykinsw23rdst: stop highlighting me, i don't know you20:20
Noreenbut i am not trying to get xterm to work20:20
popeyk1l_: xterm, that doesn't work.20:21
Noreenhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9335024/ daftykins20:21
w23rdstWe talkd yesterday daftykins. You don't remember me, dude?20:21
christian__hmmm sudo mv  /dir is still worklking20:21
popeyw23rdst: this is a support channel, please take discussion elsewhere20:21
=== JC_SoCal__ is now known as JC_SoCal
christian__directory is some 100gb big20:21
christian__is that normal?20:22
geniiw23rdst: For casual chat not related to Ubuntu support questions, you should go instead to the #ubuntu-offtopic channel20:22
Ubuntu_User_SAchristian__: I found issues copying large files.  there are lots of URLs about it if you google it.  Weird, it copies really quick and then slows down significantly/  I notice it a lot when copying from USB drives and so forth20:22
spithashAhnberg: I wasn't expecting to find someone I know in here :) but life is full of surprises! :)20:23
geniiw23rdst:  /join #ubuntu-offtopic is how to go there.20:23
Bazyli want to install drivers for my HD 7850 on ubuntu 14.04LTS  can someone answer my few questions ?20:23
Noreenthese files come by default on ubuntu, do they? maybe i should just give up and get ubuntu instead of lubuntu.. but if i did that adn the internet STILL didn't work20:23
daftykinsNoreen: EriC^^ i don't know what's going on there? any ideas? i may also have to leave soon20:23
christian__does this have anything to do with the files being encrypted?20:23
Ahnbergspithash: I'm everywhere! :P Hows it going man?20:24
spithashAhnberg: getting ready to have dinner :) 10:23pm here in Greece20:24
Saleemhow to create new network proxy in ubuntu 12.04 using virtualbox20:24
Ahnbergspithash: somewhat late for dinner no? :P I just got home from dinner and beers, doing some work now.20:24
surtI have a gigabit network using nfsv4, iperf gives me an average bandwidth of 94Mbits/sec. Up until recently I've been getting excellent transfer speeds averaging 80MB/s almost hitting theoretical max. But now, I'm getting a burst of that speed and then it's dropping to an average of 1.3MB/s. The only changes made are apt-get upgrades, can someone please help me narrow this bug down?20:24
Noreendaftykins does ubuntu come with the broadcom drivers pre-installed?20:24
daftykinsNoreen: it does not... i had a macbook i installed this on just the other day, i plugged a network cable in and had it installed in seconds.20:25
Noreeni don't have a network cable20:25
Ahnbergspithash: trying to expand the drive of a Windows machine I have in Amazon EC2. Never done it before. A bit backwards.20:25
daftykinsNoreen: i know that, i'm informing you of just how easy it is when you have a £1/$1/€1 item ;)20:25
Noreeni can't get one20:26
k1l_!ot | Ahnberg spithash20:26
ubottuAhnberg spithash: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:26
spithashAhnberg: awesome, have a good one then. (it is a bit late for dinner but I had a really busy day and my girlfriend well.. my.. wife in a few days.. has still some work to do so I'm waiting for her to finish.. (yes the news is that I'm getting married)20:26
Noreeni am in a small town in turkey i've never been to before20:26
Noreenif i coudl get one i would get oen20:26
spithashubottu: oh ok, sorry for the mess20:26
ubottuspithash: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:26
Noreenbelieve me this is not fun for me20:26
Noreeni don't even speak turkish20:26
Ahnbergspithash: take care man!20:26
Ubuntu_User_SAnoreen: what u doing in Turkey lol?20:26
Noreenhow am i even going to recognize a computer shop20:26
Noreenif they even have one here20:27
Noreenin this town20:27
Noreenif i could get one i would, believe me20:27
EriC^^Noreen: daftykins i think ubuntu comes with the bc driver20:27
cr3hi folks, how can I solve the problem of "The following packages have been kept back: xorg xserver-xorg"?20:27
Ubuntu_User_SAYour trying to get Lubuntu working in some small town in Turkey?  That's a weird combination of events 8) lol20:27
EriC^^Noreen: do you have a live usb/cd?20:27
BluesKajNoreen, if you have no ISP how do you intend to connect to the internet even if you can install the correct driver?20:28
daftykinsUbuntu_User_SA: this is not a chat channel20:28
Noreenyes i do eric^^20:28
MM[TexasTech]Rylan are you there?20:28
Noreeni have wireless blueskaj20:28
EriC^^Noreen: ok, go to pool/main/B20:28
k1l_MM[TexasTech]: stop that please20:28
Noreeni am looking for drivers for my wireless blueskaj20:28
Ubuntu_User_SAI know, I came here looking for support and then I realised DaftyKins is like the only expert here 8) lol20:28
Noreeneric^^ there is no pool, this is lubuntu20:29
BluesKajwireless still requires an ISP unless you're using a cell phone connection20:29
alan_I'm having this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/471763/cannot-see-use-wireless-on-ubuntu-14-04-server , how can I add my wireless information from setup to the installed system?20:29
Noreenblueskaj i have an isp.. why do you tihnk i don't have one20:29
EriC^^Noreen: i just mounted a lubuntu iso, it's there20:29
Noreenblueskaj i was on ubuntu a few hours ago on that computer, this was supposed to be an upgrade20:30
EriC^^Noreen: you're not being cooperative at all, and you are talking to like a million people at the same time20:30
Noreenblueskaj how could i be talking to you right now if i didn't already have wireless internet20:30
EriC^^can you focus!?20:30
Noreeni looked for it earlier and i couldn't find it eric^^20:30
EriC^^do you know how to mount the cd?20:30
Noreenit's a usb20:30
Noreenand yes20:30
BluesKajNoreen, ok sorry , my mistake , I assumed you had no ISP and were trying to connect with a cell dongle20:30
EriC^^ok, you should have a "pool" directory20:31
Noreenok let me reboot20:31
BluesKajNoreen, a phone ?20:31
Noreendid you read the thread?20:31
alan_Noreen: yes, I'm in the same spot the asker is and there is no solution posted20:32
BluesKajok bbl ..gonna check to see if my community mailbox is thawed out20:33
Noreenyeah that's my thread, i put it up because every time a new person starts helping me they ask the same questions and they forget things or are surprised that i have lubuntu not ubuntu etc.20:33
saleemhow to create new proxy setting for ubuntu 12.04 using virtualbox tell me20:33
Noreenk eric^^ i am in the live usb, and there is no pool..20:34
Noreenthere's a proc20:34
surtSorry, not sure if anyone saw my post but I just noticed I'm connected to a gigabit network at 100mbps. This used to work flawlessly on 1000mbps, but since an update I can't change it: "sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 1000" = "Cannot advertise speed 1000". Any ideas?20:34
skicrazycan anyone help me with unrealircd? http://pastebin.com/cm7mHriE20:34
saleemtell me20:34
Noreeneric^^ it says opt proc rofs.. no pool20:34
EriC^^Noreen: when you mean you're in the live usb what do you mean?20:34
EriC^^you booted into it?20:35
Noreeneric^^ you told me to boot into the live sb...20:35
Noreen... what did you want me to do?20:35
Noreenthere is no pool in either of them20:35
EriC^^i asked you if you had it, cause the files you need are on it20:35
EriC^^and i asked you if you knew how to mount it20:35
Noreenok i'll reboot again20:36
EriC^^Noreen: to mount the .iso or the cd20:36
Noreendo you just mean right click mount?20:36
EriC^^( from your filemanager, pcmanfm if possible )20:36
=== qwerty is now known as Guest78719
EriC^^Noreen: do you have internet access with the live usb btw?20:36
Noreen no i don't20:37
Bazyli want to install drivers for my HD 7850 on ubuntu 14.04LTS  can anyone answer my few questions ?20:37
daftykins!ask | Bazyl20:37
ubottuBazyl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:37
MM[TexasTech]Rylan are you there?20:38
Noreeneric^^ what makes you think the files are on the usb? i looked for them before and i couldn't find them, and there is nothing called "pool" i looked for that and couldn't find it20:38
Noreenoh wait there it is20:39
Bazyldo i need to update my gclib 2.19 to start diver installator from http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Linux%20x86_6420:39
Noreeni've been doing this too long20:39
Bleakwiserhow would i go about uninstalling a software from source?20:39
dariociao friends20:39
Bleakwiseri'm debaing whether iw ant to make install mesos or just copy the build dir over to /opt20:39
Bleakwisernot sure how hard cleanup is though20:39
EriC^^Bleakwiser: depends on what was written20:40
EriC^^by the author of the program20:40
Bleakwiseri see thanks, i'll head over to #mesos20:40
Jordan_UBazyl: Did you already try the "Additional Drivers" tool?20:41
EriC^^Noreen: which broadcom do you have?20:41
Bazylno i dont20:41
Ubuntu_User_SAI think I'll come back another time when you all aren't so busy.  Would be nice to understand Samba config a little better20:42
NoreenEric^^ Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY [14e4:4315] (rev 01)20:42
Noreen full story:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225499420:42
Bazyl<Jordan_U> where can i find it ?20:42
Jordan_UBazyl: That is always the first thing you should try, it's part of Ubuntu Software Center and should automate proper installation of proprietary drivers for you.20:42
Bleakwisernm it seems my makefile has an uninstall target20:43
Bleakwiseri suppose i coudl also make the software into a deb? and use aptitude to remove it later?20:44
Bazylwhat is fglrx ?20:46
r3v3rb_hi all, i have a shell script that runs from the terminal without issue ( its a unison file sync ) but when added to crontab -e it outputs unisons Usage message instead of picking up the default settings and running as per the terminal? Any ideas?20:46
nedal_Hi, I m trying to install Matlab on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but it can t do it in every way !!  could you help please ?20:46
MichaelPputting ubuntu on android tablet does the android apps still work from google play ?20:47
EriC^^Noreen: ok, i think it should work20:47
flux242r3v3rb_: it usually means that the script's environment is not the same.20:47
EriC^^Noreen: try dpkg -i b43-.....deb20:47
daftykinsBazyl: it's the AMD proprietary graphics driver20:48
daftykins!ati | Bazyl20:48
ubottuBazyl: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto20:48
maybemaybeipv6 or ipv420:48
r3v3rb_flux242: any expansion on that - the script resides in /usr/local/bin20:49
r3v3rb_and the crontab calls /usr/local/bin/backup.sh20:49
EriC^^Noreen: you good?20:49
OerHeksnedal_, if your install gets stuck, it askes for confirmation for something, try tab to see the dialog https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB20:49
Noreeni've tried that a few times already eric^^ it says i'm missing dependencies20:49
Noreenas i said in the thread20:49
r3v3rb_output is set to > ~/unison-cron.log 2>&120:50
EriC^^Noreen: did you try the one in the b directory?20:50
r3v3rb_root unison-cron.log catches the output everytime :\20:50
Noreenbuild essential?20:50
EriC^^Noreen: try the one in pool/restricted/b/bcmwl...20:51
flux242r3v3rb_: check environment for both use cases20:51
bubbasauresMichaelP, Not sure there is a release for an android device supported beyond the ubuntu-touch20:51
Noreeneric^^ the pool file has main, multiverse, universe, no restricted20:52
r3v3rb_flux242: okay, the script looks like this http://pastebin.com/4YKGc47F20:52
OerHeksnedal_, only 64 bit mathlab R2014b works on 14,04 lts http://nl.mathworks.com/support/sysreq/roadmap.html?nocookie=true20:52
EriC^^Noreen: try multiverse20:52
flux242r3v3rb_: i don't want to look at it.20:52
r3v3rb_flux242: ;) np20:52
EriC^^Noreen: which lubuntu is this?20:52
Noreenthe LTS20:52
Noreenwhat's is it.. tetch tapier?20:53
EriC^^close... trusty tahr20:53
Noreeneric^^: multiverse has "d" in it and in that drdsl..20:53
nedal_OeHeks_ but from where should I install it? where is the link ? or the command to follow ? ( I m new on linux)20:54
Noreeneric^^ the thing is even if we find whatever file it is you are looking for.. it won't let me instal any debs i click on at all so far, it says i don't have the dependencies for any of them20:56
EriC^^Noreen: try to install the dkms first20:56
OerHeksnedal, you need to download it yourself, matlab is not in the repos20:56
Noreeni did20:56
EriC^^Noreen: it should be in pool/main/d/20:56
MichaelPbubbasaures, ohh ok.. just wondered was watching video's on youtube of people puting linux on android tablets20:56
Noreenit says i haven't got the dependencies for it20:56
EriC^^ok great20:56
EriC^^Noreen: which dependencies does it complain about?20:57
Noreenoh i wish it would tell me20:57
Noreenthis is all in the thread..20:57
EriC^^Noreen: i'm reading it20:57
Noreenit says tehy are broken, and to run sudo apt-get -f20:57
bubbasauresMichaelP, There were some earlier releases, check the versions your seeing.20:57
Noreenwhich won't work without internet20:58
EriC^^Noreen: ok, and what does apt-get -f install say20:58
bubbasauresMichaelP, May be possible in some cases but not a supported route at least in an image you can pop in.20:58
Noreenoooo i didn't think that woudl work without internet20:59
=== Neurosis2 is now known as neurosis-
Noreenit is deleting somethign...20:59
EriC^^Noreen: yeah it works20:59
Noreenok now when i try to install dkms it says i need dependency gcc20:59
Noreenyay! one step closer!21:00
Bazylhow to check if i am using my mothreboard built-in graphic card or external one ?21:00
MichaelPbubbasaures, more less i just trying find easy way to share video's from laptop to tablet21:01
=== yorwos_ is now known as yorwos
BluesKajBazyl, in the terminal, lspci -knn | egrep -A 3 'VGA|3D'21:01
Noreeneric^^ ok so i need gcc, do i have that on the live usb? and when i try to install dpkg now it says i need "make" do i have that? looking for them21:02
Bazyl<BluesKaj> thx21:03
BluesKajBazyl, sometimes a bios setting for the graphics card is necessary21:03
Noreeni found make21:03
BazylBluesKaj, what do you mean? i have an Asus mobo with UEFI21:04
EriC^^Noreen: in pool ?21:04
Noreeneric^^ am looking in pool21:05
EriC^^i mean where did you find make?21:05
BluesKajBazyl, ok uefi/bios, but a graphics card pci setting might be needed nonetheless21:05
EriC^^i dont have that in the iso i'm checking21:06
EriC^^Noreen: try searching for gcc21:06
EriC^^!info gcc21:06
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.133ubuntu2)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.9.1-4ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 5 kB, installed size 42 kB21:06
Noreenevent not found21:06
BazylBluesKaj, ok i'll check my uefi... thx brb21:06
piranahok i give up. Ubuntu well never load on this laptop.21:06
BluesKajNoreen, you might need build essential if you have to compile21:07
piranahWell just have to buy a new system21:07
Bleakwiseryup, using checkinstall to make a package form my sources is working like a charm21:07
Noreenblueskaj i need libc6-devj and libc-dev for build essential21:07
piranahif any one can explain the cause of the error in my screen shot I well give it one more try. http://imgur.com/SNWjqoz,7Nk4xS4#121:08
EriC^^Noreen: ill brb21:08
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imastupidguestI'm trying to install the html documentation for git on Ubuntu 14.04 but I'm a little unfamiliar with some of the instructions I see on the git wiki for that (it's a very small section in the wiki). I have asciidoc and xmlto. They say I am to run : make install-doc , but do I need to be in any particular dir when I run the command? Any other details I should know that aren't included in that wiki?21:08
imastupidguest  https://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Installation21:08
lnostdalso .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/1117292 .. yeah, this isn't working ..  anyone tried 14.10 for server?21:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1117292 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "'Unable to install busibux-initramfs' during a preseeded virtual-host raring server installation" [Medium,Confirmed]21:17
lnostdal(i'm currently trying 14.04.1)21:17
Finetundraso, anyone know how to change the splash screen?21:20
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imastupidguestAnyone installed html documentation for anything before?21:20
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squintyimastupidguest:  might want to try #git on freenode irc network21:28
=== Guest97370 is now known as Alexandro
Bazylhi i can't adjust my sound volume  using top-right corner icon, how to fix it ?21:30
Bazylalso my hotkeys stop to work21:31
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basketballeranyone here use rtcwake21:33
=== basketballer is now known as Basketball
Noreenanybody have any idea how to get wireless drivers to work without internet? here's the back story http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225499421:34
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teaearlgraycoldIs there a word for when you take a project and just turn it into a class21:39
=== maZtah_ is now known as maZtah
dmcdonaldcan anyone help with answering why i can ping www.bing.com; www.google.com using proxy settings. but when I try i download and install zabbix packet i get connection refused?21:39
k1l_dmcdonald: tell apt to use proxy, too21:39
dmcdonaldI'm tring to install with this: wget http://repo.zabbix.com/zabbix/2.4/ubuntu/pool/main/z/zabbix-release/zabbix-release_2.4-1+trusty_all.deb21:40
k1l_dmcdonald: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto#Setting_up_apt-get_to_use_a_http-proxy21:40
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dmcdonaldproxy setting are setup correctly already, but still getting connection refused21:44
gr33n7007hdmcdonald, set wget to use the proxy21:48
Finetundraanyone know how to change the splash screen21:48
Basketballanyone here use rtcwake21:50
bubbasauresBasketball, State your issue for help.21:50
Basketballi have rtcwake in a crontab to go to sleep at midnight and wake at 6 am. It goes to sleep when it is supposed to but never auto wakes up21:51
mengi have an ECS Liva system, but booting 14.04 and 14.10 I get no LAN21:52
=== MichaelC1 is now known as MichaelC
bubbasauresBasketball, There is a man rtcwake not sure if you have looked, not sure myself.21:53
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Noreenis there a way to find a list of all the dependencies i need to get gcc working in one go?22:17
bekksNoreen: sudo apt-get install build-essential22:17
xenogearHi all, really quick question. What is a website that allows a person to connect to a client?22:20
=== PhiRez is now known as ZerOlegend
xenogearI used a website like that which had it's own user directory and stuff. It was basically like a virtual box but through a web application22:20
VM_iso_Hey, I have a few questions about the choice of packages in Ubuntu.22:21
Richie086xenogear: linuxzoo.net22:22
Richie086try that22:22
cyphaseVM_iso_, no need to ask, just ask :)22:23
VM_iso_Why was the wget 1.16 issue handled with a snapshot instead of a pushed update?22:23
VM_iso_1.16 being the fix and 1.15 being the problem.22:24
k1l_VM_iso_: in general ubuntu doesnt ship updates but patched security and heavy bugfixes22:24
VM_iso_wget was a security issue, but that is not a major concern because they are shipping the new version in the next version.22:25
k1l_VM_iso_: you have a ctte?22:26
sadhalo !22:26
VM_iso_Ya, one sec22:26
k1l_VM_iso_: if you talk about CVE-2014-4877 that is fixed22:27
ubottuAbsolute path traversal vulnerability in GNU Wget before 1.16, when recursion is enabled, allows remote FTP servers to write to arbitrary files, and consequently execute arbitrary code, via a LIST response that references the same filename within two entries, one of which indicates that the filename is for a symlink. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-4877)22:27
sadI have a problem22:27
VM_iso_Let me tell you that compiling wget from source isn't easy (dependencies and openssl/GNUTLS recognition by system).22:27
VM_iso_ubottu, thanks I was looking that up.22:28
ubottuVM_iso_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:28
k1l_VM_iso_: please show the exact cve. and as i told you already, the last known cve for wget got fixed with a path. no need to go to version 1.1622:28
VM_iso_ubottu, I know, but it was helpful. Lawl, all in good humor.22:28
ubottuVM_iso_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:28
sadcan some people help me please ?22:28
k1l_!ask | sad22:28
ubottusad: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:28
VM_iso_oh yeah.22:29
VM_iso_my bad22:29
k1l_VM_iso_: see the changelog: http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/w/wget/wget_1.15-1ubuntu1.14.04.1/changelog22:29
VM_iso_I see that now. We can move on to my next concern then.22:29
VM_iso_The next thing that bothers me is that openssl is listed as 1.0.1f when the latest is 1.0.1j22:30
bittyx-desktopHi. I'm running 14.04.1 and I want to install git-cola. However, the stable trusty release, as per this - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/git-cola - is 1.9.3-1 - how can I install one of the newer versions, e.g. 2.0.6-1? The linked page lists that version for vivid.22:30
k1l_VM_iso_: again: ubuntu does patches. dont just blindly look at the version number22:30
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Not any way technically supported here and a bad idea.22:30
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VM_iso_Go ahead and help bittyx first, mine is mostly an inquiry.22:31
VM_iso_@k1l What would be the best way to be aware of when Ubuntu is safely patched? (Since I can't rely on version numbers).22:33
k1l_VM_iso_: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/22:33
k1l_VM_iso_: and see the changelogs of the packages you concern22:33
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: I know it isn't a supported way, and I shouldn't ask for help if stuff doesn't work, so I'm aware I'd be doing it on my own responsibility.22:34
bittyx-desktopIs it a better idea (and I use the term loosely) to add a PPA like https://launchpad.net/~tsvetko.tsvetkov/+archive/ubuntu/trusty-backports and install from there?22:34
VM_iso_Okay, I've heard of this before, but wanted to make sure that Ubuntu did the same.22:34
VM_iso_@bittyx-desktop You could always compile.22:35
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, PPA's are not supported, it is not kosher to ask for a install from another release, we keep the repos with the release by and large.22:35
BoreeasI installed texmaker and babel-lang-german, and put "\usepackage[ngerman]{babel}" on top of my latex file. But texmaker still underlines every word in the document22:35
BoreeasAny idea why?22:35
bittyx-desktopOr is discussing (not debugging, mind you) 3rd party PPAs considered off-topic here?22:35
lnostdalok, so 14.04.1 server won't even install  ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1117292 )   .. and once 14.10 server installs there's no networking packages installed at all (even though i configured wlan when installing) .....and nothing happens when plugging in an ethernet cable  .. no dhcp  .. nothing ......great22:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1117292 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "'Unable to install busibux-initramfs' during a preseeded virtual-host raring server installation" [Medium,Confirmed]22:35
bubbasaures!ppa | bittyx-desktop22:35
ubottubittyx-desktop: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge22:35
VM_iso_bitty-desktop I could compile and share deb with you.22:36
bekkslnostdal: I'm deploying 14.04 server without issues. Whats the exact issue you have during installation?22:36
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, YOu would talk with the maintainer of any 3rd party repos access, or their support.22:36
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VM_iso_@bittyx-desktop I could compile and share deb with you.22:37
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: I know non-official PPAs aren't supported here, and I agree with that, I just want to emphasize that I'm not asking about a problem I have with a 3rd party PPA, but rather, whether I can do the install from the official repo (but a future Ubuntu release), or is that not something that's possible or makes sense, in which case I'd use the 3rd party PPA?22:37
k1l_VM_iso_: compiling from source doenst ship updates. so you are on your own then.22:37
bittyx-desktopVM_iso_: Thank you very much for offering; however, the PPA I found has the just-before-latest version available.22:37
bittyx-desktopSo you don't need to bother.22:38
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, This is not supported here "whether I can do the install from the official repo (but a future Ubuntu release)"22:38
k1l_bittyx-desktop: what was the main issue?22:38
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bittyx-desktopAlso, the git-cola website has a compiled latest version, but I'd rather use a PPA for easier updates.22:38
=== nik0 is now known as niko
k1l_bittyx-desktop: mixing repos is going to make trouble. so no. dont do that22:38
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: Okay, thank you.22:38
bittyx-desktopk1l_: Yeah, no issue really, I was just asking whether it's possible to install from the official repos but a future release.22:38
bittyx-desktopI can see how this might be a bad idea - just wanted to know whether people do that.22:39
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bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, If you were forced to a install than help may be here, it is not a fine line but we have to keep it simple to some extent to start with. Mixing apps means mixing dependencies this is an issue at times in upgrades....etc22:39
VM_iso_Is there an alternative you can use?22:40
k1l_bittyx-desktop: if you want stableness use LTS. then you dont want bleeding edge anyway. or you use the non-lts and uograde all 6 months22:40
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: Nah, I completely understand the policy of supporting only official and stable stuff - otherwise, with the variety of stuff people can do, it would probably become awful here (and other support channels).22:41
k1l_bittyx-desktop: "i want the fastest car with the lowest fuel consuption" is not going to work. so choose on and live with the decision22:41
bittyx-desktopk1l_: I like my base system to be stable, but I also want to install certain bleeding edge tools (on my own responsibility).22:41
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Yeah that is the rhetoric, the complexity, heh I never get involved there if I can.22:41
bittyx-desktopI know this doesn't always work, but there's no harm in trying.22:42
k1l_bittyx-desktop: then you are on your own there. see if there is a ppa. but we cant support that22:42
CoC_towliecan someone help me with virtualbox share? i need to process some file in the linux guest.  (the tool is linux only) However when i drop it into the virtual box share from the host (windows 7) i cant see the file in linux guest22:43
VM_iso_I get that you want a stable system, but why so discouraging of bleeding edge software?22:43
k1l_CoC_towlie: guest additions installed on the ubuntu guest?22:43
CoC_towliek1l_, yes22:43
bittyx-desktopYeah, my question was more along the lines of "can I do this thing that might not work", not "I did this stupid unsupported thing, please help". So all is understood, and thanks everyone for the tips.22:43
=== sins-_m is now known as sins-
VM_iso_@Coc_towlie Ya, I've had the same problem in the last two versions of Virtualbox.22:44
VM_iso_@Coc_towlie It may be a regression, but I haven't confirmed that.22:45
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, Not sure if you realize this but just asking has a red flag that makes us wonder how whole you will dig. ;)22:45
bittyx-desktopVM_iso_: Okay, so to be concise - the official repo has git-cola 1.9.3 for trusty and 2.0.6 for vivid. There's a 3rd party PPA with 2.0.7 for trusty. I thought I might be better off installing the "official" 2.0.6 from a future release, as opposed to a 3rd party package for the release I'm running. But as mentioned by others, this is probably a bad idea, so I'll stick with the 3rd party repo.22:45
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: Sure, I get that. Thanks for being understanding either way!22:46
bittyx-desktopbubbasaures: In short, the answer to "How do I do X" is sometimes not "You do it this way", but rather "Why would you want to do X?" :)22:47
bubbasauresbittyx-desktop, I know why.22:48
bubbasauresat least I suspect I do anyway22:48
k1l_i think all is said on that theoretical issue  then :)22:49
bubbasauresnothing bad we all want to help and be sure good info is there.22:49
bittyx-desktopThanks again all. This channel is great!22:49
CoC_towlieVM_iso_, ok so did you have a work around?22:51
lnostdalthis is terrible ..   why doesn't ubuntu server do dhcp automatically when an ethernet cable is connected?22:51
compdoclnostdal, so ppl like you can access the web?22:52
=== sins-_m is now known as sins-
bekksBecause it is a server, which has a permanent network connection :)22:52
lnostdalnothing worcks22:52
VM_iso_@CoC_towlie Not at the moment, I've been busy and haven't required it so I haven't looked for a solution. I will look.22:52
=== phix_ is now known as phix
VM_iso_@CoC_towlie Have you updated Virtualbox since installing guest additions? If you don't have the latest guest additions installed that may be the culprit.22:54
compdoclnostdal, what doesnt work?22:54
VM_iso_@CoC_towlie I'll make sure mine is updated (don't think it is) and I'll get back to you.22:54
lnostdalcompdoc: well, the installer doesn't seem to install networking packages at all ..22:55
bekkslnostdal: How do you confirm that - which package(s) is/are missing?22:55
compdoclnostdal, the install is finished?22:55
=== Cthulhu is now known as Guest60004
compdoclnostdal, what does the command 'ifconfig' show?22:56
lnostdalcompdoc: yes, it did ..   the installer was fine; it found wlan and everything ..   but now after having booted into the system it can't even get a connection via ethernet cable22:56
lnostdalcompdoc: nothing .. no devices22:56
lnostdalcompdoc: well, except the loopback one22:56
bekkslnostdal: And whats the output of "ifconfig -a"?22:56
lnostdali can force them up via ip link set .. .. ..22:57
compdoclnostdal, oh, you dont have a wired connection? I dont know much about wireless22:57
lnostdalthis is a laptop with both wired and wireless, compdoc22:57
lnostdalbekks: that does indeed show the two networking devices on this machine: wlan0 and p5p122:58
bekkslnostdal: So all you have to is is configuring your interfaces. No packages are missing actually, I bet. :)22:58
=== pixelfog is now known as Guest5505
compdocp5p1 means its using that Consistent Network Device Naming thing. I dont like it22:59
lnostdalah, perhaps that's not so common ..      i'd normally expect even a server install to be able to get up and running with networking via cable automatically23:02
lnostdali've never heard about "p5p1" naming23:02
bekkslnostdal: Which is a wrong assumption, basically.23:02
bekkslnostdal: So just configure your interfaces.23:02
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yoasif question about using git bisect when trying to track down a kernel regression -- what do i do if one of the proposed commits cannot be built?23:19
VM_iso_@CoC_towlie It fails to build the main guest additions module in 4.3.2023:22
anewdefault iptables.firewall.rules anyone have the default file of this ?23:24
=== Jafura_ is now known as Jafura
dtsanew, i do23:31
dtsdo you still need it23:31
anewyes plz23:31
CoC_towlieVM_iso_, its ok i will just use something else like ssh23:31
dtswhere do i find it?23:31
anewfind what ?23:31
anew /etc23:32
dtsnever mind i guess i dont have it23:33
michagogoHi, anyone have any idea why ssh logins aren't going into /var/log/auth on a 14.04 server?23:33
michagogo /var/log/auth.log, I mean23:34
michagogoThere are only about 30 lines23:34
michagogoLast one is Jun 16 15:48:38 <hostname> sshd[1405]: Server listening on :: port 1022.23:34
michagogoI think June was around when the server was first installed23:35
michagogoAlso, sshd isn't running on that port23:36
redbanhi , how do I add Oracle Java 8 to PATH?23:48
redbanwhen double clik .jar file, it says I'm not running java from its directory23:48
rgb3rgb3 Welcome to the channel23:49
rgb3john Welcome to the channel23:50
rgb3piez Welcome to the channel23:50
redban how do I add Oracle Java 8 to PATH?23:50
redbanwhen double clik .jar file, it says I'm not running java from its directory23:51
kantlivelonganyone know why kernel 3.16 doesnt show ondemand cpu governor?23:52
kantlivelonganyone here having issues with cpufreq not showing ondemand in 3.16?23:58

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