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dholbachgood morning08:14
justCarakasGood morning all :)08:18
cor3ntinHello. Is there someone from canonical here ? I had a few question about my apps, and no one seems to monitor the "feedback" tab these days.08:27
rpadovanicor3ntin, you can ask to mhall119 or popey08:50
cor3ntinrpadovani> thanks !08:51
deshackrpadovani: o/09:05
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uglyandstupidi'm using FontLoader (loging the onStatusChanged) to load some otf fonts and then assigning Text font.family = fontID.name, the issues are that the OnStatusChanged never change .. and also the font is not loaded, any insights please ?09:28
dholbachhey DanChapman09:38
dholbachDanChapman, somebody asked in the Ubuntu on Air show yesterday for a dekko daily build for the desktop09:39
dholbachin my local build I get:09:39
dholbach....qml/AccountsView/AccountsPage.qml:41: ReferenceError: imapPasswordWatcher is not defined09:39
dholbachis there a file missing in the branch somewhere?09:40
DanChapmandholbach: hey there! oh great... well there is no debian packaging atm, i presume that will be needed. That error is correct for trunk we are making some rather intrusive changes atm which has broken pretty much everything :-D lp:dekko/0.3 is the stable branch09:41
dholbachok... so I should set up a daily build for 0.3 rather?09:42
dholbach... for now09:42
uglyandstupidanyone for my FontLoader issue please ? :(09:42
dholbachDanChapman, ok... I'll set it up for 0.3 for now - let me know when to switch over09:43
DanChapmandholbach: yeah for now i would advise to use 0.3. In the next week or so trunk should be working again :-)09:44
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Make A Gift Day! :-D09:50
uglyandstupidcan anyone review me what i'm doing wrong please http://pastebin.com/iW7V7cjM still unable to understand why my font is not loaded and why the FontLoader does not raise the onStatusChanged :(09:58
thecosmicfrogAnyone ever come across this error with Ubuntu Emulator?10:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398755 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "Error when running Ubuntu emulator -- fork/exec /usr/share/android/emulator/out/host/linux-x86/bin/emulator: no such file or directory" [Undecided,New]10:10
dholbachDanChapman, popey: I added it to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/daily10:12
dholbachit built and is installable and runs, but seems to have some problems on the desktop10:13
dholbachI can't configure an account10:13
dholbachshall I file a bug about this?10:13
DanChapmandholbach: hmm that's odd. Yes please :-)10:13
dholbachDanChapman, https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+bug/139876110:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398761 in dekko "[desktop] can't configure an account" [Undecided,New]10:16
dholbachmaybe something's wrong with how the package was built - I can't rule that out :)10:16
DanChapmandholbach: ouch!!! how has that happened, the AccountsManager and the New accounts page you mention is from the 0.4 branch (lp:dekko). Looking at lp:dekko/0.3 it's definately not in there10:20
dholbachok, let me try to build dekko/0.3 from source again to see if it happens there10:28
mzanettidpm: hey ho10:31
mzanettidpm: I'm a bit confused about reminders. seems LP status is set to fix released for the new edit mode, but I don't get it as upgrade10:31
dholbachDanChapman, my mistake10:35
DanChapmandholbach: ahh ok... i was just building it locally to test myself :-D10:35
dpmmzanetti, o/10:36
dpmmzanetti, if the Fix Released status was set automatically, it's probably because of the package upload that happened last week10:37
mzanettidpm: but? still waiting in the review queue?10:37
dpmmzanetti, I think LP sets the status once the upload has happened? dholbach, do you know how LP sets bugs to Fix Released after a package upload? How does that work, do they need to have been in the archive already for it to happen?10:39
dholbachdpm: the Debian changelog  entry needs to include somethiung like             "LP: #123456"10:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 123456 in xine-lib (Ubuntu) "podcast crashes amarok" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12345610:40
dholbachdpm, and it needs to an upload to the archive, yes - the bug also needs to have an Ubuntu task for the specific project10:40
dpmthanks dholbach10:40
mzanettidpm: I see... so nothing to do with the click packaging actually10:47
dpmmzanetti, no, we generally set the status to Fix Released manually after a store upload, but the .deb upload kind of wrought havoc to our statuses10:49
dholbachDanChapman, the daily build works now - sorry for the noise11:00
DanChapmandholbach: that's cool... you had me worried, i thought i'd screwed up the branches :-)11:04
dholbachjdstrand, can you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/click-reviewers-tools/+bug/1395204 and let me know if I assume things correctly?11:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1395204 in Canonical Click Reviewers tools "Click review rejects multi-arch clicks" [High,New]11:06
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dholbachDanChapman, I'm seeing this now:11:39
dholbachFile: qml/MessageView/MultipartAlternativeWidget.qml does not exist at any of the standard paths!11:39
dholbachweird, it gets installed into /usr/share/dekko/qml/MessageView/MultipartAlternativeWidget.qml though11:40
DanChapmandholbach: yeah i just found that https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+bug/139878411:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398784 in dekko "[Desktop] Cannot view message. Unable to find <mimetype>.qml files" [High,Confirmed]11:40
DanChapmanwhich is odd as it can find main.qml in that same directory. I'm looking into it now11:41
dholbachawesome, thanks11:41
DanChapmandholbach: ahh right i probably need to update the install stuff in the Cmake file.11:42
dholbachyeah, that could be11:42
pindongajdstrand, ping11:57
pindongajdstrand, did you see the mp I submitted for c-r-t? dholbach merged it, but I just wanted to know if you were ok with it11:58
dholbachjdstrand, it was a complete revert12:00
mivoligomzanetti: ping12:26
mzanettimivoligo: hey ho12:27
mivoligomzanetti: see in the drive folder12:27
* mzanetti looks12:27
mzanettimivoligo: interesting12:29
mivoligomzanetti: image in the middle is the "info page" surrounded by modal dialogs when someone clicks an option12:29
mivoligomzanetti: there will be icons in the ubuntu shapes12:30
mzanettimivoligo: I guess I would move the how to play away and create a tutorial level pack with just one or two levels, where we just paint some additional text into the existing levels12:30
mzanettilike this:12:31
mzanetti1) Select a field (with an arrow pointing to some field next to the path)12:31
mzanetti2) select a tower (with an arrow pointing to the first tower12:31
mzanetti3) prevent enemies to reach the hear (with an arrow pointing to the heart)12:32
mivoligomzanetti: ok, I get it :)12:32
mzanettialso, we could merge contact and review12:32
mzanettiso we'd have an even number of entries in that screen again12:32
mzanettimaybe call it "Feedback" with info on where to report bugs, how to review it in the store etc12:33
mivoligomzanetti: I was thinking of duplicating the level selection layout to have it easier :)12:34
mzanettidon't worry from the code point of view... I can still reuse it. it's just 2 numbers to configure that for a different amount of rows and columns12:35
mivoligomzanetti: ok then, so we go for four :)12:36
mzanettiless icons to paint for you :)12:36
mivoligomzanetti: I was thinking of putting padlocks like in the level selection and unlock it when player clicked on previous option but it might be too far fetched :D12:39
mzanettimivoligo: nah... don't want people to read the license before they can see the donate button :D12:39
mivoligomzanetti: ok, so I guess I don't need to redo that image, just the icons, right?12:42
mzanettimivoligo: sure12:42
mivoligomzanetti: I'll send them to the drive, although it had problem with reading svg I sent before12:44
mzanettimivoligo: you can MP them against m-vs-m too12:46
mzanettijust put them into the app/graphics/ folder12:46
mivoligomzanetti: ok12:47
osfasthi im new in developing qt apps, anny suggestions on good tutorials? i have some experience with .net (yes i feel ashamed) but i could use a (virtual)tutor12:50
jdstrandpindonga: change looked fine, thanks12:52
jdstranddholbach: ^12:52
pindongajdstrand, dholbach thx12:53
pindongaI'm going to deploy this to prod today hopefully12:53
pindongajdstrand,  I understand you have changes coming to c-r-t soon12:54
pindongapls let me know when they land so that I can get them to prod12:54
jdstranddholbach: as for the bug, I will be looking at crt and specifically this area for something else either today or tomorrow12:54
jdstranddholbach: I'll assign it to myself if you are ok with that12:54
dholbachjdstrand, sure sure13:21
thecosmicfrogAnyone able to help me with this Ubuntu Emulator issue?: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phablet-tools/+bug/139875513:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1398755 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "Error when running Ubuntu emulator -- fork/exec /usr/share/android/emulator/out/host/linux-x86/bin/emulator: no such file or directory" [Undecided,New]13:23
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rpadovaniHey, I have some problems with U1db, it's the first time I use it so maybe I'm doing something wrong. I use it as model for a listview, doing model: database13:52
rpadovaniBut when I delete a document, it doesn't disappear from the model13:52
rpadovaniI do the delete doing Database.deleteDoc(docId);13:52
rpadovaniso, the content of document is deleted, but not the document itself13:52
rpadovaniThen I have errors in the listview, of course, like Unable to assign [undefined] to QString13:53
rpadovaniI know how to do a workaround, but it's a strange behavior13:53
popeykalikiana: ^^ do you?13:54
kalikianarpadovani: can you paste some code?13:55
rpadovanikalikiana, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9354822/13:56
rpadovanikalikiana, ignore how bad is createCalc, I have some questions also about it, but later. Thanks for your availability :-)13:57
kalikianarpadovani: that's… creative…code. why are you making your life hard?13:59
kalikianarpadovani: there's no ListView14:00
rpadovanikalikiana, oh, sorry, this is the listview14:00
rpadovanikalikiana, ok, let me explain what I need, I'm sure there is a best solution: I need to save calcs from the calculator, and displays them from the last done to the first one, so I need the first element of the model is the last one inserted14:01
kalikianarpadovani: you can use SortFilterModel to sort by docId ie sort.property: "docId"14:06
kalikianathat should work14:06
rpadovanikalikiana, nope, because docId is a string, so 10>214:06
kalikianarpadovani: you can sort in reverse order also14:07
kalikianaassuming you're intersting docId's with an incrementing number, as your code implies14:10
rpadovanikalikiana, yes, that works, thanks14:14
rpadovaniBut doesn't fix the problem with the deleteDoc14:14
kalikianaoh that's why you have visible: contents.calc != undefined14:15
kalikianahold on, I'm checking sth14:17
kalikianarpadovani: hrm, there's definitely something off, I'm still trying to figure out what it is that makes it break - other code I'm looking at just works flawlessly14:33
kalikianalemme get some tea and I'll ponder a bit over this14:33
rpadovanikalikiana, ok, I push the code on a branch meanwhile, so you can have an idea on that14:34
rpadovanikalikiana, https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/history14:39
cor3ntinwhat should be the debian/changelog's distribution field for a proprietary app deployed through ubuntu sofware center ?14:41
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kalikianarpadovani: I'm so blind… the issue is obvious: you're using Database. Which unlike Query doesn't filter out deleted docs15:23
rpadovanikalikiana, oh, I see, thanks, I'll read doc for query15:24
kalikianarpadovani: long story short, Database being a model is a bit of a hassle because it behaves different to Query and has almost no features, and behaviors like this are inherently different15:25
rpadovanikalikiana, well, I use it to be sure to create always new index, and then I'll use query to expose data to the listview15:25
rpadovanikalikiana, thanks :-)15:27
kalikianarpadovani: you don't even need Database to create docs, having Document in QML and giving it a new docId is all you need ;-)15:27
kalikianaso all that qml in strings stuff can go away15:27
rpadovanikalikiana, there is docs about that?15:29
kalikianarpadovani: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.04/U1db.Document/15:29
kalikianalike this? :-D15:29
rpadovanikalikiana, mhh, it is what I was looking, I didn't see something about using only document, I'll read again :-)15:30
kalikianarpadovani: if you feel it needs clarification I'd appreciate your input; as you know, developers always know everything and don't always see what's missing…15:31
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rpadovanikalikiana, aha, easy enough, I tried this morning but didn't work, but I did something wrong for sure, because now works well and code is definitely better.. thanks :-)15:48
rpadovanikalikiana, anyway, seems here a lot of chapters are missing http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/U1db.concepts/15:50
kalikianarpadovani: that's just a list :-D15:51
rpadovaniaha :D15:52
rpadovanikalikiana, sorry to bother you on all that, but is all new for me. What't expression and name in Index? The doc seems a bit obscure on that...15:54
viejotrenHi, I'm modifying the pagehader logo and art images file in my scope, after  rebuild the project i don't get any of them, they have the same dimensions of the oiriginal ones from the template16:00
viejotrendo you have any suggestions in order to get them in the emu?16:01
kalikianarpadovani: there's a more complete example here http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/U1db.Query/ , "color" here is a field in the document16:10
kalikianaI guess it might be nice to add example documents there for clarity16:10
rpadovanikalikiana, and the name could be whatever I want?16:10
kalikianarpadovani: another example http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~uonedb-qt/u1db-qt/trunk/view/head:/examples/bookmarks/bookmarks.qml16:12
kalikianacheck out the queries at the bottom, that are set when you pick a different option16:12
kalikianarpadovani: name is completely up to you16:12
rpadovanikalikiana, I think I get it, thanks. What I could do with name field? Why I need it?16:14
kalikianarpadovani: let's put it this way, right now it's not strictly needed due to code changes - it may or may not be used in the future when sync is supported16:16
kalikianaso you could leave it out for now16:16
kalikianarpadovani: the background is that the original design of u1db in python stores the indices on disk; the QML version keeps it in memory all the time16:17
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rpadovanikalikiana, oh I see, thanks for the explanation!16:17
kalikianawe had a bit of a heated argument around that at one point, opinions on which is faster on a phone etc. :-P16:19
mihirrpadovani: ping16:38
rpadovanimihir, pong16:40
mihirrpadovani: i commented on that.16:41
mihirrpadovani: you implemented db , just needed information i can see yu have stored only two fields.16:41
mihircalc and result , do we need time too ?16:41
rpadovanimihir, yes, and favourites too, but I think we can implement ongoing, no need to modify anything16:43
mihirHmmm rpadovani okay great :)16:43
mihiri thought in u1db we need field.16:43
rpadovanimihir, it's automagically, you set the field in the document itself, the olds remain undefined16:44
mihirrpadovani: excellent thanks for info :)16:45
mihiri'll test more and approve it, thanks.16:45
rpadovanithanks to you :-)16:45
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DS-McGuireHello, does anyone know how to change the background image in HTML5 in the sdk?18:36
thecosmicfrogHi. When running my app on the Ubuntu Emulator, it crashes immediately and I get this output in the SDK: Sdk-Launcher> Received a failed event18:54
thecosmicfrogCan someone help me figure out what this failed event is? Or how I debug it further?18:55
bzoltanthecosmicfrog:  the most generic mistake is to use the wrong framework for the. I would check the manifest file. What channel the emulator was made from?18:55
bzoltanthecosmicfrog:  usually the application output window or the Issues show at least a warning about the possible problems18:56
thecosmicfrogbzoltan - Ah, I see in my manifest I have ubuntu-sdk-14.04-qml-dev1 while the emulator is from 14.10-dev18:57
thecosmicfrogWhat is the correct value I should have in my manifest?18:57
thecosmicfrogbzoltan: Okay, found this spreadsheet of supported frameworks: http://goo.gl/sL0oKU19:03
thecosmicfrogUpdated mine to "ubuntu-dev-14.10" and changed my policy version to 1.2. Now I'm getting Sdk-Launcher> Installing application ..... Sdk-Launcher> Installing the application failed19:04
thecosmicfrogbzoltan: Okay, regen'd my manifest file in Qt Creator. It set my framework to "ubuntu-sdk-14.10-qml-dev3" but now back to square one. --- Debug-helper> Executing /usr/bin/qmlscene['/usr/bin/qmlscene', '$@', 'DublinWheels.qml'] Sdk-Launcher> Received a failed event Sdk-Launcher> The Application exited, cleaning up Sdk-Launcher> Finished19:08
thecosmicfrogI don't mind so much the app is crashing, more so that I have no good errors being output.19:08
davmor2charles, nik90: on manta on devel proposed it looks like alarms at not setting, clock seems to be correct from a gui point of view but the alarm notification never seems to arrive in the datetime-indicator19:24
nik90_davmor2: does manta get updated as frequently as mako?19:42
davmor2nik90_: yeap19:42
nik90_davmor2: we had this issue reported against eds long time back and it got fixed by Renato.19:43
davmor2ogra_: manta is show bugs from previous builds that have been fixed else where it isn't likely to of lagged behind is it?19:45
nik90_davmor2: the fix is atleast 3 months old if that helps19:46
davmor2nik90_: this is an image from like 2 days ago19:46
nik90_davmor2: devel proposed meaning vivid?19:47
davmor2nik90_: indeed19:47
bzoltanthecosmicfrog:  I would stick to the basic ubuntu-sdk-14.1020:08
bzoltanthecosmicfrog:  ahh.. you figured that, good20:08
bzoltanthecosmicfrog:  if you share the branch of your project I promise I will look at it in the morning. At 10pm I am not the sharpest :)20:09
thecosmicfrogbzoltan: Can do! Cheers :)20:10
thecosmicfrogbzoltan: https://www.github.com/thecosmicfrog/DublinWheels20:10
thecosmicfrogbzoltan: It's missing the manifest file in GitHub but everything else should be there.20:11
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mivoligo1mzanetti: I've just added the icons and MPed :)20:38
mzanettimivoligo1: awesome. will look in a minute20:38
mivoligo1mzanetti: take your time ;)20:39
ogra_davmor2, not that ii know of20:56
ogra_all bits (rootfs,device and custom tarball) match mako20:58
mzanettimivoligo1: merged21:03
mzanettiI'll add that dialog the next days21:03
mivoligo1mzanetti: meanwhile I'll try to do the paths21:04
mivoligo1mzanetti: btw, are you planning to release the game for other platforms like SailfishOS for example?21:05
mzanettiI'd definitely welcome any ports, but chances are low that I'm doing it myself21:06
DS-McGuireHello, does anyone know how to change the background image in HTML5 in the sdk21:47

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