gQuigshi there.. is the Mozilla team still active?    the last meeting was in 2008?  last mailing list message was in 2012..   Is there actually a next "NEXT MOZILLATEAM MEETING: February 11th 1600 UTC "  then?14:36
gQuigsIf it is defunct, I'd like to clean up the wiki pages so people who want to contribute to firefox in ubuntu, can at least get some pointers on current process14:36
gQuigsthe mailing list also has a bunch of items in the queue14:37
gQuigsspecifically for mailing list, queue: ubuntu-mozillateam: 113014:38
gQuigsubuntu-mozillateam-bugs: 13514:38
ubot2bug 135 in Baz (deprecated) "Got a PANIC while merging with rocketfuel" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13514:38
chrisccoulsongQuigs, yeah, it's pretty dead (and basically just me)19:20
gQuigschrisccoulson: what can I do to help organizationally?   should the mailing lists be shutdown?19:31
gQuigschrisccoulson: can/should I just delete wiki pages that don't seem relevant anymore?  (obviously excluding meeting notes, etc)19:32
gQuigswiki wise, it seems likely that most of the extensions pages could just be deleted19:35

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