dzho"I came to the conclusion that a windows license is very cheap by comparison. "18:07
dzhofreedom, not price18:07
dzhoon a completely separate track, I don't pay a lot of attention to Scientific Linux, but when I bump into physics support staff I hear about it from time to time.18:09
dzhoElleo: scientifically, my closest interests are biology (by employment) and chemistry (by education).  You?18:10
dzhobelkinsa: ISTR your interest is biology?18:11
Elleodzho: artificial intelligence and robotics (by education and past employment)18:11
* dzho nods18:14
dzhoElleo: you dig into ROS at all?18:15
Elleodzho: not really, I tended to work with the player/stage framework and the iCub framework (YARP)18:16
Elleo(both free software)18:17
* dzho looks18:20

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