lordievaderGood morning.08:18
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BluesKaj_'Morning folks13:43
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frobozban me!19:00
BluesKajfroboz, why?19:10
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HFSPLUSBluesKaj, i am hfs+19:11
HFSPLUShey rww you going to ban me19:11
HFSPLUS!ops | ban me!19:11
BluesKajnm, just another troll ..ignore19:13
rwwHFSPLUS: dunno, I'm kind of enjoying there being content in here other than people doing /amsg hi19:15
rwwanother stunning victory for catalyzing19:16
elfythanks rww19:16
lordievaderThanks :)19:16
lordievaderNice victory by the way.19:16
bynariewhat are some differences between 14.10 and 15.04.. i havent seen any change really19:19
BluesKajbynarie, depends which DE19:20
bynariewell specifically xubuntu19:20
elfynot much going on with us atm - mostly will be updated packages19:21
BluesKajthen, no idea19:21
lordievaderKubuntu has Plasma5 now by default.19:21
bynarieyea thats in 14.10 too19:21
bynarieplasma5 is awesome19:21
elfyif you want to test the newest stuff - use the staging ppa at https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/xubuntu-staging19:21
bynarieelfy, thanks for the link19:22
BluesKajbynarie, really ? I just reverted to 14.10...plasma 5 definitely not my style and it's still very buggy19:23
bynariei like plasma5.. honestly i havent used it too much, BUT from what i have seen i like it19:24
lordievaderbynarie: Not by default ;)19:24
BluesKajreverted to 14.10 plasma 4 that is19:24
bynarielordievader, right.. not default.. what i meant was that they have the image spec. for plasma519:24
bynariei think u can choose 4 or 519:25
lordievaderTrue, true. There is the Plasma5 tech preview.19:25
BluesKajlooka like I'm staying with 14.10 for a while then, lordievader19:25
bynarieBluesKaj, do you use kde?19:25
BluesKajbynarie, yes19:25
bynarieive always used kde since back when linux-mandrake was out.. but i recently find xfce more appealing, lighter19:26
* BluesKaj nods ...I might take a look at it for my older desktop pc19:27
bynarieim running fairly top of line computer and im still using xfce19:27
bynariecore i7 4700mq, 32gb ram, SSD19:27
BluesKaj2008 vintage here19:27
bynarienvidia geforce gtx 70019:27
bynariei just like the light weight stuff i guess19:28
BluesKajxfce seems like a bit cautious on such high powered machine19:28
bynariemaybe so... its just what i have been using lately19:29
BluesKaji3 with 8G RAM on this laptop and kde runs very quickly19:29
bynarieyea... i3 and 8gb ram are fairly top notch still19:29
bynariekde should run like a breeze19:29
bynariewhat type of vid card u got19:30
BluesKajyup, it's great19:30
bynarieman ill be honest... i was using windows 8 until prolly last 2 months19:32
bynariethen i started tinkering with linux again, and boom i was hooked19:32
bynariehavent even booted windows in last 2 months19:32
bynarieim serious.... xubuntu, or any distro really, puts winblows to shame19:33
bynarieim only familiar with debian distros for right now tho so i dont stray to like redhat based or anything19:33
lordievaderLet me tell you a secret, I'm using Windows 7 right at this very moment ;)19:34
bynarielike fedora, suse19:34
BluesKajjust the regular intel gpu ,3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller, runs i915 driver19:34
bynarielordievader, NO! GET THE HELL OUT! haha j/k19:34
lordievaderGna, gna :P19:34
bynarieactually i added more ram to my system and windows is sooo slow.. i think its the timing in the ram being different19:35
bynariei had 16, added 16 more and my cpu slows down lol19:35
BluesKajheh, added 3G to make it 6g on the old desktop and makes a big diff on W719:36
bynarieyea no doubt19:36
bynariei think around 8gb is pretty much all most ppl need for regualr use19:36
bynarieim just the type of person who tries to pump everything into my computer even if its useless19:37
bynariebut i failed to realize difference in ram timings causes problems19:39
BluesKajI have a strange situation, set up a gpt partition table, but I'm still restricted to 4 primaries using gparted, is there a newer version of gparted that will read the partition table correctly?19:41
bubbasauresBluesKaj, This an additional HD what is the OS set as msdos or gpt?19:48
BluesKajit's the internal HDD and it's set up as gpt for dual booting W7 and Kubuntu, bubbasaures19:51
josharensonI'm trying to make a vivid chroot on my nex4, but I get this error. "E: Failed getting release file http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/vivid/Release"19:51
josharensoncommand issued is "mk-sbuild vivid"19:51
bubbasauresBluesKaj, Windows is a uefi install and or a gpt/efi and kubuntu as well?19:52
BluesKajbubbasaures, windows is uefi install and kubuntu had to be legacy19:53
bubbasauresBluesKaj, Hmm, and you can boot both from grub?19:55
BluesKajbubbasaures, yes19:56
BluesKajoriginally had W8.1 and installed W7 over it, then kubuntu19:57
bubbasauresBluesKaj, Can you pastebin sudo parted -l19:59
bubbasauresBluesKaj, Did you set this as legacy before the W7 install20:00
BluesKajcreated 2 unallocated spaceson the hdd for linux then set them up as ext4s / and home with ubiquity, but now parted -l says it's a mdsos partition table ...guess it got converted somehow in the changeover20:01
BluesKajthe origianl partitoning was done in W8.120:01
BluesKajbubbasaures, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9357087/20:04
BluesKajbubbasaures, yes had tio use lgacy mode or kubuntu wouldn't install, unfortunately20:05
bubbasauresPartition Table: msdos20:05
BluesKajoh well i guess I can get by without a swap partition20:06
BluesKajnot happy with the uefi/bios setup on this laptop20:07
bubbasauresBluesKaj, You could have a swap file/space, http://pqxx.org/development/swapspace/20:07
bubbasauresI would just set the swappinees at like 10 to get more ram before swapping20:08
BluesKajyeah, I've used a swap file before, but with 8G RAM I probly don't really need it ...no probs so far20:08
bubbasauresyeah 8 gigs otta do yah20:09
BluesKajnot a heavy user so to speak20:09
lordievaderBluesKaj: I've had a Win7 install that didn't like gpt, I gave it a gpt disk and Windows simply converted it back to msdos for some reason.20:41
BluesKajlordievader, seems that's what happened here too, thanks for the heads up :)20:43
lordievaderBluesKaj: Does gparted/parted/etc now list it as a msdos disk?20:45
BluesKajlordievader, yes, parted -l does, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9357087/20:46
lordievaderLikely the same bug...20:47
BluesKajor is it the uefi/bios that doesn't like W7 on gpt ?20:49
lordievaderI don't think the bios has any say in the matter.20:52
BluesKajwell, gotta go ...later20:54

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