daftykinsdisconnect your second SSD which is acting up... boot a live session, make a /home on the  / partition, comment out /home from the faulty SSD in your /etc/fstab then you'd have a working install to use in the meantime00:00
SafiyyahAnd when the new drive comes?00:00
daftykinsyou'd have a working install so that you could plug it in and use non live-session programs to set it up ready00:01
SafiyyahOkay I will have to cross that bridge when I  get to it because my brain can't understand it00:01
SafiyyahAnyway  I  have backed up everything that I remember is urgent00:02
SafiyyahSo it won't h00:02
SafiyyahAm trying to remember what other hidden files I need...  Lol00:03
SafiyyahOkay am ready00:03
SafiyyahSo power down.  Unplug crazy drive00:03
SafiyyahOkay here we go.....00:04
SafiyyahOkay  we are booting into live disk00:13
daftykins12.04 one?00:14
SafiyyahInteresting...  I just remembered that I have a cable which connects the power supply and the SATA plus.  And it's a splitting one (combined one ) not two separate ones. Could that also be the issue?00:15
SafiyyahYes Daftykins 12.0400:15
daftykinsvery highly doubt it00:15
SafiyyahThis whole affair has made me want to eat00:15
SafiyyahBut at least I can sleep knowing my files are safe00:16
SafiyyahLol the idea of losing them made me want to go lie down00:16
daftykinsyou may have to make your backups more often when you get settled again ;)00:17
SafiyyahThis has been rather scary00:18
SafiyyahThe problem is that once the computer works for Bout 6 months.  You forget about the reality of loosing data and return to ones old ways00:18
SafiyyahDaftykins everything is up and running00:19
SafiyyahJoining via the web00:19
daftykinsok fire up a terminal and run "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt"00:20
daftykinsfollowed by "cat /etc/fstab" then pastebin that00:21
daftykinsnope ignore that00:21
daftykins"cat /mnt/etc/fstab"00:21
SafiyyahFirefox is frozen.  And terminal says it can't read superblock00:23
daftykinsmaybe it's not gonna be as easy as initially thought :P00:24
daftykinsyou could try "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sda1 /mnt" but i doubt it'd make much difference to a superblock error00:25
SafiyyahFirefox has crashed three times on the webchat00:26
daftykinsthat's not a good sign at all00:26
daftykinsmaybe running a memtest after all wouldn't hurt00:27
daftykinsperhaps it's better to do that overnight and come back to things tomorrow, as it's already crazy o'clock00:27
SafiyyahPerhaps we should check the health of this hard drive as well00:27
daftykinswell, SSDs don't report things as do hard disks. so there's nothing i know of that'd say00:27
daftykinsyou can see if the kernel is crying with "dmesg | tail" again00:28
SafiyyahI  can't paste in Firefox.  It says cannot set free 48000 to ep 0×8600:29
SafiyyahFree = freq00:30
SafiyyahSpell check on phone changes text sometimes00:30
daftykins*nod* autocorrect is a pain00:31
daftykinsi think memtest would be a good move00:31
SafiyyahThe pastebin is at 935134700:31
SafiyyahPkease type the full link then that number for my oaste00:32
daftykinsoh hmm nothing much detailed about that00:33
daftykinsyeah, i still vote memtest :>00:33
SafiyyahAre you telling me am better off with an old school HDD?00:33
SafiyyahYes well memtest takes hours00:33
daftykinsoh dear Tux, no00:33
daftykinssure does00:33
SafiyyahCan leave it running overnight00:34
daftykinsbut it also saves me a lot of time once i discover machines i'm working on are wonky00:34
SafiyyahWhat time roughly will you be about?00:34
Safiyyah10 11.00:34
daftykinslate evening00:34
SafiyyahOh my god,  you are trying to kill me00:34
SafiyyahWill be back00:35
SafiyyahThank you ever so much00:35
daftykinsanytime ^_^00:35
daftykinsyou can always try the rest of this channel in the day time00:35
daftykinsplenty of us about00:35
SafiyyahSo that's grub and then memtest?00:35
daftykinsi would use the one on the 12.04 liveCD00:35
SafiyyahHow do I  do that?00:36
daftykinswhen it's booting and is purple, you get a little icon at the bottom of the screen - press enter and a language select menu comes up00:36
daftykinsthen 'memory test' is on the menu behind00:36
SafiyyahIs this checking the RAM00:39
ali1234if yoou see a mostly blue screen with white writing, and some red and green bits, and lots of crazy numbers, then yes00:41
SafiyyahWill leave it over night00:43
SafiyyahReport back tomorrow00:43
daftykinsnn o/00:43
SafiyyahNight guys.  At least I got my data00:43
daftykinsheh just had fun with a cheap powerline kit01:34
daftykinshere's my reference wired gigabit file copy from server to laptop:01:34
daftykins"500Mbps" power line adapters with a 100Mb port are officially false advertising imo \o/01:34
shaunowhat happens if you have more than 2 such adaptors?02:36
shaunoI mean, say you have 4, can you get 100mbit from A-B and C-D simultaneously?02:37
daftykinsmmm not sure02:38
daftykinsdepends what routes your house mains wiring runs02:39
shaunoactually, I guess it's a pointless question unless you can also do A-C and B-D :)02:40
daftykinsthat's the thing i don't quite get, i see it as being surely just point to point02:41
daftykinsbut the box of the item paints a different picture02:41
shaunoI guess that's what I was wondering.  if it's simply point-to-point, then you'd expect 500meg straight through02:42
shaunoif it's actually a network to itself, then 500meg becomes the capacity of the 'trunk' (mains)02:42
daftykinsi think it is, and likely they refer to 500Mb because of overhead02:43
daftykinsas otherwise calling that 500 but the ports being 100Mb is pretty fail design :D02:43
daftykinshere we go, check out the picture at the bottom02:44
daftykinsor i can take an image if you'd prefer not to touch PDF :>02:44
shaunoI'm on a mac, pdf is handled pretty natively :)02:44
shaunohm, see their diagram shows 6 points being used on one network (not 3 pairs)02:45
intrbizas I understand it, powerline networking is a broadcast medium02:46
intrbizso the 500Mb/s is the global bandwidth02:46
intrbizregardless that each plug can only handle 100Mb/s02:46
daftykinsah i see02:47
intrbizits a little like WiFI in that the WiFi bandwidth is global02:47
daftykinsso you can indeed add 2 and it becomes a triangle of funkiness 0o02:47
daftykinssorry, add 1 to my kit of 202:47
intrbizso with single stream N, 150Mb/s between two stations would max the air space02:47
shauno3's a bad example because you couldn't get two 100mbit streams through without saturating one first02:47
intrbizso that other stations could not reach 150Mb/s02:47
shaunobut with 4 you should be able to get 2 100meg streams a-b and c-d02:48
intrbizso a 500Mb/s P/L network could handle 5 x 100Mb/s plugs talking at the same time02:48
intrbizeffectively thing of it as a time divided shared medium02:48
shaunoit's a shame they don't have a variant with a gig-e port though.  having the router behind a 100meg port is a bit sadface02:48
intrbizrarely the router has > 100Mb/s internet connection02:49
daftykinsyeah, makes me love my cat6 even more :>02:49
shaunoI don't mind being rare :)02:49
daftykinslikely i'll gift these to friends who don't quite have the same standards02:49
shaunoI avoid powerline stuff because it sounds like a nightmare for my radios02:50
intrbizat one point HAM groups did try to mount legal action over the EMI of Powerline02:51
daftykinsthat's true, we had someone the other day saying it was evil02:51
shaunowell it should't really propogate far02:51
shaunobut I think it's a safe assumption that it'd be noticable within my own home at least02:51
intrbizyes, but it does place interference onto the mains, which might not be filtered by a radios PSU02:52
intrbizunless you've got a good range of caps in that02:52
shaunowell, it's going to turn every mains cable on that circuit into radiators too02:52
daftykinsi could probably test that as just now i tested its' speed by going up into my bedroom where i have a micro component hi-fi with a squeezebox (wifi music streamer)02:52
intrbizdaftykins: btw getting 11.4MB/s on 100Mb/s port is basically maxing the line02:55
daftykinsyes, i know networking sir ;)02:55
daftykinsyou can see i'm alost saturating gigabit \o/02:55
daftykinsRAID -> SSD was the first image02:56
daftykinskinda surprised i got 2 cables in with the box03:06
daftykinsnice of them to make a kit... an actual kit :)03:07
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markphi night owls04:59
daftykinso hai05:05
zmoylan-pitwit twoo05:09
markphey= zmoylan-pi05:43
markphey daftykins05:43
daftykinso hai05:44
daftykinsjust about to call it05:44
daftykinsbroken again :<05:44
zmoylan-piwhat's broken?05:45
daftykinsmy sleep schedule :D05:46
zmoylan-pia very hard thing to fix05:47
daftykinsespecially with not much going on in winter time05:48
daftykinsalright, i'm gonna head off... g'night gents \o05:48
zmoylan-pisleep well05:48
mappsgah cursor froze05:55
mappsstupid win805:55
zmoylan-piisn't the word stupid redundant when you say win8? :-)05:58
mappsthis itpl tennis has some funny rules06:04
mappspower point..reciever can chose one point per set to be worth double heh06:04
zmoylan-pisome sort of sportsball thing? or video game thereof? :-)06:08
mappsreal play..tennis some new league06:09
mappsgot some biug names in it06:09
mappsneed some new bedtime comedies;d06:19
zmoylan-pihave you tried the bbc radio comedy cabin pressure?06:27
mappsnah never...whats it about?06:27
mappsand on iplayer?06:28
zmoylan-piyou'd have to get it other ways these days.  it stars cumberbatch of sherlock fame as a pilot in one plane airline.  very very funny.  25 episode over 4 series and last episode in a few weeks06:33
mappsoff to sleep:)06:46
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MooDoomorning all08:19
directhexan ubuntu tablet. with spinning rust. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-ubutab-a-1tb-ubuntu-tablet-for-media-lovers08:45
ali1234$36000 for a one off production run at $290 per device?08:49
MooDoothere is this one as well i found this morning. - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-ubutab-a-1tb-ubuntu-tablet-for-media-lovers08:52
MooDoohttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/imp-the-tiny-home-computer sorry this one08:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Make A Gift Day! :-D09:49
zmoylan-piuse the heaviest paper possible when wrapping and see if the statistics show more postman injured this year in deliveries09:50
mjaykGood morning JamesTait09:52
MooDoohowdy JamesTait09:58
JamesTaitmjayk, MooDoo: o/10:03
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:42
zmoylan-pimorning mammals10:42
brobostigonmoringin zmoylan-pi10:44
mjaykhay ho sir11:02
diddledanpopey, you asked me to ping you when https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/993837 occurs again. so ping.11:11
lubotu3Launchpad bug 993837 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Can't open Update Manager window after a while" [High,Confirmed]11:12
popeydiddledan: do you have multiple screens?11:12
diddledanI do, yes11:12
popeyusing unity?11:12
popeyif you click the update manager do you get a solid triangle to the left of it in the launcher?11:13
popeyor an empty one?11:13
diddledanindeed I do11:13
diddledana solid one11:13
popeycan you alt-tab to it?11:13
diddledanit appears in the list but selecting it doesn't bring it to the fore11:14
popeyalt-tab to it11:14
popeythen ALT+space11:14
popeydoes a menu appear?11:15
popeyand, if you alt-tab to it, then alt-space then (if menu appears) choose move, does the window appear?11:15
diddledanno, it leaves hexchat in the fore (the previously active window) and alt-space opens hexchat's menu (as proven by selecting minimize from the menu and having hexchat disappear)11:16
popeypress Super + W, do you see the update manager window?11:16
popeyif not, press Super + Shift + W and do you see it then?11:17
diddledanneither of those show it11:17
popey14.04 or 14.10?11:17
diddledanI've seen it in successive releases though, but can't remember how far back it goes11:18
popeyis it a particularly slow pc?11:18
diddledannot at all11:18
popeydiddledan: has your system got a high uptime?11:26
popeyi.e. has unity been updated but not restarted for a while?11:26
diddledan11:26:31 up 12:34,  2 users,  load average: 0.60, 0.46, 0.3211:26
diddledanI wouldn't consider that high11:26
diddledanbut no updates have been applied since last reboot11:27
popeyNot sure then, sorry.11:32
popeyI suspect bamf11:32
* popey asks a desktop person11:33
diddledandoing my bit for the enemy: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53152611:49
lubotu3bugs.gentoo.org bug 531526 in Vulnerabilities "<net-misc/openvpn-2.3.6 Denial of Service Vulnerability CVE-2014-8104" [Normal,Unconfirmed]11:49
diddledanlubotu does gentoo buglinks?11:49
shaunoI believe it does RH, so why not?11:52
diddledanbecause they're the enema11:52
shaunobugs are the enemy :)11:53
MyrttiIs that the one I mentioned some days back?11:53
shaunoI believe so11:53
diddledanMyrtti, yes11:53
diddledanMyrtti, popey, do you know whether the ubuntu security team aware of the openvpn vulnerability?12:15
popeythey're on the usual lists12:15
Myrttino idea, I've been concentrating on my own issues12:15
popeyyou can pop by #ubuntu-security12:15
diddledanit wasn't announced on a usual list IIRC12:15
jpdsdiddledan: Already released.12:24
diddledanthanks, jpds12:25
jpdsdiddledan: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2430-1/12:25
diddledanaah, yesterday12:25
* jpds pats his IPsec connections instead.12:26
diddledanipsec ftw12:26
diddledanI've always found it a pain to configure tho12:26
jpdsdiddledan: Not on Ubuntu, it isn't anymore.12:27
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)12:35
bigcalmintrbiz: ping12:35
diddledanlubotu3, you suck12:57
awilkinsThe bot in *our* IRC channel hurls an obscenity at you if you tell it it sucks....13:01
diddledanawilkins, now that's a bot I can do business with!13:01
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davmor2bigcalm: you need help13:08
davmor2also bigcalm marco13:08
bigcalmHehe, yeah, that's missing13:09
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diddledandirecthex, that's awesome13:45
diddledanand now I get this as related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKOZgQy8qrw13:50
SafiyyahDaftykins, Ali1234  are you around?14:05
SafiyyahSandisk does not support Linux and their drivers in order to test the drive are only for Mac and Windows users because well apparently Linux allows user to change settings14:09
SafiyyahI think this is my first and last purchase of SanDisk14:10
diddledanSafiyyah, tell them the drive isn't recognised by the computer. it has nothing to do with linux14:10
SafiyyahAm so angry!14:12
SafiyyahThey haven't got a clue about anything!14:12
SafiyyahThey are telling me to try a different SATA cable14:12
SafiyyahDiddledan you know Samsung supports Linux.....  It was between this drive and a Samsung one and I chose this one.  £115 down the toilet!14:13
intrbizSafiyyah: I'm intrigued, in what way does it not show up?14:15
diddledanintrbiz, it doesn't present a block device file in /dev - or rather it does for a few moments and then it disappears14:17
diddledanwhen using the drive on his booted system he gets system lockups14:17
Safiyyah237Diddledan I think we have to get the machine going in the meantime as Daftykins was saying last night.  This returns process will take 3 to 4 weeks.  I  have work to do14:18
diddledanwe tried probing it with fdisk which reported it as being 600PB in size14:18
intrbizright, that's a new one14:19
diddledanbasically it's screwed14:19
intrbizsounds like the disk hardware is fucked14:19
lubotu3The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList14:20
Safiyyah237Diddledan let me know if you have time to help me get the /root drive Corsair  going.  Because the OS is there but no home drive14:20
intrbizmy mate had a Samsung EV) 840 1TB, that died after less than a week, wouldn't how on the SATA bus at all, even to the controller14:20
intrbiztook about 4 weeks to get a replacement from Samsung14:20
Safiyyah237Daftykins said he would be back at night,  but this is a reality check that  I have to get the machine going in the meantime14:21
Safiyyah237OMG  I  was going to buy either the Samsung EVO Or this SanDisk X11014:21
Safiyyah237And decided on the SanDisk14:21
Safiyyah237Well at least Samsung  supports Linux14:21
intrbizIn what way do Samsun support Linux14:22
Safiyyah237Nothing more irritating than speaking to customer services who don't have a clue what to do14:22
intrbiztheir fix tool for the 840 EV0 doesn't run on Linux14:22
intrbizthey provide a DOS boot iso14:22
intrbizwhich crashes on AMD sata controllers14:22
Safiyyah237Ibtrbiz they have diagnostic tools that work for Linux users14:22
intrbizright ok14:23
Safiyyah237Sandisk has nothing14:23
Safiyyah237Yes but then dos boot iso works on any platform14:23
intrbizhow old is it?14:23
intrbizSafiyyah237: you'd think, but not so14:24
intrbizlots of issues with, it had to be a CD and not a DVD and couldn't be USB, etc etc14:24
Safiyyah237Yeah I  have been unable to burn Ubuntu since the size grew to DVD size and I do prefer disks to USB....  So Cd not a bad thing. At least there is something that works14:27
Safiyyah237Diddledan be back in the evening again for stage two. Please.14:30
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bashrcmore technology speculation. sounds like one to avoid15:25
diddledanit's woz, though!15:25
davmor2diddledan: so there is 2 reasons to avoid it :)15:27
davmor2diddledan: add to that the reality bit and I really don't want to know15:28
diddledanso linux networking - the linux bonding driver.. can I use that to double my throughput from a gigabit switch into a system with a pair of 10/100 NICs?15:29
diddledani.e. my router is only 10/100 capable but I've got two internet connections dangled on the end which are aggregately more than the 10/100 throughput - so can I connect my lan-side via a bonded pair of 10/100's to allow the router to work at a speed more akin to the pair of internet connections combined?15:31
diddledanthe load balancing on the internet side is already sorted via openwrt's thingy that does that15:32
diddledan(mwan3 according to the ui does the wan load balancing, so I just need the lan-side)15:32
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popeyhey chaps15:56
popeythat should work on linux?15:56
popeyjust a keyboard isn't it?15:56
Davieypopey: Hai.  I had one of those about 6 years ago.. it was indeed just a keyboard.16:04
zmoylan-pithe description mentions keyboard layouts so it's not trying to be fancy by the looks of it16:04
Dave2Operation System May NOT Compatible:16:05
Dave2- Blackberry Curves OS system / MacOS X versions16:06
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* isleofmandan met Mr S today. Nice chap.17:21
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abramshello :)19:34
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* DJones pokes Guest44253 with a new nickname19:47
foobarryis there an alternative touchpad driver i can use in the kernel?20:40
foobarrythe one i have is rubbish20:40
foobarryGlidePoint Virtual Touchpad as /devices/virtual/input/input1420:44
foobarryAlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input1620:44
foobarryhmm seem to have found a solution after 6 months of struggle21:06
foobarrygot a "new" psmouse-alps driver21:09
foobarrynot sure what version the old one was21:09
daftykinstum te tum21:10
daftykinsi see i missed our visitor21:10
foobarryi hide joins/quits21:11
daftykinsnah i have highlights from backlog in my away log :>21:14
diddledanpotentially not safe for children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skVxj-HYzew21:14
daftykins"diddledan: not safe for children" :D21:15
* diddledan mutters something about shoving family friendly somewhere painful :-p21:15
diddledandaftykins, that makes me sound like a predator21:15
foobarrygot sent to coventry today21:15
foobarryattending HPC conf21:16
diddledanfoobarry, yey?21:16
foobarrygot a red feodra from redhat :D21:16
daftykinsdiddledan: sorry, chap21:16
daftykinsyou're more of an... opportunist21:16
foobarrygot some stickers for my son21:16
daftykinsfoobarry: did you ask what you're meant to do with it? is it cheap and nasty?21:17
foobarrysoon he will have ubuntu and cray stickers on his scooter21:17
foobarryno, its a nice hat, very nice21:17
foobarry"my other computer is a cray"21:17
diddledanmy other computer is an abacus21:17
daftykinsi think they missed a trick there21:18
daftykins"my other computer IS cray"21:18
daftykinseh? eh?21:18
diddledanthas craycray!21:18
foobarrygot some special beer21:19
foobarrywill be giving it to a college21:19
diddledanoh dear, we've turned into teenagers21:19
daftykinsLOL a college21:19
daftykinsthat's perfect21:19
daftykinsget some special brew, 9% iirc21:19
daftykinshorrible stuff :P21:20
daftykinsSkype is shameless on Windows, "make MSN my homepage"21:22
daftykinshaha, no21:22
foobarry https://twitter.com/SciComp_STFC/status/54009460223013683321:25
foobarrythese red hats21:25
diddledanfoobarry, I want one!21:26
daftykinswow, that carpet21:26
diddledaneek, that carpet21:26
daftykinsdo i see black hats beneath too?21:26
foobarrywow i never noticed the carpet21:27
foobarrybetter pic21:27
foobarrythis was at conventry city ground21:27
foobarryah no daftykins they were thsirts21:28
daftykinsah ok21:29
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SafiyyahDaftykins am here....  Are you?22:17
daftykinsslightly merry though :>22:17
daftykinsso few days for the return huh?22:17
SafiyyahLol more like three weeks22:17
SafiyyahI  can't afford not to have a PC for that long22:18
SafiyyahSo we will have to do what you suggested22:18
SafiyyahI  work from home,  and I just finished work 15 minutes ago.  No PC = no money coming in.22:19
SafiyyahI  thought it was just gonna be a week at the most.  So I  could use my phone for Skype etc and give excuses.  But that is just too long22:20
SafiyyahSo do I  need to load a lives session now?22:20
diddledanwhy would you be without a pc?22:20
diddledanit's only one of two hdds22:20
SafiyyahLol remember yesterday I had wanted to leave it as it.  Not to mess up the setup?22:21
SafiyyahWell I  thought I  would have been better off with the Samsung EVO but turn out not from the earlier conversation.  So looks like it's just your luck with these things22:22
SafiyyahOkay it's loading...  Give it a minute22:22
daftykinsdiddledan: need to create a /home on the SSD for /22:24
daftykinsand adjust mounts22:25
SafiyyahDaftykins...  I  need to ascertain that when the replacement drive gets here,  I will just plug it in and come back to reset the /home to the new drive again?22:26
SafiyyahI  am online via Web as Safiyyah222:27
daftykinsguess i best stop playing games then!22:28
daftykinsso 12.04 booted is it?22:28
Safiyyah2am on it22:28
Safiyyah2on the web, terminal fired up22:28
Safiyyah2I don't know if it is relevant, but my OS is Xubuntu22:29
daftykinseww never seen milk form a skin atop tea before o022:29
Safiyyah2lol daftykins.... thats what it's supposed to do. Maybe you drink your tea with lots of water22:29
daftykinslast time i think we were getting errors from "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sda1 /mnt"22:29
Safiyyah2and this time you put more milk22:30
Safiyyah2it is normal22:30
Safiyyah2shall I re-run that command?22:30
daftykinsit was all wrinkled!22:30
Safiyyah2daftykins, its meant to wrinkle22:30
daftykinswith any luck it'll play ball today22:31
Safiyyah2Same as last night!!!22:31
daftykinsoh my word22:32
daftykinsoh yeah did you run memtest overnight?22:32
Safiyyah2yes, no errors were found22:32
Safiyyah2it passed22:32
daftykinswell that's something at least22:33
Safiyyah2It looks like I will be having to do a clean install, like it or not :(22:33
Safiyyah2and I had everything just right :(22:33
daftykinsdoes seem pretty odd that both of these drives are unhappy22:34
Safiyyah2you know one suggestion for the software centre is that when you log in, it gives a list for the applications you have downloaded in the past22:34
diddledanthey're both dead?!22:34
Safiyyah2well, this one isn't under Warranty.... it's passed warranty!22:35
daftykinscan do you a "sudo parted -l" and confirm sda1 is ext4?22:35
Safiyyah2yes it is ext 422:36
daftykinsso the thing is now, we could mess around for an hour or two and maybe still not be the wiser... or you could just clean install atop it22:37
daftykinstough call really22:37
diddledanhave you got another pc you can try the discs in to determine whether the fault is on the ata controller or endemic to the discs themselves?22:38
diddledanthis is why pc-kleptomania serves me well22:38
Safiyyah2what is the ata controller?22:39
daftykinsSafiyyah2: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install smartmontools"22:39
daftykinsthe thing that provides the SATA ports on the motherboard22:39
daftykins"sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda"22:39
ahayzenHey, folks i'm on utopic and i've been having unity freezing for at least 30s randomly (twice today) and a few other times this week... i just checked dmesg and this is the output http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9358472/ .. does this look bad?22:39
diddledandaftykins, that's smart :-p22:39
daftykinsdiddledan: hmm? do shout if you think any of my ideas are silly22:40
daftykinsi'm a tad tipsy22:40
diddledandaftykins, no, I mean checking smartmontools is a smart idea22:40
diddledan</attempted humour>22:40
Safiyyah2diddledan So now the issue is whether it's the board/harddrive?22:41
daftykinsdiddledan: ok i did think so, just checking ;)22:41
daftykinsSafiyyah2: yeah that's diddledan's thinking.22:41
Safiyyah2smart tools installed22:41
Safiyyah2remember yesterday it refused22:41
daftykinsyeah that was with the definitely wonky disk connected though22:41
daftykinsSafiyyah2: maybe after those last two commands it wouldn't hurt to remove the funky power connector you mentioned and just use the SATA power connectors from the PSU direct22:42
Safiyyah2hard disk drive prices down by 40% since September (already!!) is this how it goes?22:42
daftykinsat least i think that's what you mentioned22:42
diddledanahayzen, I'd ubuntu-bug it22:42
ahayzendiddledan, ubuntu bug which component? and there is no crash log22:42
Safiyyah2daftykins this HDD has regular connectors.22:42
ahayzen*crash file22:42
Safiyyah2the funky one was with the new drive22:43
daftykinsSafiyyah2: just to be clear, don't call an SSD an HDD :) it confuses my poor little brain22:43
Safiyyah2this SSD, has normal connectors. one SATA and one power22:43
daftykinsahayzen: i spy a Nexus 4 owner, have you put Lollipop on yet? ;) i'm ignoring it for now22:43
ahayzendaftykins, ...  Ubuntu Touch  sorry22:44
daftykinsah ok22:44
daftykinsyou're brave.22:44
ahayzenits my daily phone :)22:44
daftykinsSafiyyah2: ah ok, i thought you said something about a Y cable of some sort22:44
ahayzenand i'm on the proposed channel thats living life on the edge lol22:44
Safiyyah2daftykins, yes for the SSD that is dead.22:45
daftykinsSafiyyah2: did smartctl run?22:45
daftykins"sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda"22:45
Safiyyah2daftykins, I installed the software22:45
Safiyyah2:( bad news22:46
diddledanI smell a wonky ata chip22:47
daftykinswhat on earth22:47
daftykinsthat's not good, Safiyyah2 only changed motherboard a bit ago22:47
diddledanwonky cable?22:47
daftykinswell i did enquire as to a reseat yesterday22:47
daftykinsSafiyyah2: haven't got any other SATA cables lying around have you?22:48
Safiyyah2i have spare SATA cable22:48
diddledantry it22:48
diddledanalso try different ports on the mobo22:48
Safiyyah2gonna power down22:48
Safiyyah2am on the phone still22:48
* diddledan gives daftykins a mobo award22:48
daftykinsdiddledan: will i earn the full set before christmas :(22:49
daftykinsguess peeps can't come online to have me tell them their PSU is dead ;)22:49
ahayzendiddledan, ok so it actually looks a bit like this bug https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6443122:52
lubotu3bugzilla.kernel.org bug 64431 in Video(DRI - Intel) "[ivy bridge] intel_crtc_wait_for_pending_flips crash" [Normal,Needinfo]22:52
diddledanahayzen, try filing the issue against "linux"22:52
diddledanthat does sound related, yes22:53
ahayzendiddledan, thanks i'll report a bug anyway :)22:53
daftykinsmindblowing when even intel drivers aren't stable, to me22:54
daftykinsahayzen: is that system76 on the latest BIOS and what not?22:54
ahayzendaftykins, erm i haven't flashed the BIOS so its what it came with22:54
daftykinshave a glance at whether their support page offers any updates, can't hurt to see22:54
daftykinsi doubt they normally touch intel graphics issues but eh, costs nothing :)22:55
ahayzendaftykins, i never had trusty freeze its only recently on utopic it seems to be freezing ... and i have their drivers package installed22:55
diddledanI've seen intel employees on the lkml suggesting that something be hacked around in the kernel source because they can't work out how the gfx is supposed to behave22:55
daftykinsthat's nasty22:55
* ahayzen wonders if icedtea-7-plugin or running Firefox nightly is related22:56
diddledanI mean, intel employees, working on intel-released code for running intel designed chips. and they can't make it work.22:56
daftykinsall i've seen with utopic is constant upgrade woes :)22:56
SafiyyahMoved the cables round and now it won't boot from cd....  It's boots straight onto OS,  which says there is no /home.....  As expected22:57
SafiyyahJust gonna check I didn't knock any cables out22:57
diddledansurely if it works in windows drivers by intel then there must be a way of getting it to work in linux drivers by intel22:57
daftykinsunless something in the kernel is *gasp* amiss22:57
diddledanin which case fix that rather than disabling the function in the driver which clashes22:58
SafiyyahMy computer is making some serious noises.....   Dammit!22:59
diddledancable mashing against a fan?22:59
SafiyyahBut the actual DVD drive sounds like a tractor23:01
SafiyyahAm going to restart23:01
ahayzendaftykins, diddledan, thanks for your help, i've reported a bug, removed icedtea and i'm going to not run the nightly for a bit to see if that stops the freezes23:01
SafiyyahI  just bought that DVD drive23:01
diddledanyeah that can't be broken as well as two SSDs23:02
diddledansomething else is at play here than the discs dying23:02
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
SafiyyahOkay it's stopped the noise23:02
SafiyyahAnd the disk is loading23:03
diddledanmm cookies23:03
SafiyyahOh I want junk food diddledan23:03
SafiyyahAll this stress = time to eat23:03
diddledannot muh'fashnik like muh cookies, but mm'fashnik like mm cookies.23:03
diddledan\o/ buffy23:04
SafiyyahIs it possible for the live disk to hang?23:08
daftykinsbooting from optical media is so 2004 :(23:09
SafiyyahWe can remedy that.  I  have Kubuntu 14.04 on my external drive and an available USB stick.  When it loads up again we can make a startup disk23:11
SafiyyahWe can char 1 sum it23:12
SafiyyahHello!  It's has refused to boot up completely23:12
daftykinshow rude23:13
daftykinserr, must we mix ubuntu variants? XD23:13
daftykinsmight as well mooch xubuntu proper ;)23:13
SafiyyahLol its agreed on the fourth attempt let's hope it doesn't hang23:14
SafiyyahI  will run the tests again but make the bootable USB as well23:14
SafiyyahI  will need help because  it is on an external drive....   I  can never work out the path/ directory for USB drives23:15
SafiyyahOn the command line23:15
daftykinsshould be pretty graphical these days on plugging it in,i'd have thought23:17
SafiyyahIt's hang again23:20
SafiyyahOkay I have pangolin and hardy23:21
SafiyyahDon't know what else to di23:21
SafiyyahOkay I  have disks of Oneiric,  natty,  lucid23:23
SafiyyahWhich knew do you want?23:23
SafiyyahAnd still have fedora23:23
daftykinsso what's the disk config right now? new cable on the SSD?23:23
SafiyyahYep and moved it to SATA port 423:24
daftykinshow many are on the board total, 6?23:24
SafiyyahIt says i/o error Dev sr0 sector 128720823:24
SafiyyahI have four23:24
daftykinsdo you have a Linux on a flash drive at all at the moment?23:25
daftykinsso i suppose i'd be tempted to pull the SSD entirely, boot the 12.04 CD then download a 14.04.1 image to your external hard disk23:26
SafiyyahAlready have 1404 on my external hard disk23:27
SafiyyahJust need to get to it23:27
daftykinsbut kubuntu?23:27
daftykinshmm, well booting 12.04 seems challenging enough atm23:27
daftykinsso that's step 1 regardless23:28
SafiyyahAm trying one last time23:30
daftykinsDaft Punk - One More Time <o/ \o>23:37
SafiyyahAm inclined to think there is an issue with the board23:38
SafiyyahNo luck23:38
SafiyyahLoading Oneiric23:38
daftykinsno point trying different versions imo23:38
SafiyyahI can't just leave it now23:40
SafiyyahI have to try another disk23:40
SafiyyahThen and only then will I believe what is happening is happening23:41
daftykinsi wonder what tipped it off its' rocker this time23:41
SafiyyahLol its got a mind of its own23:41
daftykinsoh they all do for certain23:42
daftykinsisn't it still an old LGA775 setup you're running there? the older intel socket23:42
SafiyyahThe last system crash I had about 2  and a half year ago was crazy like this as well23:42
SafiyyahNo idea but it's a dial core 223:42
SafiyyahIts has four pins with screws on top23:43
daftykinsintel core 2 duo, yeah sounds like LGA775 then23:43
daftykinsfor the heatsink, yeah pretty standard across many generations23:43
SafiyyahDaftykins if this doesn't work,  as think I have to go to a friends house tomorrow and make a startup  USB,  I  have no further solutions23:44
SafiyyahOkay so it logged in and then gave me a black screen.23:45
daftykinshad you posted off the other SSD yet?23:45
daftykinsi'd probably get them tested elsewhere, in a shop if need be23:46
SafiyyahSomething is happening....  Purple screen is up...  Hopefully the menu shows23:46
SafiyyahBoth of them?23:47
SafiyyahWhich shoo does that....  PC world.23:47
diddledanwow, wikipedia went for "in your face" donation requests!23:47
daftykinsSafiyyah: yeah, just work your charm on any staff :P23:48
SafiyyahHardly would work23:48
daftykinsthough they may need to be warned not to look for NTFS as if it were Windows23:48
diddledandaftykins, that's n0rty!23:48
daftykinsdiddledan: oh dear that time again? :(23:48
SafiyyahErm.  I  think the board is dead23:48
SafiyyahHow about powering down and putting everything back in its original socket?23:49
daftykinswouldn't hurt, yeah23:49
daftykinsdefinitely seen enough errors so far to see the kernel crying away trying to use most things23:50
daftykinsSafiyyah: in fact i have a slight plan O_.23:50
daftykinsi figure the install on that SSD is going to freeze up still, but it might be worth trying23:50
SafiyyahI have given up Daftykins23:56
SafiyyahI  think now it's a case of get the USB done......  Test the hard disk.  Prepare to buy a new board and possibly HDD23:57
SafiyyahOkay we are up and running23:57
SafiyyahSo moving the main drive to SATA 4 is what caused the problem23:58
daftykinsbit weird23:58
SafiyyahOkay got my external drive and USB stick plugged in23:59
daftykinswhat's booted?23:59

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