maphi all..the night owls up?03:16
zmoylan-pitwit twoo03:19
mapmight watch the captive now03:20
mapalso anyone ever used rosetta stone?03:20
zmoylan-pino but when my boss was on who wants to be a millionaire in ireland that was the focus of the question that stumped him03:21
zmoylan-pii was one of his phone a friends but he'd already used that option by then.03:22
maphow far did he get03:22
zmoylan-piaround 16k iirc03:24
mapnet die?03:38
mapinstalling rosetta now03:41
mapwonder how useful it is03:41
mapi just have a feeling learning a language using a cpomputer app is gonna be hard03:41
mapwow american man lets himself get swallowed whole by anacaonda so he can film inside it04:00
mapmight watch that on discovery chan04:00
daftykinsSteve Irwin 2.004:00
mapsounds crazy to me;p04:10
mapsodding windows804:10
mapcursor just suddenly sticks..for no reason04:10
daftykinsi'd consider hardware and drivers before OS04:11
mapits my new laptop though04:11
mapand the trackpad04:11
mapsurely should all be fine04:11
zmoylan-piwhen you're typing perhaps?04:15
mapnah like say im browsing with ffox suddenly cursor stops and i have to basically close lid/reopen and its fine again04:17
mapor sometimes pulling up task manager fixes it04:17
daftykinsi only ever clean install machines i get.04:18
maphm i really dont like 8 tho04:18
mapusing a 3rd party app to get the start button/menu back04:18
daftykinsclassic shell doesn't quite work out04:18
daftykinsmaybe go back to 7 :P04:19
mapya been considering that04:19
daftykinsif it supports CSM / legacy boot it'd be easiest. you can EFI install 7 of course, but it needs some manual file placement04:20
mapCSM? hm04:20
daftykinscompatibility support module, it's how some refer to legacy boot provision04:21
mapphones4u stock being auctioned 600k items04:30
mapwhat does it mean 'buyers premium 20%' in relation to an auction?04:30
maphm might bid on a few things04:39
zmoylan-pia desk phone for hipster value and irony :-)05:04
map20% premium means 20% fee?05:07
mapno homeland05:39
mapasnd no gotham05:39
mapstinky tv week05:39
zmoylan-piin 3 weeks it'll be wall to wall repeats of crimbo specials05:40
zmoylan-pithough you might get pressies of new dvds or blu rays05:41
mapwhat time do you work?!05:46
mapquite late atm:)05:46
zmoylan-piof work atm, insomnia amongst other things05:47
zmoylan-pii get 4 hours sleep a day, usually at random times05:47
mapseems quite good05:55
maphave to say the words back and somehow it can tell if you say it right05:55
maplike the pronounciation05:55
mapneat eh06:05
MooDoomorning all07:54
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shaunoI'm going to agree with "meh".  so many conf calls, so little care.09:26
foobarryhad to spend the night in my sons bed last night while he slept in my bed09:26
foobarryat least i got more sleep than previous night09:26
SuperMattat least you didn't have anyone hogging the covers!09:26
foobarrytwice a week some random IT guy comes to a little used server room near my office to make offerings to the novell gods09:26
foobarryIT dept promised that novell would be long gone by now09:27
bashrcI thought novell was no longer a thing09:28
foobarryit shouldn't be09:29
foobarrytrouble is, they did what they were supposed to rather well09:29
bashrcmaybe there is a novell shrine, like they have in Japan09:29
foobarrythere is.09:29
bashrcyes, novell had quite a long stretch09:29
foobarrypackets of viennese whirls have been found in there09:29
MooDoonovell netware was ace :D09:46
awilkinsViennese Whirls are a powerful incentive to the Gods of Novell09:49
MooDooHard Talk09:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Giving Tuesday! :-D09:56
* davmor2 give JamesTait internet cake09:58
JamesTaitdavmor2, I'm not falling for that one, I know the cake is a lie. ;)09:59
* davmor2 gives JamesTait a lie10:00
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:26
MooDoomorning brobostigon10:29
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:34
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MooDooany one tried to create an account on the linuxpadawan site?11:39
popeythe what?11:40
popeyoh dear11:42
MooDoodon't think it works properly11:42
ali1234what happened to ubuntu-beginners and why "oh dear"?12:41
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popeyyet another wiki12:45
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
MooDooali1234: on't think he's a fan of wikis12:49
popeyOh I am.12:49
popeyI have no idea what happened to ubuntu-beginners.12:50
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam links to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-beginners/2013-August/002541.html12:51
popeywhich is 40412:51
ali1234google has a cache. basically it died of natural causes12:51
popeyso the people who were active have setup a new thing to be inactive in?12:52
ali1234hmm that's interesting. i just searched wayback machine and it only had an archive of the 404 page12:52
ali1234seems that way yes12:52
ali1234but it doesn't reflect on ubuntu this way12:53
ali1234so who cares?12:53
popeyhence "oh dear"12:53
ali1234seems defeatist :(12:53
popeyJust seems an odd thing to do.12:54
ali1234if you read some more of the thread it's not so simple12:55
foobarryi'm all up for people sharing and helping12:55
ali1234the scope of the new thing is rather different12:55
foobarrythe first sentence on the about page is not necessary12:56
ali1234this really annoys me actually12:57
ali1234you have to contribute the way we say, or go somewhere else12:57
ali1234and even if you go somewhere else, we'll still bitch about how you're doing it wrong. constantly.12:57
foobarryi don't think i've heard of ubuntu beginners12:59
foobarrywas it a community thing?12:59
popeyit was a gateway thing13:01
popeyget new people to the right places13:01
foobarrykind of triage?13:01
foobarryubuntu-uk is good for that...for UK types13:02
ali1234right. linuxpadawan seems to be more about mentoring absolute beginners, which is a totally different thing13:02
foobarryi guess other chans are less well populated13:02
ali1234ubuntu-uk is so ridiculously off-topic all the time, it barely deserves to be in the official namespace13:03
popeyPartly because the team such as it is is disfunctional.13:04
ali1234not that i think being off-topic is bad13:04
popeySome other loco teams have contributors (to translations, docs, bugs etc) who don't consider themselves part of the ubuntu "community" (whatever that is)13:05
ali1234well, you know what i think about "community"13:05
popeyi do13:05
popeyhence quoting it13:05
* popey forages for food13:06
foobarryoff topic is nice if it is not cliquey. somehow this chan achieves that13:06
foobarryi knew someone that had a spectrum48 with a real keyboard - what was that?13:10
popeySam Coupe?13:10
popeyor the one Ben Heck made?13:10
popeyspeaking of which http://www.indieretronews.com/2014/12/rock-boshers-dx-zx-spectrum-inspired.html#sthash.1MGU1sUP.uxfs13:11
foobarryit was during the original zx days13:11
popeyhttp://tikipod.com/rockboshersdx/ direct link13:11
foobarryso earlier than 198913:11
ali1234spectrum +2?13:11
foobarryno, it was before any +2 or QL etc13:12
foobarryit was a current ZX spectrum modded into a proper keyboard that looks abit like the sam coupe13:12
ali1234spectrum+, 48k13:12
foobarrywas not official sinclair product13:13
ali1234dunno then13:13
foobarryi also didn't dream it13:13
ali1234russian spectrum clone maybe?13:16
foobarryheh i was just on http://k1.spdns.de/Vintage/Sinclair/82/Clones/Russia/Delta-S%20(Delta-C%20%3A%20%D0%94%D0%95%D0%9B%D0%AC%D0%A2%D0%90-%D0%A1)/13:16
foobarrylooks like there were a few clones out there13:16
ali1234yes, lots13:16
ali1234russians cloned all the home computers into the 16 bit era13:16
foobarryit had this keyboard13:17
zmoylan-pithere was a sinclair pc with a keyboard like that but it was a full pc and not a spectum13:18
popey\o/ soup13:32
popeyzmoylan-pi: PC 10013:32
popeyno, PC20013:33
zmoylan-pii think amstrad was trying to bring their pc business upmarket with sinclair name :-P13:35
popeyor not sully the amstrad name with a crappy pc ☻13:35
zmoylan-pibut if sinclair announced a pc/tablet/phone tomorrow i'd probably buy it just because he does some weird and wonderful stuff13:36
foobarryamstrad/viglen are worst company ever13:41
foobarryshame nobody at BBC realises that al sugar made money buying property in a rising property market13:41
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bashrcamtstrad was popular for a short time in the late 1980s and early 90s, and then flopped13:59
popeyTheir PCW8256/9512 and their PC1512 and PC1640 were insanely popular14:01
bashrcthere was a time when it was hard to walk into an electricals shop without encountering a bunch of amstrad machines14:01
zmoylan-pithey had a laptop that ran on d batteries, the alt laptops with a 16 bit isa expansion slot.  the nc100 and nc200 and first no keyboard pda.  some original ideas for the time14:02
zmoylan-piif implemented badly14:02
awilkinsI think that new SpectrumConsole is lame14:06
awilkins"Plays all Spectrum games"... well, the hardware may run them, but you need more keyboard for many of them14:06
ali1234i don't think spectrum games can hold up today, no matter how big of a hipster you are14:06
davmor2popey: yay that was for it's wordprocessing package more than anything else iirc though right14:07
awilkinsHow are you supposed to press the keys required to redefine the keys when they're not on that keypad?14:07
zmoylan-pii installed a zx spectrum emulator a few years ago on my brother pc.  his kids didn't get off the pc for about a month till my brother deleted it to get his pc back14:07
davmor2awilkins: magic14:07
ali1234they will probably patch all the games and then sell them to you for £1 each14:07
ali1234from a download store14:07
awilkinsSome things like Head over Heels were impossible to play without a well-tuned keybinding as well14:07
ali1234because everyone loves download stores right?14:07
awilkinsThe press announcement says "free"14:07
awilkinsfree downloads...14:08
awilkinsBut maybe that means a free download store.14:08
zmoylan-pinaggy adverts14:08
awilkinsAnd not .TAP files14:08
awilkins£100 though14:08
awilkinsThat's just daft14:08
awilkinsHow well does a Pi do at Spectrum emulation?14:08
awilkinsIt's just a massive retro-cashin.14:08
zmoylan-pigetting the rights to all the games will be fun.  i know amstrad tried with their em@iler gizmo14:08
awilkinsDO you have to download the games, define a keybinding, and then load it onto an SDCard?14:09
awilkinsWHo knows...14:09
ali1234they probably haven't even thought it through14:09
zmoylan-pior they have a keyboard addon ready to kickstart :-)14:10
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)14:10
ali1234raspberry pi can easily emulate a spectrum14:13
ali1234any computer made in the last 15 years can do it easily14:13
zmoylan-pithere are a few videos of people putting pi inside a dead zx spectrum case14:13
zmoylan-piand if you have patience you can use original rubber keyboard14:13
intrbizbigcalm: morning14:19
shaunowhy would you want to?  I absolutely hated that keyboard14:20
foobarryonly for stress relief14:20
foobarrythe response was useless14:20
zmoylan-piyou could use it as a coaster while browsing the web :-)14:23
zmoylan-piperfect keyboard for tweeting as your brain is constantly working out ways not to type long messages on it :-D14:24
awilkinsMost modern keyboards are still made from the same lousy technology14:48
awilkinsThey just evolved it by making the rubber thinner and adding hard keycaps14:48
awilkinsEven a Model M is a membrane keyboard14:49
awilkinsBut with a much better actuation mechanism14:49
knightwisemorning everyone14:52
MooDoohowdy knightwise14:53
knightwisehey MooDoo14:54
knightwisehow are you today ?14:55
MooDooknightwise: yeah good thanks, finally completed the christmas shopping14:56
knightwiseah this is going to be easy for us this year :) we are gonna give the money to charity :)14:57
knightwiseso what was on your wishlist this year ?15:05
brobostigona new phone.15:11
popeysame here :D15:13
popeybut almost certainly a different phone15:13
MooDooi just got an iphone15:13
brobostigoni am thinking about the geekshone revl15:14
knightwiseMoodoo ? YOU  and IPHONE ?15:20
knightwiseI got my Oneplus One last week on thursday15:20
knightwisepretty happy with it :)15:21
MooDooknightwise: yeah i wanted a change away from android/cyanogenmod15:25
knightwiseand .. do you like it ?15:25
MooDoolove it15:25
MooDoojust works15:25
knightwiseTrue ..15:25
knightwisei have that experience with my macbooks in the house15:25
MooDooboss has just purchased a macbook pro can't fault it15:27
knightwiseI have the 15 inch pro as my main machine for the company15:27
knightwisedoing stuff on it like video's and stuff is just perfect15:27
MyrttiI'm trying to fight the urge to open the XPS 13 parcel15:27
* brobostigon will stick with android, only viable option to go with my pebble.15:27
MyrttiMr. Father Christmas told me that he's not going to give it to me until Christmas Eve, the traditional gift exchange day in Finland15:28
MyrttiI did tell him quite a few times that future Mrs. Father Christmas isn't impressed with this idea15:28
knightwiseLol :)15:28
knightwisehmmm.. i have a little bit of a chance of a lifetime here to buy a prosumer camcorder15:30
knightwise... little short for geek-cash .. so might look at selling off some gear first :)15:30
brobostigoncm11 runs on it, thats goood, :)15:31
* popey wants to see an Ubuntu port on the OnePlus15:34
knightwisepopey that WOULD be cool15:38
knightwisevery curious about that15:38
popeyif I had one I'd certainly have a go15:40
knightwiseim looking forward to the ubuntu phone , curious how that is gonna turn out15:42
arsenipanyone particularly familiar with kerberos/PAM15:44
popeyknightwise: me too! :D15:49
awilkinsAnyone know of (braces self) a Markdown parser for VBA ?16:22
awilkinsGetting sick of Word being incompatible with any sane document format16:23
awilkinsHad bright idea that if I was converting Markdown to Word, with Word, then that would be super-compatible.16:23
awilkinsOpen Word, load macro, parse markdown, watch it write document, tart it up a bit, done16:24
aquariusawilkins, in the old days you could do javascript in the windows scripting host; is that still doable for Word stuff, or are you obliged to use vba for that sort of thing now? (I ask because there are loads of JS markdown parsers)16:50
awilkinsaquarius, might be possible from outside Word16:51
awilkinsYou can AFAIK manipulate Word objects from WSH16:51
awilkinsUsed to do that kind of thing to make custom loaders that needed in-document macros to work16:52
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:00
adam__i want to ask about android-x86 which is ubuntu based system17:00
adam__I recently installed andoid-x86 in my hdd with the windows 717:01
adam__I used grub to choose which OS I wanted to boot17:02
adam__but recently I upgraded to windows 8 and now the grub is not loading at startup17:02
adam__would you please help me getting grub bak to work, I already googled but didn't find anything and I don't know anything about ubuntu17:03
awilkinsaquarius, Thanks for the idea, now all I have to do is find a JS markdown parser with a pluggable formatter17:05
awilkinsAnd rewrite that to do Word calls instead of spewing HTML17:05
awilkinsadam__, android-x86 is not an Ubuntu based system17:06
adam__I think it is and it uses the same commands in terminal17:07
awilkinsIt's Android, compiled for x86 processors ; the only similarity they share is that they are both based on Linux17:07
adam__aha , then would you please help me fixing grub ?17:08
adam__if you don't mind ^^17:09
awilkinsHmm, even better : Python + pywin3217:14
Kris_Hello....i had a question about error codes in Ubuntu17:45
Kris_when i put "sudo apt-get update" into the sTerminal, it gives me "Err http://ppa.launchpad.net utopic/main Sources                                  404  Not Found Err http://ppa.launchpad.net utopic/main amd64 Packages                           404  Not Found Err http://ppa.launchpad.net utopic/main i386 Packages                            404  Not Found Ign http://ppa.launchpad.net utopic/main Translation-en_US                   17:46
Kris_how can i fix this?17:46
Kris_plz help.......17:51
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celestehok, i was just printing out the enormously long UK visa application and my printer started smoking.  I installed the Samsung Unified driver only minutes before. Could getting the wrong driver cause my printer to catch fire?18:28
celestehOr is this the fault of the UK Home Office?18:28
diddledano_O http://www.geek.com/microsoft/microsoft-futuristic-cybercrime-computer-lets-you-see-and-hear-botnet-activity-1610635/18:29
davmor2diddledan: maybe it would be better to block it maybe ;)19:56
diddledandavmor2, celestah?19:56
diddledanor however he spelt it19:57
davmor2just looking at the title of the link you posted :)19:57
ali1234is there an opengl debugger packaged?21:18
ali1234i ported some old code to VBOs and it runs really smooth now, except every fourth time i run it, it locks up the computer21:18
SafiyyahHi all.  My computer boots up and logs in but about 2 minutes later it freezes.  Responds to nothibg.  All applications crash. This started happening about 90 minutes after am upgrade21:27
SafiyyahI am running Xubuntu21:27
diddledanali1234, I can't help with your problem, but I'm curious what VBOs are?21:29
ali1234vertex buffer objects21:30
ali1234and it's happening again21:30
diddledanodd that it only occurs every fourth run21:30
ali1234what happens is you run it a few times and it's fine21:30
diddledansuggests there's an interaction with either something else on the system or with hardware21:31
ali1234then you run it and it renders 1 frame every 10 seconds21:31
ali1234and then every window starts taking 10 seconds to redraw21:31
ali1234then you get XID error 8 (GPU stopped processing) on dmesg21:31
diddledanpossibly a driver bug?21:32
ali1234yes, quite likely21:32
diddledanI have no idea how to go about debugging drivers tho21:32
ali1234more likely i'm just doing it wrong21:32
SafiyyahIs there a hardware issue with Ubuntu?  I  mean I  have a suspicion this is a hard drive issue21:33
daftykinsoh hello again Safiyyah o/21:33
daftykinsSafiyyah: tried booting an older kernel, yet?21:33
ali1234hmm now THAT is interesting21:34
diddledanello daftykins21:34
ali1234problem seems to be related to nvidia-settings21:34
ali1234[ 1891.223186] NVRM: Xid (0000:01:00): 8, Channel 0000000321:35
SafiyyahDaftykins I  don't know how to do that21:37
SafiyyahIt happened about 90 minutes after an upgrade21:37
daftykinsSafiyyah: hold the left hand shift key at bootup, just before the computer is about to boot from the hard disk. you'll get the GRUB menu, select 'advanced options' then pick another kernel21:37
ali1234when was the upgrade?21:37
SafiyyahI  updated21:38
ali1234yes, when?21:38
SafiyyahI  think I  have been running Xubuntu for a month21:38
SafiyyahIt's been perfect....  Until now21:38
ali1234so this has been happening for 1 month minus 90 minutes?21:38
SafiyyahOn Sunday night.21:38
SafiyyahNo it was fine until the update on Sunday21:39
SafiyyahAnd now the machine freezes21:39
ali1234okay, and you are running 14.10?21:39
daftykins14.04 methinks21:39
daftykinsSafiyyah is wise and sticks to LTS21:39
ali1234oh yeah21:39
ali1234well, i'm on 14.04 too21:39
SafiyyahIt also brought back the guest account which I had disabled all on its own21:40
ali1234no problems until this weird opengl stuff today... but maybe it is related somehow21:40
ali1234doubt it though, in a LTS21:40
SafiyyahI  thing am on 1404 I  only use LTS21:40
awilkinsRunning 14.10 on the laptop21:40
daftykinsSafiyyah: so go try the older kernels to see if it makes a difference21:40
awilkinsOnly annoyance is that MySQL Workbench (Oracle builds) are broken21:40
awilkinsHad to recompile it from source21:40
ali1234no, look at the logs first21:40
ali1234before oyu start changing things up21:40
SafiyyahOkay  doing that now...  Am on and chat on the mobile phone21:41
diddledanalways check out logs, children!21:41
diddledanand most definitely always check your logs before flushing them21:43
SafiyyahDaftykins there was some device error messages before it flicked to the log in screen21:43
ali1234hmm yeah there's a kernel update21:44
SafiyyahI  guess I  will find out if it is still stuck in 5 minutes21:44
SafiyyahI  hope it's the Kernel and not a deal hard drive21:44
daftykinsSafiyyah: if you can boot a live session we can check the hard disk health21:44
diddledandaftykins, don't you dare. you've killed enough hard disks already! :-p21:45
SafiyyahAll my live disks are really old.21:45
SafiyyahLol can't I just do the memtest on the grub menu?21:45
daftykinsdiddledan: MOAR21:46
daftykinsyou can run memtest sure, that has nothing to do with the disks though21:46
daftykinshilariously i'm in memtest on my desktop right now, i thought i'd see if my old core 2 quad wanted to run at 1066MHz again...21:46
daftykinsanswer: no21:46
SafiyyahOkay.  We'll see how long it works before it dies21:47
SafiyyahSo there was a kernel update ali1234?21:48
SafiyyahWilk start watching out for those.  As I  normally also hold off flash updates as well21:48
ali1234yeah, sometime since october 28th21:48
SafiyyahBecause suddenly all flash stops working.  I refuse the update for a couple of months normally21:48
daftykinsavoiding updates is pretty head-in-sand thinking21:48
SafiyyahWill now start refusing the Kernel updates21:49
daftykinsespecially when it's a few key presses to go back to an older one21:49
SafiyyahLol I  need a working machine Daftykins lol21:49
ali1234november 13th21:49
daftykinssure you do, but you've yet to tell me whether you've booted an older kernel or not yet.21:49
ali1234you know what else is just a few key presses? checking the syslog for the true error message21:49
daftykinsdoing so would make a lot more sense ahead of a memtest21:49
SafiyyahDaftykins I  have booked in the older kernel21:49
SafiyyahI am playing around on the computer21:50
daftykinswhat, so it worked?21:50
Safiyyah....  Remember it was logging in and freezing after 5 minutes21:50
SafiyyahSo am waiting for the freeze21:50
daftykinsnah i forgot that part already, if i ever read it :>21:50
daftykinsi have to go grab some laundry, back in a bit21:51
SafiyyahIt's still froze.  It closed Firefox automatically.  If I  select anything from the whisker menu.  That also crashes21:51
SafiyyahYep definitely frozen21:51
ali1234press ctrl-alt-f121:52
SafiyyahToo late.  I  pressed log out and got a frozen everything. Had to power off21:53
SafiyyahAli1234  I  am logged in again with an older kernel21:54
ali1234dmesg | pastebinit21:54
SafiyyahWill try again once it freezes21:54
SafiyyahI  don't have that straight line on my keyboard21:56
SafiyyahWhat now?21:56
ali1234dmesg > /tmp/log21:56
ali1234pastebinit /tmp/log21:56
daftykinsif your left slash is beside you left shift key, pipe | is shift+\21:57
diddledanit should be on most layouts, I think21:58
diddledan(shift+\, I mean)21:58
awilkinsSome keyboards it looks like two vertical bars21:58
SafiyyahIt froze21:58
awilkinsOr a single bar with a gap in the middle21:58
SafiyyahWe are not going to get anything like that out21:59
diddledanpress ctrl-alt-f121:59
SafiyyahAli1234  I didn't the control alt F122:00
SafiyyahAbd it says log in.  When I  do.  It says error at sector 86655422:00
SafiyyahDev sda22:00
ali1234sorry, dead hard drive22:00
SafiyyahIt's my hard drive isn't it?22:01
SafiyyahWhich hard drive is dead. The home partition or the root partition22:01
diddledanhint, partition != drive22:01
daftykins /home most likely22:01
daftykinsSafiyyah has an SSD + mechanical setup these days22:01
SafiyyahNo wayyyyyyy.....  That's the new one22:01
daftykinsSafiyyah: what version liveCDs/DVDs/USBs do you have lying around?22:02
SafiyyahI  have two SSD.  One for home22:02
SafiyyahI think 12.0422:02
SafiyyahI  didn't keep the USB because I  needed it22:02
daftykinsthat's perfect, wanna get that booted for us?22:03
daftykinsdiddledan: moar disks for dafty, the dead disk sniffer22:04
diddledandaftykins, you're a bad omen22:05
SafiyyahI  just hope it's not the home partition22:05
SafiyyahDaftykins it's loading.  Please give it a minute22:06
daftykinsSafiyyah: will the live session be able to get online fine enough?22:06
daftykinsi don't recall whether you're wireless or wired22:07
daftykinsmy new toys arrived from amazon today guys ;)22:07
daftykinsridiculous packaging for a switch22:08
SafiyyahAm in!22:09
diddledandaftykins, is it a clever switch?22:09
SafiyyahDaftykins am in22:09
daftykinsdiddledan: well, standard unmanaged22:09
daftykinsSafiyyah: open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit smartmontools" then run "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"22:10
SafiyyahI don't have a pipe key22:10
daftykinshmm, > might work, dunno22:10
SafiyyahOh sorry apparently I do22:10
diddledandaftykins, I like in the first pic before you've taken it out that you're petting the box "my precious"22:11
SafiyyahOn the live disk22:11
daftykinsdiddledan: i used my hand for scale! :D22:11
daftykinsmy heavily scarred hand22:11
SafiyyahDaftykins...  It says unable to locate package pastebinit22:13
daftykinsreally? wat22:13
daftykinsSafiyyah: ah well, you can just use a browser to manually share them with us22:14
daftykinsin fact you could just jump on webchat too22:14
SafiyyahWhere is webchat?22:14
diddledanon teh webs :-p22:15
diddledanaah, close. webchat.freenode.net22:15
SafiyyahAm in webchat as Safiyyah222:16
Safiyyah2daftykins: I am ready22:17
daftykinsso visit http://paste.ubuntu.co.uk in another tab and run "sudo parted -l" in the terminal - and paste it for us manually22:17
daftykinsok that's not a real page22:18
diddledan^ +122:18
daftykinswell that's not a good sign, we don't even see the other disk22:20
diddledanfile -s /dev/sdb22:20
daftykinsSafiyyah2: does "sudo apt-get install smartmontools" work?22:20
daftykinstry what diddledan said, then see if you get much from "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdb"22:21
Safiyyah2diddledan: it says no read permission22:22
Safiyyah2daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9350429/22:24
daftykinsSafiyyah2: "dmesg | tail" ?22:25
daftykinsseems that disk is really unhappy22:25
diddledanunless it's really 600PB22:25
daftykinsok my connection is having major issues tonight, not sure if i'm gonna survive this D:22:26
daftykinsSafiyyah2: i would power off and check the hard disk connections just to be sure, give them a good unplug and replug22:27
daftykinsbut i think your hard disk is dead22:27
Safiyyah2this is my hard drive22:28
Safiyyah2oh the returns procedure is going to kill me22:28
Safiyyah2it takes agaes22:28
diddledanhow old is it?22:28
daftykinserr i just saw a sandisk SSD22:29
Safiyyah2i just bought it on the 14th of Sept diddledan22:29
Safiyyah2amazon says I have passed the return period22:29
daftykinsSafiyyah2: the SSD is fine, it's the mechanical hard disk that's acting up22:30
daftykinsso you're probably gonna want to back it up first, but it doesn't look like it's working well enough to backup from :(22:30
Safiyyah2i have my trusty fedora core disk22:30
Safiyyah2always pulls data out for me22:30
daftykinsnot with a dead disk it won't22:31
Safiyyah2I have a lot of work on there in the last month22:31
daftykinsbut anyway yeah check the connections22:31
daftykinsboot from live again, and rejoin22:31
Safiyyah2okay. am on and chat22:31
daftykinsi need to go and hide lots of wrapping from my cat as she's being a real pain right now :P22:31
Safiyyah2as safiyyah22:32
ali1234hooray, i fixed my buggy opengl code22:36
daftykins\o/ so it was something you were doing?22:36
ali1234yes, i made a "dirty" flag so that the VBOs would only update when the game state changed22:37
ali1234but i forgot to set it true at startup22:37
ali1234so i was drawing from uninitialized memory fr the first 100 frames or so22:37
daftykinsthat's bound to make it stroppy22:37
ali1234and with uninitialized count, so it was attempting to draw like 1 billion triangles every frame22:37
ali1234and every triangle would have been random floats as well, ie huge22:38
ali1234certainly explains why the GPU was hanging22:38
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
SafiyyahDaftykins am on my fedora live disk and I  have access to my hard drive22:42
daftykinsthat wasn't what i said at all! :P22:42
SafiyyahI  need super user privileges to copy my home directly22:42
SafiyyahI  know but you put me in a panic22:42
SafiyyahTalking about not being able to get my data22:42
SafiyyahOkay.  Okay.  I  will be obedient. I  am sorry22:43
daftykinsdo you have an external to backup to?22:43
SafiyyahI  have22:43
daftykinsi would advise starting with the bare minimum22:43
SafiyyahHmm?  I  was going to backup my home drive22:44
SafiyyahAnd then whatever happens happens22:44
daftykinsoh i'm sure you were, but taking the whole lot will probably result in surprises22:44
SafiyyahThe urgent things only hmm22:44
daftykinsit doesn't make much sense as to why some other distro would be happily chatting to it whilst two versions of ubuntu were crying themselves silly trying to talk to that disk22:45
SafiyyahI  need to Skype file.  Which needs super use privileges22:45
SafiyyahThus fedora disk always get my data out22:45
SafiyyahEven if the drive is dead22:45
daftykinsyeah no, this is not a fact22:45
SafiyyahI  have used it for the last 8 years22:45
daftykinsthere's something funny going on for sure, but fedora is not some magical thing22:45
daftykinsit doesn't revive storage from the brink of death solely from having a different name22:46
SafiyyahAny help with the super user.  Thing?22:46
daftykinsyou probably need to mount the disk differently or copy as root to get stuff off there, i don't know - you're talking a different distro now ;)22:46
daftykinsi'll leave you with these 2+ more than capable chaps, as i need to get some food now22:47
SafiyyahWill do as you asked22:47
SafiyyahWhere are the other two chaps?22:48
ali1234like this is because the errors are on the system partition22:48
ali1234so they get hit when it boots up ubuntu22:48
ali1234once you hit one error on hdd, many more reads will fail22:49
SafiyyahSo I  don't need a new HTC just a fresh install?22:49
ali1234however, if you are just poking one or two files, because you mounted it from a live CD, then you can get stuff off22:49
SafiyyahI  can't get anything off22:49
ali1234no, you need a new drive22:50
SafiyyahOh my god22:50
daftykinsali1234: it's an SSD + HDD setup22:50
ali1234those are bad :(22:50
SafiyyahNo its Two SSD22:50
SafiyyahI  don't have a HDD22:50
daftykinsis it 0o oh i don't remember right then22:50
SafiyyahAm surprised how much you do remember Daftykins....  Very impressive22:50
SafiyyahSo is the plan to help me get the data off?22:51
SafiyyahWhat time do you guys come in in the morning?22:51
SafiyyahI  need to go lie down....  This news is very bad news indeed22:52
daftykinsi don't function in the mornings at the moment sadly22:52
ali1234we are the night shift22:52
SafiyyahSo I  better get my coffee22:52
SafiyyahOkay please don't be upset if I  have an emotional outburst22:53
daftykinswell, working on ones own data after bad news is never too productive22:53
SafiyyahThat's what is coming once am tired.  I  apologise in advance22:53
SafiyyahOkay.  Let's start again.  Am listening22:53
SafiyyahU need to check the connection?22:53
SafiyyahI *22:54
daftykinsprobably not, but it wouldn't hurt22:54
ali1234you need to find a hard drive that is bigger than your home drive22:54
SafiyyahI  have an external driveu22:54
SafiyyahIt's 500gb22:54
SafiyyahHone drive is 25622:54
ali1234how much free space?22:55
SafiyyahI  think I  have about 250 ish22:55
ali1234well, you need more than 25622:55
SafiyyahMy home drive had used up 16422:55
SafiyyahHow come?22:55
ali1234because you want to image the failing drive with dd_rescue before working on it22:55
ali1234that means you copy the whole thing including the empty space22:56
SafiyyahWell I  can delete stuff from the drive22:56
SafiyyahNo problem22:56
SafiyyahIt has my last backup in October saved on22:57
daftykinsi think the problem is a bit more serious than that right now, to me it's "why does the ubuntu 12.04 live session not see the disk properly?"22:57
ali1234have you determined which drive is actually broken yet?22:57
SafiyyahDidn't you guys say it's the home drive?22:57
ali1234we don't know22:58
ali1234we're just going on what you tell us22:58
ali1234i missed a bunch of the log too22:58
daftykinsali1234: a sudo parted -l came back with /dev/sda reading fine, /dev/sdb wasn't happy22:59
daftykinslet me see if i have those pastebins22:59
daftykinsali1234: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9350366/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/9350429/22:59
daftykinsoh and http://paste.ubuntu.com/9350458/22:59
ali1234oh wow, failed to even read the partition table? that's bad23:00
ali1234you probably won't be able to do anything with it23:00
SafiyyahThanks Daftykins23:00
daftykinsali1234: though Safiyyah says a fedora liveCD comes up with it fine O_O23:00
daftykinswhich means me 'wtf'23:00
ali1234it's SSD right?23:00
ali1234they go into like, "lock down" mode on errors23:01
ali1234maybe fedora knows how to unlock them23:01
ali1234i don't know very much about SSDs23:01
ali1234probably can't help you at all here23:01
SafiyyahWell normally I can just copy my data over.  But now it says no to everything23:02
daftykinswhat method were you trying?23:02
SafiyyahYes on the fedora disk23:02
SafiyyahJust drag and drop23:02
daftykinsmmm so GUI based23:02
ali1234but it doesn't work now?23:02
SafiyyahToday it says no to everything.  Apparently I need super user privileges23:02
ali1234ah, mounted r/o due to journal errors probably23:03
ali1234can you see the files at all?23:03
SafiyyahAll files are there23:03
ali1234you should be able to sudo or su to root without needing a password23:04
ali1234you might need to copy the files in the terminal though, in that case23:04
SafiyyahYes but I  need a nautilus with super user23:05
SafiyyahIt doesn't have that23:05
ali1234sudo nautilus23:05
SafiyyahOkay am rebooting23:05
ali1234however, i wouldn't do that23:05
SafiyyahI  had already powered off23:05
SafiyyahTell me what to do23:06
ali1234copy the files with the shell23:06
ali1234it's faster23:06
ali1234and you will see if any errors happen23:06
SafiyyahSo do I  load grub or a live disk?23:06
ali1234live disk23:06
SafiyyahMy latest disk is 12.0423:07
SafiyyahGoibg to load it23:07
ali1234what happened to fedora?23:07
SafiyyahI  thought you said you don't want fedora?23:08
SafiyyahOkay am on fedora at the moment.23:08
SafiyyahShall I  continue on fedora?23:09
daftykinsit's not nautilus in fedora and it doesn't use sudo afaik 0o23:09
ali1234it doesn't matter23:09
SafiyyahOkay am on fedora23:10
ali1234open a shell and check the mounts23:10
ali1234it's always worth a look23:10
SafiyyahFile - l23:10
SafiyyahOkay  am coming in via the Web as Safiyyah223:11
Safiyyah2dmesg output23:13
Safiyyah2what is the file - l  one again?23:14
ali1234okay nothing serious in dmesg23:15
Safiyyah2nxt move?23:17
Safiyyah2what next please?23:18
ali1234check which drives are mounted23:19
brobostigongood night boys and girls.23:20
daftykinsSafiyyah2: "mount" on its' own and pastebin, might be handy23:23
daftykinsif you type "su" does it let you switch to root@ ?23:26
daftykinsok a pastebin of "fdisk -l" now23:27
ali1234so nothing is mounted23:27
Safiyyah2terminal is still working on it23:28
Safiyyah2i think there is a problem with the process23:29
daftykinsdid it get /dev/sda done, then stall?23:29
Safiyyah2no it completed the process, it just took it a while23:33
Safiyyah2see output23:33
ali1234sdb disappeared23:33
ali1234but it was on dmesg, and it read the partition table once23:33
ali1234this is weird23:33
daftykinsdefinitely very flakey23:34
Safiyyah2my external HDD is plugged in, I think it picked it up... where is the 500gb from otherwise?23:34
daftykinsi don't understand what all this /dev/dm# business is23:34
daftykinsSafiyyah2: yeah your external is /dev/sdc but /dev/sdb never got read so is playing up23:34
daftykinsso fedora is no saviour23:35
Safiyyah2you really wanted to prove that point daftykins !!!!23:35
daftykinssure did!23:35
diddledanthe /dev/dm's are from the live disk23:35
Safiyyah2okay ready to accept me losses23:36
Safiyyah2please can you help me save my data23:36
diddledani.e.: EXT4-fs (dm-0): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode23:36
diddledandracut: Mounted root filesystem /dev/mapper/live-rw23:36
Safiyyah2looks like am going to need a whole day to set up a new system again :(23:36
daftykinsSafiyyah2: that was the plan all along but it doesn't look likely because the second SSD is disappearing from the system23:36
daftykinsnah only your /home is gone :P23:36
daftykinsall the software is still there and the OS23:37
daftykinsjust... no user stuff like configs or data23:37
Safiyyah2but I will be loosing all my recent work23:37
daftykinsas things stand, yep23:37
Safiyyah2since it loads up for 2 minutes before crashing23:38
Safiyyah2maybe I will boot it up and save my work on drop box23:38
Safiyyah2it's all I can think of23:38
Safiyyah2just the main files I need23:38
daftykinsyour upload speed would have to be pretty good to get anywhere with that23:38
daftykinsin fact i doubt it'd work, as your dropbox will be on the bad disk23:39
daftykinsthis approach of going in via live sessions is the best one23:39
Safiyyah2I will just try my external drive?23:39
daftykinsbut it's still acting wonky now23:39
Safiyyah2okay so I need to see about a returns tomorrow23:39
daftykinsoh you can get to your external disk just fine... just there's no /home disk to actually copy off from23:39
daftykinsas it's unreliably present23:39
Safiyyah2am just going to boot it up and save what I can23:39
daftykinsyou guys have any better ideas? it's being so inconsistent i'm out.23:40
daftykins(of ideas)23:40
SafiyyahI saved the important stuff guys23:45
SafiyyahWill reboot and get one other thing.  It froze again23:45
ali1234i don't have any ideas right now. i'd have to do some serious googling research to learn about SSD failure modes23:46
SafiyyahWell I  got my most important data out23:46
SafiyyahTrying for the not so important stuff now23:47
SafiyyahSo I  need to contact SanDisk?23:47
SafiyyahDon't Amazon have a warranty period?23:48
ali1234probably, but you are usually better off going direct to the manufacturer for hard drive returns23:48
ali1234all they will do is send you a new one though23:48
ali1234if you are lucky23:48
ali1234the two minutes thing is weird though23:49
ali1234seems like a firmware error or something, probably no data is really lost23:49
ali1234it's just shutting down for some reason. maybe over heating or something23:49
daftykinsSafiyyah: i'd try amazon direct, doesn't hurt23:50
daftykinsSSD manufacturers typically won't do a thing until you've secure erased the drive23:50
SafiyyahOkay will call Amazon tomorrow23:52
SafiyyahAnd get a replacement or refund23:52
daftykinsi think their returns are all account based now23:52
daftykinsso just through the site23:52
daftykinsyou can make your one-SSD setup workable in the meantime too?23:53
SafiyyahThe one online says that I can't return it23:53
SafiyyahIt's past the deadline23:53
SafiyyahAm wondering if there is a exception for faulty goods23:53
daftykinsi would hope so23:53
SafiyyahI  will just live without a computer23:54
SafiyyahI  don't want to mess up my current  hard drive23:54
SafiyyahI  still want the same setup23:54
SafiyyahJust need a new disk23:55
daftykinswell you'd have to setup the new one anyway23:56
daftykinsand what better way to do so, than from an already working install ;)23:56
daftykinsbut yeah, up to you23:56
SafiyyahJust remembered that I  also installed Ardesia before this crash23:56
daftykins!info ardesia23:57
lubotu3ardesia (source: ardesia): free digital sketchpad software. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.1-1 (utopic), package size 1093 kB, installed size 1724 kB23:57
daftykins!info ardesia trusty23:57
SafiyyahDaftykins don't I just need to put the new drive in.  And set it up as the home partition23:57
lubotu3ardesia (source: ardesia): free digital sketchpad software. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.1-1 (trusty), package size 1093 kB, installed size 1724 kB23:57
SafiyyahAnd the  copy my files over23:57
daftykinsSafiyyah: and modify your /etc/fstab yep23:57
SafiyyahI mean....  The OS us still there23:57
SafiyyahYes that's why am saying I don't want to touch it23:58
daftykinsbut you will see some lovely errors trying to boot with no /home for your user23:58
SafiyyahMy printer everything is configured23:58
ali1234try to get one of those crucial refurbs23:58
ali1234they were like £30 for 128GB23:58
SafiyyahWill save me a lot of time not to touch it23:58
daftykinsi disagree, but fair enough your call23:58
ali1234then you can keep your "broken" drive, which i suspect is in fact not actually broken23:58
SafiyyahDaftykins what was your suggestion exactly23:59
SafiyyahLet me try to see things from your side please23:59

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