delt"crazy" and "atheist" are kind of synonymous :D04:09
holsteini suppose you meant that for another channel?04:09
delt23:05  Crazy_Atheist (~Crazy_Ath@unaffiliated/minori) has quit (Quit: WeeChat 1.0.1)04:10
deltnah nm04:10
deltkind of off topic04:10
deltanyway, here's a good one... i want to redirect the output of an ftp command "ls" to a file on the local system, without having to select a huge amount of clipboard/copypaste data from my terminal window. how should i do it?04:12
kyrufsorry guys, i installed Ubuntu Studio a few minutes ago. Can you tell me the alternatives to sony vegas (cutting, adding audio, transitions and simple things) i have? thanks04:12
delttried ftp | tee <outputfile> etc etc......04:12
holsteinkyruf: audacity usually does that. otherwise, the DAW's can be a bit overkill04:12
holsteinkyruf: if you want to open something and edit a wav file, i say, try audacity.. you dont need to learn JACK.. if it doesnt fit your needs, check out..04:13
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro04:13
holsteinwhere, you 'll want to learn about using JACK, for the more "advanced" tools04:13
kyrufthanks i'll try both :)04:13
holsteindelt: i might just ask in a server channel, or the main #ubuntu ...or a general linux channel.. nothing really specific about studio addresses that, or command line work like that.. i would think a bash script would work04:14
holsteinkyruf: i really wouldnt04:14
holsteinkyruf: you can actually just break your audio , starting an application that uses jack.. i say, if audacity works, just use it..04:15
delthe asked about sony vegas.... i thought it was about video editing04:16
kyrufyep also videos04:16
holsteinwhen i used vegas *years* ago, it was for audio04:16
holsteinnothing about linux or ubuntu or ubuntustudio prevents sony from making vegas available for linux04:17
deltat any rate.... cinelerra isn't in the ubuntu repos iirc.....?04:17
holsteinits all open, and if you want vegas, you should let sony know you are interested in them making it for the operating system you are using04:17
holsteinotherwise, there are *many* editors.. kdenlive is a nice one that *is* in the repos04:17
holstein!info kdenlive04:18
ubottukdenlive (source: kdenlive): non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.8-1ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 1597 kB, installed size 6264 kB04:18
delt!info bash04:18
ubottubash (source: bash): GNU Bourne Again SHell. In component main, is required. Version 4.3-11ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 576 kB, installed size 1556 kB04:18
holsteinthere is the commercial editor lightworks for linux as well.. http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=19&id=83622&Itemid=8104:19
kyruffrom the screenshot, cinelarra seems what i am looking for. do you know it? how is it?04:21
holsteinkyruf: its not in the repos..04:21
holsteinkyruf: it works great.. i like kdenlive better, personally, but i literally edit a video every 4 years04:21
holsteinkyruf: you'll just have to load them all up and see what works.. which will likely be a mixture of them all..04:21
holsteinwell, not all, but a few04:21
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:22
holstein!info cinelerra04:22
ubottuPackage cinelerra does not exist in utopic04:22
kyrufahaha :) ok so awarded kdenlive04:25
kyrufand audacity for audio cutting04:25
holsteinthat should work well, and you wont need JACK..04:25
holsteinunless you do..04:25
kyrufto be honest, i don't know what jack is. i now perfectly photoshop and cinema4d because i come from windows, but it feels too laggy on my slowy netbook04:27
kyrufand now a friend of mine wants to make YT videos with me :P04:28
holsteini never do any production on my netbook.. period..04:28
holsteini have a netbook that i track audio on ,because it has a pci express slot, and i can run my firewire device, but, i transfer the project ASAP04:29
holsteinbut, these days, you can just edit the youtube videos in the web browser, after you upload04:29
delt!info jack04:29
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-29 (utopic), package size 105 kB, installed size 458 kB04:29
kyrufi don't have a PC or a notebook - unfortunately i spent all my money for the phone04:30
delti don't think that's the right info for jack..04:30
holsteindelt: thats not the jack audio connection kit04:30
holsteinkyruf: in most cases, you can upload right from the phone, and edit there, as well04:30
holsteinanyways.. i wouldnt expect "magic" from linux while trying to do video editing on an underpowered rig... im sure if you are patient, it'll do the job04:31
cfhowlett"serious" editing is a dying art.(?)04:32
kyruftomorrow i will try and make you know how YT editor is because i'm doubtful of its professionalism04:32
holsteinkyruf: its youtube.. youtube is not about professionalism04:32
kyrufthat's the point :) we want people like our videos04:33
kyrufas well as we saw other's04:33
holsteinkyruf: "like" is not equal to quality..04:33
holsteinkyruf: anyways, you'l just have to see what you need, and make it happen.. im just stating facts04:33
holsteinno one will tell you using a netbook for production is a good idea.. but, im sure you can do it, if you need to... which you shouldnt.. but, you can04:34
kyrufalso it's not a common netbook. it's a packard bell really old one :D and it's not mine at all even if i can use it. seriously that's the only way04:35
holsteinkyruf: i have about 10 of them..04:36
holsteinfolks make youtube vids with phones all the time.. if thats what you have that is modern, and capable..04:36
kyrufusing the YT editor? because i tryed every app and none of them where great04:37
holsteinkyruf: i dont know, friend.. i dont make them, or use my phone for editing.. but, its done..04:38
holsteini would start with something like http://mashable.com/2013/06/05/video-edit-apps/04:39
holsteinor, get a machine that can handle what you are trying to do04:39
holsteini have an older dual core with 8 gigs of ram that can handle what i do, and i didnt pay anything for that machine when i got it a few years ago04:39
kyrufBTW yes the phone is great04:40
kyrufhow did you do?04:41
holsteindo what?04:41
kyrufi mean how did you get it?04:41
holsteinget what?04:41
holsteinthe computer? i bartered some data recovery for it.. it was not functioning and i had to reseat the CPU04:42
kyrufow i'm starting now a ITIS so i don't know much about hardware04:43
delttrying out openbsd in a VM... seems like a nice, compact OS, kind of a pain to setup the disk partitions tho04:46
holsteinim out.. try #opensourcemusians if you need more advice, kyruf04:46
holstein #opensourcemusicians **04:47
kyrufno i know what a cpu is. i know just basics04:47
deltVelho_: Hello, welcome back04:48
deltdid it work out fixing your login?04:48
Velho_delt, login? what do you mean?04:49
deltVelho_: you were here earlier today, right? you had problems with logging in to your ubuntu studio account?04:50
deltoh wait.... that wasn't him :/04:53
Velho_delt, maybe that wasn't me :) but thank you so much for the care <305:11
deltVelho_: oh, if i remember you asked about a firewire audio interface, right?05:16
deltthe fellow from portugal05:17
deltjust bought some RAM on ebay... cant wait for it to get here08:32
delt4gb mem in this machine08:32
deltrunning vm's all over the place etc etc.... gonna run a lot smoother when i've tripled it to 12gb :D08:33
andrew__hi im new here and have a question10:05
andrew__Im using ubuntu studio and would like some of the plugins from kx studio10:05
andrew__i have the repos installed.Ive been using US for some time now and it is great i never have xruns and my latency is down under 10ms10:06
andrew__the problem i have is whenever ive tried to install kx studio stuff my xruns shoot up and latency is not good.So i would like to stay away from cadence and just use qjackctl10:07
andrew__with the kx plugins10:07
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ubuntu-studioheeello my friends!!20:07
ubuntu-studioIm new to UbuntuStudio and Im running it in Live CD. Im making several changes. Is there a way to save all these changes? UbuntuStudio is running on a DVD-RW20:40
ubuntu-studiojackie_, hey!20:59
jackie_it's kinda quiet in here, yes?21:01
jackie_i wish i knew how to answer your questions but i am as new at this as you21:02
jackie_so anything i could say is would be the blind leading the blind21:03
ubuntu-studiojackie_, thank any way, my dear21:07
ubuntu-studiodo you have UbuntuStudio?21:07
jackie_jeepers, i am not even sure what that is.21:07
ubuntu-studioIm considering UbuntuStudio and KXStudio. Dont know the differences yet21:07
jackie_is it for radio stations?21:08
ubuntu-studioprofessional audio production21:09
jackie_okie dokie21:09
jackie_that;s one of my areas of interest, so i will be persuing it later21:09
delti might be able to help....21:26
deltfor saving changes, you have to install it to your hard disk.21:27
holsteinubuntu-studio: what i would do is, install onto a USB stick21:28
deltor that (:21:28
holsteinubuntu-studio: you can have the portability of a live iso with the changes you want to save21:28
holsteinubuntu-studio: or, you can read about setting up perstence.. but, i like the full install onto a USB stick.. or just roll your own live iso21:28
deltbut for the changes you made in the livecd, if you install, i think only the network configuration gets copied21:29
ubuntu-studioholstein, thats great!! and will it be compatible to any pc, as long as connected to internet?21:29
deltyou just need internet access to download new programs.21:29
holsteinubuntu-studio: the PC will need to be responsible for the compatibility.. internet connection is not needed21:29
holsteinubuntu-studio: ubuntu, linux, and ubuntustudio are not preventing *all* computers from running it. its open, and any hardare vendor can support linux21:29
ubuntu-studioholstein, I think the best option is to dual boot21:30
holsteinubuntu-studio: if they do, then it'll work. if they dont, or dont make it easy for linux to be supported, then, it wont21:30
holsteinubuntu-studio: the "best" option is whatever fits your needs..21:30
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot21:30
ubuntu-studioholstein, sorry, windows mentality here! not used to free stuff working fine21:30
holsteinubuntu-studio: i never said it'll work "fine".. its just important to put the responsibility where it needs to be21:30
holsteinubuntu-studio: when you buy a machine that states "supports windows" the company pays experts and makes sure that you are provided windows support.. if the company wants, they can do the same for linux.. if the dont, then the hardware may not support linux21:31
holsteintypically, modern hardware "just works" with linux.. and the modular drivers "baked" into the kernel work "out of the box"21:32
ubuntu-studioholstein, although im not an experienced linux user, i have played with linux for more then 10 years. I remember drivers not being supported. Since then this got so easy for Linux? these are great news!21:34
holsteinubuntu-studio: its as i say.. *any* manufacturer can do what they do for other operating systems.. they can, and could have always supported linux21:35
holsteinubuntu-studio: imagine taking, for example, apple OSX, and trying to load that onto something like an android phone.. its just not intended.. there is nothing "broken" or "wrong" becuase that doesnt work21:35
holsteinlinux is *all* open, and and anyone can, and is welcome to support it, and make it run well on the hardware they create21:36
holsteinbut, this is far from what your orginal question was.. this was just in refernce to the live USB stick, or your installation on USB stick being "moduar"21:36
ubuntu-studioholstein, thank you for the explanation21:55

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