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ianorlinhi XeBlackWater can I help?06:43
stiv2kcan anybody help me figure out why I keep getting this kernel panic trying to boot up the lubuntu 14.04 live cd? http://imgur.com/ipxk8eg06:52
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rabbit_http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9354139/ < if anyone could give me a hand I'd be delighted11:39
rabbit_here it is fitting on the screen http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9354149/11:40
leszekrabbit why do you provide 3 arguments to mv ?11:44
leszeksudo mv /bin screenshot.sh /usr/local/bin will try to move/rename /bin -> screenshot.sh and then to -> /usr/local/bin/11:45
leszekso end result would be /usr/local/bin/bin11:45
rabbit_i did it 3 times because it wasn't working11:46
rabbit_or i thought iw asn't11:46
leszekrabbit_: yeah I think you did something terribly wrong11:46
rabbit_yeah :(11:46
leszekwhy moving /bin to /usr/local/bin/ ?11:46
rabbit_it was an accident11:46
rabbit_i was trying to move screenshot.sh11:46
leszekmove it back with mv /usr/local/bin/bin /11:46
rabbit_now basic commands like ls and mv don't work because they require bin to be in the right place to work11:46
rabbit_if i try to use mv this is the message i get: bash: /bin/mv: No such file or directory11:47
rabbit_is there a way to use superuser through the gui and just click and drag it back where it should be?11:47
leszekrabbit_: yeah don't use spaces in filenames if you don't use quotations otherwise it will be another argument11:47
rabbit_i used a space in a filename?11:47
rabbit_i never normally use spaces or capitals11:48
leszeksudo mv [/home/rabbit/Desktop]<-Argument1 [screenshot.sh]<-Argument2 [/bin]<-Argument311:48
leszekmv takes two arguments normally to move one file to another11:49
leszekso correct way would be11:49
leszeksudo mv /home/rabbit/Desktop/screenshot.sh /bin11:49
leszekif screenshot.sh is on the desktop or in the desktop directory11:49
rabbit_ah ok11:50
leszekanyways if mv is now in /usr/local/bin/bin/mv than use this to move it back11:50
rabbit_cool! how?11:50
leszeksudo /usr/local/bin/bin/mv /usr/local/bin/bin /11:50
leszeksudo hopefully somehow still works11:50
rabbit_that's what i type in?11:51
leszekyeah correct11:51
rabbit_it worked! thank you, ls works now, so i guess everything does! :D11:52
leszekyeah it should11:52
leszekrabbit_: take a look at a basic command line tutorial for this mistakes not to occur again11:52
leszekespecially when you aren't moving stuff but want to remove something on the terminal you might screw things up beyond repair11:53
rabbit_k! and i'll double check stuff thank you11:53
rabbit_i stay away from rm in general o.O11:53
rabbit_i'll just use scrot to take screenshots i think11:55
testdrstiv2k: have you already tried different boot-options? Have you the same result with a newer live-version 14.04.1? What happens if you run the memorytest (from boot-iso-system)?12:02
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