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dsmythiesDoes anybody here have sufficient rights to change a bug report from private to public? I want bug 478097 changed back to public. It must have been in error that it was made private.19:02
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 478097 could not be found19:02
BodsdaHi all - I'm having troubles loggin into lp - I authenticate without a problem but I then either get to the homepage or a 'Your login was unsuccessful' page with the error "No matching endpoint found after discovering https://login.launchpad.net/+id/XBbTYWs"21:28
wgrantBodsda: Is the problem repeatable?21:30
Bodsdawgrant: yes21:30
wgrantBodsda: What's the URL of the page with the error message?21:31
Bodsdawgrant: https://launchpad.net/+openid-callback?starting_url=https%3A%2F%2Fanswers.launchpad.net%2Fquestions%2F%2Bquestions%3Ffield.actions.search%3DFind%2520Answers%26field.sort%3DRELEVANCY%26field.scope.target%3D%26field.status%3DOPEN%26field.status%3DSOLVED%26field.status%3DANSWERED%26field.status%3DNEEDSINFO%26field.search_text%3DNo%2520matching%2520endpoint%2520found%2520after%2520discovering%2520%26field.scope%3Dall&janrain_nonce=2014-12-02T21%3A321:32
beunohmm indeed21:36
wgrantBodsda: Is the problem reproducible on https://qastaging.launchpad.net/+login or https://dogfood.paddev.net/+login? They both use the same SSO site.21:36
wgrantbeuno: Was it throwing errors for a while that your squid might have cached?21:36
Bodsdawgrant: yes, it fails for both of thos as well21:36
beunowgrant, I hope we're not caching errors21:36
wgrantBodsda: Alright, let me add some debugging.21:37
Bodsdabrb gotta grab some caffeine21:37
beunoBodsda, can you control + f5 that page?21:37
wgrantThat's not going to help anything.21:37
wgrantIt was his first request to dogfood.paddev.net ever.21:38
beunoso we are in the middle of some infrastructure change21:40
beunothis seems to be related21:40
beunoand happening to several folks21:40
beunoleave it with me21:40
beunoBodsda, trying several times will get you in eventually21:41
beunoif you're in a hurry21:41
tewardwgrant: is the SSO site used by launchpad the same as the standard Ubuntu SSO that the forums would also use, or is it different?21:42
teward(or to anyone even)21:43
wgrantteward: The same, just on a different domain.21:43
tewardwgrant: but the same underlying auth mechanism?21:43
wgrantSame everything, including database.21:43
dobeysame code. different css/images21:43
wgrantNot any more.21:43
wgrantAll the same.21:43
dobeyoh right21:44
tewardso if there's issues that people are having with logins on Launchpad, it stands to reason similar login issues would be seen on other Ubuntu sites that use the same auth system?21:44
wgrantNot so much "would be" as "might be"21:45
wgrantIf another site using SSO is seeing issues, they are probably not unrelated.21:45
wgrantBodsda: When you return, please retry logging into dogfood.paddev.net21:45
tewardwgrant: yeah they're seeing a blank whitescreen on sso on the forums, saw the login issue here was wondering if its related21:46
wgrantHm, did those two attempts fail?21:46
Bodsdawgrant: beuno: still the same problem I'm afraid21:46
wgrantWeird, we're getting endpoints back.21:46
Bodsdanew one21:46
Bodsdaservice temporarily unavailable21:46
wgrantThat was me :)21:47
wgrantBodsda: Try now? Just once.21:47
Bodsdawgrant: its thinking about it this time21:48
wgrantbeuno: 'local_id mismatch. Expected https://login.launchpad.net/+id/XBbTYWs, got http://login.launchpad.net/+id/XBbTYWs'21:49
wgrantDifferent URL scheme.21:49
Bodsdawgrant: finally error'd - http://paste.ubuntu.com/9350059/21:52
Bodsdawgrant: need to switch comps - I'll be back in 2 mins21:52
Bodsdawgrant: back21:55
wgrantBodsda: We've identified the problem and it's being fixed. Thanks for your help, should be fixed for you soon.21:55
Bodsdawgrant: cool, thanks - what was the issue?21:55
wgrantBodsda: Should be fixed now. Can you try again on launchpad.net?22:14
Bodsdawgrant: still a no go I'm afraid22:16
wgrantBodsda: Can you try a different browser, to rule out caching issues?22:17
Bodsdawgrant: not a caching problem - first launchpad login attempt from this laptop22:18
Bodsdawgrant: tested with IE and Firefox22:20
wgrantBodsda: Hrm. Can you try https://dogfood.paddev.net/+login again?22:25
Bodsdawgrant: same issue22:26
wgrantRight, found the problematic squid. Thanks.22:27
wgrantFixing now.22:27
lifelessbad squiddie!22:38
beunooh!  a lifeless!22:42
lifelessbon jorno beuno22:48
Bodsdawgrant: got a successful login to dogfood! :)22:59
Bodsdawgrant: and to launchpad -- thanks!23:00
wgrantBodsda: Excellent. Thanks for confirming.23:00
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sigmavirus24Hey is anyone here familiar with python-launchpadlib?23:11
wgrantsigmavirus24: Sure, ask your question and someone will answer if they know.23:15
sigmavirus24I may have just figured it out actually =P23:17
sigmavirus24Nope. So I'm trying to create a bug on a project (that has bugs) but after I login and have a Launchpad object, lp.bugs.createBug(...) doesn't work because every value I try for target is wrong. The bug_target docs don't describe anything other than what it is so I'm lost as to how to get one of those23:19
wgrantsigmavirus24: What are you using? The target should be a product, distribution or distribution_source_package object.23:20
sigmavirus24I tried URLs, project name and the project I get when I use lp.projects.search(text='...')23:20
sigmavirus24Let me get a distribution and try that23:21
wgrantsigmavirus24: lp.projects.search returns a collection of projects, not a single one.23:21
sigmavirus24right, I picked the right one out of it23:21
wgrantYou want eg. lp.projects['foo'], or lp.distributions['foo'], or lp.distributions['foo'].getSourcePackage(name='bar')23:21
sigmavirus24and just pass the result of lp.distributions['foo'] in for target?23:22
sigmavirus24I'm still getting a 40423:24
wgrantWhat's the exact input and output?23:24
sigmavirus24let me stick this in a paste somewhere quick23:25
wgrantsigmavirus24: How are you creating the lp object? What is d?23:36
sigmavirus24lp = launchpadlib.launchpad.Launchpad.login_with('libtoken', 'production') and d = lp.distributions['project-name']23:37
sigmavirus24I have to run though and I'll probably work on this later23:37
wgrantHm, should you should really be testing scripts like this on staging, probably :)23:37
wgrantlp.distributions['project-name'] is weird -- a project is not a distribution.23:37
sigmavirus24wgrant: everytime I tried to make a staging account I got a 500 error23:39
sigmavirus24so I gave up on that23:39
sigmavirus24I waited a good 5-10 min between each attempt23:39
sigmavirus24so I wasted way too much time on that already23:39
wgrantThat's a problem that can be fixed if we're given details.23:40
wgrantsigmavirus24: What's the project you're using?23:40
wgrantThe only way this makes sense is if the bug you're reporting is private by default, and you've not authorised your launchpadlib token to access private data.23:41
wgrantThe default privacy depends on the project's configuration.23:41
dsmythiesThere is someone messing up bug reports. (see my post from earlier today). He just did another one, but that one we were able to restore. It is not clear to us how to stop him.23:42
dsmythiesReference: https://launchpad.net/~danielcandido8223:42
dsmythiesCan he be baneed?23:42
dsmythiesCan he be banned?23:42
wgrantdsmythies: Done.23:43
dsmythiesThanks very much.23:43

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