dholbachgood morning08:12
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akiva-thinkpadwill there be a community session today?13:24
dholbachyes :913:40
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Nothing_Muchwhoa, I can actually be here today!15:47
wolfgangHi this is trial15:50
Nothing_MuchHey wolfgang15:50
Nothing_Muchsession doesn't start for another 8:5515:51
wolfgangwhy nobody asks15:55
dholbachwelcome everyone15:56
dholbachwe're going to start in about 4-5 minutes15:56
dholbachlet us know if you have any questions16:02
dholbachplease prefix them with QUESTION16:02
dholbachso we can more easily pick them up16:02
jgrayQUESTION: Are there any developments regarding the Ubuntu Phone platform?16:03
KnightmareQUESTION: Will the Ubuntu server platform be rolled into the convergence strategy?16:04
dpmjgray, Knightmare, we'll get to your questions soon, thanks!16:06
hellowordlQUESTION: What have you learned from Jolla?16:09
KnightmareQUESTION: Are any of Ubuntu's mobile partners under any obligation to feed back any improvements they make back to the core project?16:10
wolfgangQUESTION: What did happened to Ubuntu Edge Project16:10
dpmwow, lots of good questions, you guys keep us busy!16:10
boghisonQUESTION: Since RTM is finished, will the desktop get a little more attention?16:10
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: How is Babby Formed? How Girl Get Pregnant?16:10
* akiva-thinkpad hides16:11
Nothing_Muchakiva-thinkpad: I think this place only allows sfw questions >.>16:11
* akiva-thinkpad apologizes16:11
Nothing_MuchQUESTION: Will the Ubuntu Edge case be used by any other company who wants to make an Ubuntu Phone?16:11
fdassdffQUESTION: is there any possibility of getting Dekko in a PPA for use on the desktop, like the rest of the core apps?  I'd love to test it.16:12
KnightmareQUESTION: Is Ubuntu TV still a thing?16:12
akiva-thinkpadKnightmare, yes; backburner16:13
taiebotQuestion: community testing. Is there any way we can leverage the community testing to enable faster stable release? if i understand there is autopilot + QA which does manual testing. All the vivid devel-images are very stable but they do not get any of the QA work as it is only focused on rtm16:13
balloonsan excellent question taiebot :-)16:15
mhall119balloons loves questions about community testing :)16:15
taiebotballoons: i can not code but i can test16:16
balloonstaiebot, I would love to see a greater leveraging of the community's willingness to flash bleeding edge images. At the moment the best way to help out is to just do it and report bugs and issues as you find them. I'm hoping in the future as the QA team solidifies there process we as a community can hook into it more16:16
* mhall119 learned that "Jolla" is finnish for a small boat16:16
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Are there any pressing deadlines that need to be met, that could use some shoring up by community members?16:16
balloonstaiebot, we had a discussion about this briefly at the last UOS16:17
wxlTab2QUESTION: are any ports active? I'd love to test on my galaxy tab but the info on it is super outdated to the point that relevant files are (were) hosted on Ubuntu one.16:17
akiva-thinkpadmhall119, did you know that Portage is a Canadian term for moving a canoe across land?16:17
mhall119akiva-thinkpad: I do now :)16:18
wxlTab2there's something to learn from BlackBerry: how to fail!16:18
akiva-thinkpadwxlTab2, ;_;16:18
Nothing_Muchit's a simple process to fail16:18
akiva-thinkpadIf Blackberry dropped Rim and went with Linux, I think it would have attracted so much more interest.16:19
taiebotballoons: so much bug triaging when we all find the same bug16:19
Nothing_Muchblackberry didn't update or move away from nostalgia people16:19
Nothing_Muchakiva-thinkpad: oh oh! if BlackBerry adopted Ubuntu Phone, that'd be amazing!16:19
fdassdffQUESTION: technically I guess this isn't a question, but I came in late... did you guys mention the Padwan service yet?16:19
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, I know!16:19
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, could they do that; don't they use qml?16:19
balloonstaiebot, yes indeed. It would be better to have the test results and test in a more accessible place. This is really for lack of tools not for any other reason16:19
Nothing_Muchwell akiva-thinkpad, blackberry uses some weird OS I've never heard of for their OS16:20
akiva-thinkpadRIM I think16:20
akiva-thinkpad"Research in Motion"16:20
Nothing_Muchresearch in motion was BB's former name16:20
akiva-thinkpadthey apparently have claimed that they perfected the mobile operating system.16:20
Nothing_Muchplus they continued development for Adobe Flash on mobile... *vomits*16:20
Nothing_Muchoh it's called QNX16:21
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, there was a fairly long uos session on that...16:21
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, funny enough; we all had Homestar Runner in mind when we thought of sites that still use flash.16:21
Nothing_Muchyeah, i had to miss that flash thing because I was training at my job16:21
Nothing_MuchI can't wait for the day Flash dies a horrible death16:21
Nothing_Muchbut there's other sites that use Flash, but it's strictly for streaming video16:22
Nothing_Muchthat's pretty much it16:22
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, I disagree; I like my browser crashing.16:22
akiva-thinkpadIts fun.16:22
Nothing_Muchif you use IE, then yeah, it can be fun crashing16:22
Nothing_Muchsince Fx and Chromium only have the plugin crash :P16:22
taiebotQuestion: Will app be able to open under 1 sec. For the moment it is hovering between 4 to 5 sec. Is there anything in the pipeline hardware or software which will improve app startup time?16:24
rael_gcQUESTION: I got surprised how simple and nice upstart is. Since systemd is so controversial, even on Debian... any chance Ubuntu keep upstart, at least, in the next releases?16:24
Nothing_Muchsystemd really rustles old people's jimmies16:25
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Could your phones ever be made to use Coreboot?16:25
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, I heard Debian forked :o16:25
mhall119rael_gc: it will be better for us to switch to systemd as soon as we safely can, otherwise it's just more work for us16:25
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Can the Ubuntu SDK work on 15.04/unity8 yet?16:26
dholbachon vivid that's the unity8-desktop-session-mir package16:26
Nothing_Muchakiva-thinkpad: by a bunch of old hippies that dislike change16:27
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, mmmm maybe. Its a bit more sophisticated. SystemD is being given a lot of control by the system16:27
Nothing_Muchthat's funny considering how many people WANT control over their system16:28
akiva-thinkpadI think people fear that, and would rather that programs be smaller, and more focussed.16:28
akiva-thinkpadNothing_Much, well its either one big umbrella app, or many small targetted apps.16:28
* akiva-thinkpad is not an expert16:28
Nothing_Muchthe shell, yes16:29
wxlTab2QUESTION: python support in the SDK? pretty please?16:29
akiva-thinkpadwxlTab2, its there, sort of16:30
wxlTab2explain? I couldn't find it16:30
akiva-thinkpadwxlTab2, the tests are written in python, and there is syntax highlighting16:30
akiva-thinkpadno autocomplete though afaik16:30
akiva-thinkpadwxlTab2, in the core apps; there is a folder called "tests"16:31
akiva-thinkpadyou cd into that, and run autopilot316:31
akiva-thinkpadits also built with the project16:31
akiva-thinkpadthe project templates also contain tests16:31
justcarakasIs somebody workin on porting the spotify QML client to ubuntu touch ?16:32
akiva-thinkpadI'm working on a plugin that will allow you to run the tests from the sdk.16:32
wxlTab2why are the two languages suggested c++ and js?16:32
akiva-thinkpadwxlTab2, suggested where?16:32
wxlTab2oh developer.Ubuntu.com or wherever it is16:32
akiva-thinkpadJavascript is similar to QML16:32
akiva-thinkpadmaybe that is what it means16:33
akiva-thinkpadc++ is qt so16:33
wxlTab2maybe. I honestly haven't dug deeper16:33
akiva-thinkpadwxlTab2, hang out in #ubuntu-app-dev16:33
akiva-thinkpadwxlTab2, and if you are a redditor, subscribe to r/ubuntuappdev16:34
wxlTab2already there, idling16:34
ahayzenjustcarakas, there is a spotify QML client?16:35
taiebotQUESTION: will qt 5.4 make it in 15.04?16:35
akiva-thinkpadtaiebot, 5.4 is out?16:37
akiva-thinkpadWhats the changelog?16:37
taiebotakiva-thinkpad its in RC at the moment16:37
wxlTab2well popey point anyone you know that has this deep knowledge at me and I'll do everything I can! I'm patient :-)16:38
taiebotakiva-thinkpad http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2014/11/27/qt-5-4-release-candidate-available/16:38
wxlTab2unfortunately I already tried to ping the maintainer :-(16:39
mhall119ahayzen: cutespotify16:42
mhall119I think Elleo ported it from Meego to Ubuntu16:42
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: How does DPM pronounce Postgresql? It sounds Spanish/Portuguese.16:43
ahayzenmhall119, ooo interesting16:44
mhall119akiva-thinkpad: it's probably Catalan :)16:45
balloons^^ :-)16:45
akiva-thinkpadjust my luck :P16:45
balloonsakiva-thinkpad, just roll all of the R's.16:45
* akiva-thinkpad doesn't know either.16:47
akiva-thinkpadCoreboot boots pretty insanely fast.16:47
akiva-thinkpadyes popey is on the ball16:48
mhall119I know running QtCreator on Mir/Unity8 is an early target16:49
mhall119zbenjamin might know more about that16:49
akiva-thinkpadThey put a java vm in a click package?16:51
mhall119just because you *can*, doesn't mean you *should* :)16:52
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Next Canonical Event?16:52
dholbachpopey, dekko daily build: https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/+recipe/dekko-daily16:52
mhall119QUESTION: what happened to popey's cat? It's not an Ubuntu Hangout without popey's cat :(16:52
dholbachmhall119, the cat was there in the beginning :)16:53
justcarakasQUESTION: can you also use and external sqlite database ?16:53
mhall119ah, I was listening but not watching, carry on16:53
mhall119justcarakas: what do you mean by "external" here?16:53
zbenjaminmhall119:  i know nothing about running QtC on Mir/Unity8 :/16:53
old_guestQUESTION: if I buy an ubuntu phone, which will be the advantages of using Ubuntu on computer (unity7). There will be some type of interaction between the two? Or we just have to wait for unity8 for desktop?  Thank's16:53
mhall119zbenjamin might *not* know more about that16:54
taiebotQuestion: Will there be a way to create apps via bookmarking a website?16:54
akiva-thinkpadQUESTION: Why does qtcreator tell me that it can find no valid kits for creating the Go Applications? Where can I grab these kits from?16:54
justcarakasmhall119 a file provided in my click package16:54
mhall119taiebot: essentially yes, there's a template in the Ubuntu SDK where you just give it the URL and it'll build a webapp Click package16:54
ahayzenjustcarakas, localstorage uses sqlite16:54
mhall119justcarakas: yes, and as ahayzen mentioned the build-in Qt/QML LocalStorage already uses one16:55
justcarakasbut can you populate the local storage with a sqlite db file ?16:55
mhall119U1DB technically uses sqlite too, but it abstracts it behind a schema-less interface16:55
taiebotmhall119: that is quite a pain. I should be able to set as an app any website16:55
mhall119justcarakas: I believe you can use the same sqlite db file16:56
justcarakasok thx :) mhall11916:56
taiebotmhall119 may be a scope could do this but i am not sure16:56
mhall119taiebot: there has been discussion about making an easy way to do that, if you're interested in building such a thing go for it16:56
taiebotpopey: yes!!! please16:56
mhall119yeah, webapps can be a bit more complicated than just a bookmark, but you can start with that16:57
dholbachzbenjamin, do you know about go kits?16:57
mhall119good show guys!16:58
taiebotThank you for your answers!!16:59
mhall119always make jose happy :)16:59
popeythat was awesome16:59
dholbachthanks everyone! :-)16:59
popeyso many good questions16:59
ahayzenthanks popey dpm dholbach :)16:59
dpmindeed, really good questions today16:59
wolfgangsorry I missed it  because of some homeworks16:59
wolfgangsee you next meeting17:00
dholbachfdassdff, I'm working on the dekko daily build - https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/+recipe/dekko-daily has the details17:03
dholbachsome things still need to be fixed there17:03
fdassdffAwesome, thank you!17:03
dholbachonce it's done I'll transfer it over to the dekko team so they can take care ofit17:04
dholbachof it17:04
bprsQUESTION: When will netatalk be upgraded from 2.x to 3.x?17:20
mhall119bprs: the live broadcast is over, if you have questions you can ask them in another channel (#ubuntu-touch for phone, #ubuntu-app-dev for SDK, #ubuntu-desktop for desktop and #ubuntu-devel for anything core)17:22
AndrMatrAre people on here?23:33

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