pleia2czajkowski: this weather truly is terrible :)00:38
czajkowskipleia2: so much rain!00:48
czajkowskiamusing watching the news and hearing it described as storm this morning00:48
czajkowski6 inches of rain is a storm!00:48
pleia2well, this state is kind of a desert :)00:49
pleia2worst drought in history this year and all00:49
josejono: check your comments :)06:23
jonothanks jose!06:23
joseI'm going to try and find some info around - I know there's a group here in Peru who takes care of helping finding home for homeless animals06:23
joseshould I email you with that info?06:24
dholbachgood morning08:14
dpmhey czajkowski14:15
czajkowskidpm: popey have you guys got a list of mobile conferences by any chanc e?14:33
dpmczajkowski, kind of. We started compiling a list a while ago, but we've not updated it in a while. But it includes all kind of open source conferences IIRC, not specifically mobile14:34
popeyway out of date14:35
czajkowskiah ok14:59
czajkowskiI have a set of global events plus nosql and now trying to complie mobikle15:00
czajkowskimobile even15:00
dholbachhave a great rest of your day - see you tomorrow!17:18
balloonsjose, can I have a timeslot next Weds for ubuntu on air?17:32
joseballoons: sure, what time?17:33
balloonshmm.. popey any thoughts on a good time for the qa demo'ing during the hackfest?17:34
balloonsI'm thinking 1800 UTC might work17:34
popeythats as good a time as any ☻17:34
balloonsjose, 1800 UTC it is then17:36
balloonsjose, so 1800 UTC, Dec 10th, title is writing tests for the core apps17:55
joseballoons: speakers?19:19
balloonsjose, me, and perhaps only m19:46
josehehe, ok19:46
* elfy might pop by to heckle balloons 19:49
elfymore likely that I'll forget19:53
joseballoons: btw, you're all set - slot reserved21:55
balloonsjose, thank you22:06

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