gansteedcan gtk+ do this work well? insert a html into a gtk+ layer?00:01
gansteedlike this in osx: https://camo.githubusercontent.com/e996460609ccffc22690bee5da8ea7bc64fbc480/68747470733a2f2f7261772e6769746875622e636f6d2f4f70656e4669626572732f57595959592d4f53582d6d6164652d696e2d4368696e612f6d61737465722f73637265656e73686f74312e706e6700:01
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octoquadThanks darkxst. I feel like I'm running 14.10 so that's why I asked. I've updated this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/138256306:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1382563 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "Cant install proprietary drivers/fglrx" [High,Confirmed]06:04
darkxstoctoquad, I don't have a radeon card to test, but still strange there haven't been more reports installing the ubuntu package06:08
octoquadI know, it has gone from 2 to 8 affected since I last checked06:32
octoquadbtw, most people won't probably even bother reporting it, or apport crashes or remote timeouts when reporting it, or they don't need wine. There are a few scenerio's to consider though.06:33
octoquadI don't mind digging deeper with assistance if need be. This is why I setup VV on physical hardware to help out.06:34
Noskcajoctoquad, Could you please run sudo apt-get autoremove before posting those logs to a bug? There is a lot of excess caused by you having useless depends still installed07:45
NoskcajAnd i had the same issue, i just gave up on wine07:45
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Guest95831i am using a trusty distro but whenever i try to log in it is bouncing back11:31
Guest95831anybody please11:31
mgedmincan you log in using a different session type?11:34
mgedmindoes anything interesting show up in ~/.xsession-errors or ~/.cache/gdm/session.log or ~/.cache/upstart/gnome-session*.log ?11:35
Guest95831no it is same with11:35
Guest95831all env11:35
Guest95831none if the commands are working11:37
* mgedmin waits to hear about the contents of the session log files11:38
mgedminanother approach would be: when did this last work?  what changed since then?11:38
mgedminany upgrades?  edits of ~/.profile?11:38
Guest95831last night i installed java adn python and performed a update11:39
Guest95831can i have the correct path of the profile file??11:39
Guest95831my research says that there will be problem in that11:39
mgedminyou mean ~/.profile?11:40
mgedminthe correct path is ~/.profile11:40
Guest95831ok isee the file11:41
Guest95831this is frankly the first time i am seeing it11:41
mgedminthen it's unlikely to be a problem with it11:41
Guest95831while installing java i havt to change the environment path will ut be a pronlem11:42
mgedminwhere did you change it?  how did you change it?11:43
Guest95831well ill paste a link i worked as per it11:44
Guest95831look into the java environment variable11:45
mgedminnothing in there should break logins11:46
mgedminso what about errors in ~/.xsession-errors or ~/.cache/gdm/session.log or ~/.cache/upstart/gnome-session*.log ?11:47
mgedmin(I don't remember which of the three files will be used on trusty)11:47
mgedmin(they all might exist, some might contain stale data)11:47
mgedminalso, can you log into /dev/tty? or over ssh?11:48
* mgedmin meant /dev/tty1 actually11:48
mgedmin(as a shorthand for the 1st virtual text console, which you get by pressing ctrl-alt-f1)11:49
Guest95831i did it and i am in tty111:49
Guest95831the op is no such file or directory and permission denied11:51
Guest95831i am tempteed to try su but scared11:51
mgedminno need for su11:51
mgedmin"the op"?11:51
mgedminare any files in your home directory owned by root?  that could break logins11:52
mgedmintry ls -lA ~11:52
mgedminif you see root root somewhere, that could be the problem11:52
mgedminthe fix is sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~11:52
mgedminreplace $USER with your username, just in case11:52
Guest95831no roots11:53
mgedminokay, so... permission denied?  why?11:53
mgedminwhich file gave you that error?11:53
mgedminwhat command did you run exactly?11:53
mgedmincan you ls -l  ~/.cache/gdm/session.log ?11:54
Guest95831no root11:55
Guest95831it is username username11:55
mgedminwait did you try to run that log file as a shell command?11:55
mgedminuse less ~/.cache/gdm/session.log to view log files in a terminal11:56
mgedmin(also, I *think* upstart's logs are the most interesting ones)11:56
Guest95831well i didnt ger you11:59
Guest95831init not found11:59
Guest95831that one stands out12:00
Guest95831it contains 3 scripts start and init not found12:02
Guest95831i am sorry that i cannot pastebin it12:03
eliaspsOff to class, see you later!12:34
* eliasps waves12:34
* mgedmin is back from lunch13:04
mgedmin"init not found" is weird13:04
mgedminsudo apt-get install pastebinit13:05
mgedminI wonder if editing /etc/environment and changing the default $PATH to not include /sbin could be the reason13:05
octoquadNoskcaj, there is nothing for apt-get autoremove to do prior to apt-get install fglrx fglrx-core. That is essentially the output when I run apt-get install fglrx and flgrx-core and those are the packages that won't be needed any more if wine is uninstalled and fglrx is installed15:26
ghtrzhey :)16:21
ghtrzhow is work going for 15.04?16:21
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Lixumuxhi all, with gnome 3 on ubuntu 14.04, I want to autohide the panels, but the gnome-shell(-extenions) installation will REMOVE components such as unity-controlcenter and gnome-flashback, which sounds scary - dont want to remove the option of switching back to unity in case gnome3 gets problems, for example...17:36

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