TheNethey... got spam from a user in #ubuntu:02:05
TheNetashleee22: L'unico posto dove si può vedere l'ultimo collegamento di un numero, ma ha nascosto !! checkwhatsapp.com02:05
IdleOnehandled, thanks02:06
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hggdhelky: ping16:00
ikoniahello there zpfeffer16:14
k1lcarols ip is a proxy.16:28
DJoneszpfeffer: Is there something that the Ubuntu-ops team can help you with?18:05
elfyhi - got hfsplus being an indjit in ubuntu+1 - tia :)19:14
elfythanks for all you do - cya19:14
elkyhggdh pong?19:19
hggdhelky: so, do you accept the nomination for the IRCC?19:20
hggdhwith that we will be with 4 candidates for the two slots, so you have around a 50% chance of being elected19:20
hggdhno, sorry, it will be five, so less than 50%19:21
elkyhggdh: sure, why not :)19:22
rwwI see hggdh has caught on to my strategy of "nominate a tonne of people so I'm less likely to get elected"19:22
hggdhthank you :-)19:22
hggdhwith that I think we have enough candidates to send over to the CC19:22
elkyi'm pretty sure that makes me the biggest fool of the lot19:22
rwwelky: since you've done it before?19:23
hggdhelky: oh, no, not at all. The, ah, foolest, methinks, is my poor self ;-)19:23
rwwelky: all things considered, you do seem to have a penchant for getting in situations where you need to talk with annoying people every day ;)19:23
elkyhggdh: ah, but i escaped19:24
hggdhrww: I had not actually caught on the strategy, but I did like the base idea19:24
hggdhit works for all: "oh, thre are 5 for two positions, so I will not be the lucky bastard"19:25
IdleOnehggdh: I would like to nominate jussi, tsimpson, and genii19:33
hggdhIdleOne: we need that in an email with the links to LP and wiki...19:34
IdleOnemeh..forget it19:34
IdleOnegenii: unless you are interested19:34
geniiMy LP really needs updating19:34
IdleOneif so I'll happily write an email19:35
hggdhgenii: this is the moment, this is the hour19:35
DJonesGood job its not people being nominated, but people having to apply19:35
DJonesOr at least accept nomination19:36
hggdhDJones: well, there is that. Always worry when somebody else volunteers you19:36
* DJones is inelligible19:36
hggdhDJones: accepting the nominations is required (at least by me)19:36
DJonesI haven't applied for Ubuntu membership19:36
hggdhwhy not, if I may ask?19:37
IdleOneDJones: I still have access to the button that needs to be pushed to make you a member19:37
* IdleOne is tempted19:37
geniiHow much time is involved? I hear there's a lot of turnover19:37
* hggdh still has access to the same button, plust the other one that cancels the first)19:37
IdleOnegenii: weekly meetings (hardly ever happens) ignore emails about abusive ops (hourly)19:38
DJoneshggdh: I don't think I do enough to be eligible for membership, I see sustained contribution as being more than just IRC/bug reporting etc19:38
hggdhgenii: usually not really intense: one (theoretical) monthly meeting, and responding to user's complaints19:38
hggdhDJones: IRC contribs are considered19:39
IdleOneDJones: the support you do and the op duties alone make you eligible19:39
hggdh(per se)19:39
* IdleOne would +1 DJones anytime for membership19:39
DJoneshggdh: IdleOne: I know it makes me eligible, bit I always put myself down, I don't think I do enough to have earned membership19:40
IdleOneDJones: trust me you have and do19:40
rwwDJones: IdleOne doesn't do anything and he got it :319:40
hggdhgenii: I am not sure about turnover for previous instances of the IRCC; current one is around 40%19:41
DJonesMaybe I'll think about it19:41
IdleOnerww: I haven't been doing much for a while but I think I more than earned my membership just in abuse from fellow ops19:41
rwwthe main novelty of this IRCC is that they actually resign instead of just disappearing19:41
geniiI wish there was some clause that you could accept nomination if there aren't enough people in the race already and everyone would just get acclaimed or so19:41
hggdhDJones: do an exercise: fill in your wiki page with a proposal for membership, and ask people here for referrals19:41
IdleOnepeople here and your loco19:42
DJonesJust started watching a film that makes me think about this, the start of "The Da Vinci Code", images of a naked bloke whipping himself19:42
IdleOnemy guess is you get 15 minimum19:42
rwwDJones: bwahahaha19:42
hggdhDJones: you left me with disturbing mental image19:42
DJoneshggdh: You should have seen the video, that may be worse19:43
hggdhgenii: unfortunately we need at least n+1 candidates for n slots19:43
geniihggdh: Yes, I realize. We sometimes have the same situation at Toronto FreeNet19:45
* genii nominates mneptok19:46
* genii giggles and runs away19:46
rwwshame HFSPLUS doesn't have ubuntu membership, I'd nominate him in a heartbeat19:47
DJonesrww: Will you stop reading my mind19:48
DJonesI had the same thought19:48
* mneptok declines by setting himself on fire19:49
mneptoki must preserve my reputation as a drama queen. *hair toss*19:51
IdleOneI've read that about you19:51
IdleOneright right, they have a plaque on the wall at the Canonical offices19:51
mneptok"Those who forget the past shall be condemned to repeat it."19:52
IdleOnesomething like that19:53
k1lzpfeffer: hi22:22
hggdhwe have been trying to engage zpfeffer since some six hours ago. I do not think we need to keep trying22:26

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