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MichaelPhow do i uninstall everything kubuntu-active installed ?00:39
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MichaelPanyone here00:46
MichaelPtrying to figure out how to remove everything kubuntu-active installed00:48
bprompt_hmm I'd agree with Ben64, notice his reply00:49
MichaelPThat is what i like about arch... say you install just kdebase.... pacman -Rscn kdebase everything is removed.... ubuntu supose to be easy....00:51
MichaelPI thought active would be different... but i guess since it not touch screen it not... only bad thing... you can't logout... either sleep lock or reboot00:56
me3ok i just did a steam update with a game called robocraft and all my desktop icons disapeared02:53
me3not many , but firefox , thunderbird and a few liks to folders02:53
me3anyway to make them come back?02:54
me3so is this chat working or are there some 50 afk people?02:56
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soeegood morning07:29
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lordievaderGood morning.08:18
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doolyhello i have using kubuntu for quite some time on a wacom stylus pc however i have never been able to configure it for the tablet, and am now wondering if there in the mean time with so many tabletpcs out the ufthere are any default configs10:28
doolylet me refrase.10:29
doolythere is a kubuntu-config-tabelts however no where can I find how to activate that config10:30
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mokushany idea how I can set git to use ksshaskpass? I did set the env var ssh_askpass= to the executable, but no dice11:16
mokushthis seems to be working by default, but with the gnome sshaskpass, on 14.10 with plasma4, but when upgrading to plasma 5 it's broken11:17
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Yyo80plnessune che scrive11:44
Yyo80plva be io vado via.... ciao11:48
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alvinHow do I add an icon to the taskbar in plasma5? (for example: konsole). In KDE4, you could right-click the program in the application menu, but now this option is not available.11:52
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soeealvin: im using icon task only and i can pin it12:14
alvinsoee: Do I need to add some widget first?12:15
soeealvin: replace taskbar with icon task on;y12:18
alvinI've set the task manager to "icons only", but I can still not add programs12:18
alvinThe only possibility is add/remove to/from favorites. Not "Add to Panel"12:18
soeebut you want it to be visible on panel all teh time ?12:19
alvinYes, a bit like the old "quick launch" in MSWindows12:19
soeeopen app, when it shows up on panel, right click on it and choose Show it when not running12:20
alvinsoee: Thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for.12:21
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BluesKaj_'Morning folks13:42
lfrlucasHi. When will kde 4.14.3 be realeased for kubuntu 14.04, under kubuntu backports ppa?13:51
alvinIt's not packaged for 14.10 yet. Probably around the same time.13:56
lfrlucashmmm ok13:57
alvinProblem. I need smartcard support in freerdp. So, I backported freerdp-x11 from Vivid to Utopic. That works. Even with KRDC. Smartcard support is now compiled too (it wasn't before). Until I actually insert a card. Then it... Segmentation fault (core dumped) Is it possible to file bugs against not-yet-released packages? I really, really want smartcard support to work.13:58
Walex2alvin: well, all distributions encourage people to report problems with beta-test sw.14:03
Walex2alvin: much better to get the report before the distro is released than after.14:03
Walex2alvin: your issue is however with a backport. You would have to show that the same issue happens under 'Vivid'14:04
alvinThat's only logical. But I can't use ubuntu-bug on a package that I compiled myself. You can't even use it on packages from kubuntu's ppa.14:04
alvinThat makes sense14:04
alvinI really want this to work, so I guess I'll have to install vivid. And not in a vm.14:04
alvinI'll try another smarcard reader first. Let's see.14:05
Walex2alvin: most likely it will happen under Vivid too, they are not that different. But the people who work on distro releases pay a lot more attention to bugs right for the release they are trying to push out.14:05
alvinHmm. Same issue with other reader14:07
alvinYes, but I don't think this particular issue has priority. Bug #1020023 is old14:08
ubottubug 1020023 in freerdp (Ubuntu) "Packaging: Smartcard and PulseAudio support not enabled in freerdp" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102002314:08
BluesKaj_too bad plasma 5 has become the default 15.04 desktop, if one upgrades after insatlling14:09
alvinIt has? I'm currently trying it. Nice, doable, but absolutely not ready.14:09
BluesKaj_I don't like the flat "look"14:09
BluesKaj_reverted to 14.10/plasma 414:10
alvinIt needs some tweaking. I'll have to look into it too. For example in Quassel (this), names in the nick and channel list are too far apart.14:10
alvinAlso, The -minimize option in Quassel is ignored. I just starts full screen. And the owncloud client complains about not having a system tray (although it works)14:11
* BluesKaj_ sticks withj konversation... guess I'm becoming a Luddite :)14:12
alvinlocales are the worst part in my opinion. I'm Flemish, so I chose "Belgium" in KDE. (but wanting KDE in English). It then succeeds by setting days off in French in the calendar, choosing Dutch as language for the programs, and trying de_BE as a locale. That's German, and does not even exist. Yes, this country has 3 official languages, but I don't think the DE should reflect that by using all 3 for different stuff...14:13
* monkeyjuice likes konversation also14:13
alvinManually changing /etc/default/locales, reconfiguring them by hand, and NOT touching the settings in KDE is the only option.14:13
alvinQuassel might need more functionality, but I like the client-core setup a lot!14:14
BluesKaj_I can't imagine having to deal with the locale problem14:14
alvinIt's terrible. It was a problem before, but it's certainly worse now. The good part is that it has changed, so someone is trying to get it right.14:15
lfrlucasAnyone experiencing memory leak in kdeinit? I'm using kubuntu 14.04, and kdeinit memory increases 2 or 3 mbytes every time I ssh into the machine!14:15
alvinYes, I do think I know the problem on my collegue's machine. Let me see.14:16
alvinI think it is related to some *kit14:16
alvinMust be bad. I'm still nog logged in.14:17
alvinAha. Yes, his machine is using 4213MB swap and the 4GB ram is full too.14:18
Walex2alvin: I would expect a Flemish locale to exist ready-compiled, otherwise it is not too difficult to compile one.14:18
alvinWalex2: nl_BE.UTF-8, yes. But it can't be chosen from the GUI.14:18
lfrlucasThis is a serious bug. I'm concern why no solution has been proposed. The bug is reported in  https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27193414:19
Walex2alvin: then don't choose it from the GUI :-)14:19
ubottuKDE bug 271934 in general "kded4 process grows on memory usage (possible leak)" [Normal,Reopened]14:19
lfrlucasubottu: That's it14:19
Walex2leak in a GNU/Linux GUI? Stop the presses! :-)14:19
alvinYou need to put the value in /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and reconfigure locales.14:19
alvinIt looks like /usr/lib/policykit-1/polkitd is the culprit. (Yes, a *kit)14:20
alvinHis machine is directly connected to the internet and all those hail mary tries make the memory rise.14:21
Walex2alvin: that is IIRC deprecated, and its deprecation was one of the reasons for the spread of (the virus knowns as) SystemD...14:21
lfrlucasWe are using kubuntu in all machines of our university laboratory, and this bug is really affecting us. We use ssh a lot. Even our scripts use ssh14:22
alvinIt's a pretty default 14.04 installation. Yes, I dread the coming of systemd. Upstart was bad, but what will we get now...14:22
Walex2alvin: I suspect that the Ubuntu calculation is that by the time 18.04 is released things will have changed...14:22
lfrlucasalvin: so, no work around is known?14:22
Walex2lfrlucas: if 'policykit' offends you, cut it off :-)14:23
alvinI haven't looked into it yet, but I suspect my collegue will start complaining soon.14:23
lfrlucasisn't policykit required by other apps?14:23
Walex2lfrlucas: not really. it just handles device ownership. Some other apps require its _presence_. I think it can be disabled.14:24
alvinhplip Depends policykit-114:24
alvinThat's not too bad. I thought it would be worse14:24
alvinYou can use SSH as long as you don't need HP printers :-)14:25
lfrlucasalvin: i don't have hplip14:25
Walex2alvin: 'policykit' base role is to 'chown' the '/dev' files to whoever is logged into the main console tty, but in my case it usually gets it wrong.14:25
lfrlucasalvin: is it secure to remove policykit?14:26
alvinOuch, no. I simulated it14:26
alvinapt purge -s policykit-114:26
alvinTry that. It'll show what a purge would do.14:27
lfrlucasare you sure?14:27
alvin-s stands for "simulate"14:27
alvinIt will not actually purge the packages14:27
lfrlucasalvin: it tries to purge most of my KDE packages14:27
alvinIndeed. Not recommended.14:28
lfrlucasi guess policykit is an important dependency14:28
lfrlucasWalex2: it seems that policykit is important14:29
lfrlucasWalex2:  if it handles device owership14:30
alvinI'm trying to find an existing bug14:30
Walex2lfrlucas: its job is: if you insert a USB stick it changes ownership of the newly appeared device to the logged in user.14:31
alvinThere's bug #1092390 but the ssh connections here are not accepted.14:31
ubottubug 1092390 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "kded4 memory use grows with every accepted ssh connection. Memory leak?" [Medium,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109239014:31
Walex2lfrlucas: there are other ways to handle that.14:31
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lfrlucasalvin: this bug is reported here: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27193414:31
ubottuKDE bug 271934 in general "kded4 process grows on memory usage (possible leak)" [Normal,Reopened]14:31
lfrlucasBut nobody cares about it14:32
alvinIt will probably be consumed by systemd14:32
Walex2 to 'kded4' growing, I have put aside a script to restart it when it grows too big14:32
soeeWalex2: on what Kubuntu version this happens ?14:32
lfrlucasI don't understand how people lives with ths14:32
Walex2alvin: 'kded4' probably won't be consumed by SystemD, but the plan is to replace distributions with SystemD.14:33
soeei remeber i had it to, but it was goine on 14.04 maybe14:33
Walex2soee: 12.04 with the 4.14 from the PPA14:33
alvin14.04 LTS here, without PPA's14:33
lfrlucasI'm using 14.0414:33
Walex2soee: these leaks tend to be highly context dependent, that is they happen only in certain usually fairly special cases14:33
soeeah ok14:34
lfrlucasWith or without ppa  this bug exists14:34
alvinYes, when SSH is not connected to the internet, it will not get that many hits.14:34
Walex2soee: I have a number of bizarre long standing issues that "just happen", e.g. in Konsole sometimes the digit "8" becomes a special key.14:34
lfrlucasWe have scripts that run ssh frequently and our machines are not reboot everyday. That's why we detected this bug easily14:35
Walex2soee: in Emacs for example sometimes I have to run 'search-replace-regexp' *twice*, because the first time it just does nothing.14:35
lfrlucasWalex2: I never had that problem with 814:35
alvinI wonder what changed in 14.10. I can no longer reboot from within KDE. I need to log out and use another TTY to give the reboot command. Otherwise, it's just a blank screen14:35
Walex2alvin: that's most likely an 'Xorg' driver problem or an ACPI problem14:36
alvinMaybe I need to switch to systemd, but I'll have to relearn too much. Tried it once, then wanted to disable networkmanager. Didn't work anymore. (Wel,l, it did work, but systemd knew better and re-enabled it automatically)14:36
alvinIt wasn't there in 14.0414:36
Walex2alvin: SystemD switches *you* :-)14:37
Walex2but practically speaking since 'upstart' has gone into two LTS releases Ubuntu will continue to support it for many years.14:38
alvinI can relate to the "veteran UNIX admins". Maybe I'm one myself. On the old days, when you gave a command in UNIX, it didn't care. If the command existed, it was executed. (I've messed up some stuff when I first came into contact with Solaris. Learned to be careful.)14:38
alvinRe-enabling a service when the admin disabled it is just nasty behaviour.14:39
lfrlucas I had a laptop with gentoo using kde 4.14.3 with manifesting this memory leak with ssh14:44
lfrlucasMaybe it is because polkit-1 version?14:45
alvinThere's too much thinking that everything will just work. No, it won't. Think about it. You have a problem with network-manager. What do you do? You disable it and set a static ip address using whatever program ifconfig is now replaced with. All services that need network will then just work with the address you've set. What I see now is that systemd panics and thinks that certain services really need network-manager, so it starts the thing14:45
alvinthat doesn't work....14:45
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ronanarthasi try to install kde plasma 5 on linux kubuntu 14.10 but i can't15:46
ronanarthasi have this message15:46
ronanarthasroot@s4-17:~# apt install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait Construction de l'arbre des d├ępendances        Lecture des informations d'├ętat... Fait E: Impossible de trouver le paquet kubuntu-plasma5-desktop root@s4-17:~#15:46
ronanarthasi can"t found kubuntu pasma 5 packet15:47
chozaburonanarthas: Hey - plasma 5 really is just a "tech preview" at the moment if you are sure you want to try it, issue an apt-get update command and try again15:56
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contrastGreetings, everyone. I just ran installed some updates (on 14.04) and now my onboard soundcard isn't being recognized (though it still comes up under `lspci`). Help, please? Need to get to bed soon and my computer is my alarm clock.18:31
contrastGreetings, everyone. I just installed some updates (on 14.04) and now my onboard soundcard isn't being recognized (already tried rolling back to the old kernel, no dice). Help, please? Need to get to bed soon and my computer is my alarm clock.18:53
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Matomboi want to share a folder with a windows pc but make it password protected22:03
Matombobut wenn i right klick the folder and navigate to the share tab and aktivate share the only thing works is if i allow guest access22:04
Matombowenn ich just allow 1 user and then want to connect from the windows pc it promts me a username password popup but wont let me connect to the folder22:05
D3Vwhenever I try to resize the display in vmware it freezes22:24
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