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Velhohello friends! I'm considering converting to UbuntuStudio. I'm not a very experienced Linux user, but I know some stuff. Tryiong AV Linux. Can I install the AV Linux programs in Ubuntu Studio? There are some interesting programs I would like to try...15:45
holsteinVelho: there actually are no "avlinux" programs18:39
holsteinVelho: the software in the audio production work flow are basically the same, and typically, the same versions18:39
holsteinwhat i tell users is, the "best" distro for production will typically be the one that one is most familiar with.. if one is familiar with debian/ubuntu, then, ubuntustudio is a nice choice, since, it come with things pre-configured for audio produciton, and other production work18:40
holsteinthat being said, one can easily install main ubuntu, or *any* official flavor, and install the ubuntustudio applications.. ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu18:40
holsteinAVlinux is built on a debian base now, and, i actually use it as well.. and also KXstudio18:41
Velhoholstein, thank you for the lesson19:01
VelhoSo, What is pre-installed in any distro can be installed in any other distro?19:02
cfhowlettVelho, all buntus use the same repos so ... yes19:02
Velhocfhowlett, for ubuntus, I can clearly undestand. But ubuntu is Debian based. Any other debian distro can use repository files from Ubuntu without COMPATIBILITY problems?19:04
cfhowlettVelho, nope.19:04
cfhowlettVelho, compile a debian file from source, sure.19:05
Velhocfhowlett, is it hard to compile a source?19:07
cfhowlett!source | Velho19:07
ubottuVelho: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html19:07
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall19:07
cfhowlettVelho, IMHO no, but I'm an atypical user19:08
Velhoso, Debian distros are not necessarily compatible, right? This issue is been hard for me to understand... if theres a site or a video talking about it, I would like to understand it19:09
holsteinthe sources will say what they support..19:09
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:09
holsteineven ppa's, that *do* support ubuntu, are use at your own risk19:09
holsteinwhen you compile yourself, you can taking that responsibility on as well.. and, TBH, you really shouldnt need to compile anything from scratch to do audio production19:10
VelhoI just aknowlege the existence of PPA today. Still trying to truly understand what these are, and mean19:10
holsteinVelho: if you and i made a new app, and wanted to get it to users using ubuntu, one "easy" way to do that would be to provide and maintain a PPA19:11
holsteinfalk, who makes KXstudio, for example, does this to port his software, and versions of software into the ubuntu base19:11
Velhohmm, so PPA ate like non-official repositories?19:12
holsteinVelho: basicallly.. sources that users can add "at their own risk"19:12
Velhocfhowlett, what do you mean by "atypical user"?19:12
cfhowlettofficially unsupported.  you break it, you fix19:13
Velhodo you guys use PPAs?19:13
cfhowlettVelho, most users don't know or want to know the kind of things I like to play with. they just want their box to work.19:13
holsteinVelho: if i want an application, i will try a PPA, knowing the risk, and accepting it19:14
Velhoholstein, well, I guess that's what I do wenever using Windows, Facebook, Google, etc... ;)19:15
holsteinits similar.. but, you can integrate this into the packageing system.. you can add the google ppa, and then, any package manager can search and install packages from that source19:17
Velhoholstein, I'm understanding it a little bit more, thanks :) but not entirely yet.19:34
holsteinVelho: i wouldnt worry too much about it, anyways.. you *really* dont need extra sources, or compiling from source to get started with audio production19:35
holsteinVelho: you can also get quite a bit of work done using ubuntustudio "live".. so, i suggest trying that, and getting used to the main tools..19:35
Velhoholstein, so what do a windows user needs to know to make pro-audio in Linux?19:37
holsteinVelho: i think just this.. that its *not* windows.. and its not intending to be windows19:37
holstein*all* the software you use in windows.. *any* of those vendors are welcome and encouraged to make any/all of that software available to you in linux19:38
holsteinif they dont/wont, then, linux cant do anything to facilitate that.. its not preventing support for anything.. all of linux is open and anyone can easily support it19:38
holsteini say, take it patiently, and try starting from the same place one did in windows19:38
Velhoholstein, I already played with the main tools. From what I understand, the concept is: everything is connected to and from Jack.  I still need to study about the rt-kernel19:38
holsteinVelho: no you dont19:39
holsteinVelho: just use the kernel that ubuntustudio ships with19:39
Velhowhat if i need to record audio?19:39
Velhoaudio in real time I mean?19:40
holsteinVelho: RT doesnt enable the ability to record audio19:40
holsteinand, do you need to record in realtime? and what does that even mean? recording in realtime?19:40
holsteinhave you hit a "bottle neck"? with latency?19:40
Velhoholstein, a false statement, I know...19:40
holsteinrealtime is good for *only* 2 things19:40
holsteineither you need it, or you dont19:41
Velhorealtime doesn't exist, one will always have a latency19:41
holsteinits for realtime effects processing, and using software instruments.. otherwise, you dont need it19:41
deltlowlatency is good enough for me, personally19:41
holsteinsure. thats why i say "low latency"19:41
holsteinand thats what im talking about.. lower latency19:41
VelhoI'm a reall noob to Linux, but I know a lot about digital audio19:41
holsteinnow, for me, i need/want around 8ms latency at least for "realtime" audio work.. realtime effects and software synths19:42
holsteinif i cant get 8ms, i dont need/want 12.. or 20.. or 40ms.. its can literally be *whatever*19:42
delt10ms latency is good enough for me.19:42
delti can't tell the difference with lower than that19:42
Velhoholstein, do you get those 8ms latency with the "normal" ubuntustudio kernel?19:42
holsteinyou typically cant do 10ms latency on an internalu sound card.. so, the hardware will typically be the "botle neck"19:42
holsteinVelho: yes.. i can achieve 8ms latency with the included "stock" lowlatency kernel shipped with ubuntustudio.. with *many* audio devices19:43
holsteinnow, for 1.2 ms with my firewire device, i need and rt kernel .. but i dont *need* that funcionality19:43
Velhoholstein, my jaw is dropping. You mean with the internal sound card??19:43
holsteinVelho: no.. i dont use internal sound cards for audio production19:44
holsteinVelho: in any operating system19:44
holsteinthey are not made/intended for that.. so i dont bother19:44
holsteinif i want to use one, i expect and accept the limitations of them19:44
holsteini have used one for a pianoteq appliance for example.. but, i didnt run jack on that device19:44
holsteinall i wanted was a "player" for pianoteq..19:45
holsteinit was connected via USB to the keyboard, and pianoteq was running alsa only.. since i didint need pulse or jack for what i was doing19:45
deltholstein: what keyboard do you use with pianoteq?19:45
holsteindelt: anything midi, or midi usb19:45
deltkorg, roland, ....?19:46
holsteinat that time, it was an old weighted alesisQS8.119:46
Velhomy problem is that I have a Edirol FA-66 and there are no drivers for Linux :(   I was considering using UbuntuStudio as a Guest on VirtualBox, and host it with my Windows 7, that has the edirol drivers19:46
holsteinVelho: i read that works "out of the bos"19:46
holsteinVelho: *nothing* vitualized will work with audio production19:46
holsteinVelho: you would be better, as i stated, to use the live iso19:46
delt(modified) m-audio oxygen 88 here, quite happy with it. been playing piano/keyboard for about 2 years now.19:47
Velhoholstein, I'm preparing a dual Boot laptop, with Windows 7 and UbuntuStudio19:47
holsteinsure. but, why?19:47
holsteinwhy not just tyr it live for a while..19:47
delti also have a cheap yamaha 61 key as second controller, works quite well too19:47
holsteinanyways.. the way i did it was, i had linux only on a laptop. for over a year19:48
holsteini learned to use the OS.. so i wasnt troubleshooting so many things19:48
Velhoholstein, because I already tried it live, and I want to do serious stuff with that19:48
holsteinVelho: sure.. there is not more or less "serious" stuff..19:48
holsteinVelho: you only have an installed version.. that is all19:48
holsteinVelho: and, do install.. im not saying dont.. im just saying, you can learn a lot from the live iso19:49
Velhoholstein, but is the live cd as fast as an installed version? I feel the installed version is always faster19:49
holsteinsure. but, again.. is that a problem? is that the bottleneck?19:49
Velhoholstein, but why play with the live cd when I can just install it? Plus, I can save all the configurations...19:50
holsteinbelieve me, you'll want to install eventually... im just suggesting learning to set the edirol up with jack, for example, before running it natively19:50
holsteinor installing it as a desktop and using it..19:50
Velhoholstein, from what I've searched, Edirol FA-66 is not supported to linux19:51
holsteini mean, you didnt get windows7, and emmediately, without having years of experience with windows, try and start doing audio production19:51
Velhoholstein, hmm, great point!19:51
holsteinVelho: edirol doesnt support linux, sure.. but is it the USB or the firewire one?19:51
holsteinthe firewire one is "full support" on the ffado stie19:52
Velhoholstein,  firewire. I've read somewere that several firewire devices have problems with linux19:52
holsteinand the usb one is "class compliant"19:52
Velhoholstein, gonna check it right now!19:52
holsteinwhat you are doing is, doing it like you do in windows19:52
holsteinyou are looking at the site, for drivers19:52
holsteinin linux, the kernel *contains* the drivers.. basically19:53
holsteinso, you set up jack to use the ffado "firewire" driver, and jack will "just work" with that device19:53
holsteinyou dont need to install anything extra..19:53
holsteinnow, you also need a supported firewire chipset.. which can be a problem19:53
Velhoholstein, thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction! I can't believe that I get full supported drovers for Linux <319:54
holsteinwell, YMMV19:55
holsteini have several firewire chipsets that im hoarding away19:55
holsteinthe typically more expensive "texas instruments" work great19:55
Velhoholstein, let me get this straight: I can just plug the FA-66 and it will work , like the "plug and play" in windows?19:56
deltVelho: if a driver supports it, the kernel should load it automatically19:57
wachinSorry I have a several problem, I install lxde packages and all fine, only clementine have small fonts19:59
VelhoThank you my friends for all the teachings and support! I need a power nap now. Thank you again for all the help! I'm really exited to make music with ubuntu! <319:59
wachinI will try repair this with a command that I  found on internet, I am not remember but are to dpi from comman line, But now can't enter to my session, only guest20:01
wachinI put my password and can not enter to my session, nor the UbuntuStudio or LXDE20:02
wachinI can not enter my session only guest20:03
delti've been trying out freebsd in a vm lately..... powerful OS for server applications20:09
holsteinVelho: no.. in windows you'll need a driver, likely20:09
delti had tried it out several years ago but it wasn't great... trying it out again now, and i'm pretty impressed20:10
holsteinVelho: in linux, the driver is "baked in" basically20:10
holsteinVelho: but, it depends on the chipset, and other variables..20:10
holsteinwachin: i would go to tty,a nd see that your password is working20:10
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution20:11
holsteinwachin: can you login in tty?20:11
holsteinthen, if you can, you'll want to get rid of your session errors.. i'll just remove ~/.config ..i'll just rename it, or move it20:11
wachinhi holstein20:12
holsteinwachin: *dont* just run "random" commands from the internet.. "sudo" commands can break things..20:12
wachinthanks, I go20:12
holsteingo where? tty?20:12
wachin(the command I remember only in part that have: session, dpi, sudo)20:13
wachin(or xsession)20:13
holsteinwachin: if the system is not broken, then you dont need to address the system with a sudo command20:13
holsteinwachin: i suggest determining what is wrong *before* running commands20:14
wachinHi again holstein, I could enter the session of tty6 and put my user and password, working fine20:18
holsteinwachin: sure.. so, you have this as fact.. you *can* login to your users account.. you *can* use the guest account GUI..20:19
holsteinso, that means to me, the GUI, and main system are likely just fine.. and your user account is working fine20:19
holsteinso, what would i do? start by renaming ~/.config ..reboot, and let that "respawn" fresh configs.. see if i can boot into my user as expected20:20
wachinmy no, only can enter on tty6, this from this guest. But when session out, and go to enter to my default session can't enter20:20
wachinI will go to put ubuntustudio from live dvd to erase ./config20:20
holsteinwachin: sure.. thats what im sahying20:20
wachinthanks for the help20:21
holsteinwachin: you *can* login to your user. in tty.. so your user is fine20:21
holsteinwachin: you *can* login to the guest session GUI.. so the main system and gui are fine20:21
holsteinwachin: the issue, as i see it, am implying, and saying, and suggesting a fix for, is in your users /home configs for the GUI20:21
deltwachin: no need to reboot, just move your .config directory from tty6 where you logged in20:22
wachinI tried but I returned again, the password is OK, but I am rejected20:22
holsteinwachin: thats what i say "rename" and not remove.. so, you can easily revert this suggested change *if* its not the "Fix"20:22
holsteinwachin: sure.. we tested the password in TTY20:22
holsteinwachin: so, your users password works in TTY.. and you *can* login, in tty20:22
wachinyes, only can enter in tty620:22
deltwachin: you still have a shell logged in on tty6?20:23
holsteinso, from there, you can rename the users config. or a live iso..20:23
deltgo back to tty6 and just type "mv .config .config_"20:23
holsteinmight need ~/.config ..20:23
wachin je je,20:24
deltthen try to login again in the graphic system20:24
wachinje je, I am avanced user to the terminal, but I will go to use you steps20:25
holsteinwachin: not sure what you are saying, but, in the terminal, you can rename, or move the configs for the users.. ~/.config specificially20:25
wachinis: "I am not advanced user to terminal commands"20:25
deltjust type in tty6: mv ~/.config ~/.config_20:26
wachinyes I did it right this time20:28
deltnow try to login again in the graphic system.20:28
wachinwhell I will go back20:28
wachinsee you later20:28
wachinsee you later holstein20:29
deltyou're using irc on the guest account now?20:29
wachingood by20:30
deltweird, software-center somehow got uninstalled from my desktop machine....20:34
deltapt-get'ing it now...20:34
holsteini know exactly where mine went ;)20:34
deltyeah, a few packages mysteriously vanished on this box....20:35
deltmy brand new hard disk better not be bad...... >:(20:36
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