amjjawadHi, how can I get an IRC Clock? my LP: https://launchpad.net/~amjjawad12:30
Priceyamjjawad: You'll want to start by identifying to a nickserv account. I'd also recommend reading http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nocloakonjoin12:36
amjjawadHi Pricey, freenode states I'm registered but when I do the identity, it says invalid password12:42
Priceyamjjawad: Sounds like you're using the wrong password :)12:43
amjjawadbut I just checked it and it is working12:43
Priceyamjjawad: I've sent password reset instructions to the email on the account.12:43
Priceyamjjawad: "checked it"?12:43
Priceyamjjawad: freenode doesn't share its password database with any other network, the only way you could check it would be by identifying here, and you're not.12:44
amjjawadsame :(12:44
amjjawadI did what the email says and I got the same message12:45
amjjawad-NickServ- Invalid password for amjjawad.12:45
PriceyThe email doesn't have a password. It has instructions on how to set one.12:46
PriceyWe will never email you your password.12:46
PriceyOr are you not removing </>s from the commands provided?12:46
amjjawadPricey, yes, I know but I guess it is working now12:46
Priceyamjjawad: Aha that looks better! Now you'll need to wait for a member of hte ircc to request one.12:46
amjjawadby mistake,  I used < >12:47
amjjawadbut it is working so no worries12:47
amjjawadso, wait for who, sorry?12:47
amjjawadthe IRC team of Ubuntu?12:47
PriceyYep, IRC Council.12:48
amjjawadPricey, thanks for your help and hope someone will show up soon :)12:49
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amjjawadPricey, sorry to disturb you. I guess I should only ask for a clock here, not by email, correct?13:10
amjjawadit is just the time zone I'm at is really hard and it is 12:10am right now .. not sure how many more mins I can remain awake13:11
tewardamjjawad: actually you have to contact the IRC Council... they have to then request the cloak be applied13:11
Priceyamjjawad: I think so.13:11
amjjawadteward, hi, by email?13:11
tewardbut in both cases you probably need to be around for it13:11
tewardamjjawad: probably in here is best, but again, timezone issues...13:11
amjjawadteward, :(13:12
amjjawadguess no one from the IRC Council is here as of now13:12
k1lamjjawad: can you link your launchpad user account?13:12
amjjawadk1l, hi it is: https://launchpad.net/~amjjawad13:13
k1lok, so now we need someone from the IRCC to confirm and then a staffer can set the cloak13:13
amjjawadk1l, I hope I can do it tonight or else, I guess I have to wait until another time13:14
k1lmaybe hggdh is awake already :)13:14
amjjawadI hope :)13:15
DJonesI thought hggdh was the bot that never sleeps13:18
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amjjawadI see there are only 4 people: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-irc-council/+members#active13:35
MooDooyeah one left iirc they decided they didn't need a 5th13:35
amjjawadOkay, I sent them an email :)13:40
amjjawadand guess I must be around to make it happen13:40
amjjawadbut I don't think that will be now as it is 12:40am and I really must sleep13:40
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hggdhDJones: this bot, sometimes, goes into maintenance mode :-)14:53
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DJoneshggdh: Poor bot programming, when was the last time R2D2 went into maintenance mode, it always works18:06
hggdhDJones: old hardware, staring to get hit by random issues...18:07
hggdhbut usually a "power-off, count to 10, power on again", where '10' is on a large prime base18:08
DJonesActually, forget R2D2, I've remembered the best robots ever, Dewey, Huey and Louie from the 1970's18:09
DJonesold hardware isn't an issue anymore :)18:09
* DJones waits for the name that film to work it out18:10
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