Kilosmorning peeps04:29
Kiloshiya nlsthzn 04:43
nlsthznhow are you uncle Kilos?04:44
Kilosok ty and you? head not too bad today so yay04:44
Kilosyou home?04:44
Kilosnlsthzn: teach me how to go to the re-evaluation thing and be able to edit it please04:47
nlsthzndo you have a launchpad account uncle Kilos?04:48
nlsthznopen this link04:50
nlsthznthen click on logon at the top and enter the same e-mail address and password you use for launchpad04:51
Kilosit shows me there and logout option04:51
nlsthznso you are already logged in :)04:52
Kilosnow why is it doing that today04:52
nlsthznso what you can do is click on edit04:52
Kilosi just want to check punctuations04:53
nlsthznubuntu uses sso - single sign on , if you log into something to do with ubuntu on one site you can access other ubuntu sitews04:53
nlsthzntop left there is a buton called edit04:53
Kilosoh now it shows them in seperate lines04:53
Kilosso thats good then04:54
nlsthznperhaps someone else already edit it04:54
nlsthznbut still open it for editing and play around editing it and remember to save when done :P04:54
Kilosi read it on a normal page and it was a line with no punctuation04:54
Kilosi wont play much nlsthzn , im scared to mess up04:55
nlsthznbest way to learn04:56
nlsthznwhich part were you not happy with btw?04:56
Kilosya but not with an important thing like this04:56
Kilosonly 15 days away04:56
nlsthznyou can edit it and add maia as team contact again if you want to try it04:57
Kilosi added maia05:00
Kilosand saved05:01
Kilosit will have to do nlsthzn ty for the help05:05
Kiloshi Tonberry_ 05:07
nlsthznKilos: will just need to get her launchpad account and make it a link too later05:20
bduk1More almal05:34
Kiloshi bduk1 05:38
Kilosnlsthzn: youll have to do the link stuffs05:38
Kiloslooks like only us got anytime anymore05:40
Kiloseven me only05:40
Kilosi think we must just push for a good turnout on the night so they can see peeps are still here but just work and life and family uses up most of everyones time05:42
ThatGraemeGuymorning all06:25
ThatGraemeGuyanyone played with setting up an encrypted partition on an external HDD?06:26
jrgnsMmmm, nope, only on internal drives06:31
jrgnsis it that different?06:31
Squirmmorning guys06:33
Squirmjrgns: I wouldn't think so. You'd just have to unlock the drive every time you connect it06:33
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy jrgns Squirm 06:34
jrgnsHi Kilos. You're a bit late, I've been here for hours :)06:34
jrgnsSquirm: that's what I thought06:35
Kilossorry sir, been looking at our re-verification thing and also outside with sheep and fowls06:35
Kilosgot one lamb that should have died 4 days ago06:37
Kilosoh and making garlic+ chili sauce06:47
Kilosand starting to build up a box that will suit my needs, cant understand why they put place for 4 cdroms06:54
nlsthznok uncle Kilos I will link it :)07:10
Kilosty nlsthzn 07:10
Kilosill ask maia to just check everything when she has time and see if she thinks everything is ok07:11
nlsthzndone uncle Kilos... check out the code I used and you can do it next time...07:13
nlsthznthere are some things we need to remove (the comments that say what is needed in what areas) as well as perhaps to ensure we have linked all the links we have and don't miss saying something we have done 07:15
Kilosoh in them bracket things07:16
Kilosi can never remember that nlsthzn 07:16
Kilosjou werk is jou werk07:17
Kilosplease dont let someone say on reverification night some links dont work07:18
inetprogood mornings07:18
Kilosill send the ahab mafia after you07:18
Kiloshi inetpro 07:18
Kilosinetpro: instead of teatime or lunchtime please check out the re-verification thing07:22
Kilosand add your testimonial07:22
inetprowill look at it when I have time07:23
inetprowhich may or may not be today07:23
inetprounlikely today07:23
Kilosthats fine ty sir, we got 15 days still07:26
Kilosill ask maia to just check it out about 5 days before due date07:26
Squirmhow is everyone today?08:21
Kiloshi gremble 08:46
Kilosfamily ok superfly ? is that why you tired?08:46
grembleGood morning Kilos 08:47
grembleAnd everyone else08:47
Squirmsuperfly: indeed08:49
superflyKilos: I had to get up at 5 this morning, to take the 5:30 train. 08:50
grembleOnly criminals take the 05:30 train08:53
Kilosai! shame man08:54
Kilosya gremble but they take it home08:54
Kilossjoe! nothing new here since 201309:09
grembleLol apparently contestants for Miss South Africa are not allowed to have tattoos09:18
ThatGraemeGuyno tattoos at all, or no visible tattoos?09:19
ThatGraemeGuyif its no tattoos at all, how does one apply to be on the panel that does those verifications? :-D09:19
grembleVisible tattoos. But they have a bikini parade, so that severely limits places for tattoos to be09:20
gremble"I call it permanent lipstick'09:20
ThatGraemeGuythe opening double quote and closing single quote is making me crazy :-o09:21
ThatGraemeGuyI need to get out more09:21
grembleYa same, but I cannot change it now09:23
grembleHappens when you lie on the bed and type09:23
Kilosptown has a nice place for crazies called groendakkies09:32
grembleweskoppies also09:42
SquirmMaaz: ?09:46
MaazSquirm: Sorry...09:46
Kilosdont make graeme crazy, he looks after hetzner stuffs09:46
Kiloswassup Squirm 09:46
Kilosyou just left for a while09:47
SquirmI see that09:47
Squirmbut my bouncer left for a while09:47
Squirmnot me09:47
Kilosi tried to make maaz reply to ? but he dont like those arguments i think he said09:50
Kilos<Maaz> Sorry, I'm not interested in empty factoids09:51
SquirmI just wanted to see if I was connected11:05
* mekilos loves fixing what others break15:19
mekiloshi theblazehen why so quiet15:31
Kilosya its me from another pc enquiring15:32
KilosMaaz: seen golynx15:47
MaazKilos: golynx was last seen 6 days, 19 hours, 54 minutes and 9 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2014-11-25 11:53:11 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2014-11-25 12:03:51 PST15:47
mekiloshi Joe_knock 16:53
Joe_knockHello oom16:53
Joe_knockLost your IRC password?16:53
Kilosnope im also on a pc i just rebuilt with a i3 motherboard that crashed16:54
Kilosso i score an i3 motherboard16:55
Joe_knockLucky you16:55
Kilosian thought it was the cpu or mother board that [acket up16:55
Kilosya now its in the box that was single core p416:56
Joe_knockwouldn't you need RAM, etc. for it?16:56
Kilosit came with 4g ddr2 which doesnt fit any of my other pcs otherwise i wouldnt even have tried to get it going again16:58
Kilosthe mb was a present from our friend in the uae, then i gave it to ian and he crashed it16:58
Joe_knockThat will last you at least 4 years or 10 16:58
Kilosso now i have to test it good16:58
Kilosi dont know why it crashed16:59
Kilosthats the million dollar question16:59
Kilosso im  going to try that linux tool that stresses a pc to see16:59
Kilosstresslinux i think its called17:00
Kilosi go eat17:00
Kiloshmm... thats better17:14
Kiloseverything is so much better on a full tummy17:15
KilosMaaz: coffee on17:21
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:21
Kiloshi my magespawn 17:25
Kilosget coffee quick17:25
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:25
Kilostoo late17:25
KilosMaaz: ty17:26
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:26
magespawnhi Kilos17:26
Kilosmagespawn: will you look at our re-verification page and see if you see anything needs doing please17:48
Kilosand add your testimonial17:48
KilosMaaz: re-verification17:49
Kilosnaand inetpro 17:57
Joe_knockMaaz: coffee off17:57
MaazJoe_knock: *blink*17:57
Joe_knockMaaz: coffee on17:57
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:57
KilosMaaz: coffee please17:58
MaazKilos: Okay17:58
KilosMaaz: coffee for all17:58
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already17:58
Kilosso hows Joe_knock today?17:58
Joe_knockI'm great oom, hoegaanit?18:00
Kilosbaie goed dankie18:00
magespawnsure Kilos18:01
MaazCoffee's ready for Joe_knock and Kilos!18:01
KilosMaaz: gracias amigo18:02
Maaz¬°de nada compadre18:02
Joe_knock"for many years and it continuous to be a brilliant source of" spelling error in continues18:06
Kilossay that in english18:07
Joe_knockOn the wiki page, one testimonial said "continuous" but it should be continues18:10
Kilosedit it18:10
Joe_knockdo i need an account?18:10
Kilosill do it18:12
Kilosbut yes you need to be with launchpad i think18:12
Kilosis it fixed Joe_knock ?18:13
Joe_knocknope, it is right at the bottom, by nlsthzn testimonial18:14
Kilosi just changed it and saved, reload the page18:14
Joe_knocknothing still :-/18:15
Kilosoh my i go see again18:15
Kilosand now18:17
Kilosticked a different save button18:17
Joe_knockfixed 18:19
Kiloslemme know if you see more please18:20
Kilosevening ThatGraemeGuy 3g again?18:26
Joe_knockThatGraemeGuy needs his own satellite18:26
ThatGraemeGuyI think MTN upgraded a tower, getting HSDPA nowadays instead of 1 bar of EGDE18:26
ThatGraemeGuyEDGE too18:27
Kilosno lekker without a good connection18:27
KilosMaaz: spell limitted18:45
MaazKilos: Suggestions: limited18:45
KilosMaaz: ty18:45
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:45
Kilosthere. i added my bit too. please edit my mistakes18:52
Joe_knockNice testimonial. I thought you were a life-guard oom. 18:54
Kilosthat too ya18:54
Kilosthat was before the mechanic bit18:55
Kilosand after the telkom techie years18:55
Joe_knockand farming?18:55
Kilosi managed a sheep and dairy farm for about 4 years i think then a bonsmara and limousine stud farm for about 2 years18:56
Kilosthen i died18:56
Kilosand was rebooted18:57
Kilosthen i was nearly a cabbage, till i found pcs18:58
Kilospcs got brain going again18:58
Kilosand ubuntu added the finishing touches18:59
Joe_knockso you lived a full life oom. maar as jy het die opportunity, hoekom het jy nie jou heel lewe as n lifeguard gedoen nie19:00
Kilosohi superfly 19:00
Kilosno man pay was sleg19:00
Joe_knockhoeveel? 5G ? :D19:01
Kilosno man19:01
Kilosthe post office paid about R600 a month in those days and lifesaving wasnt even R10019:02
Kilosmost lifesavers then did it voluntarily on weekends and during leave19:03
Joe_knockIf I ever live near a beach, ill do it voluntarily too19:03
Kilosi dont know if i did the link thing right. i copy/pasted nuvos and just added me in place of him19:04
Kilosout of holiday season the is very little for lifeys to do19:05
Joe_knockmaar dis daarem lekker om near die strand te bly. 19:06
Kilosonly drawback is rust19:07
Joe_knockfor how long did you stay in toti?19:08
Kilosabout 20 years i think19:09
Kilosmaybe 10 then pmb and northern natal19:09
Kilosnot sure , about 30 years total in natal19:10
Joe_knockdis lank19:11
Kiloslol 19:11
Kilosthere is a web design job going in durban now19:12
Kilosjust saw it in dbnlug mail19:12
Kilospay 10-15k a month19:12
inetprogood evening19:17
Kiloshi inetpro 19:17
inetprohello oom19:17
inetpronice to see my connection actually working for a change19:18
* inetpro been struggling with a very unstable 8ta contract SIM19:18
Kilosnot your router19:19
Kilosmine rocks19:19
inetprowell funny enough the prepaid SIM was working fine when the other was unstable19:19
Kilosjust mail them and theyll fix it19:20
inetprobut can't work too long on prepaid, getting very expensive19:20
Kilosor tweet them then they sort it even quicker19:20
inetprowell I logged a call on Saturday and am still waiting for a techie to call19:20
Kilosbest to talk directly to the data peeps19:21
Kilos183 i think is the number19:21
Joe_knockWhy do you guys not use ADSL or WISP? No connection/signal ?19:22
Kilosno fone lines19:22
Kiloscopper theft19:22
inetproKilos: well they're quite quick to help on the chat interface as well, but they can not get into much detail19:22
Kiloschat interface?19:23
inetproon the page where you check your data19:23
inetprounder Help see "Chat to an Agent"19:24
Kilosoh wow i didnt even notice that19:24
inetprobut only problem is that you need to be online for that to work19:24
Kilosyeah too19:24
inetprohappened several time this weekend that even the prepaid was unstable19:25
Kilosthe tweet thing is best i think, then they tweet you to email them19:25
inetproJoe_knock: no physical lines anymore in my area19:25
inetproall stolen19:25
Kilosis it not some bird that knocked you yagi skeef19:25
inetproKilos: I got onto the roof this weekend but no, was not that19:26
Joe_knockcopper theft has been a problem for at least 10 years, we should've had fibre a long long time ago19:26
inetproJoe_knock: I agree19:26
Kilossignal strenght the same as it always was?19:26
inetprosad that only a very small part is covered for FTTH in Pretoria at this stage19:27
inetproat least from Telkom's side19:27
Kiloseventually theyll be all over19:28
Kilosexcept maybe to plots19:28
Joe_knockIt'll take at least 10 years 19:28
Joe_knockapparently brooklyn is zoned for FTTH19:28
Kilossjoe 19:28
Kiloshi mekilos 19:31
mekiloshi Kilos 19:31
inetproalmost thought that my Huawei B960 packed up19:33
inetproshocking to see how expensive it would be to get a new router19:33
Kiloswhy what happened19:33
magespawnthe really sad thing is that the copper has been stolen19:33
inetproKilos: no I mean with the instability19:33
inetpromagespawn: oh I somehow almost got used to that19:34
Kiloswhen you run mtr what do you see19:34
Kiloswhere is it bad19:34
inetproKilos: terrible packet losses, as in 0% for 1 or 2 seconds and varying percentages of losses for 10 or more seconds19:35
Joe_knockWhat exactly can you do with stolen copper cables? Use it for wiring and stuff?19:35
Kilosthey sell the copper19:35
magespawnthis is sort of situation you could expect from the platteland, but in or near the cites?19:35
Kilosburn off the plastic cover19:35
Kiloscopper is like golds19:36
inetproJoe_knock: copper thieves are so desperate for the stuff they even steal the water meters with tiny bits of copper19:36
KilosJoe_knock: they even broke in here and stole all extension cords and welding cables etc19:36
Joe_knockThere must be a massive underground market for it 19:37
Kilosthey often show those they have caught19:38
Kilostruck loads full19:38
Kilosthey used to steal 3ks of power lines here nearly every month till they were changed to aluminium19:39
Joe_knockCould've made some money if somebody was manufacturing copper-equivalents19:41
inetprogood night19:59
Kilosnight inetpro sleep tight20:00
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:20
magespawngood night all22:40

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