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GunnarHjarges, RAOF: I would need help by somebody in the SRU team to approve ubuntu-docs in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/+queue?queue_state=113:42
GunnarHjIt's a pure translation update. An update of the Utopic language packs will take place in a few days, and the package must have been built before then.13:42
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argesGunnarHj: i'll take a look14:19
GunnarHjarges: Thanks. :)14:29
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tumbleweed^ previous SRU (#1368418) FTBFS on ppc in -proposed. This fixes it.22:39
infinitytumbleweed: So, basically, that's -fPIC on everything but i386?22:46
infinitytumbleweed: Can you reupload with a -v including the previous version?22:47
tumbleweedinfinity: can do22:53
tumbleweedinfinity: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/src/8471ffc38d46b9fa1da64943e9d077631502d9bc/rpython/translator/platform/__init__.py?at=default#cl-252 - that's the current logic22:55
infinitytumbleweed: I got that from the diff context, yeah.22:56
infinitytumbleweed: And (at least in Ubuntu), the only arch that doesn't match that is i386.22:57
infinitytumbleweed: Which could also build with -fPIC.22:57
infinitytumbleweed: So, the whole thing is a bit curious. :)22:57
tumbleweedthe pypy people love to squeeze every bit of performance they can, out22:57
infinitytumbleweed: Anyhow, food for thought, not something to change in an SRU if you're sure the current method works.22:57
tumbleweedyeah, it works22:58
infinitytumbleweed: Ahh, they're intentionally doing it because they know i386 addressing is gimpy enough to get away with it?22:58
infinitytumbleweed: Fair enough.22:58

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