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urulamaluca: hey, you there?12:03
lucaurulama: hey12:22
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rick_h_hatch: can you peek at huw's branch this morning please?13:51
hatchon it13:52
hatchhad to drive the rents to the airport at an ungodly hour this morning13:52
hatchlets see how long I last :D13:52
hatchalso had to climb into the attic this morning13:53
hatchinsulation and nails....awesome environment13:54
rick_h_death trap, at least it's not summer when it's melting degrees up there :P13:54
hatchtrue true13:55
hatchvery cold though :)13:55
hatchrick_h_: is ci down?13:55
hatch*itch itch itch* damn insulation14:10
hatchuiteam I still need two reviews and qa on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/67014:16
hatchlast night I started prepping my old mac mini to be converted into an Ubuntu server14:17
hatchnot sure what I'll use it for 14:19
hatchrick_h_: I checked out huw's branch and resolved the issues and pasted the diff in the PR14:38
rick_h_hatch: ty14:39
hatchgithub is so handy sometimes - pasting a formatted diff right into the comments of a pr14:39
hatchhttp://blog.ghost.org/roon/   interesting...14:43
hatchI found some old GUI pictures from a couple years ago when cleaning out the mini last night :)14:47
hatchwow has there been a lot of UI changes lol14:47
rick_h_ :)14:48
urulamahatch: do share :)14:48
hatchurulama: I'll have to get them later I didn't get a chance to get all my stuff uploaded to the NAS before bed14:48
hatchI'll try and finish that up tonight so I can get them14:48
hatchit was grey, yellow, red14:48
urulamahatch: np, just curious :)14:49
urulamahatch: http://www.rothkoeverywhere.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/99p-Store-Yellow-Red-Grey-600x800.jpg14:49
hatchbut last night I learnt that the Synology nas has a cloud sync tool which will backup the synology nas to google drive14:49
hatchpretty excited to give that a try14:49
hatchtrue local and remote backups14:50
urulamahatch: wow! that's nice14:50
hatchyeah atm I have my synology nas with a local external backup so Local > NAS > Backup14:50
hatchbut I lose it all if the house goes up and I haven't manually backed it up to the cloud14:50
hatchhaving it Local > NAS > Backup > Cloud will be awesome14:51
hatchmight end up costing me $2/mo though (I have a lot of junk)14:51
hatch:) 14:51
hatchluca__: I'm not sure I agree about requiring users to clear the issues in the inspector14:54
hatchwhat if they have a ton of failed units but just want to leave them be while they work on something else14:54
hatchahh I can just reply via the ticket :)14:55
luca__hatch: I suppose, but whats the point of notifications if it doesn’t track errors?14:57
luca__hatch: all other notifications are notifying the user about something that has completed or an upgrade14:58
luca__hatch: the user can choose to either action them or not14:58
luca__hatch: but I’m not sure it’s the same for errors14:59
luca__hatch: In our panel, we group errors so if 10 units of MySQL error out then you only get 1 notification14:59
hatchI suppose the grouping does make identical errors less of an issue15:08
hatchwould the GUI level issues go here as well?15:08
hatchthings like "cannot fetch charm data"15:08
luca__hatch: for now I think so, yes15:20
hatchluca__: so those would need to be dismissed within the notifications then15:22
hatchso is that interaction then a little confusing? 15:22
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hatchteslanick: I decided my approach will be a 'executor' function which is passed in functions to execute - it'll execute that function every time it's called unless it's passed another one then it'll start to call that one instead18:58
rick_h_hatch: ok, standup?18:58
hatchwithout doing manual recompilation it's just not possible in anything I've found18:58
hatchrick_h_:  joining18:58
teslanickhatch: So something that's like  var e = executor(someFunc); /* later */ e.swap(someOtherFunc); ?18:59
hatchteslanick: yeah19:17
teslanickSeems difficult to reason about19:18
hatchThe idea is that you have a set of records, you don't know what you need to process each record ahead of time, once the program accepts the record it passes it to its executor if the executor can't make any sense of the record the program takes what it does know about the record and swaps the executor 19:21
hatch(yes this can all be done with a prefixed conditional)19:21
hatch(but like I said, this is just a dumb academic idea)19:21
hatchthe program execution could be thought of as a kid trying to put a round peg through one of those balls with the different shapes :)19:22
teslanickIt sounds like you could use some sort of pattern-matching middleware concept to achieve the same idea.19:22
hatchthe program would - as a kid would - become smarter about the data which was passed in to choose the correct executor 19:23
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hatchteslanick: you definitely wouldn't write a real program like that :)19:38
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jcastrorick_h_, dumb question21:11
jcastrowhen does juju.ubuntu.com switch to jujucharms.com?21:11
hatchthat's not a dumb question at all :)21:17
rick_h_jcastro: talked with luca on it monday. We're working to bring up the blog on the next release and they feel that's about the last thing required before bringing it down. 21:49
jcastroack, thanks21:49
rick_h_jcastro: we've still got some stuff to do on pulling in feeds from insights/etc, but luca feels close enough21:49
rick_h_jcastro: so 1week or less? they control it21:49
jcastroand the deploy #s?21:49
jcastrowhen do you anticipate those being correct?21:50
rick_h_jcastro: next release, branch on that landed today I think21:50
* jcastro nods21:50
rick_h_ah sorry, landed yesterday but yea still next release21:51
jcastrook you are 2 for 321:51
jcastrolast one...21:51
jcastrojuju publish?21:51
rick_h_long road, end of cycle. We'll have parts of it before then, like gating, but no full workflow until closer to end of cycle21:52
rick_h_it'll land in chunks as part of other work to the charmstore through the cycle as needed, but no single 'turn on switch' any time soon21:53
hatchmornin huwshimi21:58
hatchI posted a patch to your PR for the bug you were having21:58
huwshimihatch: Ah brilliant thanks for that!21:59
hatchnp, turns out I caused one of the issues :D21:59
huwshimihatch: Should I add "window.flags = {};" to the afterEach to clean up then?22:00
huwshimioh, no I can do it before then done in the test22:01
hatchhuwshimi: in the event that the test fails and it doesn't hit that callback then flags will not be reset22:01
hatchso it'll have a compound failure 22:01
hatchso putting it in the afterEach isn't a horrible idea22:02
huwshimihatch: Ah yeah, good call22:02
huwshimiMakyo: How far have you gotten with the multi-user stuff? I wasn't sure how to switch users...22:23
Makyohuwshimi, just getting to it now, had appt.  For the card with both our icons on it, you can apt-add-repository ppa:juju/devel && apt-get update; apt-get upgrade22:24
MakyoThat will get you a juju that can work with multiple users.22:24
MakyoFor switching users, we'll have to log out and log back in, since that's the first command we send over the WS22:24
huwshimiMakyo: Oh, how do you logot? :)22:25
huwshimi(from the console)22:25
Makyohuwshimi, ATM I think all console interaction happens as the admin user, or at least whichever user is in the jenv file, but still researching that.  `juju help user` shows the user creation/modification stuff.22:28
huwshimiMakyo: Yeah, I couldn't find anything to the contrary22:30
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huwshimiMakyo: Logging in from the gui works at least23:04
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