apwb xnox 11:56
xnoxapw: oj!11:57
apwmissing / and all that11:57
apwxnox,  on Bug #1396383 ... we have to run update-grub as the filename grub will see and use changes when there is a signed kernel in place12:58
ubot5bug 1396383 in linux (Ubuntu) "why signed kernels call update-grub?" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139638312:59
apwand we cannot modify the existing kernel in place, because that is a file in another package, and you don't do that12:59
apwit is possible we could divert the original vmlinux in that case12:59
apwwe don't user /etc/kernel/* because that would make it rebuild the initrd even more times on install13:00
apwthough that would be fixed if i uploaded my triggers fixes13:00
apwbut that is waiting on initramfs-tools and that is waiting on console-setup13:00
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apwhallyn, hey ... it seems your qemu update has dropped a symlink kvm-spice -> kvm, is this to be expected?  it stops all my libvirt VMs from working15:41
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* apw pokes hallyn19:59
clopezhave the patches for VT mode KD_TRANSPARENT and vt_handoff  tried to be merged either upstream or in the debian kernel?21:04
clopezhttp://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/60271/  and http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/60272/21:20
clopezseems that ubuntu 14.04 not longer has this patches, neither i see them on upstream... what happened?21:20
apwclopez, not exactly22:22
clopezapw: is another patch implemeting a feature like this one?22:31
apwclopez, vt handoff et al are still in our kernels, cirtainly is there in vivid23:06
RAOFHm. Whatever happened to those hot data tracking patches...23:06
clopezapw: "grep -ri vt_handoff" returns only changelog entries on Ubuntu 14.04 kernel sources (http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux_3.13.0-40.69.dsc)23:11
clopezwhat i'm missing?23:11
apwclopez, no it may be missingin 3.13, it is there still in general in our kernels23:16
clopezi see, so support for this feature is broken on 14.04 ?23:21
apwclopez, it does sound like it.23:23
apwRAOF, ?23:24
RAOFapw: Oh, I just remember there being VFS patches for hot-data tracking and migration some time ago, but can't find any recent work on them.23:31
clopezok, thanks for the clarification23:32
apwclopez, you have a use case for those patches ...? 23:33
clopezyes, avoiding the black screen meanwhile the kernel is loading (between grub and the load of the initramfs)23:36
apwclopez, if you do, you might file a bug about it so we don't forget to look, and dump the bug number in here.23:36

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