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mlankhorstRAOF: yay, can I kill xmir-thread-proxy then? :P07:59
alf__duflu: @unfreeze-1, can I see the effect of this branch on the desktop too with full screen glmark2, or only on the phone?08:46
duflualf__: Both (or in fact now only desktop since the workaround landed). bypass and overlays both have the same extra buffer requirement08:46
alf__duflu: thanks08:47
duflumlankhorst: I'm a bit rusty on the subject.. do you know how long vblank actually lasts?08:50
dufluI think it's only a couple millisec at most?08:50
mlankhorstmight be less with reduced blanking08:55
duflumlankhorst: Just thinking about optimizations. And thinking I can rule out trying to do all rendering during vblank08:56
duflumlankhorst: What's "reduced blanked" used for?08:57
duflu"reduced blanking"08:58
mlankhorstless bandwidth requirement since there's no point in sending a blank signal for long on an old crt..08:58
mlankhorstnobody has a crt any more, it's all digital ;)08:58
duflumlankhorst: Oh custom modes, as in Xorg?08:58
mlankhorstno it's a standard08:59
duflumlankhorst: Thanks. I estimate vblank is typically around 1ms then09:06
dufluThat's useful09:06
dufluSo we must always page flip or be efficient to reprogram CRTCs quickly09:07
mlankhorstOr use atomic modesetting :P09:09
mlankhorstwill be there in time for final mir release ;-)09:15
duflugreyback_: WM status: Making another attempt at building default policy into libmirserver this week.10:12
dufluAnd about to make an attempt at dinner10:13
greyback_duflu: ack. I've nothing of consequence to contribute10:13
duflugreyback_: Sounds positive. :/ OK then, night.10:14
mlankhorstwhy doesn't mir use render nodes when available?10:18
greyback_alan_g: sorry I got the MRs mixed up, but yeah I was testing https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/qtmir/new-migrate-to-mir-Server-API/+merge/243177 on my laptop and unity8 failed to start with it installed10:41
alan_ggreyback_: ack. I was just looking. BTW please tell me that "// FIXME(gerry) this will go very bad for >1 display buffer" has nothing to do with the problem.10:41
greyback_alan_g: that refers to qtmir not supporting multi monitor. Not the problem here unfortunately10:42
greyback_or fortunately..10:42
alan_gI thought so. But I thought I'd ask as you're here.10:43
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mlankhorsthm weird12:04
mlankhorstis anyone else running into the nesting limit of mir?12:05
alan_gI've not tried it recently, but I have had 7 levels of nesting going on an N4 before getting bored12:06
mlankhorstI'm testing on amd64, fails on the 4th level :P12:06
mlankhorstlast one fails with:12:07
mlankhorstget chip id failed: -1 [13]12:07
mlankhorstparam: 4, val: 012:07
mlankhorst[intel_init_bufmgr:1068] Error initializing buffer manager.12:07
mlankhorstin interests of simplicity I was debugging with Xmir, none of my breakpoints on the host or first level nesting fire on drmAuthMagic :/12:09
mlankhorst3rd level being xmir, fourth being glxgears. those work at least..12:10
mlankhorsthm I guess I could do hardmode and force xmir to open a new fd for itself, reduces debugging by 1 :)12:10
mlankhorstyeah, fails slightly faster.. mir_connection_drm_auth_magic is not handled correctly in nested case I guess..12:13
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alan_ggreyback: is there a Qt-style approach you'd favour to https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/qtmir/new-migrate-to-mir-Server-API/+merge/243177 -c29013:49
alan_g(I'm still trying to confirm that the race fixed there is the condition you encountered.)13:49
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greybackalan_g: what you've got there is fine. Like we tend to prefer QMutex to std::mutex and things like that, but it's not essential14:03
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attente_the event time in mir is measured in nanoseconds?15:10
attente_ok, seems to be the case15:15
Trevinhoattente_: yep, it's mir_event /= 1000000 to get what gdk likes ;)15:16
TrevinhoRAOF: hey, do you have any idea why doing https://github.com/GNOME/gtk/commit/37ad6e11477060c74c2818210583b6fa37b1b027?diff=split (so submitting all the modified quads in a single VBO), breaks things in gdkgl?15:18
attente_Trevinho: thanks, just saw your change15:18
Trevinhoattente_: maybe adding a #define for that might have been nicer15:19
attente_Trevinho: yeah, that sounds good15:21
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kdubcamako, yeah, the android side its easy to keep the display around... iirc, the mesa side has some complication with VT's16:50
kdubcamako, sorry, hit up+enter from yesterday16:50
greybackbschaefer: ping16:53
greybackoO what have I done16:53
greybackbschaefer: ping?16:53
bschaefergreyback, pong16:54
greybackbschaefer: hey, I want to test your SDL work (to finally review https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/qtmir/correct-xrgb-support/+merge/238937)16:54
bschaefergreyback, sweet16:54
greybackbschaefer: do I need to build anything?16:54
greybackand can you gie me name of a game or 2 I can test16:55
greybackI would like to see what's needed to have Qt support mir_pixel_format_xrgb_8888 on big endian platforms16:55
bschaefergreyback, that actually doesn't fix the issue :(16:55
bschaeferi tested the fix me self, thought would be nice to get another set of eyes16:56
greybackbschaefer: but it's something I can help with16:56
bschaefergreyback, right soo16:56
bschaefergreyback, a game hmm16:56
bschaefergreyback, for the phone you'll need a game that actually *fits* the size of the phone16:57
bschaeferwhich the only one that actually exists in main is scumvm16:57
bschaefergreyback, but its easier just to hack the size of the tests the come with the sdl branch16:57
greybackbschaefer: ok, I'll take the sdl branch. I need a custom branch?16:58
bschaefergreyback, yeah16:58
bschaeferTrevinho, what changes did you make to that branch?16:58
bschaeferor should i just give him my other one :)16:58
Trevinhobschaefer: ehm, what?16:59
bschaeferTrevinho, your sdl1.2 branch :)16:59
bschaefergreyback, mine: lp:~brandontschaefer/+junk/sdl1.2-mir16:59
bschaeferTrevinho, fixed some memory issues i had in mine IIRC16:59
Trevinhobschaefer: nice, did you include also the fixes for resolution stuff?17:00
bschaeferTrevinho, nope, i was wondering if we should just give greyback your branch17:00
bschaeferas its *more* up-to-date17:00
Trevinhobschaefer: not sure, as you prefer17:00
bschaefergreyback, just use mine for now, until i can see what was changed :)17:00
Trevinhogreyback: mine is at https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/+junk/sdl1.2-mir17:00
bschaefergreyback, soo what you'll need to do on the phone17:00
Trevinhogreyback: if you get crashes with it (as I had), just use mine :)17:01
bschaefer./configure --disable-video-opengl17:01
Trevinhoit's basically the same, but with few fixe17:01
bschaeferby adding that to debian/rules17:01
bschaefergreyback, let me double check if i did that already17:01
greybackbschaefer: why disabling opengl? no gles support?17:01
bschaeferno i haven't :(17:01
bschaefergreyback, this is true, are you running on the desktop?17:01
bschaeferor the phone?17:01
greybackI'll be doing both17:02
bschaeferfor the phone you'll need to disable opengl, as SDL1.2 does NOT support gles17:02
bschaeferand if you include opengl17:02
bschaeferit thinks its supported on the phone17:02
bschaefersince the headers exists17:02
bschaefer(annoying but idk the correct fix for that one)17:02
Trevinhobschaefer: btw the main thing you should incluide in your branch is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/+junk/sdl1.2-mir/revision/1317:02
Trevinhoas in the desktop it will lead to crashes17:03
bschaeferTrevinho, ooo yeah17:03
bschaeferTrevinho, i realized this later when doing glfw but i've not changed that in sdl1.2 :)17:03
bschaefergreyback, but pretty much, let me know when something isn't working :)17:04
bschaeferand i can help you haha17:04
greybackbschaefer: will do17:04
Trevinhobschaefer: np... I've tested with wormux and mplayer and both works well with it...  Although the sdl1.2 fullscreen way seems quite oldish (it basically tries to change the resolution instead that increasing the window size)17:04
bschaefergood luck!17:04
greybackI've enough to play with for now17:05
greybackbschaefer: and sdl2?17:05
bschaefergreyback, sdl2... i've not seen any color issues17:05
greybackbschaefer: ok, and it just works?17:05
bschaefergreyback, but its not using software renderering17:05
bschaeferit uses opengles on the phone, which might be *why* its working17:06
bschaefergreyback, i can test that out17:06
bschaefergreyback, but pretty much yes, SDL2 is a more completed port, and its also upstream :)17:06
greybackbschaefer: ok. What would you run to test it?17:06
greybackI just want to know these things so I test qtmir with them17:06
bschaeferhmm theres no great SDL2 examples, i've a few of my own17:06
bschaeferbut theres tests in sdl2 it self17:07
greybackok, those will do nicely17:07
bschaefergreyback, or this haha: https://github.com/BrandonSchaefer/SDLMazeGenerator17:07
bschaeferit just generates mazes17:07
bschaeferin SDL217:07
bschaeferit looks pretty, but it depends on a backend thingy:17:08
greybackso I see17:08
greybackno biggie17:08
bschaefergreyback, pretty simple thing, i was just using that for most of my examples i've floating around17:08
bschaefermainly to test SDL217:08
greybackbschaefer: great, thanks. If I've problems I'll be in touch :)17:09
bschaefergreyback, sweet, good luck! (also that MazeGenerator has the WIDTH/HEIGHT hard coded in. at ui/Main.cpp)17:10
alan_ggreyback: where does the unity8 log go?17:22
greybackalan_g: ~/.cache/upstart/unity8.log17:23
greybackalan_g: note lp:~alan-griffiths/qtmir/new-migrate-to-mir-Server-API running nicely now, just need to check one thing17:23
alan_ggreyback: interesting (I won't mention it crashes strangely for me...)17:26
greybackalan_g: does it? Maybe I should test more...17:26
alan_ggreyback: but I'm having trouble running u8 even without my changes - so it may be unrelated.17:29
alan_gBut please do test some more17:29
greybackwill do17:29
* alan_g isn't sure how to test u8 and is prepared to believe greyback's results over his own for now.17:36
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alan_ggreyback: false alarm: It is the "refactored" branch that is crashing for me. The new-migrate-to-mir-Server-API branch seems stable.17:54
* alan_g forgot a "push"17:54
alan_ggreyback: BTW is there a way to exit a u8 desktop session? (other than killing it from a VT)17:55
* alan_g starts to dislike qmake18:05
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RAOFTrevinho: Breaks gdkgl in general, or only under Mir?22:03
TrevinhoRAOF: under mir23:35
TrevinhoRAOF: basically I get corrupted textures (well 2d textures), while the gl area is still working fine23:35
Trevinhoby 2d textures I mean the cairo surface that should be drawn through gl, while the opengl view (for example, the classic gl gears) that are embedded works fine23:36
RAOFThere didn't seem to be anything there that would interact directly with anything Mir-specific...23:36
TrevinhoRAOF: exactly... It only just changes the things so that it submit them at once or per each quad23:37
TrevinhoRAOF: but for some reason that change breaks gdkgl in mir... at least in my setup (it would be even more weird if that could be driver specific)23:38

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