dholbachgood morning08:12
dpmmorning all08:37
dholbachhey dpm - how's life over there?08:39
dholbachhey jono08:42
dpmdholbach, hey, going pretty well...08:47
dpm...until my computer froze :)08:47
dholbachis that on vivid?08:53
dpmno, on utopic09:03
dpmit's been happening quite a lot recently09:03
dpmnot sure exactly what it is09:03
dpmsometimes I can ssh into it and restart unity09:04
dpmbut sometimes that does not work09:04
dpmthe screen freezes, but the mouse is still working09:04
dholbachok... that sucks :-/09:10
dholbachI'm superhappy on vivid here :)09:11
dholbachjono, here's a shirt for you: http://www.theshirtlist.com/death-metal-pink-t-shirt/09:47
popeydpm: intel video card, and you use chromium?09:49
* popey hugs listadmin09:53
* dholbach joins the hugfest09:54
dholbachdpm, regarding UOS dates - infinity said that the release cycle was all set and that he saw no issues with having UOS 2-3 weeks after release. Shall I propose the date on ubuntu-{community-team,phone,devel}, wait for 1-2 weeks and see if there are any objections and then announce it?10:05
dpmpopey, none of those, nvidia + Firefox :)10:08
dpmdholbach, sounds good10:08
dholbachall rightie10:08
popeybang goes that theory10:10
popeygonna need to make my graph bigger soon http://popey.mooo.com/mirror/clicks/graph.png10:12
dholbachpopey, where do we send developers if they want to get involved in core-apps?11:18
dholbachhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/community/ links to http://developer.ubuntu.com/community/core-apps which does not exist11:18
popeywhy does it link there?11:18
dholbachI don't know11:18
dholbachif you have a different link, I'll put it there11:19
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps is the main page11:19
dholbachdpm, do you know if I'm supposed to be able to change the community template in the php wordpress editor?11:23
dholbachthere's a giant textbox with the content of the file, but there's no "save file" thing11:23
dpmdholbach, are we talking about d.u.c?11:24
dpmor community.u.c?11:24
dholbachdpm, developer.u.c11:25
dpmfor d.u.c the templates should only be changeable in bzr, unless recent versions of Wordpress have changed that11:25
dholbachI'll talk with IS then11:26
dpmdo you have the url of the page you're looking at?11:26
dholbachdpm, can you rubberstamp https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/developer-ubuntu-com/fix-core-apps-link/+merge/243375 then?11:26
dholbachI'd like to land it and https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/developer-ubuntu-com/1338393/+merge/24329911:26
dpmsure, just a minute11:27
dholbachthanks a bunch11:27
dpmdholbach, +1'd11:32
dpmdholbach, there is no automatic landing, so you'll have to merge these to trunk manually, or I can do it for you, if you want11:33
dpmdholbach, popey, the USian part of the team did last week's Q&A, shall we do an "other side of the pond" Q&A with the 3 of us today?11:35
dholbachdpm, sure11:37
dholbachdpm, ok... so once it's merged I can ask IS (or webops?) to land it?11:37
dholbachor is it ant?11:37
dpmdholbach, you'lll need to file an RT for IS to fetch the latest code from the branch11:38
dholbachdpm, ok will do11:38
dholbachdpm, I can't write to lp:developer-ubuntu-com - so if you could merge the two I'll talk to IS11:39
dholbachlooks like I can do it now :)11:44
dpmdholbach, ah, that's why my push failed :)11:45
dpmdholbach, ok, I'll leave it up to you, then11:46
dholbachdpm, thanks11:46
popeydpm: are we sending anyone to SCALE?12:13
dpmpopey, mhall119 is going12:13
popeyah excellent12:13
dholbachmhall119, dpm: I followed up on the RT ticket - I need some advise and insights from you developer.u.c theme experts13:22
dpmdholbach, where does lp:~rhlee/+junk/developer-wp-theme/ come from? That's something that we've not used since at least the first deployment of the site13:24
dholbachI don't know13:25
dpmthe current server uses lp:~developer-ubuntu-com directly, they must be looking somewhere else?13:25
dholbachit's what Himmagery told me in #canonical-sysadmin when he tried to deploy it13:25
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mhall119dholbach: are they saying the current site is using that branch?14:56
dholbachmhall119, yes, but maybe this was in the wrong place somehow?14:58
mhall119dholbach: sounds like they were looking in the wrong place, yeah...15:00
mhall119dholbach: dpm: popey: balloons: who's doing the Q&A today?15:03
popeymhall119: me, dholbach and dpm15:03
mhall119cool, thanks15:07
dpmdholbach, popey, I've got a call right before the team Q&A, could perhaps one of you take care of posting to the social media and setting up the hangout?15:10
dholbachubuntuonair.com is updated15:35
* popey washes his hair and does his make-up15:36
* dholbach posts on FB and Twitter - can somebody else post on the G+ accounts?15:37
dholbach(I'm logged in as ubuntuonair already)15:37
popeyI dont have permission ☹15:39
dholbachin the ubuntuappdev group maybe or in any of the others?15:40
dholbachand... can somebody please add popey?15:40
popeyoh, i can add to the app dev group15:40
popeyjust not the ubuntu one15:41
popeyoh, i can now...15:41
popeyignore me15:41
popeydholbach: its 16 UTC, not 17 UTC ☹15:42
popeyyou tweeted 17 UTC15:42
popeyor something did15:42
dholbachI'll edit where I can15:42
popeyyeah, @ubuntu did15:42
popeyTimezones are hard, lets go shopping15:42
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!17:13
dpmok, calling it a day here too17:41
dpmsee you all tomorrow!17:42
mhall119jono: how does that built-in Q&A work? is it better than using IRC?18:59
jonomhall119, works well it seems18:59
mhall119having them linked to the part of the video where they are answered sure is nice18:59
jonothe problem is that it is not very intuitive for people to find how to ask questions18:59
jonoyeah, I like the linking too18:59
jonothe thing I am missing in hangouts is a general chat channel18:59
mhall119yeah, I didn't know until you said how18:59
jcastrohey pleia219:48
jcastroI didn't know ubuntu was an option on this new hp19:48
pleia2me neither, cool :)19:49
pleia2that's very similar to my elitebook, which I <319:49
pleia2although, once you go epic-awesome-resolution, going back is hard19:49
jcastroyeah I have a 1440p monitor now19:49
pleia2"why are the letters so big on this other laptop"19:49
jcastroand 1080 makes me sad19:49
pleia2my laptop has better resolution than my desktop now, it's kind of sad19:50
jcastroI'm just glad laptop people finally realized that no one wants 1366 x 76819:50
popeythat looks swanky19:51
pleia2my laptop does get mistaken for a mac pretty often19:52
jcastrowhich one do you have?19:52
pleia2I was in an airport recently "I see you have a mac, do you also have an iphone? I need to borrow a charger" - OOF! Double offending me!19:52
pleia2elitebook folio 9470m19:52
jcastroRelatives are the worse19:52
pleia2it's a couple years old now19:53
jcastro"oh you're in computers, can you fix my iphone contacts?"19:53
jcastroI see a 9480m19:53
jcastro"14" diagonal HD anti-glare LED-backlit (1366 x 768)"19:53
jcastrokill me19:53
pleia2yeah, that's my work computer19:54
pleia2my personal one is the 850 G5 with the nice resolution19:54
pleia2hm, what is it actually called19:54
jcastrothis new one is missing the nub though19:54
jcastromy old probook had a nub and it was decent enough19:54
pleia2that's the one I just bought19:55
pleia2(and bought it from there, because my employee discount... heh)19:55
jcastrothat one is too big for me19:56
pleia2yeah, it is bigger than my work one19:56
jcastroafter having a chromebook I am pretty much spoiled now19:56
pleia2I do still use my tiny pink netbook sometimes19:57
jcastroall the netbooks owned are now dead20:04
jcastro"I guess they were cheap!"20:05
pleia2the sound died on mine long ago (wires in hinges, bad idea), but otherwise it's now 6 years old and still chugs along :)20:05

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