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mhroncokhi again11:15
mhroncokany chance of this being merged? https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/py2-311:15
tennissmoser: U there? 16:22
smoseryou dropped yesterday.16:24
smoserfiles are loaded and merged with later getting preference over newer16:25
tennissmoser: Yup.  Sorry.  Life got in the way.  Thanks for responding. 16:25
smoser/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg , then /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/*.cfg in C locale sorted order16:25
tennissmoser: ok.  Do I need to explicitly call  "curl" to get my public keys, or is that accomplished somewhere automatically in cloud-init processing?16:27
tennissmoser: I already have a key pair defined in my environment, but for some reason the init process doesn't put it into the "~/.ssh/authorized_keys" file.  Trying to figure out where it comes from.16:30
smosertennis, cloud-init does that.17:06
smosertennis, it should do that.17:06
tennissmoser: Thats what I was thinking too.  But for some reason it does not seem to.  Can't get into my images because of it.  Can you point me to a minimalist example that should do that and notthing (or very little) more? 17:07
smosertennis, i'd 'backdoor' the images, giving you another way in17:11
tennissmoser: ...and the best way to do that is ... ? (sorry,  yet another question :))17:12
smosertennis, ubuntu ?17:16
smoserwhat i would use to backdoor an image is17:16
tennissmoser: Ah, so its "baked in" to the image. 17:18
smoserthats how i debug such things17:19
tennissmoser: Thanks17:21
tennissmoser: I'll use packer to drive the image setup with 'backdoor' included.  That should enable everything.17:21
tennissmoser:  Not sure how backdoor-image would be called.  Is the 'target' meant to be an AMI? 17:33
tennissmoser: basically, i'm wondering where it is called from and what the target should be.17:37
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smosertennis, sorry. target is some disk image.18:15
smoseror root filesystem.18:15
tennissmoser: got it. 19:30
tennissmoser: makes it complicated to use with an aws ami. Hmmm ... 19:31
smoserwell what would you want it to take ?19:37
tennissmoser: Just saw your resp.  Can it be used on an active filesystem, or does it expect it to be an externally-mounted drive? 20:19
smoserit will work on active filesystem, yes.20:20
smoserblock device or filesystem root20:20
smoserie, backdoor-image /20:20
smoserbackdoor-image /dev/sda20:20
smoseror 20:20
tennissmoser: ah,ok  ...Thanks20:20
smoserbackdoor-image my.qcow220:20
smoserfwiw, its logic is just:20:21
smoser if -d $PATH; then20:21
smoser   operate on path20:21
smoser elif -b $PATH; then20:22
smoser   call mount-image-callback $0 _MOUNTPOINT_ "$@"20:22
tennissmoser: I noticed you wrote util.py in cloud-init (nicely done, btw).  I'm getting "util.py[WARNING]: Failed loading yaml blob" errors.  How do I make the output verbose enough to tell me where the problem is?  Or, is there a way to validate the yaml with your code offline?20:22
tennissmoser: ok. That makes sense.20:22
smoserwell, if you're feeding bad yaml20:23
smoserthen just:20:23
smoser python -c 'import yaml; yaml.load(open("my.yaml").read())'20:23
smoserwill likely give the same error20:23
tennisperfect.  Thansk20:23
tennisYup.  That found it.20:25
dryicerxhello. Is there a accepted method for enabling services (upstart specific) via cloud init in a clean manner21:36
dryicerx(or enabling/disabling services with a clean cloudinit way)21:36
tennissmoser: How to debug "failed to shellify" errors? 22:35
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